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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  October 17, 2011 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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south highland nearville villan. the beltway close to harford road is quiet. but that will change in the next hour. friends search through two parts of montgomery county over the weekend for a missing 11- year-old. his boy was find dead last wednesday. and william has not been seen for two weeks what did they turn up? >> reporter: they spent the days combing the parks. they are searching for his body, but they're hoping they'll find him alive. information led them to the parks. they used horses and tracking dogs and atvs. his mother jane mcquain was
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found stabbed and beaten to death in their germantown condo. 45-year-old curtis lopez has been charged with murder. but there's still no sign of william, something that puzzles the neighbors. >> you don't think something like that is going to hit in your hometown. i hope they find him. i hope they find him alive. >> reporter: they're still developing all leads in this case. baltimore county police are investigating a triple shooting at turner station on the 500 block of main street. it started on the basketball court and went to the streets and then three people were shot. they were taken to the hospital with nonthrive threatening injuries -- non-life threatening injuries. a woman in her 20s was found in a dumpster early sunday. no signs of obvious trauma to
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that body. a man said that the body of his son been found. saturday police reported an adult man and body was found in multiple stab wounds and jackson said that the 34r50es told him that the man was his son. >> you have the right to take someone else's life. >> he believe his son was killed in what was known as a drug house and dumped in another location. in incident happened at the seamore sand saturday night. the men were taken to the hospital. and it's not clear what led to the stabbings. it's back to work for lawmakers in indianapolis. linda so is here with what
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needs to get done. >> reporter: this special session, if they only take up the redistricting will only last a few days. they have to redraw the state's eight correct -- eight congressional districts. it will only last for a couple of days. but it's expected they'll talk about other key topics as well like jobs and schools. the governor will hold a press conference at 10:00 to talk about the special session. he wants to introduce a jobs bill aimed at stimulating the economy and there's talk about wanting to start a wind farm off the eastern shore. not much action is expected on these top picks. if you go to the main page on the slide show. a couple stories down you'll see on the redistricting. if you click on that it will bring you here. and we have a link to the redistricting map, how it would affect you. you can put in your street name and zip code to see if there are any changes in your area.
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that is on our website, at linda so, "abc 2 news." if you want to go to college but don't know how to pay for it, there's a seminar informing students and parents about financial aid programs and maryland scholarship programs that is tonight 5:00 to 8:00 at the library on cathedral street. thousands of people were on hand for martin luther king, jr. memorial dedication yesterday. it was more than a decade in the making and it comes 43 years after he was assassinated. >> that is why we honor this man because he had faith in us. and that is why he belongs on this mall because he saw what we might become. >> i know we're here to
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celebrate the life of my father and commemorate my father. but we need to learn to love and care like him. >> monument was initially crated to be dedicated august 28th. it was delayed after hurricane irene blew through. time for a little bit of the sports. today raven fans were hoping for a solid day. joe flacco threw for 305 yards and ran for a touchdown. baltimore beat texans 29-14. it was tight through the first three-quarter before score is 13 points in the fourth and closing out the early evening name. >> it didn't look pretty at first. but in the second half we got to together. and joe making some of the throws that he made was great. >> if this team scores 30 points a game who is going to
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beat them? no the moves baltimore 4-1. and next week it's monday night football and espn in jacksonville taking on the 1-5 jags. kickoff set for 8:30. stay up and watch it, if you can. it comes with the territory. discomfort in pregnancy. and the experts say there are some things that you need to feel better. and e way doctors diagnose and treat some children disorders, for example like adhd that is coming um. thank you for starting on your day off with us.
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good morning. every pregnancy is different from morning sickness to itchy skin, women can suffer from a variety of symptoms. and megan pringle is working from home and checks in every monday, wednesday and friday and she is with us again.
