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. >> you're watching the station that works for you, abc 2 news at 11. when you have to be closer tonight to finding a cure four breast cancer. we have to be. >> men, i am going to love you through it and teenaged daughters and we'll take you to girls with guitars also raising money and brooks robinson is overcome with emotion as baltimore unveils a statue to our hero. the news is about all shades of pink with a story to share, a record breaking crowd took over on valley today. the 19th annual race for the cure will likely go down in the history books. >> they're talking close to 33,000, all over the community in the races all with one thing
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in common, racing to find the cure to end breast cancer. >> reporter: they showed up in the wee hours of the morning, before day break, in the cold temps getting ready for the susan g komen race for the cure. many were survivors or walking in memory of someone who died of breast cancer. >> thank you for encouraging others and offering hope. movie parade of breast cancer survivors, all in pink before posing for a group photo. >> this is my third year to be there, and i was finally able to make the survivor race, and that was my main goal this year is finally get in a survivor race, and as i was walking in it i was almost in tears because of all the cheering and everybody again showing so much support and love. it renews your spirit of life. it makes you realize if you have cancer there is an end a new beginning, and life starts
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all over again. >> before the big walk crowds gathered to get pumped up with a high energy opening exercise warm up. >> who is running today? woo-hoo! ♪ [ music ] >> our news team was on the air covering the event for two hour live special giving you every angle of the race and walk. the baltimore city deputy mayor and breast cancer survivor gave opening remarks of inspiration. >> i finished my treatments a few months ago and it was amazing and i want everyone to get their mammograms and be vigilant about their care, early detection, better outcome. be vigilant about our ma'am greem. >> i am a 16 year survivor. i am very happy, and this is my first time walking and i am walking with my booby buddies here, and we're excited, three of us are actual survivors, and we are glad to be here. >> the runners started off
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first with a 5k run and followed by the 5k walk and the one mile family fun walk. >> this is a 19th year and so far the early estimate 130 -- 30,000 people walking or running for this great cause. >> just take a look at this sea of pink. thousands walk in the hopes of finding a cure. >> we have brave folks and brave people. >> we still have a long way to go when you look at the fact mortality rate is one of the fifth highest çin the country, and so this race makes a big difference. it raises millions of dollars and it helps save lives. >> for both who cleated the race a sense of accomplishment and hope. >> just to get out and the camaraderie of everybody supporting us together, we have been out since 6:30 this morning, and it is just a good
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feeling. [cheering] and after a morning of emotion it was time nor the night cap. that came with a night out with the girls at the hip drome. cheryl conner tells us all about girls with guitars. >> the message behind the guitars strikes a chord for so many of us. i had a chance to talk to the stars who say there is no better way to use their famous names than to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research. ♪ [ music ] >> we were there for the warm up, country newcomers joined us before taking the stage for baltimore's first girls with guitars concert to support komen for the cure. >> i don't think we could have celebrated how many people have survived this and fighting it and in a better way. >> it was a night to get close to the stars. country's red neck woman gretchen wilson made her rounds at the vip event along with sunny sweeney where this night went well beyond the music to
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the stories of those affected by breast cancer. lynn perry lost they are best friend, her 62-year-old sister diane. >> i just wish everyone would make sure they get their mammograms. she didn't do it. make sure you get your mammograms. >> baltimore's 93.1 wpoc organized the event to raise money for breast cancer research morning show host lori deyoung presenting the check. >> 6,$495. >> a terrific night to celebrate life and to celebrate the ones we lost. ♪ [ music ] >> martina mcbride has one just about every award in country music and tonight she brought her talent to baltimore, her song i am going to love you through it, shows famous survivors including good morning america's robin roberts, gretchen wilson says there is çno better way to use her celebrity. >> as artists and singers and song writers to come together for an event like this and talk about it and raise awareness
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and get people thinking about it and how important it is, it is one of the greatest parts of being a celebrity. >> survivors stood and were recognized for their fight. >> we're just happy to be here to do anything we can to show our support in country music and to find a cure so that we don't have to keep putting these on. >> that deserves an amen. ♪ [ music ] ♪ someone give me an amen ♪ wpoc may plan a similar event next year. $5 from every ticket went to komen for the cure, getting over $6000 closer to putting an end to breast cancer. cheryl conner, abc 2 news. that was a great story, cheryl. >> thank you. >> i want to go down there. can we do that again tonight? that is great. check out the pictures, all the videos from the susan g komen race for the cure waiting for you now at our website abc2
