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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 20, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, chaos and carnage in ohio. the harrowing moments when a bear charged police. a lion leaping a fence. the eyewitness accounts and startling 911 calls. >> there's a bear and a lion out? >> yeah. right up behind us. >> jack hanna speaks out live in a morning exclusive o zane vill's night of terror. massive search. police go into baby lisa's home. they cover every inch of the yard. using an x-ray machine inside the house. star in shackles. lindsay lohan back in handcuffs after an angry judge revoked her probation. is this the last stop before she
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heads to jail again? and from fit to fat. the man letting himself go, eating everything in sight. no exercise. packing on 70 pounds on purpose. why he's going to extremes to gain so much weight. we just went for about 1,000 feet right there. we are learning so much more about the terrifying hours that police were hunting down dozens of wild animals in ohio. one officer was seven feet away from a wolf and a bear when they charged. they also tried to take down a huge bengal tiger. they are rare. they tried to do it with a tranquilizer dart. but then, after being hit, it came right at the vet. >> it's been a harrowing 24 hours for our friend, jack hanna. we'll talk to him live in a moment. authorities had no other choice but to shoot to kill.
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let's get to david kerley in zanesville, ohio. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, robin. there's one missing animal. it was a monkey. but officials believe that it was probably eaten by one of the big cats. another victim of carnage of this private animal farm up the road here. a warning to our viewers. some of the pictures in this story are extremely graphic. nearly 50 wild animals gunned down by police, with pistols and high-powered rifles. big cats. tigers, 17 lions. animals released from their cages and moving into neighborhoods. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> there's a lion on mt. perry road and gratiot. >> there's a bear and a lion out. >> yeah, right up behind us. >> i'm pretty sure i saw a wolf in a parking lot. >> reporter: frank watched in disbelief as the animals climbed
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over his fence on tuesday night. >> the lion jumped the fence. the deputy shot it in my backyard. >> reporter: that deputy, jonathan merry was the second officer on the scene. >> the black bear turned in my direction. i fortunately was able to draw my duty pistol. fired one shot, killing the animal instantly. >> reporter: police say the animals were intentionally released by this man, terry thompson, before he killed himself. cages were opened. fences were cut. thompson, seen here handling a lion cub during a new york photo shoot with model heidi klum in 2008, was an avid collector of exotic animals. >> he'll kill himself before he kills an animal. that's the kind of person he was. >> reporter: thompson had just been released from prison after serving time for a gun felony. late wednesday, marian thompson refused to answer questions from reporters. but abc news has learned she did
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cooperate with police to account for the animals. but begged authorities not to take those that remained. there were six animals. and they were taken to the columbus zoo where they're being taken care of. mrs. thompson's in charge of the private farm again. the future of the animals will be decided later. already, this is calling for new laws here in ohio. the governor's formed a task force, to talk about whether there should be tougher restrictions on these people who own wild animals. robin? >> all right, david. thank you very much. now, for the latest, we turn to muskingum county sheriff, matt lutz, who joins us right now. can you tell us right now about the monkey? can you confirm that it's no longer a threat? >> robin, we are considering the monkey unaccounted for. there is a possibility that it would be loose. however, we have had no reports from any of our public about seeing anything. and we've also considered the fact that it's a high
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probability that that monkey was eaten by one of the big cats. we did have a monkey that was killed by one of the cats. and this other monkey would have been in the same area. >> sheriff, i know that you have heard the criticism. people asking why did you have to issue the order, shoot to kill. >> robin, i thought about that since the criticism started. you know, i understand there's going to be people upset. our deputies are upset that they had to do what they had to do. but at the time of this incident, i made that decision, as well as what the deputies had in front of them. at this point, as i said before, we do not carry tranquilizer guns in our car. we called for the wilds and we called for the zoo immediately. but there is a travel time involved there. and preparedness time to get ready for that. the other hurdle we had was darkness. we tried to tranquilize a cat yesterday morning at 9:30.
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and a vet was very close to being attacked. and the animal was very close to getting away from us. so, you never know how these animals are going to respond to a tranquilizer, let alone 56 animals or 50 at that point, animals, that you never know how they're going to react. >> there were a number of locals who called over the years about the deplorable conditions at the farm. animals on the loose. you have said that you were aware of the owner and the conditions there. sheriff, looking back, could you have done something differently to have avoided this tragedy? >> i don't think so. we have been there numerous times. and we have been told that he was acting under what minimal law there was at the time, to be housing these animals. >> terry thompson, the owner. are you going to be releasing anymore details about his death today? >> we're releasing other
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details. as i said before, nothing was found at the scene in reference to a note. >> do you suspect foul play at all? >> no. >> sheriff lutz, thanks for being with us again. >> thank you. let's get more from jack hanna, director emeritus of the columbus zoo. i have been thinking about you for the last 24 hours. you will be haunted by this. a day out, are you able to make better sense of it? >> i see the pictures and see this, it's something hard to believe. and some people are calling and saying we, the columbus zoo, ordered this. i got there like yourself, and i saw what was happening, i said, this cannot be. when i looked at everything, was there yesterday. and watched the count stack up. watched them laid out there. it's indescribable. but you think about this, george. if the columbus zoo were 55 miles away, or 25 miles. we got there with 30 tranquilizer guns. what do you do when you see the
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animals. you see a bear here? picture three of those coming down the road, along with 18 tigers, with 16 or 17 lions and lionesses going all over the neighborhood. we would have had a scene yesterday morning that would have been the most incredible scene we wouldn't have wanted to see. i don't know what to say, george. other than the sheriff did what he had to do. it's terrible. i think, what could we have done? we don't have 40 tranquilizer guns. and to do that, it takes three to eight minutes, ten minutes sometimes for the animal to go down. no telling who would have gotten harmed or probably killed, as well. >> jack, i can see how passionate you are. it's so important for you to say. when i got home, the first thing my wife and kids asked me, was do they really have to do this? and you're saying they had absolutely no choice. i know you had a chance to speak with thompson's wife. what has she been able to tell
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you? >> she came in there yesterday. i heard she was mad at me for taking her animals to the zoo. she was there. she walked in, george. you saw a person, she left her husband. she didn't know what the scene was. she knew about the filth and the horrid conditions. she was shaking so hard and sobbing. please, don't take my kids. don't take my children. >> talking about the animals. >> exactly. the primates and the leopards and one grizzly. please, don't do that to me, mr. hanna. i hugged her. i get emotional about it. i started crying with her because of the loss -- everybody's loss yesterday. the animal world. the tigers. her loss, of course, her husband. that's what happened. i can't control that. but for us here at the zoological world, it's a tragic loss. now that it's overwith, we're looking at this, and it's the worst thing to happen to me in my 50-some years. >> what good can come of this, jack?
