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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  July 18, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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minutes before 6:00. we'll go for 94. sun set at 8:30. here's traffic. >> good morning. if you're commuting between the baltimore beltway and capital belt way, not too much of a problem. no incidents to report. southbound traffic a little heavier to the right of your screen make your way through owings mills. overnight construction wrapping up, 95. two left lanes are closed right now up to washington boulevard. it brought the sit toy a standstill. ten years later we take a look at the howard street tunnel fire. this morning we have the very latest on what the city is planning for today. >> reporter: today we take a look back and remember the
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10-year jeers of the howard street tunnel fire. this fire was caused by a 60-car train derailment. three orioles games at camden yards were canceled. the accident triggered calls to relates howard street tunnel to divert dangerous car goa. a decade later trains continue to go through the tunnel with toxic cargo. work to replace it could cost more than 1 billion-dollars. today they plan to look at how things have change and how we can keep people safe. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. flabs say -- neighbors say someone is walking around
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looking for unlocked car doors. they will make a mess of things and steal things. gps, ipads and cash have been some of the things. a burglar could make their way inside. >> that's why thieves are honestly evil, because they break down society. abc2 contacted police to see a if there were other break-ins. authorities are trying to discover if a string of robberies were connected. an attendant is hospitalized. baltimore county officers are also looking into robberies at a seven 11.
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don't forget, you can track the crime in your neighborhood by going to our website at we have the latest, again, police have identified the man killed in a small plane crash in st. mary's last week. he's 55 years james michael dayton of meekicsville. the pilot was 53-year-old nicholas mirales. a maryland marine severely wounded in iraq has a new place to call home. it was built as whole chair accessible. in 2005 the sergeant lost his left arm and right leg in an exmotion. until now his family has lived in a three-story home near
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narrow hallways. >> never expected to have all these people to support me. >> to talk about oth every military members and their families. i know what they have to go through. it's hard. >> the home features an hope layout, wheelchair accessible bathrooms. hundreds of volunteers took part and hundreds of thousands of supplies were donated to the cause. it's a scary moment for the concert in hot want up next, what caused all of this chaos. some band members and fans ran for their lives. plus, a passenger had one of the best views. we'll show you the view he caught. a live look at the u.s. capital. you're watching good morning maryland. we'll be right back.
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terror at a cheap trick concert in ottawa, canada. a thrm with winds up to 55 miles an hour was blamed for knocking down the stage, sending the band and thousands of fans running for their lives. amazingly. it seems like a few people were injured. those were the most serious injuries, and they were hospitalized. people don't realize how severe the storms can be. right now we're concerned about the heat. we're watching temperatures. wanted to share one of the coolest temperatures in garrett county. they escape often the heat. 63 degrees there this morning. then we take you to northeast high school in cecil high
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school. they're at 77. we've already got this building, a heat index of 81, not the best start. that could be the exception. 74 chester town. back towards at least harford 69. glen burnie, annapolis, you're in the lower 70s. we'll push 94, clouds begin to move in throughout the day. i think we'll hold off a chance of thunderstorms overnight into tomorrow morning. beyond that we build into big time heat. we got extended forecast in just a moment here's traffic. good morning. we're starting out pretty quietly so far. we have our construction being picked up between the beltway, cones being picked up to washington boulevard. this is 695 at wilkins avenue. we have traffic building in both directions but no incidents to
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report. if are avenue traveling 95 on either end from wash, you're dog okay. 795, no problems to report. charley? oh my god. holy cow. right there. >> check that out, pretty cool, uh. >> he said hoe was on a flight to mill mile earlier in the month when the pilot ordered passengers to look at this incredible sun. he grabbed his camera and immediately started recording. extreme heat still pounds much of the south and midwest. could it be inching closer to m coming up we have more on your weekly weather outlook and we'll have tips on how you and your family scan beat the heat.
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the weekend box office belonged to one wildly popular boy wizard. so just how big of a weekend was it for harry potter and the deathly hollows.
