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tv   ABC2 News  ABC  November 14, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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on thursday. >> have great monday. now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. the mayor has a way you will be paying for for -- more for what yo drunk. -- drink. the mayor want to ray bottle tax. a homicide leads to a shootout with police. details ahead. and educators team up in the fight against bullying. i am sherrie johnson. the story is coming up. monday, november 14th. good morning. i am charley crowson we again the workweek as we do every monday with a check of the forecast and say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> good morning to you. we are looking at some ran across the ohio valley. some heavier embedded showers across central illinois and indiana and ohio itself.
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this system is to the west. we are getting a leading edge of the cloud and we have had high clouds that filled in yesterday and we are dealing with thecloud impacting the area. temperatures held up because of the cloud cover so rather mild monday morning at 56 in baltimore and 55 in easton and we expect to have the wind pick it up averaging between 5 and 15 miles per hour. latest wind gusts and the wind will get breezy this afternoon. we will push a very mild day. mid to upper 60s. although variable cloudy skies could be overcast at times with a few peeks of sun. 67 a two degree guaranteed high. 4:31 on a monday. let's say good morning to tanya and traffic. >> reporter: we have no major accidents on baltimore's city or county roads so that's a great way to start the day. we have a deer that was hit on green spring at northern parkway on the eastern intersection there. this is the beltway at old court road in the northwest side. very light track on both loops of the nothing to be -- nothing to worry about through pikesville. 895 very light as well. no worries. you can follow all the information on twitter our
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address is at maryland traffic. back to you. remember the two cent bottle stacks a-- tax approved half the year? it could be going up more. linda so is live to tell butts mayor's plan to bump the tax from 2 cents to now 5 cents. linda, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the mayor is expected to make the formal announcement later this morning at 11. she will meet with council members and education advocates to announce the proposed 5 crept bottle tax -- cent bottle tax to boost funding for school construction. >> save our youth. >> reporter: hundreds of members from build a community organization dedicated improving schools rallied in support of the bottle tax increase. the mayor's proposal would race 2 cent tax on soda to 5 cents per bottle. just last year the city raised the bottle tax to 2 cents and drew strong opposition from
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retailers and those in the beverage industry saying the hike would kill their business. the mayor says raising the bottle tax to 5 cents could generate up to 11 million dollars a year, money used to improve city schools. >> and the cool is in way worse condition than the park school but we have a budget around 22 million a year and we are trying to raise 10 million. so that shows the playing field and how that need to be leveled way more than it is now. >> reporter: now if the 5 cent bottle tax is approved it would go into effect in july of 2013. live at city hall, linda so, abc13. maryland governor o'malley appeared on cb is s's face the nation -- cbs's face the nation and had select roads for republican presidential candidates saying they are pandering the gop extremist like those affiliated with the tea party movement. governor o'malley will deliver the keynote address at national press club today at 11 a.m.
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and speaking of the presidential pool herman cain's wife is speak out about the alleged sexual harass mental gations -- harassment allegations she says i am thinking he would have a split personality to do the things that were said i know the person he is and totally respects women. herman cain has been accused sexually harassing four womenincluding two who settle claims in the 1990s. elsewhere in washington, the u.s. park police are looking for a man they fired shots outside the white house friday night. they are looking for a 21-year- old oscar ortega. police found a car at the base from roosevelt bridge and that's where it recovered an ak- 47. witnesses saw one driver jump out of the car and cross the bridge into arlington. closer to home, two baltimore firefighters are hospitalized after being injured in a propane tank explosion sunday morning. it happened at southeast
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baltimore near the 400 block of north leishear street a man and woman were found dead in a row hoe fire in southwest baltimore. three firefighters were injured in the fire on south fulton avenue. crews believe the two victims died of smoke inhalation. their names have yet to be released. a natural gas leak forced two annapolis shopper senters to evacuate. that leak was discovered around 7:20 in the morning at the forest plays plaza and festival center on forest drive. it was discovered a short time later two dozen stores were affected by the leak. also in the county a shooting at arundel mills mall killed two people and hours later the suspect was found and shot by police. abc2 news corinne redman is standing by with the timeline of events and what's being done now. >> reporter: police are saying -- police are not saying if there was a moat he have but they -- motive but they he don't believe it was a random and the after two people were
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shot and killed. police say 25-year-old jeneen dunn and chonsay green were shot and killed in the parking lot near dave and busters. both were shot in the head and pronounced dead at the scene early saturday morning. witness accounts led police to district heights where they tracked down 22-year-old james coleman at his home. that's when coleman walked out the front door with an ak-47 in one hand and shotgun in the other and opened fire on police. one officer was shot in the face hand and leg before police shot and killed coleman. >> he started letting off round after round on the ak and he hit one of the cops in the head. and after he did that, they wasn't having it and they shot his party down. >> the officer who was shot is expected to be okay. as for the suspect james coleman, he had a lengthy criminal record including robbery aircrafts salt and gun charges. the week the ravens played
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a tough game and came out with a win against the steelers. this week it was hard to watch. fumbles and penalties. we have highlights and rue a re- - and a recap of somebody's game. and they are trying -- of sun's game. and they are trying again. work is scheduled on the conowingo dam. how to get around the expected backups coming up in bit when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday november 14th, we are first and only at 4:30a live look down atwhite house at the nation's capital.
