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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  October 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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it's 11:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? now, abc 2 news at 11:00. >> tonight, police want to know how a loyola university graduate ended up dead in a dumpster. you're not gonna believe what they found out. >> are you all for putting people to work and building better roads, are you all for paying more at the gas pump to do it. >> they tell us they are gonna help us and investigate it and nothing gets done. >> neighbors call one department after another, all it took was one email to us. we're working for you in pasadena tonight. abc 2 news at 11:00 starts right now. we begin with a mystery. how could a young woman's body end up in a dumpster inside a downtown apartment building. >> police are trying to figure
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that out. they believe she fell down a trash chute. christian schaefer is outside the building, you're telling us twice in 14 months? >> yeah, jamie, the people woe spoke with tonight said there was trash waist high and there's about 2 feet high, it's about 2 feet high and about 18" across and again police are saying there is no indication of foul play. they believe the young woman simply fell in by accident at this point. but as you say, it's happened twice in just over a year, that has residents concerned. police got the call early sunday morning, a body found here in the upscale park charles identified the victim as ,o23-year-old emily heils, a recent graduate of loyola university in baltimore. her last known address was in phoenix bill pennsylvania about 30 miles west of philadelphia. at this point investigators believe she simply fell into a trash chute here. residents aren't so sure? >> accidentally? no. it's really small and kind of a
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pain to open up today. you have to, it takes a lot of force to open up that door. >> i think it's really hard for anyone to accidentally fall in that, it would take effort. >> it's the second time it happened in this building. last year a man named harsh kumar also died after falling into one the trash chutes. his death was ruled accidental. >> the trash chutes aren't that big where you put it in there so i don't see how a person could get in there in the first place. so two times the same thing? it's unnerve. >> reporter: residents say those chutes are waist high, about 18 i think wide and no more than 2 feet tall with a spring loaded door that closes by it. >> i think you would have to want to do that to get in. i don't see it happening in the normal course of throwing the trash out. >> reporter: there was a private mass tonight on the campus of loyola university in memory of 'em plea hows. the manager of the apartment complex said they are working with police trying to find out
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what happened. telling abc 2 news, "it is such a tragedy, we're trying to communicate with the residents as much as we can to keep them informed. we'll continue to share any information we can and take any precautions we need to take." couldn't recreate that spring loaded door for you but this is about the size of the trash chute that the residents are talking about here. they simply don't believe that even 1 person could extently fall into one of those. the fact that it's happened twice, that is what is really having them talking tonight. city police say there is no indication of any foul play, however, they are waiting for the report from the autopsy. they are expecting that from the medical examiner's office tomorrow. live in downtown baltimore, christian schaefer -- >> unbelievable isn't it. thank you christian. a man accused of killing the woman he was once married to could be heading to maryland any time. if he comes back up 95 he'll see that amber alert, all the since looking for his son. william mclean has been missing
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for two weeks. curtis lopez was arrested in north carolina. he appeared in court today and waived extradition back to maryland but where is william mclean? new tonight, a man is recovering after jumping from a window to escape a fire that happened just after 9:00 in an apartment building in the 3,000 block of ferndale avenue in northwest baltimore. police say the 54-year-old man jumped out of a second storey window and was taken to shock trauma. he is in serious condition tonight. police in harford county are looking for two men who robbed a restaurant at gunpoint. it happened early saturday morning at 5:00 in the morning. the chip filet here on constant friendship boulevard. the manager and a morning crew were walking in the building when two men pushed their way right through the door. the suspects forced the manager to open the safe and got away with some cash. they drove off in a dark colored chevy cobalt. police are demanding employees who work nearby to keep safety in their minds at all times. so again, anyone with any
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information is asked to call the harford county sheriff's office right away. all right. another gorgeous day out there today. we saw plenty of sunshine, as we look at the satellite right now though we start to see a few clouds start to go stream in from the west. from the clouds not seeing any type of rain as we look at maryland's most powerful radar. we're definitely dry as of now. things will definitely change as we go into wednesday, temperatures right now, put a gun at the inner harbor. 58 at annapolis and cambridge, as we go through the overnight that temperature will be around 53, we'll see patchy clouds, it will be cool. by tomorrow we'll see mostly cloudy skies with that temperature coming in around 71 degrees. i'll talk more about the rain and the cooling-down process. kelly? >> all right. lawmakers are back at work in annapolis right now. they are carving up our state into new congressional districts. they are working on a map designed by the governor one he
