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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 11, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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good morning, everyone. we are dealing with a dry friday and seeing plenty of sunshine on this friday and not as hot. a good looking friday, i might say. today we'll be in the low 80s. that's seasonal this time. year. i'm forecasting around 83. you know what? invasions of the muggies will be coming this weekend. that is not a movie i'm talking about, along with the possibility of showers and thunderstorms. so be on the lookout for that. also be on the lookout for maryland's most powerful radar. we have a clean sweep across the board here. things are looking up as we go throughout the day. not like we started yesterday. we'll also be looking at the 12-hour forecast where we start out in the mid-60s. lunchtime will be around 77. by the afternoon, we'll be at 83 degrees with ample sunshine. good morning and happy friday, kim. >> reporter: happy friday to you. we have an accident at defense
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highway and hallmark drive. a disabled vehicle off to the shoulder is facing the wrong direction as you make your way southbound on 32. traffic looking well around the beltway. fortunately no incidents to let you know about at this time around. 695, very light volume. all roads lead together beltway looking good. southbound 95 three minutes to the beltway. no problems on 83. 795 running very well. four minutes from owings mills boulevard and towards the beltway. megan, back to you. we're hearing from two former members of a reclusive religious group following a mysterious assault. they left this group some are calling a cult years ago when things were out of control. steve and nancy are former members of the samanta roy institute of science and technology, a man we've been pell telling you -- telling you
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about since wednesday was the leader. they say violence against female members is common. that's why they are not surprised by what may have happened at a home owned by cohen. a victim assaulted at the home earlier this week is an 18- year-old woman. the ratelands identified her as carmella goldstein. she was severely hurt in the attack but still not telling investigators what happened. >> we're just hoping that she'll talk. we hope that the eyes of the cult members will be opened and that this will just really have an important effect in disintegrating the cult. >> the victim remains in critical condition in a local hospital in baltimore. abc 2 news is following the story online today as well. for the latest on the raid and more on the organization's history. a man wanted for attempted murder in baltimore was shot and wounded in north carolina.
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authorities say 33-year-old robert loony was trying to escape from police at the end of an 11-hour standoff in rocky mount, north carolina. officials were trying to serve a warrant on loony when the standoff began. authorities say loony has a lengthy criminal record. marshalls described him as "a high ranking member of the prison gang called the black gorilla family." he tried to kill another member in september of last year and has been on the run ever since. the wife of jack abramoff is now in a halfway house in baltimore. the power broker was released on tuesday from a minimum security prison out in western maryland after serving about three and a half years for fraud, corruption and conspiracy. the federal bureau of prison said abramoff is scheduled to become a free man on dis4th.
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today, friends in randallstown at a middle school are dedicating a memorial garden and mosaic mural to a sixth grader killed by a hit and run driver last spring. this happened late may in springfield township southeast of york, pennsylvania. sherrie johnson joins us live in the studio with more. >> reporter: good morning, megan. derrick was visiting his father for the memorial day weekend last year when an elderly woman hit him. authorities charged 79-year-old fern ness last year. he he was playing basketball with his friends until it started raining. he got on his bike and headed towards his father's house. he stayed with his father on weekends and during the week he lived with his mother in baltimore county. today at 11:00, a memorial garden and mosaic mural will be
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dedicated. art with a heart led that project. 100 of derek's classmates worked on the mural. most of the material and supplies were donated as well as the time to put it together. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. >> thanks for telling that story. it's five minutes after 5:00. the night belonged to jake. jake threw six innings kept new york in the park, gave up just three runs on four hits and won his first game in the big leagues. the orioles beat the yankees for the first time in ten games. adam jones had two hits. orioles and the mets at the park tonight. and published reports say that former mets manager and current espn star bobby v., bobby valentine getting the managers job for the orioles. he is mr. personality on the
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diamond. he managed the mets in the world series then left for japan and used to ride his bike to the games. he was drafted by the l.a. dodgers, and megan, if not for a broken leg, i think this guy would have had a mall of fame career. >> mets are playing tonight, right? >> right. it's day 53 of the oil spill in the gulf. >> it's taking a toll on people living in the region. the search ends for the 16- year-old girl feared lost at sea. first, let's check in with the weather. >> good morning, everyone. we are dry this morning. let's check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we are dealing with dry weather. yesterday waldorf we dealt with wet weather. bel air to washington to fredericksburg looking good this morning. now let's see how the roads are. let's head to mark jones. good morning, mark. >> good morning. the commute start is a good one right now if your ride is on
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light rail or the metro subway. out on the buses, look fort number 44 to be diverted at bill area and moravia due to construction. the number 7 bus is working with a diversion at broadway and lombard. the number 20 bus is diverted at eastern and waltham. m.a.r.c. train operating on time. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones
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good morning, everyone. it is friday. can i get a woo hoo in here? very good. i like that. let's talk temperatures because we're not too bad with feeling pretty good. not dealing with the humidity yet. perry hall's temperature is coming in at 61 degrees. northeast around 62. fort meade is at 57. we have no rain in the rain gauge. this was different yesterday. today, we are dealing with plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day. baltimore's temperature is at 62 degrees. more temperature as cross the board. mount airy coming in at 60. annapolis at 68 and bel air at 59 degrees. let's take this to kim brown. good morning, kim. how's traffic? >> reporter: traffic's not off to too bad of a start.
