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tv   News  ABC  February 24, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EST

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now, "good morning, maryland." this morning, 17 baltimore city officers indicted on corruption charges.
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how the actions took money out of the pockets of local businesses. the situation in libya continues to deteriorate this morning. and now president obama is calling on leaders to stop the violence. today, protesters are promising the biggest turnout yet in wisconsin's capitol. union leaders expect tens of thousands of workers for a massive rally that is coming up on this thursday, february 24th. good morning, i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. hopefully you got a chance to get outside and enjoy thesunshine yesterday. >> will it continue? let's ask justin. >> warmer temperatures but notnicer. we are starting at cold at 24 in baltimore in the single digits far to the northwest and york, pa at 9. then towards southern maryland, it's 33. patuxent river back to the west in oakland, they are at freezing at 32. they have cloud cover rolling in. the clouds from the west, you can see that, it comes with
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rain in the mountains. and by the time it gets here it will be in the form of rain. maybe showers by the afternoon ride. until then, look for increasing clouds. go from the 20s to a high of 48. again, the rain that will be heaviest is overnight through tomorrow. we will talk about a high wind watch next. right now let's talk about traffic with kim. >> reporter: and earlier debris from the westbound span of the bay bridge has been cleared. as we look live in anne arundel county, 97 at benfield -- benfeld. no issues. southbound towards route 50 all lanes are open as well. no major incidents around 695 or on the 95 corridor. however, police remain on the scene of a serious crash involving a vehicle that struck a pole in randallstown at yoli different --d -- jolly court and wyans road. now back to to you. 17 baltimore city police officers are the focus of a criminal investigation involving a auto company.
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they got kit kickbacks for guiding car crash develops to the company for repairs -- kickbacks for guiding car crash victims to the company for repairs. linda so has more. >> reporter: this corruption scheme was so bad that commissioner bealefeld wanted to make sure to arrest the cops himself. it's a scandal that embarrassed the force. 17 are in trouble and 15 more are expected to be suspended after being implicated in the investigation. one of the cops is accused of possibility -- pocketing more than $14,000 over the course of two years. the accused cops would respond to an accident scene and talk the victim into using the rosedale towing company majestic auto repair. it was owned by two brothers who would pay the cops $300 for every car received. commissioner bellfeld made it a point to a-- bealefeld made a point to arrest officers. he had them come to the academy
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and took away their badges. >> whoa pay the officer in cash or check for the referral and officers' assistance with dealing with the vehicle owner and with any police paperwork. >> reporter: now these cops are suspended without pay. they could face up to 20 years in prison and a huge fine for conspiring to commit extortion. live at city police headquarters, linda so, abc2 news. the deaths of four americans sailing around the world sadly hits close to home for a woman in baltimore. debbie vinson left her job as dental assistant in los angeles seven years ago but kept in touch with her former boss. jean adam and her husband scott. they have been traveling the world and we have seen the pictures they have to prove it. last week, the yacht was hijacked by somali pirates and they were kidnapped along with another couple from seattle. they were executed days later before navy seals could recapture the vessel. vinson has no kind thoughts for the pie rights who took
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theirfriends' lives. >> their mission was to get what they were going to get and it didn't matter how they were going to get it. so killing was nothing to them. they probably would do-- they probably do this every day. when you don't have a heart, you can do things like that. >> piracy is a multimillion dollar business with pirates reportedly -- report it'sly hold -- reportedly holding hundreds of hostans. the u.s. is considering sanctions and other means of pressure against libyan leader mow march qaddafi in an -- mow march cay -- moammar qaddafi in an effort to stop the killing. forces are firing on their own people. president obama says the u.s. is prepared ifa full range of option to respond to the crisis from no-fly zones to preventing attacks on protesters from the air. they are considering proposals for oil companies to cease operations in the world's 12th
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largest oil exporter. >> the suffering and bloodshed is outrageous, and it's unacceptable. so it has orders to punish the people of libya. >> a fore carrying evac-- a ferry carrying evacuees out are stuck in port. they may unable to leave until as early as tomorrow. twenty years ago today, the ground war in the gulf began. february 24th, 1991, the u.s. coalition forced rolled into kuwait and iraq in the persian gulf war. it was dubbed operation desert storm. the latest from new zealand. rescuers are trying to save hundreds trapped in the rubble after tuesday's earthquake. new zealand's prime minister says the quake hit christ church and has left about 92 people dead. the number will most likely rise. engineers and inspectors are now on the scene as rescue crews search buildings and go from house to house look for victims.
