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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 29, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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no issues on the outer loop. the inner loop lanes all the way good past green spring up towards the topside. as we look at our drive times, all going to be in the green at this time. five minutes on the outer loop. three minute ride to the beltway. no issues between 83 and the jfx. megan and jamie, back to you. it's 5:00, just hours before a hopkins researcher was murdered on sunday, patricia, the highest ranking crime fighter in this town, was holding a birthday party/campaign fundraiser in which she said she is smart and strong. according to donnie glover, congressman alysha cummings made comments about be >> you have to identify who goes to jail because not everybody needs to be in jail.
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>> i am smart, genuine work or an behalf of people. >> well, that argument isn't that one of the murder suspects should have been in jail and not in the streets. and for more on this investigation, how this is turning into a campaign issue. here is abc2 news, linda so. >> jamie, that anger is intensifying after a man killing steven had a lengthy personal record and should have been behind bars. emotions ran high at the village last night. it came three dais after pitcairn was robbed and stabbed to death. wagner was no stranger to police. back in april, he robbed a man outside a gas station. somehow allowed to stay on the
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street. the mayor had frustration last night, angry that suspects aren't prosecuted to the whole success. >> i'm frustrated because you can't get people. you can't get universal commitment to put bad guys with guns in the city in jail and keep them there. >> that anger eluding to the city state's attorney office, challenging patricia in the upcoming election was at last night's rally. he says pitcairn might be alive if he would have done a better job prosecuting the suspects. linda so, abc2 news. judge decided that the man accused of murdering steven pitcairn will stay behind bars and no bail. some believe the suspect's criminal history should have kept him locked up to begin with. the man accused of murdering
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pitcairn. she retired because she was dissatisfied with the judicial process. >> defendants out there, they know this. it's a game. the judges will come and they act stern and they will say don't come back and they'll come back and say i'm going to give you a break. then they'll come back. and that's how it works. >> after being found guilty of violating his probation twice, court records show prosecutors urged judge john howard to give wagner three years of jail time. the judge disagreed, allowing wagner to continue his probation. abc2 has learned that the judge wagner has handed down suspended sentences to two other defendants, only to be rearrested for other crimes. police tried for several days to contact the judge. he has not returned our calls. the newborn bay bay thrown from a second story window that we recorded in extensive detail yesterday is being called a
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miracle baby. the baby's mom put her in a plastic bag, threw her into the bushes about 12 feet below. doctors say the mother reportedly said she didn't know she was pregnant. a lack of prenatal care combined with a home birth could have been tragic. >> look at this baby and realize that nothing happened to her. she was in tact, no bones broken. it defies all medical logic. i say god was merciful on not just this baby, but this mother. god was there to save this baby and we are so thankful. >> absolutely. it's been a week and doctors say the baby is doing very well. didn't have a scratch on her. did not have a scratch. four minutes after 5:00 right now. she wanted to help the poor and traveled all the way to uganda to do it. now a teen is the one that needs help following a
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terrorist attack earlier last month. abc2 news, sherrie johnson is here with more information. sherrie. >> there will be a news conference this morning at 11:30 in catonsville on emily. her uncle will give an update on her condition and share details about fund raising efforts to help with her medical costs. they were injured during the bombing on july 11. they were at a restaurant watching the world cup games with other missionaries when a suicide bomber hit. now according to a uganda mission website, emily had her first skin graft yesterday, she is improving daily, but she still has a long road ahead of her. emily needs extensive medical care and if you would like to find out more information about donations for her medical expenses, log on to our website at sherrie johnson, abc2 news. all right, it's 5:05. head's up here. if you are on the beltway today
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and take a look over, you see martin's west on fire, it's not. you're going to see flames and smoke, but it's not cause for concern. the fire department is going to be doing a training exercise at around 8:30 this morning. it will take place in the 6800 block of dogwood road. they are doing it at rush hour at 8:30. how many calls are we going to get on this? dogwood road will be closed from 9:00 this morning until 2:00 this afternoon. it's an exercise. let's take a look at some of the other stories happening today. mayor steven rollins-blake will join the governor to fight crime in the city. a ribbon ceremony will be held today to mark the completion in baltimore county. a legal battle could make it to the federal court. >> i'm john in washington and i'll have more on that coming up. at 5:06, we are taking a
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look outside at a muggy morning. temperatures at 78 degrees. showers could arrive before lunchtime. we'll show you maryland's most powerful doppler radar. let's go to the mta, here is mark jones. >> out there for your commute, the number 36 bus is working with a diversion at washington boulevard due to construction, the 11, 40, 55 buses diverted. the 77 northbound with a diversion at hill time and commons and the 51 taking a diversion at pratt. light rail, metro, subway, and mark all running on time. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. you want some fiber one honey clusters?
