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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  October 10, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> bob rowoodruff reporting. >> thanks for watching. see you here tomorrow. deadly listeria outbreaks continues to grow. jobs, jobs, more jobs, one local group of unemployed workers want and marching today. details coming up. it's a night for the ladies. i have a preview of a purple evening. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. as it is a national holiday, many of you headed off to work. let's get a look at the forecast with justin berk. good morning, we take a look at temperatures and look at the difference here, eastern
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shore, mid to upper 50s, we've got 55 rock hall. 58 centerville. 40s in the north and west side. there is generally clear skies. a hint of ground fog in some of the baltimore county valley locations. that on the way in thinks morning. a warm day. not the deep blue sky. we are mixing in high clouds. we are expecting temperatures to get up to about 85. that's all dependant on the cloud cover. there will be a storm on the way. 4:31 on a holiday morning. don't expect to be too busy but the latest on the traffic. no accidents in baltimore city or county. the work crews we had are grown. this is e jfx at northern parkway, light traffic there, one car going southbound, no issues on your way downtown, though at cold spring lane,
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that light traffic continues when you get south of 28, rxa f lights out. to contaminated cantaloupe. linda so joins us with the latest. >> reporter: the new deaths were reported in indiana and new york. also a death in wyoming. officials are investigating two deaths possibly related to the outbreak. that brings the total count up to 21 people who have died from contaminated cantaloupes. at least 109 people have been sickened in 24 states including maryland. it can take up to two months for symptoms to show up. they were shipped all over the country baa should be off store
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shelves. any cantaloupe not from jensen is safe to eat. if you have one from jensen farms, you need to throw it out. one person had a miscarriage associated with the outbreak. it can pass through to the fetus. linda so, abc2 news. man is dead after shot by police while responding to a week domestic call. police say saturday the man shot his wife at their home op hope street in east baltimore. the man was still armed when they arrived and shot the suspect, the suspect fired an officer, the man was hit several times. no word on that wife's condition. vigil held for a murder victim killed a year ago. it honored sterling palmer, a mta bus driver murdered. it was held saturday at pal
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pammer's home. a year later, no one has been arrested. assault at local wal-mart left 19 people hospitalized. jefferson is accused of pouring bleach and pine sol on another woman during a fight at a wal- mart. this has been a on going dispute says police. the victim's current boyfriend has a child with jefferson and wal-mart was forced to evacuate for two hours. 19 people had to be taken to the hospital. jefferson is charged with assault, theft and destruction of property. locals are taking a stand in the job crisis. residents are holding a vigil at the russel street bridge. the message is the bridge needs work and so do we. >> reporter: it's the topic of
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every debate. topic of jobs. millions of americans are without work, that's why a group of unemployed workers plan on gathering this evening here along the russel street bridge. the group says the workers say they chose the bridge because out shares the message saying this bridge needs work and so do we. estimated 30 million americans are without work. this week the senate is expected to make a major vote on president obama's $447 billion american jobs acts bill. economists say it cold create 2 million jobs, expand unemployment benefits, and provide money to keep public workers on the job. now the unemployed workers who will gather say they support the bill. obama says that the bill is his top priority. republicans say it will do little to help create jobs. >> these independent economists say we could grow the economy
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[technical difficulties] here in baltimore, today marks the day 7 of the occupy wall street movement with signs, protesters are holding down the fort, chanting and holding signs. they moved over the bank of america building yesterday. organizers say the mission is to focus on the influence of wall street and corporate america. protesters are also targeting the disparity between the wealthiest americans and the poorest calling for a equal distribution of the wealth. needed rain has fallen on
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the drought city in texas. time for date night with dad. a event held at chick-fil-a and how you can get involved.
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what many have been wanting to see for a while. heavy rain now, the drought stricken city of abilene has been plagued with wild fires. four inches fell in some areas across the state. street flooding in parts, the rain caused baseball series to be postponed. it's a blessing and a curse because more rain is expected today.