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thinks is fair. they say it will make it harder to win elections in maryland. the special session will run through wednesday and this is something the general assembly has to do every 10 years, a law, and helps ensure representation in d.c. that it matches all the changes in the population. so while our lawmakers are supposed to be in annapolis drawing up election maps why are they also drawing drawing up a plan for a gas tax. big news out of annapolis. let's go to cheryl o'connor. >> reporter: gas prices have dropped more than 40 cents in the area in the last 6 months but if the governor has his way drivers shouldn't get too comfortable with those prices. pumping gas is a bit less painful these days. >> if they put a tax on it some of that is gonna go way way. >> reporter: the dock of a gas price hike made its way into a special session in annapolis. drivers would pay 15 cents a gallon more, an increase of 5
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cents each year. governor martin o'malley says he is considering a state commission's preliminary recommendation to increase the tax saying it will help job growth if more money is raised to improve the roads. >> to do everything in our power to create and save jobs, to support employers, and to do -- and to create an environment in which they can create and save jobs. >> reporter: government watch dogs with americans for prosperity estimates families will have to pay another $50 per year if the gas hike is approved. >> it can't be about jobs. if it was about jobs governor o'malley would do the one single thing he ought to do, cut taxes and take money off the able every year. >> reporter: nothing will happen on the gas tax until the regular session begins in january. it follows a toll hike at many of maryland's bridges including an increase at the bay bridge. that money will be used for the
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transportation fund. >> it's a necessary evil. i drive the roads, ivory placed my tires a couple of times because of dings in the road, bridges are falling apart. >> reporter: drivers are getting a heads-up before lawmakers debate the gas tax. >> i think this is time where the government should spent less like we could, not more. >> reporter: the group prosperity for americans will hold a rally at noon and annapolis briefings are also scheduled to begin tomorrow on that tax hike. cheryl oh quanner, abc 2 news. >> speaking of money. baltimore county is trying to save money by eliminating 200 jobs. tonight the city council approved a retirement incentive plan. with that move, 200 people will be allowed to retire and their positions won't be filled. it should save the county about $50,000 a year. the goal is to lose around 200 jobs but that's just a ball park figure. >> i think what will happen is
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directors of departments will put the names forward, and then it will be turned over to the chief administrative officer who will make that final decision. >> now there are some positions that are not eligible for the retirement plan simply because the county says they can't afford to lose them, and that includes the firefighters, police, bus drivers, and also cafeteria workers. let's say you're living in a quiet bedroom community where everybody keeps their homes and yards inspection and span and you know there's one, that's one neighbor, that takes it down. right? >> that's right. that's the subject of this week's click to fix in anne arundel county. here is charlie crow stead for abc 2. >> we were contacted by a pasadena woman regarding a house that has been in severe disrepair for years. that woman asked that we not identify her so with this click to fix we'll simply call her marry. it sits at 7854 may ford avenue in the green wood community and sticks out as the sore thumb in an otherwise quiet
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neighborhood. >> rotten and it's falling down and it's been like that for years. >> reporter: behind this overgrown grass and mess of stone toys, clothes and junk, susan goddard still lives here. >> interview: it's just deteriorating "2 the point" where, right now, it just looks like if a strong wind came by it would below it down. >> reporter: neighbors have spent years filing complaints on the residence for the obvious issues, to an improperly registered jeep and a noisy generator they say is constantly running. >> interview: they say they are gonna help us and investigate it and nothing gets done. >> interview: this is unfortunately pretty common. things do take this lodge. >> reporter: jut joannie casey says something is being done after two court orders, she gave us it is being done right now. >> interview: they always get resolved. >> reporter: the zoning health and department owners require goddard remove the unregistered jeep, and reconnect her utilities to the city, take
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down that generator. of course, she needs to clean up that mess. we tried contacting susan goddard at her home but were greeted only wii the sound of dogs inside the house and a number of cats outside. coleman casey says zoning officers have yet to reach her either and, for them, it's now down to the wire as both court orders are set to expire, then a judge can intervene. >> the most common way to do that would be to impose a daily fine. we have also had several circumstances here in anne arundel county where the judge has ordered that the property owner be held at the detention center until such time that the property comes into compliance and then they are released from the detention center. >> reporter: certainly not the extreme marion neighbors are hoping for but necessary to get this mess cleaned up. >> interview: i really think the woman needs help and i would like to see something done before something tragic happens. >> reporter: we'll stay in touch with both mary and anne arundel county and let you know when and if this issue with the goddard house is resolved. if you have a story you want us
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to check out you can email me. c rowson, or at click to fix charlie crowson, abc 2 news. a long time announcer had a stunning now. >> he went to his doctor and at 9:04 we didn't know what to say when we heard his news. >> she was here and then she was gone. >> if you need a little motivation to walk and run on sunday to find a cure for breast cancer, maybe this story is the one you need to hear. we'll hear from her loving family. one man wants us to wear white and carry a bible instead of dressing up for a lean. find out what is behind jesus gene. we return in 60 seconds.