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here's the latest. there's going to be a meeting to help decide what will be held next. sit down with coastal parish officials. >> and federal officials asking if the oil spill in michigan's river may top 1 million-gallons. the governor is warning of quote, tragedy of historic proportions if the oil reaches lake michigan, which is some 80 miles downstream. the company that owns the pipeline that leaks the oil says crews made significant process in cleaning up the spill. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 5:10, good morning to you. we mentioned 78 degrees here in
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baltimore. most of us running in the upper 70s to the lower 80s this morning. 80 degrees actually the latest number at naval air station. you factor in the heat index and it is already feeling like the middle 80s, or at least we never cooled back from yesterday. easten, 86. 82 here in baltimore. check out the satellite radar composite. clouds have rolled in. look at the rain towards our north. that's the leading edge of a frontal boundary. so we could start to see showers this morning. may want to adjust that wakeup forecast. lunchtime and early afternoon, storms push through and it will take through the mid and late afternoon hours. a little suspicious about temperatures now depending on the timing of the front. as our 2-degree guarantee. let's see what is happening on the roads. >> we do have our first crash of the morning. that's going to be on windsor mill road, also this afternoon in downtown baltimore, expect
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to see sharp street closures, for the convention, that's going to start at 2:00. as we take a peek at our drive times, everything is going to be in the green right now. jfx looking good down to maryland avenue exit. that's a five minute ride. no issues on 95 southbound, about 8 minutes between the beltway as you approach the toll plaza. looking at the cameras, we have light volume. traffic moving nicely on the northeast corner on the beltway. no issues on the inner or outer loop. more volume here on the west side at route 40, still managing to move at speed as you approach i-70. megan and jamie, back to you. they build it and it will come. >> various studies linked bpa with health problems. >> the chemical is said to be showing up. >> and megan, we are getting new neighbors. who is coming on? we'll find out next. yea, i know. well...
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did you ever think about this? >> no. >> until this morning. >> until airing this report. there's a new analysis out by environmental working group and suggests we are being exposed to bpa through a surprising route through receipts. >> they say it's true and they were collected in washington, d.c. and seven states, including maryland. abc has the details. >> shoppers almost always get a receipt after buying
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something. environmental working group found the amounts of bpa on 40% of those pieces of papers that tested were 250 to 1,000 times greater than in products like canned food liners and baby bottles. the study named giants like mcdonald's, safeway, and the u.s. post office as handing out bpa receipts. >> we aren't sure how much could come in through the skin, but this is an exposure we should pay attention to, considering data shows 93% of us have this chemical in our body. >> various studied linked bpa to health issues. the legislature is currently trying to ban the chemical from children's products. for receipts, the bpa used to coat for thermal paper. >> since the paper has bpa, it can wipe off on to our fingers. >> american chemistry council says receipts contain low levels of bpa.
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in fighting california's ban on baby products last month, the group sited other major studies that says the chemical is fine. >> you have to look at the data collectively. the collective data, the scientific bodies concluded that bpa is safe. >> exeans like starbucks, target, and banks of america use bpa-free paper. shoppers we spoke with want to be more careful. >> i'm really going to continue to wash my hands really good. i don't want to touch them after this. this is a shock to me. >> i will try to not ask for receipts then. >> in sacramento, anette miranda reporting for abc news. >> looking at data, environmental working groups say that it also found retail workers who handle receipts had an average of 30% more bpa in their bodies than adults. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> good morning. taking a look at the almanac. you'll notice that temperatures starting to pull back just a little bit. we should be at 87 on this
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29th of july. record on the high end, not in triple digit territory. 99 back in 1954. sun up at 6:04. down at 8:21. not in triple digit, don't ware. we aren't going to be that either. it's holding at 80 in new york. 78 in philly. we have 78 here in town and 77 richmond and norfolk. the mugginess hanging across the east coast. we have ourselves moderate air quality for today as the air will be mixing up with showers that could arrive before lunchtime. we have a line of showers pushing through central pa. the first one builds up in the mountains and may start to fall apart, but could be clipping carol county, even york county getting showers towards harrisburg this morning. you'll notice the frontal boundary back here. that's going to bump into the air we have in place and that's what is going to trigger the best chance of storms through lunchtime. watch the flairup of this line of thunderstorms. it developing around 12:30. pushing basically baltimore
