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tv   News  ABC  October 12, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now "good morning maryland." a foiled scheme has state department concerned this morning. why they are warning all americans to be extra vigilant while traveling. and he was heavily criticized but he was undeterred. we will look back at last night's republican debate where all eyes were on herman cain. and wear orange to take a stand. national movement is getting underway to stop bullying which has come to maryland. we will look at it on wednesday, october 12th, good morning. i am charley crowson. let's get to it because there's a little rain out there this morning. meteorologist justin berk has latest. >> let's emphasize a little bit. we talked about rain and i was in the camp of thinking we might have flooding because of the storm that was developing in the south. looks like it's not going to be the full hit that it initially looked like at 63 right now in easton and baltimore. we have had rain and we have had bands of rain pushing their way to the east and north of baltimore. this one making roads wet
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baltimore county up 95 through harford and cecil a break in the action near annapolis through southern maryland and picks up around southern calvert and st. mary's county and down 95. that's a solid wet trip from d.c. through central virginia. so overall, we have got wet weather here. most of the heavy stuff back into the mountains and see a little circulation and upper- level low but there's a band of rain that extends down to the south and we have got a few days of a wet pattern. we will get back to 66 and maybe afternoon storms. at 5:31 roads are wet. rain or no rain let's see what's happening with tanya. >> reporter: be careful out there in aberdeen harford county work an accident on pulaski highway. so be careful. if you are up near pulaski and route 22. this is a live look at 95 at 175. you can see the shiny roads there i like to call them. traffic is flowing freely through savage. you should be good to go. top side of the beltway outer loop volume to the rift screen. traffic is building in both directions but we have no incidents on the beltway right
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now. back to you. travel alert after a suspected aassassination plot was foiled here. federal official say elements of the iranian government directed a plot to kill saudi arabia ambassador here to the u.s. the state department is now warning americans abroad to be extra vigilant for signs of more aggressive action. >> reporter: for 12 days, investigators interrogated this man. they say he confessed to ion lendl murderer for hire. a naturalized u.s. citizen who appeared in a new york court yesterday after his arrest last month. federal officials say he worked with a member of iran's revolutionary guard in a foiled ploy plot to kill saudi arabia's ambassador to the u.s. >> this case illustrates we live in a world where borders andbond ris are increasingly irrelevant and where individuals from one country sought to conspire with a drug
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trafficking cartel in another country to assassinate a foreign official on united states soil. >> reporter: the fbi says the suspects were ready to spend 1.5 million dollars to hire what they believe was a mexican drug cartel hit squad to kill the ambassador. the undercover mexican informant exposed the plot. owe physician will take up the -- officials will take up the issue with the u.n. >> this kind of action which violates international norms must be ended. >> reporter: a spokesman for the iranian president says there's no truth to the accusation his country was involved. i think the u.s. government is fabry casing a -- fabricating a new scenario and the goal is to reach the american public and they want to take the public's mind off the serious domestic problems they are facing these days and scare them with fabricated problems outside the country. >> reporter: abc2 news. >> gl the family of a missing
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missouri baby hired a private investigator to help find the daughter. this is bill stanton with the family from tuesday night in kansas city. 10-month-old lisa irwin was seen asleep in the crib on october 3rd and a brief news conference outside the homestanton said the role is helping coordinate and focus the family on the investigation. early tuesday search crews combed the property at an abandoned house near nothing wa there's an update on the san francisco giants fan who is beaten to a coma earlier. doctors says he was shown tremendous improvement and was transferred from the hospital to rehab facility yesterday. the 42-year-old suffered a severe traumatic brain injury from the beating that happened after a game between the giants and l.a. dodgers in march. two men allegedly dodger fans are charged in that attack. well a trip to the corn maze turned into adventure for a massachusetts family. they say they couldn't handle it. the couple along with the young son and three week old baby were lost in the maze.
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mom says she couldn't take it and so she called 911. canine officers found the family 25 feet in in the middle of the maze. the manager tried to ease the fear was complimentary tickets to try it at a later date and the father says the family is grateful but he is doubtful they will return. another surprise eliminationon dancing with the stars. and fierce of radiation and earthquakes has kept tourist away from japan but will a free trip get you to go back? we will tell you how the country is doing when we come back on this wednesday, october 12th. news time is is 5:35." good morning maryland."
