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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 27, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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>> we have one accident this morning in baltimore city. that's at east middle street. also, some fallen debris in the roadway from yesterday's storms. that's going to be richie highway at moore road. the right lane and shoulder blocked in both directions this morning. no major issues around the beltway. 695 running smoothly on the west side at route 40. as we look at our drive times, going to be all in the green. we don't have any delays. jfx all good. that's a 5 minute trip. 95 southbound running well from the beltway down to the 895 split and down the toll plaza, that will take you 8 minutes this morning. megan and jamie, back to you. when is this going to end? he was 23, two days away from celebrating his birthday. a hopkins researcher applying to med school, his whole life was ahead of him. two people are charged with his murder. guess what? they have a long wrap sheet.
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linda. >> reporter: steven was known at hopkins for the great work he was doing as a researcher in breast cancer. he was recently promoted to be a lab manager. police arrested two people in connection with his death and they have been charged with first-degree murder. the two are no strangers to police. john wagner faced assault and robbery charges in the past. the other has a history of drug conditions. he was walking home after visiting his sister in new york. he was talking to his mom on his cell phone when he was approached. police say they took his wallet and stabbed him in the chest and they believe his mom heard everything over the phone. a man who lives on st. paul street ran outside to help. he stayed with him until he died, holding his hand, not wanting him to be alone. the man asked us not to show his face and alter his voice. >> i said don't try to talk, i
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told him to hang in there. i prayed for him. >> and he had hoped to enroll in med school at hopkins in the near future. those who worked with him said it's a terrible loss. we are live in sulls point, linda so, abc2 news. it is considered one of baltimore's finest hotels, although you wouldn't feel that if you were a guest last night. a pipe burst in the stairwell. the hotel, this is that area we are talking about. and last night it was packed with visitors. sherrie johnson joins us with where those guests are this morning. >> we spoke to hotel officials who say the hotel could reopen this evening. 900 guests were staying at the # 2 story hotel yesterday. a 4-inch pipe burst after a rubber coupling gave way between the 4th and 5th floor
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stairwell. the pipe is used to connect to a rose. investigators say there was a lot of water damage on the bottom four rooms of the hotel. all of the guest rooms are above where the pipe bursts. guests managed to pick up the luggage. the hotel ordered six buses for the guests to keep cool. they are many business meetings and business functions held at the hotel. >> we are talking with our planners, and they are working closely with us and we will have to find resolutions for the event, if we need to. >> hotel management tells us that firefighters and maintenance workers have been working throughout night to repair that damage. marriott workers found other hotels for the guests to stay in. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. helped break ground in two
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new schools and the children are very excited. >> here we are at lees walk elementary. the middle school gets a new building. the upgrades will run $41 million. construction on the new school is scheduled for completion in three years. >> students, you have earned it. your principal and teachers, you are the 90 percentile in the state of maryland. >> we need the extreme makeover team in here. as part of the ground breaking, a tree was planted in honor of jayden. a second train fatality. a man was found dead on the track at the boyd's train station around 8:15 last night.
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witnesses say that he was struck by a train. on sunday afternoon, officials found a man's body near the kensington mark station. police are searching for two suspects in the abduction of a woman from her home. officers found shari ann yesterday afternoon. they also nabbed the suspect 26- year-old roy thomas. he's one of three men accused in the crime. the three suspects were involved in an altercation at sherry lane's home early yesterday morning, in which lane was taken from the home. it's 5:05, in our democracy 2010 report, you know this is going to come right down to the wire. a new gonzales poll is out showing martin o'malley. if you take in the margin of error, it's a toss up. gonzalez called registered voters who are most likely to
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vote in november. the poll was conducted two months ago. both candidates have a chance to win this thing in november. the number one issue gonzales found, the number one issue is the economy. >> you can always log on to our website, click on news and then political. it is a facelift for the ravens home turf. crews are installing a natural grass. the field over there. it's not going to be there for long. this is only going to be used for the soccer match on saturday. after that, the sod will be rolled up and sent back to a farm and be reused there and the artificial turf will be back in time for ravens practice next week. 5:06, the orioles last night, jose hit his 28th home run. aaron hill and adam lind went deep as toronto beat the
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orioles. it's the blue jays 10th straight win. brad lost his 7th straight game and matt, an american league player of the week, luke scott homered for the orioles. the orioles are now 31-68. >> that's really sad. >> 31-68. all right. it's one of the biggest breeches of u.s. military secrets in history. the pentagon says an unprecedented leak of documents is endangering u.s. security. i'm john hendrin in washington, i'll have that coming up. first, let's send it over to justin and see what's going on with the weather here. >> we have lightning, and not here. we have ourselves nice calm, pleasant weather. the official number is one of the warmest numbers. the temperature downtown, 68 degrees. we have lower 60s in many
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spots. talk about an even nicer outlook for the weekend. let's go to the mta. here is mark jones. >> the commute start is an excellent one. no delays on the brunswick line services. out there on the buses, look for the number 77 northbound to be diverted at hilltop and commons. the number 51 bus taking a diversion, and the 33 diverted due to construction. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. dad put me in time-out
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. look at that. this is wicked weather. a thunderstorm hammering north central north dakota. hardest hit area was sowier. left behind a lot of damage. >> tried to move my car, didn't make it in time. >> at least he can laugh about it. fortunately, no reports of injuries. >> all right, took a dog for the walk yesterday, what did you do? you were hanging on a wall? >> it's a fit wall. >> yes, it's a classic hook. >> what do you do? you hang on a wall? >> you exercise while you are using your body to hold your body. >> how many stories up? five? >> well, it's just a wall.
