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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 21, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. and this morning, gadhafi's final moments. brand-new images released overnight, seconds before his brutal death, after he was dragged from a drainpipe. and we learn his final words before a barrage of gunfire of rebels surrounding him, with the fatal shot from his own golden gun. inside the animal farm. brand-new video of terry thompson and those exotic animals. now, his wife wants the surviving animals returned, including the monkey who slept in her bed. were they the last to see
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baby lisa? interviews with two new witnesses who say they saw a baby matching lisa's description outside her parents house. why they say police should expand their search right now. ♪ yeah, yeah and maria carey, like you never heard before. opening up to barbara walters about motherhood, marriage, and why she trusts her husband. i know. start with a little mariah carey in the morning. good morning, everyone. hope you have fun plans for the weekend. we are learning so much more overnight about what really happened after gadhafi was found. new, grainy cell phone video
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that you see her. his final moments. what he said to soldiers surrounding him. we're going to turn to the latest on the trial of michael jackson's doctor. there was damaging testimony from the star witness for the prosecution. he pinned it straight on conrad murray. also, we're going to show you a disturbing picture that proves jackson could not have overdosed himself. >> when you see that picture, it's hard to believe. and the first member of the madoff family to break her silence. stephanie madoff mack, his daughter-in-law. why she says his son, her husband, took his own life. the candid conversation with chris cuomo ahead. let's get to details on the death of moammar gadhafi. more videos of the scene coming in overnight. we warn you, they are graphic. jeffrey kofman is on the libyan border right now. and he joins us this morning. good morning, jeffrey. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is a libya for the first time in 42 years does not have to live in fear of moammar gadhafi. he is gone for good.
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and few, if any, are mourning his passing. overnight, the body of the dictator was placed on the ground for all in the city of misrata to see for themselves. expected that he would be buried today, in accordance with muslim tradition. but that funeral may be delayed. we're seeing images of the final moments before his death. if in this video just released, there he is, crowds surrounding him. the last moments of his life show him wounded and begging for mercy. he struggles, stumbles and shouts, as he fights against the enraged rebels. he says over and over, an arabic expression that means, this is a sin for you, according to abc translators. it usually used as a plea of vulnerability. moammar gadhafi who showed no mercy in his own life begs for mercy as his was coming to an
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end. it began hours earlier in sirte. where rebels hoped would be the last offensive against the last gadhafi holdout. then, an american drone, operated from las vegas, alerts nato. sigh saw a convoy of 80 cars leaving sirte. an air strike took out two of the vehicles. when rebels pore in, they tell the bbc's gabrielle gatehouse, they discovered him in this drainage pipe. >> it was here before 12:00 this afternoon. they pulled him out. and one fighter told me that moammar gadhafi said to him, what did i do to you? >> we catch him there. and we shot him. >> reporter: the fatal shot, reportedly fired by this one, brandishing gadhafi's gold gun.
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they had him on the hood of a car, for minutes. we want him alive, one man was heard saying, before gadhafi was dragged off towards an ambulance. but gadhafi died in the ambulance. and the doctor who accompanied the body in the ambulance during the 120-mile drive to misrata, said that gadhafi died from bullet wounds. for the last seven months, rebel leaders said they would not consider this revolution over until all gadhafi holdouts were vanquished and gadhafi was caught dead or alive. now, that's happened. tomorrow, libya celebrates liberation day. robin? not long before he went into hiding, gadhafi told our christiane amanpour, said he would never leave libya. and christiane, host of "this week" is with us now. difficult to see, with that graphic video like that. were you surprised that he was able to hide out as long as he
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did? and that he went out like that? >> not really because he said he wasn't going to leave. and he was in sirte. and some people thought he might be. but i thought he was in the desert somewhere. one of his henchmen said he went there as the rebels took tripoli in august, he went to sirte. and stayed in various apartments of his friends and loyalists there. this man said he was anxious but he wasn't afraid. and in that video you can see, he's not struggling. he's wiping the blood. these trying to say, don't kill me. but he's not fighting. >> no, he's not. the burial was, at first, because of islamic custom, going to be today. now, they're delaying it. what do you make of that? >> they say they can't find a location. but people have to know that he's dead. somebody explained to me, he has penetrated every corner of every libyan's life for the last four decades. and unless they see for themselves that he's gone, they
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won't believe it. i think that's partly trying to find the right place and the right circumstances for a burial, that won't be disturbed like that. >> as we see here. you talked to his son, saif, not too long ago. a lot of uncertainty where he is. he is considered the heir apparent. >> correct. one of his sons was killed. saif, we don't really know. there are reports he was captured, or injured, or even killed. some say he may have been wounded. he may be captured. we still don't know. the other son i interviewed is in niger, in africa, neighboring. and he's said to be in shock. he's under house arrest in a hotel. >> i know you will have much more to talk object on sunday on "this week." >> we're going to go right into what it means for the u.s. in that part of the world now. >> people want to know that. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. now, the latest in the bizarre and haunting story of the exotic animals in ohio. "gma" has exclusively obtained
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these aimages showing terry thompson with his animals. and we also know that he was deep in debt. david kerley has been tracking the latest from ohio. >> reporter: abc news has obtained these exclusive pictures of terry thompson on his farm with some of the wild animals he kept. a lion. even this camel. here, trading kisses with a bear. all of this from two years ago. and this morning, the majority of these animals are dead, after terry thompson released them and then killed himself. these are the only survivors. three leopards, a grizzly and two macaques. just hours after the columbus zoo staff transported the animals from the farm where 50 others, including 18 bengal tigers and 17 lions were killed by police, marian thompson came to the zoo. what did she want?
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>> this is a person who is very bonded to the animals. she wanted to see them. make sure they were doing okay. and she misses them. >> reporter: in fact, thompson, who shielded herself from reporters, said the animals are her children. and revealed to zoo officials a very close bond with the macaque. >> she is bonded to the primate. and she says the female primate sleeps with her in bed. >> reporter: the dead animal, the conditions they were kept in. and he can't forget. seeing that sight, will it haunt you? >> oh, yeah. it was bad. it was -- i've been in the zoo business for 22 years. and before that, i grew up on a farm. so, i've been around animals my whole life. i've never seen that. i don't ever want to see that again. >> reporter: zoo officials say they will continue to care for the animals and leave it to the sheriff's department where they end up. whether they're back at the home, another facility, or stay
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here at the zoo. george? >> that's such a strange story. >> george. we have now, an abc news exclusive. brian ross has been investigating a car company that received big government funding to make very expensive electric cars of the future. and put thousands of americans to work building them. but so far, those cars are being made overseas. brian ross, you investigated. what's going on here, brian? >> reporter: good morning, robin. the obama administration has used taxpayer money to place what is essentially a billion-dollar bet on electric cars. and this morning, we have a first look at all of them. a car for its sleek design and energy efficiency, is also raising questions about whether it could be another taxpayer boondoggle. it's the result of a $170 million federal loan. it's made by fisker. and we went for a test drive in
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the first car to come off the line. >> you hear a little of the noise. >> reporter: priced at $97,000, it's all luxury. so quiet, that artificial engine noise is pumped through speakers so pedestrians can hear it coming. fisker got a federal loan two years ago of more than $500 million. but vice president joseph biden saying the company would employ auto workers in his home state of delaware. >> this is seed money that will return back to the american consumer in billions and billions and billions of dollars in good, new jobs. >> reporter: and so far, the u.s. money has helped to create some 500 auto assembly factory jobs. but they're not in the united states. rather here, at this plant in finland. where u.s. taxpayer money is being spent only on american design and parts. fisker said, he decided, with government approval, to assemble his fancy car in finland because no u.s. facility, he says, would do it.