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ohio does not have strong laws to regulate wild animals. >> i was on a conference call with the governor. those auctions will be stopped in the state of ohio. folks with animals like this that this man had, i suggest you go to another state. you're getting a knocking on your door in six to eight months. it won't be a pleasant knock. we will be taking the animals to the wild. we'll find beautiful homes there. we're not going to continue this. >> jack, thanks very much. george, now, to politics. "your voice, your vote." mitt romney under fire from every direction, from the gop opponents and president obama's campaign team. some of the roughest action we've seen yet in this campaign season. jon karl has the blow-by-blow, and joins us from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the white house is not waiting for republicans to choose their nominee. the president's campaign team clearly believes it's going to be mitt romney. and they are already going after him. >> i think most americans --
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>> reporter: the obama re-election team, the key moment came when romney insisted he never hired illegal immigrants. >> we went to the company and said, you can't have illegals working on our property. i'm running for office, for pete sake. i can't have illegals. >> reporter: listen to that again. >> i'm running for office. i can't have illegals. >> not because it's wrong. not because it's illegal. it's because he's running for office. >> i thought it was great insight into him. >> reporter: they have put the comment into a web video, attacking him as somebody that would say anything to get elected. on a conference call yesterday, the president's campaign made it clear, it's a theme you'll hear over and over again, if romney is the nominee. >> the core principal driving mitt romney, getting elected. that's why romney doesn't have any credibility out there saying he's fighting for the middle class. >> reporter: romney's reputation as a flip-flopper may be his biggest weakness. running for office twice in
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liberal, massachusetts, he took moderate positions on health care, abortion, and gun control. the romney camp says there's a reason for the attack. the white house fears romney can beat obama. >> governor romney. >> mitt romney's -- >> governor romney -- >> reporter: rick perry has made the same attack on romney. yesterday, even mrs. perry got into the act. >> with my husband, you don't have to wonder whether the president will be similar to the candidate that you see. he's not only campaigned as a conservative. he governs as a conservative. >> reporter: romney acknowledges that his views have changed over the year. he put it recently, in the private sector if you don't change your view when the facts change, you get fired. robin? >> that's it. all right, jon. thanks very much. >> taking some heat. getting the latest on the trial of michael jackson's doctor. it was another damaging day for conrad murray, as prosecutors called their last witness, an expert on the powerful drug, propofol, that killed jackson. his testimony was direct and
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devastating. and jim avila has more from los angeles. >> now, i can pull the propofol out. >> reporter: it must have sounded like the ultimate insult to michael jackson's personal physician. a fellow doctor from the witness stand, labeling conrad murray, just another jackson employee. a housekeeper, not a learned man of medicine, when he caved to jackson's craving for the powerful anesthetic, propofol. >> i don't see a difference to conrad murray saying yes, to a request that michael jackson's making, to a person who cleans to the house to a request that michael jackson is making because he is acting as an employee. he is not exercising his medical judgment. >> reporter: dr. steven schaffer is the prosecution's final witness of the case in chief. >> this vial is made out of glass. >> reporter: a noted anesthesiologist, who brought a video on how propofol is used safely in operating rooms. with devices to open airways,
7:14 am
oxygen, and drugs to combat bad reaction. back on the stand for a second day, shafer was sufficient on dr. murray, acueing him of 17 e jeejous violations that caused michael jackson's death. having no rescue equipment. no proper delivery system for the propofol. and leaving the room and making phone calls while jackson was under. >> it's a setup for disaster. >> would it still be your opinion that conrad murray is directly responsible for the death of michael jackson? >> absolutely. >> reporter: and perhaps a reference to michael jackson's former california estate, shafer characterized propofol to treat insomn insomnia, as a dark tale. >> something that only been done to michael jackson. any dose of propofol is a potentially dangerous dose. >> reporter: prosecutors are expected to wrap up their case today. and a source close to the investigation tells us the district attorney's office is pleased and confident in its
7:15 am
case. and there's no plea deals at the halfway point from either side on the table. let's get more of the morning's stories from josh elliott. >> we're going to begin with the likely cause in the deadly listeria outbreak linked to a colorado cantaloupe farm. the fda haze packing equipment was difficult to sanitize. and there was standing water in the facility that could have harbored bacteria. 25 people have died thus far. and officials say it's too soon to declare the outbreak officially over. citigroup is paying some $285 million to settle fraud charges. the ftc says the bank peddled risky mortgage securities before the economic collapse. it's a small fine for the company that just reported $4 billion in profits. secretary of state hillary clinton is in afghanistan. they're going to target and talk to militants in pakistan. today, she will travel to pakistan to deliver the same
7:16 am
message. and the world series got under way in st. louis last night. game one of the fall classic goes to the home folks, the cardinals that beat the texas rangers. allen craig, delivering a go ahead single. game two, tonight, back in st. louis. >> why do they start the game so late? >> i know. they didn't tell me about that. ninth innings are tough. >> i tried to warn you. >> okay. he's over there. he's close to st. louis. >> very close. where are you, sam? >> kansas city, gang. we made a little drive north of joplin yesterday. there's some incredible things here in kansas city. i want to show you this throughout the broadcast. a few things that we love here in k.c., including the kaufman center of the performing arts that we're in the middle of. let's get to the boards. we're going to start with a big, windy storm from chicago, to detroit, to milwaukee today. this is day two of these strong winds. and they'll be toughest in ther. in some cases, about
7:17 am
60-mile-per-hour winds whipping across the great lakes. there's wind advisories from that system all the way into the carolinas today. as that gets out of the way, the cool morning temperatures behind it, it's a frosty morning in the midwest. it will take the weekend before we get warmer temperatures all the way down in the midwest. quick look at the big board today. let you know that everything is fine in florida. we finally get rid of the rain. and the idea of sunshine for most of the west coast today.
7:18 am
>> and we are live this morning in kansas city. and from here this morning, we're going to show you a little bit -- did you know, by the way. new orleans made jazz. but kansas city has its own special version. and we're at a performing arts center. you're going to hear a little bit. and we have something that you're going to love. we have something you'll go crazy at the last part of the show. >> barbecue. barbecue. >> promise. >> barbecue. i looked ahead.
