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tv   News  ABC  January 26, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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to 10 inch plus where it stays all snow and depending on how much of the heavy burst you get. that's on the north side of westminster. hampstead up towards southern pa adams and york county. that's the best i can do right now. there's wide variation depending on a couple degrees on the thermometer. and also some of the intermittent heavy burst. we have seen some this morning. that's what we have got. this is the winter so far this winter-- winner so far this winter. and all of us get snow after dark. think twice because we will get hit with the burst of snow that is done by 2 a.m. in fact, you wake um tomorrow morning it will be icy, but it will be done. and we are looking for partly sunny skies. lows in the 20s. and it will push about 42 by saturday. but snow showers at the tail end of the weekend into next week. it's time to go up to new york and get this morning's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites, new details about the verizon iphone. cell phone carrier says it will offer the $30 a month unlimited
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data plan for a limited time. it will move to a useage based billing model. at&t did away with the unlimited data plan last summer. the popularity of touch screens and lap tops may significant in the end of the line for the mows. but -- mouse. but there are interesting new designs even for users of lap tops. the wall street journal tested out microsoft ark touch mouse. >> this is a flat mouse so you can put it in your back pocket and when you use it, it does feel hike a larger round mouse because it can arch up and create this comfortable place for your hand to rest while using it. >> reporter: and you can read the full review on the website. those are the tech bites, i am rob nelson.
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now, "good morning, maryland." we want to show you live pictures this morning because this is what you are waking up to. snow. the big question is how is it going to impact you? we will look at the bottom of the screen because schools all the way from harford county to howard county are closed this morning. thanks for joining us. i am megan pringle. >> i am charlie crowson. we have had accumulation out there. some significant accumulation. more than an inch in less than two hours. let's check things out with justin berk. it started a few hours ago justin. it is mixed bag for the day? >> it started to mix from south to north. this is crucial, charlie. if you are watching north and west of the city, temperatures stay one or two degrees colder. you stay snow. we will get breaks and that makes the difference as to how much you pick up. getting reports of pretty heavy snow that has passed through. you see the deep, dark blues. we have this in carroll county. i suspect you will get an extra
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inch in addition to the inch you picked up in eldersburg and westminster and one to two inches on the ground. we have this stuff starting to mix on down 95. we have had reports of mixing even though the radar is not indicating in centralan arundel county. it went from snow to sleet and rain back to sleet. either way you shies it, it's little mess and temperatures are borderline this morning. that mixture expected to build itself up to the north. but this is round one. it closed schools in many spots. but i think the second round is going tonight big winner for many of us as we head through the evening. we are looking at at advisories and warnings and so far we have had ourselves a winter storm warning posted in the pink shaded counties and includes frederick and howard and carroll. baltimore city, through the county, harford, cecil and on the eastern shore through queen anns and kent county. further down the lower eastern shorean arundel county crossing the bay bridge, that is winter weather advisory because there's slightly lower amounts
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of snow. the quick inch or two already. temperatures borderline with freezing. and baltimore south we go to a mixed terrain but back to heavy snow this evening. we will go over your snowfall expectations in a moment. listen up to kim brown with traffic and road temperatures. that is important. >> reporter: thanks. yes, i did check the road temperatures as you suggested up in harford county. route 1 at little gun powder falls, road temperatures 26. 59 in howard county is 31 degrees road temperatures. so you know what that means. certainly enough to freeze anything that's fallen on the ground is going to stick for sure and make for some very slippery conditions. as we look at 9 5, at white marsh boulevard, traffic is moving well in both directions. speed are going to be down. don't expect to find all lanes open even on some of the major highways like 95, 695, and theharrisburg expressway. one or two travel lanes are passable. but it's going to be a very, very difficult commute this morning. we are getting word of a very serious accident southbound 95 at route 32 in howard county.