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even with so many american auto workers laid off. >> manufacturing in inland. that's correct. >> reporter: you think that's the good news. >> yeah. >> reporter: fisker says his plan is to eventually produce a cheaper, compact version of the car at the plant in delaware, where he says will be thousands of jobs. but the company has had delays and won't start here until at least next year. should taxpayers worry about that money? the $500 million-plus guaranteed? >> no. i don't think you need to worry about it. >> reporter: the first car was given to leonardo dicaprio. and as more cars are shipped from finland, americans will appreciate what he's created. the department of energy said they knew the cars would be made in finland. if fisker is successful, it will mean thousands of jobs in this country. there's lots of questions about this. we'll have more of our investigation, confronting the
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public integrity, tonight on "nightline." >> there's so many questions. and people want some answers. now, to the michael jackson manslaughter trial. the prosecution will wrap up its case later today, with their star witness pinning the blame for jackson's death squarely on conrad murray. he called murray's alibi a crazy scenario. abc's jim avila is on the case for us in los angeles. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. the prosecution ending its case with a stinging rebuke of one of the key defense premises. that michael jackson somehow killed himself. the prosecution saying his medical condition made that impossible. it's the medical condition that's vividly illustrated in a shocking photo obtained by abc news. and we warn you, it is graphic. it's an abc news exclusive. a picture taken of michael jackson by business colleagues in 2003, that visibly demonstrates the reaction jackson had to multiple needle punctures, making it difficult for doctors to find a vein.
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a problem the prosecution star witness was testifying about, blasting the contention that jackson injected the fatal dose of propofol himself. >> michael jackson did not have good veins. so, the possibility of a self-injection seems extremely unlikely. >> reporter: an obviously angry dr. conrad murray sat and listened to the prosecution's star expert witness for the third-straight court day. a relentless attack, apparently designed to prove that conrad murray lied to police during this audiotaped interview about how much propofol he gave the sleep-deprived singer. >> how much did you administer initially? >> 25 milligrams. >> reporter: dr. steven shafer, who wrote the dosage book on propofol, told the jury michael jackson had too much of the anesthetic he called milk in his system during autopsy for murray to be telling the truth. shafer set out to prove that instead of one, small injection,
7:15 am
jackson died because conrad murray jerry-rigged an uncontrolled, unmonitored home delivery i.v., to drip propofol into jackson's body. inserting the open anesthetic bottle into an empty saline bag. and shafer finally finished, emphasizing one of the prosecution themes. that even if the jury believes the defense that it was michael jackson who desperately grabbed and injected propofol into hi own body, conrad murray is still at fault. >> he is the physician who brought propofol into the room. started it intravenous and provided access to propofol, to a patient who may be developing a dependency on sedatives. and he has been entrusted by michael jackson to look out for his safety every night. he's responsible for every drop of propofol in that room.
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>> reporter: the defense will cross-examine dr. shafer today. and is expected to begin its case on monday. >> thank you, jim. and now, to josh elliott and stories developing right now. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with results on the largest study ever on cell phones and cancer. the study found no link. the study covered some 350,000 people over 17 years and found that people who use cell phones have the same rates of cancer as those who do not. experts say the risk still cannot be ruled out. this morning, we are gett tg surprising, new insight into the life of steve jobs. he had access to the best medical treatments. the best surgeons in the world. but when steve jobs was diagnosed with deadly pancreatic cancer he reportedly delayed the surgery that could have saved
7:17 am
his life, calling it too invasive. he tried alternative therapies. and later said he regretted that decision. one of the stunning revelations in the steve jobs biography. walter isaacson, who conducted more than 40 interviews for the book, some right before his death, said no subject was off-limits. in his early days, jobs reported that he was often bullied in school. he stopped going to church at age 13, after he saw a photo of a starving child on "life" magazine. he dabbled in lsd and never wanted to go to college. jobs experimented with various diets. and says he was, in fact, on one of his fruitarina diets when he decided to name his company apple. he had just come back from an apple farm and thought the name sounded fun, spirited and not intimidating. apple's first president was also interviewed for the book. he says one of the first projects was, in fact, to try to get jobs to bathe, which he says
7:18 am
didn't always work. we'll have much more from the book on monday's "good morning america," when george interviews walter isaacson in his first live interview. meanwhile, in sports, the world series does go on. the texas rangers coming from behind in the ninth inning last night to tie the series with the st. louis cardinals at 1-1. they were down 1-0, heading into the final frame. but they plated two. and so, they head back to texas tied at 1-1. game three, saturday night in arlington. finally, the end of the world part two. the 90-year-old california preacher who first predicted the world would end on may 21st. now, says no, the rapture will take place today. he said there was an issue with the math. of course, it was supposed to be on may 22nd. >> it's saturday in new zealand. call them up. if they're there, we're all okay. >> okay. i've got a couple hours, at least. >> that's why you were asking earlier, is it saturday somewhere on the globe? hey, sam.
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good to have you back here. >> thank you. i hate this. i haven't made any plans. the last-minute notice of the world ending today. i'm just not ready. josh, robin, george. good morning, everybody. we'll have your weekend getaway plans. hopefully we're able to move into the weekend. forget that part. you know, the world-ending part. here's where the cold air is this morning. when you wake up in atlanta, 39, 40 degrees. montgomery, 38. you're colder than chicago or just as cold. that's a big deal. and that cold air will stay there for the first part of the day today and warm up later this afternoon. the big storm that brought all that cold air into the country is moving out of the way. the winds will die down. you get a much-improved weekend from the great lakes, to the northeast, to the deep south.
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>> zero storms in the lower 48 today. look at that. clear board. we'll have more weather in the next half hour. coming up on "gma," the two,
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key eyewitnesses that may have been the last people to see baby lisa. it's a "gma" exclusive. inside the madoff family. the exclusive conversation with the first family member to break her silence. the first family member to break her silence. chris cuomo's on the case. planted the same... stars ♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. ♪ it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via® ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via® taste promise. look for it at starbucks stores and where you buy groceries. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome. you can read that? ♪ [ female announcer ] the accufit digital system, exclusively at lenscrafters... is about 5 times more precise than manual measurement techniques. lenscrafters. with less chronic low back pain.