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-- looking for victims. today protesters are promising the largest turn out at the wisconsin state capital. they expect tens of thousands to rally. they are answeringry the governor is -- angry the governor's budget proposal. they want to end collective bargaining. wisconsin is dealing with a 3.5 billion dollar budget shortfall. in the mist of all this wisconsin governor walker probably didn't want his opponents to know about how he plan to -- planned to win the battle. now everybody knows. walker talked on skype for more than 20 minutes with a man claiming to be a conservative billionaire. during the call, walker talked about how he was considering ways to force democratic senators back to the capitol so a vote could be taken. even joking about bringing the baseball bat to negotiation was political opponents. walker was not talking to a billionaire. the thing was a prank and the call ended up on the internet. >> bottom line is the things i
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said are things i said publically. the fact of the matter is, people are brought up all sorts of different options. and as if you listened to the tape, we put that down. we said we have a civil discourse. >> the billionaire he thought he watts talking to was a major contributor to walker's campaign and conservative action groups. he is also a businessman with significant interest in the state of wisconsin. nasa is closing a chapter on the space shuttle program. once more into the final front year discovery -- fronter, discovery plans the final launch later today. hey, you are snowed in. what are you going to do? we know idle hands are the devil's tool. but not for this man. what he did when we return on this february 24th.
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5:41. thanks for joining us. we have cool video. look at this. roger hanson has created a 64- foot high ice castle. he built it in his backyard for a challenge. he has done it for years, four years in a row actually, and this is bigger making his house look like a doll house in
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comparison. the project took hundreds of hours to complete. justin, that's just for you. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> that's pretty cool. but i wouldn't want to be underneath it when the next storm arrives. we have a big time wet weather maker. a wind generator, and it's going to get stormy in a hurry. this morning, we are quiet on maryland's most powerful doppler radar. we don't have any flood watches posted. but i think we might have minor flooding with the next storm. snow out there at harford county and bel air. 22 darling on. and 23 in havre de grace. we will get up to 48, thickening clouds this afternoon and evening and tonight. more on that storm coming up. here's kim with traffic. >> reporter: thanks. as we look live at the top side of the beltway 695 at providence road, traffic is moving very well. we have reports of a new crash on the northeast side of the beltway on the inner loop at
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route 702. an accident involving a overturned vehicle that is blocking the two left lanes. expect delays. the only other crash is at randallstown at wyans and jolie court and that remains closed because of a vehicle. traveling the m-ta, no reported service delays with the local bus, metro subway, light rail, marc train computer bush -- commuter bus and mobility on time. today, discovery the world's most traveled rocket ship embarks on the final flight. that is live picture they are going to take the flies after a four month delay. it's set for 4:50. three workers rushed to the hospital following an explosion in pennsylvania. >> what investigators may have caused the explosion. that's coming. plus... 3q
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5:46. thanks for joining. everyone on senate floor agrees, same sex marriage will pass in maryland. by a count of 25-22, the senate gave approval and today, is the final vote. sherrie johnson explains what happens now. >> reporter: the preliminary approval was a quick debate and civil debate. everyone was civil to one another and respectful. maryland senators are moving closer to passing same sex marriage but there are a few -- marriage burks there are a few tweaks. they -- but there are a few tweaks. they voted to advance it to a final vote and lawmakers add hemore protections from religious groups from having to
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provide he had hecational service or insurance coverage for same sex coverage and stripped the words religious freedom from the title to make it the civil marriage protection act. the supporters of the bill defeated proposals that would have allowed court clerks to refuse to marry some same sex couples and kept schools from promoting same sex marriage and rename the bill same sex marriage. >> i think this is very exciting. we have been working for years to try to make this happen. so, it's wonderful day because it shows that i think the people of maryland and the representatives truly believe that we are a welcoming state that embrace all of our citizens. >> it's a bad bill and will be decided at referendum. but we have more religious protection on the bill. >> now if the bill passes, governor o'malley says that hehe will ion sight and there's a possibility -- he will sign it and it could go up to the
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referendum to be up for voteers to decide. we asked you to log on to the facebook fan page. and david says i don't think a law in the world should pass this nonsense. but kathy says i am proud maryland is moving forward to advance marge equality for all. log onto the facebook fan pagepage and tell us what you think. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. the federal government is getting involved as well. the defense of marriage act which defines marriage between a man and woman was signed into law by president clinton back in 1996. however, president obama has ordered the justice department not to defend the constitutionality of the federal law in a court case where it's challenged. time is 5:48. also today, congressman cummings is scheduled to join a treasury department official in announcing millions in tax credits for maryland businesses. it's part of the market tax credit national award program. today's announcement is set for
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11 at a nonprofit organization on north gay street in baltimore. four maryland college get an a plus for best value. johns hopkins, university of maryland baltimore county and university of maryland college park and st. mary's college are in the princeton review 100 best college for 2011. the rankings were based on academics, cost and -- costs and financial aid. it's 5:49. today a celebration is on tap at grange elementary in baltimore county. baltimore ravens runningback ray rice will congratulate students and staff on receiving a 10,000 dollar grant. the player -- the joint campaign with the united way encourages young people to get 60 minutes of exercise every day. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> we have seen just about everything this week.
