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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  September 16, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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high temperature of 66 degrees. just a reminder. if you travel richie highway southbound the ramp will be closed until mid fall. let's look at our live traffic camera on the beltway at frederick road. we have no issues here. traffic is flowing freely as you make your way. 895 at the harbor tunnel no issues here. traffic going into the tunnel is southbound. we are also doing fine at the fort mchenry tunnel. charlie? a student is dead after a stabbing in a dorm room in prince georges county. sherrie johnson has more. >> reporter: students and college administrators are in a state of disbelief and shock. this type of violence has left many stunned. last night around 8:00 a female student was found stabbed to death in her dorm room at bowie state university.
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witnesses report hearing girls screaming in the hallways moments before the victim was found. the student was taken to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead. the residence hall was placed on lockdown. security sent out a text message to students about the attack and encouraged people who may have seen anything to contact police. and all new this morning, one student describes that scene. >> i came into one of the dorms. i know somebody here. i saw the girl to see if i could help. she was just in the hallway. i saw all this blood on her side. she was leaning. it looked lick it was too late. >> the victim's name has not yet been released. the past few weeks we have
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had everything from an earthquake to a hurricane. massive reports now of a sizable tornado in ocean city. we have more on this pop up storm that may have many of you sending us your photos and videos this morning. >> reporter: the pictures say it all. it appears a possible tornado touched down in ocean city yesterday. the images are incredible, and some witnesses say they have never seen anything like it look at this video and the size of the twister captured on a cell phone video. witnesses say the storm hit around 3:30 yesterday afternoon, moving over the bay before heading out to sea. there are reports the storm left considerable damage in its path, like broken windows, debris and furniture that was tossed from balconies. one viewer said she saw more than one. >> it was amazing to see and then we saw the second one. that was about a block long heading south. then we got reports there was another tornado that hit around the 74th street area and maybe
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even another one in the 94th street area. >> reporter: there are no reports of injuries due to the storm. prosecutors are going to reenact the suspected drowning of fred trick -- of a frederick native to test the theory. they are going to find out if gardner drowned while snorkeling with giardano in aruba. students at college park are on edge it this morning as police search for a man suspected of assaulting a woman in her apartment. the victim woke up to the suspect touching her. it happened friday night at the leonard town apartment complex.
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there was no sign of forced entry and the victim's friends have no idea who the guy is? 55 suspected criminals are in jail thanks to operation brooklyn to the bay. it all went down wednesday morning. we were the only station allowed in town to watch as this operation went down. it is not always easy to tell someone whether or not they have a concussion. but doctors are working hard to get athletes diagnosed as quickly as possible. plus our own megan bring is the going to join us live from her home where she anxiously awaits the birth of her twin girls. we are going to visit her and hear from her. you are watching good morning maryland, what is new now and next.
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on top of what it's worth. so megan's been gone now for about a wreck. we snuck over to her -- for
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about a week. we snuck over to her house to see how she has been enjoying her house arrest. >> what is your overall childcare philosophy? >> play, work the kids up, get them all energized so they'll sleep at nap time. and no sugar. >> how much does an infant eat? >> not nearly as much as i do. >> do you know how to prepare a bottle? >> yes. >> do you know how to burp the baby? >> >> hold firm, and this is how you burp the baby and then they throw up on you. >> i'm totally not going to hire him. do you want me to have him do anything else? >> put together everything in the box right now. >> baby swing, all that stuff right now? >> i think he is breaking things. yeah, i'm going to take a nap probably. >> take the car seats out and
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put them in the stroller. >> remember please treat it as if there is a baby in there. >> how do you do this? >> i don't fit in the car very well. ful black pepper for marinating. >> i hope you don't go into premature labor because of this. >> i know. >> you can't even do it. >> i can do it. i just can't fit. >> you broke a sweat over that. >> i didn't break a sweat. listen i'm a million months pregnant. i break a sweat going up the stairs. >> do you miss us? >> i do. >> it is good to see you. >> it is good to see you too. >> are you going to babysit? >> do you want us to come back? >> absolutely. come back once a week if you want. >> good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we are not completely ruling out the possibility of me getting a chance to babysit the twins. this morning megan pringle joins us live via skype from her