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now "good morning maryland." 5:38. if you wanted to visit japan, this may be your chance. an attempt to get tourists back into the country they are offered 10,000 free round trip tickets. you need to publicize your trip on blogs and social media sites and japanese government says tourism dropped dratcally since the earthquake and tsunami and
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plans to open a -- drastically since the earthquake and tsunami and plans to open a can -- let's start off with temperatures from the upper 50s to lower 60s. bel air right now 58 degrees. we will focus on you because there's rain heading in your direction versus the 61 glen burnie and steensville. there's a break in the action. here's-- stevensville and there's a break in the action. there's the break but you've had rain around annapolis and roads are wet. another surge of rain is coming to the south of cambridge riding past it look like tillman island and heading towards kent island in the next hour, hour and half. there's maryland most powerful doppler radar. showers south side of the beltway but steadier rains pushing to the northwest of bel air. jarrettsville and fallston wet. heavier rains on the other side of 95 to jappa -- joppa and
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aberdeen. periods of rain and temperatures not moving much. 66 the two degree guaranteed high. here a tanya with traffic. >> reporter: pulaski highway at route 22 an accident with injuries so avoid that intersection if you can. other than that, doing pretty well. let's look live at 95 at 175. no issues between the beltway heading towards the capital beltway. northbound traffic is running fine as well. 95 north of white marsh boulevard traffic building southbound. up ahead it slows down but northbound is flowing freely and steady. roads are misty and a little sheeny out there. be careful. charley. week four of dancing with the stars and another couple sent home. listen. >> chynna and tony. >> chyn-na phillips considered by many a favorite to make it to the finals but after a tough tango left her near the bottom
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of the board she and her partner tony got the bad news their run was over. here it's good news. because of the dancing she is is making a sizable donation to an orphanage supporting mexico. >> we are building a dorm tore yea 60-bedroom dormitory housing them and feed them and clothes them and educate them. the 60,000 dollars that i am going to donate is definitely going to make a huge difference for them. >> the competition is far from over. 8 couples remain and you can watch them dance again monday night at 8:00 here on abc2. taking a stand to stop bullying. here in maryland, and across the u.s., leaders are asking you to pledge to stop bullying. what's happening tomorrow and how you can get involved. and there's no end in sight for the occupy protest. i am linda so, we are monitoring what he happening across the u.s. [ male announcer ] for sore muscles use new bengay cold therapy, it's pro-cool technology releases armies of snowmen masseuse who cuddle up with your soreness
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in children and adolescents. dulera is not for people whose asthma is well controlled with a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled your doctor will decide if you can stop dulera and prescribe a different asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take dulera more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if dulera can help you breathe easier. ♪ now "good morning maryland." welcome back. we are learning new information about the occupy wall street protest that are popping up across the u.s. from boston to new york, chicago and dallas, thousands are camped out voicing obscure concerns about corporate control on wall street. now overnight, we monitor the
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occupy dallas protests as the permit was about to expire. linda so standing by with more on this. that was the case with dallas wasn't it? >> reporter: yeah. protesters could be kicked out by police. the city of dallas said last night the protesters may soon be forced to disbandch the problem accord -- disband. the problem is protesters didn'tobtain proper insurance coverage to be on public property. so the city says it will start to enforce local laws like park curfews and sleeping in public. no exact dead loin was given and it's unclear if they will be asked to leave or fossably remove in front of the dallas convention center. in boston, where protesters clashed with police some of those demonstrators were arrested and faced a judge yesterday. we expressed our first amendment rights and that's why they were there and that's what we were supporting. and that's why we didn't move. and obviously the police moved us. >> reporter: back in dallas, the spokesperson for the city
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says protesters could be warned receive citations or arrested for not having a valid permit. linda so, abc2 news. here in baltimore officers are concerned that the protesters from occupy baltimore will be mixing in with the baltimore marathon coming up saturday. the marathon has a permit for the plaza that's occupied by the demonstrators. city police say they have a good relationship with both groups and are planning to make sure there's no issue of any kind this weekend and if you are not one of the protesters, that are just trying to figure out more information on the baltimore for the festival, head to our website, and find out what streets will be closed saturday and when runners could be coming through your neighborhood. we will have all the information online at abc# and click on the sports link at the top of the page. democracy 2012 news. race is heating up for republican presidential candidates that gathered in hanover new hampshire at dartmouth university to talk about issues. one of the biggest points of contention had to did with herman cain 999 plan.
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listen. >> 9% corporate business flat tack 9% personal income flat tax and 9% sales tax. >> turn it upside down the devil is in the details. >> i think it's a catchy phrase in fact i thought it was a price of a pizza when i fares heard about it. -- first heard about it. >> coming out on top once againmitt romney who came with simple and talking about simple keeping the point of view. >> right now america is in crisis although if that does happen, you want to have someone who is smart and i do i've done it. >> he was the man with the target on his back when it came time for each candidate to ask another question everyone but ron paul picked romney. he also received the endorsement of new jersey governor of chris christie yesterday. derrick mason will play at m and t stadium for the second time in three weeks and he is not back with the ravens. he is now a houston texan.