7:19 am
i'm ready. kansas city. >> let's go. >> sam, thank you. couldn't resist. going home for the holidays may cost more than ever this season. the major airlines are launching their first widespread increase in airfare since this summer. and as abc's john berman reports, to passengers, it may sound like one, big, bah humbug. >> reporter: what could be better than cramming into a crowded plane to fly back for an uncomfortable holiday dinner with your crazy uncle eddie? that's right. paying more to do it. airfares are going up, with brand-new price hikes this week. up to $10 on a round-trip, just in time for the holidays. >> airlines raise their prices to see the appetite of consumers. and also, the appetite of other airlines. >> reporter: in fact, most fares will be up 10% compared to last year, with some popular routes like cross-country, up 30%. one estimate says the average
7:20 am
cost is up $70 from one year ago. for a family of four, that's 280 bucks. a lot to see uncle eddie. why is the great airline grinch doing this? >> his heart was two sizes too small. >> reporter: more likely, it's the fact that fuel costs are high and demand for flights is actually fairly strong. they can get away with this. if the fare hikes are the bad news, the really bad news, you're also paying more in all those fees. one analysis says airlines will make an additional $32 billion in year in those bag fees and everything you're now paying for onboard. so, what are we to do? book now. and avoid those days right before or right after the holidays. >> every day you don't buy your ticket, starting today, add $5 to your virtual ticket every day you wait. >> reporter: happy holidays to you and uncle eddie. for "good morning america," john berman, abc news. >> that's going to add up. >> that is a lot. coming up on "gma," why
7:21 am
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. appear upside down day
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where we've already seep our high temperature at midnight. annapolis at 69. now dropping even in the last hour. 55, winds steady at 12 gusting to 2 miles per hour. we've got the 20 to 30-mile per hour wind gust across the reason on. columbia, 52 in laurel. still some showers on the west side, carroll, frederick county. we are looking for a day ranging between the mid-50s, maybe briefly low 60s but it is all about the gusty winds through outthe afternoon. here is tonya with traffic. >> if you run into those gusty winds, be careful out there with top heavy vehicles so you don't run into another vehicle in the lane beside you. let's take a look at our live traffic camera is. the first one on thably at old court road south of 795. that is outer loop traffic coming towards the camera. debris was reported in the road. 95 south is the fort mchenry tunnel. we have slow traffic, residual delays southbound due an
7:28 am
earlier broken down car. a montgomery county man is in jail charged with killing his stepdaughter. police say that david hang wanted out of a sham marriage and that was the reason he killed jessica nguyen. in court, prosecutors tell the judge that hang stabbed the 12- year-old girl 40 times last may at her gaithersburg home. detectives were able to zero in on hang after matching his dna he interrupted court proceed togs say he didn't do it and began to cry before denying the charge. he is still being held without bond. back now to new york for more of good morning america. this morning on facebook, there is anything you could give up to 30 days? go there and be a part of the conversation. have a great thursday.
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they got the search warrant. and they acted on it right away. there you see police swarming all over the home of baby lisa's parents. they were x-raying things from inside the house, using rakes and shovels all over the yard. we'll have the latest from kansas city on baby lisa, just ahead. >> because they have the search warrant. people are wondering if there's new information and why they did that. also, actress lindsay lohan in hot water again. leaving a california courtroom in tears and in handcuffs. a judge blasted her for violating her probation. we'll look at what's ahead for the troubled star. something to look forward to next half hour. kelsey grammer is going to be here live. he's got a terrific, new role on
7:31 am
television. playing the mayor of chicago. a very private guy. we'll talk about some stuff, as well. >> i got my dog, a jack russell, because of eddie on "frazier." i got k.j. first in this half hour, we'll get to the latest on the search for baby lisa irwin. police charging in with a search warrant to her parents' home on thursday. linsey davis has been tracking the latest for us. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we certainly weren't able to get this close to the house yesterday or walk down this section of street because the police had the entire area on lockdown. the search remained here well into the night. and police are remaining tight-lipped about what, if anything, they found. overnight, police continued searching the home where baby lisa disappeared. bringing in additional equipment and working well past midnight. earlier on wednesday, a no-fly zone overhead.
7:32 am
a massive search on the ground. as police comb the yard of the kansas city home with rakes and shovels, they wouldn't say what they were looking for. inside the house, fbi agents and police investigators used equipment from bomb and arson trucks to x-ray solid objects and possibly walls. leaving with several bags of potential evidence. even removing this carpet. >> they were looking for items, materials, whether they be genetic like dna. hairs and fibers, organic, like leaves and dirt, to compare to something they have. >> reporter: investigators have searched the family home before. but always with the parents' consent. wednesday's search was different. the result of a court-issued search warrant, that prevented the parents from being present at the house. >> you have to have something new, something that just has occurred to convince a judge to allow you to go back in a house with a search warrant. >> reporter: police would not discuss what they found in the house. but told abc news, the bulk of
7:33 am
what they wanted was accomplished. while investigators scoured the property, lisa's mother, deborah bradley, allegedly paid her local attorney a visit. she and the baby's father, jeremy irwin, are currently staying with relatives. they haven't lived at the home since lisa's disappearance. they said all along that an intruder entered the home and abducted lisa. the parents' attorney maintains they're cooperating with police. and that they welcomed an extensive search of the home if it helps find their baby. and that attorney, joe tacopina, says he's not sure why the police felt a search warrant was necessary. the police have been able to come and go as they please because the family is just as eager to get answers. robin? >> linsey, thank you. joining us now, private investigator, bill stanton, who has been helping with the search for baby lisa. you probably remember bill as a former security consultant here also on "gma." good morning. >> good morning.
7:34 am
>> you heard brad garrett say there had to be new information to get a search warrant like this. do you have any idea what that information is? >> absolutely i don't. i know they're not opposed to it. when i'm working with the family, i'm not working for the family. if i get information that leads to their guilt, so be it. and i told them so. >> and have you been working with the police? have you been able to get any additional information? you talk to the family. >> yes. >> a great deal. >> yes, i do. and i told them that. i told them, i will be sharing everything i get with the police. and i may not necessarily be sharing it with you. so, i am handing everything over, no matter how small, how big because what may be small to me and my team, may be the key to a conviction for them. >> have you found any additional information? anything that's been helpful to the police? >> i couldn't speak to that. but they are getting information. >> you talked to the parents last night? >> yes. >> what are they saying to you? what do they think of the search of the home? >> my interpretation is they
7:35 am
welcome it. they welcome it. they want this to be uncovered. they want it to be discounted and look outside the home. at least that's my interpretation. >> it's very apparent that the police are still suspicious of the parents. come on, >> absolutely. >> they're in the backyard. they're going through the home with an x-ray. what do you think they're looking for? >> they're looking for a body or trace evidence. as am i. i'm looking at them with some suspicion. but my intuitiveness and my feeling is from outside the home at this time. >> you still feel that way. >> yes. unless there's a wild card that nobody knows about, i'm looking outside the home. but you tell me how they did it. >> you believe it very well could have been somebody from outside the home. do you have any kind of theory of exactly what could have happened? >> well, i have theories, where they could have done it. and i have theories where they could not have done it. and this is, my team and i, talk
7:36 am
about for hours upon hours. and the theories from outside the home, right now, outweigh that it's someone from inside the home. >> how close do you think the police are in finding some additional information and finding, more importantly, baby lisa? >> one, i do think this baby is alive. you don't take a 10-month-old to do away with it. you take it to cover it or to sell it. and i'm hoping the $100,000 reward may open up the mouth or heart of someone to give a tip. >> and the donor has -- >> she is not paying -- >> she. >> it is a she. and she is not paying joe, at all. >> thank you, bill. let's get the weather now and sam. sam? >> hey, good morning, robin. you remember yesterday, we were in joplin, missouri, for "extreme makeover: home edition" folks p
7:37 am
folks. i'm not here to class up my image. this is the kauffman center of the performing arts. i want to call it the k.c.k.c. i like it. kansas city kauffman center. we'll have amazing performances from inside, as well. here's a look at the weather. we start with the cold air in the middle of the country. and 45 degrees in dallas is a real chill this morning. 43 in memphis, as well. a quick look at the big boards this morning. florida's in much better shape as the rain has moved out. and we are live in kansas city this morning. all that weather was brought to you by the kindle fire. >> thought you were going to tickle the ivories for us, sam. maybe later. >> no. >> not you?
