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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 14, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. braebing overnight. the first victim many penn state sex scandal fights back. we learn that the suspect is still roaming around, still collecting his pengs. breaking her silence. herman cain's wife speaks out for the first time. can she help him win back voters? the fight of her life. the remarkable recovery of gabby giffor giffords. diane sawyer is here live. and justin timberlake showing up with a young woman who asked him out. how j.t. brought sexy back to
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the marine corps ball. and good morning, everyone. we hope you had great weekend. i have to tell you, it was -- it was a moment this weekend at the penn state-nebraska football game. when both teams, before kickoff, got out there together. and it lasted a good four or five minutes. they were praying together. thinking of the victims. and i have never seen anything like that at a football game. >> you could see how much they were moved. so many people still reeling, stunned, after a week that saw coach that perspaterno and the y president fired. a new front opened up in the legal battle just las night. jim avila has more. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george.
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abc news has learned of what appears to be the hiring of the first civil attorney in this case. that attorney appears to have been retained by one of the eight victims mentioned in the indictment against coaching legend jerry sandusky. a prominent pennsylvania attorney has told es he's ben retained for a civil lawsuit against jerry sandusky or anyone not reporting the attacks. >> to work for a foundation that is nothing but a front for child abuse? no. they should -- they should be held accountable. >> reporter: second mile denies it knew the seriousness of the charges. even though the president of the froup was reportedly told that sandusky was banned from a local high school because of inappropriate behavior toward
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children. >> i do think that jerry sandusky started this foundation with the intent of having children readily available for his needs. >> reporter: sandusky, whose house has been vandalized is free to roam state college, and is still collecting a penn state pension. there are now six investigations, including one by the attorney general. >> hello, if you have information you would like to report on the jerry sandusky investigation, please leave a message. >> if i'm to speculate, i wouldn't be surprised to see more victims come forward. >> reporter: a scandal important enough to warrant a comment from the president. >> for folks not to immediately say nothing else matters except
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making sure those kids are prote protected? that's a problem. >> reporter: so one of the big questions remaining here is why did this investigation take so long. perhaps an answer from a local paper this morning which reports that the state police investigating this initially only assigned one state trooper to the case. george? >> thanks, jim. we're now joined by the new president of penn state university, mr. rodney ericson. one of the victims has hired a lawyer. is penn state prepared to accept responsibility for what happened to those boys? >> we certainly are. we understand there will be lawsuits field. we're prepared to do the right thing for all of the victims. >> what does that mean? >> we'll do everything we can to determine what is appropriate and do the right thing. >> you served as provost before
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becoming president last week. when did you first hear about the allegations? what did you think when you heard them? >> i was shocked when i heard them a week ago thursday. i read the presentment. i was deeply, deeply disturbed. >> that was the first time, last week? >> that was when i first understood the complete ramifications of this situation. i was vaguely aware that there was some issue in clinton county, to the north of us. i was not involved in any of this situation. >> it seems like, the more we hear about this, a lot of people were vaguely aware of what was going on, yet no one seemed to take the appropriate action at the appropriate time. yet, we saw the huge protests last week at penn state after coach paterno was fired. a lot of people in the penn state community seem to think he's been scape-goated. you explain to all of them why exactly coach paterno was fired?
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>> the board of trustees looked at all of the information that was available, they felt they had to make a change at the university. and so they took very decisive and courageous action. >> do they believe, and do you believe that coach paterno fail his moral only fwags here? >> that's a question that coach paterno will have to answer. >> you're not willing to make a judgment? >> i think we should wait for all of the facts and those who are involved to have their opportunity to respond. >> yesterday, governor corbett said assistant coach mike mcqueary failed when he didn't respond to what happened in the locker room. can you explain with why so many failed to take action? >> i have on friday afternoon,
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issued five points in my promise to penn state. that is that i will do everything that i can to make sure that everyone at penn state understands not only their legal responsibility but their moral responsibility as well to do the right thing the first time. >> it fair to assume that coach mcqueary will not be returns to penn state? >> he's on leave. we have issues we have to consider. >> have any ore victims come forward or contacted the university? >> i'm in the aware of any other victims coming forward at this point. the university will make every effort to do the right thing. >> what is the most important thing you want the victims and their families to know this morning? >> i want them to know we're very concerned, we're deeply concerned about them. we care about them. we're going to do everything we can to make things right.
