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tv   News  ABC  October 27, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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illegal immigrants should be allowed to receive in-state tuition. it was certified as success ful by the state elections board. attorneys for the group who support the dream act has filed a lawsuit challenge the petition because most of the support come from internet petition. delegate has been outspoken for months and says using the internet and websites to get signatures is a practice that is accepted. >> the internet is used all over the country. this is not 1911. this is 2011. so you have an affidavit with a witness. and the election board designed the petitions and we went over them insectionally and clearly for months. and i think -- intentionally and clearly for months. i -- there was no fraud. >> reporter: the groups again the petition says the leadges ligs can't be in -- legislationwill be -- legislation can't be put in referendum because it calls for
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funding. whoa want to know what you think about taxpayer dollars allowing illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition. go to the official wmar facebook fan page. there are several response so join us and join the conversation. the proposed amendment for no child left behind we told you about last week will not move forward. it is voted down by a senate committee and that's good news for barb feldman and her boys that are learning disabled they said it would hold the boys back by forcing them out of mainstream classrooms. barbara mikulski is among those who voted against the change. new for you this morning, shocking revelations of the a suicide pack involving bernie madoff the man convicted of running the biggest multibillion dollar ponzi scheme in history. karen travers has details. >> reporter: on christmas eve 2008, bernie and ruth madoff decided they had enough. two weeks earlier bernie was arrested and charged with running a multibillion dollar
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ponzi scheme that bilked more than 10,000 investors. according to a new interview ruth madoff did with cbs news "60 minutes" she and her husband tried to kill themself the night before christmas in their new york penthouse apartment. >> we decide to kill -- decided to kill ourselves because it was so horrendous what was happening. we had terrible phone calls, hate mail. just beyond anything. and i said i can't -- i just can't go on anymore. >> reporter: ruth told cbs she and her husband of 50 years decided together to swallow pills but it was not enough. we took pills and woke up the next day. it was very impulsive and i am glad we woke up ruth told cbs. but the head of the private security firm hired to guard them questions the account of the night. he says he was inside the apartment until about 7 p.m. >> sitting there with them talking. and i didn't see anything unusual. >> reporter: in 2010 madoff's
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eldest son mark took his life on second anniversary of his father's arrest. mark's wife stephanie told abc her husband felt ruth was wrong to stand by bernie. >> he couldn't understand how she could continuously stand by this man who ruined so many lives. who ruined his life. >> reporter: bernie pleaded guilty to fraud in 2009 and is serving a 150 year prison sentence. karen travers, abc news. testimony will resume in dr. conrad murray's involuntary manslaughter trial in los angeles. he is charged in the death of michael jackson. today the defense is expected to call the final two wednesday witnesses medical -- witnesses, both medical experts. yesterday dr. murray cried in court what patient told jurors dr. murray opened a clinic in houston honoring his father. well, a one of a kind police chase in the auburn town hip of ohio a -- township of ohio a woman under the
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influence and over the speed limit and practically naked. police tried to pull her over after her vehicle reached 110 miles per hour. authorities used stop sticks to slow her down. it was beginning when the woman got out and she was topless and wearing tennis shoes and a g- string. >> you know in 26 years of working as a police officer, i don't recall having a subject in such a state of undress on any of -- and driving. >> now the woman faces many charges including operating a vehicle while under the influence and failing to comply and driving on suspended license and she has pled not guilty to all charges. quite a sight in washington state. -- quite a sight in washington state. a energy company blew a drain tunnel through the dam. the dam is nearly a century old and used to generate electricity. the energy company breached the dam after deciding it was too expensive to modernize.
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public -- republican candidates start your engine. which stands to benefit from the early voting calendar. you don't want to see this in your backyard, neighbors areare upset about proposed water tower like this one. where you can voice your concerns to the county coming up in a bit when "good morning maryland" continues on this thursday morning.
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democracy 2012 in less than 11 weeks voters will have their say at polls. iowa voters kick off the campaign season with caucus january 3rd and the next step new hampshire south kleina and florida and nevadaa. for months states have been jockying for position to be first on the calendar. in january there already 4 election contests within 28
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days and there's potential for a different candidate to win every state. no one gets the slingshot of momentum and it cab long run towards the final nomination. nasa performing final checks for a rocket launch carrying us into a new after scientific discovery. it's going on in california. and that's where we find meteorologist justin berk with a live report. it's 6:39 here so, 3:39 on your coast? >> reporter: you got the math. it's tough to adjust to pacific daylight time. and it's really early. we are doing it. i may never let this thing go. there's my vip pass for the launch. i wanted to show you a picture i told you about. one of the cool things about what we do through facebook imet someone rosemary, her husband ken is the project manager. that's some big time stuff. this is the guy that actually is going to do the count down and say go for launch.