7:38 am
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♪call 1-800-steemer. more trouble for lindsay lohan. you see all of her mug shots right there. the fifth one taken on wednesday. is she finally in real danger of doing real time in jail? yesterday, an l.a. judge warned her that could be coming if she doesn't get her act together and keep her community service
7:42 am
commitment. abbie boudreau has more on lindsay lohan's spiral. >> reporter: lindsay lohan back in court. and back in cuffs. led away from jail, after l.a. county judge, stephanie sautner, reached her breaking point. >> probation, as you know, and the prosecutor knows, and in my view, is a gift. and there's something called looking a gift horse in the mouth. >> reporter: sautner revoked lohan's probation on wednesday, saying she was blowing off the community service she was sentenced to back in april. to be served both at a women's center and cleaning up after autopsies at the county morgue. >> she wasn't interacting with anyone. so, the service was not fulfilling. her words. >> reporter: but lohan's lawyer insisted the actress has been on the right track. >> miss lohan has reached a turning point in her progress, in her accountability, in her maturity. >> so, her failure to show up nine times at the downtown
7:43 am
women's center, for scheduled appointments, that's reaching a turning point in your maturity? >> reporter: lohan's excuse? work. she was recently in france, and italy, attending fashion shows and modeling. hard to believe for bloggers obsessed with lohan's ever-changing looks. dramatically different from her past courtroom appearances. >> i mean, she is supposed to be an actress, from what i hear. i don't know how much acting work she's done or is doing. >> reporter: lohan must now return to court for a probation violation hearing. a representative for the star tells abc news, she hopes the court will reinstate probation. and allow her to fulfill her community service. but lohan's bad day only got worse. after posting a $100,000 bond late wednesday, lohan was slapped with a $1 million lawsuit for allegedly attacking a betty ford worker during rehab last year. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles.
7:44 am
let's more from our legal analyst, dan abrams. robin just said it. that judge ain't playing. she is very tough. but how common is this for people to skip their probation? >> it's not uncommon. but the amount of times that lindsay lohan has done it is uncommon. >> nine times. >> can you imagine if you're her lawyer? that's the worst position to be in. my client blew it off nine times. how do you explain that? this is a turning point. a tough position to be in for the lawyer. so, lindsay lohan has got to start delivering. the lawyer will sit her down and say, this is serious. this is real. if you don't start fulfilling your requirements, you're going to go back to jail. >> has until november 2nd. that's the next hearing. she has to do 16 hours of community service before then? >> at least. at the morgue. and that's the worst place to get community service. of anywhere you can go. she's cleaning up after autopsies. you can imagine why she doesn't want to do it. but the reality is, she's got to
7:45 am
do it if she wants to avoid jail time. >> the judge knows that the whole country is watching. but is lindsay being singled out for special, more harsh treatment? more lenient treatment? >> up to this point, i was one of the few people out there saying she was treated like anybody else and probably harsher. and people are saying, she ought to be serving time. we're talking about minor infractions. a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. a drunk driving charge. not to minimize them. but most people don't serve serious times for those kind of infractions. >> but with repeated violations? >> that's the problem here. she keeps being warned and keeps being told. and she has to recognize that she's in the public eye. because she's in the public eye, the world's going to be watching. the judge, not just her. and the judge has to be careful of not being seen as being soft here. it's really important what happens now between yesterday's hearing and november 2nd. she has got to show, with every ounce of her being, that she is
7:46 am
taking this really seriously. that she is ready to do the community service. and she's not going to keep blowing it off. >> if she does, she probably avoids jail? >> i think she'll be able to avoid jail time, if she demonstrates that she gets it, at least for now. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. coming up, double trouble ahead in josh's "play of the day." it's the great escape, next. [ woman thursday! f! dinner with the girls tonight. i really want dessert. i better skip breakfast. yep, this is all i need. [ stomach growls ] [ female announcer ] why skip breakfast when you can start your morning with special k multigrain oats and honey, a wholesome blend of rolled oats and honey kissed multigrain flakes. it's a delicious way to get your whole grains and make your breakfast beautiful. ♪
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7:50 am
right now, here's "the play of the day." >> why is not. >> so far. >> it could be thus far. >> it's about nap time, people. and you know nap time doesn't always go the way you think, especially when you have twins, like these two. and look at the intrepid twins. >> oh, no. is he okay? >> hang on. no twins were hurt in the making of this "play of the day." he's not. and he grabs it. mom is like, how are you getting out of your crib?
7:51 am
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7:56 am
hi, some of you already had the sun peak out. we had the band of rain lift to the north, but the lows back across ohio. the standard cutoff situation. where the winds are wrapped itself around, cut the moisture source. it is cold air. it is cold air out of the southwest. that's what we have today. we have food watch possible. 57 right now.
7:57 am
winds gusting in the 20 to 30 miles per hour range. colder hairline will spill in. today, the battle in between and most of us in the mid 50s. so, overall, we are expecting to temperatures steady and falling in the afternoon, after maybe briefly getting back to 62 at lunchtime. it is about the winds that could gust 30 to 40 miles per hour. now, there roads with tonya. now, we have an accident on 295 southbound at 198. traffic will be backed up. we have rubbernecking delays in northbound lanes. now, a live look at our traffic cameras. we have stop and go traffic on the outer loop. coming towards the camera. checking live on the beltway
7:58 am
top side. the outer loop is almost all of the way stopped. you can check all of the cameras on now, back to new york and "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ changes time to face the change ♪ [ cheers and applause ] a big crowd with us here in times square. enjoying the fall-like weather. to packing on the pounds, this is what drew manning looked like just six months ago. and that's him now. why he says he's going to extremes to help everyone get healthy. >> we're going to learn a lot from that. and kelsey grammer. there he is right now. across the studio. looking forward to talking to him. a great, new role, on starz, playing the chicago mayor.
8:01 am
and our contest. my dog is better than your dog. i'll take it. k.j. can take it. only one can win. they're all here to do their tricks live. an epic paws-down. who will get your winning vote? i met them earlier. josh, we have potentially big news about moammar gadhafi. >> reports out of libya and it is major. reports that colonel moammar gadhafi may have been captured. we're going to learn to jeffrey kofman in london who has the latest this morning. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning to you, josh. that's right. some huge news from libya this morning, if it's true. there are unconfirmed reports circulating wildly that former dictator moammar gadhafi has been captured. we have pictures from libya, showing the celebrations, although we don't know if those celebrations are premature. an official with the interim government toll al-jazeera, that gadhafi was caught this morning and wounded in both legs. one report says gadhafi is dead.