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we're going to learn from this experience. this is monday morning. we have 96,000 students back with us today. we're going to go forward from here on and make this an even better university. >> thanks for your time this morning. >> thank you, george. all right, george, now to herman cain and the sexual harassment claims affecting his candidacy. his wife says the charges do not sound like the man she knows. >> reporter: this is a big, big deal. we have not heard from gloria cain. she hasn't been on the trail at all since herman cain announced. she's making a high-impact debut, swearing that herman cain respects women. after hearing the barrage of claims against her husband, gloria cain is breaking her silence.
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>> he totally respects women. >> in an interview airing tonight on fox news, she says she can't see her husband doing the things described, sometimes in graphic detail. >> he suddenly reached over, put his hand on my leg, under my skirt. >> to hear such graphic allegations and know that that would have been something that was totally disrespectful of her as a woman. and i know that's not the person he is. >> reporter: herman cain met gloria when they were in college. let's face it, i was first attracted by her looks, he wrote. when he decided to run for president, she was nervous for what it would mean for her family. cain campaigned alone while gloria stayed at home.
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she suffers from a serious heart condition. the family remains strong, joking about cain's different approach. >> your mother says your father quacks too much. >> all right. >> we're immune to it. that's what it is. >> reporter: one example of this talking, in an interview with "gq" magazine, he was asked about what his opponent's favorite ice cream flavors would be. michele bachmann, he said, tutti fruitti. he knew he would get in trouble for that. now we turn to arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords and her husband, mark kelly. the couple tells their story in a new book, called "gabby: a
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story of courage and hope." and our dear friend diane will give us a sneak speak. peek. >> he throws a rope, he's pulling her out. she's willing her way through this. if you could see the tape, to go from this, which was her after the injury, when no one knew she could talk, to the moment we sit down with her and take a look at the way she has changed. >> my goodness. >> this is such a story. she wants to fix my hair with the interview. i think she's having a problem, but it's my hair. >> you weren't sure if she would be able to speak with you. >> no. if you look at the brain scans, the schattered skull. no doctor could say for sure.
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she has an indomitable will. optimism. he video taped this. her husband video taped it. he said, she's going to recover and ask me what happened. i know she will recover. failure is not an option. here, when they didn't think she could speak. ♪ i love you >> watch me, gabby. gabby. watch me. >> watch me. >> that's right, watch me. >> make no mistake. it's so exhausting. >> oh, sure. >> she knows something is p profoundly wrong. there are tears. at one point, she says, i'm beaten. i'm beaten. he says to her, beat up, but no, you're not beaten. she's able to move the leg that won't move.
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when we see her walk today, and music playing a key role the whole time. she sings. we learn about how music can rebuild pathways in the brain. wait until you see her singing "girls want to have fun." >> we have been amazed with her recovery. there's a lesson here. and how she's been able to do this. >> there's a lesson in never giving up. there's a lesson in what her husband says, in the space program, we say the sky is not the limit. the sky is not the limit. it's a love story. and he sent her a message when he flew the valedictory mission. he, showing the right stuff in the skies, and she on earth. this was his message. ♪ it's a beautiful day ♪ >> what's on your mind? >> i'm looking forward to coming home.
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tell my wife i love her very much. she knows. >> what's the first word you think of? >> brave. brave. >> thank you. >> brave. brave. >> that's what i think of when i think of you, too. >> thank you. >> brave and tough. >> and she looks at me and says, tough at nails. >> she is, too. both of them are. what's next for her? >> she's going talk to us about what she thinks she has to do to return to congress. the therapists say her recovery can go on for years and years. the therapist sent word saying, wait until you see what she's done in the two weeks you were with her. >> that fast. >> she, according to everybody around her, can make her own decision about returning. >> after seeing this, there's
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though doubt she'll be able to do this and so much more. thank you, diane. see all of it tonight. a special edition of "20/20." at 10:00, 9:00 central here on abc. you can tistick around if you want. now, josh elliott has the other top news. good morning. >> good morning. we're going to begin with some breaking news out of oakland. tensions rising as occupy oakland protesters are gearing up for what could be a showdown. police have told proetesters to clear their camp outside city hall. the proetesters say they're not going any where. meanwhile in portland, oregon, protesters threw something on fire at police as they refused to evacuate their camp, which city managers said was attracting thieves and dug
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users. in hawaii, the president has gotten support from canada and mexico for a free dade detrade . the president said he'll work with russia and china to put more pressure on iran to stop its nuclear program. and a world-renowned american skier has been killed by an avalanche. jamie pierre, perhaps best known for this video, he was snow boarding sunday on snow bird mountain, which is not officially open yet. and an alarming prediction this morning. 1 in so adults could have diabetic by the year of 2030. and the woman behind the popular pink ribbon campaign for breast kander campaign has died.
