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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 10, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everyone, i'm beth troutman, it is monday, and you're watching "right this minute." my mother drove me to the airport to come over here. she didn't know i was coming to fight. >> that was american matthew van dike before he was thrown into a
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libyan jail hell hole. but he's just escaped. so, what's his mother say now? >> i'm extremely proud of him. >> fall is turkey hunting season. >> unless the turkey is hunting you! >> you'll see what happens just when this woman thought she was safe. it's a political ad with a soft porn approach but will it get votes? >> i would like to see what she has to offer. >> i think she's showing you what she has to offer. >> combat boots and cool hats that you can afford. what's on our fashion radar right this minute. >> dear santa, i've been really good this year. this is an incredible story of courage and of commitmentment take a look at this video. this guy is not a soldier, although he looks like one. he's fighting gadhafi forces in libya. but he's actually an american journalist. his name is matthew van dike and he was so passionate about what was going on in libya -- he left
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america and went to libya. in march of this year. >> my mother drove me to the airport to come over here, she didn't know i was coming over to fight. i said i would not leave until libya was free. >> this story came from asp ne lking. il he's talking you can hear mortars going off. >> snipers are a huge problem. we've been surrounded by snipers. i've had really close calls here. >> he was captured by gadhafi forces during a battle and was put in prison, spent 165 days. >> the in ex-thing i knew i'm in this cell being tortured in the room above me. >> after the prison break, somebody took us in their house and they had a television. >> we have his mother, sharon van dike via skype "right this minute." >> thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about matthew. he thought gadhafi would be gone in a week or so like mubarak
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would be removed from egypt. figured he would be there for about a month and come back home. >> does he have any kind of military training? >> he went to fight. he has no military training at all. >> for the time period where he was in prison, what was going through your mind? >> i never, ever thought he that he was a casualty of the war and had been killed. that never entered my mind. we have very close bond and connection, he's my only child. >> as a mother, are you proud of him, or do you wish that he just would have stayed home? >> i'm extremely proud of him. i understand his strong commitment to the libyans and his interest and caring for human rights. >> but she knows now and she's supportive. she knows i'm on the front lines. >> you guys have been finding great video from occupy wall street. but i found some video telling the man side of occupy wall street. >> occupy, occupy wall street.
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you give them an inch, they'll take a square mile of one of your houses in the hamptons. >> that's right. >> that's true. >> everyone is talking about the 99%, what about the 1%? what about us? >> these guys, want to take back wall street for the bankers. >> as you know, we are two highly-paid investment bankers, who work on wall street and we who are sick of seeing all of these, you know, people that were less than -- just kind of parading around it, on our street. so we decided to take matters into our own hands. >> what word are you putting in? >> the word is, listen, we're happy the way things are and things aren't changing. you can protest all you want, but the money is going to stay right here, it's going it stay with the 1%. >> are you really high-paid bankers? >> of course we are, yeah. >> are you really -- >> are you really a news reporter? that doesn't look like a news room. [ laughter ] >> what is your net worth? >> we're not here to flaunt our wealth.
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>> it's a lot. >> rest assured, it's more than everyone in that room makes combined. >> don't you feel at least a little bit bad for those guys who can't afford the big yachts? >> won't afford is the word. >> it's american. everyone can. >> have you ever collected unemployment or gotten a loan like that in. >> sorry, that's very funny to us, because no, we've never bothered to put ourself in that situation. >> well thank you for taking time from your country club to talk to us, the little old 99%. we wish you all the wealth in the world. >> we don't need the wishes or the luck, but we appreciate it. >> these guys aren't breaking character, they're working in comedy. i have to give it to them for sticking to their roles, so to speak. >> funny, funny. >> that is wrong! >> this might be the most controversial political ad i
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think i may have ever seen. ♪ ♪ >> this is a "basic instinct." ". >> her name is katherina leonard and she's running for office in poland. this is her campaign video. ♪ ♪ >> what? >> it says want more? vote for sld, the democratic left alliance, her party and it's -- only we can do more. >> i would like to do more. >> what does that tell me about her views? her ideas, what she's going to do for the country? other than maybe go, get on her knees under someone's desk? >> oh!
