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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 19, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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say. and things are turning pink for a good reason. how you can show your support this week in the fight against breast cancer. >> all that is straight ahead on this wednesday, october 19th. good morning, maryland. let's get right to it. because the rain abounds outside, justin is standing by with a check of that wednesday forecast. >> right. windy, wet and we're going to bellaire. your buddy and our buddy terri tipton said look, the leaves have come down from the recent foalage change and that could add to some extra slickness. 63 in bellaire at the high school. winds 7 to 14 miles per hour. not too strong yet. ic ped up a few tepts of an inch of rain, it's definitely wet and we've had moderate to heavy rain roll through. just on your west side pushing back toward jacksonville and hunt valley to get some moderate to heavy rain along the stretch
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in east baltimore county. and it's right along tishgs-95 stretch. this is interesting. heavy rain now rolling up the eastern shore, but there's this little bubble around annapolis and kent island. good news back there. your roads are wet from what we've already had. periods of rain, we could get a break for a few hours and some thunderstorms develop. we'll push 67 and 70s in annapolis to the eastern shore. the wind picks up later on. 6:01. here's traffic. >> a major accident we have reported so far is in bellaire. south toll gate and marketplace drive that is south of bellaire road. be careful out there. let's take a live look at i-95 and 175. traffic is moving well between the beltwares in both directions. 695 at baltimore national pike looking south, we're starting at volume on the right of your screen. no issues to report here either. drive times doing okay for the
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most part. 95 out of white marsh to the beltway 6 minutes. traveling the outer loop to providence is 6 minutes. back to you. well, authorities in montgomery county find remains tuesday and they believe they belong to william mcquain. the remains were found in a wooded area in clarksburg and we're here with the latest on this search. >> well, it's an ending that we feared but we hoped would not be true. maryland police found remains yesterday that they believe are 11-year-old william mcquain. his mother was found beaten and stabbed to death last week. the child's stepfather curtis lopez is the primary suspect in this case. investigators found the remains in a wooded area of clarksburg in montgomery county not too far from his own. the search spanned 30,000 acres for several days. clothing on the body appears to
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match what he was wearing october 1st. >> the camera footage of curtis lopez, the suspect in this case, with william at a storage facility at the 13,000 block of listeria drive in germantown. the clothing on the body appears similar to what william was wearing on octobe. >> curtis lopez, the man william was with on the surveillance video was arrested in north carolina on friday in connection with the murder of william's mother. he waived his extradition hearing. he is expected to be returned to maryland soon to face ch. police in mopt comely county are expected to release more information today about the death of a 4-year-old girl. back in may zesz ka lynn's body was found in her basement with
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stab w. >> a man facing assault charges after a fight outside of a movie theater. it happened outside of the parking lot in westminster. fisher jr. stabbed miller in the abdomen. fisher has been released after posting bail. well, death toll linked to listeria and cantaloupes is now up to 25 people in 12 states. it's the deadliest outbreak known from a food outbreak. the number of illnesses may grow as symptoms from the lis tier wra can linger for months before appearing. now, jensen farms in colorado recalled those cantaloupes last month. zoo today seniors are going to find out how much of an increase they'll be receiving regarding their social security checks come january. the cost of living adjustment is expected to be 3.5%. inflation has been low so
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payments haven't gone up since 2009. the senate passed a bill for the new redistributing map on tuesday. only one democrat voted for the plan. now, the state's congressional districts are being redrawn in response to the census which found suburban counties had the biggest population grot during the last decade. it's been more than a month since the grand prix and they're krurming the numbers. it didn't generate nearly as much money as people in baltimore promised. the governor last year said the grand prix would produce 60 to $75 million in economic impact and the authors estimate the race related spending over the weekend was around $25 million and only about #10e million of that came from out of state visitors. >> what we did is went and asked people, how much are you going to spend? how much have you spent? are you staying in a hotel? and what we found was that
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almost nobody was staying in a . they questioned the sample size. just 210 people out of a possible 15,000. chances are you know someone who's been affected by breast cancer and all this month we're thinking pink honoring breast cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones. we're live in towson getting ready for a huge race weekend in hunt valley. how you can show your support. >> well, we are just four days away from that big race. the race for the cure in hunt valley which will be sunday morning. people are getting ready all week showing their support by turning things pink. this is the historic courthouse in towson. they had a think pink pep rally yesterday to turn the lights on here, to turn the courthouse pink just to show their support. we have the county executive and other county officials out just to let people know that we are thinking about those breast cancer patients out there. their families, survivors, those who have lost their lives to
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this terrible disease, but it is a busy week for all those involved with the race. we'll be there live covering that race from 7:00 to 9:00. they're expecting thousands, lots of money to be raised. of course a lot of that money going to research to find a cure for this disease. also, the money, some of that money raised you should know actually goes to local programs, much of the money stays here in maryland. it helps local programs to help people like you who might not have insurance, who might need assistance with any sort of getting a mammogram, checkups, any sort of treatment related to breast cancer. so that's what's going on. another thing to note, the motto this year for the race is less talk, more action. you know, we can talk about breast cancer all we want, but if people don't act upon it it really won't change things so they really want to get the message out that women should get their mammograms.
