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tv   News  ABC  October 5, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good news, if you have to drive to parts of hartford county. the new road. she says that she is simply overwhelmed. amanda knock speaks publicly for the first time. what the young lady had to say. it is considered a national gym, but to survive, the national cathedral need your help. that is straight ahead on this wednesday, october the 5th. it is 5:31. abc 2 news. now, hello once again to meteorologist justin berk. >> reporter: all right. charlie, 5:31. you can follow the wake up window at the bottom of the
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screen. if you had enough cloudiness, so did i. the sun made a return and in baltimore, yeah. we mixed in clouds. but really the sun has won. that was the case down to the south in annapolis yesterday. we had mostly sunny. a light variation across the region during the day on tuesday. here on this wednesday morning. 51, baltimore, 54 and around the bay milder temperatures. but there is warmer inland and around the beltline. now, hagers town showing a surge. so there is warm air trying to build in here. as we retreat the storm to the atlantic and build in high pressure. we're building in wind. 65 by lunchtime and winds up to 20 miles per hour. it is a good wind to help dry us out. 73 this afternoon. nererse -- interesting weather
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stats. right now, tonya. the bus and rail service are on time. let's hope it stays that way. we have a lig commute on the beltway on the belt -- light commute on the beltway and we're doing okay here as well. southbound traffic is a little bit heavier. we understand 95 south past the beltway. we have an accident on the left shoulder. because of the light traffic our drive times are doing 5. traveling the outer loop, 6 minutes. there's a new road in hartford county that will make your morning commute easier. 924 and 24 is open. linda so is live with a look at how things are going. linda. >> reporter: well, tonya, so far, things are great.
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everything is running smoothly. this overpass opened 30 minutes ago. so far, so good. it is designed the cut the stress out your community and get you to where you need faster. now, the goal is to make it easier to get on and off of 95. just to give you a sense of this area, there are four major shopping centers near the intersection here. for a while now, the traffic here as been a nightmare, between the shopping centers, the neighborhoods and people trying to get on the high way, it has been a mess. >> it is pretty congested. it is a nightmare. hopefully, with the bridge opening, it will make things better and smother coming off of 95. it is hectic, all times of the day. >> reporter: so the overpass here at 924 and 24 is open. it opened 30 minutes ago. road crews cleared the area. the lights are working. the overpass is open.
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hopefully, your ride through the area will be quicker this morning. reporting live, linda so, abc 2 news. good news around the nation this morning. a woman celebrating her 40th birthday will have a helicopter ride. her chopper crashed in new york's east river yesterday and five people were onboard when it went down. passengers were clinging to the kids of the helicopter. two of the survivors are in critical condition. no word on why it went down. authorities released dramatic dash cam video from pursuit of a september in michigan in july. three police cars ran into a white suv. police are saying that they chased the suspect throughout the city. he is suspected of killing eight people earlier that day. he crashed the suv and walked into the home and took hostages. he shot and killed himself, the
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hostages were not hurt. a racecar driver is being hailed a hero. this is in oklahoma sports park. the fire crews are trying to put out the flames. from the right side of the screen. another driver comes in to help out. he takes pulls, and gets the driver out of the burning car and pulled to safety. we have wild weather video to share with you this morning. just ahead. we will take you the boston where the streets are shutdown and the drivers had to be rescued.
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check out this video out of boston. heave flooding submerged cars and shutdown streets. many areas saw 5 inches of rain. many people had to be rescued a firefighter carried one man out on his back to get him to
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safety. 5 inches in an hour. we did something like that, you know, back in august. remember, lee 6 inches plus, and that flooding. well, this particular event was from the storm that was stuck on us for the better part of the last week. now, this is the almanac. what is normal in boston? 50 in the morning and 70 in the afternoon. and 97 degrees is the hottest temperature in october in boston. that was on this date in 1941. that was part of a three day heat wave. that was 70 years ago, but hey, they had a summer heat wave in october in baltimore. 76 on up, we're not going to get there and 11 of the 31 days of record highs in baltimore set in the decade of the 1940s.
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it is 51 in annapolis. we're looking for a high of 73. no heat wave, but nice this afternoon. despite the gusty winds. now to the roads with tonya. i should have known it would not be a perfect morning. 95 southbound, past the beltway, we have an accident. it is not in the travel lanes, it is on the left shoulder. now, tour of 95. this is a live look at night southbound, at 32. we have a little bit of volume here, but no incidents in your way. no issues reported on the -- beltway. as you make your way southbound no issues to report. you should have a quiet ride downtown. back to you. time now for "dancing with the stars" elimination night last night. this one was proof it is not how well you dance, but what the fan base had to say. >> kristin and mark.