11:07 pm find it on the slide show on our home page. a lot of traffic heading to hunt valley ended up being delayed, a real serious accident here. two vehicles were involved and one a van and people had to be rescued after it was over and the crash happened just before 6 and dlid the start of the race and the good news tonight is everyone is okay. if you ever had a cookie, you are sad tonight for joe arterbine senior died at 88 of heart failure. he never complained a day in his life. why should he? he worked with chocolate ships and sugar all day and served his country and went to work at the family bakery which has been around the town since 1881 and worked six days a week, 6 in the morning and quit at 5. he was married for 55 years. his wife elizabeth passed a by ten years ago. this is the story we did in 1996, so tonight or tomorrow get one of those red and white bags and pick those chocolate chips or paper thin sugar
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cookies and hold one up to ça baltimore icon. he is survived by four daughters, four sons, 24 grandchildren, and a viewing will be held tuesday from 2 to 4 and 6 to 1 at rowc funeral home on hartford road. funeral services will be held on wednesday and in lieu of flowers the family is asking for donations be made to the little sisters of the poor at 601 maiden truce lane. now to a developing story tonight. a powerful 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit parts of eastern turkey tonight. at least 138 people are dead and that death toll is expected to rise. destruction is widespread. chuck siebertson has the details. >> here is the full force of the earthquake violence, wrecking this room, rocking the walls, toppling furniture, leaving behind a frightening sham shambles. >> outside as the quake shook
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buildings tens of thousands fled into the streets. dozens of buildings were knocked down into piles of rubble. no one knows how many are trabd in the ruins. steel reeling from the shock, residents began frantic rescue efforts. those who couldn't find shovels used their bare hands trying to reach survivors. they said screams for help were coming from beneath the piles of wreckage. this woman was rescued and the pain seared on her face and anguished survivors could only comfort one another as they waited help msly for family and friends. >> there was a lot of shaking said this man and i have relatives here and i am waiting for them. i pray they will come out alive and well. this man said we went to all the hospitals and haven't been able to find our friend. cell phones became emergency provisions. frequent aftershocks disrupted rescue efforts. turkey is one of the world's most active seismic zones. us scientists recorded at least
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eight aftershocks after the quake. they say casualty figures will climb. hundreds are wanted how, and medical supplies are urgently needed. by nightfall power saws were brought in to cut through the debris as darkness had a new difficulty to the rescue efforts. chucsiebert son, abc news. much more on that tomorrow on good morning maryland. a southwest airlines plain collided with a fuel truck at bwi marshal airport. they say the plane was truck by the truck after landing at the airport from orlando. no one was hurt and the plane was taken out of service. a school bus rolls into a vehicle and people are trapped said. fortunately this is a mock scenario. fit shop in baltimore county are preparing for the worst. they set up several hazardous scenes and figured out how to rescue the passengers. cranes were brought in to lift large tractor trailers and they say is comes down to working fast and under pressure. >> it may take us an hour or hour-and-a-half to ex try indicate them, and the end result is we want people to
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survive and have a good quality of life after the incident. it is dynamic and a lot of pressure and a lot of stress for them. >> this is the first year for the big rig rescue, and fit shop in baltimore -- fire fighters say they're called to similar accidents a few times each month. lots of sunshine out there this morning. as we go through the evening, not too bad. a few clouds trying to come in now. no rain. as we look at the most powerful radar you can see we're dry. the rain will begin to move and i will tell you that when in a few minutes and right now let's be concerned with the temperature because the temperature is not so bad, and coming in right around 55 degrees at the inner harbor, low 50s in annapolis, cambridge on the cooler side and culpepper with the temperature coming in around 46 degrees. as we go through the over night temperatures will be in the low to mid-40s, mostly cloudy with the light southerly breeze out there and check out what we have as we go in through tomorrow. i think we'll stay mainly dry. there is a chance for isolated shower with the temperature
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coming in around 67 degrees. kelly. thanks, lynette. he is a road runner, out for more than the weekend dash. marine captain jason dukane has his brothers and sisters on his mind. he is running 15 miles every day for two weeks and when finishing with the marine corps marathon, 26.2 miles. and this weekend the family ço michael hugh's family stood in the cheering section. >> whenever i get out and pound the pavement and you see something like that, it is like, gosh, you know what, they did much tougher things than me. i still have the privilege of being able to go out and run. >> captain dukane will run 236 miles in honor of the marine corps' birthday this year. october is the domestic
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violence awareness month and today the family and friends and the children services essential maryland hosted a woman's fitness expo. the goal of the expo was to empower your mind and your body and woodlawn high and it featured massages and self defense training and yoga and zumba. this was thanks books day the sequel, one of the finest humans we know had a day long over due in this town. we unveil the brooks statue which sits down a touchdown toss away from our her hero. time for stand up on sunday night. who is funnier, men or women? we have a laugh riot punch lines coming up. you can insert your own jokes about this. baltimore goes all out for campaign signs. this guy is going all out for halloween. we'll explain coming up in 60 seconds.
