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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 7, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody, i'm beth troutman, it is friday and you're watching "right this minute." the videos have launched a movement across america.
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occupy wall street is spreading. now meet the man smack in the middle with a camera. >> believe in the movement? >> a man endures 16 years of plastic surgery. >> to look like superman. >> we have the story behind the obsession. >> he obviously needs some psychotherapy. a terrifying story from a traffic cam. >> it looks like any other bike rider. except if you zoom in, you realize there's something being dragged behind that bike. and a prank by one of the jonas brothers leaves a young fan shaking. but not in a good way. >> no one was going do blame me. i just tell them the jonas brothers. to occupy wall street protest continue. they have the largest protest yet on wednesday night. nearly 20,000 protesters showed up. they came across the police barricade near the new york stock exchange. as you can see, police started
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trying to control the crowd with their night sticks, with mace and with pepper spray. we have yasha gruben with us via skype. he's the guy who shot this video that's being seen everywhere right now. tell me a little bit about what exactly was going on when you shot this video. >> i was in a group of people, i was about maybe 50, to maybe 100 people top. i followed them with a camera. some people boasted barricades. i don't think the reaction of the police was appropriate. >> were you actually one of the protesters? or did you happen to just show up with a camera and catch some of this? >> i'm part of the media team. but i do believe in this process. i believe in the movement. but my job is to film and document what was going on so the world can see it. >> why are you there personally? why are you occupying wall street? >> personally, because i'm tired of this the greed and the corruption in our financial system. and the power it has and the
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influence it has in our political system. >> what we're seeing is protesters and police, you know, at each other's throats. do you feel like the message is being lost because of the violence we're being seen? >> people ask for one clear defined message. but you can't ask for just one. with this many different kinds of people. they all have their own vision of what's wrong and they all know that something's wrong. >> do you think your video will effect change in. >> yes, i think it's already had a an effect. >> guys we've seen a lot of startling images from the occupy wall street protests. but there's another protest that no one seems to be talking about and i have some crazy photos of it, too. it's the occupy "sesame street" protest. here you see big bird with a home-made sign. "occupy "sesame street."" we've got grover here being wheat down by the nypd.
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see oscar the grouch sleeping with the masses, all camped out. he brought his trash can along. this is elmo not being tickled, this is elmo being cuffed. >> that's disturbing, some child is going to see that and be very upset. here's bert, bert always looks upset. >> there's a real reason to be upset. >> and the count post-pepper spray. he's like, whoa, a police officer with pepper spray. and also -- people have been tweeting a lot about the occupy "sesame street" protests. truly outrageous that 99% of the cookies are consumed by 1% of the monsters on pbs. >> you got to love that they're getting down there. they're out with the people. >> you know, they're taking a stand. i'm just glad that you know, snuflupagus didn't get taken down. this is an attempted robbery
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that as a female, honestly, left me speechless. >> oh! >> can't beev it. >t lookser >> bike rider, except if you zoom in, you realize there's something being dragged behind that bike. it turned out that this guy tried to steal this woman's purse and she grabbed onto it with dear life. she didn't let go. she finally gets separated from the bike. >> when she finally gets free from them, you see her naked thigh is rubbing against the pavement. >> they always tell you somebody trying to take something, just let it go. >> i'm surprised she's alive and i'm surprised that she held on. if that was me, i would be like oh, you're not taking my bag and i would probably hold on and when i realized it was too late. i would let it go. >> if somebody wants your bag, let it go, let it go.
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take a look at these school lunches, guys, and tell me if anything here looks appetizing to you. what we're looking at are 405 still photos that an elementary school teacher in the chicago public school system took. and ate throughout 2010. one day she actually didn't have time to make her lunch, so she went to school and decided, i'm going to buy what the students have. and was sort of appalled at what she was served. she was frustrated as a mother and as a teacher and was questioning the quality and health value of these lunches. so what she did was she decided to start blogging about this under the anonymous title, mrs. q. she ate what the students ate for an entire year and posted her thoughts on a blog called fed up with lunch. she ended up eating 162 school lunches in one year. and this week, she's actually unveiling herself.
