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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  June 1, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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heavy downpours and damaging wind and hail as we go for our 2-degree guaranteed high. 6:00, how about that traffic? >> shortened week here. >> that's right. everybody returning to a four- day workweek. we'll return to clear roadways, at least at this early hour. we don't have any incidents working right now. volume starting to pick up around the beltway, apparently it's not one of those places where you see more volume. traffic moving well here. on the southwest corner, it's what i'm talking about. moderate volume, but managing to move at a decent speed at this time. all roads leading to the beltway are all good. from white marsh boulevard, 3 minutes. no problems on 83 to 695. 795, traffic building a little bit. down towards the beltway. megan and jamie, back to you. >> all new this morning, a maryland man is arrive and heading back home after
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surviving a deadly raid. activists on the ship that was raided by isreali commandos say they opened fire without any provocation. abc2 news is here with the very latest on this story. linda. >> at least nine people were killed, dozens more wounded. among those is 81-year-old edward peck of chevy chase, maryland. peck was on board the boat that was trying to get humanitarian aid when his commando stored it. received a brief e-mail from israel's ministry. the e-mail said he was likely arrived today, but didn't have a cell phone and would call her from a new york airport when he landed. peck was on the ship with a group of activists carrying tons of relief supplies. propalestinian supporters condemned the attack. >> those people are human beings. they are not terrorists.
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those people were there for more than 60 years. >> all we can do is pray to god and hopefully everything ends safely and not more people get killed. >> there were hundreds of other activists on the ship, including a holocaust survivor. he also served under former president, ronald reagan. in the studio, linda so, abc2 news. we have a two-year-old on a dirt bike, a collision that killed a man and a search for the driver. this is a mess in baltimore city and police are investigating reports of a toddler riding with the man on a dirt bike before a motorcycle driver dodged the dirt bike, hit a pole, and later died at the hospital. there's more. the dirt bike driver left the child in an ally. two-year-old in an ally and according to police, this happened at gilmore street on sunday night. people who live nearby. they are all shaking their heads. >> they can't hold on. they can't hold on. >> they like to do that stuff.
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they want their sons to emulate them. >> the two-year-old was taken to the hospital and family members are not cooperating with investigators, so they don't know if the driver is related. police say speed was a factor in the crash, but don't believe the drivers were racing at this time. >> who messed up the old boat check wreck center on east madison? it was kids. there's much more to this story. sherrie. >> good morning, jamie. the children are between ages 6 and 10 years old. they did quite a bit of damage to the building that used to house the center on east madison street. it has been closed since last summer because of city budget cuts. graffiti covers the rear wall and glass that spread across portions of the playground. trash and loose paper have blown into the athletic field. the six kids have all been charged as juveniles with breaking and entering and destruction of property. their parents could face charges as well and the city's
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current budget includes more proposed cuts to recreation centers. >> help us -- >> it gives them something to do. >> now the inside is said to be even worse. there's thousands of dollars to damage in computers. the city's current budget includes more proposed cuts. in the studio, abc2 news. >> 6:04 now. investigators trying to figure out what caused an suv crash that left a six-year-old dead and seven others hurt. the crash happened on sunday night here. police say the suv was going south when it crossed the median. many of the passengers who were teenagers suffered fractures, cuts, and bruises. still no word on what caused an apartment fire in howard county that injured two people and left more than a dozen homeless. it broke out in the 9100 block of blues ally and laurel.
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firefighters rescued two people who were trapped inside. they were taken to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. >> the cause of a deadly fire in edgewater is not known. family and friends came to pay their respects to the couple who lost their lives to a couple. a viewer shot these pictures at the height of the flames. the fire department has yet to release the victims identities. they rushed to save the elderly woman who also lived in that home. former governor, bob erleck made a pledge. he is pledging to cut the state sales tax if voters reelect him for governor. he would cut the state's corporate income tax, which he says is sending corporations and jobs to other states. > latest now on the oil leak in the gulf. the montana is expected to meet with the co-chairman of an independent commission investigating the bp spill. we want to show you live
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pictures of that oil gushing from the blown o out well. bp's latest plan to stop it could be ready as early as tomorrow. but if cut and cap fails, then the company says they have another containment effort in the works. those are the live pictures we were telling you about, of the oil gushing into the water. here is tj with more. >> busy this memorial day weekend, but not how locals would have liked. >> the only people on there are the workers cleaning it up. >> stop the oil gushing into the gulf every day involves slicing through a broken pipeline on the ocean floor. fit a small cap and pump the oil up to waiting ships. but, there are risks. >> things that could possibly go wrong is the pressure is too high for the cap to fit properly. >> eric holder plans to tour the gulf coast later today. the justice department may be contemplating a criminal
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investigation in connection with the environmental catastrophe. over the weekend, bp came under fire again for denying the existence of a giant new plume of oil floating below the surface. >> the oil is on the surface. >> discovered by scientists, getting darker than anything seen before. >> bp really stands for plumes. they deny what independent scientists have documented to be real. >> there are now oil and natural gas platforms in the gulf, closing down, because the fumes from the oil slick are so bad, that it's no longer considered safe for workers. tj, abc news, washington. >> 6:07. clear to partly cloudy sky. we have humidity, but we have the wind stirring things up. check out the latest temperature. 73 degrees. the sun now showing up. wind steady out of the southwest.