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. we have seen him bear handed dribbler and fire to first. >> we have seen him hoist world series trophies and hall of fame plaques but never seen brooksy cry. >> to you friends out there, you have always been so good to me. [cheering] [ applause ] >> love you! >> our hero. >> this is my role model and hero in life. >> immortalized forever. >> he was the hero, i am the sculptor and henry is our friend. >> his long time friend, the chairman, henry rosenberg was the force in getting this city to put up a brooks statue. >> i think mr. shepherd did a fantastic job. he gave me a little more than i deserved. >> we had a long talk about it. >> we had a long talk about that, though, but i am amazed. every detail, you look at the shoe strings and the cleats and everything is just real life.
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>> we're here on the plaza between washington boulevard and russell street. >> we live across the street, and we're very excited the statue will be in our neighborhood. >> get your programs here. >> we're here because he always hit a home run on our birthday, because he remembers what he ate at our banquet 40 years ago at the american legion. >> always friendly, never too busy to stock and give an autograph. >> once called the human vacuum cleaner, how about just calling him the finest human? >> let me once again say how deeply grateful i am for this incredible statue and thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you. >> speaking of another class act, this man here has done more in 60 years than most people do in ça lifetime. today we celebrate his birthday as well as the accomplishments. happy 60th ben carson.
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he received the highest award a civilian can get from the president, written books and holds 60 honorary doctorate degrees. he operated for 22 hours separating siamese twins conjoined at the back of the head and has given back, too, and started the scale air found and opened up carson reading rooms which opened up across the country encouraging kids to read and today's birthday party was held at the grand quarter of the town center. dr. ben carson, 60 years old. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> what a great day to have a birthday, lots of sunshine out there. hopefully you enjoyed that. temperature wise, dropping, look at it, 50 degrees now and the humidity is at 86%, and the winds are calm, so we'll take that. the barometer is 30.12 and it is rising. look at what we had in baltimore today. this is what i was talking about, postcard weather. you like that, as we look at
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the puffy cliewdz, the cumulus clouds as we see what's going on throughout the day, lots of sunshine, more of that as we headed into mount airy, and still more of the same. no matter where you were definitely a nice day to be. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar now it is dry and it will remain that way as we go through the rest of the evening and then we'll see change in the forecast. in the meantime the highs today came in right around 67 degrees at the inner harbor, cambridge low 60s, more in fred lick and york, pennsylvania, and hagerstown around 60 degrees. the satellite and radar not picking up on a whole lot now. we are seeing clouds towards the west here, some will stream in as we go through the rest of the evening and widen out the view when you can see where the clouds are coming from and we are dry as of now. we'll stay that way, the reason why is that we are dealing with still an area of high pressure, starting to scoot off the coast here and with that it will allow a more moisture to get in here and he we're waiting for the cold front to traverse the area and it will do so as we go
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into wednesday. that's the chance for rain and it will linger into thursday as well. before we çget there, we're still talking about the tropics. i know you're like why do you have this up? we're still in tropical season. it doesn't end until november. we do have tropical storm rena, the winds sustained about 40 miles an hour, and it is moving to the north-northwest at 7 miles an hour and we can see and i will step out of the way so you can see where it is going, back into motion and headed for the yucatan peninsula, and the good news is kind of staying away from us as of now because we're not quite sure of the traffic and you can see the big bubble as it heads back into the gulf of mexico so it could restrengthen so we'll have to keep you posted and updated on that information. hopefully it will just fizzle out. we're looking at the future trend now. this goes into motion, and you can see not a whole lot of change as we go through the over night into tomorrow just a few more clouds moving in. there is a slight chance for a shower and isolated shower as we go into tomorrow afternoon and to the evening but then we'll clear back out as high pressure builds back into the forecast and that's what we like to see for tuesday.
