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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  October 12, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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now, abc 2news at 5:30. >> it's ray fact. local government just like us are all struggling over the country. we will tell you what one city is doing to save money that has some fearing for their safety. senate senate voted down the president's billion dollar job bill last night. when what the president plans to do now. and the remaining republican presidential candidates faced off in another debate focusing on the economy. who did well and who didn't. first its been gray all day long and some spots have been seeing rain. looking at 695, traffic moving but it has been ugly. wyatt is in the storm center with a look at that first forecast and hopefully giving us some hope. >> hope, all about hope and we have some hope here in the next few hours, the rain will at least let up some. the radar, check it out. cecil, rain about to get more
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intense. some areas getting some clearing back up toward overly, essex about to see the rain lighten up all the way up through perry hall. the heavy stuff should start to clear, temperatures low 60s to upper 50s, chilly, we will talk about how much longer the weather pattern holds upcoming up. >> thank you. >> with rain in the forecast for the next few day itself could be hard to keep up with. if you want to be in the weather you can down load the weather app for the i-phone or i-pad. with the app you can plan around the weather, get the hour by hour forecast or even the seven day right there in the palm of your hand. join the crowd to know when to get the rain boots or umbrella, just head to the website.
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local governments all across the country are struggling to balance their budget just like a lot of us are at home. it often requires some drastic cuts. did kansas go to far? jamie with more. >> reporter: topeka kansas, officials say they can no long era ford to pursue domestic violence cases. they repealed the law against them but say they are just doing what they felt they had to do. is the behavior for which there is no excuse domestic abuse. now excused in topeks kansas. the city ordinance outlawing it was repealed last night. >> i'm disappointed. i think it's a very sad day for topeka and for victims because it sends i think a very bad message. >> reporter: it all started a budget showdown between them and shawnee county. they blame the da for handing all domestic abuse cases to the
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city. he said he can't prosecute because the county cut the budget and they accuse the da of using abused women to negotiate more money for his office. the interim city manager says in reality, they are not legalizing domestic violence. >> wanted to remove the vagueness of who is really responsible. if you have it then we can dump it on you. >> reporter: the da will have to prosecute the cases because they remain a crime under state law. some fear the vote sets a very dangerous precedent. >> the lives of the most at risk, mostly women and children are at stake and this response by the city is deadly and dangerous. >> reporter: a certain amount of women who are killed in domestic violence were victims of battery and a misdemeanor level. it's not cost effective and not protecting the most at risk,
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namely women and children. >> we have to apologize for that shot there. in harrisburg pennsylvania filed for bankrupt city and detroit has removed many of its street lights because it can't pay the power bill. we will have more on the filing coming up in a few minutes. jamie, abc 2news. >> all right. thank you. police across maryland see cases of domestic violence every day and some many cases the victims don't realize they have been abused. now police are using a list of 20 questions developed right here in baltimore to help people determine if they are in danger. for a list of those questions head to abc and go to the investigator's page. in maryland, 53 people were killed between 2008 and 2009 as a result of domestic abuse. let's look at some of the top stories, community is in mourning tonight in pasadena
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where a 17-year-old died in a car crash. she lost control and crashed. the cause is still under investigation. pat has died. she was the wife of art modell. she appeared on several shows including perry mason and maverick. an water samples have been taken -- and excuse me -- six cases have been linked to the sim plaza hotel. people who stayed there last month are urged to visit their doctors. a prison in oklahoma and still on lockdown after a riot yesterday. it happened why beckham where the sheriff said inmates
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started fighting barricaded themselves into rooms. riot officers threw tear gas and inmates started coming out. dozens were injured but none of the staff were hurt. prison officials believe it may have started over some type of game fight. a ride to the hospital turned in to a birth story monday near boston. inna and her husband were rush together hospital but they ran into a lot of unexpected traffic. they pulled 911, pulled over and held out until the emergency crew reached them. she gave birth just minutes after getting into the truck. the baby is healthy, 7 pounds 8 ounces. encouraging news out of san francisco. brian stow the giants fan beat then to a coma was release from the hospital today. his doctors say he has improved enough to go to a rehab facility. two men are charged in that attack. a woman supposed to be keeping the peace on a florida
