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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 13, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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you awatching the station that works for you "good morning maryland. an amber alert issued for a missing 11-year-old boy in maryland after his mother was found murdered. the information you need to know and what you need a know to help coming up. and every parent's worst nightmare a high school senior killed in a car crash. we will have the latest on a special vigil planned for this young lady kala austin. also blackberry is having big problems right now getting the e-mail and information out. what they will say they are doing to correct that. we will fill you in on details coming up on this thursday, october 13th. good morning. i am charley crowson. let's get to it because weather is a big part of the story in addition to the amber alert. justin, we have got lightning
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out there to be concerned about. >> expect to be a wet morning with lightning a little bit added bonus. most of the action in montgomery county but there's been people hearing the rumbles of thunder maybe as far as columbia and they have had a lightning strike. laurel had it. a camera crew saw it from millersville and it's work into western howard county. a heavier rain is basically west of columbia and ellicott city including west friendship and back towards looks like mount airy seeing flashes in the sky. this is going to be head off towards eldersburg and sykesburg. we have rain passing to the west of westminster and manchester hampstead gets in on it and mist and drills and fog for everybody else. 59 towson and 61 glen burnie. lightning strikes with the mist, drizzle and fog and bands of heavier rain on and off throughout the day.
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and the 72 is the best we will do. now to the roads with tanya. >> reporter: arundel expressway northbound before the beltway, the off-ramp is closed. be aware of that. let's look out there. we are okay. this is the outer loop at frederick road going smoothly through kate opsville. inner loop incident at 2 -- inter loop incident at 295. this is the jfx at northern parkway looking southbound. light traffic in both directions. travel is doing okay as well. whenever you have the road spray tough watch out for visibility. drive times are okay because of the light traffic. 83, 95, 95 is about 6 minutes from white marsh to the beltway. that may change in the next few minutes. outer loop is doing fine. the next thing that will change is bel air to providence taking 6 minutes. breaking news on this thursday morning involving an amber alert for an 11-year-old boy out of montgomery county. we fee -- police need your help in tracking him down. the 11-year-old was kidnapped
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in germantown and his mother was found murdered in her apartment. it unfolded within the past 12 hours and sherrie johnson has an update. what's the latest. >> reporter: i've been talking with detectives overnight. i got off the phone a couple minutes ago and they say the case is all very fluid at this point. it's fresh. officers hope during business hours they can learn more information and that's when they hope to gather more information. authorities had issued an amber alert for william mcquain. last night, a little after 8, detectives went to briercliff terrace apartments in germantown as part of a missing person report. and when they entered the apartment, that's when they found 51-year-old jane mcquain dead in her bedroom. detectives are treating this as a homicide. they say she suffered trauma to her upper body. there was no sign of the victim's son william mcquain. he has not been seen since september 30th. william is described as a light skinned black male about 5 feet tall and weighs 85 pounds.
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now right here look at this. that is new picture captured at walgreens getting the message out about the amber alert. across the area this morning, you can find information posted about the amber alert i saw it on i-65 on my drive into work this morning on the billboard. now a vehicle registered to jane mcquain is also missing. and william could be with it. authorities are looking for a black 2011 honda crv with maryland tags 5ag9405. and you can log onto our website for the latest and most updated information on the story. it's located in our slide show. and detectives are telling me get the word out this morning about william. they want you to call montgomery county major crimes division at 240-that number again is 240-773-5070. they want to try to find the little boy as quickly as possible.
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reporting live in the interactive news center sherrie johnson. less than 24 hours ago the unthinkable happened for a pasadena family. police say 17 -- wet road wednesday morning when she lost control of her car and crashed. it happened along mountain road in pasadena and police say kala's car ran into an abandoned house and she died at a hospital. people who live and work in the area say it's a very dangerous stretch of road and the loss is devastating to all her classmates. all they could do is leave flowers in the space where she used to park. her death was an eye opener for many young drivers. >> just got my license and thinking about driving even in the rain or even if the ground is a little wet makes me so nervous after today. >> stewed antichesapeake high are planning a candlelight vigil after friday night's homecoming football game. right now, police are saying that speed and wet road may have both been factor in the crash. police in carroll county are looking into how another 17-
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year-old may have died. sometime yesterday, they found kale caleb motht's body. there's no signs of trauma and if you know anything about this young man's death, you should call the number 888-399-tip. that's t-i-pp. patricia modell wife of art modell passed away at the age of 80. she battled illness for sometimes so news of the passing was not a big surprise. she an accomplished actress and pat performed at new york stage motion pictures and television during a 22 year career of acting in addition to ties to football she and her husband with philanthropist giving to numerous organization and steak the modell performing arts center. pat modell is survived by art and two sons and grandchildren. health news this morning.