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home. are you with us? >> i am, good morning. >> how are you doing? >> reporter: i'm doing great. i was listening to that story a couple of thoughts at the same time to mind. babysitting, maybe it is just better if you come over and visit because what didn't get edited out was you changing a diaper. >> i changed the diaper perfectly. >> for people who don't understand exactly what is going on as your doctor ordered you to go under house arrest. explain what is going on here. you were telling us this isn't uncommon with moms and twins? >> it is not. it makes people chuckle. they think lindsey lohan. not anything like that. i'm doing this as a precaution, with twins, the further along you get the higher the risk you can go into labor early. and there is a condition where one baby can gain a lot of weight and the other won't, so
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my doctor said to deliver the safest babies possible, my doctor says you are going to be home. right now i'm in my dining room. i have two laptops going on here, but this allows me to still be involved at work and keep the babies safe. it is tough you know, it is hard. i like going to work. i like leaving the house, but it is a matter of safety with the babies, it is a no-brainer. >> how has rob been with this? has he been good or lets you fudge a little bit? >> no, he is really strict about it. if i open up the door, he is like where are you going? i'm like i'm just opening the door. but he is sweet to be so concerned. it is nice because our schedules are so different, it is good to see him more often, and i actually get to boss him around a lot.
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the playpen never got put together. but he has been great. there is no need to worry about anything, but i think you can't help it. so it is just a matter of just keeping the babies safe i'll do whatever the doctor says to do. >> we have a question from our floor director. he wants to know if you are up to speed on sons of anarchy? >> of course i am. i have nothing to do but read, put together projects and watch television. and yes i give it two thumbs up tell him to call me. >> got it. >> he is going to call you later this morning. megan, we'll check in with you from time to time. we want to stay in touch. we certainly do miss you around here. >> i miss you guys too. i really do. >> that is megan pringle did she wave? >> this is especially hard on megan.
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the weather couldn't be nicer to go outside. >> megan's got it doubly hard? >> reporter: yeah but she might be a little chilly this morning. if megan is watching at home, i'm sure she is, by the way. 3 degrees, i found it in western maryland for you. can you stand it? i can't even hide the smile on my face. for some of you it feels really good. 47 from hagerstown to baltimore. 50s as we expected right along the bay along the eastern shore to these first initial cold snaps that get modified crossing our waterways. maria is up to hurricane status. our cold front push it go out to sea, but look at that impressive storm. 80 miles per hour sustained winds racing to the north. yes it will make landfall in eastern canada.
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no impact on us. we are looking at high pressure with clouds mixed in, despite the fact more stable weather is moving in. don't worry about severe storm or rare twisters spitting down from the clouds. we go for the 40 this morning. although some of you head back toward the upper 30s possibly. next hour or two. we'll check out the extended forecast in a moment. right now the traffic. >> reporter: mark, train 505 is on a five minute delay. no major incidents on our highways, that is the way we like to see it. looking at the beltway at old court road near 75. no problems between 795 and the beltway. going into the tunnel light traffic right now, northbound. back to you charlie.
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health alert for you this morning. if you are on birth control, listen up. these are pills that are now being recalled because of a packaging error that could lead to an unexpected pregnancy. the weekly tablets the orientation has been reversed. if you are taking any of these on the screen, they are under a recall. contact your doctor if you have any questions. concussions are becoming as common in cheerleaders and mascots as they are on the gridiron. now doctors have a blood test that may diagnose concussions in football players. a certain protein shows up in a person's blood immediately after a head injury. players with the highest hits during the game had the highest levels of protein. it is 5:15. schools are closed and traffic has come to a halt. this is why. huge flames and a series of explosions. what happened at a factory down in australia. and are you ready for football in we are not talking
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we are talking about lingerie football. back in baltimore we have a preview coming up for you in just a bit. birthdays, michelle huggins turning 40 on saturday. another michelle from pikesville celebrating her birthday today. so happy birthday to both of you. our picture of the day is promotion city, from john hughes. that is a big thumbs up. bartender at b. j. 's. he took that picture of a possible tornado as it was approaching the bay. if you have a great photograph to share morning show at we'll share it with all of maryland. we are back in a bit.