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we have a couple of accidents working. one reported at eker street. also in gambrose, maryland, we have a traffic accident. six minutes from the flit to the bw parkway. on the southwest corner of the outer loop, no problems. traffic moving very well on the northwest corner at old court road. here on the southwest side at frederick road, both the inner and outer loop are moving without any problems. megan and jamie, back to you. general electric is voluntarily recalling more than 100,000 washing machines. what prompted the new rules? new rules for debit cards that could leave more cash in your wallet. çóçó
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here's a consumer alert to tell you about. the first one, general electric is voluntarily taking its front load washing machines off the market. they could pose a fire hazard. they have seven incidents but no one's been hurt. the recalled washing machines
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were made between december 2006 and february of this year. ikea is recalling more than 3 million window blinds and shades that affects roller, roman and also rollup blinds sold between july '05 through june 2008. the consumer product safety commission announced the recall after a toddler nearly strangled on the cord. it's 5:15 right now. after a massive overhaul of credit card rules earlier this spring, now it's the debit card's turn. what will it mean for you? >> reporter: if you are one of the millions of americans who favors debit, mark this day on your calendar, july 1st. that's the day when the federal reserve rules for debit cards take effect designed to protect from you potentially costly overdraft fees that snowball without you knowing it. in the past, banks could enroll
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you in overdraft protection programs. the upside, the convenience of having your transaction go through even if your balance was slightly short. now your banks will need your permission first. watch your mail for a notice that will require to you opt into overdraught protection or avoid the fees entirely. keep in mind that the new rules cover everyday purchases and atm transactions only. they don't cover checks or automatic bill payments. for the rules on those, be sure to check with your bank. for consumer watch, i'm karen kapa. good morning, everyone. we came in at 88 degrees yesterday. i forecasted around 87, so yes, it was a hot one and close to 90. the farther south you went around richmond, yes, they made it up to 94 degrees. 78 to altoona and pittsburgh
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around 80. roanoke around 89 and norfolk came in at 87. new york came in about 76 degrees. temperatures right now 68 into baltimore, 64 into easton and 59 into winchester. oakland coming in around 55. if you are headed to york this morning, the temperature there around 55 degrees. so a little on the cooler side this morning below average. the satellite and radar, we have a dome of high pressure over us. this means plenty of sunshine as we go through the remainder of the day. let me show you the big set up. once it moves eastward, we get clockwise flow around high pressure moving into that air from the gulf of mexico or that moisture from the gulf of mexico. you see this system here? this warm front will be moving into the area as well. that's the warm sector. with that, that where you get the showers and thunderstorms
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popping up. speaking of the forecast, today looks good, but as we head into saturday evening, now, saturday during the day will be dry. saturday evening around 8:00, maybe a few showers in the forecast. maybe some heavy rain, too. you could see more moderate rain in the yellow. we'll see more of the same as we head into 4:00 on sunday and even into 8:00. for today, that temperature coming in at 83 degrees, mostly sunny and not as hot. by tonight, 70 tee agrees, partly cloudy and by tomorrow, yes, a hot one. partly cloudy with evening showers and thunderstorms are possible. kim brown, tomorrow us about the traffic. >> lynnette, light volume so far if you are making your way out the door for an early start to your commute. you will not encounter too many problems on the major roadways as we look at 95 as you approach white marsh boulevard. southbound lanes running well. the volume's picking up just a little, not so much that it will impede you so far.
