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tv   News  ABC  October 11, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: three people are stabbed inside a nightclub and now the club sowner is -- owner is speak out. and it's supposed to make ushealthier but dietary supplements could be harmful to older women. which vitamins are a concern and why. that story ahead on this tuesday october 11th. let's get to justin berk and have check of the tuesday's forecast. >> good morning. let's go back into yesterday annapolis. we had high clouds mixed in with the sun and watch what happens during the late afternoon and evening hours. it was the thin veil of clouds but just thin enough to allow
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the moon to shine through. and yes, some of you reporting that the ring around the moon just a sign of the moisture in the sky and that moisture is lowering and thickening and building in. we have a look acrossan arundel county. millersville you are at 59. harbor school in annapolis and i will meet a few of you at 62. and glen burnie anne arundel community college at 62 as well. a dry sweep on maryland's most powerful dop lar radar but rain on the -- doppler radar but rain is on the way. >> reporter: reisterstown road southbound is is now over. they had an investigation going on and that's out of the way so traffic is cleared to get by. let's look at the beltway on the southwest side through claytonsville a. smooth ride. outer loop is okay. 95 north of white marsh southbound traffic is to the right of the screen. north bound we have a little bit of volume as well. northbound when you get to 152 you may run no late roadwork
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but the right lane is closed. stay to the left. drive times are doing fine traveling harrisburg expressway from shawan to the beltway. 5 minutes. 95 out of white marsh and 6 minutes to the beltway. outer loop 6 minutes and 7 minutes traveling 759 to 70. charley -- 795 to 70. a club no stranger to violence had another incident during the weekend. three people stabbed saturday night. now the owner says he is trying to attract a different form of clientele. corinne redman is standing by live with the details. >> reporter: well, like you said, eden's lounge made headlines in the past. last. >> i am they held a fund- raiser. but saturday night it was a much different scene out there with three people were stabbed inside. now the club owner is speaking out telling us he is making changes for the club. now, a cell phone video outside the lounge early sunday morning shows a man with bandages over stab wounds. a police report says three people were stabbed inside the club but the victims doesn't
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know who assaulted them or what led to the incident. one victim was reportedly confused and highly intoxicated. the mount vernon club made headlines for a crime that happened outside the club when tyrone brown a former marine was killed last year by an off- duty police officer. the owner of the econdition's lounge says he has security throughout the nightclub and front door and normally there's a heavy police presence in the area. given the rash of events, he plans on making tougher restrictions on club patrons. >> eden -- eating and dancing and having a good time. >> reporter: edwards plans to meet with the neighborhood association president today and also police say so far they have no suspects in the triple stabbing. rotting live outsaid butte molt -- boltsmore city police headquarters -- baltimore citypolice head quart e. corinne redman. a colorado run family jewelry store are cost thousands they switch out a bag
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of real gold for fake gold. they walked in 450 -- 445 grams of gold worth 11,000 dollars but one watches and the otherswitches the bags. the police are searching for the suspects. >> a plan to claims to fight crime wound up under arrest. he calls himself phoenix jones and ran up on a group of men and women who he thought were fighting and held out pepper spray and pulled the trigger. when police arrived they arrest him for assault and confiscate his costume made crime fighting sued as -- suit as evidence. it was an attempt to help went too far. jones was acting in self- defense and people jones alleged ledgely hit with pepper spray say they were dancing not to do investigating. a man dropped his marijuana outside a pittsburgh convenience store a police officer found the drugs and the man asked the officer can i
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have my drugs back. >> i thought you said you would get in trouble for that. >> you thought i wouldn't get in trouble if i gave you back marijuana? >> no not you. [audio not understandable] >> of course i called i have the duty and responsibility my understand that. >> i understand that. i am not mad at you. i am just saying. >> how are you not mad at me. >> i understand. i think marijuana should be loll. >> clearly. clearly -- legal. >> clearly. clearly. there's so many deckss -- directions i could go with that. he was not arrest because the police officer didn't see him holding the bag before he dropped it a good chance the kid didn't get the $15 worth of weed back. a bear gets stuck and almost ruins a big day. how he got out of a sticky situation and back into the woods. he is stuck and it was the first of the season. a perfect 10. if you fell asleep last night and missed "dancing with the stars" we have you covered with
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a wrap this morning. you are watching good morning maryland what's new, now and next and everything to get your tuesday started off right. [ sue ] wow!