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school bus is facing child abuse charges. what she was caught doing and what prompted it. and what was supposed to be a fun family friendship into a corn maze ends with a call to 911. ♪
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. a school bus carrying special needs students in california ended up on its side after hitting a tractor. the students had minor injury. the driver was trying to pass the tractor because it was moving to slowly when the tractor turned the bus swerved and flipped. a florida school bus attendant no longer has a job and is facing charges after an argument with a student got physical. the whole thing was caught on camera. the bus aid as picking something up when the teen picked up another student and flipped him over the seat. the attendant was hit in the face. she is facing abuse charges. and a family trip to the corn maze which was supposed to be fun ended up in a tense situation. a massachusetts couple and their three week old baby thought it would be a good time to tryout the maze but couldn't
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find their way out. they called the police after it got dark. an officer and his dog found them. they were just 25 feet inside. he started with the speech to the nation but last night the president's jobs bill was voted down. what he plans to do next. and they faced each other in yet another debate last night. how they did in new hampshire. ♪
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to helping teachers give kids the skills they need for a lifetime of achievement. pnc. grow up great. . the president's 447 billion- dollar jobs bill was shot down last night in the senate. it appears the american jobs act won't be passed as a
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complete bill sot question is where do we go from here? the president addressed last night's vote today in washington. >> a lot of people in washington and the media will look at last night's vote and say that's it, let's move on to the next fight. i have news for them. not this time. not with so many americans out of work, not with so many folks in your community hurting. we will not take no for an answer. >> the president said he isn't giving up and the house speaker said congress should start looking for aspects of the bill they can work with and agree on and focus on passing some of those. harrisburg pennsylvania filed for bankruptcy. they are seeking chapter 9 because of overwhelming debt. the city listed $458 million in debt. the mayor is taking issue with the filing saying that the city councilwoman who signed it didn't have the authority to do
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so. >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right. gray day out there. we have had the rain at times, got to do the wiper on the harbor camera here and clear ships setting sail. why not? i tell you what? 63 degrees right now. humidity 100%. it's one ugly day, a nice day to take a sail out to bermuda, something like that. the radar showing basically the most significant rain has cleared out of the city and the harbor but we still have quite a bit north and east of town. take a closer look, you can see from hartford up the i-95 corridor. rain still coming down around perryville, extending north into rising sun. then a little further south kent island. we track rain pretty heavy over the narrows and extended up --
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talbet and queen anne getting showers as well. take a look at some of the numbers out there and boy the rain has had an effect on temperature, upper 50s to the north and west. places like hagerstown. i think we will hang out in the low to mid60s for the next several hours but then it'll cool off and high temperatures were never out of the 60s either. a lot it was where these came just after midnight and the temperatures started to cool off in to the afternoon and evening. pasadena about 72, the temperature numbers should warm up about five degrees because of a wind shift. still an ugly day. we will see plenty of cloud cover and that luster of
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heavier rain north and east of us. scattered showers over northern virginia, into southern maryland so another night of off and on rain showers, take a look north and eastful the main circulation over the carolina's. this low slow mover that it is will continue to impact us. right now it's drawing in chilly northeast winds along with the rain and the system itself will be slow to move out. we don't think it gets out until at least early in the day on friday. future trend shows that, cloudy tonight, hit and miss showers, tomorrow afternoon, probably another good round of rain extending into tomorrow. a wet evening drive and then friday we still have cloud around and maybe showers. so, weather doesn't look a lot better until saturday and sunday. overnight 58, rain showers that will be heavy at times. 72, you know -- four or five degrees warmer, not really enough to notice.