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evelyn lauder passed away at the age of 75. her pink ribbon campaign earned tens of millions of dollars over the years. >> she made quite a difference. >> let's get the weather from sam. oh, you're right there. >> been here all morning long. let's start with the unusual warmth from the great lakes through new england. look at 60, 66, through new york city. a little bit south to washington, d.c. 80s in new orleans. and tallahassee. there's strong rain along the front. two areas where storms are likely to kick up. one around the great lakes, the other in texas. the action is right around the front. south of that, all kinds of warm temperatures. a dry spell, nice to the west.
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>> now to that cinderella story for the youtube generation. last summer, a marine went online to invite justin timberlake to the ball. ♪ i'm bringing sexy back >> reporter: in bow tie and tux. ♪ timberlake brought corporal kelsey desantos to her marine corps ball on saturday. >> come to the ball with me. if you can't go, all i have to say is cry me a river. ♪ cry cry me a river cry me a river ♪ >> reporter: no need for tears after kelsey posted this invite on youtube this summer. timberlake was a good sport. he had a good time on saturday. they made me feel so welcomed there, he wrote on his website. we ate and took photos and drank
7:20 am
and made jokes. we even danced a little. she's not the only lucky marine to corral a hollywood star. >> hey, mila, sergeant moore. >> reporter: she got the idea after moore asked mila kunis to go. >> this needs to go down. this needs to happen. do it for your country. >> okay. i'll do it -- i'll do it for you. >> reporter: that ball is later this week in north carolina. as for justin, he said he was honored to be invited. i felt so proud to be there. thank you, corporate kelsey desantis. thank you for inviting me and for being my hero. >> she looks beautiful. >> can't wait for the next one this week. coming up, the father of the missing 2-year-old is talking to
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now maryland's most powerful dop lar radar and the -- doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:26. good morning. and perhaps this is your first view of our bel air weather cam at charm city around main street route 22.
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traffic busy and a ready sunrise but clouds dominated while this may be a mix of sun. we start off with a mild 50 degrees. not much other than a push of a southwesterly wind to boost temperatures. and if we squeeze out a little bit of sun, that could get us a little warmer. it's dominated by clouds. that's the state we are talk about with rain to the north and we should stay on the dry side. we may peek out sun up to 67 and winds gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour. let's check out traffic with tanya go we have an accident in the cleanup-- we have an accident in the cleanup stages. expect delays there top side. looking live at traffic cameras we have slow traffic on the outer loop beginning at 795. and ending around here at frederick avenue. taking a look at our earlier accident delays on 95 still southbound at mountain road in the left lane. looks like that is opening up. we have residual delays to route 24 still stay to the right. you can use pulaski highway or philadelphia road. now with the latest local news
7:28 am
here's charley. >> reporter: police continue to investigate a shooting at arundel mills mall. jeneen dunn and chonsay green with shot and killed late friday in parking lot near dave and busters. early saturday morning witnesses accounts led police to district heights where they tracked down suspect 22-year- old james coleman at his home. police say coleman was shot and killed when he opened fire on police and they returned fire on him. now back to new york for more oid good morning -- "good morning america" we are back in 25 minutes for more weather and traffic. see you then.
