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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 14, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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rough and wild at times as the line of showers and thunderstorms blew through on the heels of storms last night. widely scattered showers. the beach clearing out from the main storm line. all clear around the immediate baltimore area. temperatures relatively mild. the winds are kicking up. 15-20 miles per hour. staying breezy out there as temperatures begin to fall off. we will take about your weekend forecast in detail. log on to to track storms and rain as they move through our region and your neighborhood. track storms and click on the link to down lode the weather app to have the interactive information in the palm of your hand. a missing 11 year-old boy after the sup in his disappearance was arrested in north carolina yesterday. curtis lopez was arrested and
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charged in the murder i of jane. she was found dead in her home and her 11-year-old son is missing. the ex-boyfriend said mcclain told him her estranged husband reemerged and something bad could happen to her. william has hot been seen in two weeks. the latest on a shooting that happened inside a university of maryland medical center garage in ball mow. a man was shot after treated for stab wounds. brian kuebler joins us and says this could have been bad luck. >> the victim a 45-year-old man and police say his condition has been upgraded. beyond that, there are still few details as to who did this, and why. university of police stand where last night's shooting happened in the parking garage in the middle of maryland medical complex in downtown baltimore, a remire of a sunetelling shooting in a unlikely place.
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>> if a guy is looking for money and he is going to get it one way or another, he don't care. it's a shame it is that way. that's the way it is. >> sources tell abc2 news the evidence points to this being a random shooting. the victim, who was at the hospital consulting with his doctor about a stabbing injury, may not have known the man who shot him three times. police say now they have very few leads and have a generic description of the shooter. police do say the victim remains at an area hospital and has been upgraded to serious condition. brian kuebler, abc2 news. police in howard county need your help to find a man who tried to rob a woman at an atm machine with her 10-year- old daughter watching on. >> the robbery attempt took place at 1:00 at a bank of
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america ath on old annapolis in columbia. the victim says she and her daughter were alone in the vestibule when a man approachd with a unknown weapon in his happened. the woman saw a cab and shouted at the suspect that the police were there and the suspect walked out of the bank. the woman ran outside with her child. the woman and the child were not hurt. no money was stolen and the cab was unrelated to the robbery. police are asking anyone with information or recognize the suspect to call them at 410313 stop. harford county police say a suspect wanted in the shooting of two mean many aberdeen was arrested in north carolina this morning. michael mac is wanted in connection to the shooting of tyrell polly and david dudley on october 4th. during the investigation, it was discovered mac had been robbed earlier and belief polly and dudley were responsible. mac's extradition is pending at
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this time. abc2 news learned investigators turned up a second piece of tainted mail at the harford county detention center where a worker became ill last night. jeff hager joins us with the latest. >> investigators have the means the track down who sent the letter containing the substance and still looking in to whether an inmate played a role in the delivery. the employee became light headed and experienced a metallic paste in her mouth. she was transported to the medical center where she was treated and i release. the substance remains unknown. >> it's been sent to a may recall state police laboratory, it will take 30 days to confirm oh positively what the substance was. however, based on the reaction of the employee to what it was that she came acrossed we know it was nonbiological and more
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than likely had a narcotic base. >> the symptoms points to a drug which began turning up in prisons and detention centers across maryland. more coming up at 6:00. jeff hager, abc2 news. state house speaker michael bush says plans on redrawing the congressional districts will be on the table, even those different than governor martin o'malley's plan. proposals will get a hearing. lawmakers had considered only taking up amendments to the plan o'malley will present. the governor is reviewing a draft plan submitted by a committee he appointed. today dr. joe hairston talked about the reasons he is resigning as school superintendent and the one he was quick point out in march, he wasn't going to see another term. he talked about 12 years in
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charge of schools and why he leaves with feeling of accomplishment. put it all in perspective. 12 years is -- that's a pretty good run for anyone. 12 years in a school system with over 100,000 students as diverse as we are with 12 consecutive years of academic achievement is unheard of. i like to go out on top. >> the doctor's contract is out next year. unless you have plans to run three miles, 12 miles or 26.2 tomorrow you might want to consider bypassing much of baltimore for the 11th annual running festival. it starts 8:00 tomorrow morning. 25,000 run is expected to take part in a kids run, a k, team relay and the baltimore
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maryland. if you log on to, find out which streets will be closed where parking restrictions will be in place and when you can expect to see the runners coming through your neighborhood. find that information under the featured story section on our home page. we count down to the race for the cure. just over 2 weeks from now in hunt valley. join us to raise awareness and fight breast cancer. the event is sunday october 23rd welcomes the 5k race at 8:00 a.m. there is a one mile walk. to register or get any information about the event, head to pink or komen for information. breast cancer experts doing their part to raise awareness, doctors were at the safeway in canton bagging groceries. the doctors were there to remind customers about the annual campaign to support breast cancer research at thions hopkins cancer center. customers can donate $1 or more
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when they are at the checkout. when it comes to the internet, there is a lot to see and do but isn't always good. >> body image, sexualization of women and girls. >> we have the web sites teen girls should stay away from. >> speed cameras start on monday. i'm don harrison, i will let you know where they are. . you're never too old to bust to move. senior citizens turning to hip hop dancing to stay in shape and stay active.
