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tv   News  ABC  October 18, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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way. 795, the outi loop has the volume light on the inner loop. all lanes are open. on 95, toll plaza, fort mc henry in the middle of the screen, flashing lights has a broken down truck. traffic is getting by 95 southbound. they are able to get around this inside. 83 southbound, to the beltway, five minutes. 6 minutes 95 from white marsh to the beltway. bel air to providence is 6 minutes. 795 to 70 will take you 7 minutes. lawmakers are looking at proposal to raise fzgas tax by $0.15 per gallon. the governor supports the raising of the tax but many drivers are not happy at all. sherrie johnson is here with reaction on this proposed gas tax hike, sherrie johnson. all the talk about a possible gas hike has some drivers concerned, especially when people are struggling to pay the bills in a tough
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economy. one group will hold a rally in annapolis speaking out against it. lawmakers are looking at a proposal to raise taxes by $0.15 per gallon. drivers who pay $0.15 more, that means increase of $0.05 each year. governor martin o'malley is considering a state commission's preliminary recommendation to increase the tax. he says it will help job growth, if more money is raised to focus on transportation sp schools. government watchdogs estimate families will have to pay $500 per year in the hike is approved. >> it's a necessary evil. i drive the roads and replaced by tire as couple of times because of dings in the road, bridges are falling apart. >> the government should spend less. like we do, not more. >> reporter: that gas tax is not expected to come up in the special session this week but could come up as a hot button issue during the regular session in january.
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if the tax is approved, maryland would not be too far behind new york and california and meetings scheduled for today on the hike. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. horrific story of adults held captive maybe extending to other parts of the country. people people a accused has 50 other social security numbers and a trail tracking the kidders kidnappers. four people were held hostage, one for as long as a decade. four held in pitch blackness with little water and a bucket for a toilet. the captors face kidnapping and other charges. fbi launched a national investigation to see how many victims and identity thefts that could be tied to the case.
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no clues in a search for a missing infant in kansas city missouri. police are finding oh tut mother and the night the baby disappeared is shocking. the she told them she saw the baby at 10:30 but saw her through an interview at 6:40, that night two weeks ago, when she disappeared. she said she was drunk. she had more than five glasses of wine they bought earlier in the evening and drunk and allegedly blacked out. that's what she said in a media interview. authorities cup to search for the baby but immediate no progress in the case. lisa's parents hired a lawyer to represent them and the same lawyer represented vandersloot, the man selected in the disappearance of gnatty holloway in aruba. a michigan father used his daughter as a designated driver. see a 9 year old struggle to park next to a gas pump and he is heard telling the girl he is
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too drunk, she is going to have to continue driving. the father went to a gas station to buy cigarettes and left. this morning the dad is facing a number of charges including a felony child abuse for allegedly letting the child drive on a public road. a wish comes true for a 82- year-old florida woman who has a positive attitude and strong passion for jeopardy. she has been blind since birth but never got in her way and hosts her trivia game. her friends reached out and today her dream is coming true. he is flying to los angeles where she will meet her idol, alex trebeck. a dust storm rolls through. we god video to show you. more coming up. deadly storms rolling across the state just ahead. halfway point on dancing with
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the stars. the show going back to the 1980s night. we will let you know what you may have missed. all that straight ahead on this tuesday, october 18th. áp
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take a look at this, lubbock texas got hit with high winds in a dust storm monday night. the dust storm st no joke. this is serious. the city activated eoc, reports of downed power lines, damage to buildings and roads blocked by fallen trees and power lines. 80, 90 miles per hour winds. people were urged to stay off of the roads. >> haboob is back. texas had it with a drought. need throes say, this now being compared to say the dust bowl images in the 1930s. people are trying to exaggerate this impact put it's the result
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of a drought and strong winds and had the weather pattern in the 30s. target is on our back. this will not be a tropical system. there will be winds and a lot of rain coming tomorrow. today we are dry, thickening clouds. mild 71. more on the storm in a moment. bus and rail services on time according to mta. good news is, our disabled truck is gone from the fort mc henry tunnel southbound, wasn't causing a problem anyway. this is a live look at 95 at 175, no problems to report between the beltways. heavier traffic northbound to the left of your screen. jfx, northern parkway, hardly anyone out there now. in the next few minutes the southbound traffic will pick
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up, down towards cold spring. no issues, running smoothly downtown. 80s night on dancing with the stars. remaining dancers strides time press the diswruj -- tried to impress the judges. last week's top score fell a few notches. carson creesly, received a disappointing 19 from the judges. see tonight the elimination round at 9:00 on abc2 news. we want to know what you think. join us on facebook for dancing with the stars. producers here in house talking through the show because it's part of the conversation here at abc2 news. we are working for you. we want to know what you think. we've heard it so many times, mammograms save lives. a study is raising questions about the guidelines and how often women should be getting
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them. a app you probably don't want to use. it can come in handy and tied to the protesters on wall street. details on that coming up when good morning maryland continues.
