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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  October 5, 2011 2:35am-4:00am EDT

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>> did you, in fact, meet mr. jackson? >> yes. >> how did it come about that you got to meet michael jackson? >> i'm still trying to figure that out myself. >> why is that? what is confusing about it? >> because it is michael jackson. >> reporter: she was called by the prosecution to testify about the four gallons of propofol delivered to her santa monica apart, an out of work actress she had time to sign for deliveries. >> i was acting. >> you refer to an instrument what are you referring to? >> myself. >> i see. >> myself as an actor your instrument is yourself. >> reporter: four women in conrad murray's life put before the jury perhaps to make the doctor seem frivolous, even talking by cell phone to alvarez
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in the ambulance. >> he knew that i would learn this through the news. >> you would be upset? >> yeah. >> reporter: the voice of conrad murray himself, prosecutors plan on playing the two-hour interview he did with police right after michael jackson's death. jim have lashgs aavilavila, abc. >> long list of people to testify, police computer expert, gator from the coroner's office, lapd detective. >> hopefully all the guys will get to the stand and use their instrument to tell the truth. let's hope they do that. >> serious actress, rob. >> very, very. >> in other news, to a just released abc news poll that shows americans may have more confidence in the president's employment proposal, 49% trust the president when it comes to creating jobs. 9% gain. 34% trust congressional republicans. just 35% approve of the way president obama is handling unemployment. and 35% approve of the way he is
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handling the economy. that is an all-time low. we now know that president obama will not face new jersey governor chris christie in next year's election. chris christie has dashed the hopes of many by now officially saying he will not run, at least not next year. here is abc's scott goldberg. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie admit heed has been flirting with the presidential bid been the the end he decided to stay in a committed relationship. >> now is not my time. i have a commitment to new jersey that i simply will not abandon. >> reporter: the first term governor had bluntly denied any interest in running but pressure from high profile republicans and "ordinary people" made him rethink. >> i felt an obligation to earnestly consider their advice. >> reporter: the decision could mean conservative hearts, not satisfied with current front-runner mitt romney for rick perry who is fading quickly in the latest abc news/"washington post" poll poll, might start beating faster for herman cain. >> classify mitt romney as plain
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vanilla and, governor perry some more plain vanilla. >> reporter: the former ceo is tide with perry in the poll. he is making the media rounds. >> when i say i never held public office i get a spontaneous applause because they are tired of politicians as usual. the american people are ready for some one who is a businessman, problem solver first. >> reporter: back in new jersey, the man so many people deep-pocketed donors said they wanted wants to stay where he is. >> new jersey, whether you like it or not, you're stuck with me. >> reporter: chris christie faced the harsh political reality he would have to move at lightning speed to get ready for republican primaries which could start in less than three months. anyone else who decides to enter now will have to run the same uphill race. scott goldberg, abc news, trenton, new jersey. >> now all eyes are on sarah palin.
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what is she going to do? >> she promised by the end of september. that deadline has come and gone. here we are early october. still no word. >> insiders say her staff has been calling states to find out their individual filing deadlines. so that, that makes it look like she does have an interest. >> thing that strikes me. if she jumps in, it will always be unkengsconventional campaign. a woman of her word if she does jump in. see what sarah does. >> indeed. all right, moving on. >> here is your wednesday weather, everybody. more than a foot of snow in sierra and utah mountains. heavy rain, seattle to l.a. across the northern rockies. showers for west texas, new mexico, southern colorado. heating of in the middle of the country. 81, omaha. 82, twin cities. 70s in chicago and detroit. 80s from atlanta to dallas. 50s in the pacific northwest. sacramento, 67, fine tiphoenix . >> many of us first heard of kristin cavallari after her hit
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series "the hills" on mtv. >> she can head back into the hills after being ousted on "dancing with the stars" the dismall sal after cavallari and her partner earned their highest skoufrz sa scores of the season. >> cavallari was kicked out. see the look of shock right there t chaz bono was in last place, but saved by the viewer votes. kristin was pretty decent. she got good scores. >> 24 out of 30. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i have to comment on chaz's partner's costume. pretty amazing stuff there. >> no comment. >> we'll be right back with more "world news now." let me tell you about a very important phone call i made.