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>> she's 23 years old and this is what she thinks. she thinks she's trying to get young people's attention. she wants them to vote for her and the only way to get young people's attention is to do something controversial. so she's trying to be controversial. >> is she drawing attention? sure. would i vote for her? even me, i probably wouldn't. unless she probably had something to say. but i don't know that. >> steven, would you vote for her? >> i would like to see what she has to offer. >> i think she showed you what she has to offer. [ laughter ] >> let's see it again. you're cruising down a very narrow mountain pass. truck in front of you goes around -- oh, wait, hold on, oh! here comes the entire mountain. down accost the road, avalanche pushes the truck right down the cliff. isn't that crazy? >> can you imagine the guy that shot this? as he's seeing this, i am out.
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he starts backing up immediately. >> who knows, the rest of the mountain could come down on him, too. >> thanksgiving is around the corner. and some people are starting to hunt the turkeys, unless the turkey is hunting you. this is in california, a news producer was sent out on a story about these joggers who were being attacked by turkeys. and this is what happened. >> oh, my god. okay. go away. go away. >> oh, my gosh. what do i have? i don't have anything. >> all right, oh! jesus christ! oh! go away! go away! >> this is so embarrassing for the person shooting the footage.
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she won't stop! okay. >> finally, a postal truck comes and helps her scare the turkey away. and just when you think she's safe. >> no! ah! turkey just keeping it real. he's protecting his turf. these ladies are coming in with the camera and sees saying, you know what, this is my 'hood, whatever, so get the heck out of here. >> people that live in this neighborhood say it's common to have a lot of turkeys just running free. >> yes. >> except two of them apparently recently became aggressive with the joggers and here the producer learned the hard way. >> he won't stop. oh! take a look at these footprints. they lead to one of the top trending stories on the web. one of the nfl's hardest hitters
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picking on women and children? why is he doing that? there are more fashion news i have coming at you. bobbles and boots. what to wear and what it will
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armani recently released a new youtube video going all around the web. i want to show it to you. it features rihanna, the new face of armani jeans and underwear. not sure if you would say that. the video i should say was put together by steven klein, he's done some of the madonna videos. and the music you hear underneath, that's "skin" from rihanna's "loud" album. hey, we finally saw her face. so this is the thing -- they said for her innate sexiness, do
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you think rihanna has gone too this kind of commercial for 20 years. this kind of commercial has been around forever. >> this is exactly how they do their ads. especially, i mean it's their underwear line. so why wouldn't they do it like this? >> it's their jeans and their underwear. >> i saw jeans and i saw underwear in this clip. >> it's not dirty, it's not porn-ish, it's tasteful. >> i actually, i disagree. i don't think it's completely tasteful. i think it's a little bit weird thaw don't see her face until the end of it. it's literally just boobs and butt. >> i see what you're saying, and that's kind of the point. jessica told us that it's rihanna in the video, i think you're not supposed to realize it's rihanna wearing it until the end of the commercial. >> it doesn't bother me at all. >> armani quotes rihanna as saying. i just feel sexy, she's saying, my body is comfortable, it's not unhealthy, so i'm going to rock with it. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> love it.
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♪ kids and grown-ups are mesmerized by dinosaurs. one of the top-trending videos and pictures on the internet right now on yahoo is the apoca apocantosaurus. apparently a guy saw something weird on his property and experts came down and saw dinosaur footprints, these cover roughly two football fields. >> it looks like a t-rex. >> it's a relative of the t-rex. it also had footprints of another dinosaur. they were trying to figure out why they were in the spot. they say these existed 115, 120 million years ago. in what would have been the southern coast of north america. this he say at the time, it was very arid and dry. but they found beds of salt and
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gypsum and no dinosaur bones, but they found these footprints. >> could they be fake? >> people fake lots of things. but when they have experts who say these are footprints, so i think probably not. >> i'm fascinated by it. this bun is going to make you wince. a couple of bros at camp. this is the life-point chump having a bro-off. >> oh! oh, man. that like -- ah, dude. there are two sensitive areas that could have been affected in this video. pretty much turned himself into a fudge sickle there. >> what was he trying to do? >> i don't know. i don't what -- you're talking about a 4 x 4 post, inches. he's going to try to stand on it with both of his feet. was he trying to clear it? oh, my god. >> i get the feeling he was
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trying to vault over it. and that kind of wept wrong. so he kind of pulled up -- >> every time it's bad. every time, it's bad. >> oh! >> oh, you heard something squish. ow! >> there's like a popping sound. it's like -- look at all the spectators in the back. body is going t let thisuy and t worst part? head first right into the wall. reigning nfl defensive player of the year, one of my favorite players -- even if you don't like football, you know who this guy is, troy polamalu because he's got the long hair flying out of the back of his helmet. he's the man who plays for my favorite team, the pittsburgh steelers. >> never heard of him. >> he recently took his talents to madam tousseaus in hollywood. the famous wax museum. troy decided i'm going to dress up in my steelers uniform, complete with pads and i'm going to madam tousseaus and freak people out.