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[ applause ] >> shock and awe. despite strong scores from the judges. kristin was sent home with her partner. they lasted three weeks before hearing the news, the whole thing was over. >> i just had such an incredible experience. we have become a little family. it is sad to leave i'm going to miss seeing everybody every day. i'm glad i did the show, i wouldn't take it back for anything. >> reporter: she is going to be in the ballroom. you can watch "dancing with the stars" right here starting at 8:00. hank williams jr. had a family tradition on monday night and talked about getting ready for football. now, the constar -- country star is saying that he is sorry, comparing president barack obama and john boehner's
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golf outing to hitler. he has been passionate about politics and sports. and this time it got the worst of him. "espn" is not saying if the apology is good enough for them. this morning the national cathedral is saying that they need a lot of money. that is ahead, plus --
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5:46 for the first time in four years, amanda knock is waking up on u.s. soil. moments after stepping off of a palestine in seattle, knock spoke to the media about the overturned murder conviction and what happened in italy, sherrie johnson with the story. >> reporter: a four year journey broad amanda knox home last night. she was overcome with emotion last night. knox speaks for the first time as a free woman home from prison. her conviction for rape and murder were over turned in an
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appeals cower. she seemed loss for words at time. her family has a million dollars in legal bills that forced her divorced parents to take out loans. she would like to return at the university of washington to finish her degree. knock said that the experience brought home what was important. >> what is important for me, just to say, thank you to everyone, who believed in me. who's decided me, who supported my family. >> now, there will be offers for interviews and maybe a book deal for knox. the jury has 90 days to submit a written explanation, after that the decision can be appealed and the chance to be extradited back to italy are slim. sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. the national cathedral is
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asking for money to finish the earthquake repair and there is a lot of it. they need tens of millions of dollars to complete the project. they are going to open november 12th. that is the first time there were services since august 23rd. it is time to lacep our sneakers this morning. it is national walk to school today. there is an event scheduled at 8:30. thousands of children and their parents will be taking part in the event. officers will be stationed at corner these greet the students and walk them to school. news time is 5:48. october is breast cancer awareness month. we're going to be thinking pink here at the station. think will light up the sky over the next month. this is the lighthouse is usually all white, well, it is beaming and lit up in pretty shaleds of pink. we will be thinking about pink
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here at abc 2 news and a special part of our website is dedicated to breast cancer awareness. now, the big event is the race for the cure, the 23rd of october in hunt valley. there is still plenty of time to register, go to well, it took just seven days to teardown a house and build a new one. now, a family seen their new home for the first time. finishing touches were made outside of the family's home yesterday. the crews, move that bus. they saw all of the hard work payoff. the family hugged the design teach, they were so grateful for the new home. >> it was fantastic. it has been honestly the most rewarding experience of my life. i keep telling everyone around here. they give me crazy looks when i
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see it. if i could do this every day, this is all that i would want to do. >> abc has not announced when the full episode will air. all right. news time, 5:49. now, justin with the weather. >> all right. back to baltimore county. this is the wid very -- wide variation of a few miles. 43 compared to -- 50 degrees. we hit a few miles to the west and tucked into the valley, typically one of the cooler spots. they are at 51 this morning. you may find patchy fog, but -- overall, we have a chance to clear things out. the flooding in boston, the area of low pressure is pulling out into the atlantic. the same thing stuck over us in the past week and bringing snow into the mountains, now, that
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the high pressure is going to build in, we increase the breeze. it is the high pressure that pulls in the air and high pressure pushes it away and in between, a strong north northwesterly wind today. the winds will pickup and gust over 20 miles per hour, but it will be a dry wind and help to dry out the soil as we get to catch up on the yard work the next couple of days and bring in a lot of sunshine and a fairly nice weather pattern here through the week. if anything, a few high clouds. high pressure in control, that dominates the weather pattern. not much to show you here on thursday, friday, saturday, sunday and monday. do you get the idea? i think that we earned this. it is a quiet weather pattern and something exciting to talk about for now in the weather department. 73 degrees is the 2 degree high today. winds up to 20 to 45 miles per hour this afternoon and lighter winds and 46 overnight. we have a shift to the wind to
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the east northeast, 67 tomorrow and 72 on friday. the lows in the 50s the 40s and upper 70s to 80s in the afternoon. that's right, sunday into monday, tonya, the lower 80s. all right. it will feel like summer. our only accident, 95 southbound, that is on the left shoulder. so, they to stay -- stay to the right as you pass. no issues reported on the inner loop. you're doing okay. there and from the overpass, light traffic moving away from the traffic as you make your way downtown, we have no incidents. we have good drive times.
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charlie? well, it seems that other banks are getting on the band wagon.
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hey, bernie madoff has plans to pay his first victims. that trustee and federal prosecutors have collected or receive commitments to recover $11 billion. much of that money is tied up in litigation. a new poll by abc news showing that president barack obama has jumped to a 15 point lead over republicans in congress. city bank is upping the fees onility customers. beginning in december, the minimum balance for a mid level account will go up from 6 then 6 -- $6,000 to $15,000.
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if not, you will be charged $20 a month. and 15 years ago today, this was a household name, breakfast at tiffanies hit the civil screen. well, firefighters were busy cleaning up after a huge fire in franklin, ohio, listen? up next -- what caused this explosion. and the fire created a sense of sadness in the community. confidence. available in color. depend for women is now peach. looks and fits like underwear.
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