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welcome back again. i'm sure you went on a nice vacation from your living room to your den. >> exactly. but what beautiful weather we had this weekend. you sat by me by this pretty sixty and i've been really lucky. i did not have morning sickness. but as i get to the end of the pregnancy, i have started complaining lately, mostly because of i'm uncomfortable. which i guess is uncomfortable because you get big and uncomfortable and tired of being pregnant. there's good news that comes with that discomfort and this is basically all the aches and pains that you experience and a lot of women experience the end of pregnancy and that means that your body is getting ready for delivery. as you get further into your pregnancy, your ligaments actually loosen up and that is causing a lot of the pain. anyway, i was told this is allowing your body to get more
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room. the baby is preparing you for it but that becomes with a lot of pressure, feeling uncomfortable, especially in your hips and pelvis. so there are some things that the experts recommend to deal with a lot of the pain. any of these things you need to talk to your doctor with like talk to your doctor, like taking a hike, which is something i'm not doing right now. a nice stroll and keep exercising. and east right t sounds like a no brainer, but managing your nutrition manages your levels and keeps your weight gain in check. relax. this is a big one. putting your feet up can really help. you can prop up your he's. it helps the blood flow and that reduces the risk of blood clots and swelling. get a heating pad and put it on
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your back. and even taking a ditch. but get this approved by your doctor. my favorite is because i've had trouble sleeping. but this is the mack daddy sleeping pillow. look at this thing. rob hates this thing because it's replaced him. it's giant. the other day i saw him snuggled up to my pregnancy pillow and i said get off my pillow. it's great for my backs and hips. i highly recommend it. >> go take a nap. i'll see you at 6:00. justin is going to check the forecast. the forecast outside was perfect and you had a good time running downtown.
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>> yes, check it out. those that ran the full marathon over the weekend, we had 25,000 runners. check out my team here. we were part of the $50,000 raised for the cool kids campaign. sherry ran too in a 7:35 piece. we finished 3 hours 42 minutes. good job. the wind was strong and the sun was out. but what a great spirit out there, what a good time. and we got to adjust that window. we generally looking at quiet weather to start the week. it's the middle of the week when things start to get a little raw. it's been very light out of the west. we got applaud sky. you'll notice that we've got ourselves a look at clouds and showers falling apart in the mountains. this is a frontal boundary that
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sneaks through. we will not notice a drop in temperature today. full forecast just minutes away. here's tonya with a check on that traffic. wrapping up an accident in the city's south highland at dylan. we're doing all right for the most part. take a look at the beltway on the northwest side on 795. most of the activity is on the outer loop with the concoming traffic. innerloop still light traffic. this is the outer loop near wilkins avenue. that's where the volume is still pretty light at this time. health news for you. women that smoke may hit menopause about a year earlier than those that don't. it hits people between 56 and 41. and smokers may hit is a year younger. researchers say that early meant pause is likely
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associated with health problems. diabetes and all time tears are also -- alzheimer's are also related to smoking. adhd is the most commonned diagnose for children as a disorder. new guidelines make it possible to manage adhd with kids between the ages of 4 and 18. the new guidelines suggest that they first try behavioral intervention with group or parent training. and it requires a team approach because it is a chronic condition. it started out in new york city and quickly spread to other cities, including here in baltimore. everyone turned out around the world to answer a call and saturday. we'll take a look at some of the other cities out there. >> reporter: i'm sherrie
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johnson. i'm live in columbia where speed cameras are up and running this morning. i'll have a live report. [ female announcer ] having grands! biscuits in the morning is easy. just pop 'em in... then go about your business... and in just 15 minutes, your family can enjoy warm fresh from the oven biscuits. grands! warm ideas made easy. ♪ in the rhythm of my weekday flow ♪ ♪ something new -- ooo!