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no problems 95 northbound to route 100. we do have a crash in baltimore, though that's southbound at greenville avenue. 29 from i-70 to route 32 is a ten-minute trip. on the outer loop to the beltway, 70 to 95 will take you six minutes so far. megan and jamie, back to you. who's having a birthday, huh? you want to find out? gabriella is celebrating her second birthday today. she lives out there in perry hall. love that name. cameron wibner is celebrating in westminster today. she is 11 years old. look at that graduation photo. andrew james from sykesville is 18 today. megan? it's not john harbaugh but it is a coach. coach, the dog. he is so handsome. what is he? a a. lean gabey brought him in from the spca.
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>> we're not sure. he's 5 years old. he's quite regal looking. >> laid back, too. >> he is. he's up for adoption at the maryland spca. you can see all of the hair and it's hot out. it's a good idea to keep pets inside because you need to protect them. >> yeah. we've seen hideous cases of abuse lately. even the regular concerns of a dog getting lost or mitt by a car. >> this is a whole new this doing worry about. >> yeah. in particular, we've had cases recently. you want to keep your pet inside and safe. you don't want him stolen or taunted, which can happen. summertime is very concerning. kids will be off of school and we've had issues. >> just this week. >> there is the task force meet meeting coming up
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wednesday. >> when's that about? >> it's june 16th at polly high school, western polly high in the auditorium. we want people to come and hear about what's going on, on the task force. hear the concerns. there is a midpoint report. the sheriff's office instituted training for officers on animal issues, and the police department will follow suit. >> this is a great opportunity for everybody to hear what's going on in the community and voice their concerns. >> absolutely. >> if you can go, we'll put all of the information on our web site. do you have it on yours? >> we do. don't forget about coach. can we get one more shot of him? what's the game plan? >> the game plan is, adopt me. >> adopt. >> that's right. right, coach? there's the number to call. it's right there on your screen. they have great animals right know at the maryland spca. coach, kel 'em. we'll be right back. q alc it's time to raise the r and replace your old mayo with the full flavor of kraft mayo with olive oil.
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good morning. here's your seven-day forecast. is looks good today. temperatures coming in with plenty of sunshine. we also have a chance of showers and thunderstorms. let's head up to new york for tech bytes. >> reporter: in today's tech bytes, google's rapid retreat from an artsy experiment. it planned a day long feature on its home page yesterday using different images to show off its new customized
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background options. google says a bug forced it to return to a traditional white background after 14 hours. the company claims online user outrage had nothing to do with the change of plans. microsoft's office 2010 for free is the subject of today's usa today tech report. yes, office online will be given away through office apps. you can get free versions of word, excel, power point and onenote. the initial impressions are positive. >> reporter: you won't see every, last feature that you have on the office you would put on your hard drive. for consumers there's plenty here. it looks and behaves like office on the desktop. >> you can read ed's full review on by the time the soccer world cup ends, it will receive more online coverage than any
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sport ever. you can follow it through espn's world cup app. its premium version offers in- game video highlights which are unavailable through any other app in the u.s. for the first time, the world cup is being broadcast in 3d. sony will begin using its 3d technology through 25 matches. panasonic sets come with the special glasses and samsung you buy the glasses separately. you can't use one with the other. for information on all of the stories, log on to the technology page of those are your tech bytes. i'm vinita nair.
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this is what we are following for enthusiasm friday morning. a maryland state trooper has been shot and killed in prince george's county. dispatchers say it happened just before 1:00 this morning in the applebee's parking lot in forestville. the trooper was shot in the upper body, take ton prince george's hospital center where he was pronounced dead. a county team spokesman tells us the trooper was off duty at the time working part-time security at applebee's. stay with us on the air and online at for the latest details. good morning, everyone. on this friday, there's good news. if you like dry weather, if you like sunshine, if you don't want any humid weather today, today's going to be your day. let me show you what's going on here because it's not going to be as hot today. i'm forecasting a high around 83 degrees. we shoulbe


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