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all the southbound lanes now shut down because of an accident involving two vehicles and a tractor trailer. earlier accident 895 southbound the ramp getting on the beltway has been cleared. we are dealing with a problem on the outer loop approaching the bw parkway. the two left are blocked and anne arundel county an accident reported. telegraph road in odoneton the ram to westbound route 3 # has the ramp closed in baltimore city. chase and gillford a crash reported there. east 25th and harford road, the closure eat cold spring between harford and hillen because of a water main break. and northbound 95 approaching mountain road, the two left lanes are closed from an earlier accident. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. let's head to linda so who is out in the elements this morning giving you a firsthand look at what you can expect across parts of baltimore city and the outlying counties. linda, what's going on. >> reporter: hey, the snow is light -- has lightened up a bit. we are right outside the
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studios on york road in towson. let me given you a look of what the snow has done so far. we have had a quick burst that left us an inch and a half on the ground. sidewalks are covered and roads are covered. if you have to head out to work this morning, you are going to be dealing with that on your cars, some snow to clear up. i can tell you that this snow is a bit wet. so it's the good packing snow good for sledding and making snow. but let's show you what it's done on the roads. that's york road. one salt truck went by so far treating the roads. but you can see it is snow covered. people are taking their time. we advice you to do the same as well. parking lots, trying to get a good handle on this snow. but, our producer, the morning producer drove in this morning at around 5 a.m. and said he was coming in from hunt valley and 83 still had not been treated. it was tricky and he used the middle lane to go by. he tried to go on a lane to the side burks the snow was coming
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down so quickly and because the roads had not been treated, it was a bit tricky. so people are using the middle lanes. as you can see, this is why manyin our area are closing. we have the ruler here. let's show you how much we have gotten so far. it's about an inch and a half. and the snow is still coming down. we could get up to two inches in the next hour or so. again, this is the wet snow, very good for packing. as you can imagine, if it turns to sleet later today, we will be dealing with pretty icy conditions. so you want to take it careful. if you have to go to work today, take it easy. you will be dealing -- leave yourself extra time to clean off your car and to take it easy on the roads. but for now, that's what's happening here in towson. back to you guys in the studio. >> 5 crn 38 right now. se -- 5:38 right now. search crews believe they located the brother of ed reed before he was to play in kansas city to on the playoffs, he
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received word his brother brian went into the water trying to escape from police in louisiana. after the kansas city game, reed flew
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is is is ask this kind of injury is a death rate of 90 to 59%. not only did she survive but experienced real and measurable progress every day. >> six people died and 12 others injured outside a arizona supermarket. stay with us this morning. really, the story we are going stay on top of is your morning with the snow out there. >> let's look live outside and see what's going on out there. some inch and a half of accumulation. we will have live pictures coming up in a bit. for now, let's check in on trains and buses because the commute is going to be a big headache as well. >> here's mark jones. hi, mark. >> reporter: good morning out there right now you will find
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train 401 ten minutes late. light rail metro subway on time. and problem free. out on the buses, quite a few delays and diversions due to the weather. look for the bus on the main thorough fare if your area has issues. the number 36 line utilizing the alameda in both directions and by-passing lake avenue. the number 5 by-passing cloverdale road. and the number 20 line and the 30 line by-passing culver and monastary avenue usen anndale. i am mark jones.
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♪ activia activia dessert. now, may land most powerful doppler -- maryland most powerful doppler radar and forecast certified moat accurate by weatherate. >> i love this. honestly i do. the communication online, those of you on facebook giving me what you got. let me share online. it is just a good time here. so keep it coming. i want to share the conditions. we have ourselves a little sleet mixing in at the severn river middle school. you are at 32. there's the freezing line creeping through anne arundel county. look at harbor school and the burst of snow. looks like dave treated his park lot. way to go linda, you know. 31. we have icy problems around the
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beltway. by the way, nina in manchester, you said one inch in carroll county. is sleetish a word? this morning it is. the sleetish shot out. harford and bel air you have 30 degrees. some expected more of a mix like diane but you have your snow and your school problems and closings. aberdeen and elkton at 31. two inches in cecil county. it's a mixed from the south. we expect it to creep through. and i do expect to have wet road during the day. we get the quick 1 to 2 inches this morning. sleet and wet stuff moving inintermittent. and then heavy snow this evening to this afternoon. and snow totals in a few minutes. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: keeping an eye on all the major roadways, the crashes are coming from the beltway to 95 and as we look live at 95 at 195 in baltimore county, southbound lanes on the left hand side. they are moving at a fairly decent pace, although the speeds are going to be down. road conditions are slick and as justin mentioned, the
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temperatures hovering at or below freezing this morning. so, yes, it's going to be a slick and treacherous ride. looking at the maps, we are work an accident in howard county. 59 southbound one mile prior to route 32, an accident involving a pickup truck and a jeep and a tractor trailer have all southbound lanes closed. avoid that area. you can try using southbound on the bw parkway this morning as a good alternate. we will check the beltway in fewwhen "good morning, maryland" returns after this. 3!