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i know that is rocket that's going up with a very expensive and big saturdayel the light but they are part of the 10,000 people that are employed in our backyard at goodard state goddard state night carnet launched over 290 mission and for 40 years they have been managing development of noaa's weather satellite. what we spec to get and it's -- expect to get and gigged to be time before we get the -- and it's going to be sometime before we actually get the pictures. it measures the radiant energy out of earth and how much is released. he there's going to be vegetation and we will track el nino and la nina. ozone mapping and the real importance of getting a continuous hard core data set of the climate. and how we can incorporate that
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into computer models which in the past have been proven wrong by some of the data we have seen. this is the next generation and it's a combination between noaa ands in aa. five instruments and 30 dalla sets and, of course, we have had 10 different one billion dollar extreme weather disasters just this year alone so we will have a importance played here. 1.5 billion dollars will be a big deal and investment. but it should pay off in the long run. we have our tweet up-to-date if you follow along at justin weather on twitter with a hash tag npp and we will look at this and talk more about the actual launch tomorrow and it should be up at 5:49 eastern daylight time. hopefully we will show you that live on "good morning maryland" live in lompoc california, now back to you in the studio. >> all right, thanks a lot.
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6:41. major traffic tieups for the you this morning after a fuel tanker explodes along the conowingo dam. >> reporter: that's because the cleanup effort continues clausing -- causing the conowingo dam bridge to slows. the latest update coming up. >> reporter: occupy protesters receive support. which group is offering to help out. and doctors here at hopkins found a new way to treat breast cancer. how soon you can see it being used. well, the rain is here. i am going to tell you when it will move out and when the colder's moves n all that coming up. der der moves in. all that coming. the outer loop is getting congested but 95 is moving well in harford county. details on how to get around the detour when "good morning maryland" continues.
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6:45 many i am charley crowson. a lot going on. corinne redman has new information on the fuel tanker he can plows and -- explosion and linda so has live information with johns hopkins
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about new treatment for the battle against breast cancer. first shall let's check that wetthursday forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> you said it. it's wet out there this morning. you need the rain gear. and we are going to need it going throughout the day. it's not going to be an all day or a steady rain. it will be off and on as we go throughout the day. so as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, you can see some of the more moderate rain coming down now along i- 95, port deposit, havre de grace and into charlestown and northeast. so, again, as you head out and about, make sure to take it easy on the roadways because it is slick out there. temperature wise, not so bad. coming in right around 56 degrees into sykesville and we do have a freeze watch. so as we go throughout the day, temperatures will start to drop as the cold front pushes through. freeze watch is in effect until tomorrow morning for all the areas here shaded in the blue. let's go over to tanya with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we have an accident reported on reisterstown rowed 1 -- route 140 at 795. let's look at the beltway on
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the southwest side through catonsville, the end of the delay. outer loop is slow from 795 to edmonson. looking at 59 south of 22, -- 95 south at 22, the roads with wet but it's part of the detour around the conowingo bridge. 59 south to 22 to get to route 1 or take the tidings bridge or hatem bridge. the tanker truck has been removed. track alert to know about. this is video we received overnight out of cecil county after a fuel tanker crashed and exploded causing a lot of damage. new information like we said. let's go to abc2's corinne redman with the update. >> reporter: well, here's what we learned i got off the phone with state police. they tell me that tanker has been removed from the roadway. however, the conowingo bridge road along route 1 will be closed until further notice. here's what we know so far. the fuel tanker crashed and explode on the conowingo dam around 11 last night with 7500
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gallons of diesel fuel on board. look at had video shot overnight. you can see what's left of the tanker. the accident closed route 1 at the dam. state police tell abc2 news the diesel fuel leaked down on the norfolk southern railway train track and as a result, the railway is holding up the trains until the cleanup is complete. police believe the driver of the tanker was spade speeding and lot of creel -- speeding and lost control. he is being treated at bayview medical center. department of environment has been handlingi the case along with state police to get fuel cleaned up. >> we are looking to see if itgot as far as into the susquehanna. right now it's dry down there. we are look to see if it got into the -- looking to see if it got into the sus kahanea and there's no -- susquehanna and there's no human exposure. >> reporter: you are being urged to take i-the 5 -- 59 # to route 22 -- 59 to route 22 and -- 95 to route 22 and the
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oil on the road mixed with the rain makes for dangerous conditions. that's one of the maine reasons the bridge is closed this morning. we will continue to track the story and bring you the latest updates. corinne redman, abc2 news. and we are working to let you know what to expect on the roadways with the crash along the conowingo dam. it's in the slide show under the breaking news alert. you can see the latest delays on the website. and we have live cameras throughout the region like you see right here. go once again to and new this morning, the wife of state senator youlistous curri is schedule to testify against her husband. he is charged to use his position at senate budget and taxation commission to benefit the shoppers food warehouse supermarket chain. he was paid more than $245,000 by shoppers between 2003 and 2007. well a mother of a baby girl who died as a result of a child abuse faces sentencing. authorities say she failed to
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protect her daughter from the child's father. she face one year behind bars and the child's father 26-year- old jason is serving a 30-year sentence for the crime. 6:459 this morning amount day -- 6:49 this morning. th city is being told to leave occupy baltimore crew alone. and sherrie johnson is live downtown with the latest. >> reporter: we have learned that information overnight at many of the union lead verse come together and asked baltimore city mayor stephanie rawlings-blake not to remove occupy baltimore protesters. as you can see there's tent city. some are sleep pro beef -- but we have been talking to a few of them overnight. seems the union leaders would be in the city's best interest to continue dialogue with the protesters. some of the unions include the paternal order of police and firefighters union and baltimore city teachers union just to name a few. the letter they sent to the mayor says union leaders you know share protesters opinion and applaud them for the actions.