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just a toddler, sky metalwala, disappeared a week ago. that's his dad handing out flyers. his mom is many hiding right now. we're to talk to sky's father, live, just ahead. >> boy, it's got to be so hard for that dad. a little more controversy for kim kardashian. now a member of her inner circle is speaking out about whether her marriage was real or just for show. all of you you know who you are. fans of "the hunger games." we have the sneak peek of the movie so many cannot wait to
7:31 am
see. our audience can't wait to see it either. one of the stars will join us live. we do begin with the latest on sky metalwala. the search intensified over the weekend. police don't believe that sky was taken when she left him in the car to find a gas station. first, abc's neal karlinsky joins us from seattle with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. a full week gone by and police are exactly where they started. other than the fact that sky is missing, there is not a single piece of hard evidence of a crime. police lined the road where 22-year-o2 2-year-old sky metalwala disappeared. hoping to find someone who was here at the time and may have seen something. police have been stepping up searches on horseback, through parks, and back at the mother's
7:32 am
parent. there is no sign of sky. and a fwroeing invest gative team can't find any independent evidence to back up the mother's story. police say this late night test drive of her car show it works. despite her claim that the car ran out of gas, which is why she left sky alone inside on sunday and walked off for help. defectives have not been shy about the beliefs that the mother knows more than what she's saying. >> contemplating bringing her in on the crime of leaving her child unattended in the car on sunday. >> reporter: while the mother remains tight-lipped and out of sight, the boy's father has been talking almost deally. pleading for help. >> we'll take more flyers. >> reporter: and passing out flyers looking for his son. this weekend, he gathered people together for his own search. >> if it was me, i would want
7:33 am
people helping me too. >> reporter: police are frustrated. the mother's story doesn't add up. she won't offer them any more information. searches of her home have turned up nothing. >> it's a meeting we have to have sometime between now and tomorrow. >> reporter: one thing we do know is that the mother has hired a criminal defense attorney. that attorney writes, my office does not comment about ongoing investigation. george? >> joining us now are sky's father and hisser to. this has probably been the hardest week of your life. it must be heartening to have the members of the community helping you with the search. >> yes, i'm very blessed that i live in -- in washington -- where people are very nice. and where -- were grateful to
7:34 am
held me. >> where do you think your son is? >> i don't know. >> no idea? >> if i did know -- no idea. >> but you do believe that your wife either knows or had something to do with this? >> i do believe that my son is coming back home. that's what i believe. >> what do you think happened? >> um -- i don't know what happened. if i knew -- i wouldn't be here. >> but as you know, the detectives -- are -- don't believe your wife's story about what happened that day, that she ran out of gas. that she left him in the car and came back and he disappeared. do you believe her story? >> no, i don't believe that at all.
7:35 am
there's -- there's -- there's something else that she needs to say. she needs to help. and -- and -- and i'm praying that she will. >> if she's watching right now, what do you want to say to her? you haven't spoken to her since your son disappeared. >> correct. i would tell julia, please, if you know anything about sky's disappearance, please come and tell the authorities. so they can find him and -- so they can find him. >> you don't believe her story. you're convinced that your son is coming back. and we all share that hope. you must believe that your wife has some knowledge that she's not sharing. >> that would be pretty obvious
7:36 am
because she has had sky you know, for -- the last ten months. so -- i believe that she does know something. >> you're in a custody battle for your wife over sky and your daughter. do you think that his disappearance is connected to this custody battle? and your wife is trying to keep him from you? >> um -- sadly to say, yes. >> so you believe she knows where he is and has something to do with this? >> yes. >> do you -- you also spoke to your -- you have a 4-year-old daughter with your wife as well. have you been able to talk to her about what happened to your son? >> no, sir, no, sir.
7:37 am
>> not at all? >> no, sir. >> is there anything else you can do to convince your wife to tell everyone everything she knows about sky, about where he is, about what happened to him? >> mm -- i don't know. if -- if the police think that it would help if i talked to her, i would if they tell me to. >> but you want her to bring your son back? >> yes, sir. >> thank you very much for your time, mr. metalwala. >> okay. welcome. >> boy, that is a tough one. time for the weather and sam. good morning, everyone. let's start with the pictures
7:38 am
out of the san diego area. more than a month's worth of rain fell on saturday. a lot of flooding. after a wet weekend, we're getting a much dryer situation from san diego to palm springs to phoenix, to tucson. numbers slightly warmer than normal. we'll watch the front move through the country today. south texas and cincinnati, the two red zones. touching into ill will the thunderstorms. the heaviest rain around the low. arkansas, memphis. elsewhere, colder air breaks >> all of that monday morning
7:39 am
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we're back at 7:42. kim kardashian is going all out to prove her very brief marriage was not a publicity stunt. she's suing her former publicist over accusations that her
