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tv   News  ABC  October 24, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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the mystery. the search for survivors, death toll rices rises after a quake hit turkey. good morning, i'm charley crowson. let's get to it with a check of the forecast and say hello to meteorologist, justin berk. >> good morning, you got an iphone 4. 45 now in easton. 44 baltimore. 50 high spot in hagerstown. coldest spot, 48 ocean city. they are underneath clear skies. patchy fog, on the eastern show. couple of showers popping up in the mountains of west virginia. showers h be later on. bands of showers maybe maybe jove cast. clouds return with a chance of the shower towards evening.
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active for the middle of the week as well. more in just a moment. let's go to the roads with tonya. road closure for you in the city, frank fort at sinclair lane, closed due to police activity. avoid the intersection. a live look at the traffic cameras, beltway, northwest, near 795, south at old court road. our traffic this morning, no issues to report in either direction. this is the jfx, light traffic, most cars are going southbound now. no issues southbound towards cold spring lane and downtown. you should be good to go. our drive times are doing just fine because we have the light traffic, 83 southbound, shawan to the beltway, five minutes. 95, white marsh 6 minutes.
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7 between 795 and 70. new information and updates on the deadly earthquake that hit turkey. this is where it happened in the eastern area of the country. the quake struck yesterday. kuren redmond is here with an update on what we are learning overnight. >> turkey is one of the most seismic zones. 138 people are dead. the death toll expected to rise. there are a number of victims trapped beneath the buildings. the 7.2 quake struck during the middle of the day yesterday. here is a look at the full force. this is rocking the walls and leave begin hind a destructive mess. tens of thousands of residents flocked to the street. buildings knocked down. screams for help were heard coming from beneath the wreckage. no one knows how many people are trapped in the ruins. people used bare hands trying to reach survivors.
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loved ones awaited word on family and friends. >> this man said, we went to all the hospitals but haven't been able to find our friend. >> officials expect a number of casualtys to continue to grow as hundreds remain hospitalized and supplies are needed in the country. kuren redmond, abc2 news. >> we will have updates all day at latest on the earthquake. find the latest under the world tab. vice president joe biden pushing to keep police officers on u.s. streets. by the ends of the year, 12,000 police officers will have lost jobs to the deep cuts in local government budgets. the sagging economy and lack of jobs will be the focus of the election. vice president biden is optimistic about president barack obama's chances but frustrated with republicans when it comes to protecting law enforcement jobs. >> now, either are going to
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figure out how to help the cities the way we want to help or some other way. if they don't get help, crime is going to continue to go up. >> the justice teept review will be delivered today. law enforcement will be on pace for the first job decline in 25 years. sheriff's deputy was killed in northeast georgia during the weekend. deputy james paul was shot after he approached a vehicle off of the roadway. the suspect shot himself. that suspect was a soldier stationed at fort gordon. . according to the authorities, man suspect odd shoot and wounding a police officer died in the custody of sacramento police following a foot chase. police say it was not the result of police action. investigators say the suspect ran and jumped over a number of fences before found, then refused to comply and had to be forced to the ground and
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handcuffed. crews rescued a man after he fell in to the red river gorge. took responders several hours to reach him because of the difficult terrain. the victim who is said to be in his 40s was climbing with friends and fell. the friends say his injuries are nonlife threatening and expected to recover. an inspirational author who is a teenager. his story of weight loss is a lesson. domestic violence awareness month. our state wants to empower you.
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. welcome back. gas prices jumped ending a downward spiral. survey found the average price of a gallon of self served regular is at dollars $3.47. the new spike follows a moderate rise in crude oil prices and a dramatic increase
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this the overall cost of ethanol. it's like the gas prices. as soon as they drop, start coming back up. we hit the 30s yesterday. 30,000 of you out with most of the abc2 news family in hunt valley for the race for the cure. this morning temperatures are running 10- 15 degrees warmer than yesterday in most spots. columbia 41. same story bel air. 49 in edge mere. watching the wind south, that will keep us mild and though we get a surge of westerly winds, behind the boundary and sunshine tomorrow, we will surge in warmer air midweek and bottom falls out again. morning clouds and mid-40s. sunrise 7:25. we will breakout sunshine midday. we are look for the next round of clouds and showers, reaching a high of 67. we will talk about the tropical storm rina in a moment.
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here is tonya with traffic. an incident that's been there for a while. reisterstown at owings mills boulevard. let's look at our traffic cameras, first one is of 95, this is the beltway at old court road on the outer loop, most traffic. moving smoothly in both directions from 795 down to 70 should be okay. jfx from the overpass, light traffic in both directions here, most of our volume is running southbound, towards north avenue, no issues to report. this is red dawn here. going towards downtown towards fayette street. you should be okay. october is domestic violence awareness month and the family and childrens services of central maryland hosted a women's witness expo. it was to ohm power minds and body. he would at wood lawn high school. the expo featured massages, self defense and a kiddy corner with yoga and zumba.
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surveillance footage of a mystery man surfaces in kansas city. could this be a link investigators could be looking for? the grand prix race leaves behind speculation as to how much money it could bring in to the charm city. a live look as we go to break of baltimore's inner harbor, you are watching good morning maryland. thank you for starting your workweek off with us, back in a bit. [ sue ] wow!
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good morning maryland. we are getting new information this morning in the search for 10-month-old baby lisa. a child that vanished in kansas city weeks ago. >> investigators are wondererring for a man seen in surveillance video is connected in some way to the disappearance of baby lisa erwin. the surveillance video was obtained by good morning america and giving the family hope. look at the top left corner, a man dressed in white is seen leafing a wooded area, the night of the baby's disappearance. family claims she was abducted.