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this is a pleasant sight for texas because they were really wondering when or if they were going to see rain. >> we got ourselves a look here at warming conditions and that pattern may eventually evolve and impact us as we head through the rest of this week. 46 york pa. 58 baltimore. 54 in easton. we are looking at high thin clouds building in across the area. i want to pull this back wider and show you this system here. high pressure is in control, we are actually watching a circulation across florida. that, if it were sitting over the tropical waters, had a very good chance of turning tropical. it may reemerge across the gulf of mexico. we are going to watch that storm as if it appears it is spreading rain on south carolina and georgia.
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some of the heavy rainfall could be coming in tomorrow night. wednesday is going to be the wettest day of the week. we will talk about how that storm will impact us with the forecast in a moment. 95 southbound at the beltway, we have some road work, should be wrapped up in the next 15-20 minutes. no major accidents on tinner states. you are looking at the jfx from the overpass. moving south to north avenue, see how dark it is. we have lights out. be careful if you are heading downtown or through this area. there are no incidents in your way. one school got a much needed makeover at the help of a surprising con tributer. cfx teamed up for the facelift. city year is a nonprofit mer
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corp.organization. they paint murals and planted gardens and trees. the grounds are next to the cfx lines. one health net takes exercise to a whole new level. don't miss the skills this man has turned an average workout in to a unique skill and a bill covering autism. why some parents it's going to give kids equal treatment. why did this moose attack a homeowner and how did it end up in a pool? those stories coming up when good morning maryland continues. a live look down south at the city of atlanta. back in a bit.
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five things you need to know before heading out the door, another hearing will take
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place tomorrow about bge's response to the outages caused by hurricane irene. it kicks off at 7:00 in the war memorial building downtown. red robins giving away child id kits. it's going to open at 11:00 this morning at the white marsh mall. how about a date with your daughter. 30 chick-fil-a restaurants are holding a daddy-daughter date night. go to computer hacking group aanonymous is pledging to take down the internet for the stock exchange. president barack obama will visit wounded service center as at the walter reed national
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medical center. a sold out event at mt bank stadium and for the ladies. sherrie johnson is with us for more on purple evening. >> reporter: all is quiet right now. later tonight it's going to be a different story. it's about the ladies. many will join tonight to see the ravens here at mt bank stadium. this is a part of the 5th annual purple evening. a lot of women will take this as a girl's night out. a up close and personal view with the ravens. the event is sold out with 6000 people expected to attend. ravens players will be on hand signing autographs, participating in fan forums. fans will have exclusive stadium access. a purple evening has evolved
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from the previous raven women festival and football 1 on is events. this evening is not exclusively for women, there will be mostly women but catered to female ravens fans. this event kicks off at 4:00 p.m. and runs until 10:00 p.m. tonight. at 3:30, they will pass out wrist bands for the autograph signing. should be a lot of fun tonight. reporting live at mt, sherrie johnson, abc 2 news. members of the ravens nest 8 are taking time to help a 8- year-old boy. william is an 8-year-old who had cancer but in remission. he needs a special dog to keep an eye out for, seizures. his dad says they were touched by the outpouring and support.
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>> we feel like getting the service dog will allow us to let him live a independent life and i think with the help of the other people we are going to get there. >> the dog costs $22,000. the family doesn't have a total they are going to get from the event. if you would like to help out, go to ravens nest for details. so forget about the burgers, chicken and fries, it was a celebrity on the menu at gino's sunday. marchetti was autographing footballs. a long line trailed the outside of the area and it's been a long time since the opening weekend. good to see he was back inside. mba players and owners do not have a deal in the collective bargaining lockout.