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you're watching the station that works for you, abc2 news
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at 5:00. >> the new iphone 4s, went on sale today with many people deciding to upgrade or get their first iphone, lines were long, here here the lines weren't that bad. wozniak stood in line too. >> i have friends that say this is the most important thing in history. they give up on doing this sacrifice. the sacrifice makes it worth more toe me. >> he held his position in from of the line where he posed for pictures and signed autographs. some expressed condolences about steve jobs. experts say when it comes
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to internet dangers for teen girls, web sites that promote cyber bullying, eating disorders and sex can reek havoc on a girl's self esteem and their health. >> reporter: these girls seep how on line fun can turn in to an on line attack. >> they were making up rumors and calling her -- saying she was ugly and not pretty, no one likes her. >> she was this beautiful, smart, intelligent, well rounded young girl, was being just sexually harassed and taunted at every turn. >> reporter: in addition to her dad, sam is a internet safety professional. he knows first happened what dangers lurk on line for teen girls including his daughter.
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>> body image, sexualization of women and girls, cyber bullying, playing out on the internet. >> reporter: a number of new sites that look like they are harmless, actually are teaching our girls very, very vicious kind of new lifestyle changes. parenting expert is the author of the big book of parenting solutions. she says game sites where girls play sexualized games are unhealthy for girls in real life. >> one the called the bill bo game, breast implants. you can buy yourself a sugar daddy. unhealthy. >> reporter: the makers of the game say the average age of their users is 19 years old and insist the players know the difference between a game and a reality. >> these kinds of game make the girls believe what they there any about themselves.
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>> there are photographs of skinny models and tutorials. >> directions on how to purge, purchase diet pills and it is doing damage. stanford university found 9 6% of girls who are anorexic learned a lot of eating habits on those sites. how do parents keep teens off the web sites? our experts offer this advice. invest in parental control software, monitor the history, do google searches on names to see if anything comes up and limit their time on line. >> if they have a limited amount of time on the internet, they will be wise about what they do on line. >> reporter: get internet savvy yourself. >> step up to the plate, you need to monitor. we are raising our children in a tough world. >> reporter: don't wait too long to talk to your kids, a survey found 8 5% of 12 and 13
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year olds have experience with cyber bullying, 5 3% saying they've been bullied on line. linda so, abc2 news. abc2 news is working for you, making sure your armed with information to keep your children safe on line. click on the spotlight section for a list of safe sites for kids, ways to keep your teens and teach them how to be safe on youtube and make sure your children's facebook page is secure. weather wild out there for a while at times today. some clearing now, wind picking up. lack at the flag whipping on federal hill. breezy, winds at 18, gusting higher. humidity 4 5% and temperatures under 70 now. a little bit of time lapse photography, see the front at summit ridge earlier today. then the sunshine comes out as skies begin to clear off. that was a nice change for us.