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you know, when you think of
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lodge-time radio talk show hosts you think of jean burns, allen christian and tom march and this man. we started listening to him in 1984 and started listening to him on wbl radio. but this mornings his words didn't sound like he would be with us the rest of the day. listen. >> and he said "you have grade 4 pancreatic cancer that has me as the ty sized to your liver, your peritony al, how do you is a that, peritow neil cavity, abdominal cavity, the lungs, and so on. so i said -- >> well he asked the doctor "this worth fighting for" what do you think the answer is? ron smith will fight this. he is not on the radio, you know he'll really be duking it out. baltimore's voice of reason has shaken us all with his news and once he beats this we'll all treat him to a nice dinner at
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the oregon grille. breast cancer could strike at any time without any warning. tonight it's part of a dedication to breast cancer awareness month we bring you shanira's story. it was miss diagnosed several times and if that wasn't enough she had to battle the disease with no health insurance. abc 2 news correspondence region redmond sat down with her family for an emotional interview over chenier a's struggle and the message they want to get out young women. >> reporter: she had a slightly fado light autopsy room. she was multitalented, a model, an actress appearing in various plays and eventually landed a small role on hbo's hit series "the wire" all the while working as a style is. but her most important role was being a mother. she adopted her nephew eric when she was just 16 years old. she later married, becoming a
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stepmother before eventually giving birth to her only daughter, tatiana. >> she was here and then she was gone. >> while breast feeding her daughter she noticed a large lump on her breast. she was referred to three different surgeons who all told her the lump was probably a case of astute is, an infection that affects women who are breast feeding. >> to see a case like that, with that lump that was as big as it was, on my daughter, you know, i feel like they made a lot of mistakes as far as false diagnosing her you know. they not once took the time to even look into it. >> deciding to get one last pin, and with no health insurance, chenier a went to st. joseph's cancer center. a bye op see was ordered and devastating news followed. she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. it's hard to recall that news.
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she was ordered to have a mastectomy. recovery followed and she became an advocate for breast cancer. bad news was ahead. the cancer returned spreading to her brain. >> that was the worst time of my life. umm, watching my daughter die. i never thought that she would be before me. we were very close, we were not just mother and daughter, we were like sisters and we did everything together. >> i just can't imagine what she went through because the later stages of her life, it was kind of tough because she lost her vision. >> reporter: sadly on june 21st at the young age of 35 she died as a result of her late diagnosis. >> god takes all his angels at an early age, i mean, when you
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think about cancer you think about older people, when i was growing in. the only people that got cancer was older people. it wasn't young people at her age. >> reporter: now her family wants other doctors to pay attention to younger patients and hope there's help for those with no health insurance. >> my message to all doctors are you need to listen to your patients and learn the history of the family. >> reporter: they will also be walking in this year's susan g. komen's race for the cure in her name. >> interview: last year was the first year she wasn't with us and i'm gonna be there every year. >> interview: breast cancer has affected the lives of a lot of people and we walk to support those who are struggling with it, who are surviving and still fighting their fight. >> reporter: but they wish they had one more day to say one last thing. >> interview: the only thing i would say to her is that i love
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her with all my heart and i miss her more than anything this world. >> reporter: correspondence region redmond, abc 2 news. >> her mother along with dozens of other family and friends are gonna walk this year in the susan g. komen race for the cure. in pink highlights and in her memory jamie. >> that's why we walk and race, that's why we must race. please join us, won't you? here is all the information you need. it happens sunday morning at hunt valley. abc 2 will be on the air broadcasting live starting at 7:00 in the morning, the race will begin at 8:00. come on out and show your support for the fight against breast cancer. help rays awareness and cheer on the survivors. it's not too late to sign up to run or walk. here is the 5k. the walk or the 1-mile walk. all the information you need is right there on our web site at >> announcer: now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and