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now "good morning maryland" at 4:30. and welcome back on this monday morning. the latest now from state college pennsylvania. the mitney lions took the field for the first time in almost 50 years without long time coach joe paterno. he was cerne slumped over inside his car as -- was seen slumped over inside his car in
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minivan. e the team lost the game and it was last game. amid the scandal nancy jacobs is reviewing state reporting requirements. and there is not a criminal punishment for not reporting sex abusers. continuing with sports here on the lighter note, weren't we here before with the ravens team. on the road against the outmatched opponent and come home with a loss and it was jacksonville and yesterday it was seattle. the seahawks took advantage of three ravens turnovers and converting them into 13 points in route to a 22-17 win over baltimore. joe flacco threw for under 250 yards and a score. and he had a pick. ray rice a few 30 yards on five carries in the loss and up next a huge date at the bank at one sunday playing host to the bengals. justin. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. do we have a gift for you. you early risers like mary who joins us i think she sleeps less than i do. we are up at bel air this morning. this is a brand new camera to our storm center weathernetweather bug camp hook up on top of the building that houses charm city run and that's main street and this is sunday and we have a camera in harford county. i could not be more excited to share that with you this morning. we will be highlighting this throughout the day. you saw the moon ride over theleft side of the screen. by a bel air high school with 55 degrees height south eastern wind and cloud cover that will hold the temperatures up this morning and we will push in a breeze up to 67 remaining with the mix of clouds and sun into the afternoon. tanya with traffic now. >> reporter: we are doing pretty well out there. we've a deer that was hit in the city. green spring avenue at northern parkway on the eastern intersection where it jogs there. let's look out there.
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95 southbound a live look at 32. very light traffic running southbound through savage on your way to laurel. but no incidents to report. 95 at the tidings bridge look north we are doing okay here as you can see the left lane is getting by. we have roadwork in the right lane so be careful past the barrels. southbound is running smoothly. no issues to report there. they are going to try again. work is scheduled to begin at conowingo dam. the intersection of route 1 and 222 will close in less than two hours at 6:30. crews will resurface the road and repair damage from a tanker fire last month. the best detour is 95 and if you are going northbound, you are going to detower to 543 or 95. charley, back -- detour to 543 on 95. charley, back to you. trouble for protesters not allowed anywhere. police are kicking them out. the violence it is caution and what protesters plan to do now. an update coming up in a bit. sticker shock when it comes to the turkey dinner. what you need to know before
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making the thanksgiving dinner purchase. you are watching "good morning maryland first and only at 4:30. we are back in a bit.