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protest verse been here since october 4th and the city is asking the protesters to limit their overnight encampment to two people instead of 30 or so folks staying overnight rightnow tempt city has grown and there's issues from sanitation and trespassing. some protesters say they are not going anywhere and plan to stay put but will have dialogue with the city. reporting live here at the inner harbor, sherrie johnson. a health alert, new hope in the fight against breast cancer and researchers at hopkins have come up with ground breaking therapies to save thousands of lives. linda so is live this morning to tell us about it. >> reporter: the findings are just in. researchers at hopkins think they found a better way to treat breast cancer by going through the nipel. doctors would pump medicine through the nipel into the breast duct. they would use a thin catheter and thread it to where the tumors are to deliver more
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anticancer drugs where it's need the most. and it could eliminate chemotherapy and major surgery and cuts down on side effects from radiation and chemotherapy. researchers say it won't be too long before you see the new therapy being used. >> this change in treatment is. >> the that far away. would -- the -- is not that far away. >> reporter: the results are so promising researchers at hopkins will conduct advanced clinical trials in the near future. linda so, abc2 news. five things to know on this thursday a news conference expected today in the case of a missing missouri baby. better known to all of us as baby lisa. attorneys for the parents will speak and baby lisa half brothers will be reinterviewed tomorrow. gm is recalling the chevy equinox and terrain suvs from the 2012 model years because of problems with the tire pressure monitoring system it affects
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more than 33,000 vehicles. a report from the college board shows tuition at most public universities up an average of 8% this year more than 8,000 dollars commute college cost have gone up too to the tune of 3,000 dollars per year. people in reisterstown will be able to comment on proposed plans to add 150 foot, two million gallon water tower in baltimore county. if you have something to say or speak to officials, it's at 6 at glendon elementary school. the environment america will release 10 scarry facts about the chess pee bay saying it shows a terrifying -- chesapeake bay saying it shows pollutants that harm the bay. that's coming up a little later today. lynette. >> all right. we are looking at some temperatures that are good news morning. so i have the good and bad. and let's start with the good. the temperatures are well above average. as we look into baltimore right now, temperatures in the upper 50s. we should be at 43, 42 for this time of the year.
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we head over into easton. 61 there. ocean city coming in at 62 degrees. so yes, we will take that. but what we don't want to take this morning but we have to take anyway is the rain coming down. making for a rough commute. we can see the rain pushing in to everywhere into maryland. but if your travels take you up north into pennsylvania you will deal with wet weather. west virginia and kentucky and even into ohio. so, the wet weather will be with us as we go through the remainder of today and the reason why is well while we are wait for the cold front to move through and as it approaches, well, we are going to be dealing with the wet weather. now it's not going to be with us all day long. we will get some breaks in there and we will get waves as we go throughout the day because we have the disturbances riding along the air aftercold -- this area of the cold front cold air behind the cold front will invade us as we go into later this evening but we will see temperatures drop off going throughout the day. so i am sliding you into the tropics because we are dealing
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with hurricane rina and you can see the satellite picture not too impressive and it's weakening as it approaches the yucatan peninsula and with this, we can be seeing a change in paths. so yesterday it looked like cuba was going to be affected and also pourings of florida. now it looks like it's going to take a little u-turn and head back into the caribbean sea. that's what we like to see. we like to see the fact that as we go into your friday, things are going a dry out a little bit more so. we will get more sunshine in here. not going of the -- not going to last long because we cierra yeah of pressure moving in for saturday. 37 cold and windy as we go through tonight. we have the freeze watch in effect for us. and tomorrow, that temperature at 52 is going to be partly cloudy and it's going to be -- cloudy and it's going to be much colder a check of the seven-day forecast, windy saturday temperature looks around 47 degrees. and very cold. and then looks good ns game not sunshine and much better for halloween.
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tanya. >> reporter: the good news is the tanker truck has been remove from the conowingo bridge. bad news is the bridge is closed and may be closed until about 8 a.m. due to that overnight tanker truck fiver. a live look at old court near 795 with stop and go traffic from 795 around to edmonson and it will ease up around frederick road to 95. looking top side of the beltway, parking lot on the outer loop. hardly movingality all harford to york. inner loop moving better but it's wet and reduced visibility and speeds. and so please just slow down if you don't have stop and go traffic. just to be safe. >> all right. on facebook we are asking you your thoughts about proposal that illegal immigrants be paying in-state tuition in maryland. many of you weighing in this morning so, head over to the official wmar facebook fan page weigh in and let us know join
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the conversation always we love to know what you think. but it's about to get cold. >> yes. it's going to be cold. people are not going to appreciate it. >> freeze wash? >> but no snow. >> let's go to new york for "good morning america and we are back in 25 minutes. we all have internal plumbing.
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