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be quiet. you'll have to go with me. >> that's okay. let's go -- how many miles did you run yesterday? >> 4 1/2. i was still sweating. it was hot out there. especially when you go out midday. we dropped the humidity in the afternoon and it got better as the clock grew on us. the temperature failed to reach 90. sometimes it's good to fail. sometimes it's good to fail. 89 in baltimore. 84 in easten. you'll notice that we slipped back to 64 on the eastern shore. 68 in baltimore, and york, pa, 60 degrees. oh, that just seems so nice. this is the type of morning where you might want to roll down the windows, open up the sunroof or take an extra long walk to the bus stop. either way, it is going to be a pleasant start to the day. we have a few high clouds mixed in, but generally it is going to be mostly sunny. we aim for 90 as our 2-degree guarantee, but we start
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cranking up that humidity, especially over the next couple of days. enjoy what we have this morning. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> that earlier injury crash we are working in baltimore city is actually in the clearing stages. that crash involves a prison transport vehicle. you will see police on the scene. definitely. also some construction work. the entrance ramp getting on to 895 is closed due to roadwork and dealing with high water that has route 7 closed in both directions. let's take a peek right now at our drive times. we aren't having any problems. it is looking all good all the way from route 140 towards the beltway. that should take you 8 or 9 minutes. no delays to let you know about. traffic very smooth around the beltway. on the northeast side, no issues on the 83 either, as you take one more look around here at the west side at liberty road, traffic moving very well. megan and jamie, back to you.
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>> it's 5:13, a big drama being played out. huge salaries for city officials there. we'll tell you about the fallout. >> and head lice, a nightmare for parents and children alike. a new guideline for handling the bugs. ♪ ♪ oh, love me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ oh ♪ just hold me ♪ oh oh oh ♪ just want me ú♪-o-v-e ♪ love, love,ove, love ♪ ♪ l-o-v-e ♪ love, love, love, love
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. listen up, we are up at
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5:16. some baby recliners meant to soothe your fussy baby has been taken off the shelves. 30,000 of these nap nanny portable recliners made by baby matters being recalled now. the commission says it is investigating a report that a four month old girl from michigan died in a nap nanny that was being used in the crib. so bring these back. time now is 5:17. head lice, just grows to say, but it can be such a nightmare for parents and kids and cause a lot of absences from schools. so dr. timmothy johnson has advice about battling the bug. >> the bugs continue to adapt to new medicines that try to get rid of them. the american academy of pediatrics guidelines discuss updates for treating and
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managing outbreaks. since 2002, a new machine has been able to attack lice with a 30 minute application of hot air. and one study showed the machine killed nearly 100% of eggs and 80% of hatched lice. in april 2009, the fda approved benzyl alcohol to get rid of lice. and the old fashioned remedy of covering the head with petroleum jelly was effective in removing the pests and their eggs. lice shampoos that contain 1% of the chemical raised concerns in recent years due to its negative effects. the shampoos were shown to cause seizures. therefore, the aap recommended stopping the use of the shampoo. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timmothy johnson. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar.
