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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  June 15, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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cockeysville middle school, 54 and i will give the commencement address to the dprad wits there on -- graduates on friday there. i am a little nervous. 57 actually i am more excited than anything else and sparrows point and dry on the most powerful doppler radar a cool start this morning. some slip briefly into the 40s. 50s for most of us and we will go to a partly cloudy afternoon. high around 80. let's check on the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: more people are waking up and getting out on the roads. we are seeing a little volume but no bob leams on the beltway. southwest side -- problems on the beltway. the south weaved side -- the southwest side has a little traffic. harford county an accident 152 and 40. so be aware of that. in baltimore, dundalk and o'donnell, the accident is in the cleanup stages and wrapping up roadwork 395 northbound in the right lane. megan. >> thanks. they were 16 and 17 years old, and they had their whole
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lives ahead of them. family members are planning their funerals after a deadly hit-and-run killing both teens. abc2 news linda so is here with the emotional reaction and the evidence that police are relying onto solve the case. >> reporter: police are looking at footage from red light cameras hoping it will provide the crucial link so they can press charges. police interviewed a man and a woman pulled over shortly after the hit-and-run. the car had damage that was similar to the accident. 17-year-old emerald smith and her best friend 16-year-old courtney angeles were killed crossing mlk boulevard after 11:30 monday night. they were rushed to shock trauma but died a short time later. emerald and courtney grew up a block away from each other in the washington village neighborhood in the city. they did everything together. but now, their families are trying to come to grips with the senseless loss. here's courtney's older sister. >> i -- they took two innocent
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lives. >> reporter: now both families are planning a vigil in the come days. no charges have been filed. police are working with the state's attorney's office to determine if the couple in the car will be charged. linda so, abc2 news. a baltimore woman is facing charges of robbery, assault and theft this morning after a barattack that was caught on tape. 24-year-old a jessica white punched and stole a purse from a woman. it happened at the second chancesaloon in columbia. investigators released surveillance video of the crime last week and a tipster recognized the suspect and called police. a pg county police officer is charged with second degree assault following a traffic stop in harford county. chris watson and his wife and three children were in the car just after midnight. back on june 4th, a cruiser marked brentwood police pulled them over emmett started to
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shout explicatives and put his hands on watson's neck and gave him a patdown. >> my wife said please stop with the f word and he said f you you f and you will go to jail. >> my son has his finkers in his mouth and his -- fingers in his mouth and his legs were shakingand he was crying his staircally. >> the -- hysterically. >> sears is scheduled to appear in court on august 10th. an escaped inmate who walked away from his job at the state prison complex near hagerstown has been captured. authorities say a fugitive team was able to track down 36-year- old jerome taylor on madison avenue here in baltimore. he was in custody in the first place on a weapons charge and filing a false police report. it's 3 minutes after 5 right now. computers are changing the way your kids learn and today, some
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children in baltimore city will see how powerful they have become. especially when the computer that can beat anybody on a game show. abc2 news sherrie johnson is live in federal hill with more. >> reporter: live at digital harbor high school where students are in for quite a treat today. ibm is celebrating the 100th anniversary with public service and volunteerism, so the volunteers will be here with more than 100 baltimore city public school children. and students will meet watson, the computer that wins on the tv game show jeopardy. talk about interactive learning. the students will learn firsthand how technology like watson can help improve the world. they learn about science and technology and engineering and math to vail highly skilled work force. again, more than 100 city school children will meet with. >> steve: any rawlings blake and dr. alonzo and ibm's
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president. ibm chose to mark the occasion in baltimore because he was born educated and raised here and received the first job in baltimore. and he says this is his way of giving back. once again that program kicks off at 9:30 this morning. but coming up a little later in the 5 a.m. show, we are going to talk live to an ibm representative more about what the kid will be learning today. reporting live in federal hill, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. tonight you get another opportunity to speak out about the proposed toll hikes in the state. a public hearing is set for 5:30 at kent island high school on love point road in stevensville. a number of eastern shore delegates are expected to shoaled a -- hold a rally outside before the meeting starts.for a list of the publichearings it's on the website at look on the spotlight section and you will find a link with the information you need. five minutes after five. we are supposed to use it when ever we are going out in the sun for long periods of time to
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protect our skin. we have heard it over and over again. but is sunscreen helping to guard against skin cancer? why what we thought may have been wrong all along. plus, a levee breenp is forcing -- breench is forcing mi -- breach is forcing missouri residents to evacuate. six minutes after five on this wednesday morning, the sun is starting to rise in new york. there's a live picture. we like to take you to different parts of the country. so there you go. we will be right back. justin has -- justin has more on the weather here in maryland.
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a severe weather alert in iowa. they are scram bowling make sure a temporary -- scrambling to make sure a temporary levee stays put. if it fails it could be disasters. hamburg could face up to 10 feet water. it's coming through a breached levee that was supposed to hold back the missouri river. and check out the dramatic pictures that looks pretty a photographer captured the photos. that is wild fire. so pretty serious.