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a drought that has strucken southeast texas of course has destroyed crops and ruined lawns as well but also brought one huge nuisance. >> giant armies of tiny ants have invaded cities from houston to galveston searching for causing chaos away. >> reporter: this is probably not what you want to see on the outside of your home or business. >> this is where they're coming in at right here. these crazy ants, raspberry ants. >> reporter: crazy ants named for their erratic fast movements. because of the drought this year they're thirsty and willing to do anything for water. >> these are like special ops ants. >> reporter: masses of ants can infest an area quickly inside or out. they will invade electrical
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wiring and get inside of air conditioners. that's exactly what the owner of the babylon cafe on houston's west side doesn't want. >> as a business, must be clean, clean, clean. >> reporter: he is days away from his big grand opening. >> must be completely clean before i start to open. >> reporter: he called professional pest control to kill the ants exactly what the entomologists at texas a & m say to go. >> what do you do? >> talk to the homeowners. two, you got to see what they have been doing to create them. >> reporter: the ants nest inside and outside and eat everything. >> they know exactly where their food and water is for a certain number of days. when they run out what do you think they do, hitchhike, hay bales, car tires. >> reporter: there are no household chemicals to get rid of the ants, which means heap is keeping the exterminator's
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number close. >> the contractor, every two weeks or every month. >> and they're native to south america. and don't think texas is alone in this battle. they're on the way to florida, mississippi and louisiana. folks in the states watch out as well. >> don't leave little buckets of water outside. >> do not. and, there we go. that's my other job. >> we knew you were daylighting at some other job, rob. >> why i am tired on this shift. spend my day killing crazy ants. >> how many ants? >> billions. they see me cupping. i was in my own apartment. >> like the white outfit. shelter animals desperate for a home and tlc. >> a big pet project bringing together animal lovers and dogs and cats looking for some love. that's coming up next.
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♪ how much its the doggy in the window ♪ >> rob, how much is that doggy in the window? >> my favorite song. you don't have to be an animal lover to know of course there are millions of shelter pets in this country who need a place badly to call home. >> definitely serious. tw tuesday an event in central park aimed at bringing attention to pet adoption. our friend checked it out. ♪ >> reporter: these things are really fun to run after. and i just found out that dogs like them too. it's really amazing. actually we are here at a great event, it's petco and sony. it's the national adoption reunion. the event is to get the greatest
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number of people who have already adopted pets from shelters into one place at one time, try and set a new guinness book of records, i think, 250 peep and pe people and pets that has been self. it has to be more. what is petco foundation? >> the foundation was started in 1999, a separate entity from petco though 75% of our funding comes from petco, we do lots of fundraisers around town and in the petco stores. we are giving away over $80 million a year to help communities, and their pet adoptions and their organizations and their efforts to help save animals lives. >> now in this row are doggies that need homes. so, bulldogs, this guy is great. >> he was found on the street in brooklyn. at 6 weeks old. >> oh, wow. >> look at him now. >> he is great.
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so why is sony here at a pet event? they have a neat camera. this is it, cybershot digital, wx 9. it actually has a little pet mode. and in pet mode reduces motion blur, reduces red eye. don't know if it is lick proof. we will know when sony says, what did you do to my camera? you know, the rain cleared up now. but they didn't get more dogs than they needed. they needed more than 250 pets. but, it was a great event. and i think it just showed you that shelter dogs are amazing. everybody i have spoken with, a shelter dog is in love with them. i have a shelter dog. best dog i ever had. they never stop saying thank you. so think about shelter dogs. and thanks petco. thanks, sony. this has been really a great event. okay. woof-woof. >> if you are going to get a dog, get a shelter dog.
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then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. we have some huge breaking news in morning papers today. >> so glad you are doing this story by the way. >> yes, yes, out of the journal of sexual medicine, university of maryland, neurologist did the study. summary, fellows, men having sex in unusual, uncomfortable positions in out of ordinary locations often because they're trying to hide their extramarital affairs or moremor- are more likely lly to break t penis. some of the locations in your
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office, in the car, in an elevator t. in bath rooms for all the freaks out there, men who are trying to hide their creeping, you have it in weird places end up breaking your boys. >> keep it in your pants. >> some news. pay attention to this. be careful, guys. >> moving on now. this is actually somewhat related. it turns out mr. average is the new mr. right. to most women. a recent poll. >> not talking about penises are we? >> maybe. maybe. >> survey of 3,000 women said they actually like their men kind of average. they don't want them six feet. 5'10" is perfect. age 30 to 45. dark hair. good cook. full time employment. with creative side. possibly part time musician or artist. the people who did the study were quite shocked by results. we expected women want hunky tall men. they want dependable men that stick around.
2:57 am
>> reliable dude. don't want the buff, playboy, 6'8" dude. >> eight out of ten women preferred men with dark hair. >> really? and under 6 feet. i got to hit the club this weekend. ha-ha-ha. interesting study here. when women sit down with other women they eat more than when they sit down with men. reverse is true for men. when we are with women we eat more, with men, we eat less. women don't chow down as much. >> eating like a bird. >> do you find yourself doing that? >> i don't think so. that may be an early dating thing. >> you are at dinner with your husband suck down the ribs. >> you have seen me on the food. i can put back the food. >> chit tangela reid, chief ush the white house. she will run the white house staff and grounds at 1600
2:58 am
pennsylvania avenue. very exciting. the last person to have this job, joined the department of homeland security which is interesting.