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as sarah woo and is coming out and speaking about this experience. and also releasing her book, "fed up with lunch" this week as well. >> does this look different than the school lunches that we had? >> we used to have cooks that made stuff. >> we never had these cellophane wrappers on our food and these prepackaged-looking things. we did have pizza and hamburgers and hot dogs. but nothing was in a cellophane wrapper. >> one of the questions i had was how was her own health after eating these lunches every day for a year? it looks really gross. >> i would like to see what some of the response is, once this book actually comes out. when she's actually starts getting out and talking about her book and her experience. because i know a lot of people will be upset about it. i'm upset about it and i don't even have kids in school. this version of how i'm talking -- ♪ ♪
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thanks. that-that-that-that thing. >> in 2004 rks there's this film called downfall, it had an iconic scene in there with hitler in his meeting room. very intense scene. [ speaking foreign language ] >> that scene has become an internet sensation. people have taken it and redubbed it to all kinds of different themes. [ speaking foreign falanguage ] >> the latest iteration of that scene is about the iphone 4s and the disappointment that it wasn't an iphone 5. [ speaking foreign language ]
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>> that's what a lot of people really did feel, you know that, right? [ speaking foreign language ] >> like you said, there were some people who were pretty darn upset about this week's announcement that we weren't getting a whole new phone, just an updated iphone. >> any time we could dispuappoi the fuhrer, i'm all for it. >> i want my iphone 5 now! yahoo has a channel now. and they have all kinds of shows that they're airing on yahoo. there's a show called "your friends will never believe you." and it's a hidden camera show of sorts. and they put celebrities in the mix. this one is your friends will never believe you -- joe jonas. they're in a boutique in los angeles. they pick this customer, this
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young girl to be part of the hidden camera prank, if you will. >> kind of a blessing to people, having a good year. and shopping. i wonder if you want to -- >> oh my god! >> kind of walk around and shop. >> joe jonas gives her $400. >> why, why want i there that day? it's not over yet. >> okay. i have a bit of a problem, so -- there's all the money underneath the -- >> we're missing $400 from our cash register, i have to report this. >> who gave you this money? >> he said he was joe jonas. i think he was a jonas brother. >> what are the odds, right? at first you think, joe jonas is doing something really sweet, giving this girl $400. but then you realize the girl is going to be accused of taking the cash out of the register. >> you said joe jonas -- did not -- >> no one's going to believe me.
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i told him the jonas brothers -- >> he comes clean at the end. but, it's a pretty good show. >> that is a really good prank. i would be crying right now. if that was me -- i would be on the floor, crying. a hand bag that costs more than many people make in one year. it's mary kate and ashley's latest fashion gamble. >> it's not a bird, it's not a plane and it's not superman, either. so what is it? it's an obsession. [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. we'll tell you what's got this guy so heated up.
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i got a story about cool and unusual punishment. fourth grader megan dunn says that she was forced to clean
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bathrooms, handles, floors, of the school bathroom, after getting detention. this all happened at the harmony science academyin houston. >> he's as young as second grade, were scrubbing the toilet on saturday. >> the school says it was a bad joke made by one of the teachers that was taken literally. but she says she cleaned these bathrooms without gloves, just disinfectant. mom is obviously very upset. >> it could have been the time for tutoring or going over some of the class work. or something like that. >> i kind of liked the days when you didn't follow the rules. you had to pay the consequence. >> i want my kid to be given like some bonus math questions. i don't send my kid to school to wash toilets. >> if she's late, it's mom's fault that she's late. i think it's funny that mom's mad. i know i had to clean stuff
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because i got in trouble. it just wasn't bathrooms. >> what's wrong with her cleaning the bathroom on a saturday? >> my problem is i know how other kids will say things to you when you clean the toilet. kids can be cruel. >> it would be a deterrent to other kids, heck i'm not going to be late to school, i'll have to clean the toilet. >> in today's world, it won't fly, someone will get in trouble for making a kid do this. this is the size of a regular salamander. fits in the palm of your hand. i'm going to introduce you to a salamander you might not have seen before that's been dubbed endangered by the federal government. >> hurry up! >> pick him up! >> oh! >> he's a beast! >> that is a salamander, this is called the hell bender salamander. you can only find this guy in the ozarks in arkansas and missouri. it's just become endangered. there are only a little over 500 of these huge guys left.
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they're two feet long and up. >> it looked like an otter. >> wow. >> look how big this thing is. >> they just came out with a report that all of these salamanders that they can find have been infected by this amphibian-killing fungus that's also killing tons of other amphibious life in the world. they haven't found any baby hell benders in the ozarks in a long time. so the fish and wildlife service just said these are officially endangered. >>. could he be in trouble for picking this up? >> i don't know that, but if you kill one you could get in trouble. >> did you play the game salamander when you were a kid? >> i did. that's awesome that you played that. i definitely did. >> somebody yells salamander! >> salamander!