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flames charred more than 469,000 acres there. at least 32 homes have been destroyed. authorities say they believe a campfire is to blame and they are questioning two persons of interest. all right it's ten minutes after five. how about a check on our weather which really has been pleasant lately. we will see if we can keep the verb going. here's justin -- keep the stretch going. here meteorologist justin berk my want to take you to frederick -- berk. i want to take you to frederick county. baltimore and look at this, starting to see morning daylight. it's bearable after five in the morning but that's what we get in the middle of june and it's rare we get this approaching the longest days of the year, the highet sun angle for the cool -- highest sun angle for the year. fallston high school 54 and by the water in havre de grace,
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57. that's the 6 degree spread in harford county. depends on if off are you inland or by the water. but all of us will see sunshine and aim for a high near 80. we will talk about the rest of the forecast which warms up in a moment. now here's tonya with traffic. >> reporter: good morning. we are doing okay out there on the beltway. no major incidents to report. we are seeing volume on the southwest side. 695 at wilkins, we are doing okay. no problems to report on the inner loop there to the right of the screen. you can see there is a car parked on the left shoulder so. be careful. route 1 at gorman, traffic lights not work properly. police are directing traffic there trying to fix it. also harford county 152 at 40 we have an accident wrapping up an accident in the city of baltimore dundalk at o'donnell street in the cleanup stages. it's 11 mense -- stages. it's 11 minutes after 5. we have a health alert about the warning something many of us had in our cabinets for a long time. we are talking about
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sunscreens. we use them to protect our skin from rays. everybody says slather it on. but despite the biggest boost in sales, skin cancer cases are on the rise. and they are showing up in younger people. >> melanoma used to be disease of older men and now it's the most common form of cancer for young adults in late 20s. >> sunscreen starting next summer must have a spf of at least 15 and offer protection against both uvb and uva rays to claim that they help prevent cancer and aging. the makers will no longer be able to claim the products are water proof or even sweat proof. the news may be hard to swallow for children attending public schools in los angeles. listen to this. flavored mill look no longer be served in the cafeteria. the school board voted to eliminate chocolate and strawberry flavored milk from schools beginning on july 1st. officials say it is a move to help combat childhood obesity. 13 minutes after 5. anthony
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weiner brought the use of the house gym into question after using it as a backdrop for the pictures he took and sent to women across the country. coming up a. look at one of the perks and it's for a member of congress only. completely paid for by you the taxpayer. you have no access. we will look at the gym and get a inside peek ahead. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone
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it's 16 minutes after 5 on this june 15th. you may not know "ñthe but a exclusive health club in washington dc is paid with your money. taxpayers are not welcomeed there. only members of congress are. >> reporter: atish a for -- at issue for many congressmen is that anthony wean took pick -- weiner took a photograph but from the privacy of the house gym a congressional perk. and a popular one. our nation's economy may be in horrible shape but a lot of our congressmen are not. >> the precise location of the house gym is kept secret.
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>> reporter: we are two floors underground in the rayburn house office building in the obscurek. >> and you can see -- obscure little no-ok and this is the house gym. door is locked and the only way to get in is a member of congress to be buzzed in. you are paying for much of it, we can't show it to you. >> okay. thank you. >> reporter: only for members. and they don't want to talk about it. >> i was wondering if i could ask you a couple questions about the gym? >> no. >> reporter: we are told it's nice in there. flat screen tvs, workout machines, basketball hoops and a swimming pool, and the senate facilities just as seektive. >> you go to the rules. >> reporter: rules? >> upstairs. >> reporter: we can't come in? >> no. >> reporter: that for half the average cost for you at your gym. members of congress pay just $20 a month. a fee clearly subsidized by taxpayers. how much does it cost to run
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the plush members's wellness center as it is called? we sought information from the senate rules committee, the treasury department and house sergeant at arms. no one would tell us how much it cost. and the figures are hidden. the only response for the american people "we do not provide information on the house gym for security purpose." >> you get the feeling they don't get what's going on out there in the real world when they have the perks at their fingertips including the gyms and hair care and parking facilities they have. they are living a different life than the average american. >> reporter: all this while they look to cut your benefits to reduce the deficit. call it pumping ironing. abc news, the capitol. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> maybe hang the laundry out to dry on a day like this. we are looking at fantastic weather below normal. and we will continue it for another couple days and then
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heat for the weekend. on this 15th of june, 61 in the morning and 83 in the afternoon is normal. record of 47 set in 1978, 101 the high mark in 1994. sun up at 5:40 and down at 8:34 and we start at 5 5 degrees and drop lower in baltimore but not record levels. some places outside the beltway dropping into the 40s. 47 far northwest in altuna. notice the 60s in southeast virginia. we are on the edge of the cool nice stuff and that's how it remains. clear skies across the fine state. cloud off towards the west. next complex system that will try to nudge in and could provide clouds as we head through tonight. tomorrow, that complex of storms will arrive in maryland and we could get some midday into the afternoon. we will be watching showers and thunderstorms with this boundary that will probably keep our temperatures even cooler tomorrow. and then we will build in warm humid weather behind that. so, scattered showers and thunderstorms some could be
