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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  May 23, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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tornado comes to us? like this one in joplin. seems like a never ending battle but the first lady of maryland was in the schools to stop bullying. and time to climb the monument. we'll tell you who completed the learnedon climb and how long it took him to do it. first, breaking news at 6:00. coming in from florida. florida officials have just arrested a baltimore attorney on sex charges involving a child. he's 47-year-old howard scott kalen. was arrested as part of an undercover operation. we're just getting this breaking news into our newsroom now. christian schaffer will have the latest tonight at 11:00. the tornado sirens sounded 20 minutes in advance, yet a twister killed at least 116 people on sunday. in a small midwestern town. the death toll is expected to rise in joplin, missouri as crews sort through all the
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rubble. while this isn't tornado alley maryland already experienced one of its most active tornadoes seasons this spring. jeff hager looked closer at our alert system and where it comes up short. [siren] >> reporter: the roaring blair of sirens like this one at the jacksonville fire company dates back to the second world war. yet in modern day maryland each siren can mean something different. the assistant chief says here it alerts firefighters it's time to answer a call. >> from that point we have three minutes to get to the station and get on the road. >> reporter: maryland emergency management agency based in camp frederick, the mema director says the state has no surefire ways of alerting residents they are in the path of a tornado. >> we have a lot of alerts at the local level, local governments. we send out a broadcast on the emergency management system five minutes earlier about today's storm. >> reporter: he says with 17
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confirmed tornadoes if maryland since mid- -- in maryland since mid-april the better need to alert -- the need to better alert citizens has become critical. wireless carriers have agreed to send out severe weather alerts to customers in specific areas through global positioning technology >> it's very specific if you're in baltimore it will only reach you, the ones that are in baltimore or under a storm warning. it will go directly to your cell phones or your i-pads or whatever you have. and there's no charge to you. >> reporter: in the meantime, lou says you can buy a weather alert radio for about $40, that instantly goes off when the national weather service transmits an emergency. also he says you and your family should discuss a plan of action. >> a tornado can come out of the sky, you might have a minute's notice if you're lucky, two minutes if you're lucky. anything you can do ahead of time will help. the key is practice, practice, practice.
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>> reporter: in baltimore county, jeff hager, abc2 news. >> through the personal localized alerting network the cell phone companies will begin to send weather texts in new york city by the end of the year and expected to expand in our state sometime next year. it's also worth mentioning for the mobile device our abc2 weather app. check it on on i-tunes because you can pull up warnings for your area as they issue them. we have an extension now, 8:00 for central maryland. eastern shore not in this now but we'll continue to monitor the situation as we've been doing all afternoon. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar still big storms, none with warnings right now but dangerous lightning here northwestern baltimore county. reisterstown, back up i-75, also up i-83, going to be a rough commute in this direction. as we go through the next few hours. so big storms continuing to fire and another healthy thunderstorm that just had a warning expire down in montgomery county but if you're
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watching us on cable toward gaithersburg, still some dangerous lightning in that direction. the forecast tomorrow, still humid and warm. still the possibility for some gusty afternoon storms. we talk about that and look at the memorial day weekend coming up. >> as tornado season continues, you get everything you need on it's called "tornado alley." and we're the only one in town that has this. you can find safety tips and ways to be prepared in case a tornado ever decides to come close to home. if you see something say something. schools kicked off the second annual bullying awareness and prevention week. and roosevelt leftwich went to lakeland, home of one of the state's top anti-bullying programs. >> reporter: last year in maryland there were a reported 3,000 incidents of bullying around the state in every school district. bullying hurts and causes a lot of problems for children as they grow up. that is why adults and kids say bullying has got to stop. today maryland first lady katie
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o'malley kicked off the bullying awareness and prevention week at lakeland elementary school and middle school in southeast baltimore. she says it's designed to help children deal with bullying to be able to talk to an adult. o'malley says this not only helps the kid but the bully may also need help with self-esteem or even problems at home. if bullying doesn't stop it has led to victims to drop out of school, in some cases even commit suicide. >> a third grader in a city school was being teased because she had cerebral palsy. she told her mother she ought to jump out a window. we need to take action now so young kids can go to school and be free from bullies. she says the school district statewide will also have efforts for next year as well. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. here's the latest on the
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state trooper killed over the weekend. just over an hour ago we learned funeral arrangements for trooper shaft hunter. hunter was driving his cruiser on 95 south near route 32 early saturday morning when he crashed into a big rig parked on the shoulder. investigators are looking at whether trooper hunter was trying to catch up to a speeding motorcycle. a viewing is plans for this thursday afternoon at the vaughn c. greene in randallstown. the funeral is then friday morning at the new antioch baptist church. the burial follows at dulaney valley memorial gardens. a delaware man face as litany of charges after a stabbing out of a bar in elkton. police say the man got in a fight outside the drunk monkey on route 40 at the delaware border and stabbed the men he was arguing with as well as two other men that tried to stop him. they are all expected to survive. the board of education is expected to make a decision about a popular high school principal. we were there as students and alumni at aberdeen high school