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>> there's obsess and then there's -- obsessed. these photos are of her bert chavez. he is a 35-year-old man from the philippines, who has been having plastic surgery since 1995, to look like -- superman. this video is an exclusive that's coming to us from bendiya news. >> he's had chin augmentation, he's had rhino plasty. he's had injections to plump up his lips. he's had thigh implants, to make himself look more muscular. he told the paper that he's planning to go through an operation that's going to make him taller. he obviously needs some psychotherapy. he told the news that they're worried that he has body dismorphic disorder. he can't stop obsessing about flaws on his body. >> he's so uncomfortable in his own skin that he literally wants
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to be a superhero character? >> i have to say he looks just like superman. >> what's he going to do to make himself fly? there's a little thing called lsd. >> for spider-man, he could have just put a mask on. i want to show you guys something that is frivolous luxury, but it's also causing a lot of controversy. this is a black alligator drawstring back pack. for a clothing line or fashion label called the row, which belongs to none other than the olsen twins. it has a price tag of $39,000. >> may i ask why this is $39,000? >> because it's black alligator and it belongs to the olsen twins. those girls are creating a fashion house and it's all luxury. it's all about frivolity. all of their items are ridiculously expensive. >> at times like this when
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everyone is talking about occupy wall street and talking about higher living wages. >> we need to be clear, for the economy to recover, people need to buy stuff. >> i know people need to buy stuff. but putting money in the olsen twins' pockets? that's not helping our economy. >> they were asked in an interview what they thought about the fact that their bag is so expensive. and they responded that even in times of economic hardship, those things that do really well are luxury items. >> you buy it, you better not like leave it on the subway or lose it, that's a lot of money to be just spending on a bag. he hasn't been able to eat a cheese sandwich in years. the culinary science behind bringing this cancer survivor's favorite food back to the menu. and she's a big hollywood star. but her
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that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality.
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this weekend marks week five of this nfl season. now before the season in the philadelphia eagles, people were calling them the dream team. you know, which i thought was a little far-fetched. they started out 1-3. not so hot. and the fans in philly are p.o. 'd. mainly this guy. >> i'm sick, sick and tired of this [ bleep ] team. how [ bleep ] are you up, you're up 23-3 at [ bleep ] halftime.
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and you let the san francisco 49ers come back? man, i'm so through with this [ bleep ] team, man. i'm an eagles team for life, but i'm [ bleep ] sick and tired of [ bleep ] team. >> this is after they lost to the 49ers last week. this guy felt compelled to take out his aggression with his web cam. he threw, i'm not exactly sure, but he -- i don't know, he resorted to damaging his own room. it looked like a shoe. >> i think it was a shoe. >> he is pretty fired up. you can't tell me that this guy is doing something that you can't believe. >> i have felt this many a time. many a sunday. but i don't go into a room by myself and scream into a web cam and then throw stuff around my room. >> what the [ bleep ]! this is an awesome health story especially for people who have been touched by cancer, who have experienced cancer. this man you're seeing here, in
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the beige jacket is john. in 2008, he was diagnosed with a digestive tract cancer. it resulted in an inability to consume a lot of foods. and one of his favorite things was a cheese sandwich. and he hasn't been able to eat a cheese sandwich since 2008. researchers at durham university and this chef that you see here, his name is shawn wilkenson, came up with a solution. shawn wilkenson, a molecular gastronomist or progressive chef, if you will was ache to take the components of cheese, put them together in a blender, make a frosty, creamy cheese sauce and put them together in a little sandwich that john could eat. >> here you go, john. >> do we know what was taken out of the cheese? >> he put everything in a blender and deconstructed by pulling -- pulled out the milk, the oils and the things that
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make cheese and purreed it. molecular gas tronmy is pulling apart food by its components by its cheese sauce. >> it's different from two pieces of bread and a piece of cheese. >> dude, he's scraping sauce off the bottom of the plate, i think that's okay. >> i wanted to see tears from this guy. i'm a little disappointed in his reaction. maybe it's the british sensibility. >> i think that's a success. >> you guys know what a qr code is, right? you scan it with your mobile phone. >> you're watching the making of the largest qr code ever on a jersey store race track. 80 gallons of black and white paint and it's only visible from two miles up in the air. >> now that we're done creating