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heavy and some could be severe tomorrow and we will build in more heat. cluster builds off the coast on friday. but we will have more erupting during the afternoon and if we are lucky we get the stuff out of here just in time fellow runners for the big race on saturday. today 80 is the two degreen guaranteed high under mostly sunny skies. late clouds will arrive and dim out towards sunset. tonight, increasing clouds especially after midnight. lows holding back to 60. so not nearly as cool as this morning. for tomorrow, we will see more clouds holding us to 76. chance of showers and chance of thunderstorms and there could be some severe storms trying to push in here if not tomorrow than heading through friday with a high of 84 degrees. than we head to the weekend. and fellow runners, the big running of the baltimore 10 mile and i will be down there with you as the charity -- mile and i will be down there with the charity racer chaser one dollo for every person i pass starting in last placement and
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we start off in fine shape in the morning and get the showers out. humidity is okay. not nearly as steamy as last year as we go for a partly cloudy skies. wind northwest and at race time at 7:30, between 65 and 70 degrees. if you have to head out roll the windows down and breath in the fresh air. let's check on the traffic with tonya. >> reporter: a few accidents to report but no major delays as of a result. that's good news. we are doing okay on the beltway. looking on the northwest side we have the outer loop to the left with more volume there. construction on the inner loop not causing too much of a problem. harford county an accident in joppa, 15 # at route -- 152 at route 40. police are directing traffic at 95 southbound before 395, we have the right lane blocked with debris and an accident in dundalk at o'donnell. megan. >> thanks. time to say happy birthday to all you celebrating a birthday today.
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like lynn olivia. she is celebrating her first birthday today. what a cute picture. she and her family live in middle river. they will be celebrating her first birthday at the maryland zoo with the grandma and grandpa visiting from michigan. look for justin that will be out there today right? exactly. our picture of the day. look at that handsome young guy. 10-year-old sylvester graduated from edmonton heights yesterday. congratulations to you from his family and friends. if you have a interesting photo to show off, it could be pets or anniversaries or graduations and our picture of the day, send it to morning show at and give us the information behind the picture so we can pass it along to everybody else. in this tough economy, the last thing anybody wants to hear is another layoff is coming. up next, a major company that plans to cut more than 1,000 jobs by the end of the year. plus is your size affecting how much money you make at your
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job? the surprising results when "good morning maryland" returns. as we go to break, we will go live again to new york city. i guess we are in a new york state of mind. there's the statue of liberty. we will find out how our weather is shaping up right now it's just 65 degrees. we will be right back.
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today is not about finding the time to do your homework. it's not about logging on to this week's class. today is a celebration, a triumph of dedication, a victory for that little voice that urges us on. today is a day to recognize that ordinary people can do extraordinary things, and to prove that not all heroes wear a cape. some wear a cap and gown. congratulations to the strayer university
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now "good morning maryland." 5:26 right now. more pink slips are handed out. aerospace and defense contractor lockheed martlin cut 1200 jobs by the end of the year. middle management will be reduced by 25%. the company says the work force reductions are necessary because of the tight federal government budgets they are experiencing. all right. looking for ways to make money. believe it or not, your weight could determine the size of your paycheck. it's hard to believe. but there appears to be a double standard. according to a new study that is publish by the journal of applied psychology, women 25 pounds over the average weight take home 16,000 dollars less a
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year. meanwhile, men who are 25 pounds above the average weight, they take home 8,000 dollars each year more. so we wanted to know what you think about this. this is the hot topic. what do you think about the study. we would like your two cents. tell us. head to the wmar facebook fan page and share the comments and we will pass them along this morning on the air. popular fast-food chains are get agnew look. mcdonald's and burger king are gradually rolling out revamped stores. complete with flat panel tvs and comfortable seating and a sleeker interior design. subway is testing out their own version of a cafe. 5:26. very scary moments for customers in a beauty shop. video of a robbery attempt that had everyone taking cover. also ahead this morning, interrogations are trying -- investigators are trying to figure out what caused an explosion at a chemical plant that had workers scrambling to
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get as far away as possible. but first, we will head up to new york and get a look at today's tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites google is adding features to the searches. anyone using googel a chrome browser will be able to speak the requests. the feature rolls out in the next few days and come to other browseers. mobile users can click on icons to find restaurants gas stations and atms and more. when the galaxy tab goes on sale it will be the thinnest and largest large screen tablet on market. it may take more than that to unseat the ipad 2. >> it is very sleek looking and has a beautiful touch screen with hd resolution, and some nice speakers on either side of the -- nice speakers on the side of the screen but the apps are where it is at. the ipad 2 has thousands of more apps. >> reporter: and the dal actiony will retail for 5 to
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$600. those are your -- of the galaxy will retail for 5 to $600. those are your tech bites. i am daniel sieberg.


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