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and we will see even more believe it or not. weather wise, we can get anything across the spectrum on this 24th of february. normal low of 24. high 47. we get back closer to normal but we will have to pay the price as we push this arctic air and snow out of the way. as low as 2 above in 1873, and high of 79 in 1985. sun comes up at 6:47 and you see a-- get a chance to see that. morning satellite radar composit highlighting clear skies over maryland, allowing the lows to dip into the 20s. but rain is pushing into the west. a storm pattern looks active and impressive. an arctic boundary is surging to the north. and there will be cold air and there will be a snow band behind the storm. but this is the storm that generates flooding rains, a potential of 2 to 4 inches on average. higher amounts in the tennessee river valley. there could be some severe weather outbreaks. but large hail and tornadoes. that's a deep -- the deep south. that edger -- energy is surging
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in our direction. as the storm passes by tomorrow morning, we could have our own heavy rain and possible flooding with even strong winds pushing 60 miles per hour. high wind watch for most of maryland as the system comes through on friday. we are dry at least into the afternoon. aid possibility of rain sneaking in -- it's a possibility of rain sneaking in by the evening commute and steadier rains during the overnight hours. in fact, after midnight through daybreak, that's when we will see the steadier and heaviest of rains and there could be thunder mixed in as the frontal boundary crosses the region during the morning to midday hours. rain on order to from a inch to inch and a half. and temperatures try to take a fall during the afternoon hours. maybe a brief mix north and west. nothing substantial as cooler weather settles in briefly for the start of the weekend before the next storm rolls in our direction. increasing clouds perhaps some late day rain showers. we will aim for 48 degrees. and we will look for temperatures staying in the 40s. add in rain and areas of fog
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overnight. and by daybreak, the rain comes down pretty heavy. a messy morning commute on friday. we will look for most of the rain during the morning but 55 degrees push 60-mile-per-hour winds dropping to 20s overnight. a 44 spot on the thermometer saturday and sunday. back to 60 monday and another round of rain. >> reporter: right now, we are looking through the trees. this is at the beltway 695 at chesico that is block all lanes. only the far right shoulder gets bar. the inner loop near route 702, expect some delays this morning because of an accident involving a vehicle that is on its side. only other crash right now is the same one up in randallstown. it he remains closed because of an accident involving a vehicle that struck a pole. baltimore county police are on the scene providing drivers with a detour. now back to you. >> thanks a lot. a truck leaves a parking
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a fire at a natural gas well near pittsburgh injured three workers a spokesperson for the energy company says that the natural gas liquid from at least one of three wells sparked the fire. the workers have been taken to the hospital. there is no word on how they are doing. you have to check this out. a car crashes into a texas pet store and it's caught on tape. video shows the suv careening through the storm front. driver says, oh, yes, she accidently hit the gas and not the brake. >> all right. looks like no one was hurt. just a big mess to clean up. listen to this. a young boy in north carolina is being called a hero e saved his wheelchair -- he saved his wheelchair bound mother from the burning home. investigators believe an electrical fence feeing fell over igniting grass and
5:57 am
catching fire to the mobile home -- feel fence, fell over igniting grass and catching fire to the mobile home. justin's dad is a firefighter and justin says he wants to be one, too. he is on his way. three minutes before six. a deputy attorney general is looking for a job this morning because of a tweet he decided he would post. >> find out what he said in reference to the protesters in wisconsin that cost him his job. and this billboard is causing a controversy. hear what people in the neighborhood are saying about it. also ahead this morning, find out how much it will cost a subway rider for having. [audio not understandable]
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now "good morning, maryland." this morning, corruption in the ranks. the very people who swore to protect and serve yo


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