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now "good morning maryland." early saturday morning a baby bear attempted to break into a cage surrounding a popular wedding venue. the cub got into the dumpster and became trapped while trying to get out. mama bear was attempting to help nearby but she wan a-- ran away when she heard humans. they pulled the cub out and so it could return to its family in the rocky mountain national park. a good ending but the bear was stuck. >> honey pots you know. always goes for it. >> 61 this morning on the delmarva from dover to easton. 61 in baltimore. up to 63 in patuxent river. a sign of warm air pulling in despite the chill of 48 in york and fog across some parts this morning. we have patchy thick fog. a sign of moisture building in to benefit some clearing overnight. the clouds thattaed a little veil over the moon during the evening and some of you still
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seeing it this morning. the cloud will lower and thicken as the storm build in. there's the storm right now. i wanted to point this out across florida and look at the push of the moisture into the carolinas. and it's knocking into central virginia and i think we get showers this afternoon so plan for things to deteriorate mostly cloudy to overcast and we will push 74 but then showers take the umbrella if you have plans this evening. tanya has a check on traffic. >> reporter: penn line train 405 is on a 7-mibt delay near bowie state. they are able to make that up oftentimes. let's look at the beltway to see how things are moving along. light traffic outer loop has most volume with the oncoming traffic. inner loop is clear. 95 at 395, steady volume in both directions as you can see. that's 95 southbound to the right of the screen. 95 north that work at caton they are trying to wrap that up. overnight roadwork. 95 north past caton. 20 minutes until 6. week four of dancing with the stars and rikki lake and her partner with the first couple of the sea
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heson to get perfect 10s. lake and her partner received two, 10s and 9 for the tango to the theme from psycho. this puts them atop of the leader board into the elimination tonight. jr martinez is second with 26 points for fox trot to the perching panther theme. last place carson. watch abc2 news tonight. abc2 now and see who heads home. go to our facebook page and weigh in as the show goes on and you can talk to us here in the abc2 studios about how you think it's going, who should stay and, of course, who should go. 5:41. and the count down is on for the arrival of jay-z and beyonce's baby. he is dues -- the bundle of joy is due in february and news of the arrival day slipped out during a interview. she says she is definitely ready to be a mom. we know it's a huge problem these days and we have heard heart breaking stories of
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bullying a study looks at what kids who are the intimidators. what they are doing and what wefound out with that. >> reporter: a new study has been released on supplements. hear which ones are harmful and which ones are safe coming up. ♪ [ female announcer ] everybody loves that cushiony feeling.
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now "good morning maryland." 5:had 4. more than -- 5:44. more than half adults take vitamins n some cases, the supplements do no good or may be increasing the risk of dying from cancer or heart disease. sherrie johnon on which one helps and which could be a potential risk. >> reporter: we spent 27 billion dollars on supplements. for millions of us it's part of the routine. researchers say that for older women, some of the vitamins might be harmful. they looked at 40,000 women ages 55 to 69 years old over the course of 19 years. the study found that older women who took a multivitamin b6 folic acid magnesium zinc or copper were at slightly increased risk of death dying from heart disease and cancer. women who took iron had a 3.9%
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increase risk of death and this report follows other studies that found that certain other supplements may be harmful. dietary supplements don't require the same testing that drugs do. >> up until now there hasn't been much benefit or risk seen with multivitamin. people thought it might help but probably won't hurt. this raises the question that it might hurt and i think that's a whole different level of understanding that we need to comprehend. in other words, people are taking something to improve their health but it actually might harm their health. >> reporter: now critics of the study say it was biased and didn't prove that supplements caused harm. they say this is not a cause and effect study. critics say this study doesn't warrant sweeping overstated concerns for elderly women. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. ten years after the anthrax attacks that made 17 sick and
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killed 5 people. scientists don't believe the man deemed responsible was working alone. they have written a paper questioning the government's finding on the army microbiologist at fort dietrich who is solely responsible so theclaims went. the paper takes the position that there are connections that need to be investigated before the case can be officially closed. a spokesman says the agency stands by the conclusion that he acted alone. now is the time to move or you are going to be subject to arrest. >> we are. [audio not understandable] >> now to the protest okay poi wall street. this is occupy -- occupy wall street. this is occupy boston. a hundred people were arrested fortress passing. police commissioner says one police officer was hit in the face and at least a thousand or more protesters are involved.