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today is a deadline before games begin to be cut. they discussed for five hours sundays before breaking and scheduled to return this afternoon. if no deal is reached. david stern said the first two games will be canceled. around the nation, a small fire shut down a ride at walt disney world. this is a astro orbiter. disney officials say no one was on the ride at the time of the shutdown and the theme park had to be closed. it's stopped for inspection but officials believe a power outage may have sparked the fire. interesting story now, a moose on the loose and gets stuck in a pool. it took nine people to get him out. it happened in manchester after 10:00. the moose fell in the pool cover and rescuers were able to get the moose out safely and say other than being a little agitated and stressed as moose
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have been known to be from time to time , the moose is said to be in good health. more health news, researchers spent two years looking at the impact of breast- feeding. it can boost iq and health and reduces the chances of behavioral and weight problems. doctors should be encouraging a woman to breast-feed and breast- feed longer. good news on autism, health insurers are required to provide coverage. the bill would make intensive behavior therapy available to families. the bill will allow families to look at different options in treating autism without the added stress of the cost. we may have a crazy workout regimen but i bet you can't do this. this is a special workout on a
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treadmill. joshuah says it started with a turn and a twist and sooner or later or a mile or so he walks forward and spends a mile or so and walks back ward. >> if we let go of the fear of falling. >> his own collection of falls, cuts and bruises made it clear he starts slowly and picked it up as time has gone on. skip the treadmill and go outside. nice weather. this is called summer part two, call it indian summer. that's after the first frost, which a lot of us have not had. temperatures boosted in to the 80s yesterday. 68 this morning baltimore. back to the 80s today. notice more cloud cover. because of this system this one has got a tropical connection. see the circulation, what is interesting about this, if it
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was sitting over the water, no doubt this would develop in to a tropical system and may reemerge along the northeast gulf, but this is not going to get a name, but definitely going to behave that way. the feed will produce rainfall across the deep south in the order of five to 10 inches of rain. high pressure in control. that slides off the coast. the return flow out of the southeast, we build in the cloud cover today and build in the rainfall. ahead of the front that produced the rain , the flow is from the south. we cannot avoid getting the system across the mid atlantic. that's what we will look at over the next couple of days. see the clouds thickening up today, tomorrow the rain comes in, by evening and looking for rain on the doorstep wednesday is going to be a washout. today, enjoy it. it's a day off for many. 85, back to 60 or so overnight.
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let's check out the traveling conditions right now on the roads with tonya. no major accidents on the interstates. all overnight road work should be wrapping up in the next five to 10 minutes. jfx, quiet out there. the cars running northbound, towards ruckston, from northern parkway , the earlier road work on jfx northbound at rucksston is clear. cold spring lane, no incidents to report. most traffic running southbound downtown but between the beltway and fayette, no incidents and that's always good news. scientistses in singapore doing all they can to help endangered animals. projects are cutting the edge and helping prevent animals from becoming extinct. the third time is a charm. former beetle is hoping his third trip down the aisle won't turn out the way the second one did. that was splashed across the tabloids, whether he explain when good morning maryland
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returns on this monday, october 10th.
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around the world this morning, a massive clean up is underway in new zealand. a container spill containing fuel. officials are worried the ship could be breaking up. singapore a bright to breed animals on the verge of extinction. scientistses have been breeding elephants, komodo dragon, leopard and orangutan. they bread 90% of the animals. paul mccartney is a married man again.
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this is the third trip down the aisle for the former beetle as he married nancy in london. they tied the north at the hall where mc cartny and his first wife married in 69. linda died of breast cancer. his second marriage ended in a bitter tabloid stricken divorce. another death related to the tainted cantaloupes brings the death tolls to 21. what the health officials are saying. this bridge needs work, so do we, that's the message from this group of workers. get ready to run drills, pl football on this monday, october 10th. good morning maryland i'm charley crowson. it's columbus day. national holiday but many of you heading to work. let's get a check of the
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forecast on this monday and say hello to justin berk. good morning. two minutes before 5:00. temperatures in the 50s eastern shore. most of us starting the day in the 50s. there are spots pushing in to the 40s now, towson, running colder than everybody else. 47 spot there. one of those valley location compared to the hilltops, they tend to be warmer. some spots, i've noticed on my commute in. some ground fog in the fields just lit aglow by the bright moon in the sky. intretion. interesting lovely scene. 53 bel air. high thin clouds mixed in with patchy fog. we are looking for temperatures climbing back to about 85 this afternoon. the clouds thicken up. we will talk about that approaching storm in a moment.


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