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protested after learning the principal wouldn't be back in the fall. in a letter to the school community the principal says he was given a choice between retiring and taking a demotion but hadn't decided yet. a problem we're not just talking about very much because of this economy but as the economy dove and foreclosure crisis jumped thousands of families went homeless. in the families we're also talking about children, school children. brian kuebler has a preview of a special report that will be on tonight. >> reporter: more than 10,000 homeless school children are in the state, a number that nearly doubled in six years, the worst of it in just the last these years. many maryland families are now doubled or tripled up. others living out of cheap motels and homeless shelters. tonight we take a deep look at the growing number of homeless students in the state. you'll meet families, hear their stories and see their challenges of raising children while homeless. and we'll show you the state's challenge too in educating this
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growing population and how it is a strain on an already tight budget. >> i believe -- i don't think we've hit bottom yet. it's going to put a lot of burden on decisionmakers to find what money they can to make the program offerings as efficient as humanly possible, etc. so it's going to be a big deal. >> reporter: again, see just how big of a deal this issue really is, tonight, only here on abc2 news at 11:00. it's called spect. the army is going to give it a try. single photoon emission computerized tomography. the army will be studying brains for those who suffer injuries on the battlefield. using spect, to inspect brain damage that cat scans sometimes
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miss. one of the first place to be on the disabled list just for head injuries. he's supposed to come off the list tomorrow but the team says roberts will not. he's still suffering from concussion-like symptoms. we keep you covered with our special concussion resource guide. learn everything you need to know to keep you and your kids safe and healthy. it's on there now, can you say -- well, can you find sea shells on the map? or how about the largest city in the capital of malaysia? what is it? a local student tomorrow puts us to shame when he competes in the national geography spelling bee. neal lockenpaul is going to represent seven school in the -- severn school in the 23rd national geography in washington. he's one of about 54 students in the competition. if he makes the top 10 he'll advance to the fiemsz which are
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hosted to -- finals which are hosted by alex trebeck for tv. before 1,000 men and women protect us on the water they must make the climb. you'll see them charge and tackle a 20-foot high tall monument and we're going to find outs who gets to the top first and how long it takes. from the monument to the mirror trophy. "dancing with the stars," the final three. and then 25 men arrived to take one woman on the all new "bachelorette." >> 83 degrees now at bwi marshall. 84 is the 2-degree guarantee so our winner, beverly burns from sykesville. congratulations. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] looking for a complete picture of your money?
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the herndon monument. could be mount kilimanjaro. they climb it because it's there. don harrison tells us it's as much a tradition as tossing naval caps in the air on graduation day. >> the torpedo! >> reporter: the plebes rush in to tackle this monument task, literally. with cap in hand to replace it they scale the 21-foot area covered with lard. a final statement for the first year midshipmen. after this the upper class members don't consider them plebes anymore. >> we're really excited.
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it's a big achievement. >> reporter: the naval academy has many more restrictions than most universities in the country. it's easy to second-guess the decision. >> at some point i said why didn't i go to the university of maryland but i wouldn't want to go anywhere but here. >> reporter: it's said the plebes to replace the hat will be the first in the class to become an admiral. it gets rough in the heat of the battle. >> it's a ridiculous. you can't even tell -- it's a mess. >> reporter: i don't think part of the strategy was this. or having your feet over your head. with all the grabbing and pulling some of the biggest problems just keeping your clothes on. >> reporter: matthew daltonon replaced the hat. the plebes did it in a total
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time of four hours and 32 seconds. however, they are all walking away winners. now looking forward to having the upper hand on next year's freshmen. in annapolis, don harrison for abc2 news. >> last year it only took about two minutes to climb to the top. that is because the academy's superintendent decided that the lard was too dangerous. a decision changed back for this year. one plebe had to go to the hospital but she's ok, and back at the academy tonight. this is a good savings at 6 tip -- we're trying to save money. this could help you avoid harsh chemicals in the home. we've probably all experienced the clogged drain. before grabbing the drain cleaner, try this, a couple offal caseltzer tablets to -- alka seltzer tablets in the drain. then vinegar. if you have money-saving tips, post them on facebook at
6:17 pm more good news at the pumps. the price of gas continues to get better. according to the average cost of a gallon of regular is now $3.86 in baltimore. that is about two cents lower than the maryland statewide average, still a few cents higher than the national average of $3.83. even with the prices slowly falling, abc2 wants to give you $100 of free gas. time is running out. our gas card givenway is down to its final days. just watch "good morning maryland" between 4:30 and 7:00 for the daily gas card giveaway code word. once you see the code word text it to the number on the screen or e-mail it in to in the afternoon we pick a winner. each day's winner gets a $100 gas card. wednesday is it. the last day to win free gas so hurry up and good luck to you.