7:43 am
wedding was staged. andrea canning got the latest for us. >> reporter: good morning. kim's former publicist is taking major shots at her. he claims they would fake real-life evidents all the time for the cameras, including an engagement to reggie bush. he says everything is planned out by management. >> kris, you may kiss your bride. >> reporter: it's been rumored for weeks that her marriage was all a sham. >> i got divorced. >> reporter: and now her former publicist is taking the explosive allegations public. >> i simply said that the wedding was staged. and meaning, that the wedding was planned out. of course she didn't pull out. she had a television show deal involved with this. it was a big production. endorsements. multimillion dollar things going on. >> reporter: jonathan jackson, writing a book about the reality of hollywood, claims he often
7:44 am
stamged stupter for her. while she was dating reggie bush, he helped her stage a fake engagement. >> go to a jewelry store. buy something small, walk out with an empty bag. take a ring in with you, wear it on your hand coming out of the store. >> reporter: kim says she married kris for love. >> i met this guy, kris humphries. >> reporter: but jackson says she's still in love are reggie bush. >> hi, everybody. jonathan jackson. >> reporter: they filmed a 2008 video blog discussing upcoming projects and poking fun at kim's weight. >> you have lost so much weight, by the way. >> no i haven't. >> yes, you have. >> reporter: kim seen here at her sister kendall's sweet 16 party over the weekend has
7:45 am
reportedly hired marty singer to go after the publicist for at least $200,000. claiming he signed a confidentiality agreement. singer told tmz everything is false and nonsense. >> i never signed this agreement. it's the original that was sent to me from kris jenner. i have never signed it. >> reporter: as if the rumors couldn't get sillier, a new one claims that kris humphries is ready to expose kim's derriere secret. that it's fake. she uses injections and pads to make it bigger. kim did have an x-ray on a recent episode of her show to put those rumors to rest. >> it was a funny episode. >> i love my job, robin. >> taking one for the team once again. andrea canning, thank you. coming up, josh has the
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> new week. new week. bring it, josh. >> oh, what a sunday it was. so david nelson of the bills, catches a touchdown pass, helping the fantasy team, i might add. take a look at what he did afterwards. he's in dallas. he's a buffalo bill. look like he's taking a victory lap of sorts. and then it gets a little weird. as the announcers here are wondering, what is david nelson doing, the buffalo bill, doing in dallas. turns out he was bringing the ball to a cowboys cheer leader. not just any cheer leader. his girlfriend. >> oh. >> they met when nelson was back in texas. look at her. i have no idea what i'm doing.
7:51 am
>> what am i supposed to do now? >> exactly. >> did you see his strut, he's like, i'm bad, i'm bad. >> she's going, i like my job, i love my boyfriend. >> there's the happy couple. she posted a switer pick. happiest girl in the world. >> oh, cute. >> making it very easy. it with us the only touchdown the bills scored. everybody wins. coming up, why brad pitt says he's getting ready to quit acting for good. >> what? and "hunger games" fans, es collusive peek at the movie. straight ahead. see the seam on the wheat grain? same as on the flake. because great grains steams and bakes the actual whole grain. now check out the other guy's flake. hello, no seam. because it's more processed.
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7:56 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. 7:56. did you go for jog or run? maybe but check out charm city run and the camera at bel air. main street and route 22. traffic is building there. and they often see traffic but we can see that in a good vantage point we will use the camera in the wintertime to see what the road conditions are. the air conditions are dry and mix of cloud bel air elementary 50. 54 fallston high school and hardfort and havre de grace 56.
7:57 am
uniform across the area. lot of us will deal with temperatures in the mid-50s and we will mix in the cloud and some sun and the breeze picks up 10 to 20 miles per hour and expecting temperatures about 67 degrees but if we break out a little more sunshine, there's a possibility we could be pushing the temperatures up to near 70 degrees. overall we have a dry morning let's see what he happening on the roads. >> reporter: -- what's happening on the roads. >> reporter: 859 by lombard we have a broken down car if the left lane causing delays. let's look at there now a live look at 95 at 175, we have a steady flow of traffic in both directions. 95 south at caton we have a broken down car reported there. taking a look at jones falls expressway, starting out at northern parkway, we do have volume very slow southbound to the right of the screen. and as you make your way down towards cold spring lane, this is what it looks like here. it will start to break up a bit and start to move much better once you get to the west 41st
7:58 am
street overpass heading down towards north avenue. and downtown towards fayette street you should be good to g all that volume will move downtown. now let's back to "good morning america."
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ how can the corn be back? didn't we harvest it last week? >> and we made soap out of it. it's a miracle. >> the corn is back. >> we're going to be eating corn all the way to thanksgiving. good morning, america. you hear the music right there. "dancing with the stars," they're down to the find four. this is it. cam is heading behind the scenes to talk to the finalists. >> we're pretty sure that j.r. and ricki will make the finals.