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of course, troy is no stranger to being in front of the camera because he's on the head and shoulders commercial. people are think, oh, it's a wax museum. >> i like this guy. >> he's, you know, equal opportunity. he's scaring young kids, scaring adults. he goes, you really look like troy. >> you look a little like troy. >> i am. [ scream ] >> this is not the guy whose hair i would pull. i would avoid that. this little girl is overcome with joy. what she got for her birthday that made her break down in tears. freaked out, terrified and
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flat out scared. believe it or not, these people actually paid for this. we'll tell you about the nightmare inside the coffin factory. .
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i'm a big chicken. but i think i'm going to need at least two of you guys to go to this with me. it's a haunted house. there's apparently a room in there that they take a picture of your reaction to something super-scary. and it's posted on flickr.
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they say 100,000 people chickened out, i would be the 100,001. i would be yellow. i don't like this stuff. i hate this stuff. i don't like it and my reaction when people jump out is to hit them. >> "right this minute," we have the creative genius behind "nightmares." what are those people staring at when you snap their picture? >> it could be different for everybody in there. to tell you the the truth. we're not the tiypical haunted house with robots popping out at you. interesting thing is from the picture you see, it looks like the room is all lit up. but it's pitch black inside the haunted attraction. you can't see your hand in front of your face. >> when you say 100,000 people have chickened out. they've got to the door and chickened out or stepped one foot in or got halfway through and left? >> yeah.
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people are saying how long it takes to walk through and that's between 15 seconds and 15 minutes, that dpepds on you. some people get through and they could be a step from the exit and the key is to scream nightmares if you're too scared on the inside. something will escort you out of the maze. >> is this a house, a seasonal ng tha guysbuild?barn, do you ga story as i go through? >> this was the old cataract coffin factory in niagara falls, canada. it was a coffin factory and operated by a gentleman named abraham mortimer, he ran this place, it was his pride and joy, but he would get tormented nightly with a bunch of kids and one night this was a struggle. and he tried to get the kids out of the factory and a stack of coffins overturned and crushed him to death. now legend has it he's haunting the halls of this factory. >> now i want to know if i would try it. >> i told you, this is going to
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be awesome. we should totally do it. as a group, i'm not going alone. >> jumping into the water? >> come on. [ speaking foreign language ] i have some exciting fashion news. high-end fashion line, christian cota just released a line of boots for affordable shoe brand, aldo's. christian coda previewed boots, flat boots, all the models were loving it. for once they walked the runway in something flat. aldo phoned them up and asked if he would do some boots for them and he did. there two pairs, and they're each in two colors and they're
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$250 and below, which is good for him. because they would probably be a couple grand if they were in his regular line. the laramont are 200 and the barbarito are 250, you can get them in aldo stores and online. they just went on sale on friday. dear santa, i've been really good this year. >> i wore these in 1994, i wore them to the pearl jam concert. more fashion news, target just released new images for their new designer collaborations coming out october 30th. they just announced they were going to do jason wu next year. this will hopefully tie you over. they have jewelry designer, dana kellen and josie natori and a reputed lingerie designer and a beautiful milliner who designs
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beautiful hats. you better be at the target store on october 30th. "monday night football," the lions are hosting the bears. we've got some sneak peek footage. >> these are the actual detroit lions from the detroit zoo. and to get ready for tonight's game, they tossed a meat-filled pinata wearing a crude bears costume into the lions' den. >> this is cardboard tubing in a box stuffed with meat? >> yeah i think it looks like mike ditka. he's kind of boxy like that. >> yeah. >> they put it in there thinking the lions would tear this bear to shreds. but it didn't happen, they just pawed at it. well one thing's for sure. hank williams junior didn't sing the opening for this video, either.
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pinprinciples on high school football players' hands. why would their opponent do this to them at the end of the game? this guy is hank hanna, a few months ago, he weighed over 300 pounds. >> something in my head quit. i knew how to do this. >> hank's plan was simple and it's helping kids, see how he's doing.