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healthth health department says an elderly person from out of state died from legionnaires disease after staying at an ocean city hotel. test on water collected from various location confirmed the presence of bacteria. it ended the season early. see it at the plim plaza after three people were hospitalized. since then, three more people have been diagnosed and one of them is now dead. we. >> we contacted our guest and employees that have worked there in the last 30 days to let them know if they come down with symptoms to go to their physicians. >> with legionnaires pneumonia like symptoms appear within two weeks of being pokesed. you -- of be exposed. if you have symptom and stayed at the plim plaza see your doctor. more death links to the tainted canteloupe. 23 people died after eight the fruit and another 93 have been sick nd by it.
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this the deadliest outbreak of food born illness in a century. a man is in the hospital after being tasered by baltimore county police in pikesville. police say a robbery suspect kicked police officers while resisting arrest and they used the taster to subdue him. he was handcuffed and that is when he reportedly had a heart attack. police need your help finding a missing baltimore county man. this is mike diffendiffer. he wrote a note to his wife saying he would back around dinner time and he never showed up. she says her hover suffers from depression and is is on medication and left home that day and that was the day he disappeared. >> if anybody sees him, please call us. we would really appreciate it and we love you we miss you mike. >> he is believed to be driving a silver 2005 acura mdx similar to the one here on your screen.
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we are told the restaurant eye long york road and aimsly -- aimsly was closed after this happened. we have it there. there it is a car driven by an elderly woman went through the front door. she and her passenger are fine and thankfully no one inside the restaurant was injured. well new high tech and efficient vehicles are rolling into charm city. corinne redman is checking out some of the newest trucks, the hybrid model sheep was scheduled to join us -- she was scheduled to join us live but i don't think we will have her. she did file something for us and filed something a few minutes ago. >> reporter: when you think of hybrid electric cars, usually generally think of something like a prius but this week a new convention in town showcases the latest invasions with trucks hybrid electric trucks and this is john you are with cal start right?
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>> right. >> reporter: and you are putting on this convention. tell us about the convention. >> we are putting on this national conference here in baltimore. and it's exciting because we are seeing a lot of great new electric and hybrid trucks coming to the market. it's been ten years behindpassenger car market and the trucks can save a lot of fuel.>> reporter: and how much fuel? can you tell the at home compar giant trucks how much are you talking about saving? >> you know ark big truck like this could save -- you know, a big truck like this could save 30 times the amount of a prius. if we get a small number of the hybrid and electric trucks on the road, we will save a lot of fuel and cleaning up a lot of air. so, this-- moving this segment forward is important. >> reporter: how many trucks do you have and what type trucks? >> 30 different hybrid and electric trucks from small fed ex and ups delivery vans to dump trucks like. this and this is exciting.
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and we see nationally are incentives for people to buy electric passenger cars. we would like to see similar incentive for electric and hybrid trucks. >> reporter: it would make sense because of the fuel you would save and it's good for the environment. >> and it helps the trucking industry get greener. that's what we want to see. the trucking industry wants to do the right thing but need financial support from the federal government. >> reporter: thanks so much. appreciate it. all right. so this will go on throughout today and it's the show -- to showcase the latest invasions with hybrid electric trucks and bring awareness and get more production of hybrid electric trucks on the roads. reporting from westport corinneredman. our hot tom topic we have 301 and 44 3 now 66p is coming. the state is run willing out of -- 667 is coming. the state is running out of phone numbers. it will give 8 million new
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number combinations from which to choose. it will happen because so many people have multiple numbers. how many cell phones do you you have. home phone lines and computers and all require a phone number. that's why we are overloaded we want to know what you think about the area code 66 7. do you've land line? go to our facebook page and let us know if you have a land line and if so, how many phones do you have? i can think i have three. hundreds of protesters showed up outside a wells fargo bank in san francisco. listen to what happened. all right. coming up next, why the group says they want the banks to beheld accountable for the role in the economic crisis. coming up in sports -- 245es the group -- that's the group in san francisco. we will get back to that. students are supposed to take part in class. why was one student asked to stop talking and not raise his hand to participate. we will explain why and it may
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upset you. hurricane jova is lashing the mexican shoreline. how residence are riding out the store. now for a check of the latest business headlines. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money, more foreclosures realty track says the number of homes receiving a first time default notice in the third quarter was up 14%. it's the first increase in more than a year. last night congress easily approved three new trade agreements with south korea, columbia and panama which could boost exports and add thousands of jobs especially in the automobile and agriculture industries. and it's probably going to cost more to heat your home this winter. oil is expected to average 8% more than last year. propane 7% more and natural gas is up 5%. but heating with electricity on the other hand should be 1% cheaper. and after saying the wealthy don't pay enough in taxes warren buffet is revealing his income. he says he made almost 63 million dollars last year 40
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million taxable and paid under 7 million in taxes or about 17%. that's america's money. i am rob nelson.
