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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 24, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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what's slowing things down. roosevelt leftwich has answers. >> reporter: when it is done, it will be a new bridge ready for highway expansion. heaven help you if there's an accident during rush hour but there is light at end of this bridge. before the construction, driving through the liberty road bridge interchange on 695 was always interesting. cars merging to and from 75 on to the beltway made for a spirited drive, especially during rush hour. now with the construction, interesting is, well, a very kind word. >> it was terrible. terrible. >> reporter: what's driving motorists crazy is how the lanes get split up and narrowed. even underneath, the traffic patterns have changed. the old freeway entrances are
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closed and there's another new traffic pattern. so mix -- mix in confusion and you get -- >> this is a mess. do you all have statistics on how many accidents have been here the last three months. >> just a lot. >> every day almost. >> it causes delays. we thank people for their patience. the traffic pattern does shift. >> reporter: the highway department spokesperson said the traffic pattern will shift again in november. she says it should improve traffic flow when the project enters into its last year of work. it's very important, as a lot of people have seen, there are traffic pattern shifts at night. when you approach it in the morning either on liberty road or the beltway, just play a-- pay attention. it should be changed by thanksgiving. so that will be something to be
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thankful for oar her now originally built in the 1960s, alt ballet belt bridges are -- are -- -- the beltway bridges are being replaced. later this year work will begin on the wilkins avenue bridge on the beltway. so it will start all over again, just on a different trech of -- stretch of roads. this morning a deer found itself in the path of oncoming traffic. that sent the animal into a local business. jeff has the details. >> reporter: pound for pound the deer is almost all mountain and fast as lightning. there's nothing like having one trapped inside your car repair shop. >> we came. the cops were here and they said there was a deer in there.
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>> reporter: the workers new they had an intruder but didn't know this was the four-legged type. >> as soon as i opened the door he started flipping out, slamming into the walls and made the whole shop a mess. >> he took off running. he tried to jump over my bench into the wall. >> reporter: you can see the dent in this oldsmobile where it went bis diserk. the deer apparently smashed through a pane glass window to get inside. he would break two more windows and ransack the place before making his getaway. workers say they're counting themselves lucky. >> i'm glad there was nobody
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inside. >> reporter: ironically, workers say this isn't the first time a deer has partially destroyed one of the businesses. >> had a deer jump through the window of that station. >> he's a deer magnet. >> i'd say so. >> they tried -- decided to take matters into their own hand when the department of natural resources didn't show up. jeff hager, abc2 news. in tonight's consumer alert, harley davidson is recalling about 300,000 motorcycles to fix a switch problem that could cause a brake light to fame and possibly the rear brakes. brake light switches can be exposed to too much heat. the problem with the tooling and strike vehicles from 2009 through 2012 model years. harley will note fight owners of
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the model years. there has only been one crash reported so far. for hundreds of thousands of americans, drowning under the weight of mortgage payments may send relief. president obama will set new rules for home loans. the goal is to make refinancing more attractive to banks and homeowners. he outlined the proposal, a plan that was previewed in september. >> we will work with federal housing agencies to help people refinance. it's a step that could put more than $2,000 a year in a family's pocket and give a lift to the economy. >> now removing limits on how much equity you need to refinance would help homeowners. you have to have a
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government-backed loan and no late payments. there are 4 million people behind one payment and 32 million could take advantage of the program. it could boost the housing market and in turn the economy. fewer workers are expected to hire. economists believe the economy will grow only 2% or less over the next year and the number of companies planning to hire dropped from 42% to 30%. the number of those laying off workers is on the rise. could you be mess being out on free money? 30% of employees sur individual aren't getting their retirement cash. money experts say everyone
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should try and take full advantage of your employer's matching program. you're 35 and making about $50,000 a year. if you contribute 5% every year, that's about $2500 bucks before taxes. if you make the same money and contribute the same amount 30 years until you retire at 65, you can expect to have $160,000 with the match. weather wise, clouds at times, a little bit of sunshine breaking through also at times and not much rain in central or eastern maryland but out west we have had some rain. you have soon the line of showers. some of them may arrive later tonight. temperatures cooler to the west, we're in the mid to upper 60s still around baltimore itself down to d.c. so, really, a fairly pleasant
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mild evening underway. still could see a stray shower but fairly mild. we'll call it partly to mostly cloudy. we'll talk more about how the weather shapes up this week. big changes on the way. thanks a lot, wyatt. >> we want to send a big thank you to those who joined us for the susan g. komen. it looks like registration was about 32,300, thanks to refer ever-- to everyone who walked and ran. abc2 is a proud son corp and make sure you check out our slideshow from the race. we have all kinds of pictures. >> abc2 also teamed up with wpoc radio for a comben event last -- komen event last night. girls at the hippodrome. they raised more money for
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breast cancer research. thanks again to everyone who attended and for wpoc. it really has been a month of races, walk-a-thons and pink products everywhere you look pink products that promised to support breast cancer are still on the shelfs. tonight's consumer reporter shows us why not all pink is the same. >> reporter: stores are filled with pink products promoting cancer research. before you snap up all those items, you may want to think before you go pink. it's not just pink soup cans anymormt hundreds of -- anymore, hundreds of brands have gone pink. >> my mom breast cancer about
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nine years ago. she was the love of my life. >> reporter: pink products contribute to a great cause. >> the more we can show people that we're for it, that's great. >> reporter: other shoppers also tried to -- try to buy pink when possible. >> we see it everywhere we g we -- go. >> reporter: the group breast cancer action has launched a think before think campaign. some items like yoplait yogurt require you to mail in lids or labels for money to be dloa nateed. others have a pink ribbon with no explanation. the group recently got the manufacturer of promise me pink per follow up to change nergd --
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ingredients. pink cat liter, pink glazed doughnuts and pink buckets of kentucky fried dinner. so please, support the cause and give generously but read the fine print to make sure it's going to the cure or some other charity. how one harford county school is making a difference by giving children with dyslexia the tools they ned to suck -- need to succeed. what you buy at the store could soon have a standard seal of approval. >> it appears that police dusted for fingerprints. >> inside the home where baby
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lisa irwin was last seen and what they took out of their home. all that and more still ahead.
