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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 18, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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9:00 last night. it was in the 800 block of north caroline street where he raped her. after the attack the man left the scene. a woman who lives in the area said the victim came to her home with a bloodied lip and loosened teeth. she said she suffered a blow to the face and she was shaking uncontrollably. >> they are scouring the area looking for surveillance footage and asking anyone with information to contact the police department. >> reporter: police have released this description, a black male 45 to 50 with a moustache, about 5'3" weighing about 180 pounds. witnesses said a man fitting that description was found near ashland and bond streets for about a half an hour before the attack. if you spotted him, you're asked
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to call the baltimore city police department. >> thanks a lot. montgomery county police found the body of a child. they believe it is an 11-year-old that has been missing for two weeks. >> reporter: the amber alert is over. police are certain they found william mcquain. they found his remains by a dog handler. this is about a few miles north of 270 in german town. investigators believe the remains have been there since october the 1th. his mother jane mcquain was found murdered. i want you to listen to what montgomery county police told us. >> we have camera footage of curtis lopez, the suspect in this case, with william at a storage facility at the 13000 block of wisteria drive in
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german town. the footage is from the morning of october 1st. >> police searched different trails and parks based on the tips they received. this discovery was made shortly before 9:00 this morning. >> thanks. jury selection started in the trial of a man accused of killing a hess gas station worker. he is accused of murdering ray porter in a murder-for-hire scheme. it happened in march of last year on joppa road in baltimore county. carla porter goes on trial next year. a third person has been charged in connection with a speed camera being vandalized earlier this month. he is charged with trespassing
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and malicious destruction of property. two 17-year-olds were also charged. they hooked up a chain to the back have you a pickup truck and pulled down the camera. surveillance footage helped police catch all three. so we squeaked out another day with sunshine. we had a few more clouds but still ample sunshine. as we look at the satellite view, the clouds are trying to stream from from the west. the next system will be coming from the south. the clouds are around, but we're not dealing with any type of rain as of yet e so still quite dry for the remainder of the evening. 73 at the inner harbor. the temperatures will drop into the 60s. the wet weather won't get here
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until the morning. could a gas tax be on the way to pay for road construction projects. roosevelt leftwich joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it's been a busy day for a measure that's several months away from coming to the house and the senate. both sides of issue are laying the groundworks for a big fight. there's a whole in this road. according to the state there's a hole in just about all of maryland's infrastructures and bridges. because of the hole, if the governor gets his way it will cost more to fill these holes with fuel. >> there's no tool that's better. it gets people to work right
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away. >> reporter: for these folks they don't want anything else causing a hole in their pockets. >> no more taxes. we have had enough. we are taxed enough already. >> reporter: the rally is in respect spoons to the -- response to the gas tax hike. it would go up five cents a year to tackle infrastructure needs including roads, bridges, ports and transit, which the governor's staff said would create jobs. >> for every $1 become spent on infrastructure, there's a minimum of 18,000 jobs. with our current program we know we have specific opportunities that await us. >> reporter: conservatives say an increase in the gas tax is too much now, especially in this economy. >> excess taxation should not be
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there. every time we bring a dollar home and 38 cents of it is gone, it's not about skin color or party affiliation, it's about money and providing freedom for my children. >> reporter: once again, this is something the governor's staff said they are laying the groundwork with with lawmakers. they can't bring anything up until the jennal session start -- general session starts in february. even though it sounds small, five cents, they said that can make a difference, especially for bis negses. reporting live, roosevelt leftwich. some more disturbing news about bumper pads. now pediatricians want parents to toss them out. according to a guideline from the american academy of
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pediatrics, bumper pads pose a risk of suffocation or entrapment. babies should sleep on their back in a crib or on a firm mattress. they can sleep in the same room but not the same bed as their parents. the department of agriculture has a plan to limit the amount of potatoes in school lunches. the government wants to limit the amount to two servings per week. >> kids are overconsuming potatoes as compared to other vegetables. >> the potatoes have some powerful allies. they say the white potato contains nearly twice the vitamin c as lettuce but nutritionists say the kids are -- the problem is frying the
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potatoes. lawmakers are working with the usda to come up with some kind of a solution. >> an anne arundel neighborhood is under alert after a rash of burglaries. what the police will do to reassure the community and the kayaker has an encounter with a whale. find out why the kayaker said getting close to one is worth the risk. plus, guys ruled the dance floor on "dancing with the stars." we have a complete wrap up. leave it write here.
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taking a look at one of our live traffic cameras. the outer loop of 695 was shut down at the key bridge. it has just been reopened. traffic is still not flowing totally at this point. there was a tractor-trailer that
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overturned on the bridge earlier this afternoon. the cleanup efforts are still underway. the driver was take tonight university of maryland shock trauma. we'll bring you more information as it becomes available. now the "dancing with the stars" update. the guys took the top spots. judge bruno dave 10 to an actor he called a sex machine. george pennachio has the highlights in tonight's "dancing with the stars." >> reporter: j.r. martinez and karina smirnoff had the crowd on their feet after having a first place finish. >> we got our first 10.
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>> it was really hard this week, tough, nonstop, nonstop. >> reporter: tied for second with their best scores, 25, rob kardashian and cheryl burke and kym johnson. >> sometimes i get so excited and in the moment, i can't hear the music. >> and maksim chmerkovskiy. and then ricki lake and derek hough. >> i don't care what the judges say. >> we're all rooting for each other. i'm happy to give it to j.r.