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now "good morning maryland." news time 6:16. aretha franklin will perform in the nation's capital. she will join a keynote speaker obama at dedication of the martin luther king junior memorial on the national mall. it was scheduled for august but was postpone because of hurricane irene. and jova slammed into mexico's pacific coast as a category two hurricane. so far it killed at least two and injured 6. caused extensive flooding and dozens of people
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were trapped on rooftops. it produced heavy rains and it may affect the opening ceremony of the and a.m. games going on tomorrow. closer to home, stateside that is a big mess and cleanup in east texas. trees were toppled over liberty county in the eastern part of the state and the storm moved through yesterday. that storm packed in wind of 65 miles an hour. and you can see just off the screen an suv that was crushed beneath the fallen trees. some homes also sustained damage. you know for the past several weeks and months even, we have been talking about how texas need the rain. they don't need the storms being this severe. >> and sometimes that's the punch you get when you change the weather pattern. it gets nasty. we changed our nice dry five or six day stretch with this is like soup out there. this is glen burnie the way it's been for the last five hours and we have been building in the mist and drizzle and all those dots on the camera lens intermittent wiper blades or
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steady wipers depending on the intensity and look at owings mills. i am sorry about that. but that's a sign of what it's been line all night. damp and it's currently 60 degrees right now in ellicott city with rain coming down nearby. 62 eldersburg and 59 towson and bel air checking in with some cooler temperatures. and it's low 60s around the bay. let's check out maryland's most powerful doppler radar which is not indicating the mist and drizzle we have with the fine droplets earlier on. now we have steadier rain a little pulse of heavier stuff. white marsh up 95 and a pulse from wood lawn and randallstown and pikesville and you -- notice this band of lightning pulses in montgomery county. there may be a surge of lightning out there. don't be surprised if you see that. lining up with a area of low pressure, we have the mist and drizzle and fog, but that area of low pressure provides more showers and occasional down burst and maybe down burst that
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is of heavy rain and gusty winds and lightning strikes. on and off today, tonight through tomorrow, heavier band of rain from the east up towards new england and swings out saturday morning. race weather fellow runners get to it in a moment. 729 best today. kids in jeans, t-shirt and the rain jacket will be in order. on and off rain continues through tonight. and we are down to 606789 tomorrow near 70 more wet weather and saturday we clear it out morning race weather 8 to noon. 50 to 60 degrees with 15-mile- per-hour winds or higher. and then we warm into the upper 60s with sunshine. >> reporter: we starting to get accidents out there with more people waking up and getting out on the roads. arundel expressway northbound before the beltway an accidentthat is in the cleanup stages. beltway on northwest side, things are slowing down. outer loop is to the right. and drivers starting to hit the brakes. it had been on and off now it's very slow. that's going to affect your drive time. 95 north of white marsh we have
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volume southbound. so the right of the screen is starting to slow down as well. so our drive times are affected in certain spots. 83 is doing okay. 95 out of white marsh will take 8 minutes and top side of the beltway between bel air and providence is okay. but 795 to 70 takes you up to 10 minutes. back to the amber alert. 11-year-old william mcquain is in danger. let's look at the photograph of him. his mother jane was found dead in her germantown apartment recently. this happened in the past 12 hours. so the little boy is now believed to have been kidnapped. so we need to know this is a look at the amber alert sign regarding the car he could be in. it's believed to be a black 2011 honda crv license plate 5ag9405. call major crimes division 240- 773-50706789 keep this up if you would. this is our website and in addition to seeing william's
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picture on the left, and that being the top story if you look along top you will see the breaking news bar, that gets you to all the information you need to know regarding the event. again an amber alert 11-year- old william mcquain that breaking news bar will get you to it all necessary phone numbers and photographs and ids on the car a 2011 black honda crv. everything you need to know. let's see if we find the boy and help police out. abc12 is working for you with tips to keep your children -- abc2 is working for you with tips to keep your children safe. new stats show some states with stronger child restraint laws saving more children. the insurance institute for myway safety tested booster -- highway safety tested booster seats. 5 of the seats evaluated were good bets and 6 were not recommended. >> there was a 5% decrease in the p etch r