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and the barometer is holding steady. the humidity, the wind, the temperature. come up today and the storms will bring some heavy rain down. we'll talk about that coming up in a bit. right now, let's check on that traffic with kim. >> justin, good news to report so far this morning. we don't have any problems that is going to affect your drive time at this time. as you make your way around the beltway. no problems as you head out towards 29. that's looking good as well. we'll check the drive times in a few minutes. megan and jamie, back to you. >> go ahead, plan your summer barbecue. >> lowering prices, so you can get all your summer goodies at the lowest price. >> while you are enjoying great outdoor time, take a stroll around the block. it will do your body a whole lot of good. also ahead, why this parade almost turned into traffic for onlookers. we'll tell you all about it when we come back.
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to be 6:12. >> absolutely. big retailers are fighting for your dollars and that means you're going to be spending a lot less. abc's david curly has the story. >> it's a price war to get you back in the store. ketch up for a buck. a case of soda for less than $4. >> he never tells the prices. >> wal-mart started this war this holiday weekend, by cutting the price on 22 items by as much as 30%. other retailers were forced to match some of these price cuts and experts say this price battle could last through the entire summer. why? while wal-mart, the massive retailer has weathered recession, many of its customers have not. a week and a half ago when reporting the profits, the company promised deep price cuts, saying customers are quote, still concerned about their personal finances and
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unemployment as well as high fuel prices. it's an old retailing trick, get them in with a deal -- >> right? >> yes, they have good prices. >> and hope they buy more. with the story in one minute, i'm david curly, abc news, washington. one minute, wow. timed himself. >> okay, in five seconds, let's send it over to justin. >> now, the forecast certified most accurately weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> all right, i lost 7 seconds there. 6:13. one day ago, we hit 92 degrees. 91 the day before. two days in a row in the 90s. we start to break that today as we have a frontal boundary approaching. 73 here in baltimore. across the bay to easten, 71 towards ocean city. we expect to have air quality improve a little bit. code yellow for today. we have some high pollutants building in and the shortened
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workweek. now the front itself, not here. it is back into the ohio valley. it is still stringing warm air ahead of it and that frontal boundary is going to trigger showers. depending on how hot we get, if we approach # 0 and tag on a little bit of sunshine, we could charge the atmosphere, it will take it over towards the lower portion of maryland. these showers will fill back in along that frontal boundary and storms expect to turn strong, perhaps to severe this afternoon. i want to point out, that severe has specific criteria with it. that means 1 inch diameter hail in excess of 56 miles per hour. even some small hail and lightning. we have to have those limits, or the winds close to 60 miles per hour to get those limits. and then maybe some storms that push that this afternoon, charge the atmosphere.
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as there will be some pockets of heavier rain along that frontal boundary that slides its way through baltimore. this will take it to the second part of the commute. any outdoor activities, sporting events, you may want to pay attention to. as this slides through. may linger some rain for a couple of hours. we return some more of that heat and humidity by thursday. for today, though, we'll call it a warm and humid one. variable clouds, which means at times it will be sunny. 86 our 2-degree guarantee. strong storms, small chance they turn severe. as they head through tonight, the rains will settle back. refreshing start tomorrow and temperatures into the upper 80s on wednesday, but that comes with less humidity. let's see what's happening on the roads. here is kim brown. >> traffic is starting to pick up some around the area. going from light to moderate volume, but fortunately, we don't have any accidents to let you know about. nothing to hold you up.