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mysterious pinpricks turn up on the palms of 27 high school football players. so what or who is responsible? >> beards are sexy, right? who will be the sexiest of all in this year's big beard and mustache championships? ice cream men are supposed to bring joy to young children. >> i think it's because -- she's not even two, but she has great taste in men. >> he's cute. >> i think angelina might be
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jealous after she sees this one. we all know in sports win or lose, you shake hands after the game, right? i know sometimes we're sore losers you give a little hard shoulder or don't take a shand as you go by. but i've never heard of anything like this. in ohio after a high school football game high schoolan mac mlean high school, a player on washington high school, which was the winning team, allegedly had a pin in his hand. he was slapping hands with the other players. and standpointed, poked 27 of these other players. you'll see in the video, the players do have the marks, obviously they're minor. but all 27 of the players were given free tetanus shots. they're worried about
4:31 pm
blood-borne diseases. >> what a jerk. did they figure out who it was? >> they figured out who it was, the player was dealt with by the team and the school and they're saying he could be facing assault charges. >> that's what i was thinking, making somebody at risk for a disease that could be fatal iul. >> it's kind of a shady thing, it's like, come on, man, give me a break. this video is going to take you back to when you were a kid and your parents gave you a big surprise. >> is your birthday coming? okay. so just open that back pack. >> as you can see, she's got the disney princess backpack. check out what's inside. >> oh my goodness! >> what do you think we should take all this stuff? where do you want to go with it?
4:32 pm
>> you could go anywhere, where would you want to go? >> disneyland! >> why don't we go. >> okay. >> why don't we go today. >> are you serious? >> yes, we're leaving today to go to disneyland. >> are you joking? >> no, i'm not joking, we're going. are you excited? it's for your birthday! >>. [ crying ] >> we're going, when daddy gets home from work. when daddy gets home from work! do a happy dance, yeah! i love you! >> i love you, too. >> say bye! >> bye! >> i love everybody. just for watching that. that is the sweetest, most awesome little girl. >> right this minute, we have beautiful lilly and katy klem
4:33 pm
via skype. lilly, how was your trip to disneyland. >> good. >> did you have a favorite ride or a a favorite character that you got to meet? >> i had a favorite ride. flash mountain. >> did you get the to meet the characters from movies that you've seen? >> i met rapunzel. >> you're a mom, how did you keep the secret without spilling your guts on your own. >> honestly, we've been planning it for about a year and we had to keep it secret for a year. i knew i wanted to do this all along. but i had no clue she would react that way. >> have you asked your mom to take you back? >> yeah. >> she wants to go to walt disney world this time. >> listlly, i'm so glad you got the biggest surprise of your life. >> i want to show you the happy dance. >> do the happy dance for you.
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>> yeah, that's awesome, thank you, lilly. talk about a freak accident. this happened in revere, massachusetts, look at this surveillance video, fire truck is cruising down the road, you see one of the fire hoses dragging behind it. as it rounds this left-hand turn, about 30 feet of the hose whips around and the top part of your screen, it clips a 70-year-old man, clips him around the legs, drops him to the ground immediately, he had a concussion, scrapes, bruises. and then in icu for three days, expected to be okay. >> did the fire truck know the hose was hanging out the back. >> the fire truck had no clue they were dragging the hose. they thinking they may have hit a pothole and loosened it. the hoses are designed, once you pull them, they sort of spool off. they had no idea until
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bystanders flagged them down. >> usually they're the ones going to a scene like this where somebody is hurt. i can just imagine what was going through their minds, thinking we hurt somebody and we're here to save people. >> this isn't entirely uncommon. it's happened before and in the same area. the chief says what they're going to do to make changes, they're going to retro fit the fire trucks and get some strapping, cargo netting to put across the back of the fire hoses to hopefully prevent this from happening again. i'm going to introduce to you a man that will inspire you to live a healthy life and enjoy it. hank hannah, is 33 years old. he considered himself pretty overweight in may. he was 334 pounds and he decided to change his life. so he started a website called the business of losing weight. and what hank hannah is doing is donating $5 to a nonprofit organization that battles childhood obesity for every
4:36 pm
pound he loses. $5 for every single pound. he's already lost 68 pounds. the nonprofit that he's working with is called louie's kids, it's such an inspiring story. >> how is he losing weight, diet, exercise? >> i believe it's a combination of both. "right this minute," we have hank hannah on skype. >> what are you doing to drop the weight? >> i'm not doing a low-carb diet or anything like that. but i'm trying to eat low calories, high protein and i'm limiting myself to about 1800 calories per day. and then i do cardioexercise, 45 to 60 minutes almost every day. the most important part is something in my head clicked a few months ago. i decided that i knew how to do this an i just had to set you know, my mind to doing it. eating right and exercising, is you know, it's the right formula. >> do you ever have like just
4:37 pm
one little pies of candy? >> my weakness is country ham biscuits, i'm not a big fan of cake or sweets, it's country ham biscuits or gravy biscuits that always tempts me. >> country ham biscuits? >> you can follow his progress on business of losing you can see how many pounds he loses next week and how much money is goinglouie's kids. robots are taking over the world, you guys. one robot at a time. and this one shampoos your hair for ux. it's a robot created by panasonic. the gag is that people think it's going to be in salons. the truth is it was created to
4:38 pm
be used in hospitals to help workers who can't keep up with the demand of some of the patients. that makes more sense. because in a salon, you would have to change the fingers like between every single person whose head you washed, which would take a lot of time. it would be kind of unclean to leave a finger there. >> look at the little sneeze guard she's wearing so the snoep doesn't get in their eyes. >> it scans everyone's head and measures it so it applies just the right pressure for the shape of your head. >> i'm thinking the robot is going to like my hair is going to get tangled in it and it's going to start strangling me and pulling out clumps of hair out. and before you know it, you've got a grip around your neck and conditioner in your eyes and you cath breathe. we're going woo over this little girl.