8:02 am
we have no independent confirmation of this at this hour. if true, it would represent a monumental victory for the rebels. we know that anti-rebels finally took control of gadhafi's hometown of sirte, the last loyalist holdout. if that's true, it means the rebels now control the entire country. josh? >> all right. jeffrey kofman live in london with the latest. we'll be giving information as it comes in. meanwhile, the bizarre hunt is finally over this morning for dozens of wild and dangerous animals that were running loose in central ohio. the terrifying ordeal ended when officials realized that perhaps a final missing monkey was likely eaten by one of the big cats. also on the loose. six of the animals survived after the owner of an animal farm opened their cages and fatally shot himself. animal rights activists are blasting ohio's rather weak laws regarding exotic pets. all of the major airlines
8:03 am
this week raised their fares $4 to $10. that means the airlines expect heavy demand. experts say this fare increase is likely to stay. meanwhile, a california company has recalled more than 3,000 cases of salad because of possible salmonella contamination. the products are under these names. fresh selections, heb, marketside, and taylor farms. the items were distributed in some 14 states and puerto rico and sold in various supermarket chains. we have more information. just go to and for the first time, a member of the madoff family is speaking out and sharing her story with abc news. stephanie madoff was married to bernie madoff's son that killed himself last december. in an interview on "20/20," she says that mark madoff had no idea what was going on. >> he marched into his father's office and said, what the -- is
8:04 am
going on here? and bernie said, i can't tell you here. we have to go home to my apartment. i don't want to tell you in the office. and so, he and andy and bernie left. and they went to his house on 64th street. and told them that his business was just one, big lie. and that he was billions in debt. he said that bernie delivered the news like that. >> flatout? >> flatout fact. >> no crying? no, i'm sorry. >> and then cried. ruth was sitting on a couch, like a zombie, saying nothing. andy fell to his knees and started to cry. and my husband picked his brother up and said, let's get out of here. >> you can hear much more from chris cuomo's emotional interview tomorrow night on "20/20." stephanie madoff, the end of normal, otherwise anguished is out today. she'll join us live on "good
8:05 am
morning america" next monday. and finally, another note from the book world. it's reported that gabrielle giffords will read the final chapter of an audio edition for an upcoming back. the arizona senator still in recovery after gunshot wounds to the head suffered last january. but that is wonderful news. >> thanks, josh. got some pop news for us? >> of course, i do. good morning to you guys. congratulations to french president nicolas sarkozy and first lady carla bruni c-sarkob who give birth to the first son for the french presidency. no word on what her name is. don't expect any photos. the former supermodel mom says she will feverishly protect her child's privacy. and do you know how to knit? i knew you would, josh. >> i do. i used to knit when my dad would
8:06 am
read me "lord of the rings" and i'd knit. i have a strange childhood. >> josh, everybody, if you do know how to knit, the penguins need your help. in the aftermath of the worth oil spill in new zealand's history, earlier this month, the tiny sweaters are being used to keep the birds from freeing to death or poisoning themselves from drinking the oil. it's the cutest call to action, and very necessary to keep the penguins alive. and you can find out more. remember last month we told you how rihanna was kicked off a farmer's property in northern ireland? now, we get to see what all the fuss was about. the music video that she was shooting that day has just been released. yeah. she's kind of naked in some parts of it. the farmer said she couldn't shoot on his property because o f the wardrobe choices or lack thereof was not in line of his christian beliefs. the video for the single "we found love" has gone viral. >> they didn't show her naked, did it?
8:07 am
>> no. >> get me ali on the phone. from where you least expect it. george stephanopoulos. >> all right. george, listen up. rihanna has competition in the music department, from none other than siri, the iphone's new virtual assistant. ♪ will you marry me let's just be friends ♪ ♪ will you marry me ♪ we don't really know one another ♪ >> my favorite line in the song, jonathan mann, asks who's your daddy? she responses, you are. is siri answering all of the questions? he did tyke a little editing liberty. but many of them are her exact answers, verbatim. and you can downline rihanna's
8:08 am
video later, george. >> rihanna naked and josh knitting. two images. >> i love kelsey sitting over there. the peanut gallery hearing the commentary and things like that. >> my dad read "the lord of the rings," and "the hobbit," and i knitted. >> you're such a riddled wreck. >> i was a renaissance boy. let's get to the weather and sam champion. >> let's have josh knit rihanna a covering sweater. just a little something covering for the warming the areas. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about. we want to start with pictures from yesterday. we can't get out of america's heartland. yesterday, we did a door knock with ty and the crew of "extreme makeover: home edition." you probably remember that joplin was pounded months ago by an ef-5 tornado in that area.
8:09 am
and these families are getting homes they desperately need. we're back live in kansas city. we wanted to show you the kauffman center. good morning, everybody. the folks that woke up to show us. let me tell you about the youth jazz combo. they are smokin', by the way. 100 different students now involved in the program, from 50 different schools around the k.c. area. it's been a pleasure to have them here this morning. we're going to let them play us down to a little weather while we talk a little bit about what's going on in the country. let's start first with that big area of low pressure that's in the middle of the country. and the winds that will go around it today. you guys are so good. why am i even talking? why don't i just let you keep playing? fantastic. there's an area of low pressure, by the way. you can see, new york at 68 today. a gusty wind. washington, d.c. at about 67 degrees. chicagoland, you're getting out of it later today.
8:10 am
it was a windy day yesterday. it's a windy morning today. elsewhere in the country, that coastal fog that's been such a problem this season in southern california continues. but it is mostly sunny and dry on the west coast. a lot of that rain is pulling away from the east coast today. and that's very good news because it means we're in for a better weekend. all right. that's the weather around the nation. ♪
8:11 am
>> all right. the whole kansas city version of jazz is difference than the new orleans version of jazz. robin, george, we have so much coming from k.c. in the next half hour. but this is just beautiful. >> they are so talented. >> yeah. i love that. all right. "morning menu." >> i played a little sax. but it's so important to have music with young people. >> all right. let's get to it. shall we move on? i wish we could hear you. but we will continue. and our "gma morning menu" is p. from fab to flab. why has this personal trainer gained over 70 pounds in just 6 months? his answer could really help you to get in the best shape you've ever been. and kelsey grammer is here live. we all love him. he has a surprising, new role on screen. and a major milestone off screen.
8:12 am
and it's down to three. gruger, hallie, and gabe. my dog is better than your dog. it's an epic, paws-down competition. coming up on "gma." [ female announcer ] did you know that the sources of bad breath are hidden in the contours of your teeth & tongue. introducing a breakthrough for aquafresh. new extreme clean pure breath action. its micro active foam penetrates those hard to reach places. and it now contains a mineral compound that captures and neutralizes bad breath odors giving you 80% cleaner, purer breath. for all the confidence of pure breath try new extreme clean pure breath action from aquafresh. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome. you can read that? ♪ [ female announcer ] the accufit digital system, exclusively at lenscrafters... is about 5 times more precise than manual measurement techniques.