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the qr code, the only way to get on top of it is to jump on an airplane. >> to scan it they have a couple of sky divers. >> that seems extreme. it's supposed to be promotional for this website, that does qr codes. >> i bet you're thinking, no way could that possibly work. >> i actually scanned that and it tack me straight to their website and i even won concert tickets. >> it's an application for qr codes this big, there's a company in austin, texas that's talking about putting qr codes on malls or businesses and tell people about that. >> one application that we're considering is movie theaters. they have these big large rooftop theaters that are accessible. next time you go to find directions to that movie theater, there might be a qr code on top of that. if you scan it, you could walk away with free popcorn or a movie trailer, you might get a
4:28 pm
free movie ticket. >> i like the requestidea of fr popcorn, it's like $5 a bag. >> instead of paying $30,000 for a billboard that's going to be up for a month. you could pay forever. >> you could be leaving a digital footprint everywhere now. >> you already do. the quiet, peaceful life of the amish. but don't be fooled -- there's a gang war going on in the mean streets of amish land. >> wondering how he did this, we were, too. >> well, it's pretty simple. >> meet the kid who says he's going for a
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guys, i've got a story about gang warfare. not from south central l.a., not the bloods and the kripcrips, t
4:31 pm
gang warfare is going down in -- ohio. who's fighting? amish people. apparently a rogue group of amish, they've been disowned from mainstream amish because of conflicts in spiritual differences. they are breaking into other amish people's homes and cutting off hair. cutting off beards. >> the horror! >> we're joking, but some of the victims have been a 13-year-old girl, a 74-year-old man. and the amish culture, this is very, very degrading. women don't cut their hair at all. because of biblical teachings. it's part of their religion. only minor injuries. but the injuries are more to their pride. >> never mind that, somebody's breaking into your house, i imagine they're pinning you down. it's not like they're going to come in and say tag, you're in i'm going to shave your beard
4:32 pm
off. >> there's believed to be a mastermind behind this whole thing. a guy named sam mullett. he's an amish bishop. get this, apparently the people who are going out and doing the shearing of the beard and the hair are bringing the hair of the victim back to this guy, kind of like the godfather. and showing it to him. >> oh, this is -- going to be such a good lifetime movie. >> the holmes county sheriff has two people in custody. no if the guys try to escape the cops in their horse and buggy -- >> that will be a smoking chase. >> probably not going to get too far. there's an alert for consumers out there. especially if you're in the market for some -- cheap golf clubs. we found the story at kold. people often go to ebay to try to find golf clubs. they're looking for a deal, want to get nice clubs, but for less. in the last year or two, there's a huge problem with counter fit
4:33 pm
clubs. the u.s. border protection agency put out a statement say if you go to ebay, there's a lot of clubs that aren't on the up and up. they said the things to look out for, if a deal seems too good to be true. it probably is. >> is this somebody just making clubs in their basement? or are these manufacturers buying stuff from i don't know, taiwan and sticking a calloway sticker on it in. >> they're not slapping like a titlie i titleist sticker on it, they're saying that the clubs are spelled wrong logo. i think of counterfeit, i think of it coming out of china. >> you can go to the u.s. customs and border protection agency's website and you can see pictures of some of the counterfeit clubs, you can see
4:34 pm
video of the counterfeit clubs. >> if you're having a bad round, a triple bogey here and there, say your clubs are counterfeit. baby elephant gets scared by own sneeze. action. >> hi! [ laughter ] ♪ it's been a few months since the end of the london riots, but videos are still coming out, y trying to track down some of the rioters. this is closed-circuit video showing an attack on a 69-year-old retiree. a group of attackers approached this man, throw him up against
4:35 pm
the shutters of a building. punch him in the gut and drop him to the ground. >> so messed up. it's an old man, come on -- you're in a group, too. you're real tough. let's all beat up on an old guy. >> what did that have to do with what they were rioting about? weren't they protesting against police violence? here we have them beating up an old man for no reason. >> the man was treated for injuries to his eye, nose and lip. people did come to his aid after this happened. but police in london are looking for an asian male, 16 to 20 years old. they say he also attacked a younger man, ten minutes after this attack. london is covered with security cameras. and we're still seeing this stuff come out. you're right. there is always the violence and stupid things that the protesters do. and this is protests all over the world, they break windows of restaurants. stuff that has nothing to do with what they're supposed to be out there for. this is a perfect example. >> according to the article, they didn't even get anything from him. it doesn't say they robbed him.
