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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 4, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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vague description. they're hope video and witnesses will give them a better idea of who did this. it was a little after 1:00 in the morning relatively early on a college pam cuss-- campus. the woman was walking down north love grove street. that's when police say she was grabbed. >> he attacked the victim, sexually assaulted her and fled on foot. detectives are currently investigating this case and we're, woulding with the victim. >> reporter: the city police are working with campus police to try to identify a suspect. students say this is very unsettling that this would happen in an area where hundreds of students live. they got word of this through a campus wide email. >> doesn't help you feel more secure, but we do have a shuttle, so i take the shuttle all the time. that's lap convenient way to get home, feeling safe.
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>> kins always responded -- hopkins always responded adequately. >> reporter: it's so well used that there are security cameras on the street in just a block away. police have a close working ropings with campus security and they're asking students to pay attention. >> the biggest thing, if you're going to travel late at night, bring a companion. it's best to travel in numbers. >> reporter: the description of the suspect is very vague. city police are looking for the suspect. if you have any information, call police. a cockeysville man is behind bars after a women said he had
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sexually abused her over a two-year period. hoe took her to a -- he took her to a hotel several times. bond is set at $1 million. baltimore county county have made an arrest in the shooting of a social security worker. gary stokes, jr. shot the worker. the victim was taken to the hospital. the building was on lockdown as less searched for the suspect. tonight a series of maryland's cold cases continue with tiona smith. the 23-year-old's body was found in woodlawn miles away from her
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home and work. the mother talks to jeff hager about her struggle to move on. >> i don't trust no one. the only thing to do. i can't trust anyone. >> you can catch that story tonight on abc2 coming up at 11:00. well, amanda knox is traveling a free woman today in the u.s. many of her supporters are waiting for her arrival. back in europe, the family of meredith kercher still have no answers and they return to square one. >> reporter: after four years behind bars, amanda knox is finally heading home. this amateur video caught her smiling just before boarding a flight back to seattle.
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amanda's -- it ended her 26-year sentence. her boyfriend was also acquitted. amanda has challenges ahead. >> here's the trauma going to slide in and so forth. that's the part i'm worried about. >> reporter: psychologists say amanda will need the support of her family and privacy. back in seattle the paparazzi is already waiting for her. supporters are there, too. >> it's important for freedom for everybody, and this is the start, and i'm very happy that she will be coming home. >> reporter: and what's amanda's first wish? her mother told abc's elizabeth vargas she wants to feel the grass under her feet for the
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first team in four years. >> we'll go down to lincoln park, which is right by our house. we'll sit in the park and paint. >> reporter: amanda's case is not over yet. a prosecutor plans to apply to ettaly's highest court and we're waiting for her to touch back on the ground and hear what show has to say. reporting for abc 2 news seattle. police say the victim was the woman, still not a whole lot of details. show was among five people on board when the helicopter crashed. the pilot and three others were rescued alive. witnesses described the chopper as being out of control. weather finally getting a little nice are. we like this. partly cloudy skies right now. we had deep crept sunshine through the middle and early part of the day and a few more clouds. wind gusts up to 18 to 23.
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temperatures up close to 70 but feeling cooler because of that wind out there. the rest of this evening through the 60s into the 50s. we clear out tonight. that's going to set stage for some fantastic weather. we look at that coming up in a few. >> in tonight's consumer alert, the company that makes four loco is -- the federal trade commission accused the company of being deceptive. well, the wait is over. they're off the stage in silicon valley. if you were waiting for the iphone 5, you will be disappointed. the big question, is the new
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phone enough for you to take another bite out of the apple. >> reporter: let's take a look at the let's talk iphone in california. they were all waiting for the iphone 5 but this is the iphone 4s. it's faster, a better camera. but it doesn't look much different. apple said it will have better light for eight hours. and 10 hours of video. tim cook also took the stage instead of steve jobs. the cofond are step -- cofounder stepped aside. now if you're a mobile man --
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maniac. check out the section. the iphone 4s will be available on verizon, tate at&t and sprint. >> tonight neighbors can sound off on a proposed new sign advertising maryland's first casino. the new sign would be aimed at drivers heading up i-95, but people living nearby say it would be an eyesore, 17-foot tall. they're also worried what it would do to their property values. we warned you about the dangerous furniture tipping over. tonight a reminder on how dangerous it can be. dad wants to know what it's like to be pregnant. japanese researchers have come up with a way. plus, a wrap-up of "dancing with the stars" is coming up.