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they are saying they are staying on top of this or we are staying on top of this. more coming up at six. protesters for occupying dc say they are not going to leave soon. u.s. park officials say they have granted the group a 4 month extension for the protest permit and feared they would have to leave because the first permit was expiring. the stop the machine protest is happening blocks away from the occupied dc protest. and in pierson square. they have been pushing for a anti-war message and targeting corporate greed the conner stone of the movement since the beginning. in new york where it started, they are showing no sign of slowing down either. new york city officials are now hoping protesters are going to pack up and go home. that's not likely. that's because the cost of police surveillance is growing. the nypd spent nearly 2 million dollars mostly in overtime pay. reverend al sharpton and kanya west and russell simmons made
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appearances where the protesters have been gathering. so, joe the plumber wants to become joe the congressman. he's a symbol during the last presidential election and he was singleed out as an example of a struggling working man. now joe is running for congress in ohio and will be running as a republican. bullying is a major problem in schools around the country and a now eye opening study explains why it could be happening in your child's school and you may not know it a key find something bullies are also victims. the study shows why kids bully and a sociologist calls it social combat using the behavior to climb the social ladder. >> a race to the top. by getting to the top you view yourself as a important person of your school. and that is the reason why bullying occurs. >> the study found the higher they get the more aggressive bullying can become. it's bullying awareness month and nationwide program is trying to get kid to speak up
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about bullies. sign on on facebook and take the sop stop the bullying pledge. put in your zip code. so far more than 58,000 poem signed up on this. and it's -- people have signed up for this. it's important measure and something we should be aware of a do our best to stop. being bullied by a storm if you haven't seen the video we will show you again. from lake wales in florida that got flooded out from heavy downpours and heavy rain on the order of a foot in some spots producing more flooding likely up towards yornlga -- georgia and the carolinas over the next day or so. bands of heavy rain pulling in off the atlantic. a new one coming off the gulf of mexico wrapping around the storm itself. that rolls its way up towards the north in our direction. and look at this feeder down into the tropics. does that look familiar? how many times have we done this so far? we have had remnants of low and also irene chugging up the coast. this is going to be another setup with tropical rains but from a nonnamed system. the storm doesn't have a name.
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it deserves one. it should. heavy rain rolling up in our direction. central virginia gets it. it pulls in heading through the afternoon hours and i think we escaped the morning drive and notice the clouds lowering and thickening and skies look more ominous. northern extension of rain pushing near fredericksburg and virginia. that's a 5 p.m. time stamp but i think it may get in here earlier than that -- than that. the kid may need the rain jacket on the way home. may hold off a few extra hours in the northern tiera but we will get it during the evening and overnight. one computer model sees the conveyor belt tomorrow morning but in and out throughout heavy bands of rain throughout the day. and know surge on thursday evening. 74 today. the rain builds in overnight heavy at times after a low to the 60s. staying in the 60s tomorrow. and a break thursday morning and heavier on thursday afternoon and evening. and windy on friday and for the runners of the baltimore
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marathon race temperatures at 8 a.m. should be in the low 50s and a bit breezy but dry. tanya. >> reporter: 50 west at bay bridge, we have an incident. traffic does get by, though. all of the major lanes are open so it may be over on the shoulder. let's look at the beltway on the northwest side. this is the view from old court road south of 795. as you get past liberty slow down around baltimore national pike. 95 south of white marsh boulevard, we have slight delays here. that's the southbound traffic to the right of the screen and that's slowing down a little bit. not quite affecting drive times yet. 83 southbound from shawan to the beltway is five minutes. 95 out of white marsh 6 minutes outer loop bel air to providence 6 minutes and 795 to 70 about 7 minutes. charley. well he is known as. [audio not understandable] he is accused of trying to blow up a play on christmas day. his federal trial begins today. will there be a nba season at all? we are hearing about some
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5 things to know on this tuesday morning. the trial of the alleged underwear bomber begins in michigan. he is is accused of trying to detonate an explosive device hidden in his underwear eye board a christmas day flight in 2009 bound for detroit. tonight dartmouth college plays host to gop candidatesch the debate is less than week after the president ripped congressional republicans for not immediately backing his jobs bill or presenting acceptable alternatives. and president obama travels to pittsburgh today where he will tour the international brotherhood of electrical workers training. council on jobs and competitiveness will present the president with its recommendation for job creation. and the senate will hold a vote tonight on the president's 447 billion dollar plan to promote job growth. republicans appear united in opposition to it and democrats in the senate are going to have 53 votes and face a difficult task of getting to 60 needed to keep the bill alive.
5:57 am
and another day in collective bargain tween between the nba players and owners ends with nothing resolve. david turn announced the first two weeks of the 2011 season has been canceled. the last nba work stopage was more than -- ten years ago and that happened in 1998. phillip parker junior was killed on a bus while being transported from hagerstown to baltimore. why his family says the state is at fault and they he want to be compensate for his -- compensated for his death. and how to raise money for maryland's highways. and it's the oldest of its kind but it runs. we will look at this when we come back. you are watching "good morning maryland first and only at 4:30 with what's new now and next to get your day started off right.
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