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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 4, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the hope is that people get angry and get involved. >> protesters take up the harbor. we'll tell you what they want. we told you about the dangers of falling furniture last night. tonight a florida family sadly knows that. we'll tell you five ways to make extra cash that you probably never thought of. wall street protesters in new york have been demonstrating
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for 18 days now as part of the occupy movement. off the weekend 700 of them were arecommendsed trying to cross the brooklyn bridge. despite the arrests, it has spread from new york all across the country. they have started in d.c., philadelphia, boston, different and now in baltimore. today that occupation started right here at noon right on the corner of pratt and light streets in the shadow of baltimore's financial offices. >> reporter: the thundering sounds of the baltimore city police chopper echoed off the empty plaza at high noon but then, again, of ri movement -- every movement starts with one step. before long they started to show, macking signs and standing on street corners. their rallying cry of we are 99%, slowly beginning to occupy
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baltimore in the shadow of the city's financial companies. >> in the meantime the average joe doesn't have a job. you know working in broadcasting it's cutthroat holding on to a job. that's why i'm here. there's money in the economy but it only seems to be going to 1%. >> reporter: their emergency is a mex of frustrations, bank bailouts, homelessness, a shrinking middle class, a powder keg in every american city. >> the hope is that people get angry and people get involved. >> reporter: troy hopes this movement -- he plans on being here throughout the protest which the facebook page says it will cousin definitely. you're prepared to stay here for
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-- >> as long as it takes. as long as it takes. i'm here to say this is my home. i can come back. i think the idea is important. the idea is important. i'm committed to the idea. >> reporter: an idea that these protesters say will occupy this corner and hope will occupy more minds in what they call the 99%. downtown baltimore, brian kuebler, abc2 news. >> police were on hand to make sure the protest was peaceful. while it's no secret that money is a big deal in any marriage, a new survey shows some people aren't honest with their spouse. nearly a quarter of americans said they who hide money troubles from their partners. 9% of those surveyed said they would withhold the information to keep from worrying the
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spouses. take a look at tonight's top stories. a johns hopkins university student was sexually assaulted saturday walking to her off campus apartment. baltimore police say the 20-year-old was astacked by a man in a campus parking lot. the attacker said he had a gun. police are still looking for the suspect tonight. amanda knox on her way back home from seattle. the american exchange student was convicted of murdering her roommate. knox and her family boarded a plane in rome, stopping in london. knox spent nearly four years in an italian prison. >> all right. skies have been somewhat sunny. nice improvement with that. better looking day. temperatures warmed up.
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about a 10, 12-degree warmup. breezy, wind gusts 15 to 20. we're new down in the low to mid-60s, 65 in edge wood. 60s the rest of the evening. breezy, cool conditions but even warmer sunnier weather in the offing. we have details on that coming up. abc2 news is working to keep you and your family safe. yesterday at 5:00 we told you about the dangerous ares in your home. tonight jamie costello joins us with a sober re-- reminder. >> reporter: 2-year-old shawn brown died when a tv fell on top of hem. this is what we warned you about
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yesterday. his parents say he went in his room to get clothes when the 27-inch tv fell on top of shawn. his older brother tried to get the tv off of him but it was too heavy for his little hands. >> things were happening so fast. >> reporter: we just told you about this yesterday. amping core furniture to the -- anchor furniture to the floor. push the tv as far back as possible and keep tv or your cable cords out of the reach of children. take a look at the top five hazards that we have posted at jamie costello, abc2 news. well, a man and his
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2-year-old daughter were found unconscious inside of a car on long island. we'll tell you why a hazmat team had to be called. and heavy rains lead to rising waters in boston. how several drivers became trapped.
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a 44-year-old man and his two-year-old daughter were found unconscious in a car. the hazmat team was called in because a wrote powder was found. the man is in critical condition. a gunman started shooting at other cars on california freeway yesterday. the gunman started in one spot where no one was hit. in a second location, a 26-year-old was hit. authorities are still searching for a gunman but have identified a per of interest who hoppens to have a white chevy malibu registered in his name. heavy rains led to flooding.
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several cars were trapped trying to drove through, which you're not supposed to doesn't the rain fell mainly overnight but it was enough to create a lot of standing water. if you're like most people, you're probably looking for ways to make ends meet. we have five creative ways to make some cash. plus, new jersey governor chris christie has finally made up his mind. we'll tell you what he decided and what it will ploon for other -- mean for other candidates.