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it is 5:20 on your friday morning. this is news to me. maybe news to you, steve. baltimore has two football teams. baltimore ravens and now the baltimore charm. linda so live at the arena tells
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all about the second asked team. >> reporter: the second team is not part of the nfl. it is part of the lingerie football league. pretty much what you see is what you get. we got a chance to meet with the women of the team yesterday. they are playing here tonight at first mariner arena at the home opener. it is had or not not to notice -- it is hard not to notice their uniform. they say they are in it for the real deal. the lingerie football league is in its second season. the ladies of baltimore say they have trained hard and they will not disappoint. >> i think the team is really confident going into this game. it is a completely different team than we had last year. we are bonding and moving as a cohesive unit. >> reporter: game time is 10:00 tonight. they are playing at orlando fantasy. tickets are still available.
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they range from 12 bucks to $77. linda so, abc2 news. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate. >> we are tracking pictures from ocean city with the twister not yet confirmed as a tornado. currently we are watching the temperatures 47 in baltimore right now. we'll have the update in a few minutes. widespread 30s across the great lakes. a source of cool air, it is high pressure that pushed that frontal boundary, taking our hurricane out to sea. good morning maria. yes we have high pressure streaming in from michigan. a lot of moisture with mid levels and high levels.
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the clouds will filter back in. what that is going to do in addition to the cool air is make you feel even cooler. definitely a sense of autumn in the air today. while we are dealing with that, also looks like the influence of the system coming up the coast. we'll be clipping some rain in ocean city. rain saturday night into sunday. my fellow runners heading up toward philadelphia for the marathon. temperatures down probably in the urban areas near 50. for us today again sun mixed with more clouds. mostly cloudy, 66 this afternoon. again in the 40s overnight with a mixture of clouds. moonlit, star lit. tomorrow 68, 70 on sunday. should turn nice. we'll get back there during next week. it is 5:22. >> reporter: train 505 is now on a 7-minute delay on the line.
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let's look at 95 and see how things are moving along on the live traffic camera. light traffic is still building. 95 southbound is also doing fine as we make your way. 895 south of o'donnell street, no problems to report here. light right now, northbound, no issues or delays charlie. news around the world for you this morning. a factory fire billowed toxic smoke across the australian capital. you can see huge flames and the series of explosions the factory fire blocked off the six mile perimeter as the fire raged on. officials also advised local residents to stay indoors until they could get this matter under control. an explosion in a ship's engine room caused a fire on a cruise ship. fire crews got the flames under
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control quickly. all crew members and passengers have been accounted for again. major overhaul taking place for the united states postal service as hundreds of jobs remain in jeopardy. why the postmaster general says they need to reduce the number of facilities in operation. plus be careful which celebrities you search for on your computer. the dangers some names pose for your computer. good morning maryland.
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just in a few spots. just do that here. yeah just run it along the length and then that goes onto the grill 1 or 2 minutes asid really d hundreds of mail handling facilities are now on the chopping block as part of a mass overhaul. it is a bid to dramatically reduce the size of the postal service by 2013. it is a move sure to raise
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eyebrows, slower mail, first class mail would arrive in two to three days instead of one to two days. a list is out now. the celebrities you are now searching on line could hurt your computer. the most dangerous person to search online is super model heidi columbia. a host of viruses will latch on, searching for her name yields a one in ten chance of hitting a link that could be a malicious site. cameron degrees came in second,. a southwest arkansas man is now in police custody this morning. what surveillance cameras caught him doing and what became of his victim. and a new york woman sent to prison for her gambling problem. who she stole from.
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you are watching "good morning maryland." now up to new york for this morning's tech bites. more buzz about the iphone 5. apple has not confirmed the next version of its popular smart phone will be released next month. it appears the 5 will have a different design from the 4. do you have recipes on your ipad but worry about bringing it into the kitchen? a stand keeps your tablet upright on any flat surface but the hand washable stylus lets you turn the badge page. a pun in ten sites for the supermodel will infect your computer and do other nasty


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