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tomorrow night down to 10, scattered showers and should be a little mildler overnight and winds will turn southerly. that will mean a -- another day friday where we aren't going to see a lot of sun. there is a good stretch before we get another wet weather maker looks like the middle of next week. >> seems you forget how nice it was this weekend. >> yeah. >> all right. >> all right. >> let's talk about politics. >> shifting gears, democracy20t the candidates went at it again. last night in the critical primary state of new hampshire. we break down who won, lost and what is expected to come up going forward. some big expectations. >> reporter: a lot of big expectations, especially for people like herman cane. he has been rising in the polls.
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let's talk about last night's debates. there were 19 days between last night's debate and the one before. that is a lot of time to see change which is something we really saw a lot of. as far as the take aways from last night it's clear there is a front runner but it's also clear there is now a target. >> joining us the candidates. . >> reporter: the only issue was the economy. >> over regulation. >> economic meltdown. >> transparent. >> recession. >> reporter: with a bulls eye on his back cane sat front and center. >> my 999 plan on the table. >> reporter: that's his tax reform proposal calling for a 9% corporate tax, person and sales tax. the plan was the source of one liners . when you take 999 plan and turn it upside down i think the devil is in the details. >> it's a catchy phrase. i thought it was the prize price of a pizza. >> reporter: while he was busy
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confronting his new found popularity. mitt romney sat back and let them go at it at times coming across as the voice of reason. >> you want someone smart, experienced, knows how the financial services sector works, knows how to protect american jobs and i do. i have done it. >> while everybody expected fireworks between him and perry, neither took the bait. that is good for romney. >> rick perry backed down and that came to define what the exchanges were. >> reporter: we went through the transcript from last night's debate to try to figure out how many questions were asked and cane had nine questions asked in 90 minutes time. >> thank you. we will see you tomorrow. while they were scaring off against one others the president was traveling through florida when his motorcade got into an accident. two police officer motorcycles that were escorting him
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collided. nobody was hurt. >> here is what we have coming up for you tonight at six. what does a hay shortage mean to you? you will find out. a horse rescue is coming to the rescue to save the day for hay. it's the forgotten appliance. you will be dumping dishes in to the sink. the signal your dinner is done but what will it take for your disposal to live to churn another day? those and more all new for you tonight at six.
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. with all the news about apple it's kind of easy to forget there are millions still
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with blackberries. they aren't to happy right now. a service outage has spread to the united states, the company said they are working to fix the problem as quickly as possible. everybody still is buzzing about apple's new i-phone 4s. should you rush out to buy it or maybe wait a while and see if the 5 comes out? john weighs the pros and cons so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: the new i-phone 4s comes out friday and it's already breaking sales record was the presale sold out at both at&t and verizon. do you really need the 4s or wait for the i-phone 5? text sites and blogs debating the wisdom of the new i-phone 4s. it looks the same as the current model and isn't considered a game changing device. they expect the 5 to be rolled
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out next summer and predict that one will be slimmer and may have a bigger screen. cnn say itself you have the 4, you may want to wait for the 5. otherwise you will likely have to pay for a new phone twice in one year, now and again next summer when the 5 comes out. it says the new phone 4s is aimed at people with the old 3gs model or people who still don't have a smart phone. is money really tight? greater baltimore at&t will give you the old i-phone 3gs free. yes, free, with a two year contract. for more go to the website and click on the money tab so you don't waste your money. >> hank williams junior, his new keep the change is a hit with music lovers. it's gotten 150,000 down loads
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in just 24 hours. it's free, he released it after espn dropped his introduction to monday night football over comments he made about the president. he apologized about his comments but on talk shows he has been saying he wasn't fired by espn, he quit. get ready, a new area code is coming to the area. why we need to add to 410 and 443 and how you could be affected. that's coming up at six which starts right now. . >> it's to be more of a hand rather than a hand out. >> the hay will soon be in the farm. a horse rescue offers free feed for animals. a teen has died after losing control


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