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as we take a peek at the cameras. right before you approach white marsh boulevard, but still looking good in towards the 895 split. beltway also looking good. no problems as you head towards 95 on the outer loop. inner lanes looking good. as we take a peek at our drive times, no problems on the jfx. 95 southbound, still 3 minutes from the beltway to 895. as you make your way toward the toll plaza. only five minutes from the split. as we take a peek at the overall picture, no events, no delays even to hold you up at this time. so we are looking so good to begin your shortened workweek. megan jamie, back to you. efforts to save heart attack victims. it seems where you live may determine whether you live. here's abc's dr. timmothy johnson. >> sudden heart attack survival rates are dismal, about 300,000 people suffer
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sudden cardiac arrest outside hospitals in this country every year. but only 1 in 10 survive and that statistic has remained steady for the past 30 years. now there may be a way to increase that survival rate. the doctor, with the university of michigan health system says her research shows that cardiac arrest survival chances depends on what part of town you live in. her study of heart attack victims in fulton county, which includes atlanta found that residents of economically disadvantaged and less educated neighborhoods were 2 to 3 times more likely to have a heart attack than residents of educated ones. everyone more troubling. residents are less often trained to train potentially life saving cpr. the doctor suggests health officials should target neighborhoods that have high heart attack rates and need cpr training the most. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timmothy johnson.
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>> all right, well turns out even just ten minutes of brisk exercise can be very beneficial. the bad news is, if you're just getting into a workout routine, it's more fit you are, the more benefits you'll be getting. ten minutes of exercise has an hour affects on your body. your body changes. 60 minutes after you have cooled down. all right, coming up, she was caught between a rock and choppy waters. >> a jet skier has to be rescued. oh my. that's quite a thrill, i'll tell you that. >> i'll tell you that. who says kids have all the fun? man got to celebrate his 102nd birthday. first, let's head up to new york and get the latest on business news. good morning.
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we begin your money scope report with stocks sliding overseas. markets fell in asia amid fresh evidence that the european debt crisis may be spreading. manufacturing in china has slowed. a sign asian economies remain vulnerable to a drop in demand. that could weigh on wall street, which gets back to work today after the dow lost 56 points last week. charles schumer is introducing a bill today to repeal a law, limiting the liability of companies responsible for the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. current law caps the liability for the owner of the deep water horizon rig. that figures to be a fraction of the cleanup cost for the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. the benefits of getting bumped from a flight may soon be getting better. this week, federal officials are expected to raise the amount airlines must pay passengers. the current is $400 or $800, depending on how long a trip is delayed. want it raised to $800 and $1200 per has jeer.
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passenger. >> says it is working hard to build enough. the device finally went on sale? europe and asia over the weekend after its debut had to be pushed back. it was a slow start to the summer for hollywood. a couple box office disappointments led to the worst memorial day weekend at the movies in 17 years. prince of persia and sex and the city 2 fell well short of expectations. etch with higher prices. ticket sales were down 15% from last year. coming up on good morning america. a rare look at marilyn monroe. after your local news. and that is your money scope report, i'm jeremy hubbard.
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now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 6:23. we take our look outside at another warm, humid start to the day. already into the 70s and 86 degrees. that's lower than yesterday's 92. although will feel close to that as we will get more showers and storms. that's the reason we are going to cut down the temperature today between 4:00 and 8:00. overnight, we are back in the 60s. comes with more sun and less humidity. and we will bring in a chance for afternoon showers as we knock into the low to mid 80s. 6:23 now. let's go back to the roads as you go back to work. >> more people headed out the door. volume starting to pick up
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around the area. adds we check our drive times, nothing to really impede you so far. looking good on 83 southbound. only five minutes, still on the topside between the 83, no problem. jfx, no problems. that will take you four minutes. as we take a lack at our cameras, traffic looks good. still managing to move at speed, as we look around, no problems on the northwest corner, starting to build some towards i-70. still managing to move at a fairly good pace. megan and jamie, back to you. >> he is 1, 244 months old. >> i saw you doing math, i was like, oh boy. >> he got quite a thrilling ride early yesterday. >> don white doesn't get the chance to hit the open road as much as he used to, but a bike group in nebraska decided this guy needed a bike. it has been 50 years since he has been on a motorcycle. >> i had a harley, that was back in the 20s.
6:25 am
feel the breeze, you know. feels like you are really going some place. >> i had no idea it was going to be anything like this. this is great. >> he is so cute. he felt like a kid again and it was the best birthday present he has ever received. >> who is the biker chick with him? >> i don't know. >> born to be wild. all right, coming up next, they just want to have fun at the rec center. >> and now they have some destructive actions that have gotten them into a lot of trouble. an east baltimore recreational center was vandalized at the hands of children. i'll have more on that.
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the rec center was minding its own business, now it's in the news for getting beat up. a memorial day parade -- fergie has given herself access as to why she was going to drop a dime on a royal husband. >> how much would you give access to your husband? >> i'm sure a lot of people want access to my husband. not a cent. >> no way. are you kidding? i would sell everything. >> sell him out. good morning, maryland, i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. let's see if we are going to have some relief from the heat. >> 6:29. we have ourselves a warm start to the day. we have ourselves a day that will feature more in the way of storms. a few blew through north side.


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