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this morning on "world news now" -- she is home. amanda knox steps on american soil and speaks out for the first time since being freed. >> just thank you to everyone who has believed in me, who has defended me, who has supported my family. >> what happens to amanda knox now? it is wednesday, october 5th. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. amanda knox arrived in seattle last night and through tears spoke to a crowd of supporters. she has been away from home for so long she had to be reminded
3:01 am
to speak in english not italian. a live report from seattle straight ahead. what an emotional homecoming. >> you saw the emotion, when the verdict was read, she almost kind of collapsed nearly then you see emotional press conference last night. really an amazing story. journey for her. >> release after four years of tension and pressure. >> sock bombshell testimony fro conrad murray's manslaughter trial. what three of his mistresses had to say about the michael jackson case. it was a bevy of beauties on the stand yesterday. >> yes, mistresses there they are. >> the good doctor gets around. just saying. >> all right. later this half-hour, a major decision by hawaii's governor. his announcement about surfing excited high school students. you will see why this is our favorite story of the day. i want to go to that high school. >> absolutely. cool story from our hawaii affiliate. we begin of course with emotional home cuppicoming for knox.
3:02 am
>> in a matter of days knox went from italian prison back to the arms of her family and friends. denise whitaker was at the airport when the plane touched down. joining us live now from seattle. hi, denise. >> talk about the excitement here at the airport last night when amanda arrived. there were hundreds of supporters here just to wish her well. a lot of people who have never met her, they just wanted to be here to show their support for her. now her british airways plane touched down here. media frenzy with jurmiournalis from all over the world. everybody, everyone at that moment waiting for her to come out waiting to her her first words to the public as a free woman. >> my family is the most important thing to me right now. i just want to go and be with them. so, thank you for being there for me. >> we couldn't have made it through it without all of you
3:03 am
people out here that have supported us. and especially amanda. >> yeah all i can say again is thank you. it's because of the letters and the calls and the, just amaze sag port tha -- amazing support that we received we have been able to endure. >> amanda and her parents, very graciously speaking to all of us. amanda made it clear she would just look to have her privacy just look to be able to spend time with her family. no doubt any one in her situation would want that after being locked up in an italian prison for four long years and not being able to see her friends and family as much as she would have liked to. now she is at home tonight with her mother. her father and mother live very close to each other in the same seattle neighborhood. there are signs all over town that are people are wishing her well and supporting her. again trying to get their life back together and help her and support her in any way that she need it right now. rob, tanya?
3:04 am
>> what a wonderful moment for the family. denise, what could happen to amanda if there is an appeal in italy? >> will there will be an appeal, the prosecutor said he will talk this to italy's highest court. but there is a difference here. much like in our legal system, on this appeal, it would be only looking at legal precedent. whether or not there was any legal error made, unlike, unlike the acquittal that this lateest appeal granted her. they re-evaluated evidence and re-examined that. that cannot happen in the next appeal. spoke with her u.s. attorney, theodore simon, he expects they will also be victorious in the next appeal process. rob, tanya. >> denise, we heard about extraordinary legal bills, had to take second mortgages out on home, maxed out the credit cards to a tab almost $1 million. how will they make ends meet with that kind of tab? >> they have certainly stretched themselves as far as they can. the family has right now.
3:05 am
and already this week, yesterday, today, there have been a lot of talk amongst supporters and amongst strangers who may not personally know the knox family people in the seattle area and imagine other parts of the country perhaps the world that will probably start coming up with fundraisers, nothing organized yet. all in talks now. rob, tanya? >> denise whitaker reporting live from seattle. thank you. you can stay with abc news as we cover the amanda knox homecomi homecoming. look for more updates later today on "america this morning" and later on "good morning america" as well. >> a man wrongly convicted of murder in texas is free this morning after spending nearly 25 years in prison. michael morton sentenced to life for the 1986 killing of his wife. dna tests prove another man was responsible for her death and morton's conviction was overturned. morton is 57. his attorneys say prosecutors suppressed evidence that could have helped acquit him. >> the search is on in kansas
3:06 am
city for an infant kidnapped from her own crib. 10-month-old lisa irwin has not been seen since her mother put her done to sleep monday night. an intruder may have after climbing through a window. lisa's parents are cooperating in the investigation. >> personal life of michael jackson's doctor was thrown into the spotlight as a parade of women took the stand. >> this case is fascinating on so many levels. prosecutors trying to show the married doctor was so preoccupied with his current and former girlfriends he failed to give the singer proper care. diana alvear has the the latest. >> rob, tanya, never pretty when three of your mistresses take the stand. that's what happened to dr. murray. the results made for a riftia r day in court. as michael jackson lay dying, prosecutors say, conrad murray was on the phone with a cocktail waitress from houston. >> i said hello, hello. i didn't hear anything.