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the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> all right, a beautiful night out there tonight. a few clouds trying to move in across the area. temperature coming in around 54 degrees, the humidity at 86%, wind out of the west at 3 miles per hour. not too bad, a light wind right now t barometer is 29.83 and holding steady. this is what we had today, an absolutely gorgeous day around baltimore basically everywhere. we had a few cirrus clouds early on and we saw more of the same into frederick as we saw a pretty day there. nice around chesapeake beach as well, plenty of blue skyed across the area. we're looking at maryland's most powerful radar right now. this thing will be more lit up as we go into wednesday. our highs today came in around 72 degrees and at baltimore, 70 at frederick and into dc and also york and even into hagerstown, even into easton, 68 degrees. so here is the scenario as of
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now. so we had a cold front that moved through yesterday, but it's moving back now as a warm front, so we're still dry but the wet weather is back off towards the west and we're gonna be seeing some of that wet weather moving in from the south, not from the west but the south, as we go into wednesday. the reason why it couldn't come in from the south is there's an area of disturbed weather into the gulf of mexico right now dumping rain into florida. it's gonna move up the coast and, with that, we're definitely going to be seeing and feeling lots of rain and it could be heavy at times as well. and future trends are going to show you what i am talking about. so by tomorrow, more clouds just moving in, but we should get another dry day out of it. then by wednesday you can see the heavier rain here as we go into the afternoon time frame moving in here. in the afternoon, a few breaks as we dry out nicely and go into time. 71degrees for tomorrow, increasing clouds, it will stay dry. tomorrow night that temperature coming in right around 57 degrees as we'll have more
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clouds, a shower is possible overnight and it will not be as cool because of the fact we'll have more cloud cover out there. this is what it looks like as we go into the next 7 days here and we're going to cool down. but before we cool down we're going to get very windy, very rainy wednesday, thursday, by friday, plenty of sunshine, moves back into the picture, check out the upper 50s, we move into the weekend, the sunshine will continue, the race looks good, but still a little bit on the chilly side. but no complaints. >> that's good running weather. >> good good good. >> excellent. >> thanks a lot. >> uh-huh. we're going to tell you 3  proposing an alternative to halloween. >> first a look at what's coming up on "nightline." terry moran. >> new surveillance footage in the case of a baby who went missing from her crib as the mother's story cages. plus a workout, a workout celebs swear by, but can it restore six packs on joe six
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pack? that's coming up right after abc 2 news at 11:00.
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abc 2 news is brought to you by your local ford dealer. ford, drive one. it is now official and we have pictures to prove it. after months of undercover dating stacey keyboard letter rizzs dale, the former dance with the áá is dancing now with george clooney. the two are dating. they stepped out just a few hours ago on the red carpet for george as munich "blood descendants." >> you picked up the halloween costumes. stocking up with candy. maybe halloween isn't for you. maybe it makes you comfortable.
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if that is you, a faith-based group has an alternative. they say halloween isn't consistent with the christian faith because it celebrates ungodly images and evil characters. reducing christians to mark october 31st by wear white anding out bibles instead of candy. so we made this our hot topic of the day. what do you think of jesus wean? is it a good idea of is it an over reaction? log onto our facebook right now, news 2 facebook, and let us know what you think. >> might be a very unpopular neighbor. >> yeah -- >> your house might get egged or something. >> speaking of halloween, tomorrow would be a good day to get out because it's going to be dry once again, go get that pumpkin, the candy if that's what you're gonna do. >> don't -- >> don't push it one way or the other. >> if that's what you want to do. okay. so we're looking at the forecast for tomorrow. we'll see we see mostly cloudy skies, that temperature for a high coming in around 71 degrees, another check of the
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seven-day forecast looks pretty good at we go into time here. little bit windy thursday, plenty of sunshine as we go through friday into the weekend. make sure you have a jacket or a -- like you said kelly. >> all right. áp
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abc 2 news is brought to you by thompson hyundai. that's it for us. >> well rehearsed. have a good night everybody.
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