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get your mammogram this year. that is really the message that they want to send. less talk, more action. >> you know, talking about that action linda, a lot of people talk about the money and awareness raised for breast cancer. where do those monies actually go? >> well, i believe 75% stays here in the state. of course some of the money goes towards research to find a cure. ore -- a lot of the money also goes to local programs to help with grants, to help people who may need assistance with any type of treatment involved with breast cancer. you know, helping people who might not have insurance get a mammogram. again, there are lots of local agencies out there who are there to help women and encourage them to seek help, support, counseling, any type of information that they might need. also get -- to get their mammograms. again, that is the message this year, less talk, more action. they want women to get their
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mammograms. >> all right. thanks a lot. don't forget, you can join us this friday starting at 10:00. abc 2 teaming up with doctors for a call to breast health. doctors will be answering your questions. for more information you can always go to our website, it's a story that had many of you shaking your head. he made the news using his daughter as his dd. he's back in the news again this morning. and the cardinals say a good team luck and a lucky charm being found through a newborn, they're already considered one of hollywood's most powerful couples. now they're looking to add the owner of an nba team to their resume. now let's go to new york with the latest in business headlines. good morning.
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topping america's money, apple stumbles in the latest earnings report net income and revenue were both up but analysts expected more. also iphone sales were disappointing as many cust waited for the new model. today all of apple's retail stores will close for several hours so that employee cans watch a company wide mem video for cofounder steve jobs. the rate hike next january will be the first in two and a half years. forever stamps purchased now for 44 corrects will still be good to mail letters next year. and starbucks is going blond after complaints that its coffee is too dark and bitter. the company will start serving blond roast in january. more than 40% of u.s. c drinkers prefer a lighter roast.
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you can call it a good luck charm, maybe a superstition or an amazing coincidence. it's offering hope to st. louis cardinals fans. they're on their way to the world series and they say luck may be on their side thanks to a family. kelly and john are huge cardinal fans and so are the kids. in 2004, 2006 and every year they've had a child. the cards have gone to the fall classics. let's just say kelly had a real gut feeling about where the cards were going to end up. >> it was a long shot but we said with our record, who knows and it kept getting closer and closer and then we said oh, my goodness, so we kept calling her
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our little good luck charm. >> now they say they're going to have to wait and see how lucky little emily is with the cardinals in the world series this year. and great festivals and family events going on right here in and around our area. there's something for everyone so let's check in with magan. she joins us from house arrest via skype. some great festivities to take part in but none for you. >> none for me. i can tell you about them. but there are some great events to tell you about. every community has something fun going on but we're going to focus on downtown baltimore because there's a huge push to get families down there in the month of october. they want to utilize all the great museums they have in and around the inner harbor. we'll put all the information up on your screen. the first one the o-tell you about is tots and tails. it's happening at the national
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aquarium. it's a great day to go there because of the rain, but if you can't go today it's also happening on the 26th. starts at 10:00 in the morning. you'll have stories and animal encounters so you can meet some of those creatures that they have. this is the family festival happening at the hue seem of art. it celebrates everything from art to science to math. you can learn about inventions by artists and you can even make your own. so that is a really hands-on experience for the whole family. another thing happening at the aquarium which sounds pretty cool, the hollow marine. this is going on on the 22nd and they'll have trick or treating at the aquarium with additional activities. you can go there in the aquarium, gets some treats from them and look at all the things that they have going on there. toddler time is happening at the b and o railroad museum. this is recommended for kids ages 2 to 5 and they have classic railroad stories that
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they're going to tell but then a halloween theme, all sorts of celebrations, cost tombs, you name it. this is the festival happening at port discovery. it's going on on the 29th and you can mange your own tutu and make your own mummy. they'll also have live music and all of these are happening, a lot of them indoors, so if the weather changes you can go there with the whole family. if you want more information check out kids love downtown because moms also give their reviews of different venues going on so you can read what other parents have to say. >> all right. thank you so much for the time. we'll see you friday morning. >> have a great week. >> you too, dear. time now for a check of the forecast. a lot of festivals going on, but weather is not too good for that. >> no, we've got ourselves a wet windy start. the wind will increase throughout the day and some of you not so wet. let me explain on this wednesday