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. >> nice warning. we're starting off here with an interesting setup. the clouds have rolled to the east and just enough to block
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out the sunshine around baltimore and long ohio 70 to the west. north of the beltway on valley north, you have sun and the same story toward annapolis, although clouds are advancing and that may limit the glare this morning. we're at 48 degrees in baltimore. , a chilly -- morning and a cooler afternoon, partly to mostly cloudy skies. and with the guarantee of 60. let's check out the traffic with tania. the earlier accident in hartford county, 25 south and 95 is clear. you may see some residual delays on the ramp and light look live at the traffic cameras, the first on the southwest side. the outter loop is congested from security boulevard to frederick here at this point. checking the top side of the beltway, the outter loop at hartford road, that might be smoked to york road and there is a disabled vehicle at providence. and a former high school honor student in ellicott city is charged with helping terror suspect joe odd jane. the 18-year-old khalid, legally
7:28 am
here from pakistan, was arrested in july when he was 17. he's accused of recruiting women with passports and jihad jane. khalid face up to 15 years in prison and could be deported if convicted in this matter. >> now to new york for more of "good morning america." join us on facebook and our conversations this morning. a lot of things about the economy and we have a question for you. we want to hear what you have to say about that. have a greated from. see you here in a half -- freight friday. see you in a half hour.
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we have a "gma" exclusive just ahead. two people who may have been the last to see baby lisa. these people are speaking out for the first time. why their words could change this case. we're going to hear from them, just ahead. >> and their stories match up. also this morning, more trouble for lindsay lohan. a day after she left court in handcuffs she ended up in trouble at the county morgue. and why she says she was running so late. >> she was running late. and they said go on home and come back tomorrow. and mariah carey opening up to barbara walters. her candid moments about being a mom and her beautiful kids. and she always trusts her
7:31 am
husband, nick. you'll see. it's friday, though. we have a bonus "play of the day" from josh. not one, but two. first, we get to the "gma" exclusive. two eyewitnesss that may have been the last to see baby lisa after she disappeared from her crib. abc's linsey davis has that for us from kansas city. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. baby lisa's parents have said all along that someone abducted their daughter from their house. now, abc news has talked exclusively that say say they witnessed the night of the disappearance. they now have reason to believe them. why the latest focus of police appears to be on baby lisa's house, with extensive searches of the yard and items in the home, abc news has learned of at least three eyewitnesses in two locations who say they believe police need to expand their search. they're convinced they saw a baby matching baby lisa's description being carried outside the house the night she went missing. are you pretty convinced that it was the person?
7:32 am
the baby? >> yeah. i am. >> reporter: mike thompson says he was on his way home from work, around 4:00 a.m. october 4th, when he saw a man in a t-shirt, carrying a baby in a diaper at this intersection. >> 4:00 in the morning, 45 degrees. the baby doesn't have a blanket, a coat, nothing. and this guy was walking down the street. i thought it was kind of weird. >> reporter: thompson said he thought it was so strange he considered offering them a ride. but couldn't because he was on his motorcycle. he later reported what he saw to police. what did he look like if you were going to try to give a description? >> about 5'7", 5'8", 140, 150 pounds. kind of late 30s, early 40s. >> reporter: but it's not just mike thompson. >> it was shocking because i couldn't imagine anybody outside walking with their baby in the cold like that, with no clothes on. >> reporter: this woman and her husband both say they saw the same thing hours earlier. a man dressed in similar
7:33 am
clothes, also carrying a baby. they thought the sight was so unusual, they reported it to police that morning. >> we seen her, the little arm. and then, the leg was right here. so, the parts of the body we seen, it didn't look like the baby had on any clothes at all. just a diaper. >> reporter: while police initially ruled out reports of a man carrying a baby, the female eyewitness now says police have interviewed her four times. and the accounts do at least seem plausible. this is the house where baby lisa was last seen. right down the street, three houses away, is where the husband and wife reported seeing that man in the t-shirt carrying a baby at 12:15 a.m. hours after lisa's mother, deborah bradley, says she last saw her baby. then, just after 4:00 a.m., three miles away from baby lisa's house, thompson says he saw the same thing. and this baby seemed to be about the same age? >> looked like it to me. yeah. same age. same size. >> reporter: the accounts in both locations are similar. and it's also worth noting that
7:34 am
they all describe the man as very calm. their hope, now, is their account will somehow assist police in bringing home baby lisa. george? >> okay, linsey. thanks. let's bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams. this is pretty compelling stuff. to see a man with a baby at midnight and 4:00 a.m. >> let's start with the fact that eyewitness testimony tends to be notoriously unreliable. that's number one. and number two, deborah bradley says that the baby was wearing clothes. and this is all accounts of a baby with just a diaper on. with that side, the consistency of these two accounts is interesting. the fact that there is a man in this neighborhood, oddly and in a seemingly out of place way, walking with a baby, is >> middle of the night. >> that's right. but police also have investigated this. they haven't ruled it out. it's an interesting development. it's an important development. but i don't think we can necessarily say -- >> the reports of this handyman
7:35 am
is one of the first things they looked into. >> that's right. i assure you, when we hear in the report that the woman's been interviewed four times, the authorities would say, we have been looking into this. again and again and again. and so far, they're not drawing any conclusions. >> interesting right at the top. why are eyewitness accounts notoriously unreliable? >> because people tend to have great confidence in what they thought they saw. and it turns out, very often, that they didn't see what they said they saw. in fact, around the country right now, law enforcement organizations are evaluating what to do about the problem of eyewitness testimony because it sounds -- when we talk in a trial, it's an eyewitness? yes. an eyewitness testified to x, y and z. when you look at how much eyewitness testimony ought to matter, it ought to not matter that much because it tends to be inaccurate in a lot of cases. >> this has been a pretty remarkable week in this case. it turned out parents speaking
7:36 am
out to you and others. then, they clam up, stop talking to police. police get a search warrant and go through the house. and now, eyewitnesses come out. where does the investigation go now as we head into a fourth week? >> the investigation ought to go in two ways. it ought to go both towards the parents and away from the parents. and that's the key. the police ought to be looking at everything. and if they're not, then there's a problem. meaning, if they're not continuing to look at the possibility of the parents, that's a problem. if they're not continuing to look at the possibility that this was an abduction, that's a problem. i think that the authorities simply don't know what to make of this. i think that they have some level of distrust for the parents. and i think that's leading them to focus on the parents. but when you get down there and you talk to people, there's still a lot of questions about what happened here. >> there sure are. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> okay, george. guys, an update on the millionaire murder trial we followed. bob ward, convicted of killing his wife, speaking out for the
7:37 am
first time from his prison cell about what he says really happened. abc's matt gutman has the latest. >> reporter: these are the three faces of convicted murderer and former millionaire developer, bob ward. the jokester, dancing a gig in a jailhouse conversation with his daughter. the angry defendant. the sensational trial this summer in orlando. and now, in an exclusive interview with news 13 orlando, he intimates he was the victim and wants a new trial. >> she was right behind me, holding a gun. i turned around. and it was a split-second. i'm talking about a blink of an eye, that i had to grab a gun and stop i don't know what from happening. >> reporter: the prosecution alleged the 64-year-old shot his wife square in the face. and he was convicted last month of second-degree murder. in the minutes after the shooting, he seems to say the same in this 911 call. >> i just shot my wife. >> reporter: but later that same night, once in custody, he