3:07 am
that's when i pressed the phone against my ear. i heard mumbling of voices. sounded like the phone was unhis pocket. >> reporter: she wasn't the only of murray's girlfriends to take the stand. nicole alvarez tangled with prosecutors when questioned about receiving the jackson payment fax contract in her fax machine. >> i never read the contract. >> attorneys told her that is not what she testified. >> you were curious, looked at it and that's how you knew details about the contracts. you wad gre you toad the truth? >> absolutely. as of this moment i don't recall that specific moment. there has been a lot going on over the past two years. things do become very blurry. >> reporter: alvarez admitted receiving packages at her home addressed to murray. >> did you have any sense of what these packages contained? >> no. >> did you open them? >> no. >> reporter: the last witness a pharmacist. he told the court he shipped
3:08 am
propofol, the powerful anesthetic that killed jackson to murray's home and other locations. >> can you provide the total number of propofol vials shipped to conrad murray. >> i can confirm. >> is the number 255? >> yes. >> abc news learned that jackson's fingerprints were not found on a sungle bottle of propofol in his home, a crushing blow to murray's defense, they had been claiming it was the singer who gave himself the fatal dose. rob, tanya. >> things keep getting worse for dr. conrad murray. >> at the hospital the doctor never told them he was using propofol on jackson. sea many things being hidden. a dea agent on the stand, to talk about a voice recording jackson left. >> on this voice recording heard slapping his family and accusing them of talking some money. not pretty. >> all right dirt is coming out. in other news, overseas financial markets are unsettled as worries continue over the
3:09 am
global economic slump. wall street closed up yesterday despite warnings by the chairman of the federal reserve. ben bernanke told lawmakers on capitol hill the recovery was close to faltering and urged them to do more to help. bernanke said he could also understand the frustrations of those wall street appropriate testers. >> americans may have more confidence in the president's jobs proposal, according to a just released abc news poll. 49% say they trust the president when it comes to creating jobs. a 9-point gain from last month. meanwhile, 34% trust congressional republicans. however, just 35% approve of the way president obama is handling unemployment, and only 35% approve of the way he is now handling the economy. that is an all-time low. the republican race for president is refocusing on rick perry and mitt romney today after a final decision from chris christie. the new jersey governor dashed hopes of many yesterday by declaring definitively that he is not running for the white
3:10 am
house. chris christie said that he thought long and hard over the fast few weeks about the campaign, but his heart just isn't in it. >> i have listened to so many people and considered whether this was something that i needed to take on. but in the end, what i have always felt was the right decision remaunz tins the right decision today. now is not my time. >> christie is leaving the door open for a run in 2016 which would allow him plenty of time to set up the campaign organization. >> rare to see a politician not get sucked up in the desire to be president. >> appreciate his honesty. >> he was blunt as always. a look at your wednesday weather. now, stormy out west. rain from l.a. to seattle. up to a foot and a half of snow in the sierra range and utah mountains. thunderstorms, northern rockies. showers to southern colorado. summerlike from minnesota done to texas. >> 87, dallas.
3:11 am
82 in minneapolis. 70 here in new york. 80 in atlanta. 86 in miami. phoenix gets up to 85. salt lake city, 72. >> so let's say you forgot something unyour car, we have all done it, you had to run back out to get it and you were greeted by these two just kind of hanging out unyour front yard. >> hello, mister. well just a couple big old mountain lions sitting around in front of a house in sierra madre, california. police say they both weighed between 180 and 200 pounds. ooh, >> when i stay in the house. they were there 15 minutes before some unlucky cops basically chased them back into the surrounding hills. a tough night on the job for those cops. >> beautiful beasts aren't they. not what you want to see in your front yard. >> beautiful when they're in the mountains not backyard by the grill. all right, more "world news now" coming up after the break. ♪
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well could back, everybody. now to the latest backlash from bank of america's decision to charge a debit card fee. some have left the bank, others are signing petitions. >> that has the not believe it or not stopped other banks from adding fees of their own. which bank is the best bang for your buck. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: this bank of america customer was enraged by her bank's $5 debit fee. >> i am 22 working two part time jobs the i don't have an extra $60 a year to give to bank of america. >> reporter: she has an online petition asking for bank of america to repeal the fee. four days later she has 125,000 strangers lending their voices to a growing chorus of outrage.