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>> 5:18. we take a look back in time to yesterday. high temperature, 89 degrees. you'll notice 87 towards new york. the warm stuff, the 90s. now the heat was suppressed to the south and we'll try to make a return back to our area over the next couple of days. a nice reprieve. the humidity continued to drop throughout the day. much more pleasant than it was, and we may have a reversal as stuff tries to get back in here. on the 27th of july, 87 degrees in the afternoon. but low 66. that's pretty close to where we start. we are going to surpass that. this afternoon's temperatures won't get close. that was part of a miniheat wave. 68 right now in baltimore. that is some good stuff. but again, the surge of that warm air tries to come back at us from central virginia and although we are looking at good air quality, at least code yellow in the moderate range
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from here in baltimore up towards philadelphia. and yes, some showers along that heat zone on down towards south central virginia and the cloudiness on down to the south. heavy rain going to lead to flooding across the deep south. as far as we are concerned, some of that moisture tries to spill away. if anything, we'll thank you , your honor sky a milky white, but we should remain dry as we watch showers to the south and to the west. as we head in through tomorrow, could be a different story. we'll start to increase that humidity and some afternoon showers, although it doesn't look that impressive here. we could be firing up showers along the mountain range and though it will be widely scattered, thursday afternoon, the real boundary back here. that is lining up in the morning, we'll charge here in the afternoon. that's our best chance of storms and then we introduce a brand-new weather pattern into the weekend. it's good stuff. we are expecting 90 degrees. the morning sun will give way
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to some added additional afternoon clouds. we are going for a high temperature in carol county of 87 degrees. we'll push 88 and take you down towards the eastern shore where we are expecting a temperature close to 90. we'll have the extended outlook in a couple of minutes. >> thanks, justin. in arnold, officials are dealing with the storms that blew through a couple days ago. fallen wires remain in the roadway, blocking both directions there at moore road. traffic is able to get by to the left. as we look around the area, no problems here on the cameras as we look at 95. flowing pretty smoothly in both directions towards the capital beltway, checking in incident free at this time. let's look at those drive times, doing pretty good. checking in on the outer loop, five minutes to i-70. 95 southbound, three minutes to the beltway. harbor tunnel throughway is
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moving smoothly. a head's up that the entrance ramp is blocked this morning. that is for some on going roadwork. we'll get a check on that earlier accident and let you know if it's on the scene. megan and jamie, back to you. >> the ladies of the view have invited the president to appear with them on thursday. it's the first time a sitting president has done a daytime talk show and barbra walters is coming back to the view. first time we have seen her undergo open heart surgery. you can catch the view right after rachael ray. >> it's a pilot program that could take off. >> a major airline is testing self-boarding. a look at how it works. >> scotty was here in here yesterday talking about the ford and its new explorer and he said wait until you see it, and we'll see it next. [ dog ] i am beautiful...
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now the near cast certified most accurately weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning, at 5:25. our extended forecast. we have some 90s on the board, but just some. today, 90 is our 2-degree guarantee. we'll stay in the upper 60s to near 70 overnight. tomorrow, a small chance of a thundershower. better chance of storms on thursday. we drop the numbers into the 80s and that should take us through the weekend. despite some afternoon storms, most of sunday should be nice.
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at 5:25, let's see what is happening up in new york. >> in today's tech bites, the government ruling loosens apple's grip on the iphone. new rules allow iphone owners to unlock their devices so they can run software that has not been approved by apple. that could be the first step towards opening up the app store. unlocking phones is an unauthorized modification of software and anyone that does it runs the risk of voiding their warranty. citigroup said an older version of the app had a security flaw. including account number, bill payments, and security access codes. the bank doesn't believe any personal data was exposed by the flaw. challenge you like most others. you are a federal agent who must solve logic puzzles to figure out why a factory has
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been shut down. dan says it feels like a coen brothers movie. >> i believe the deal is the clever writing, a lot of funny lines, great performances by the actors, and of course, the puzzles themselves and the main star. you aren't going to be able to wing this one. you'll have to sit down and think about it. after planning games. >> the game costs $10 and is available for pc's and macs at finally, can't get enough of snooki? the situation or the rest of the jersey shore crew? mtv is releasing a new online game today to mark the second season of the show. it features one on one battles between animated versions of the house mates based on things that happen. incorporating new things that happen during each episode. the game will be available on facebook today. >> for information on all these stories, log on to
5:28 am those are your tech bites.
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