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[ cellphone rings ] cut! [ monica ] i have a small part in a big movie. i thought we'd be on location for 3 days, it's been 3 weeks. so, i used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at most folks probably wish -- i definitely wish, let ourselves go. eat what we want for a while. not worry about a thing. well, we found a man who is doing just that. even though he's a personal
8:17 am
trainer. right now, he's on a mission to get fat. and it's all in the name of helping you. working out, eating right, and staying healthy. it's a lifestyle that drew manning has committed himself to as a medical technician and a personal trainer. >> hey, everyone. my name is drew. >> reporter: but this husband and father of two near salt lake city, decided having a perfect physique wasn't enough. >> i don't know how to let yourself go and to gain those bad eating habits and to crave those foods. i plan on letting myself go, with an unrestricted diet. and no exercise for the next six months. after those six months, i plan on turning around and showing people, teaching them how to get back and fit again. >> reporter: and he's doing it all online. >> this will be my first meal on my journey to becoming fat. so, here we go.
8:18 am
>> reporter: on his website,, he posts weekly video blogs, weighs in, and documents his thoughts along the way. followers are able to watch every pound he packs on. even voting on which foods he should eat next. >> looks like this week, corn dogs is what you want to see me eat. >> reporter: in his first month, he gained an astonishing 24 pounds. >> this right here -- that wasn't there before. i just walked upstairs. i'm a little bit out of breath. it's weird that i start snowing all of a sudden. i officially have man boobs that jiggle, when i'm in the car or when i'm running or standing. you notice the jiggle. >> reporter: 23 weeks ago, drew had a 34.5-inch waist and 17-inch neck. he weighed 193 pounds. he now has a.
8:19 am
47.5-inch waist, an 18-inch neck and 260 pounds. and watching all the way, his wife, lynn. >> he's had clients before. and continually say they the same thing. you don't understand what it's like. you've never been overweight. you don't know what it's like to have these addictions. and to be honest, he didn't. >> reporter: and the journey has not been easy. >> his self-confidence went away and depleted. he's becoming lethargic, lazy. not helping around the house. >> reporter: nearing the end of drew's six months of weight gain, lynn is ready to pitch in for his six-month return to tip-top shape. >> losing the weight. i've been looking forward to this day. and i would have to admit, i think both of him and i have a little bit of fear. mostly because he put on a lot more weight than he thought he would. >> reporter: drew manning's goal is to show people they can unload that unwanted weight themselves through diet and exercise. in a matter of weeks he'll begin his extreme weight loss. and we'll be there, every pound
8:20 am
of the way. every pound. and drew said he thought he gained 50, maybe 60 pounds on this journey. he's already ten over that and counting. and for more details on drew and his mission, go to george? >> thank you, lara. what a journey it was. we're here with kelsey grammer, after two megahit comedies, five emmys and a tony, he's into politics. starring in the new drama, "boss," where he plays a mayor in pawer. i cannot wait to see the show. all of the reviews say it's incredible. best new show of the season. how about that? >> there's some things i haven't liked the sound of. >> what a change from "frazier." you play a dark guy here. >> he's a very dark guy. yeah. he's a guy that's got some bad news. he likes power and wants to hold on to it, basically. that's a little different from what frazier was. >> a little different. the mayor of chicago. he pulls a lot of strings behind the scenes.
8:21 am
and i heard you had dinner with the mayor of chicago, rahm emanuel. >> the current and the former. i think they were interesting that i but doing a hit piece on them. nervous about their own legacy. i assured them that this is more of an -- it's an idea of a mythical mayor. the idea of 100 years of mayors, with all that entails. this guy draws on the history of chicago to feed his own sense of purpose. i think people from chicago will learn a lot about chicago, that they probably didn't know. >> and he is the ultimate power broker. we're going to show a scene where he tries to get one of his protoeges to run for governor. >> i want you to run for governor against matt cullen in the primary. get him out of his wing and hammer him with everything you got. >> what makes you want to do that? >> you've been doing interviews for months straight. six appearances. three on cable. and your speeches.
8:22 am
if i didn't know better, i'd say you were trying to do this even before me. the only thing you're missing is heft. >> you can tell you're having fun with that. >> a lot of fun. and you know a lot about politics. did you bring any of that to this? >> you know, this is what i hope politics isn't, honestly. but i fear that a lot of it's true. what our conceit was, in terms of story telling, was the idea that somewhere, we all think that behind closed doors, a lot of crazy stuff takes place in politics. and there must be a sort of line between what's implied, almost violence, and that place where it might cross over. now, the crossing over happens on this show. and i certainly hope it doesn't really happen in politics. but it remains to be scene. >> you survived as a republican in hollywood for a long time. >> i have survived. >> last time around, you endorsed rudy giuliani. who do you like right now?
8:23 am
>> it's too early for me still. >> after all these debates? >> i'm not watching the debates. i think debates are a smoke screen, honestly. it was the last cycle, i remember when we had 2 1/2 years before the election, the democrats had the 15 guys up on stage. and i thought, this is a waste of time. so, i kind of feel the same way. >> you're going to wait a while. >> the republicans parodying that. >> i know something you're not watching is "real housewives of beverly hills." your former wife, camille, is on it. i want to ask you questions. people go on reality tv to become famous. why did you decide to be part of it in any way at all? >> it was -- part of my feeling that i should exit with some sort of gift. >> exit the marriage? >> yeah. because that was what i had in mind. that was a way of saying, here's what you always wanted. i'm gone. >> go to it. >> yeah. >> was it a mistake?
8:24 am
>> i don't think so. i mean -- >> after all this? >> it certainly caused me some stress, i suppose. i've been targeted a lot and i said a lot of terrible things. after a while it starts to be, kelsey grammer goes into for a coffee. how does it ex feel about it? it's gotten silly at this point. the more of that goes on, the less people focus on the fact that i have a great new life. and with my grace, go have that famous life you wanted. >> a great, new life. and a great, new wife. >> yes. kate. >> you look happy. >> i am, thanks. >> tell us the story about your first date on christmas day. or around christmas. >> it was around christmas. oh. that was -- it was the most romantic night of my life. it was just extraordinary. we met for a coffee. and actually, we were going to meet in this one place. i thought it looked too much like a pickup joint. i said, forget it.
8:25 am
i walked down the street and waited for -- she was going to come up out of the tube stop. i knew where she was coming from. i saw her across the street. and i just stood there and looked. and i thought, this is the most marvelous thing i've seen in my life. she walked across the street. i said i don't want to go in. we walked through hyde park. and the snow started to fall. and it was the most magical night of my life. and moments later, we had our first kiss. and weave been together since. >> you look so happy right now. and it seems like you're convinced you're going to get it right this time. >> i think i did, actually. i'm not sure i had anything to do with it. i think kate had everything to do with it. >> what's it like being a grandfather? >> pretty good. pretty good. we stopped by the hospital as spence was going into labor. we had a business trip to australia. so, we had to leave just hours before little emmit was born. but we've had some pictures. and we're going back out to l.a. in a couple weeks. >> that is great. congratulations on all these, too. the show is called "boss." it premieres on friday on starz.