3:17 am
president obama telling george stephanopoulos. >> you are going to see a bunch of the banks who say to themselves this is not good business practice. >> reporter: outrage on twitter and facebook where we asked people how they're reacting. michael becerra, wrote, i just left and i had a premium account. i just find the idea outrageous. >> on twitter, b of a lost their mind with this fee. they clearly must have forgotten they're not a monopoly. the bank's home page has been faltering since friday of last week. >> it is almost certain that this is actually a deliberate attack given the timing, probably in protest to their announcement increasing the debit card charges. >> bank of america tells abc news it hasn't been hacked. the company refused an on-camera interview but said there has been no privacy breach to the bank's 29 million online customers. so we crunched the numbers at the five biggest banks in the country. bank of america charging $5 fee
3:18 am
starting next year. wells fargo and chase are already testing $3 debit fee. and might roll them out nationwide soon. right now only u.s. bank and citibank are not charging debit card fees. citibang is rolling out a basic checking account, and that will cost $10 a month. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> i'm outraged. >> i understand the anger. let the market speak for itself. if enough people pull out of bank of america they will rescind the fee. in the meantime let's see how much your ceos are making in a time we are getting gouged in a recession. >> so many fees makes people so angry. understandably. >> coming up next, what is new about the latest version of the ever popular iphone. >> apple is calling it revolutionary, just don't call it an iphone 5. that's next.
3:19 am
3:20 am
big news in the tech world. the iphone cometh. apple fans weren't too impressed. >> the company's boss and team unveiled the much anticipated device. what does the new phone do. abc's bill weir has a look at the phone. >> reporter: really pleased to tell you today about the brand new iphone 4 s. this is really cool. it is a feature, all about our voice. what we really want to do is just talk to our device. ask a simple question. what is the weather going to be look today and get a response? that is the future of the iphone 4 s we call your intelligence assistant that helps you get things done just by asking.
3:21 am
>> remind me to call my wife when i leave work. >> here is your reminder for when you leave work. i will remind you. >> all right, thank you. i am in the mood for sushi. >> i found a number of sushi restaurants. 22 are fairly close to you. >> reporter: it seemed rude to ask about apple's stock price which took a dive during what many thought was an anti-climatic roll out, it bounced back in the end. not the most valuable tech company in the word. by accident. there are enough sexy new features for the iphone 4 s. enough to make people sleep on sidewalks. they're now giving away older versions of the iphone with a two-year commitment. so millions more are bound to join the kufcult of apple. bill weir, abc news. >> you know people will be
3:22 am
lining up to buy the thing. >> october 14th. seven times faster than the predecessor. tanya, reject all the technology. go old school. >> i like an old school land line. no brain cancer is coming my way. >> keep it all. keep it real. we know a place where tossing and turning
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then get lunesta for $0 at there's a land of restful sleep. we can help you go there on the wings of lunesta. ♪ catch a wave and you're sitting on top of the world ♪ >> putting you in the california mood. surfing now. there you go, time for our -- boom. >> favorite story of the day. our most excellent favorite story of the day. the governor of hawaii made a radical announcement in hawaii.
3:26 am
>> for more on the tubular decision. >> reporter: many have long argued since hawaii is the birth place of surfing and since so many high schoolkids in hawaii surf the department of education should sanction surfing as an official sport. they got their wish. the governor, world champion surfer, and education officials joined to announce it will become a part of high school athletics. >> surfing is just part of hawaii. it is wonderful it will become part of our public school sports. >> reporter: the board of education approved surfing in 2004 but there was no money to incorporate it. now private funding and community partners will make it a reality. >> we're telling young people they have another avenue, venue to express themselves and to commit themselves in terms of discipline and, in terms of commitment to themselves and to
3:27 am
their education and that surfing is not just a part of hawaii but a part of their lives. >> reporter: education officials say there will be team and individual events. >> surfing and riding a wave is so much luke life you, fall down over and over again you keep picking yourself back up and eventually ride one all the way to the beach. >> reporter: the first high school surfing competition could be held in the spring of 2013. high school surfers are stoked. >> look at the governor, reporter out there. don't they look happy. out there in their shirts. and leis. >> they grew here. everybody else just flew here. locals only, dude. >> nice place to be. program going to cost $150,000, count on private money. >> can we do high school again in hawaii. >> you are ready. >> you will get a varsity letter in surfing. >> which way is the gym? >> if you are hiring, we'll cup
3:28 am
out there do an assign'menassig. >> firsthand report on t
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3:30 am
this morning on "world news this morning on "world news now" -- emotional homecoming. amanda knox is back in the u.s., her four-year ordeal finally over. i'm really overwhelmed right now. >> her tearful words to supporters as she spoke out for the first time since being freed from prison. it's wednesday, october 5th. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> i'm tanya rivero. amanda knox broke down in tears as she walked into a room of supporters at seattle's airport and thanked them for always believing in her. so what happens now? her family says after years in prison, one of the first things
3:31 am
she wants to do is lie in the grass in the backyard. such a simple pleasure. something she has been denied for so long. >> because the jail she was in was all cement, she was surrounded by cement, concrete, and put her hands and feet in the grass in her own backyard. >> to feel nature. >> oh, what a moment that must be for her. and also this morning, the texas man who insisted he did not murder his wife. actually was prepared to stay in prison until he died. well he has been finally set free. find out who uncovered the truth after 25 years. >> wow. another person set free. my goodness. >> yes, an amazing story. >> later this half-hour, are you a bit overwhelmed by your kids' home work? well there is an app for you. and we'll show you how it works. >> uh-huh. what is the -- algebra, biology, no. >> i'm not looking forward to that part. >> that's right. >> before all that, amanda knox is back home in
3:32 am
seattle this morning for the first time in four years. >> her long journey finally over. knox spoke briefly to those who stood by her. neal karlinsky was there for the emotional homecoming. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: a moment her family once only dreamed of. amanda knox finally home. as she spoke with reporters shortly after stepping off the plane, knox herself couldn't seem to believe it. >> i am really overwhelmed right now. i was looking down from the airplane and it seemed like everything wasn't real. >> reporter: she was clearly overwhelmed as she addressed a crush of international media and cheering supporters. her first public words as a free woman back home again. >> what's important for me is to say, is just thank you to everyone who has believed in me. >> reporter: her parents who have spent a fortune and gone into deep debt defending their daughter could only express their thanks and relief. >> this has been a very long four years.