4:39 pm
>> woo. >> see who she's going woo over, she's breaking hearts on the internet. my, steve is cranky, he needs an ice cream show. maybe you'll like the show, when we come back.
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what has doctors, nurses and volunteers dancing? pink gloves. ♪ >> the people you're watching are from the victoria hospital
4:42 pm
at prince albert park region in canada. they're one of more than 120 people who sent in videos for the pink gloves dance competition. they encourage people to send in videos of people in pink gloves to give people awareness about breast cancer. the winner will get $10,000 donated in their name to their favorite breast cancer charity. to talk to us "right this minute" via skype we have sue mcginness, chief marketing director and emily summers who directed the first pink glove dance video via skype. were you surprised by the number of people who submitted videos for this competition? >> when we saw them coming in, r every delivery there would be 40 delivered a day. we were really appreciative. and i have to believe from the creativity we were seeing, we saw one video submitted in 3-d. so we were blown away.
4:43 pm
everybody went all out to win this competition. >> what are the criteria you go for when searching for the one that's going to win the $10,000. >> the win certificate the one that has the most votes. so it's not our decision on who wins, it's really the community who decides. >> everyone has until october 21 to vote, you go to to do that. >> you're never too young to develop a crush. >> true. >> this video proves it. >> who is that? >> brad pitt. >> hi brad. >> hi. he's cute. >> i think angelina might be getting jealous after she sees this one. >> she picked a good actor to have a crush on. he is pretty cute. >> she's only 18 months old. she already can identify brad pitt. >> and call him cute.
4:44 pm
>> and call him brad pitt. >> i wonder if she's seen the movie "seven" though, she might think otherwise. >> all she has to do is watch "legends of the fall" and it will come right back. >> that is too adorable. >>. the video i'm going to show you is a new pretty heartbreaking trailer for a documentary called "you've been trumped." >> golf course ywren the world. >> i don't need it, it's not in the way of what i'm doing. >> this property has stuff growing all over the place, you live like a pig. >> what you're seeing in the video is a land dispute between donald trump and the locals in aberdeen, scotland. along the northern coast of scotland. >> he says the guy is living
4:45 pm
like a pig. unless you have an hoa you can keep your property the way you want. >> i'm flabbergasted by that statement. you see the man fighting for his home. fighting for his land. >> if it was me, i would have been out. [ inaudible ] >> i'm not surprised that he's trying to do this. he's a builder. he's, he is a capitalist. he's a capitalist. >> trump is trump. we all know that. he's not going to build a golf course here. he'll build it wherever the hell else he wants to build it. >> the people can't represent themselves in this scenario. >> this is still in progress. the golf course is still being built. you can see the movie in indie theaters and some festivals right now. sculptures in man fur, the facial hair face-off you've got
4:46 pm
to see. it might only be the size of a tree house, but for this teen, it's as big as a mansion. ♪ [ gasp ] [ mom ] my husband -- he thinks it's a 3-sheeter. i say 1-sheeter. bounty can clean the mess with less. [ female announcer ] in this lab demo, 1 sheet of bounty leaves this surface as clean as 2 sheets of the bargain brand. ♪ dance cooking? bring it. super durable. super absorbent. super clean.