8:26 am
thank you very much. let's go out to josh. >> all right, george. here we are. fall-like weather outside. perfect for what you've all been waiting for. all week. coming up, these are our three finalists. your dog's better than my dog. my dog's better than your dog. here we go. this is ruger. he likes to push stuff. right here, hallie. she'll find pink bones and green keys. and over here, gabe, who loves himself a rocking force. if that's not good enough for you, look at this. they're not dogs. but we have kids in costume. the best costumes that money can buy. and look at this. the best audience in the history of audiences. it's all straight ahead here on "good morning america." we'll be back.
8:27 am
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8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] who's dog is better than your dog? my dog is better than your dog. we've been having fun watching the videos, putting the dogs up against each other. the three finalists. >> gabe. >> are here to do their tricks now, in an epic paws-down. >> that's hallie. can pick up keys and the paper. >> there they are live, with josh in times square. >> spent a little time this morning and with their owners. they're just a hoot. i don't know. you're going to decide which one. i don't know, lara. if the dogs weren't cute enough, we have kids in
8:31 am
costumes. it doesn't get any better. great halloween steals and deals so low, it is downright scary. i said it. so, anyway, we've got tory with great bargains here for that. you know who else? one of my faves. i love her. "modern family's" sarah hyland. i don't know if she's going to wear something for halloween. i love that look. she's going to fill us in on so much more of what's ahead for america's favorites family. she was very prominent in last night's episode. >> yeah. she's a great, young lady. unfortunately her character's become a role model for my daughters. >> come on, haley? >> they love haley. let's get outside to josh right now. josh? >> hi, robin. dogs and kids out here. it's undefeated. the epic showdown we've been counting down all week to. my dog's better than your dog. a challenge to end all challenges.
8:32 am
our three finalists are here to show off their best tricks. first, let's look back at all our contenders this week. all week long, it's been dog versus dog. we narrowed down our fido features to six, talented canines. monday kicked off with two pushy pooches. maggie, the john deere driving and ruger the scooter driving pup. tuesday, it was the battle of the brains. charlie, the sliding golden retriever, versus hallie, the self-taught yorkie-poo. in the end, hallie fetched the victory. round three. we showed the dogs who do it all. gabe, the rocking horse-riding bulldog, versus leroy, the table setting border collie. it came down to the wire. and by show's end, gabe rocked the vote, leaving three
8:33 am
finalists, ruger, hallie and gabe, fighting for the title of "gma's" top dog. all right. so, here they are. linda wright, to my left, with ruger. can push anything. we have hallie, and her owner, leslie jenkins. and last but not least, this is gabe the bulldog. and cheryl mack. all right. we're going to see what they all can do. we're going to start with ruger. we saw ruger this week. but this is ruger's piece deresistance, the scooter. >> come on. good boy. let's go around and do it again. >> take it back, ruger. once more around the track. >> come on. >> okay. gabe foiling the competition. all right. you can put ten other dogs on that scooter.
8:34 am
i can probably jump on and ruger can push it. all right, leslie. here we are with hallie. she can find things. you can say find the red ball. >> yes. hallie, where are your keys? find your keys. >> come on, hallie. >> get them. where are they? hallie, get your keys. where are your keys? >> oh. >> that's all right. hey. >> come here. where are your keys? >> you're on broadway, hallie. >> we'll give her another shot. >> okay. >> we're going to move down here to gabe. and gabe can fetch milk out of a refrigerator. gabe, i think he can do the cube root of pi. and launch the space shuttle. but he can also pick up his favorite toy and hop onboard. >> gabe, pick it up. pick it up. up. [ cheers and applause ]
8:35 am
rock. take a bow. take a bow. [ cheers and applause ] >> yay. >> take a bow. >> take a bow, gabe. take a bow. all right. so, look. everybody gets another shot. let's give her another shot. let's collect them. spread them out. spread them out. there you go. all right. back, now, hallie gets a second shot. >> okay. >> hallie, go find the keys, hallie. >> where are your keys? where are your keys? where are your keys, hallie? i know. she's scared. hallie, where are your keys, baby? where are your keys? where are your keys, hallie. there she goes. she's going for the treats.
8:36 am
>> we saw hallie do it in the tape. you didn't train the little yorkie-poo to do this. >> i did not train her. it was a learned thing. i figured out she could do it when i was going on a trip. and she -- i was packing. i was looking for one of her toys. and i couldn't find it. i was going around the house saying where's your green bone. i wonder where your green bone is. and she went and found it. i think it's learned over time, she heard me say it. >> america did put hallie through to the finals. and deservedly so. and ruger started jumping and on pushing things why? >> because of the cats. he loves it. >> and gabe, how did we learn to gabe could grab the milk out of the refrigerator? >> he watched my older dog do it and copied her. >> and the rocking horse, that's freestyle? >> that's a difficult trick he learned piece by piece.
8:37 am
>> america, it's up to you. it's in your hands. we have three finalists. but who is the best dog of all? want you to cast your vote on the "gma" app, on your smartphone. all right. everybody casting the votes out here. go to our facebook page, as well. tomorrow, we're going to reveal the winners. there can only be one. we'll see who will walk off with the golden bone. all right? we have a lot more to get to. the only thing that can possibly follow dogs, the sweetest kids in all the land. we have the very best in halloween costumes, straight ahead. for now, let's go back to kansas city. sam champion with the weather. >> josh, good morning. good morning, everybody. go ahead. let it out. we're in k.c. this morning. this is josh by the way. this is his mrois, smokehouse barbecue. let me tell you. they have laid out a spread that's incredible. this is called burnt in. >> i never heard of them before.
8:38 am
>> we have our barbecue beef brisket. we sere certain edges of the brisket. you get the crispy outside. >> burnt outside with the tender inside. >> it's to die for. >> it's absolutely amazing. >> definitely. >> josh, i didn't realize i wasn't going to be able to talk. you might have to do the weather. >> it's all yours. >> if i'm barbecuing. pardon me for talking and eating at the same time, and i want something that is really -- i need a secret for barbecuing. a little tip? >> a couple of tips, when you're barbecuing at home, it's better to keep it undercooked than overcooked. you'd rather have it have a little tender. and a little secret, when you are barbecuing at home, don't be afraid to combine things. if you are cooking beef and baked beans in your kitchen, don't be afraid to combine the flavors of both when you're messing with both. it's going to be really good. >> barbecue, you can get sloppy with it and mix it all up. what is that?
8:39 am
>> that's our cheesy corn. >> cheesy corn. >> cheesy corn. >> you take two things i love and mix them together. >> it's healthy, too. >> by the way -- it's not healthy. >> a little bit. >> a quick look at the big board. can we show it right quick? just a weather map. any weather map will do. there you go. there's the impulse of low pressure that moves around today. it's windy in half of the country because of the low. >> let's go back to new york. this is an abc news special report. the fall of gadhafi.