3:33 am
but we couldn't have made it through it without all of you people who have supported us. >> reporter: despite tabloid headlines about cashing in, the reality is getting to this point has cost the knox family nearly everything. mike heav echtey is a neighbor friend. >> financially it has been very difficult. >> reporter: he says knox's divorced parents each took out second mortgages ran through credit cards and retirement accounts in order to help cover legal bills estimated at more than $1 million. her grandmother even took out $250,000 second mortgage to help. >> my family is the most important thing to me right now. i just want to go and be with them. so, thank you for being there for me. >> reporter: neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> such emotion. >> of course, the big question now is what comes next for this -- for amanda after all this. they say there is interest, she does have, going back to school, getting her degree at university of
3:34 am
washington no rush to get back to school. at some point she wants to get back to some normal existence. >> there mall life. normal life. >> an interesting side note, meredith kercher's family, the victim says they're in limbo as it comes out the man convicted for her murder is also seeking a retrial. >> based on the same kind of shoddily handled crime scene that helped free amanda. >> right. his dna was allegedly all over the crime scene. we'll see how that turns out. >> still so many questions as this thing moves forward. >> moving on now to another unbelievable story about a murder conviction overturned. michael morton walked out of prison yesterday, a free man after nearly 25 years behind bars. jim bergemo of austin's kvu has the story. >> reporter: michael morton sat in the williamson county courthouse tuesday and finally got the news he has been waiting to hear for 25 years. >> i have recommended -- >> reporter: the district judge from san antonio made it a point to tell morton. >> you do have my sympathies,
3:35 am
you have my apologies. >> reporter: new dna evidence was key to freeing morton from a life sentence for the murder of his wife christine in 1986. the evidence linked a bandanna found near the morton's home to a travis county murder in 1988. and that set morton free. >> this is new to me. so, bear with me. i think -- >> reporter: surrounded by family and lawyers from the innocence project of new york an emotional morton said he is grateful. >> i thank god this wasn't a capital case. i only had life. it gave the saints here, at innocence project time to do this. >> i would like to say this is one of the happiest days of my life. i thank god for it. >> we are so thankful the truth finally came out. >> yes. >> we are happy, happy, happy. >> reporter: i asked morton if
3:36 am
he ever thought he would see this day? >> i prayed for it. i had faith that it would arrive. >> reporter: in williamson county, texas, jim bergamo, abc news. >> what a graceful man in that kind of situation. >> yes. >> there is a financial factor in awful this. he could sue the county and get up to $2 million or $80,000 for each year he was wrongfully held behind bars. >> seems like not enough. right? to have those years take any way from you? >> get that money. >> to have the years taken away. >> unbelievable. moving on now, police in kansas city are looking for a baby they believe was kidnapped from her home. 10-month-old lisa irwin put in her crib by her mother on monday night. when her father went to check on her early yesterday morning, she was gone. investigators are now trying to figure out if lisa may have been taken by an intruder who climbed through a window. the rest of michael jackson's slurred voice recordings will be played in court today. abc news learned that on it, jackson slams his family for taking his money. three of murray's girlfriends
3:37 am
took the stand yesterday including the mother of his 2-year-old son. she signed for shipments of propofol, but said she didn't know what was in the boxes. jurors also heard from a houston cocktail waitress believed to be on the phone with murray when jackson stopped breathing. >> don't think the doctor's wife was in attendance yesterday. >> i don't think so. >> no, just the mistresses. birthday helicopter ride here in new york ended in tragedy yesterday. a british tourist was killed and four others hurt after the mid afternoon plunge into the east river. wabc's jim dolan has that story. >> reporter: as night fell on the east river, workers pulled the hull of the bell 206 helicopter to the surface and loaded it on to a ship. it is the main piece of evidence now in the investigation of what went so tragically wrong just a few hours earlier. >> there was danger from the first, first takeoff. as soon as it lifted off everything was normal. and then all of a sudden, it started spinning around. >> reporter: you could see survivors plucked from the water and four of the five people on
3:38 am
board miraculously survived the crash with the help of emergency workers onshore who rushed them to nearby hospitals. but the survivors told of a fifth person who never made it out and divers from police and fire departments began frantically searching the murky cold east river for her. more than an hour later, divers pulled the body of sonya mara nicholson to the surface and rushed her to medics on shore. she was pronounced dead at the scene. the group was celebrating her 40th birthday. so what went wrong? the ntsb is already on the scene investigating. >> we'll be looking at the human, machine, environment, we talked about the pilot. machine, looking at engines how it was equipped. >> reporter: it was a tragic day that could have been so much worse. when the bell 206 plunged into the east river moments after takeoff. it will be several months before investigators come up with a final cause for this crash but they may have a pretty good idea much sooner than that. the pilot in this case was not seriously hurt and has already had a chance to give his perspective on what went so tragically wrong over the east river.