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baltimore partly cloudy earlier, we had clearing as the afternoon wore on. that was good. maryland's most powerful radar, we are clear. couple of showers that pushed off the ocean city shoreline. they are out to sea, we are picking up on the radar here. that's about it. a couple of spotty showers in western maryland. things are mercifully finally drying out. we are set for a clear weekend. tonight in through sunday. temperatures right now have not cooled down dramatically but doing a little bit of that tonight. cooler air west towards oakland, deep creek lake and the numbers will drop quickly in to the 50s tonights that winds stay gusty out there. they are gusting and they will be up throughout the day tomorrow as well. humidity dropping nicely. the air getting drier. that's good. couple of showers out to the west, see they are widely virginia, southeast pennsylvania. for the most part dry slot in out of the south and this is going to mean betterwet here
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next several days. see the large area of dry weather to the south and west of us. that's going to be our future so to speak, over the next two days or so. high pressure creating the wind field tonight and tomorrow. if you haven't done so, latch down the trash can or anything that could blow away in the wind. looking ahead of our computer model trend here, nothing tomorrow. blue skies ahead. how about the events shaping up for the weekend. we will head toly net charles. >> reporter: the marathon is tomorrow. you've been talking about the winds , the winds going to be a factor. go to, click on the weather tab, go to the blog. justin, basically blogged about. that see this heres head wind and tail wind spots along the way. that's good information for you. let me go to the forecast, show you what is going on here, we can see that it will begin at 8:00 in the morning, that's the
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marathon and at 9:45, when the half marathon will begin. the story is once again it's going to be breezy and cool with the temperature coming in right around 50 degrees. as we head in to sunday, what is in store for us, our fabulous ravens are playing. playing the texians and the kickoff at 4:05, temperature coming in around 69 degreess it's going to be partly cloudy, we will get sunshine out there. that's good news. once again, the breeze is kicking up out there. the winds will be southwest at 10- 15 miles an hour. those are your sustained winds. we will have gusts higher than that. not a bad looking weekend because we are be seeing plenty of sunshine, our main concern the weekend, the windy conditions. >> we talk about the weekend, all those hundreds and thousands of runners, they are going to have to battle the cross winds in the city tomorrow. luckily for the ravens fans, just a breezy day sunday not the power winds tomorrow.
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overnight tonight 49, clearing skies and breezy coolerwet. tomorrow, temperatures will not be cooler but it will be windy. the wind chill factor, something we have to think about. tomorrow night 46. breezy. seven-day forecast, again, things will stay on the sunny side through the weekend and breezy weather as we get football going on sunday. of course a lot of running on saturday too. joesey, sunshine on time for you theres birthday girl. >> yeah. arrived in time. it was raining and sunny. wild weather. >> as if the clouds parted in honor. just for me, it's beautiful. >> happy birthday to you. >> thank you. >> you're 29. >> 29 again. happens every year, it's a miracle. >> you're 29 and it keeps happening. if you are trying to get fit and stay in shape, you got to shake it and move.
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coming up, why some say you are never too old to try something new, especially if it keeps you healthy. the secret to dieting and keeping the pounds are, we can't tell you that now but we have simple tricks coming up that are working out pretty well.
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in hem alert, a look at dieting success stories. researchers at brown university studied 10,000 people who lost weight and kept it off. the average participant weighed 224 pounds, and lost on average 69 pounds, ten years later they maintained. you are probably wondering how.
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it was counting, writing down effing they ate. never skipping breakfast and stepped on the scale once a week. when you think of hip hop you get an image of kids ber for some 50 and older it's keeping them in shape. this 80-year-old started the senior dance troop. this group is watched by a trainer to make sure they are doing the moves right. the team practices 2-3 times a week and helping dancers physically and mentally. >> my legs have strengthened. i feel wonderful. i'm amazed. >> this is like another opportunity to be young again. >> work it grandma. proving hip hop isn't just for the kids. they could show me a thing or to. abc2 news is your place for the health news you need. log on and check out the page. find the headlines and health categories to find all the information you and your family
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need. 11 days of searching, very few leads now new home video of baby lisa takes us inside her first few months with her family. the latest on that search. dramatic video of a jet crash at an air show in china. how one pilot managed to get out before the crash. that's ahead at 5:30.
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abc2 news at 5:30. lights, camera, ticket. get ready for a another round of speed cameras, where and
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when the cameras will be snapping photos. terrifying moments at a middle school after a student's heart stops. what coaches used to bring the student back to life and what she has to say about what happened. being smart about getting a smart phone. tips to help you if you are looking for an upgrade. if you live in howard county, beware, speed cameras are about to be placed near schools. if you are running late for work op monday and speed up to make up a few minute, think twice. don harrison tells us howard county is going to try and slow you down. >> reporter: speed cameras aren't new technology but in howard showing up for the first time. starting monday two manually operated speed cameras will take shots of anyone going more than 11 miles over the speed limit. the tickets will cost you $40, but no points will be added


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