8:01 am
a tossup between the two, hope and rob. not sure. >> handicap. >> it's if an athletic dance, superior footwork for her. >> what a comeback that would be for maks. >> it's good tv. >> we know we got two bing things ahead we're counting down to. an exclusive sneak peek of "the hunger games." one of the most anticipated new movies. and, sam knows about this, a big announcement from two of country music's biggest stars, tim mcgraw and kenny chesney. >> all you want to do is hang out with those guys. >> they look like great guys. my alter ego, lady gaga, has
8:02 am
outdone herself. >> what sit? >> i'm going to tease you with that. it's gaga. we'll have that coming up. >> i know what you're going to be for next halloween. >> yeah, right. >> got it all set for you. >> first josh, with the news. breaking news out of oakland. police and anti-wall street protesters are bracing for what could be another violent confrontation. officers are lining up preparing to move on the camp in front of city hall. moments ago we saw protesters in the street. they're refusing to budge. there are concerns this could be a repeat of the scene last month where one man, an iraqi war veteran was injured. over the weekend, portland's occupy protest area was cleared out. a civil attorney has been
8:03 am
hired by one of the eight alleged sex abuse victims of jerry sandusky. he's free on bail, which was xwranted by a judge associated with his charity. this morning, the school's new president said he was shocked when he first learned of the abuse allegations. >> i read the presentment of the attorney general, i was deeply, deeply disturbed. i was vaguely aware there was some issue in clinton county to the north of us. i was not involved in any of the situation. >> he also refused to judge whether former coach joe paterno failed in his moral obligation to report sandusky to the police. and for the first time, the wife of herm. cain is speaking out. she says the claims could bpt true because her husband, and i quote, totally respects women, end quote. meantime, neither herman
8:04 am
cain nor mitt romney could beat the president if the election were held today, that according to a new poll. we're learning more about the daring rescue of major league baseball star wilson ramos. he was kidnapped last week. here's pea year thomas. >> reporter: in handcuffs, for the first time, we see the gang responsible for the kidnapping of wilson ramos, one of the most promising talents in major league baseball. the tale of the rescue began with the discovery of one of the get-away vehicles. an army of 300 commandos, police, and other specialized quunts scoured the region. authorities searched an area on foot. they learned of farmhouse recently used by kidnappers. the salt fwan. they were met with 15 minutes of gun fire as ramos hid under the
8:05 am
bed. wondering if he was going die. >> i'm safe now. that was hard time for me. >> for his family, pure joy. >> base hit for ramos. >> reporter: the kidnapping briefly interrupted a field of dreams year. >> i want to say thank you for everything. and i'll see you in spring training. >> reporter: for now, one of venezuela's favorite sons is back with mom. meanwhile, bank customers may have won the battle over debit card fees. banks are getting their money now with other new fees. for example, replacing a lost debit card will now cost you five bucks. mobile deposits will cost 50 cents per check. and wire transfers are $15 a pop at t.d. bank. here's diane saw yeyer with a
8:06 am
preview of tonight's "world news." >> great to be with everyone this morning. tonight on "world news," gab goby giffords and mark kelly. reminding everyone, the time to give up hope is basically never. by the way, you said to robin this morning, that she's life-giving. i think it's something we can all use on a monday night. be sure to watch tonight on "world news" and the special later. josh? >> thank you, diane. we saw a little piece of it. what a scene. >> mm-hmm. >> husband and wife. the love there is beautiful. >> it is. we can't wait. you with piqued our interest. listen up, brad pitt fans. the 47-year-old leading man has just revealed to an australian news show that he will quit
8:07 am
acting when he turns 50. brad says, however, he'll continue producing movie like he's just down on his latest hit, "moneyball." that's not all he's considering producing. he said he and angelina are still open to the idea of more kids. >> oh. next up, george, this one's for you. lady ga in a halloween-style getup that makes her egg look tame. she per fomed as a decapitated corpse on the uk version of "the x factor." performing her new track, "marry the night." in a con con fengs nal and appearing to carry her own severed head for the spire performance. imagine what she might wear for her upcoming special, "a very gaga thanksgiving." any guesses? >> turkey wrap?
8:08 am
>> a giant baster? >> thank you, josh. we move on. jennifer lopez. ready to tango with a new man. just four months after splitting with her husband and pictures showed up with her and bradley cooper. she's reportedly dancing with backup dancer named casper smart. sources say they met when they worked on her san francisco show. smart has shown his moves. he's not the first guy to dance his way into her hearts. she was married to dancer chris judd. >> he was a backup dancer. >> she's a dancer at heart. >> for awhile. >> for a while. >> for a little bit. >> more than 72 days. >> you did not go there. >> what the heck. >> you came on the red eye. you're so sleepy right now. you're going to say and do anything. finally, i love this story. ever think about living like a
8:09 am
queen? i do. for the first time in british history, we can, if we have a lot of money. the british royal family has agreed to rent out one of their palaces to commoners. for $50,000 a day. it's normally closed to the public. it's cool. it will never happen. what a neat idea. >> i'm surprised they're doing it. >> i am, too. i don't know. times are tough. >> so commoners, with $50,000. >> maybe rename them to unxhomers. everybody, that's "pop news." >> let's go to sam. with the people and the corn. >> we're right smack dab in the middle of wisconsin. tell me your name. >> emily. >> and taylor. >> and a little jersey on the side. >> i'm jamie. >> and a little kentucky in the
8:10 am
background. let's get to the boards. we want to talk about one or two things. wls knows everything you need to know about chicago. if you're not watching them, unplug the set. you'll drop down today. you won't get to where you should be this time of year. there's two zones of strong to severe weather that will break out. one in the cincinnati area. the other in texas. that will mean a significant temperature change.