8:40 am
>> good morning. we are interrupting "good morning america" here on the east coast, and your regular program on the west coast, because we have learned reports from libya, in a moammar gadhafi, the leader of libya for more than 40 years has been killed by rebel forces. that report is coming from the leader of the military council for the rebels. the national transition council. he said that gadhafi was captured and shot, in sirte, his hometown. rebels have been pursuing him there for several months. we want to get the latest from jeffrey kofman in london. >> good morning, george. this is true. it's huge nose. reporting that moammar gadhafi is dead. they say he was killed by rebel soldiers. according to libyan tv, he pleaded don't shoot, don't shoot. but they shot him. the announcement made in dramatic fashion, by an anchor of libyan tv, draped in the rebel flag we've seen so much. we need to emphasize there's no independent confirmation of this. there is celebration, though,
8:41 am
under way across libya. an official with the interim rebel government toll al-jazeera that gadhafi was shot in both legs. they now say that he's died of those wounds. and they are going to make an official statement in a matter of hours. we still have to emphasize there's no independent confirmation of this. we do know this morning, anti-gadhafi rebels finally took control of gadhafi's hometown of sirte, the last loyalist holdout. that means the rebels now control the entire country. george? >> okay, jeffrey. thanks very much. we have no confirmation from the white house, the pentagon or state department sources. >> christiane amanpour is joining us now. this is huge news. he took over in a coup in 1969. such a small country. but a large role in the world. >> he has been the global villain for so long now. you know, he's been accused of so many things. pan am 103. all these issues that had such close connection with the united
8:42 am
states. obviously, he sort of came in from the cold a few years ago. the minute this arab spring started and libya was really the second or third after tunisia and egypt, the world decided enough is enough. this unprecedented no-fly zone that the united states put put up, along with nato allies, helping the transitional council, the libyan rebels to get rid of this man. now that so many people in libya had risen up. >> when you talked to him several months ago, he didn't really know what was happening to him. >> none of these people do. when they have been coocooned, people don't know. if you remember the minute people started to rise up in the street, he called them cockroaches. we're going to come after you. i'm never going to surrender. i'm going to stay here until i die. >> it was different this time because they were in deny this
8:43 am
time. there have been uprisings before. and they were able to beat them back. but it's a different world now. >> the people power is not going to be put back. here in libya, thanks to the u.s. and its nato allies, which pulled the u.s. in, they were able to crack gadhafi's superior forces. >> christiane amanpour, thank you very much. we go back to our regular programming now and have much more on ♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
she playing the adorable hailey dunn if i on "modern family." now, sarah hyland is starring in a new disney channel movie called "geek charming," where she plays a snoby girl that ends up in unlikely alliance with the school geek, so to speak? and this is a modern take. welcome to "good morning america." >> thank you. >> a lot of craziness. my mic died. welcome to the madness. you're used to that working on "modern family." >> yes, everything is coyotic. >> it is a modern take on prince
8:47 am
charming done in a very special way. can you tell us about it? >> well, prince charming in this case is geek charming. it's about a popular, snobby, rich girl, who pairs up with the film geek of the school, played by my boyfriend, matt prokop. they use each other to get what they want. he wants to win the film festival. and it's kind of a moral issue of being who you are instead of what you think people want you to be. >> so, we find out that she's not nearly as snobby as we might have thought. and, by the way, that is the hottest geek i've ever seen. >> thank you. >> how was it working with your real-life boyfriend? >> it was is much fun. it's nice to have your best friend with you, if you're having a bad day. if you're tired, just to be able to go into a trailer and talk about it, instead of just an actor you're working with and
8:48 am
you may have not met before. it was a lot of fun. >> was there ever any awkwa moments when you had a scene where you had to yell at each other or a scene when you had to smooch? >> no. i don't -- >> there's always that dance. >> i don't think so. maybe there's a scene -- no. i have no idea. there was a scene where we're climbing up a hill that was like this steep. and that he -- i was on his back. and the entire time, i'm like i hope i'm not hurting you. >> better him than a total stranger. your character, i've been noticing, has some parallels to your tv persona. >> yes. >> let's talk about last night's episode. you and your dad, played by ty burrell, go see a college. he seems to be a little more into it than you were. >> just a little bit. a tiny bit. >> how do you keep a straight face when he is so silly and funny? >> it's hard. it's hard, actually. he is amazing.
8:49 am
and i love last night's episode, with the chicken wing sauce all over our face. it's awesome. i loved it. i had 35 chicken wings that day. >> do you feel when you read the scripts that the show is just getting better and better? >> we have amazing writers. and they come up with such original, funny things. it boggles my mind. i'm so grateful for the writers we have on our show. >> i want to get back to the movie because it is really adorable. and we do have a clip. can you set up what we're about to see? >> i don't know what we're about to see. >> it's a good exploration of your character. >> okay. >> why are you determined to be blossom queen? >> because it's the best way to ensure life-long popularity? >> are aren't you already popular. >> let me ask you this. does sun time advertise? >> yes. they have the water skiing penguins. >> oh, i like that. >> sunshine is already number one.
8:50 am
they don't need to advertise. but they do it to stay number one. get it? >> got it. >> good. everyone thinks it's so easy being a popular girl. >> it's so not easy. >> can we be in the movie? >> if they want to add something. >> being popular is so not easy. it's like royalty or being the first lady. >> dillon has the tendency to put french words in her english. like spanglish but with french. >> tell me about halloween. >> cheerleader. >> check out "geek charming," a disney channel original, premieres november 11 president and "modern family" on wednesdays on abc. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll be right back. [ female announcer ] can a health insurance company
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back. we are being overrun by hot dogs. leo, i need the green shot to be top dog of all. hallie finds things based on nothing in particular. go get the green ball before the princess does. get the green ball. hallie got the green ball. oh. and we, as a nation, are better for it. look at that. and hallie is heading right down broadway. literally. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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now, maryland's most popular radar and the forecast. >> good morning. just a few minutes before 9:00. we're watching the storm out west. this is a big wind generator and it is responsible for pushing some rain overnight. warm air this morning that has already fallen back. although we have breaks in the cloud lines, really this is already cutting itself off and wrapping cold air completely around. as a result, we will actually wind up with a little bit of a cool down push ing into the area. we have the cloud line lingering just to the west, but there will be a push of colder air, and that may be tough to imagine, but that is the case, and also surging some water off the chesapeake and some coastal flooding issues a possibility through tonight. we'll watch the strong winds at 302040-mile-per-hour gusts and shift direction and ease up and that's when the really cold air settles in here. it is going to be a very interesting day. we've already had our high temperature at midnight of near
8:58 am
70 and whether we get back in the 60s or in the 50s is the issue. the cold core aloft settles in probably locking us in with more clouds tomorrow. and then we should improve over the weekend. today was steady falling temperatures. we've already seen the high at midnight. whether we get back to 62 will be a tough call and then we drop through the afternoon with the winds that could be gusting to 40 miles per hour. the wins are still thereupon, but not as strong overnight. we're looking at clearing skies. back down to about 46 degrees an probably the resurgence of clouds. and 59. and overnight lows begin to slip in the range of upper 30s to lower 40s. saturday, sunshine and 60. 63 on sunday afternoon, but the morning race for the cure will be chilly up in hunt valley and we hope to see you there!
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