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now, as we go into tomorrow the temperature will come in around 67 degrees so the temperatures will be above average. we will get the sun/cloud mix throughout the day and we have the chance for isolated shower in the forecast. by tomorrow night that temperature will be right around 45 degrees and the clouds will hover and then we'll start to clear things out. that's what we like to see because we will be seeing temperatures, not so bad, but we will be seeing plenty of sunshine as we go into tuesday. as we go into wednesday and thursday, we will have a chance for the showers to get to us as that cold front approaches but the big story on the map to me is the fact that that cooldown in the 50s will be the highs as we go into the end of the week into next weekend. temperatures can be in the 30s. >> great trick-or-treating. >> i know. i just did a blog on that. you have to check that out. >> you know what's scary, republicans in chicago. [ laughter ] >> take a look at this. look at this, democrats might piend this awfully scary. this is a halloween exhibit here chose most of the
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republican presidential candidates in debate for the party nomination and he jokes the this is be the site of the first caucus and primary on october 31st. no word on who he is endorsing. >> creativity there. hope he doesn't get egged. here is a new study out that tries toness a çthe age-old question. >> who is funnier, men or women? why some may take the results better than others. >> plus para normal activity 3 scares up a record debut at the box office and a look at the winners and losers coming up.
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. the indianapolis colts lost by 50 tonight. that's funny, isn't it. [ laughter ] >> that's funny. who dunk is funnier, men or women. >> i will have to say men even though it might not make me popular with the ladies. believe it or not, we have a real answer for you, and it is no joke. ♪ i am going to go down to the river ♪ >> will farrell. >> lucille ball. >> or bob hope. >> when it comes to humor, is there a funnier sex. >> more people laugh at men than women. >> the guys may be onto something. according to a new study that seems straight out of a seinfeld episode. >> the cartoon in the new yorker, i don't get this. >> me neither. >> you're on the fringe of the humor business. >> i grewa group of men and
11:26 pm
women were asked to write captions for new yorker cartoons and rate which were funny or not. >> we found that men are funnier just by a hair, and they're mostly funnier to other men. >> the study also found the not so funny captions were most often attributed to a woman even if they were man made. >> do you think it is a stereo type that men are funnier. >> yes, 100%. >> definitely. >> we took our unscientific poll to one of the funniest places on earth, chicago's second city. >> they work the same stage that launched john belushy, bill murray and gildna radner. >> they're taught tonight be funny on purpose. >> we may be more crass. does that make it funnier? >> before the guys start getting one more point -- >> we found the confidence out strips the compensation.
11:27 pm
they thought it would be a lot funnier. >> that's funny. [ laughter ] >> maybe crass is more appropriate. >> yeah, right. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back. [ dennis ] juggling insurance policies
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. para normal activity 3 didn't just go bump in the night. it made a lot of noise at the box office this weekend. get this, you guys, $54 million. last week's number 1, the boxing robot adventure second place and made 11.3, and coming in at number 3, foot loose with
11:31 pm
more than 10 million. >> cool. [ laughter ] >> i know. it is weird. anyway, i am not going to remake the weather tomorrow. we're going to be dealing with mainly dry skies out there and we do have a chance for isolated shower and i think we'll stay dry for the most part temperature wise. 67 degrees. pretty much seasonal and the big story is we have rain moving in as we go into wednesday and thursday and then we really cool things down as we head into the end of the week there. you can see the chilly word shivering. >> i see that. >> turn on the heat. [ laughter ] >> man. >> thanks for everybody coming up to say hello today at komen. it was great. >> thanks for coming out and supporting the cause. >> see you tomorrow. >> verizon 4g lte.
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