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morning. 63 in baltimore. you'll notice fairly uniform numbers in the delmarva. cooler numbers and look at this. heavy rain shield northwest of baltimore. it's just along i-95. you'll notice it's starting to skirt its way up the north. right now you can dry, good for the morning runners. across the bay bridge it picks up again with moderate rain over toward car line county and ocean city. here's the general setup on the wide view. we talked about some severe weather that came through florida. all this moisture is being pushed well ahead of the actual surface low pressure and one thing to note is that while we're sandwiched between this and another area of low pressure to the west, we may actually wind up with some dry hours even some bright spots in the sky midday. that would be a bad thing. it would boost our temperatures
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up higher than we're calling and there is a slight risk that we have storms that turn severe this afternoon. that includes damaging winds and even with some tornados with the rotation around this area of low pressure. we take it in closer, coastal slug of tropical rain, that's where the heaviest stuff will fall. it looks like the philadelphia area. the winds pushing across the bay increase this afternoon. a coastal flood watch and the winds surnl out of the south overnight. one of the highlight high tides here, 11:17 this evening for a push of water. not a major surge here. fells point and on into middle river. we're looking at the chances of severe weather this afternoon, chance 67 or higher. we're looking for the storms to
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end by tomorrow morning and turning cooler through the weekend but race weather for race for the cure. just chilling in the morning. our accident in bellaire south toll gate at marketplace is now clear so you don't have to worry about that any longer. starting to slow down a little bit on the beltway. i'll show you the slowdown just past the slowdown. outer loop is where -- this is where the end of the slowdown is. now let's look at near the beginning of the slowdown. this is at liberty road. a sea of brake lights stop and go traffic. it will begin near 795 and last to around ed monoson. this is going to affect our drive times. we're okay on harrisburg exprezway and 95. when you get to 795, it will take you up to 9 minutes to get to 70. the couple will smith and jada smith taking on a new business venture. they bought the team 76ers. the group forked over $82 million in the purchase. it's uncertain when the nba
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season will begin since they're currently on lockout. yesterday we told you about a michigan dad arrested after letting his 9-year-old act as a designated driver. this morning that man's friends are coming to his defense saying the man who let his young daughter drive is still a good f. >> he looks forward to his child. he's a good dad. >> now he can't see her. >> now he can't see her. >> what's that doing to him? >> that's going to destroy him. >> here's what we showed you yesterday. the little girl is driving a bright red van. the dad is in the passenger seat. we can see on surveillance is the video he's drunk and this little girl is being used as a designated driver and she's driving that van and he's still considered a good dad. zoo some disturbing video that's been shocking the world for the past 24 hours. a toddler hit by two cars and dismissed bypassers by for
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almost 10 minutes. and lions and tigers and bears, oh my. one community is on lockdown after many dangerous animals are out there roaming free. how could this happen? we'll take a look at it when good morning maryland continues. woman: we love ordering sushi,
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police in china have arrested two drivers who ran over a toddler in two separate ins p dents. the shocking video shows the girl wabderring out in front of a car and another car hits here and a dozen people walk by without offering to help her. she's still in critical condition. breaking news a central ohio community on virtual lockdown after dozens of wild ani e-escape their changeds. it's a scene out of a farfetched horror film. animals are roam the country side of ohio. >> there were grizzly bears and
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black bears there. there were cheetahs and lions and tigers. he was found dead, his fences open. he had just been released on federal weapons charges. >> we'd hear weird noises every once in a while. we tried to figure out what it was. it's not a domestic animal or anything like that. >> the staff were on the scene from the zoo hopeing to drank lyse the animals. -- they're not aiming to wound. >> right now we're aiming to kill. >> two dozen have been gunned down. two dozen more remain on the loose. >> scary. if the cops can't catch them they're going to be running wild, crazy. >> now, wandering this land of sheep, horses and cattle are giraffes. >> we're going to recommend staying indoors. we're going to recommend to school districts to probably close just for safety reasons of kids standing at the bus stops.
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>> the farm's owner was no stranger to the law. he had been cited many the past for animal abuse and neglect. wild animals, a word of advice from one grocery store, stay away from the produce aisle. that's because of this little guy here. you can't see him really well through that video. that's a bear cub inside an alaska grocery store and this cow knew what she was doing. she was on her way to the slaughter house so she escaped. more on that straight ahead. and shawn turns 10 today. happy birthday from your mom, dad, sister and brother. shawn plays baseball for the cyclones and if you've got a picture you want to share with us, great shots just out and about, morning show at we're back in a bit.
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