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welcome back on this monday morning. air conditioning -- air conditioners are working overtime. 17 states are suffering brutal temperatures and will not get relief soon. >> reporter: it's so hot in omaha, nebraska, employees have poured two tons of ice into the water to try to cool things down. this heat wave is grippinged middle of the naismghts advisory warnings have been posted from texas to north of minnesota and east to ohio. the high pressure system is
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expected to hover scrays the midwest for five more sweltering days before heading east. this weekend 40 state also she temperatures of 09 degrees or more. >> not moving at all, unpacking its bags. we'll be dealing with this high pressure system for many days. for beach goers, the soaring temperatures means fun in the sun. >> for some people, especially the elderly this extreme heat can be extremely dangerous. >> they'll complain of dis diness, weakness, being light-headed. they may start to exhibit signs of confusion. >> reporter: experts say drink plenty of water. >> i think it's a little too hot. >> reporter: not everyone is heeding the warning. despite the heat and blazing sun, these athletes participated
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in an iron man triathlon which includes a bike ride and run. >> it's hot. i don't know. it's fun. >> reporter: reporting for abc2 news. >> a 26-mile run and bike ride. >> look, i like to run. i got out at 8 and it was hot then. normally on this 18th of july, we start building into the core of the heat. the third week of july tends to be our hottest. 88 our normal high. you have to go way back to 1887 top find that kind of heat. we could be challenging records has temperatures try to push back towards the century mark.
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the sun is going to start dog damage on us. 71 degrees. if you want to get out for your early morning jog, this is the time to do it. we'll get upper 70s. we're under the cloud cover. some thunderstorms to the north of toronto. that's going to be falling apart. it will be hitting new york and new england but the southern branch will not do much for us. however, we'll be watching that clifter and that energy slowly drop along the frontal boundary, not going to drop our temperatures much but it will provide the energy for overnight storms. you'll notice this is one computer model, takes us to 11:30. we have a decent shot. it would i'd in brief cooling for us. we'll watch that fade away and give way to another round during the evening hours after we bank
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up heat. that may be suppressed by cloud cover. beyond that we get that system out. the flareup could be affecting them, dill aware, maryland beesms. then we build in the score. 94 today. a little more humid. now that everyone is going back to work, we have the air quality. in addition, please take care of those pets. leave plenty of water and try not to leave them outside. 73 overnight. the ac will be on null blast. as storms may gather and hit us through day brairks watch the extended forecast. i've taken them down. 91. we'll push 95 wednesday. 97 thursday. i think we have a shot of
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100-degree weather. we could do it another day as we stay in the upper 90s into the start of the weekend. we are starting out pretty well at this point, harrisburg expressway. let's take a look at liberty road. the outer loop, inner loop is moving well. no incidents as of now. we're dog okay. 70 eastbound towards the beltway. you can see 95 on either side of town. charley? >> another hollywood couple calling it quits. the seemingly inseparable. jennifer lopez and marc anthony are splitting up.
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they have 3-year-old twins. well, pure magic for the box office weekend. "harry potter and the deathly hallows" took in $168 million from friday to sunday. the film added another $307 million over 59 countries, also a record demolishing the dark knight. carla is celebrating her birthday. want to say happy birthday to carla. also, lisa is celebrating a birthday. do we have a photo of lisa? we'll try to get that up later. happy birthday to you both.
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our picture comes from newport beach, california. if you safe a brgt -- have a birthday to share, morning show at starting today crews are working from barnlings underneath the bridge removing the old paint and cleaning up the spans. the cost will be $19.5 million. we're not expecting major traffic delays, but don't be you is price sphd you come across -- surprised if you come across delays. the project is expected to wrap up by fall of this year. another renovation project going on. home depot is planning to build a new reading room. a colorado woman is in big trouble after getting a little
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welcome back. they dropped for a little while. now seems we're dig deeper in our pockets to fill up the tanks. gas prices have gone up, despite dropping 20 cents. the national average for a regular gallon of unleaded is at $3.67. yesterday was the deadline for the bids to keep borders in
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business but there were nufnlt the nation's largest bach store chain has about 400 stores and employs about 11,000 people. it was intend thoobd weekend trip -- intended to be a weekend trip. what aned to cause this tour bus crash. a texas police officer on leave this morning after an up close encounter with a robbery suspect. what cops are saying about this incident. you're watching good morning m first, up to new york for this morning's text by the. wireless could mean jobless. consumers may be lining up to buy smartphones, tablet computers and applications. the "wall street journal" reports 20,000 fewer jobs than two years ago. it's the result of consolidation
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and outsourcing. >> commuters will be able to charge their devices while waiting at the bus stop. they're equipped with usb ports. the charging stations clan be found in no los angeles, boston and chicago. samsung has been offering service in airports. according to a new study, using search engines can affect your memory. scientists found people are less likely to remember information if they know they can easily access it online. those are your tech by the -- tech bites.
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it's been a decade since
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baltimore's howard street tunnel fire. she walked out of an orlando jail with armed guards in tow. people are wondering where is casey anthony. what if anything could be on the horizon regarding our country's debt ceiling. good morning maryland. i'm charry crowson. the big story for the day and the week could be the heat. let's get it over to just thin berk. 70 degrees this morning. towson, representative of most of the area, hovering around 70 degrees. some of you in the 60s north and west. even at the beaches. this


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