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five things to know on this monday morning. it's the start of american education week and to kick it off dr. ben carson will speak to stewed antiwoodlawn hospital as part of an event called ben carson reading day. and this week's bag hunger week. it's part of a nonprofit group called share or strength dedicated ending childhood hunger and there are asking people to brown bag lunp and donate the money instead. check out no kid for more information. and today president obama will make remarks at a fund raising brunch in hawaii. he is hosting a economic summit with leaders from across asia and the pacific region. and today gabby giffords will speak for the first time
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in the first televised interview. diane sawyer. a gunman shot her ten months ago in tucson arizona and she has been in recovery ever since. it's called a tent city in los angeles and today it will come to an end. with wt premier of the latest twilight -- with the premier of the latest twilight movie it will be at the nokia theater in downtown l.a. an ongoing problem and schools are battling to stop bullying. today's school systems are coming together for a conference tackling the problem. education reporter sherrie johnson has the story. sherrie. >> reporter: well, this morning, teens from school systems across the state will gather for a bullying prevention conference. it is part of maryland bully free. this is a second year for the event that focus on preventing bullying and harassment. it's a top priority for schools. those who attend the conference can learn about the latest research and practices in school safety. educators will learn strategies on how to empower student to
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help stop bullying and prevent it. it's the largest bullying conference in the state. last year, in maryland, this were reported 3,000 incidents of bullying around the state in every school district. bullying hurts and can cause a lot of problems for children as they grue up. in some cases it can lead to suicide. and that's why educators, parents and kids say this must stop. that conference kicks off at nine this morning in ellicott city and you can head to our website at and click on the education tab and we have a link with more information about bullying. you can go to this link right here and it says stop bullying. we have web-o-sodes and cartoon characters and you can take a poll or a quiz a bullying quiz to help you fine out more information. and we will have more on that coming up throughout the morning. reporting live from the interactive news center, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. in towson they are doing their part to put an end to
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bullying. they will kick off the second annual love is louder week a national campaign started by brittany snow and the jet found dation along with mtv raisingsupport for teens struggle with bullying. in washing tonight national coo she had rail opened since the -- cathedral opened since the east coast quake left it damaged. worshipers gathered to hear theer isman by the neural ordained fee -- hearer is aer is -- hear a sermon by the newly ordained female bishop. authorities are ratcheting up pressure on occupy oakland protestifyers. they have been told the all city property is off limits. some left after a young man was shot to death last thursday. just feet from the encampment. and soars say they will stay until the end. police are beefing up patrols and they have been handing out noticing -- handing out notices nonstop. >> giving us the notices to
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disburse is to uncover their liability so if things get out of control, bad acts happen, they can say that they are not liable because they have told us we are supposed to move. >> some oakland occupyers will leave and return. they say the crackdown will not drown out the main message of the occupy movement. and in other news a store clerk in new hampshire wrestled with a clerk and it worked. he gave up. check out the videoch the robber shows a -- video. the robber shows a knife and the cashier is not giving up the cash drawer easily. with the help of another customer who slams into the robber, the oh ran away. market re-- the robber ran away. right on front the bike rode the motorcycle until the
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owner was pulled over and charged with animal cruelty. the dog's owner is trying to come up with a way to bring bosco along safely and legally. >> i never had a problem nowhere else and my fren was telling me he -- friend was telling me youe saw a commercial with harley davidson making a commercial. >> he says he is never beenquestioned about riding with his dog in any other new jersey county or other states but good luck to him with roscoe. in richmond virginia, justin timberlake escorted a marine to a marine corps ball. that is picture of them saturday night. she invited him via youtube in july he wrote it was one of the most moving evenings he's had. the macy's in atlanta is in a bit of a problem. the christmas tree broke and they are desperate to get it back up. it happened yesterday. crews were using cranes to lift the tree on top of the store roof when it snapped.