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bounty the 1-sheet clean picker-upper. and try bounty napkins.
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this video has been out there for a while. but it's making the rounds again and i think it's because -- it's the creation of coning. i think this is where people got the idea. >> this is the conception, the
4:49 pm
cone-ception. >> this happened in istanbul. this is a japanese tourist ordering ice cream from this gentleman. >> oh wait. here's a cone, i'm going to help you, there you go. >> this guy's annoying. >> oh, he's a big old scoop of ice cream. >> here, i took the cone. >> he's wasting a lot of cone. this isn't good for the environment. >> i think con biodegradeable. >> i mean -- still. >> this guy is a real jack-ass. >> hey, nick, come over here, you've been craving ice cream for two weeks. >> this is a spectacle. look at the show. look at all the people standing around watching him. he's like a street performer. >> with ice cream and cone. >> why are so mad at him? >> all you want is the ice cream
4:50 pm
and he's trying 0 fake you out and put on a show. dude, just give me what i paid for. >> this makes me happy. >> i think steve is just hungry, maybe. >> just give me what i paid for. i didn't want the show. if i wanted a show, he'd go to the movies. it doesn't get much more manley than this. >> over the weekend in lancaster, p.a., the second annual national beard and mustache championships. they're being judged in the mustache category. the full beard groom category and then the full beard natural category. these are pretty extreme beards. >> look at that thing. >> what the heck is that, that looks like the grille on an old car. >> he has london bridge.
4:51 pm
>> i would call that full beard groomed. >> do you think these people walk around daily like this? >> oh yeah. >> do they wax it up and groom it up for hanging out at the i-hop. >> if they're going out, it's getting styled. >> this isn't a young man's sport. you cannot be a 20-something, it looks like and have that kind of established growth. >> face foliage. >> there's a guy at the end here, captain redbird. he looks pretty young. >> i tinld get the ladies. >> i would beg to differ. >> really? this video of 16-year-old austin hayes is going to inspire you. >> tell me more. >> over a year now. like any other teenager i want to move out. you can move this and park it and live in it whenever i want. you have to put their minds to
4:52 pm
it. >> it has mostly found item the and he also used donations from people he knew to get some of the materials. >> that's cool. and it's on wheels, so he can take it around the country. >> he says he's going to take it to college with him and he can take it anywhere after college. >> it's awesome, insulated, has a little porch on it which i think is really cool and you can tell he's really proud of it. >> does it have a kitchen and a bathroom area? >> it does. it has both. one of the sinks is a stainless steel sink he found in a salvage yard. along with the hardwood floors which he found tore $25 and installed himself. >> are his parents cool with him having his own house in the back yard? >> his parents are very cool with it. because the idea is that he wants to teach his peers and adults how to live sustainably and how to live smaller. have smaller builds, make a smaller impact on the environment and he's now a 16-year-old homeowner without a mortgage.
4:53 pm
pretty fricking cool. it's one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen on the internet. judge for yourself, when we come back.
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officers were outside a lounge and a man stumbled out covered in blood. and two other men were stabbed and the police are still investigating, but they have not made any arrests. the lounge was the scene of an accident where a baltimore police officer shot a marine to death. amanda knox is back in united states and out of
4:57 pm
prison. but she may be still be part of a lawsuit. her roommate is now suing her for $12 million. we're back with abc 2 news in two minutes at 5:00. gly spectacular. >> this is a beautifully-shot time-lapse video of arizona landscapes. some of those are landmarks you may recognize. there's a little bit in there also of utah. >> this video was shot by crew
4:58 pm
west inc. the production company here in arizona. >> you got to think about the amount of time that goes into each and every one of these shots. >> this is dustin farrell, the photographer. >> my favorite thing about time lapse photography, always, the sky. it always amazes me. >> if you wan to tin its entire. head on over to our website, that's it for our show today, everybody, thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you today, everybody, thanks so much for joining us and we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
4:59 pm
the police thought they might have been smoking mary beth marsden in the car. >> a routine traffic stop turns into a high-speed chase in harford county. we'll talk to on eyewitness. there's a potentially deadly hazard inside your home. batteries and how forces are joining together to protect our children. how much pet owners spend to pamper their four-legged friends. at a time when people were heading to church, a car load of suspects led police on a high-speed chase that ended with a crash. jeff? >> reporter: witnesses say that the troopers tried to pull the car over on the susp


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