7:38 am
changes his story. >> diane killed herself tonight. >> reporter: now, this new twist. >> do you think your wife was trying to kill you? >> i don't know what she was thinking. all i knew was she had a gun. and i had to get it out of her hand. >> reporter: in the interview, he said his wife took a number of prescription pills. and drank regularly and heavily. sometimes she would snap, he said. the latest version that his wife may have wanted to kill him, is his third version of what happened that one night back in 2009. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news. >> you hear all those versions. but to hear the 911 call, and hear his voice say, i just shot my wife. try to get past that. let's get back, now, to sam. you have a forecast -- long-range forecast. >> i don't necessarily believe in all these. but this is the government's long-range forecast. their weather team has put out using the la nina principal of what we're in right now. that it is drier in the south. or below normal. that's not good news for places
7:39 am
like texas and florida. and it becomes a bit above normal with moisture in the midwest and great lakes. as far as temperatures go, that means it will be colder in these areas. a snowy winter for chicago, into minnesota, in the great northwest, as well. and that it is not -- it is not snowy, it is warm and dry all the way through the deep south. here's where it is warmer today. it's been warm in the west for a while. that air moves east. we get that storm pattern out of the way. going up in temperatures. 60 in new york city is where we think we're going over the weekend. 59 today in new york. 6 in atlanta. a very >> all of your friday weather was brought to you by royal
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caribbean international. robin? george? >> have we said happy friday yet? >> i don't think we've said it yet. happy friday. >> say it again. >> happy friday. coming up, lindsay lohan in trouble again. one day after leaving court in handcuffs, why she showed up late to the county morgue. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] have you ever seen a glacier while sunbathing? why not? have you ever climbed a rock wall in the middle of the ocean? or tried something really wild? why not? it's all possible in the nation of why not. royal caribbean's floating nation where you're free to do anything you want. which may be nothing at all. royal caribbean international. visit today. two. three. one. two. and, three. [ male announcer ] with the bankamericard cash rewards credit card, earn more cash back for the things you buy most.
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and it now contains a mineral compound that captures and neutralizes bad breath odors giving you 80% cleaner, purer breath. for all the confidence of pure breath try new extreme clean pure breath action from aquafresh. things just aren't getting better for lindsay lohan. just one day after a furious judge dressed her down and had
7:44 am
her hauled out of court in handcuffs for ignoring her community service obligations, lohan was in trouble again. abc's abbie boudreau has the details from los angeles. >> reporter: lindsay lohan a no-show again. this time at the l.a. county morgue, where a judge ordered her to perform 120 hours of janitorial work. >> 8:00 came and went. and by 8:20, she was late. a no-show. >> reporter: but the actress did eventually show up. this video shows lohan, 40 minutes late, at the wrong door. so, the coroner turned her away. rescheduling for the next day. the star's rep says, her lateness was due to a combination of not knowing what entrance to go through and the confusion caused by the media waiting for her arrival. lohan took to twitter, apologizing to the coroner's office. promising it won't happen again. now, i know where to go. >> she's testing everybody's patience. and pretty soon, the judge has no alternative but to send her to jail.
7:45 am
>> reporter: and that could happen soon, if lohan doesn't start showing up for community service. on wednesday, the judge revoked lohan's probation. a clear sign she is not messing around. lohan hopes to get her probation reinstated. but how many chances will she get? she's been in custody five times. 35 days under house arrest. 20 days in jail. been in and out of rehab four times. two duis. andsç0ñ who could forget that necklace? and for eachmk[ offense, an exc. like when she lost her passport in france and couldn't make it to court. or her latest excuse, after blowing off nine community service appointments. she claims she had to work. modeling and attending fashion shows in paris, milan, and rome. but at what point will lindsay lohan run out of excuses? for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. and coming up, josh goes all
7:46 am
the way to china for his "play of the day." ♪ ♪ introducing hershey's air delight. experience new light and airy, melty bubbles. made from pure, delicious hershey's milk chocolate. new hershey's air delight. [ laughs ] [ laughs ] [ laughs ] that's awesome. you can read that? ♪ [ female announcer ] the accufit digital system, exclusively at lenscrafters... is about 5 times more precise than manual measurement techniques.
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7:49 am
7:50 am
now, here's "the play of the day." >> thus far. >> all right. this is a monster of a -- probably a monster hoax. according to "the daily mail," take a look. a british man orders a size 14.5 slipper and got a 1,450-size slipper. somehow the decimal got lost. you're not buying this one? >> they thought it was for display? >> he had two different size shoes. it's interesting, though, that the guy in that shoe looks a lot like the advertisement for the company. >> look at the guy in the shoe again. i don't know. i don't know if he looks a little -- >> oh. >> i totally didn't see that
7:51 am
coming. >> that is a big shoe. >> that is unbelievable. because it's friday, though. it's two for friday. a special bonus round. this guy, a great moment in their young life. he's got the camera set up. he's down on one knee. and she's absolutely surprised. and -- >> oh, no. >> and fido -- >> oh, no. >> can i tell you, that's better than what i thought was going to happen. >> let's take another look. that poor, poor, poor man. we can't actually confirm if anything came up. i'm going to guess it did. coming up, momma mariah, introducing her twins to the world for the first time. can we show you something? wouldn't it be great to feel like this all the time? (yeaaaahhh!!) i guess so. well, with the chase freedom card, you get 5% cash back on up to $1500 worth of purchases.
7:52 am
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7:56 am
>> 756time. we have been -- 756time. watching the clouds and they finally overtook the mountains were block them all night long. looks like we stood the atmosphere and we'll build in the clouds sooner, which may play into our hands of holding the temperatures down a bit. and in annapolis, the beautiful sunrise and that is across the
7:57 am
river and looks like they cried it over as well, holding at 48 degrees and the temperatures are in the 40s for the most part. 43 and where there is more sun to the north, 44 in bel air and with the clouds starting to cover you at 50 degrees and looking for a slow time to about 60. in fact, you will stay in the 50s north and west and the breeze is up to 20 miles per hour and not as strong as yesterday and clearing that again tonight. the low 40s downtown, inland, especially north and west of the beltway. could start saturday in the 30s and check out the friday morning with tanya. and 8:95 south is slow at o'gon donald, 95 south slow in rockville and let's look at the beltway. showing you the beltway at frederick road and this is the end of the slowdown. the outter loop is slow from security boulevard to hartford and york road. the jfx and is moving well and no incidents to report here. this is good news southbound
7:58 am
and to cold spring lane and you're fine in the overstreet leave pass and where things picked up anyway, the few view from north avenue looks as good as you make your way south and there is some debris reported on the outter loop near liberty road. keep that in mind. back to new york and "good morning america." [ female announcer ] this is steve and lynn, and they have a good question.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ and we'll linger on time can't erase ♪ ♪ a feeling this strong no way ♪ 'cause you'll ♪ ♪ always be my baby you know that voice. mariah carey. she and husband, nick cannon, are showing the world those precious young babies for the first time. in an exclusive and revealing conversation with barbara walters. she'll have a sneak peek coming up. >> talk about the lullaby. >> wonder how she can reach those high notes. we have the first member of the madoff family to speak out.