3:39 am
for abc news in new york i'm jim dolan. sad story there. another dangerous dust storm has rolled through the arizona desert and this time it triggered three deadly pileups. the crashes on interstate 10 involved more than 20 cars. one man was killed. more than a dozen others hurt. the dust was so thick helicopters could not be used to get critically injured to the hospital. >> what a scene. >> my goodness. here is a look at the forecast. drenching downpours for much of california. and the pacific northwest. heavy snow in sierra, mountains. rain around idaho, utah, and wyoming. much needed thunderstorms in west texas and new mexico. unseasonably warm in the nation's midsection. >> 80s from fargo to kansas city. 77 in chicago. 64 in boston. 75, baltimore. 85, new orleans. 57, seattle. 63, boise. 71, in albuquerque. well, a big day earlier this week for a pair of little girls in texas. >> that's because their dad,
3:40 am
sergeant cory hunt surprised them at school after arriving home from a nine month deployment in afghanistan. great moment. mom said that the 4 and 5-year-old girls would ask her every day when is daddy coming home. >> that warms your heart. it was sergeant hunt's second tour of duty in the war zone. he spent over a year there during the first one. he says all that time away teaches you to appreciate what you have got. for sure. imagine it would definitely teach you that lesson. >> adorable girls. that story, never, ever, ever, gets old. good for the family. >> kids and animal stories any day, right, rob? >> i am not going to say that. >> we will be right back with more "world news now." ♪ i'm avenfinally coming home ♪ i used to not travel very much,
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♪ the freaks come out at night ♪ the freaks come out at night ♪ the freaks come out at night ♪ the freaks come out at night ♪ the freaks come out at night >> nice music. >> yeah. yeah. all the freaks. >> after plenty of hype and internet buzz, am unveiled its latest version of the iphone. new ceo tim cook and his team introduced the iphone 4-s. don't call it the iphone 5. it looks the same as its predecessor the new model will be faster and come with new software. customers can get their hands on the phone starting october 14th. >> you know who will be lined up? >> lots of sleeping bags. >> you know that. weird not to see jobs there. it is strange. >> end of an era.
3:45 am
>> it really is, yeah. >> one of the new features on the iphone is app find my friends. it will help you find pals. and your children. >> please find my friends. >> those that own an iphone. >> speaking of children and aye phones, an austin, minnesota school is set to offer its parents an app that will help them with their kids' home work. got that. here is kaal's andrew levlett. >> reporter: within a couple weeks parents of students at austin high school will soon be able to keep closer tabs on how their children are doing in school. >> we know more and more parents/kids are utilizing their smartphones as a way to communicate and gather information. so it seemed logical for us to pursue the next step. >> reporter: parents will be able to check things like assignments, attendance, grades and schedules through a mobile app based on the school's infinite campus online system. the school says it is part of an effort to have more timely communication with parents, students and teachers. >> we don't necessarily have to go to a computer lab, rather instead, advisory teacher can say, let's take out our phones
3:46 am
and let's check and see how, what your progress is, what your it -- grades are, et cetera. >> reporter: even students think the idea is a smart one. >> i think it is a good idea. i think parents will get a lot of use out of it. they're on their phones all the time. a lot of people live off of their phones. >> my mom is constantly checking parent portal. and it would be way easier if she had it on her phone. because our computer is kind of iffy some times. i'm not really worried about it. i'm a good student. >> reporter: while many schools had no cell phone policies austin sees the device as a way to adapt to the ever changing world of technology. >> i think technology as it continues to evolve and change will drive what it is that we need to continually to look at in order to utilize it in an environment that will help with communication. andrew levlett, abc news. coming up, big developments about the simpsons, fans are not laughing. >> i know. and last night's big surprise on "dancing with the stars. and get the scoop next in "the skinny."