4:36 pm
>> it doesn't look like they took anything from him. >> they just beat him up for no reason. beth, it seems like julia's smile isn't charming everyone. the girl who took this video was sitting down reading her magazine and all of a sudden her dog freaks out. her husky just runs away. she is like, i think it's a picture in the magazine, which is photo of julia roberts in a lancome ad. she runs and tells her boyfriend, hey, let's see if that's what's going on. sure enough, the dog comes over, the boyfriend shows the dog the photo and he flips out. >> look at him walk out of the room, looking back, is it following me? is julia following me? >> his tail is still wagging, i can't figure out if he's scared or -- >> he went back and asked him to
4:37 pm
open the magazine back up. he's staring, he's staring, he backs up -- >> he bails! >> isn't that the funniest thing you've seen? >> that's hilarious. >> i've never, i never thought julia would never freak anybody out like that. >> i wonder what it is about her? [ laughter ] the title of this next youtube video speaks for itself. new record, 1006 hd! [ screaming ] >> yeah! >> this is like dominos on steroids. >> i have so many questions about this. i have no idea how they did it. and if you hear in the background, there's some people
4:38 pm
just cracking up the entire time. one of those people is 10-year-old andre. he's joining us "right this minute." via skype. andre, your video is so cool, if you read some of the comments, some of the people are like, this guy's like harry potter. he must be some kind of wizard. how did you do this? >> it's pretty simple. basically when you weave them together. one stick is pushing down the other stick, so when you let go, it just forms a wave that just sort of goes up in the air. >> this was 1,000 sticks, right, entree? >> yeah. what was your previous record before that. >> 600. >> are you trying to do 2006 now, that you did 1,000? >> actually me and my friend that are doing this, are trying to set a world record. >> which is what? >> the world record is 6,000 sticks and we're going to do 7,000. >> how cool is your mom to let
4:39 pm
you do that, because that covers a couple of rooms and it's quite a mess to leave. >> yeah, she's pretty awesome. the miracle football play even the announcer gave up on. and a squirrel story we're not even sure we can show you on tv.
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4:41 pm
17 yards -- >> it's pacific versus lewis and
4:42 pm
clark, it's oregon, a high school football game. and lewis and clark is about to kick the extra point after a touchdown. >> the snap is good, the kick is -- blocked! oh, wait a minute, this play is still alive. everybody stop! who's got the football? it looks like bill is running down the sidelines, still on his feet, 30, he's tackled, 20, breaks another tackle, 15, just inside the ten, he's into the end zone! i don't believe it! >> that was brian mills, he was on the pacific team. the extra point was blocked, the ball was rolling around, he realized, hey, this ball is still live, it's in action. he's running, he's running, he's blocking tackles. everybody is catching in on it like oh, there's the ball we better stop him. he breaks a couple of tackles. and he gets the extra point. >> i can't believe that everybody on both teams just -- were like, whoa, the ball is dead. >> did you see the opposing team? they're walking off the field.
4:43 pm
they saw him pick up the ball and they're like, oh -- >> a heads up play by the red team for sure. this doesn't happen often. you have to give them some leeway there, but the team in white definitely got an earful from their coach. >> so the giant play did make a difference, lewis and clark wound up winning 61-35. >> whoa. >> a bit of a blowout. >> he's into the end zone! i don't believe it. everybody gave up on the play, including this announcer! kitty plays ping pong. action. ♪ ♪ >> there's a show on the bbc
4:44 pm
called the great british bakoff. on occasion they'll shoot out exterior shots of the buildings that they're shooting in. take a look at this one and let me know if anything sticks out at you. [ laughter ] >> that's a big wiener on a little squirrel. >> wow. >> wait a second, this is in the edit? they included this? >> this really aired on british television. >> i think we need like a blur of that, don't we? we shouldn't see this! >> when i saw this, i was wondering, is this real? and i really was trying to figure out maybe someone did an edit. it turns out, you guys, this video is trending on youtube because it really did happen. >> i like how he's just standing there. he's like so what? so what? check out these nuts. there was such a thing as squirrel porn, this guy should
4:45 pm
apply for a job. >> what's that porn star's name that -- >> ron jeremy, squirrel! >> story is too nutty for me. it's nuts. born in the middle of nowhere, seven people get the trip of a lifetime. but, the simple destination may surprise you. and, they'll show you theirs, if you take care of yours.