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and they take the ravens on this sunday etch played 6 season for the ravens catching 471 balls in regular season play. ravens discussed bringing him back but mason opted out and said he chose to sign with the jets. today is a campaign to stop bullying. in sykesville middle school there's going to be an asem bellably for rachel challenge who was killed during the columbine massacre. pacers national bullying center is asking people to wear orange showing supports to shows bullied. for more information or to take the pledge to stop bullying, head to where you can fine the story in our -- find the story in our top story section. great news for parents in baltimore county. you can prepay for your child's lunch online. baltimore county public schools is partnering with my lunch to allow you to go online to pay for the meals. it helps prevent lunch money from getting lost and lets you monitor what your children are
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eating. you should receive more information when it could be implemented next monday. and changes on the way to arundel mills that could help you shop there longer. two new stores are opening up. naturalizer, a shoe store and a diamond store. and then next month, talbo-t's and andrew marc will open a store selling handbags and belts. the last grand prix was ages ago but we are getting ready for 2012. according to the runner the race it will happen again on labor day weekend. that's what the city was hoping for. the race was held labor day this year and city says it was a big success, but mbers have y released. racing is skeed counseled to -- scheduled to start on friday. again that's in 2012. if you need an excuse to go to happy hour do it for the dogs. tonight at little havana it's brews for bullies and it's organized by the baltimore animal rescue and care, a shelt
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he for barcs and for a five dollar donation you can get unlimited beer and meet pit bullterrier dogs up for adoption. proceeds supports the about. arcs efforts to show pit bulls are happy and affectionate pets. justin. 5:50. look at temperatures here. from 60 in new york and our 63. 50s inland roanoke and charlotte and atlanta at 59. and 70s along the coast. slight moderate along the coastal areas and that is in response to this storm systemthe storm looks impressive just a couple days ago it dumped over half a foot of rain in portion of central florida. but that storm is run out a little bit and as we check out the movement on this system, and general circulation on down to the south, upper level circulation, you see that pinwheeling through the virginia west virginia border. overall, we have lost some of the punch out of this system which means we have diminished
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our threat flooding. that's a good thing. we have a tropical feed coming off the atlantic. we will have locally heavy downpours and storms developing. and there's a frontal boundary that will develop another system that swings through here thursday night and friday. so a few days of rain in store but really not as bad as it could have been. that's good thing. we are wet this morning and there's line of thunderstorms along the mountains. southern virginia north carolina and we have got to deal with that potential heading into the afternoon. hour future radar indicating the best band of rain coming in afternoon through the evening hours. and maybe overnight we have another surge of heavy downpours but we get a break tomorrow before more after nonand evening storms and it takes us probably with leftover showers on friday. 66 today will be a cool day and plan for the wet weather. through tonight heavy at times. 60. tomorrow 70 and again afternoon evening best chance of storms leftover showers friday. for the race on saturday morning, mostly in the 50s to near 60 by noontime and the winds probably about 15 miles
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per hour. tanya. >> reporter: we still have an incident in cockeysville. warren road at beaver dam road. be careful through that intersection. starting to get volume out there with everybody getting up and out on to the roads. let's look at the beltway. this son northwest side near 795. starting to get more volume on the outer loop to the right of the screen mock away from the camera. up a-- moving away from the camera. this is at liberty road, right of the screen the outer loop has volume and it will probably back up to 795 soon. inner loop is moving well. drive times are okay for the most part on 83 and 95. outer loop bel air to moving we 6 minutes there and if you are traveling 795 to 70 that could take anywhere from 709 -- 7 to 9 minutes. could your utility bill be going up as the winter temperatures go down? an announcement coming later today regarding heating and fuel cost. we will fell you -- fill you in on that. what the test vote turn up
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five things to know on this wednesday morning. the fbi uncovered a plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the u.s. the iranian american, 56 years old was arrest after the fbi discovered he planned to detonate a bomb in a restaurant on capitol hill while was having lunch. and the president is unhappy following a failure for the jobs bill to survive a test vote but says the fight isn't over. 46 republicans and two democrats voted against advancing the jobs bill tuesday night. analyst say it will likely be broken up and now passed on in segments. and later this morning, the energy information agency will present the outlook for heating and fuel costs for the winter season. it will come as winter fuels conference can and the president delivers remarks at latino heritage forum hosted by the white house and department of the interiorch the forum celebrates the past and ongoing contributions of american latinos in the american history as part of hispanic heritage
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month. and stephanie rawlings blake will hold a press conference at mary ann winterly elementary as part of safe walk to school month. they will announce grant fundingused for pedestrian safety initiative in school zones. news time is 5:56. fire and rescue teams were at a medical center yesterday. what prompted the evacuation at a national naval medical center in bethesda. and pot candy is causing an uproar. the phoney cardy is being pulled from shelves. and find out why sony had to temporarily lock thousands of online play station accounts. we will tell you why when good morning maryland. we will be back in few minutes.
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