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organizers say the drought conditions may have made it difficult for a healthier tree this year. but all is is not lost. the backup from the surrounding county should be headed their way within the next few days. first things first. thanksgiving a week and a half away. there are bargens but you need to be aware you may see some cost going up if you are cooking for turkey day. the meal is going to average around $49.20 and that's $5.73 more than last year. planning travel to grandma's and airfare could be 12% higher than a year ago and if you are thinking of driving, that's going to cost more, too. last year a gallon of gas was just under $3. and this holiday gas is up 53 cents more per gallon. so, many people thinking of different option as they get ready for the thanksgiving holiday. justin. and the weather may be turning right around thanksgiving time but we have the nice mild repreeb and we are holding temperatures well-- reprieve and we are holding temperatures well above normal
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highs. even back towards pittsburgh and charleston they start in the 60s. we think cloud cover that has moved in and that cloud cover is all in response to this storm system to the west pumping more widespread 60s from cincinnati shrews and a start of 70 in memphis. that's not supposed to happen this time of the year and the contrast of 40s and 30s on the other side of the frontal boundary will ignite strong storms and there could be nasty weather and on back towards the southern plains. we are watching the storm system and that storm system is going to chug in our direction. the the frontal boundary is going to take a day and a half a two days to cross the region. dealing with clouds moving into the area this morning, we are holding off the threat of showers tomorrow. better threat of rain comes in tomorrow night and then we fina front through the region with sharply cooler temperatures. mild 67 degrees. winds gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour and tonight thanks to the cloud cover lower to middle
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50s. the chance of a shower tonight we introduce the chance of rain after we get through most of the day tomorrow. slight chance of showers at 68. but it's the rain that could be heavy at times on wednesday 60 and highs upper 40s to low 50s on thursday and friday. it's 4:52 here's tanya with traffic. >> reporter: 95 southbound in harford county at route 24 we have had overnight roadwork on the off-ramp. overnight roadwork should be done in the next few minutes. look live at traffic cameras at 95 on 175 steady flow of traffic in both directions. no major incidents between the beltways. checking the beltway at liberty road, outer loop is heavier with the oncoming traffic through the construction zone. we have an incident reported on it is just yet and it's out of the camera shot. follow us on twitter at maryland traffic for the latest traffic information. and in howard county a construction project to stabilize the sidewalk will begin along frederick road between rodgers and ellicott mills drive.
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work will correct the flood damage caused by tropical storm lee. weather permitting, it's expected to be complete by early december the road will open on local traffic. you can expect delays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. charley, back to you. a star baseball player with the washington national and the star treatment got him in trouble in his home country. he was targeted and kidnapped and now he is safe at home. an update on that player's condition. also, the italian prime minister is resigned. the response to that decision and what brought the whole thing about to begin with. good morning maryland continues on this monday morning.
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now "good morning maryland"at 4:30. questions this morning about a document taliban posted. they claimed it has information leaked about a meeting in kabul. u.s. leaders as well as afghan leaders will discuss the long- term relationship with one
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another. afghan leaders insist the alleged taliban posting is nothing but a hoax. and a happy crowd in rome silvio berlusconi stepped down as be -- at his most of prime minister. he promise to step down after austerity measures. well, we are now learning more about the kidnapping and rescue of major league catcher wilson ramos of the washington nationals taken at gunpoint in front of his family and rescued during the weekend and ramos' big league contract made him a target in his home of vention swala. police found the -- venezuela. police found the individual nap are's car and raided a farm home. ramos was rescued and six kidnappers were arrested. >> these people know what they are doing. they do this for money and even kill innocent people. >> ramos says he will continue his plans to play winter ball
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in venezuela beginning wednesday. and then back to washington for another season with the nats. a huge deal made in the united arab emirates about the opening day of the annual dubai air show. u.s. plane maker boeing announced the sale of 50 of the boeing 777s to the host emirates airlines. the deal is said to be worth $18 billion. now "good morning maryland." after a double homicide over the weekend, police track down and kill the suspect. the story is coming up. and there's another tax that could be going up in the city. i am linda so. why the mayor wants to raise the tax on bottled beverages. [audio not understandable] >> we play to win the game baltimore plays down to the competition a look back at yesterday's disappointing efforts in seattle. all that straight ahead on this
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monday, november 14th. good morning, maryland, i am charley crowson. let's get to it and say hello, to meteorologist justin berk. >> hello, and it turned out to be a nice sunday despite we had to fight off extra cloud. look at this in annapolis a mix during the morning but looks like the clouds take over in the afternoon and even though the boaters were out there getting the sailing lessons. that's by the navel academy and it turned out to be a gorgeous sunset. same story in downtown baltimore and mostly cloudy night there's the new camera from bel air main street at charm city run. that is gorgeous and i am so proud we have now a live cam and conditions across the heart of hartford county in bel air. we are looking at near 50. in fact the rain from bel air is 50 to 55 depend og-the location. -- depending on the location. 54 laurel and 56 in bowie. mid-50s this morning. up at 6:49 and we are looking for mostly cloudy skies. i think we will mix peeks of sun in there


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