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i have got the school record video of the week for you. come here, come to your phone. this one might be their best one yet. the farthest distance limbo skating under cars. this guy's name is rowan and s an odd piece.g ts. >> it looks like somebody strapped bricks to his feet. >> oh! >> so he goes underneath 20 cars and he goes 126 feet. the previous record was 98 feet. so look how slow he gets right at the end. you wonder if rowan is going to make it. oh! >> because once, it's all momentum, you can't really like -- >> he's bending up and down and he did it. right at the end. that makes me so claustrophobic. to be caught under a car in a
4:49 pm
p pure split. like oh my god. >> please watch the celebration. >> it's great. [ laughter ] >> he steps on his dad's foot. his dad is like, chill, son, chill. >> what if you didn't break the record? >> how do you get out? >> you're just laying there in a split, spread eagle under a car. >> cool, congratulations. >> yeah, rowan. >> cheers. >> thank you, guinness book for bringing us this wonder. sink hole in san diego. i want hear an extraordinary story with you guys about dreams
4:50 pm
coming true. [ speaking foreign language ] >> it's the continental pole of inaccessibility. the furthest place from any ocean in the world. these people that live here, their dream is to see the ocean. sngs ♪ ♪ ♪ >> those are coronas. corona helped their dreams come true. it was the corona company who sponsored this trip. their campaigning is always great. they put on this campaign called, experience the extraordinary. they take planes, they ride trains, they take cars, they ride on buses. all to go see the ocean.
4:51 pm
>> ♪ ♪ >> steve. >> i can't stop thinking of awful things, like what if they got attacked by sharks. what if there was like a bunch of dead fish washing up on the shore. all of these things are running through my head. >> this is a beautiful moment. >> if you haven't seen beyonce's new music video yet, she reveals more than just her new song. oó?ñ?ñ?ñ7ówñóñ?oñ'o or if you eat meat
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
and potatoes. >> what if you eat spicy? does it give you an extra five miles. >> i want to get personal, when
4:56 pm
was the last time you guys checked your breath? >> november. >> i probably done it four times in my life. >> i'm with you. but there's an app for that. to help remind you. because october is breast cancer awareness month. >> i'm here to talk to you about breast cancer your man reminder. it's an app that gives you regular reminders to check your breasts, from a hot guy of your choice. >> this charity has been around and decided to put an app together of hot guys to send women reminders to do self-breast exams. >> are they assuming that women are not smart and we're just, you know, affected by this guy? >> i don't know why you need stuff like this. i'm 100% willing to take time out of my busy day to help you guys out. >> i don't like it when men are trying to advertise men by using
4:57 pm
naked women. and i don't like the idea that someone is trying to advertise something using naked men. it doesn't make me feel like i need a sexy man to convince me something. but it served as a reminder to me. i would rather just have an app that was an alarm. >> i feel i have the right to choose which man i want to remind me to do what i need to do. >> you guys ready for some celebrity news? this is more for the boys. this beyonce. she has a brand-new video out for her song, "countdown." beyonce, in a video, showing the baby bump. thanks for joining us today, we hope you have a fantastic weekend, we're going to leave with you this video. it's beyonce singing her new song, "countdown." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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♪ ♪ now abc2 news at 5:00. >> i don't pass judgment because i have no idea what they are going through but it kind of makes you wonder. >> and police are wondering as well, why police now say they are struggling to understand the parents fear about the disappears of their 10-month- old baby girl. the economy is struggling despite good news today, but why is baltimore's economy is booming these days. and the small town of illinois were awakened by explosions and then an
4:59 pm
evacuation, how dangerous a train derailment became for those living nearby. we start tonight with a developing story about the disappears of a 10-month-old girl right from her own home. three days after she disappeared in the middle of the night her parents say they have nothing to do with it but scott goldberg tells us police are not so sure. >> reporter: 4 days after lisa irwin disappeared from her parents home in kansas city police are searching at that nearby landfill and say the baby's parents stopped cooperating. >> i don't want to pass judgment because you know i have no idea what they are going through but at the same time it makes you wonder. >> speculation has begun to swirl around the parents jeremy and debra, who say they just needed a break after three days of what they called tough police tactics. the mother said police told her she failed a polygraph test. they said look at your baby and do this for her. i kept


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