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martinez and karina. >> we had so much fun. we had so much fun learning it and getting it together. >> reporter: chaz bono finished seventh. >> the audience was pumped up. i was pumped up. >> for the second week in a row carson kressley landed in last place. >> we did not deserve sixes. come on, give us some extra snaps for that. >> reporter: the dancing may be over for another week but the drama is beginning. that's because another couple goes home in a couple of hours on tonight's results show. george pennachio for abc. >> somebody is getting voted off tonight. they're going home. first, catch ansode of last
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man standing and then "dancing with the stars" followed by body of proof at 10 and we're here at 11. we want to know what you think. we will be blog live on our facebook fan page. oh, yeah. mother nature is liking us. another gorgeous day outside, plenty of sunshine. temperatures at 71 degrees. the winds are out of the east at seven miles an hour. the barometer is holding steady. so earlier today into baltimore awesome day, plenty of blue skies. yes, we saw a few more clouds. no matter where you went, we see
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pretty day, a few of those high clouds. also, this is a gorgeous shot because you're seeing some of that fall color across the area. not picking up on anything but change is in the area. in the meantime high temperatures in the 70s, well above average. we'll be at 66 degrees. 75 at inner harbor. 77 into cambridge. 72 in annapolis. frederick around 73. culpepper right around 75. the satellite and radar picking up on more clouds trying to stream in. these clouds coming in from the west, but our system, that rain system is going to be coming in as we head in through the evening. it's coming up from the south. what we're going to be dealing with is an area of low pressure. you can see this frontal
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boundary breaking up, the surface low pressure and that upper level low. they will work in tandem, throwing in a lot of moisture as we go through the morning hours into the afternoon tomorrow. so the future trend will pick up on what i'm talking about. i'm going to follow the timeline. things still looking pretty good. we should stay dry. as we work our way into tomorrow morning in time for rush hour it could be on the dicey side. we can see most of the heaviest rain will stay along the eastern shore but it will be slick and wrote. as we go into the evening rush hour time frame things will be dying down. we could still see scattered showers here and there. then things start to dry out as we work our way into thursday afternoon. i'll keep showers early in the morning on thursday but things will improvement as we go through the overnight, that temperature at 57 degrees. it will be cloudy and we'll see the rain towards the morning
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maybe around 3:00, 4:00. the rush hour will be a slick one. by the time we get into the afternoon that temperature around 67 due to all the clouds, the rain and that rain could be heavy at times. to add insult to injury, the winds will stick around. by tomorrow night that temperature around 53 degrees. the showers are possible. it won't be as windy but on the breezy side. then the winds will pick up as we go into thursday with the temperature around 63 degrees, so you can see temperatures are going to drop down but we have a secondary cold front that's going to reinforce the cold air as we go into friday. those temperatures dropping down into the 50s. saturday we're heading into the weekend. we're heading into the race for the cure. temperatures 60, 63, a nice day to run. plenty of sunshine and the sunny weather continues monday into
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tuesday. definitely more seasonable. i don't think there will be any complaints on the map except maybe tomorrow the -- maybe tomorrow. >> it's a good thing i didn't get my car washed. >> i never want to wash it. >> looking good at this point for the race. >> looking stellar. >> people will be out there. we've had freezing ran and people were out there. a michigan dad is in hot water tonight. we'll tell you why he made his 9-year-old daughter chauffeur him around town. and unhealthy workers could bring down productivity.
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california kayakers came within arms reach of a whale, but experts say these could pose a danger to the gentle giants. >> holy cow! >> reporter: that's an understatement. these kayakers were close enough to touch these blue whales. >> they're beautiful, mag nigh-- magnificent creatures. >> reporter: he said this pod showed up a few weeks ago to feast on tiny shrimp like food
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called krill. >> if you look at the video he comes up. his mouth is open and a big wave washes over my kayak. >> reporter: marine experts say they find it troubling. they say the gentle giants should be left alone. >> they cop interrupt their ability to feed and it puts the kayakers at risk. it would be very easy for them to accidentally run into a boat. also, i think a video like this might encourage other people to do the same in larger boats. >> reporter: what's exactly what coleman does not want. he wants to save the endang ared -- endangered species. >> it's incredible. >> reporter: an awe inspiring
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encounter. reporting for abc news, los angeles. >> amazing. did you get a clean bill of health at your last doctor's visit? it may cost both of you -- you and your employer -- if you're not totally healthy. missed days cost employers $153 billion in lost productivity. 100,000 workers were dispd they have chronic medical issues. 86% are overweight with 2 two -- two thirds having chronic conditions. those with at least three chronic conditions miss an average of 42 days a year. some kids who have trouble reading are getting help from four legged friends. they're working on confidence when reading to others with the help of a dog named ernie.
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it's part of the read program, designed for kids who are struggling reading. reading stands for reading education assistance dogs. for five years they have helped dyslexic children conquer that reading disability. >> any child doesn't want to let down his or her parent. they can become very nervous. so they feel safe with ernie. >> i think of him as a term hall person. >> the director of the school said kids are at a pivotal point and it's safe it say the program is a hit. well, the world will mark an important milestone at the end of this month, $7 billion people. no one knows when the 7 billionth baby will be born. more babies are born in india
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than anywhere else on the planet, 51 per minute. by 2021 india is expected to surpass china. is the place to go for health categories and all the information you need. finding out you have cancer is hard enough. then adding treatment. all new at 5:30, learn about a new program created at a local hospital that is helping patients make this through this tough time. president obama is campaigning again for a jobs bill. those stories, plus the updated forecast coming your way at 5:30.
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