8:01 am
she was actually married to bernie madoff's son, mark. and he tragically killed himself. and she says it's ruth, bernie's wife, to blame. >> fascinating interview there. also coming up, the moment of truth. all week, you've seen these dogs do their best tricks. now, your votes are in. one pooch will walk away with the gold medal. >> gabe is very confident. >> gabe is. oh, hallie. >> gabe's showing off. >> hallie had stage fright. >> ruger. >> has an excuse for yesterday. >> yeah. stage fright. she was on the great white way. and there's emeril. >> emeril's pie contest. pecan pie right there.
8:02 am
and banana cream. >> a way kick off the weekend. first the news. >> we're going to begin with the spontaneous salvations erupting across libya this morning, after the death of moammar gadhafi. 42 years in power, 2 months on the run. we're learning about the shocking final moments, all captured on camera. abc's jeffrey kofman is on the libyan border. jeffrey? >> reporter: josh, we're just crossing the border now. and let me tell you what a different libya it is. unthinkable just months ago. but a libya free of moammar gadhafi. and as you said, we're learning about the final moments of gadhafi. his convoy, as it fled, was hit by bombers. and then, he fled into a drain tunnel. was found by rebels. he pled for his life. pled for mercy. this from a man who never showed mercy in his life.
8:03 am
he then was shot. they put him in an ambulance to take him to misrata. he then died. very few, if any, in libya are mourning his passing. tomorrow, a huge day in libya. they have declared it liberation day. josh? >> jeffrey kofman on the libyan border. the u.s. is stepping up pressure on pakistan to extremists. hillary clinton met with pakistan's president today saying militants have been able to operate on pakistani soil for too long. she made it clear that if pakistan dragged its feet, the u.s. would act unilatly to end the threat. and more on the environmental disaster off of the coast of new zealand. this cargo ship is spilling oil that's killed hundreds of seabirds. and now, a crack has opened in its hull. workers fear they won't be able to pump the remaining oil off the ship before it breaks apart or sinks. here at home, back-to-back
8:04 am
tremored rattled the san francisco bay area, coincidentally on the same day that californians conducteded a state-wide earthquake drill. more unexpectedly, people in texas got an unexpected jolt. they had a 4.8 quake. no injuries or major damage was reported in either state. and the entire nba season is now in jeopardy. 30 hours of talks over 3 days have come to an end with no resolution. and there's no new talks scheduled. and nfl player jerome harrison may not have been happy to be traded from the 5-1, detroit lions. but the move maybe just saved his life. doctors discovered a brain tumor during a routine physical that harrison had to undergo, after being dealt to the philadelphia eagles. harrison's long-term prognosis is good. but he will not play again this year. prognosis good. but he would not have learned about it had he not had that physical. and finally, if you need a
8:05 am
bathroom break in chicago, you are lucky. make sure you take a field trip. an online survey named the restrooms in the field museum as the very best in the country. areas for children. eco-friendly. automative faucets. and soothing artwork. you cannot make it up. when you're looking for artwork when nature calls, go to chicago. >> there you go. >> for a -- >> exactly. i wanted to -- >> thank you, josh. with that, off we go into the "pop news heat index." good morning, everybody. this just in. bon jovi isn't just a sexy man. he's also a good man. the rocker and his wife have opened up a pay what you can restaurant in new jersey to help the hungry. at the soul kitchen, the menu never lists a price for the gourmet-quality food. and centers leave what they can afford in envelopes on the
8:06 am
table. anyone who can't leave money can do volunteer work in exchange for a meal. bon jovi. i love it. can i say my last line. bon jovi, giving charity a good name. no? okay. and we move on. m.c. hammer, too legit -- >> i got it. >> the rapper, who made hammer pants famous in his 1990 video, "can't touch this." now, he's going to be launching his own search engine. the google competitor will be called wire do. it will have you not saying can't touch that. he will have deep search ability. ♪ >> i can't see that video without going back. >> dancing. >> come on. it's a classic move. >> there you go. i know. >> robin -- >> no, no. i can -- when i'm sitting in this chair, i can dance. when i'm up, not so much.
8:07 am
>> well, anyway, we wish m.c. the best with his own search engine. and men everywhere, brace yourself. sexy, smoldering scarlett johansson may be off the market. "us weekly" reporting that the actress has moved on from her post-divorce fling with sean penn into the arms of indy actor joseph gordon-levitt. the two were just discussing a future project. i wonder if it was a double business meeting, with j.r. and rodney cooper. >> are you sure that's the first canoodling in pop news. >> i was wondering -- i was wondering. i know. it's too rough for the morning. canoodle is sort of -- yeah. we're gentle here on "good morning america." bringing it home now. >> bring it home. >> we know john travolta loves his wings. he puts on a pilot outfit and flies his own boeing 747.
8:08 am
but the wings he had last night were smaller and spicier, of the kfc variety. apparently grease was the word for travolta. he had a member of his entourage call the kentucky fried chicken restaurant in sufficient fox, and asked for a personal table. denied. the restaurant said that dan nn zucko would have to wait in line like everybody else. and they thought it was a prank. and if travolta wanted to come back, they would give him a free mashed potato bowl. >> kfc. >> i think he'll be okay. >> i can tell it's friday with the guys. can't you? they're so eager. >> well, for george stephanopoulos to write canoodling on his script, you know something's working. sam, you're out there somewhere. >> there's so much going on now, i don't know where to start. we'll start with conner. conner, tell me how old you are, sir? >> what?
8:09 am
>> tell me how old you are. >> 9. >> and where are you from? >> new jersey. >> you want to do some weather? >> yep. >> we'll do some. we'll have to -- guys, you have to move away from the monitor. i can't see, much less conner. and i can't do it unless there's a monitor. let's get to the boards. we'll show you what's going on. here's what's happening outside. we're going to start with rough video out of chicagoland. a lot of marine yas damaged by a bad storm system that moved away. winds clocked at 62 miles per hour, 64 miles per hour. but this storm is pulling away. here goes the area of low pressure. as it goes away, you dry it there. conner give me a couple of numbers. can you read the philadelphia area? >> 57. 59. >> yeah. 57 in>dburlington. 59 in the new york. 60 in philadelphia. 64 in boston. one-half into the southwest, when you get the nice, mild air. san francisco is going into the 70s. what does it say about las vegas? >> 83. >> very good.