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witnesses report seeing a man carrying a baby. another person spotted the man near a roadway. gma reports that police are investigating a fire that took place in a dumpster in the same area, authorities also searched a landfill as part of the investigation. the family lawyer gave gma a tour of the family's home. >> it really breaks your heart that we have been looking the wrong direction. as a result of that, we might not get the happy ending that we wanted. that's what i'm sad about. >> so far the family's house has been searched multiple times by police. kuren redmond, abc2 news. baltimore's first ever grand prix race. the question is, was it worth it. sherrie johnson is here with more on what some are saying as they are crunching the numbers
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from the grand prix race. >> we will soon find out if it was worth it. final economic report is due out today, it's been a month since the first grand prix race and supporters and opponents sat down and crunched the numbers. a previous study showed the race did not generate nearly as much money as the people of baltimore were promised. at a news conference, governor martin o'malley says the prix would produce 60 to $70 million in economic impact. the spending came to $25 million. $10million of that was from out of state visitors. a spokesman for baltimore city major riewlings blake says questions the samel size of 210 people out of 15,000 people. that final economic report on the grand prix race is expected out today. kickoff of komen race for
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the cure was almost delayed because of an accident on 83. look at this. two vehicles including a van were involved. numerous reports that people had to be rescued. the race was 35,000 people that showed up. all dressed in pink. all of this taking place in hunt valley sunday. abc2 news was there working for you. day started off with the breast cancer survivors and high energy opening exercise warm up. cross country coach won the 5k for the third consecutive year. several country artists including martina mc bride and gretchen wilson took place at the theater in the effort to bring in attention and raise money for breast cancer awareness. $5 from every ticket went to
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komen. it raised $6000 for breast cancer survivors and loved ones packed the sold out show. we are happy to be here to do anything we can to show our support in country music to find a cure so we don't have to keep putting these on. >> wpsc may have a similar event next year. good morning america's robin roberts knows what it's like to face breast cancer. roberts and gma visited nashville. roberts helped the turning of the opry pink in the fight against breast cancer and she is a survivor. >> it's been four years now. it's surreal still, to know i was told you have cancer. to still learn the lessons from that journey and to still try and share it and here at the
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opry was part of that journey, part of sharing. >> robin says she is going to stick to sharing the story and do so for ever. an 18-year-old who attends washington college lost 150 pounds, now down from 300. tailor says he realized when he reached 300 pounds he knew it was time to turn his life around and that's when he was 14. four years later he weighs half that. last year he wrote a book called cutting myself in half. his battle with childhood obesity. time to think about what you need. executive is doing to join
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council member for an event at farmland elementary. that's cake kicking off food day. it aims to call attention to healthier eating habits. big story today, not our story, but in some respect it might be. you know anybody vacationing, cancun, will be taking this storm on. a brand new tropical storm, named last night. looks healthy. it's got roughly 4-5 days to travel to the yucatan. cancun feeling the effects under rina. 40 miles per hour winds moving north, northwest at 5 miles per hour. watch the track and the field of winds grow, the cone of uncertainty is taking its way towards the yucatan, towards cancun by friday and saturday as a category one hurricane. cozumel, cancun, mexico, could be having rough weather.
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a cold front, and snow up there and mixed precipitation in canada. we are watching the trailing boundary, intense rain. it may lose punch. band of clouds, that's our morning. clearing in between and that line of showers will try to survive across the mountains. likely rung out, the northern half with the threat of showers, that passes by, dry day tomorrow and clouds will return with a bigger cooldown by wednesday in to the ends of the week. it's chilly this morning, ing, mild this afternoon. tomorrow, expecting sunshine and looking at temperatures 66. 69 wednesday. small chance of showers on in through thursday. then temperatures take a dive, 56 friday. 50 saturday. by the way, this point in to the week, i will be in california watching a nasa rocket launch you can see here at abc2 news.
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the forecast for california, the air force base, should be chose to 80 by the end of the -- close to 80 by the end of the week. . frank fort, sinclair, reported closed due to police activity. let's look at our live traffic cameras. starting out 95, 175, howard county. steady traffic in both directions. southbound traffic to the right, tends to be heavier. this is the beltway on the northwest side at liberty, outer loop to the left, it's heavier now. starts to bottleneck through the construction area. right now, drive times are doing okay if you are traveling 83 or 95, outer loop, bel air to providence 6 minutes. 7 minutes 795 to 70. what happens in vegas doesn't stay in vegas. especially when you are the commander in chief. what president barack obama plans to do today in sin city part of a 3-day visit.
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at bank of america, we're lending and investing in the people and communities
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welcome back. president obama headed west. today scheduled to be in las vegas. tuesday the president will head to san francisco then to denver, leaving denver thursday. after a weekend in iowa, iowa faith and freedom coalition banquet. hopefuls head back on the trail. herman cain is in illinois, romney, the two front runners, romney is in new hampshire making his run official. one of the men accused in is saudi assassination plot will be arraigned today. she implicated in the alleged plot to as assassinate the ambassador to the u.s. reverend shifls worth died october 5th. his funeral will conclude a
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series of memorials for the civil rights pioneer. an attorney will try to shake the testimony of shaffer. dr. paul white will be at the witness stand expected to be there later today. months away from filing taxes. that hasn't stopped scammers from getting ahead with fraud. why the bbb says be aware of the emails claiming you are due another refund. they are accused of locking four mentally disabled people in the basement for years. three of the suspects will face a judge. gabby giffords is set to undergo therapy. why doctors are calling her road to recovery miraculous.
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