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this morning's education lert, commuters going through howard count will need to take the foot off the gas this fall. sherrie johnson is live in howard county with more on new speed cameras going up. and they're going up quickly. >> reporter: yes. today is the day that the speed cameras are up and running already. take a look behind me here. we're in the 6,000 block of it. amar drive in columbia. and there's a sunshine says fines are doubles when the lights are flashing. you need to watch it and take the foot off the gas peddle there. the county council approved the funding may. eight of the cameras will be working in school zones. some councilmembers expect more than a million dollars to be generateed from speeders. and some of the other locates
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are -- [ no audio ] >> reporter: the cameras were supposed to start this month, but the county pushed the start date back to today. they needed to make sure that the equipment was up and running properly it will give us a 30-day grace period in which warnings will be mailed instead of tickets. so that gives you a little bit of grace period there and they will not hit you with it all at wednesday the goal is to get people to slow down, especially in the school zones. reporting live in columbia, sherrie johnson, "abc 2 news." we're checking out a mix of clouds this morning. a frontal boundary is trying to push its way through. and it's losing a lot of its punch. so we are losing a lot of rain. what we'll be watching, once this swings through, a little drop in temperature and it sets the stage for the next developing storm system. the two part system, one from the west and one from the south that will gang up here in maryland mid-week. here's the general set up.
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we got this front. but the winds ahead of it southwest. but a south movement of the winds in the mountains, that will help to dry things out and keep us warm. once you get the air it sinks down from the mountains, it does keep things warm. we'll be on target with what we had over the weekend. passing clouds tomorrow but we're looking for the development of those clouds and the organization of this storm system coming up from the south on wednesday. it will pass over central maryland. it will be a wind maker, like what we saw over the weekend. but that was from a departing storm. we'll bring in rain on wednesday that could be heavy at times. and then we set the stage for pulling in the cold air towards the end of the week and in towards the weekend. we have a little breeze today. the winds will settle down and then you'll notice the winds being pulled in from the east ahead of this storm. the yellow and orange arrows
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indicating the stronger wind. and it slides from south to north we'll bring the stronger winds and pressure gradient into region. today is a good looking day. mostly sunny skies. we're waiting for 74 degrees and the breeze will kick up and then tonight back to 53. tomorrow another warm day. back to 71 tomorrow. mid-60s and rain heavy at time on wednesday, near 60 as we dry out on thursday with more wind and upper 50s near 60 friday and saturday. and race for the cure on sunday. a chilly morning but nice afternoon. mta says that bus and rail service is on time and light rail service has been restored between mccormick and hunt valley. 175, traffic is flowing smoothly. 101, 32, no incidents to report. we have volume in both
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directions on white marsh boulevard. this is building towards the beltway. but it is moving. and that is good news. the wall street protests ban in new york and now they're around the world. they believe around 40,000 people came out to to demonstrate in most of germany's major cities. the largest was in berlin in front a parliament building in front a chancellor's office. they're protest what they see as evil exist in the world financial system. new york hauled away protesters, the police d and now the of course -- did. and now the occupy wall street is in its 13 day. they sat in a fountain with no water. protesters were chanting we're pedestrians as the police moved in. and the authorities have warned protesters they're going to be arrested if they continue
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definding the curfew. hold off on making salad for lunch today. we have at recall to tell you about. we heard it before, when coupleps fight, -- couples fight, most of time is over money. researchers say the more you have the more you may argue. we'll explain. s is monday, october 17 -- it is monday, october 17th. good morning, maryland.
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consumer news for you. an alert on a lettuce recall to tell you about. a company out of california is voluntarily recalling the shredded iceberg lettuce sold at giant eagle stores. it could be contaminated with listeria. they are stamped with a used by date of october 14th. no illness have been connected to this lettuce. money can destroy a relationship. researchers say that material tick couples with more money have more problems. couples that don't believe
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money is that important scored higher on marriage stability tests. and what both members of the couple are materialistic then the marriage is in more trouble. coming up, we'll take a look at a place where they're runing with cows. a high-speed chase across state lines. but the driver pinned the wheel is not your -- driver behind the wheel is not your usual suspect. in today's tech bytes, steve jobs remembered by his peers. reporters and cameras were not allowed. but some of the top names in technology, entertainment and politics gathered last night at stanford university for a private memorial service. the guests included bill clinton, bill gates and bono what sort of mobile device you use may say something about how generous you are. ipad users that visited
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charities websites average almost $169 per donation and down near the bottom below 25 were those with blackberry and windows phones. and overall sales in the video game industry were down 4% by september. most of that was a decline in hardware. console sales fell by 9:00% and accesstories were off by 14%. but the sale of games actually rose. those are your tech bytes.


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