8:10 am
you got a future in this business, sir. >> large autumn harvest crowd here in times square because we're getting ready to harvest the corn stalks that mysterio mysteriously appeared here in times square. >> it is one of nature's mysteriemyster mysteries. thank you, sam. here what's coming up on the "gma morning menu." the first member of the madoff
8:11 am
family to break her silence. why bernie's wife is the one she claims. mariah carey is opening up to barbara walters about marriage and loving. you do not want to miss that. finally, your votes are in. we're just minutesy from crowning our my dog is better than your dog challenge winner. and who will it be? you'll find out, coming up on "good morning america" the.
8:12 am
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bernie madoff wrecked hundreds, even thousands of lives. the clients he defraughted out of millions and their families. but one member of his own family may have lost the most. stephanie madoff mac was married to his son, mark, who killed himself, tormented by his father's crime. she has a new book, "the end of normal." and she sat down with chris cuomo. >> the name of the book, "the new normal" defines a period. we always wanted to know, how could this have happened? what did people know? what was it like? there is one person who bears no stain from the situation but all of the pain. that is stephanie madoff mack. she lost something nobody else did. she lost the most important person in her life. now, she tells the story in this new book. it's something you want to see and read. stephanie says in her book, that
8:17 am
mark lost both of his parents on the day bernie confessed. that's because he refused to see his mother, ruth, as long as she stood by bernie's side. >> he couldn't understand how she could continuously stand by this man who ruined so many lives. who ruined his life. >> reporter: it was now october 2009. and mark was still haunted by his mother's decision. stephanie lashed out, legging mark to deal with his mother head-on, instead of being eaten up inside. but mark told her, he just couldn't. and instead, did something much worse. >> he said, you know what? i'm going to leave. i'm going to leave. after about an hour and a half, i got -- i started to get scared. >> reporter: fear would turn to panic, after she checked the medicine cabinet and all the pills were gone. >> and i was just so scared. by 8:00 in the morning, i thought the worst. and i saw, out of the corner of my eye, a man come in and just go on to my bed. and it was mark.
8:18 am
and i was so happy. and i, like -- this is one of the most difficult parts for me. >> reporter: this is not easy to relive. he was completely out of it. >> reporter: he was out of it. he had taken pills. >> he had swallowed about 30 ambien and 40 lorazepam pills. >> reporter: mark was admitted to a psychiatric ward after his suicide attempt. and he wrote a letter to the mother he felt betrayed him. >> mark said he would not speak to her again unless she stopped all contact with bernie. he is lyinging in a psych ward. swallowed 60-plus pills. and you're still going to stand by bernie, a monster? >> what would make him take his life? what was it about his mother
8:19 am
that made him so upset? these are the big questions. and only stephanie can answer them. and she does in the book. >> you spent so much time on this story. and you believe those brothers, they knew nothing about this. >> here's what i believe as an attorney. there's no reason to believe they knew. we all think they knew because of their name. never a charge of an investigation. but it was a stant against. mark felt he would never get away from it. it consumed him. >> that name. cannot wait to see the whole interview tonight on "20/20." on monday, stephanie madoff mack will be here, talking to robin on "gma." and mariah carey is the best-selling female artist of all-time. 175 million albums sold. she says marriage and motherhood have changed her life. and her barbara walters sat down exclusively with carey and her
8:20 am
husband, nick. a big night for "20/20." chris' piece with stephanie. and then this. >> all together. it's a big deal for america. six months ago, she and nick cannon, her very cute, successful husband, gave birth to win twins, a boy and a girl. and continue, you will see these twins for the very first time. and they are adorable. but it wasn't only about having babies that was difficult for her. it was also about making a commitment because mariah's first ladies and gentlemen of the jury, to record executive tommy mottola, was very contested. and now, she's taking a chance again with nick cannon, who confessed that he had a big crush on her from the very beginning. yeah. take a look. were you afraid of marrying again? >> initially, i was afraid. the concept of marriage. but this is a different situation. and i'm a different person.
8:21 am
it's a different time of my life. and nobody will ever be able to steal my spirit again. so, i'm just happy to be in love and to be here. >> reporter: you told me that you were afraid that you could never trust anyone again. do you trust him? >> sometimes. >> reporter: oh? wait a minute. >> sometimes? >> all right. can i trust you more than sometimes? you tell me. >> absolutely. >> okay. then, i trust him. >> reporter: are you happy together? >> absolutely. >> we are. especially when he's nice. when he's nice, he's the best guy in the world. >> reporter: sometimes he's not nice? >> yeah. you know. he's a man, barbara. you know, let's call it what it is. >> reporter: they both admit to being impulsive. marrying just weeks after they started dating. nick, 11 years younger, proposed to mariah here, in the moroccan room. >> i told her we were going to
8:22 am
look at the empire state building. we both have a love for candy. and i got down on one knee, with my candy prop. >> a candy ring. but he opened it up and put this on my finger. >> reporter: shortly after they were married, she was pregnant. did you have fertility treatments to try to get pregnant? >> i did. >> reporter: at age 40, mariah was carrying twins. it was a high-risk pregnancy. >> good news and scary news at the same time. >> reporter: were you worried about carrying a child? >> i don't think i understood the enormity and the magnitude of what it really does to your body. it's not just that you don't look pretty and have a bump. no. >> we can't wait to see the twins tonight. do they want more children? >> she had a very difficult time, which you'll hear about. and so did he because of this. she does not want real children. she says she has a boy and a girl. and that's enough. he would like more children. but he didn't go through the whole thing. >> it must be something for
8:23 am
these twins. mariah carey is your mother. and all moms want to sing little lullabies. and i love how mariah does that for the [otwins. ♪ i rock you baby >> so beautiful. their names are -- >> the names are monroe. morocco because that's where he proposed. monroe because marilyn monroe was mariah's idol, which you will see when you have a tour of the apartment. they call them rock 'n' roll. >> what a cute name for both of them. >> between chris' piece and my piece, we think it's a good show tonight. >> yes. you can see barbara's exclusive interview with mariah and nick tonight on "20/20."
8:24 am
a big show, at 10:00, 9:00 central. let's go outside to lara. >> thank you, robin. coming up, right over here. three dogs. only one can be our champion. will it be gabe? will it be ruger? or will it be hallie, the ballerina of dogs. we'll find out. we also have three, winning pie recipes. emeril is here. he's baking out here in times square. he'll show you how to do it, as well. and finally, we have "your week in three words." the singer is deed ra. and the song, "don't blame me now." ♪ i never thought it could happen this way ♪ ♪ i tend to say i watch you every single day ♪
8:25 am
♪ baby, don't blame me now ♪ so, if you really want to know ♪ ♪ i've got it bad i won't let you go ♪ ♪ but what am i supposed to do ♪ ♪ can you blame me for hanging on to you ♪ ♪ baby
8:26 am
very hard to choose a best pie. but these are our three contenders. >> banana cream pie. didn't waste any time. >> watch what i'm going for now, emeril. >> that's a pecan pie with gluten-free crust. >> it's all delicious. and emeril's got it all for us. stick around.