8:11 am
we are live in times square where the magical corn continues to grow, at the patch at broadway farms. lara? >> sam, thank you so much. here's what's coming up. dishing with the stars. the final four size each other up. she's one of the most recognizable teens on the reasons.. a cautionary tale that every teen and their parents should hear. and the exclusive sneak peek at "the hunger games." it's all coming up on "good morning america." living with diabetes is a reality for me, but i learned that i don't have to use a vial and syringe as part of my daily routine anymore. my doctor showed me the novolog mix 70/30 flexpen.
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8:16 am
and now to the sizzling semifinals of "dancing with the stars." they start tonight. competition heating up. cameron mathison was behind the scenes to hear how the final four are sizing up each other. >> reporter: after eight weeks. packed with 75 dances. ♪ some day somebody's going to want to make you want to turn around and say good-bye ♪ >> reporter: 12 couples. this is the final four. the semifinalists of season 13 of "dancing with the stars."
8:17 am
we've gotten to know the couples pretty well at home. i took a trip behind the scenes to find out what they think about each other. starting off with j.r. and karina. >> i love karina's body. i want her body. >> reporter: the top thing you love the most is okay, her body. i want her body. >> i know. i guess -- and j.r., j.r., his smile. it lights up the world. >> it does. >> his message is incredible. he needs to stay on until the finale. he needs to come back next season. >> his trailer is right across from mine. we listen to music together before the show starts. have the trailer doors open. we hang out. >> they start doing dances together. it gets weird. >> he's a phenomenal dancer. he's a latin dude. born with the hip, the salsa in his heart. >> reporter: next up trk take on ricki and derek. derek and ricki.
8:18 am
>> you wouldn't know this buzz ricki's a competitor. can you tell? >> of course. >> she wants to win. she wants to win, badly. >> i would concur. now in week nine, she's like, giving me that competitive eye. >> reporter: the word is that she's a closet competitor. >> i believe that. she's superintense. >> derek will be eating lunch and dancing by himself. and he's always walking around with his shirt off. i don't understand it. >> reporter: i can't understand that either. how about hope solo and maksim chmerkovskiy. >> he's got a hot body, too. >> reporter: you want a picture of her body on the fridge. >> what the you say about maks? you've known him forever. >> he's like a crab. on the outside, a hard shell.
8:19 am
soft on the inside. >> reporter: he describes you as a crab. hard shell on the outside but a sort inside. >> wow, isn't that sweet. >> reporter: and rob and cheryl. >> rob, most improved. his face, i can't help by smile when i'm watching him dance. he's smiling. >> you know what i love about rob? he has no idea what he's doing here. he doesn't know what competition is about. he's just himself. there's a quality about that that people fell in love with. he's living in a lala world. >> cheryl blocks him out. >> reporter: in this final four, there's a lot of love. a lot of camaraderie. >> we show each other our dances and rehearsals. >> reporter: and a lot of hanging out. but it's the last week of the competition, and maks has a final word of advice. if we have time to hang out this
8:20 am
week with others, competitors or people if h general, we're not working hard enough. >> i know. i know it. >> from now until the end, there's no hanging out. >> there's your boy, maks, laying down the law. he's tough. an example of this season's group hanging out more than season's past. ricki goes out dancing with cheryl and karina. cheryl is invited to her wedding in june. >> all the action tonight, "dancing with the stars." a cautionary tail for any teen agers thinking about sectioning. a young miami woman has been haunted by her decision to do that a few years ago. earlier, i spoke to angie and her parents. first, terry moran has more. >> reporter: it started four years ago with a mistake many
8:21 am
teenagers make. this 14-year-old, angie, took photos for her boyfriend and shared them. >> nobody thinks they'll end up all over the internet. >> reporter: that's what happened. her photo bucket account was hacked. suddenly, hundreds of photos of this teen ajer in revealing outfits were being shared in every corner of the internet. she's one of the most recognizable images on line. if you search her name, you get 465,000 results. over 53,000 pictures. >> i know people that still send out pictures. people still say, it can't happen to me. i don't want it to happen to anyone else. >> reporter: online, she's been a magnet for criticism. from accusations that she planned for the pictures to be public all along. to calling her names.