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we have a traffic alert. a water main break in northeast baltimore could affect your morning commute. it is the 18 hundred block of east coldspring lane. sherrie johnson is in the area right now. and not only is the weather creating headaches for some people, but now this as well. >> reporter: good morning, megan. that's right. we are here on east cold spring lane near morgan state university where the snow is coming down. and let me tell you. they are look at maybe a half inch i would guess here. and these roads they are definitely snow covered. so you definitely want to be careful heading out this morning. crews will be making sure they take care of the main roads first before they get to the
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side streets. but, as you can see, snow covered here. now this water main break here, this snow is hampering operations. crews can't complete the task of finishing repairing the pipe until it stops snowing. water main break happened about noon yesterday. a 12-inch pipe burst which caused crews to shut down the street between harford and hillen road. this could be a little trekkie for drivers because argone can't be used as a detour because it's closed for bridge reconstruction. that water mayne break has affected eight or nine homes. i am told but crews that morgan state university is not affected. the department of pub hick works brought in several engineers to help with the repairs. and i am told this type is about 80 years old, which makes it a little difficult to try to repair. but, crews tell me once it stops snowing, they will be back out here to finish working on this. but it probably won't be today. reporting live in northeast baltimore, sherrie johnson,
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abc2 news. ten minutes before six. the latest on the water main break outside the district of columbia. a boil water advisory remains in effect for 400,000 customers in pg county. public works says the advisory remains in effect until two sets of water samples come back with negative contamination. they will get the results sometime today. the water main break monday iced over a major highway snarling traffic and swamping the parked cars. justin. now, maryland's most power fopdor lar -- powerful doppler radar and forecast certified moas most being a ret by weatherate. >> surprise early burst of snow dropped two-or two ins -- one or two in-- one or two inches. winter storm warning where it stays near freezing most of the day which add to the problems of howard and carroll and frederick and back towards baltimore. city and county harford cecil and through kent and queen
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anns. an aropedel to dc, 50. bay bridge and southbound eastern shore is where we have a winter weather advisory. slightly warmer temperatures slightly less snow. but we get it on the tail end. during the morning hours, we have got two hits. it's very clear to see the surface low and the upper level feature. this is hit number one. this is part one. that's the early snow that's the mixture. and actually, it will brick. as temperatures slowly modify, we should have wet roads during the day. for of us by eight or nine. and the second hit swings through that comes with colder temperatures. and that will be the evening. most of us after four start to turn over by eight we are all at snow and it will be heavy as it swings through out of here before daybreak tomorrow. here's how it stacks up for today. that snow and mixture this morning, breaks at times or intermittent and temperatures ranging from 31 to 34. so the depending on temperatures it will determine the stickage or accumulation or what melts and most of that will be north and west where it sticks more and piles up more.
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we start to get that snow back in. anywhere after 4 p.m. through 8 p.m. it turns back over and it will be heavy at times. on average 4 to 8 inches. there will be some slightly higher amounts and temperatures after the snow departs by 2 a.m. will drop into the upper 20s. that's when we get the freeze problem by daybreak. so an icy morning, but we are back to 36 partly sunny during the day and cleanup on thursday. here's how it plays out on the future radar. intermittent throughout the day. rain south of the bay bridge and the snow is back in late afternoon and evening. there may be a mixed. baltimore toan arundel county across the bay bridge. but that is over during the late afternoon and evening. dark blue, heavy snow. and it's gone by 2 a.m. and departing out of here by daybreak. we will have sun mixed in during the day tomorrow. general breakdown, 8 to 10 near the pa line because of more snow. 6 to 10 westminster. perhaps hunt valley near cockeysville north of bel air a 5 to 8 inch area across the beltway. 3 to 6 in anne arundel.
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>> reporter: looking live on the west side of 69 5, those are the outer loop lanes. most volume in traffic is slowing down because of increasing volume. of course, the road temperatures and the conditions are very slick. drivers are smart to keep your speeds down this morning. going to the maps, the most serious incident is howard county. 95 southbound shut down as you approach route 32 because of two accidents involving a tractor trailer. also a crash reported southbound on the bw parkway between route 175 and arundel mills boulevard. in baltimore city, an accident at chase and gillford. east cold spring lane is closed between harford and hillen. top side inner loop at green spring reports of an incident on outer loop at loch raven an accident there as well. northbound 95 approaching mountain road, the left lane is taken away because of an earlier crash. we have more of your snow coverage coming back after this. (announcer) while there are some home disasters you can't avoid,
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just shake it! [ rattling ] [ male announcer ] this week, go to for your coupon and save 15% off your entire in-store purchase, excluding all computers. that was easy. >> ( beeping ) ( beeping stops ) >> announcer: free is better. do your simple return for free with the federal free edition at turbotax. the most trusted brand of tax software. 5:57. stay with us. the 6:00 hour is here and the big story today is the weather. >> we will have the closings and cancellations as well as delays on the lower third of the screen. but this is a live look at cold spring lane. we will continue to monitor the snow. it appears to be coming down a
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little heavier than it was 15 minutes ago. live reports out in the snow. and the forecast from justin coming up in a few moments.
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