8:27 am
8:28 am
the 5k starts at will in the morning and hunt valley sunday and a 1 mile walk all information at our website abc2 muse.. com think pink and we will be broadcasting live sunday morning beginning at 7 a.m. until 9 a.m. we will talk about the event and talking to those who are
8:29 am
participating amount great time to be had. abc2 sunday morning 59. let's go back to new york for more "good morning america" have a great weekend.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ look at that pie. that's right. now, we're just moments away from one of these three dogs being crowned winner of our my dog is better than your dog challenge. >> i don't know. oh, hello, hallie. ruger. okay. fair air time now. show a shot of gabe. one of those three. and you can feel the excitement. gabe really was on his game yesterday. >> he was. >> that really helped. we'll see which one wins. what if fairy tales were
8:31 am
real? the wonderful ginnifer goodwin is playing snow white. but with a twist. we look forward to talking to her. she's in our studio. also, emeril's in the kitchen, right out in times square. which is that? is that the banana cream pie. also has the pumpkin and pecan pie, as well. he's out there with josh. go, guys. >> all right. we're about to reveal who wins our -- i can't even -- look over there. we are on. okay, good. very loud out here. very exciting because right now, we will reveal the top dog. josh, you have been on this all week. you are a sportsman. what do you make of the competition? >> it's been dogged, one could say. they put their best paws forward. we want to remind you of the three dogs that advanced to the finals. we're going to go first with ruger.
8:32 am
let's look at the scooter skills that shocked us all. take a look. >> we think this dog is part-kangaroo. >> really brought it. and he brought it back again. he did it solo yesterday. but he's been known to give cats rides, dogs rides, reptiles rides. >> nondiscriminating. >> then, there was something of a sentimental favorite. hallie, who can fetch things. yesterday, she almost got there at the end. let's take another look. she was cute, if nothing else. >> this is something we see in big sporting competition all the time. it's tough. the pressure is big. and sometimes, an athlete has a moment. they crumble. >> it's true. >> we know hallie is a performer. and she's here for a reason. >> the pressure is big. and sometimes so is the mug. look at that right there. gabe the bulldog. gabe can do it all. but we gave you the one trick that really warmed our hearts.
8:33 am
and gabe, getting on the rocking horse and going for a spin. >> if that wasn't cute enough, gabe can only open the refrigerator. and my personal favorite, he can flush the toilet. >> i do believe, the time is now. shall we? let's go. first, with the bronze bone. and the winner is -- ruger. ruger gets the bronze bone. right here. right here. lara, can you -- >> no, no. that's the bronze. >> no. you didn't make it there. the silver bone goes to, hallie. hallie, congratulations. >> which, of course means, that
8:34 am
gabe, the rocking horse-riding bulldog, reigns supreme. there we go. [ cheers and applause ] >> in the thrill of victory for gabe. and the agony -- >> what's it like? what's it like having the golden bone winner? >> well, i'm speechless. yeah. it's quite amazing. >> he can do all -- he can actually open kitchen doors. he can get milk. and hallie and leslie. it was close. it was close. but you walk away silver. not empty-handed. >> we're happy about it. it was great. >> they're all winners. america loves their dogs. and we enjoyed meeting yours. and, listen, they're all quite happy. fine competitors. as is our friend, sam champion. right there you are.
8:35 am
>> it was so beautiful. just wiping away the tears. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to talk about. as you head outside, the twitter pictures of fall color. we have pictures from ohio and illinois this morning. and in case you need to make your plans to get the fall color shots in, here's where the best fall color is. look for the areas in yellow and orange because the red zones have passed their peak color. as we head into the weekend, your big-time weekend fly-by. all across the nation. a nice weather pattern looking good. you have a >> thank you, george. thank you, george. i wanted you guys -- because we
8:36 am
had so much breaking news yesterday, kansas city and smokehouse barbecue had sent this barbecue over. i heard that robin had tasted some yesterday. but they were so nice to us. those are the burnt ends right here at the end. >> can i? >> yeah, yeah. and even a little bit of sausage there. you need to order this. i think you do. come on, emeril. >> the 25th anniversary? >> yeah. knave been going in k.c. for a long time. really good barbecue. >> we have pies coming up. hello. let's talk to a very excited. on sunday here on abc, the premiere of a show we've all been looking forward to. it's called "once upon a time."
8:37 am
it's a new spin on some of your favorite fairy tales. ginnifer goodwin is here. >> it's so much fun. it's exactly what i wanted it to be. the premise is i am snow white, as resident of a town in a town. i've been cursed by an evil queen into forgetting who i am. she's stripped away the happy endings of all fairy tale characters. and they're living in this modern place and time. and the story is told in flashbacks and pieces that we give to the audience to put all together. >> do we get to see you in snow white regalia? >> absolutely. but not your typical animated
8:38 am
version of snow white. >> we have a clip, which proves that snow white has quite a way with the birds. let's take a look. >> as we build our birdhouses, remember, what you're making is a home. not a cage. the bird is free. it's for them, not us. they're loyal creatures. >> wow. >> if you love them and they love you, they will always come to you. >> i want to see the ring. what happened? >> i broke my finger. i had a bit of a stunt accident on the set. i would like to say i was jumping from horse-to-horse and a tiger got in the way. that's a little exaggeration. >> playing snow white, isn't that easy. not all apples. >> not just the poison. >> but there is an evil queen. >> in this town, story book
8:39 am
main, the residents are all characters from all fairy tales. maybe snow white's friends with cinderella. and maybe the local shrink is jiminy cricket. >> so cute. cannot wait to see it. thank you for being here. ginnifer goodwin, everybody. the show "once upon a time" premieres on abc this sunday at 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up, from no house to a new house, in just one week. we join ty pennington who is giving a fam
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
"extreme makeover" home edition, for that first move that bus here on "gma." and sam, you were there. the family in joplin lost their home to that tornado. >> it was so nice to be there and see the positive things going on. hours after the tornado hit that area, the "gma" team was on the ground going to work. to see the situation, now, where a lot of the debris is cleaned up. but it still looks very empty. it's kind of a hopeful situation. it's a very nice thing for "extreme makeover: home edition"
8:43 am
and "gma," to make things better for people like the howards, who went through so much. >> good morning, howard family. >> reporter: just two days ago, "gma" and "extreme makeover: home edition" surprised the howard family, with a gift they'll never forget. good morning, everybody. wow. the promise of a brand-new home to replace the old one destroyed when a deadly tornado struck their hometown of joplin, missouri, back in may. our soon-to-be new homeowner, kyle howard, is a joplin firefighter. he was on duty during the storm. and wasn't sure what had happened to his wife and four i boys. turns out, they survived the tornado, hiding in the only part of the house left standing, part of the closet. this is where the howards' house was. jill howard says she thinks the only reason she and the boys are here today is because they had a plan. an emergency plan that saved their lives. how did you know where to take the boys? or how to get them together?