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny ♪ so skinny
3:49 am
>> all right, everybody. >> talk about the dirt. >> talk about "the skinny," starting with "dancing with the stars" big upset, kristin cavallari from "the hills" voted off "dancing with the stars." last night. even though she got a very respectable 24 out of 30 points. she and, her partner, of course, mark ballas, danced the samba to beyonce's "crazy in love." you know, people were behind them -- thought they did a great job. apparently they don't have the call-in viewer support. judges were surprised as well. one judge said my expectation was the two couples would be fighting for the final. a lot of people were surprised by that. >> more proof, it's all high school. popularity contest. all it is. >> speaking of, turns out, cher says she will come to the show next week, if chaz bono survives. of course, there has always been some issue because he has not been getting the highest scores. but, cher did tweet monday night
3:50 am
after the broadcast, god hope chaz hangs on until next week so i can come sit in the audience and watch. goodness knows there will be a lot of excitement. hopefully cher won't be sitting next to the kardashians. she tweeted -- i don't watch reality never saw a kardashians but these should be drop kicked down the freeway. >> ooh! she is so tactful. >> how do you really feel, cher. good, a little pr move to keep chaz in. for a little while longer. see if she is a woman of her word. we had bruno on, media tv consultant. pretty much called this one. nbc did not waste time, "the playboy club" after three episodes. axed. this one was controversial from the start because the parents television council said this whole thing is demeaning to women, and it is overly sexualizing, the show itself, called it commercial disaster. apparently advertisers started to pull out. the show is now history. after all the drama, controversy, "the playboy club" is out of here. bigger news here, apparently "the simpsons" is pretty much in
3:51 am
danger for its 23rd season. apparently, they lose money on that show because those voice actors do the voice for bart, marge, homer, get huge salaries up to $8 million a year which is killing the show financially even in syndication, keeps the show making millions a year. they want each of the voice actors to take a 45% pay cut. actors themselves offered to take a 30% cut. they want a cut of syndication and merchandise revenues. >> so hard to believe that show could be losing money. >> syndication, really not. >> really have to wonder about the motivation. >> behind the scenes drama for "the simpsons." >> dating gossip, blake lively and leonardo dicaprio split. and but she is, not spending any time crying into her soup. apparently she is dating ryan reynolds. that's the report. there you see the two of them. good looking couple. again we have to say the whirlwind transcontinental, the romance between blake lively
3:52 am
and leo dicaprio ended, confirmed by their representatives tuesday. but you know what, she is having a good time with green lantern star ryan reynolds. >> how the young and beautiful roll in hollywood. >> you do your thing. blake, she certainly is lively. [ male announcer ] if you're only brushing,
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picking up three times more dust than a feather duster with dust lock adhesive to lock dust away. you're very adventurous! [ female announcer ] swiffer cleans better or your money back. well, finally this half-hour, yesterday we told you about the amazing female kicker on a small town high school team who is not only named queen at her homecoming game but also then kicked the game's winning field goal. >> pretty cool stuff. talk about a good day. she is now a superstar getting calls from oprah winfrey. wxyz's dave llewellyn reports from pinky, michigan. >> reporter: within a matter of minutes, brianna amat went from
3:56 am
home coming queen to homecoming hero. when the senior was announced as homecoming queen last friday night she was wearing not a gown, but her football uniform. that's because she is the place kicker on the varsity football team. >> when they announced that i was queen, i was worried about getting back into the locker room with the guys. it didn't hit me that i won. so then i got the pictures. ran back in the locker room. guys didn't tell anybody. i played the second half. >> reporter: it was in the second half that she atoned for an earlier missed extra point by kicking this 31-yard field goal against grand blanc and proved to be the difference in pinkney's victory. >> i am very competitive personally. when i missed it i was mad at myself. to go to the sidelines know i let the team down it is horrible. i now i had to get back and make it up to them. that field goal was important to me. >> reporter: what she could not have expected was the media attention. we all love a good story and it doesn't get much better than this. >> there is so much attention, i am not used to it.
3:57 am
i'm actually a pretty quiet kid. any of this is totally out of my cup for the zone. >> reporter: bri's coach couldn't be happier for her. >> she is very committed, a great student. 4.0 student. great citizen of our school. hard worker just tough as nails mentally. >> reporter: what are you more proud of, being homecoming queen or homecoming hero? >> definitely the kick takes the cake easily. i could have gone without the queen, that was just like the icing on top. the kick definitely made my night. >> well the photo of her as queen with shoulder pads and uniform. that is great. >> rob, what was your high school experience like? were you homecoming king? >> i was not homecoming king. oh. >> you did kick the field goal. >> my north carolina football is so bad. that picture right there. get this about that gir, she didn't have time to celebrate the victory. she had to wake up early the next day. also student treasurer. had to get ready for the big dance. >> there is nothing that can stop this girl. >> if oprah is calling, you're doing good, girl. >> we'll all be working for her in ten years. >> right.
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