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tonight we're trying to help you put extra cash in your pocket. we all know unemployment is high
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but what could you do about it. what if you could make some cash test driving cars or listening to music. we have more on wacky ways to make money. >> reporter: like a lot of us, jonathan turn are is always looking -- turner is always looking for ways to make extra cash. that includes checking out garage sales for used books to sell. >> it tells me how much is that book worth. >> reporter: he uses the smartphone app book scouter. it lets him find out if he will make a profit. that's one of the many ways people are getting creative to make some extra money these days. another way, starting with your fridge. one company is willing to pay
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what you're storing. >> they will send you a free bar code cash. they ask that you scan it and it transmits the data to them and companies use the feedback to tell them what brands are popular. >> reporter: if you like texting people, make a new bucks from your couch. >> they get a range of questions on their website and via text and need people to come up with answers through a google search. you get paid per text. >> reporter: you can also rate to come up withd anywhere from company names. that's jonathan. he gets extra cash for cars. >> to go out and test drive a vehicle, have fun in it and then able to come back, write up a report. >> reporter: you're not going to get rich but jonathan will tell you it's really helpful when
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times are tough. >> any little bit to help, go for it. >> reporter: all of this is great but keep in mind you shouldn't have to pay for these in advance. reporting for abc2 news. >> lots of information but no need to write those links down. we have it in one place for you at and click on the money tab. how about some sunshine mixing in with those clouds. skies brighter. 66 out at bwi. winds northwest at nine. the pressure is rising as it will the next several days. that will mean even more sunshine. beautiful weather. a little fall color as that sun peeked through the clouds. laurel today, laurel high school, a crisp day on the football field.
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again, a mix of sun and clouds. how about one more stop to the with the, finding plenty of sunshine during parts of the day at least. again, i think we'll see more widespread sun tomorrow. maryland's most powerful radar all clear. low 60s at the beach. 40s in western maryland. humidity low. winds have been a little breezy. a bit of a chop on the chesapeake bay. neighborhood by neighborhood wheat marsh 7 -- whitemarsh 71. a few high thin clouds. across the region we've got basically some fair weather clouds blowing in out of the north and west. the main storm system still out to the north and east. the low pressure system, saying good-bye to that, still bringing rain to new england but no rain for maryland, just some clouds wrapping around the back side.
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to the west it's double barreled high pressure that will push in the sunshine the next several days, clear weather, breezy for another 24 hours. the trend showing just a few clouds tonight, maybe a few high thin wisps and brilliant blue skies. looks like the pattern will hold up right into our columbus day weekend. still one tropical storm, philip he. philipe. tomorrow it will be cool. we look at the seven-day forecast. i think we'll get a little cool area but the sunshine will be around.
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we'll push up close to 80 into the three-day weekend. it looks outstanding. well, the republican presidential field, we have that story. i guess he's finally made it official. >> reporter: he finally played it official again. for months, chris christie has been saying i'm not running for president. however, there were so many courting him. so he reconsidered and today gave his answer, no again. he said that's his final answer. >> in the end, what i always felt was the right decision remains the right decision today. now is not my time. so, new jersey, whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me. >> reporter: christie was heavily recruited by republicans. about three months until the iowa caucuses he wouldn't have
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had time to mount a successful campaign. christie said timing was not a decision. we're looking at three more people who could jump in. that leaves sarah palin and rudy giuliani, the major unknowns. chances are, the most people you will see are those you see right here. what's interesting is voters have had team to get to know the voters but they haven't picked a favorite. take a look at the latest abc news "washington post" poll. rick perry down to 16%. herman cain has jumped up to 16%. he's in a two-way tie. it shows that voters are pretty volatile. the field may or may not be set but the candidates have to do a lot of fight huge did he tip his hat -- of --
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>> he said america would be better off with a one term president. one thing we three in when chris christie decides to put his name behind one of these candidates, we'll know about it. well, lots of people were waiting with anticipation for chris christie to make that decision about whether or not he would run and perhaps none more than herman cain. the latest poll shows that one of the front-runners, governor rick perry is fading quickly. some conservatives also believe the other front-runner mitt romney is to plain, making room for herman cain. all right. i'm game mi costello. a baltimore county man is charged after a baltimore city mother said he sexually
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assaulted her daughter. where police say the assault took place. when it comes to the cold or the flu, if you aren't careful, your kid cost -- could wind up in the hospital.
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well stocks were up and down. the nasdaq up 69 and the s&p 500 up almost 25. in tonight's consumer alert, with the economy still shaky, the last thing most americans want to do is spend more money just to use their money but there are some simple things you can do to avoid some of the new
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bank fees. >> paying more money to use your money. new fees from big banking names have consumers fired up. the good news is consumers have options. >> it will take a little research to avoid the fees. >> the average minimum balance for free checking is getting higher. one way to clear those higher hurdles, keep your checking and savings account in the same place. debit card fees are another con is. americans started to wean themselves from credit card credit cards, but consider one with a small credit limit. just be sure to pay off the balance each month. if atm fees draw your ire, let your smartphone find the nearest branch. >> they -- a also the of bank -- a lot of banks' apps have branch
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locators. >> reporter: make sure you haven't missed notification of any new charges. starbucks is brewing up a new plan to try to put people back to work, create jobs for usa and increase hiring among small business. starbucks will accept donations from customers and employees from across the country. anyone who gives $5 will receive a red, white and blue wrest band with the word indivisible on it. well, parents, if you want to get a jump start on your christmas shopping, listen up. toys 'r us is expanding their layaway program. starting october 15th, in most stores, you'll be able to put things such has dolls and building blocks on layaway.
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they will also offer a bill me later option for its online shores. the search for the body of a missing frederick woman continues in aruba. that story is on abc2 news at 6:00 which starts right now. a suspect is behind bars have the a 10-year-old girl claims he raped her on several visits at a hotel in harford county. >> pretty stunned. an amazing thing to learn. >> this wasn't the big bang but it was a big announcement. more on the johns hopkins professor who just won a nobel prize. you know


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