8:44 am
and where to go because there wasn't anything left of your house but where you were. >> since kyle's a firefighter, we have a plan for every emergency you might experience. when the siren goes off, run to the closet. >> reporter: 162 people died in joplin. and even five months later, the aftermath is still an everyday part of life. but the people of joplin refuse to let the ef-5 tornado define their futures. and that's what's inspired the "extreme makeover" team to come to joplin. we have the exclusive sneak peek of ty and the gang door-knocking some of the other chosen families. there are seven homes to build and only seven days to do it. >> how do you build a house in seven days? >> as quickly as possible and right. >> reporter: to pull off something like this, you need 10,000 volunteers. >> had to be a part of it.
8:45 am
>> awe-inspiring. >> reporter: 18 builders. and a devoted design team. >> meeting a lot of amazing people. the stories are riveting. but more importantly, it's about getting joplin back on its feet. >> reporter: the seven houses are being constructed as one brand-new neighborhood. this is what the area looked like before. and this is what it looks like now, just three days into the "extreme makeover." this house will be the howards'. you can already see the bedrooms taking shape. >> we have caleb and corbin's room. they love jumping and climbing this and that. we want to make sure they do that over here. >> reporter: and each house in this neighborhood will have one unique and very important feature. >> this is going to be a shelter from the storm. it's going to be a storm shelter. >> reporter: tune in next week when we head back to joplin when we hear a whole town cry out those three, magic words. >> move that bus. >> nothing else to say. they are miracle workers. now, when we talked to the howards and the family, the one thing they wanted out of this
8:46 am
situation is to make sure that their homes were safer. and so, they're installing these kevlar tornado shelters that can withstand winds of more than 200 miles per hour. we're going to talk more about that next week when we do the big move that bus for those homes. >> we cannot -- i cannot get over how quickly they are building those homes. >> incredible. >> also, you have to watch "extreme makeover: home edition" new time, new night. it's on tonight, friday night. when we come back, emeril's got some pies for us.
8:47 am
you realize that 49 million americ li s you realize that 49 million ameidcm ba llral,was li s unl realize that 49 million ameidcm ba llral,was li s vet.
8:48 am
♪ i started singing you want to come to times square, emeril. so much your original recipes and stories behind them to the pie of emeril's eye challenge at on yahoo! you can get to be right here. this morning, i'm with emeril, with three of his all-time
8:49 am
favorites. people are write you. but they forget to put the recipe? >> they're so excited about the story. we need the recipe, too. they're coming in by the truck loads. keep them coming. >> i know you have seasonal pies. your show "emeril's table," week days on hallmark, it's been fun. >> we cook and we laugh. we just talk about food and have a good time. >> it's a good time watching it. and so, we are going to make a couple pies here to give people examples of seasonal pies. what are we going to make first? >> this is the traditional pumpkin pie. this time of year, you want to get the small pumpkins. just the small ones. we start with a regular pie crust. you can store buy it or make it. we're going to line it. and what we're going to do, we can crimp it. we can get fancy, whatever. what we want to do is to blind bake.
8:50 am
we're going to take parchment paper. you can take weights or dry beans. just to weight it. this bakes in the oven for 10 or 15 minutes. and it gets nice and golden brown. now, you move on to the filling. this is the crust when it comes out. if you want to, if you're unsure of the stability of the crust, you can take a little egg white. this is another secret. brush the crust when it comes out of the oven. that will seal it so nothing is going through the crust at all. >> take it out of the oven. seal it with egg whites. >> yep. we're going to take four eggs. we'll whisk this. if you want to give me the cream. >> i will do that. got the cream. >> and brown sugar. >> oh, it's in there pretty good. get that out. >> get that out there. >> how long has it been out here? >> it's a little nippy here in new york, you know? light brown sugar. >> perfect. >> now, all of the spices.
8:51 am
we have all-spice, we have ginger, we have nutmeg and a little cardamom. you smell that? >> i do. >> it gets dissolved. 375. 55 minutes, 60 minutes, to get nice and golden brown. that's the pumpkin pie. now, in this country, it's unbelievable how many people have celiac disease, which is a gluten problem. we're going to make a gluten-free pie crust. you can get the recipe on those together with cold water, like a regular pie crust. you're going to have a gluten-free pie crust. >> what do you lose? >> you lose the stability inside of it. that's where the zanthum gum comes in. it's simple that you press it
8:52 am
inside of your pie, like i have right here. >> you don't lose the flavor. >> you don't lose the flavor. what we're going to do is a little vinegar and salt in that, as well. corn syrup, almond extract, brown sugar, and we're going to make this filling with melted butter. >> that's the good stuff. >> this goes right in here. >> that's the good stuff. >> now, what we have here, again, 375 for about 50 minutes, 55 minutes. we're going to have a gluten-free crust as a pecan pie. my favorite -- how is that, george? >> banana cream pie. >> i love banana cream pie. >> i had to walk away three times. >> the whole thing, the whole thing about this is really the aroma. smell that. you have whipped cream all over your jacket.
8:53 am
oh, gosh. oh, come on. okay. all right. anyhow. >> you really walked right into that. >> anyhow, you can get all of the recipes -- >> all of the information as well as the recipes emeril showed you today, at on yahoo! happy friday, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] [ female announcer ] did you know that the sources of bad breath are hidden in the contours of your teeth & tongue. introducing a breakthrough for aquafresh. new extreme clean pure breath action. its micro active foam
8:54 am
penetrates those hard to reach places. and it now contains a mineral compound that captures and neutralizes bad breath odors giving you 80% cleaner, purer breath. for all the confidence of pure breath try new extreme clean pure breath action from aquafresh.
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[ cheers and applause ] it's all in the aroma. all in the aroma. josh fell for it. have a great weekend, guys. take care.
8:57 am
just before 9:00. on the northern view you'll see there's not much variation from mid-40s in new york, 49 in town. 30s across the great lakes but under the cloud cover it's the winds against the mountains and streamers through the region earlier this morning. we're still going to watch those winds crank up and likely re-develop more clouds, even pick up the wind as well. as we roll through the afternoon we do expect to watch this storm system that is still churning across the northeast and on in through eastern canada, slowly pull out. we're still under the fluence there. as we continue to track that's pretty much all we're going to be doing, watch cloud cover make a return. we had waves of clouds, they will break up 4:00, 5:00, and 6:00 and more clouds into the afternoon, that should halt the progress of our temperatures as we head into the afternoon. on the eastern shore you escaped the cloudiness yesterday. possibility you get more today.
8:58 am
just an influence of the upper level disturbance helping to carry it over. by this weekend most of us just see a lot of sunshine, maybe midday clouds but clearing nights allow temperatures to really start cooling off. our 2-degree guaranteed high, on the lower end, 60. i wanted to hold back on that level because with the clouds building in that is just really limiting how far we go on the thermometer. in fact 50s should be the issue north and west of baltimore. low 60s more likely annapolis across the bay to the eastern shore. all of us clear out tonight and that allows temperatures to tank. we should bottom out at 42 around the city, that means 30s west and north of the beltway. for the weekend, shawpg up pretty nice, lows in the 30s. that means a chilly start for race for the cure in hunt valley. mid-60s next week with rain returning by thursday.
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