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some personal stories were revealed on "dancing with the stars." they told us their stories through dance. >> reporter: ricki lake's rumba was triple nine's. >> i'm thrilled. it was about doing our best. >> but the score doesn't hurt. >> reporter: china phillips admitted a past drinking problem. >> in a good way. it's good to let people know
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they're not alone. >> reporter: and j.r. martinez honored the military. >> tonight i was able to share that. rob kardashian and david arquette. >> right now you need to feet. it's a matter of whose fan base is the biggest. things that i did great. >> i'm very proud of you. please take it and believe it when i say it. she's been working on me about focusing and being in the moment. it's a challenge. this is really an interesting competition. >> reporter: just one point behind them in this very competitive week, carson kressley. >> getting a 23 makes us happy. >> reporter: in ninth place
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scoring triple seven's, nancy grace. >> we're going to have to give it a little of that next time. >> reporter: in last place with triple six's, chaz bono. >> i'm a pretty positive person. i've had a difficult life. i've had to get over a lot of big hurdles, and i have. >> reporter: before the third celebrity of the season goes home, you'll get performances by mary j. blige and a special surprise guest. it starts at 8:00 tonight on abc2 followed by another new episode of body of proof at 10:00 and abc2 at 11. we will be blogging on our facebook fan page. you can join in on the
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conversation by heading to monday night football is not ready for heampg williams -- hank williams, jr. it has pulled the song after controversy remarks by williams. he said president obama's golf summit with john boehner this summer was like lay dueful hitler playing golf with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. in a statement williams said he was just comparing two extreme pops working -- opponents working together. all right. 66 degrees with some sunshine coming through the clouds now in baltimore. we hit 70 earlier today. winds northwest at nine. it has been breezy but
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pressure's rising. that's key to the shift in the weather pattern. finally it's going to mean more sunshine that's going to trend awfully nice the next several days and looks right through our columbus holiday weekend. we time lapsed some shots. things did get a little grayer but still sunshine blending in with the clouds. you call this variably cloudy skies. some fall color as the sunshine comes through here and more sunshine in southern maryland, out over the bayed a few more clouds in the afternoon -- bay and a few more clouds in the afternoon. radar is all clear and this should continue to be the case for days to come. don't see big changes until we get into probably mid-part of next week, so, a dry and much
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more comfortable trend setting up. take a look at some of the numbers top of the hour 62 in ocean city. mid-60s across the central part of the state. it is much chillier in the mountains, just 40s out towards deep creek lake. humidity level unless the middle range. this has been breezy. winds, the last few minutes 10 to 15, gusting higher, border line small craft advisory conditions. here's the overall pattern. moving out over the atlantic waters off of massachusetts and behind that just some wraparound cloud cover but much less of a solid cloud deck, so we have seen sunshine popping through the clouds. overall, the trend marketed -- markedly improving. you find nothing. this will mean breezy conditions
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tonight and early tomorrow but basically clear dry weather. that will be the story for days to come and make for pleasant conditions. the trend show has knew clouds tonight and this crystal clear, nothing more than a few high thin clouds. thursday looks like brilliant blue skies. so sunglasses, don't forget them. overnight 48, skies clearing. yes, a little breezy. and then 73. we'll call that suntastic and down to 46, clear and dry, still cool overnight. the outlook into the weekend as not changed much at all, kelly. we're still talking about sunshine, dry weather on tap and it looks like it's going to persist right through the week. we may go briefly cooler into thursday, but that would still be the upper 60s in the sunshine state. >> i don't think you'll get any
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complaints. >> we've paid our dues for this one. all right. you'll like this story coming up ingest machine obviously don't note joy that comes with being pregnant. thanks to some japanese researchers men can get a taste of the experience through a simulator. it's called the mommy tummy. >> reporter: it took mapped science to impreeing nate arnold schwarzenegger in the move ji junior, but this japanese roacher comes up with a simpler solution that lay louse men to -- allows men to experience the joys of motherhood, the mommy tummy. he says his invngs was inspired by incensive japanese men who reniced to offer -- refused to
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offer their seats to pregnant women on trains. mommy's tum am i -- tummy isn't a pretty site. it pumps water into a bag. four dozen balloons inflate and deflate. each one is attacked to a sensor so the unborn child reacts to belly rubs and uncomfortable shaking and, yes, the breast do get larger, too strap on the mommy tummy and it takes you from normal to full term in two minutes. it's a lot heavier than it appears. with no prior experience i went for a pregnancy test drive myself. it wasn't comfortable. of course the simulator leaves
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out morning sickness, cravings, swelling and pain. it's meant to help empathize with pregnant women. >> that's a great story. it's been a long hard week, but the extreme makeover is complete. the crew is still putting on the last minute changes. some students came by to contribute. >> it's hectic. it's like what did i do now. it's need to see everybody doing something and trying to put it all together. >> and we're coming home to a real treat. the home was 80 years old. you know, there have been
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many claims for anticancer foods. now researchers are studying what they -- what effect they have on the surrounding area.
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diets that may lower the risk of certain cancers. some diets may repeg late inflammation and a new blood vellsle growth. they include fatty fish, soy, green leafy veg stables, whole grains and eve green tea.
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anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin may reduce colon cancer and breast cancer. doctors are researching betablockers an breast cancer patients. patients who took them before and after the diagnosis showed a lower risk of relapse and death. staying in shape could lower your risk of breast cancer. a recent study shows women who walk just 30 minutes a delay lowered their risk of getting the disease by about 20%. another study by the american cancer society found women who gained 30 pounds after the age of 18 were 40 times more like -- 40% times more likely to get breast cancer. women who put on an extra 70 pounds after the age of 18 doubled their risk. if you're looking for another way to get in shape and get healthy and support a good cause, too, register for the
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komen maryland race for the cure. it's being held in hunt valley on october 23rd. there are tons of activities before that, including the survivor's walk. abc2 will be broadcasting live from the race from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. we have a special section dedicated to breast cancer research on our awareness. you know eating a diet rich in evaluation tables, fruits -- vegetables, fruits and whole grains, reduce the risk of having a baby with defects. across the board women with the healthier diets were far less likely to have children with birth defects than the children with the poorest quality diets. times are tough and just when you thought they couldn't get any tougher, banks are
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rolling out new fees every week. we'll tell you about some of the new fees from some of the biggest banks and creative ways to avoid paying it. we'll tell you what spouses are lying about according to a new survey starting at 5:30 on abc2 news.
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