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new report shows cell phone users, especially children could be exposed to greater levels of radiation than previously thought because of flawed government testing. sherrie johnson is stand big with the story. >> this new study has many people wondering how safe is your cell phone? according to the study, not as safe as the gusted says. a report -- as the government says. a report shows tests might underestimate the radiation exposure from cell phones. thatry done on plastic mannequin heads but the size corresponds to a 6'2" man, 220 pounds, 9 7% of the population, these tests are in adequate. text instead of talking limiting your exposure. there are no conclusive studies
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that cell phone radduation causes cancer. >> the standards have been developed based on old science and model expws old assumptions. >> there are different types of radiation , the radiation from x-rays, it's the same time you get from a microwave oven. there is no good evidence that causes cancer. >> reporter: critics of the report say many keep their phones in the pants pocket and the mannequin test does not look at how radiation affects other parts of the body. idea of women getting mammograms every year instead of annually. 60% of women who get tested were called back once for extra tests the. the extra tests turn out to not show breast cancer. screening evother year drops the false alarms to 4 2% without a big risk of cancer
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found in the late stage. in case you haven't heard, october is breast cancer air wareness month. today in baltimore, showing support for the komen maryland, fight against breast cancer, a pink pep rally at the courthouse. conference room decked out in pink balloons and everyone gets decked out promoting the excitement and creating funds. the annual race for the cure is held in hunt valley and this sunday. abc2 news will broadcast live from the event at 7:00 in the morning and running until 9:00. it's not too late for you to register. to get more information, head to log on to komen for more information. make sure you join us friday, starting at 10:00, abc2 news is teaming up with the doctors for a call to breast help. doctors here to answer questions, head to our think pink page,
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that's the facebook page. get more information on a call to breast help inspiring stories of survivors. occupy protest have gone global. protesters could be headed to the lincoln center tonight. this video shows the protesters in new york, a group known as the granny peace brigade. the peace brigade is holding a silent candlelight individual toil protest u.s. military involvement overseas but they they will be welcoming all people standing up for what they believe. it's scheduled to happen at the lincoln center plaza at 7:00 tonight. protesters can let their families know they are headed to jail with the click of a bout on the. a developer -- of a button. a developer created i'm headed to jail app.
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it sends messages to your friends k family and lawyer. it's preprogrammed. when you see the cops coming, hilt the button. football in new york, must win for rex ryan and his team. the jets go up 7- 3. sanchez threw for 200 yards and passing. nfl will not be fining san francisco coach.
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jim harbaugh says he is going the to work on his handshaking skills. today, 100 kids will be take part in the tri ravens tournament. the kids will take part in the challenges. this is part of the 2011 nfl united way hometown huddle. all the kids receive ravens backpacks filled with healthy snacks. same engineers who examined the washington monument are repelling down the cathedral looking for earthquake damage. the quake loosened a piece of limestone. engineers say the cathedral is structurally sound but looking to see if pieces are unable or need to be removed.
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all right, quite a different set up. earthquake, hurricane, now looking at a semi tropical system. doesn't have a name. it may not. looks like it's losing organization while it looks impressive. winds carrying the moisture to the east of the surface low which sits here. doesn't matter. main thing i want to point out, look at the northern fringe. see the moisture drawn up to the north. that's in response to the cold front. that's the same one that brought the haboob to lubbock, texas. this is counter clock wise winds. joining forces across the mid atlantic resulting in heavy rain and gusty winds. check out, i got new computer models. this is our model. highlighting the rain, pushing in, now there is a split
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between models. main circulation, surface low, sometimes you get a dry slot forming. this would cut the rain off for us. i think we stay with a moderate rainfall event here, 1-3 inches my general call. heavy rain through to the afternoon and evening. wrapping up with low pushing in to new england on thursday and the original low back to the west to keeping us windy. wind forecast here, highlighting today and winds picking up ahead of the storm system. watch the arrows. notice them increasing throughout the day tomorrow. strong winds, looking at 20-30 miles per hour winds. red and purple shading, they could see 40 miles per hour winds plus. it's going to increase through day tomorrow. decreasing through thursday and friday. looking at temperatures 71 today. ive 6 with the rain and wind tomorrow. 60 rain and early on thursday, staying windy, 58 friday and dry through the weekend, great for race for the cure.
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i guess glen burnie, mountain road, we have a report of a large sink hole. that intersection is closed. jumper hall at mountain road. doing okay because of the light traffic. smooth ride between kaytonsville. we have steady traffic in both directions. lanes are open. we have no longer the two-way traffic we had overnight. the drive times are doing okay. 83 southbound, to the beltway, five minutes, 95 white marsh to the beltway, 6 minutes. outer loop fine. 7 minutes between 795 and 70. president continues talking about jobs and the economy. he is on a 3-day bus tour. some say the tour is a campaign tour. what the president is hoping to accomplish while away from washington. if you feelic you are having more company, ahead, wooty
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day two of president barack obama tour continues. he is discussion jobs and the economying. gop presidential hopefuls convening in november ff for a debate. -- nevada for a debate. her main cane will face scriewtny for tax plan proposal. senate rejected a counter proposal introduced by republicans. world is getting crowded , the global population will reach 7 billion this month according the u.n. population fund. i wonder if meagan's twins will be the billionth people.
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6 to 7 billion from 98 to today expected to get another billion people by 2025. some parents in a school district were not happy after students got branded. the fight they had to take on to keep the students private. police are searching for a thief to took a bait trip on a road trip. from ethan allen come new expressions
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a murder for hire case that left the owner of this gas station dead. i'm linda so, the man accused of killing ray porter goes on trial today. the bo


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