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got a new severe thunderstorm warning for howard county, especially from southern howard county, this is going to run through 7:00 tonight. severe thunderstorm warning also for prince george's county and way up in pennsylvania there, one tornado warning even. so that's interesting. look at maryland's most powerful doppler radar, right now the action is north, actually, in fact i'm going to step out for a second. i want to get on the howard county storm. this is another storm up towards jarrettsville but the arrival times for a separate storm and that is this one. in howard county. you can see the track is mainly to the south. well, i would say east/southeast, basically straight across gaithersburg, i-270, towards laurel, jessup, areas like. that it may hold together and get into southern anne arundel county but again the main concern here, damaging winds and certainly could see lightning with that storm cell too. right now, conditions at the inner harbor not bad. we're talking about 81 degrees,
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humidity 62 and win from the southwest at 9 miles per hour. and weather through the day changing, going from some sunny skies to partly to mostly cloudy, then stormier skies in the afternoon. places like frederick, 81 baltimore. 79 winchester. 76 dulles. you can see the humidity levels high but if you look at the dew points, this is the measure of the moisture in the air, anything over 60, that can fuel severe storms. over 70 out towards frederick and newark, pretty oppressive for late may. huge plume of moisture over the state helping to fuel the storms. you see that line pushing in from the west here. on maryland's most powerful doppler radar, there's a couple of storms that are actually more intense just north of the state line. we still have a few cells to watch from the southern, sort of ends of this line on the tail of this line. again, howard county under the gun now, southern howard county in particular. and there are still thundershowers that are not severe but gusty and in northern baltimore county headed toward northern harford
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county. the bottom line is this unsettled pattern and the extremely severe weather firing this afternoon. still out in places that don't need more of it. towards southern missouri now. severe storms, tornado warnings up, western kentucky, back down in eastern texas and oklahoma next two days. very wild weather for the plains states. we'll get some storms around the mid-atlantic again tomorrow. same pattern, high pressure off-shore bringing that return flow and really bringing up, cranking up the humidity. almost a summerlike pattern and that why it feels so warm for late may. another line due in tomorrow afternoon. and evening. again, it will be fueled by the heating of the day so it will quiet down overnight tonight. quiet start to the day tomorrow but tomorrow afternoon storms flare again. then wednesday afternoon maybe a few more storms. right now looks like it's mainly to the west. i think wednesday will be somewhat more quiet. 67. stays muggy tonight, a few thundershowers, quieting down overnight. first half of the day tomorrow should be fine. once you're past about 2:00 watch for more storms to flare
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up. some could linger into tomorrow evening. 7-day forecast, we continue to look for, well, a chance for a shower or storm about everyday. again, i think wednesday looks somewhat drier. then as we look ahead to the allimportant three-day weekends, a lot of people with a long one coming up. i think we have to keep in the slight chance now but it does look somewhat drier. we hope it will work out like preakness weekend. >> absolutely. >> the way that worked out. you're going to be watching. everybody's going to be watching. this is it for us. you dancing fans, we're about 90 minutes away from the beginning of the "dancing with the stars" finale. down to the final three. kirstie alley, chelsea kane and hines ward. the live final performance show starts 8:00 on tu -- abc2. you can chat with us and fellow fans. just log on to all throughout the show.
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then right after abc's "dancing with the stars," "the bachelorette," 25 guys show up up at a woman's house to date her. at 11:00 -- marylanders are reaching out. tonight, what they are doing to help tornado victims pick up some of the pieces. those stories and more plus wyett's complete forecast. join us at 11:00. >> on the roads, beltway at wilkens avenue, a live look here as we find out about the thunderstorms that are moving into the area, down in howard county. wyett has a track on that. and will throughout the rest of the night. we'll be right back.
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some constipation medications can take control of you. break free. with miralax. it's clinically proven to relieve constipation and soften stool with no harsh side effects. just gentle predictable relief. miralax. let's get one last look at the storm that is moving into howard county. still in montgomery county now but you can see us put a track with maryland's most powerful doppler radar. gaithersburg, rockville, then crossing over and headed toward places in southern howard and eventually this thing may hold together, may end up into anne arundel county. so we'll be tracking it all night., will have the latest there also. world news next, in joplin, missouri. he then at 8:00, it starts, "dancing with the stars," bachelorette and then us.
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