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southbound through the bay bridge into the eastern shore. behind that, there's some clearing. watch that front slip on down to the south. looks like a faster movement than we expected yesterday. in fact, we may get that sun back out here into the afternoon after dealing with late morning and afternoon showers and look for a nice air mass settling in for the start of the weekend. we'll call it warm and humid. we are already in the upper 70s. all depends on when the line of showers pushes through. anywhere from mid-morning, showers on the north side takes us to around lunchtime. for tomorrow, we expect a cooler day, but that brings us to near normal. 87 degrees and lower humidity will feel so nice. we'll talk about the extended outlook coming up. right now, 5:19, let's go to the roads. >> the convention starts in the afternoon. i know you're going to be there. megan and jamie are going as mark and mindi, that's what
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they told me, anyway. 2:00, expect sharp street closed between pratt and conway in front of the convention center. also working a crash and jeffrey road. looking at our cameras, 95 corridor looks good in south baltimore. flowing freely in both directions. no problems down from hartford county. as you are making your way towards the capital parkway, also wide open. checking our drive times, northbound 95 from route 100 up to 395, that's a 9 minute trip t. will take you ten minutes to make it on 29 between 70 and route 32 and no issues on the southwest corner of the outer loop. 6 minutes between i-70 and 95. megan and jamie, back to you. >> thanks. today's top birthdays, monique. she is from parkville turning 40 today. monique, happy birthday. hope it is a wonderful day. >> she looks happy. >> she looks happy, she looks great. >> good party tonight, let me tell you. if you are having a birthday, we want to know about it. send a nice e-mail with an
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attached photo and send it in to entertainment news right now. >> new this morning, today the ladies of the view will welcome a special guest, the president, barack obama. this is the first sitting president who has ever done a daytime talk show and barbra walters will make an in studio appearance. you can catch the view every day at 11:00 right here on abc2. >> how would you like to have vanessa williams as your next door neighbor? i would be over there mowing the lawn? she is going to the cast now of desperate housewives. she is going to be living in that circle. brian austin green, he starred in the beverly hills 90210, right? and he knew that betty white was going to make it to the court, right? they are all coming back to desperate housewives. and first an emmy, now a
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book deal. life could not be better for susan lucci. the actress has a memoir coming out next year. she's going to be thinking about what to call the book. okay listen, if you've been on the board walk in ocean city lately, chances are you've seen them. >> coming up next, we are talking about green laser pointers. they are popular, police say they are also dangerous.
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now, the forecast certified
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most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> the good news is, we slipped back 2 degrees in the last hour. the bad news is, it's at 78. a warm and muggy start. we have a partly to muggy sky and here at 5:25, we are watching showers just to our north and they could be reaching us in the mid to late morning hours. aim for 92 is our 2-degree guarantee. depending on when storms push through, temperatures will be steady or start dropping off. we'll go to 87 tomorrow. that is just downright pleasant with sunshine and lower humidity. 85 on saturday. we could stay in the lower 80s on sunday with clouds increasing and some late day showers. temperatures climb back up to mid 90. again, it's 5:25. let's go up to new york in this morning's tech bites. in today's tech bites, amazon is hoping electronic books will be more popular than paperbacks. the company unveiled a new cheaper version of the ken
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kendal. a model with wifi and 3g internet connections sells for $189. a wifi only version will cost $139. amazon begins taking preorder today, but they won't ship until the end of august. want to know what the best restaurants are in new orleans? how about the new music to listen to? facebook has answers. it's tapping into the knowledge of its more than 500 million members with a new feature called face the questions. the feature is available to some people now and will eventually roll out to everyone. as smart phones become more popular, they are becoming a bigger target for hackers. many of the tens of thousands of available apps tap into your personal information and that can serve as a gateway for viruses and software. the "new york times" says a new app for android phones miss these threats. >> it monitors your phones for viruses and makes sure your personal information isn't
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being shared without your knowledge. it can also back up your personal information and find your phone if it is ever stolen. >> lookout can be down loaded for free. when it comes to social networking sites, it is ladies first. a new study finds 76% of all women online visit these sites compared with 70% of men. women are also spending more time on social networking sites, averaging 5 1/2 hours a month compared with just under 4 hours for men. the findings reveal a major change from the early days of the internet. for information on all of these stories, log on to the technology page of those are your technology bites. i'm anita. this morning's tech bites brought to you by pedagree denta sticks.
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now, good morning maryland. >> we wake up to a bad city


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