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capita rate for children in crashes and 17% decrease in the rate of serious and fatal injuries. >> now the study is key a lap belt should be across the upper thighs and shoulder belt over the shoulder. the complete list of car booster seats can be found at go and there check it out and make sure your children are as safe as possible. october is breast cancer awareness month and it's all about reminding women about the importance of being screened. construction workers and employees at johns hopkins hospital formed a living pink ribbon. abc2 and komen maryland are raising money to fight breast cancer and need your help. join us in hunt valley sunday october 23rd for the race for the cure. we will be live from 7 in the morning until 9. there's going to be the 5k run and one mile walk and it's not too late to register. head to pink and you see it there. you can go to komen for
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more information. the white house says iran must be held accountable for a recently foiled terror plot. coming up, the latest that targeted the saudi ambassador on american soil. a bus attendant is facing battery and abuse charges. what officials are saying happened on the bus that led to a fight. you will have to see it to believe it. it's amazing video for you. time for a happier topic. birthday time. bradon your parents want to whereby you a happy second birthday. he is wearing the joe flacco jersey on one side but didn't have the same experience when he met the ravens qb. he was unhappy about that. we want to wish you a helpy birthday for you -- happy birthday on who october 13th. we are back in a bit. i'm a curious seeker.
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i am a chemistry aficionado.f.
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diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot.etes . yes. i'm a people pleaser. plea. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.for all. i am a walking medical dictionary.ionary. congratulations inflamededvula.ed . i'm virginia.virginia. i'm a target pharmacist and i'm here to answer your questions.. the u.s. is laying out the case against iran over alleged
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assassination plots to take place on american soil. the obama administration says iran must be held accountable for the suspected involvement of the military and failed scheme. >> reporter: the alleged plot to kill this man saudi arabia ambassador to the u.s. has washington rallying world leaders to come down hard on iranian government. >> we believe that all countries should look hard at how they can tighten sanctions and enforce sanctions and whether sanctions are well enforced within their own to the limits of their own national law. >> reporter: iran denies the allegations. but u.s. lawmakers briefed on the plot say considering the evidence, they have no doubt that elements of the iran's military were involved. >> i could surmise that they couldn't have done this without the heist levels of approval from the revolutionary guard and most likely from some higher elements of a government. >> reporter: that possibility has at least one lawmaker open
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to more than just sanctions against iran. >> you shouldn't take military action off the table but i don't want to -- a awed. >> reporter: now there's concern the alleged plot which an iranian american was arrest for may have been part of a broader plan. >> hard to believe there's just one plot involving the united states. i think we need to exmore whether there are other plots going on in the other countries in other countries. >> reporter: greg black, abc2 news. iran maintains the accusations are just an attempt to have the -- our domestic issues. a new development in the trial of underwear bomber the man who police say tried to bring down an airline on christmas day in 2009. he plead guilty to all charges against him. he will be sentenced for the crimes in january. and sleep he can pert will testimony today at the trial of dr. conrad murray charged in michael jackson's death.
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dr. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors are ending the -- nearing the end of the case and the last witness will be an expert in thence thetic that killed the pop star. the search for missing baby continues this morning. coming up neck, new video of the mother and her baby that never has been released but investigators are -- are they any closer to finding the child? plus another mother facing serious charges this morning after putting her 9-year-old in a very dangerous position. also, sherrie. >> reporter: police issue an amber alert for a missing 11- year-old boy after his mother was found dead in their home. i am sherrie johnson. an update coming up. @


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