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tonight we take a look at how one school is making a difference twee comes to students with dyslexia. educators at the highland school in bel air are working to help students learn successfully. sherrie job son has -- johnson has the story. >> reporter: the learning continues on this saturday afternoon with free reading screenings. she brought her 11-year-old daughter for testing. >> she's having some problems with her reading fluency, so i
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thought it was important to figure out. >> reporter: october is dyslexia awareness month. educators want to make sure children are on the right path. they offer specialized instruction for children with dyslexia. the reading screenings help parents identify if their child is reading at grade level or below. >> we want to catch the children early so that we can determine why they're not reading and begin to address theiric skills. >> she loves school right now. i don't want it to continue to be a struggle for her. i'd hate for her to get into middle school and find the work too challenging. >> reporter: they however it on two saturdays in the month of
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october. the goal is to get students on the right track early to get them on the right path to academic success. >> this is the first year the highland school held the free reading screening. administrators say it was a success and plan on extend tsmght the screenings will happen every tuesday from 2 to 4 p.m. from november 1st through des 6 -- december 6th. the screenings are free but you must call to get an appointment. today a celebration of food in pigtown. it's national food day. they celebrated. there were ways people could purchase fresh produce and order groceries. the goal is to show people in all communities how they can get fresh food so they can help their families eat a little bit
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healthier. >> all right. starting off with a look at the inner harbor. bright sky coming through. a quiet day on the range. humidity is pretty low at the moment, actually moderate and winds southwest at six. there's a mild pattern, another couple days before cool air does arrive. want to show you a look at the skies above. time lapse, a little bit of photography from robert w coleman in baltimore. a messily cloudy scenario with a little bit of clearing late in the day. annapolis, a mix of sun and clouds and why not take a look further south in laurel where there is some beautiful fall foilage. maryland's most powerful radar right no now shows the -- right
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now shows the rain west of us. you can see travelers i-70 are headed to i-68 west, you're going to find rain in the western half of the state. the heaviest downpours between hagerstown and hancock and reaching southbound into berkeley springs, but most of us sitting clear around baltimore for the next several hours. temperatures mid-60s eastern shore. into the west cooler obviously in the high terrain. the beach at 61. the winds relatively light out of the south and west a quiet october trend. we'll get the boundary through tonight that could bring a couple of scattered showers and then into the day tomorrow we'll look for clearing around here, decent sunshine. a day where temperatures will not change dramatically there. is cooler hair in the upper great lakes. we've also got mild air sliding up the coast.
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we'll be in the mix between the two and likely this will be a wash temperature wise. we'll be back in the low to mid-60s tomorrow. there's that slight chance of rain. it does not hold up very long. tomorrow we see clearing and again cooler in the morning but we should warm up into the afternoon. winds -- another boundary comes through and perhaps a couple of showers late wednesday as well. overnight slow clearing after that slight chance of a shower late this evening. tomorrow we'll go 66, sunny and mild trend basically into the mid-60s. let's check out the forecast for tomorrow down to 4345 tomorrow -- 4 -- 45 tomorrow with a few clouds. again, as we take a look, temperatures near 70 on wednesday. cooler air and windier weather thursday into friday and hold
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for the weekend. so for all those halloween festivities over the weekend, you may want the warmer costumes because cool air will be coming back. >> this is the time of the year you want to turn on the heat. >> late in the afternoon you don't need it but overnight you do. >> thanks a lot, wyatt. a sick new hampshire woman was rescued from the south pole is expected to arrive in baltimore. doctors believe renee-nicole douceur. she was evacuated after experience vision, language problems while working at the south pole research station. she is expected to be in baltimore on thursday. a new study suggests it isn't just what you eat while
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you're pregnant but what dish it comes from. and managing chronic back pain while putting an old remedy to good use.
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blame. a chronic back pain, 230 pages with chronic back pain were divideed into two groups, one took yoga, another
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stretching and another group with self-care. those who used the self-care book, there as no deference between the yoga and stretching book. the author said the benefits come from the physical, not the mental factors. >> bpa or bisphenol a can lead to behavioral problems in girls according to a new study. according to researchers girls may develop behavioral problems by the age three if mothers ate food in the last tech containers it. interferes with how hormones work in the body. the girls in the study were more likely to show levels of hyperactivity, anxiety and depression. there's no explanation why girls were affected and not boys. you know how energy star rates your household appliance.
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some ideas may be in the works for packaged foods. the institute is recommending easy to read systems. the panel said the variety of packed labels lead to more shopper confusion than healthy choices. now they're proposing a standard labor showing how many calories per serving along with a three-point system. it will indicate whether it contains healthy levels of salt, suggests or trans-- sugars or transfat. if a product has a high amount of any of the my tri yents making it un-- nutrients, making it unhealthy, it would get into points. >> police are investigating a murder-suicide at a nursing home. more details at 5:30. plus, a family fun hay ride ends in an accident.
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now the driver pulling the wagon is charged with drunk driving.
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