8:22 am
and in some cases, much worse. >> that they're going to rape me when they see me because i wanted it. >> reporter: her life turned into a nightmare. she endured constant attacks from other students. >> everyone was saying i'm going to become a porn star and how, ike, i'm such a slut for doing that. >> reporter: her parents took her out of school and have supported her with love and understanding. >> at first, you look at it, it's a porn site. it's horrible. then you go, well, it's a bathing suit picture. none of them are worse than what you might see in victoria's secret. >> reporter: she dealt with her situation by turning to drugs, alcohol, running away. >> i wanted to feel loved. i wasn't getting loved by anyone. it was always criticism. and i took it out on them. and that's what hurts me the most. >> reporter: for "good morning
8:23 am
america," terry moran, abc news, miami. >> we're joined by angie, juan, and maria varona. thank you so much. it's tough to watch your story. i could see how tough it was for you to think about what you put your parents through. what was the hardest moment? >> about a year after all the pictures came out. because that's when it hit me and i realized this could be the end of my future careers and what not. >> you considered suicide at one point? >> oh, yeah. a lot of points. >> a lot of points. >> yes. >> take us back to the beginning. try to explain what goes through your mind when you first send the pictures. >> um, well, what goes through your mind, you thinks the private. you think it's personal. you think it won't go out there. the only person that will see it is the person receiving it. with when you realize that's not how this world works, it kind of takes a toll on you. >> yeah, but after your account
8:24 am
was hacked for the first time, you went and did it again. >> yeah, i guess i didn't realize it was that serious that point. i'm a teenager. i'm a girl. we make mistakes at this age. we have so many pressures on society that are put on us. i did it again. i realized it's better to just keep it. >> then it just explodes. >> it went viral. it was horrible. >> when did you first become aware of it? >> she can tell us. >> we hear her yelling at 1:30 in the morning, hhysterically. crying. a friend of hers had seen the pictures she had placed privately on porn sites. >> yeporn sites. >> yeah. and the persons looking at her are sending her very sexual
8:25 am
perverse messages. >> at that age, you don't expect people to be so cruel to you. it was a lot of weight on my shoulders. >> what did you all do about it? >> contacted the police. they have been trying to help us with this. but the problem with the internet, it goes worldwide. i mean, they -- the police officers have been working with us. they told us they were able to trace one site to spain. there's a fan club based on her pictures. the thing with the internet is, we lock our doors. you live in the big city, you have alarm systems. you have everything to protect your children so strangers don't come in. yet here's pandora's box. open up the laptop. strangers can come in. >> what advice would you give parents based on your experience? >> it's difficult to give advice. you control things at home. the minute the child leaves the
8:26 am
house, the friends have internet on the phones. the family members or friends families have it. i mean, you go on the websites. there are a lot of kid there is whose parents have no clue. >> the parents don't have a clue, do they? >> no, they warned me. they told me not to go. they didn't want me to have a facebook or a myspace. i go to my cousin's house, we had the computer there. that's where i usually went on the internet. >> you talk about the pressures that you and other teens face. what would you say now to your friends and anyone else watching your age facing that pressure? >> not the fall into it. you're beautiful. you don't need to send pictures for a guy the like you. they should like you for who you are, not what you look like. be real. >> thank you. >> thank you. and coming up, an exclusive sneak peek of "the hunger games." plus, bill maher.
8:27 am
now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and at forecast -- and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. we have ourselves a mix of sun and clouds. 59 ocean city and widespread mid 50s acruets region warmer temperatures on back to the west. now there's clearing in west virginia and that might slide our way as this band of rain passes to the north. midday in the afternoon we could feature more sun and if that happens, we could shoot much higher than this. a possibility of hitting 70. we will go 67 at the two degree guaranteed high. wind out of south, southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour and we are back into the mid-50s overnight. here tanya with traffic. >> reporter: 95 southbound out of white marsh towards beltway we are starting to see a
8:28 am
slowdown make war your way rossville. smoothier here between the beltways southbound traffic is to the right. looking at inner loop at wilkins we have a disabled vehicle broken down car and the cameras trying to-- trying to find it but there's slow traffic in both directions. here charley with your local news. >> this morning teams from school sis testimonies across the state will gather for a bully prevention conference kicking off at 9 this morning at the turf valley conference center in ellicott sety. this is the second year focusing on preventing bullying and harassment. educators had learn strat ious how to empower stewed don't stop bullying and prevent it. you can head to for more information on bullying and we have a quiz and a number of different items and information to help you keep your children safe. let's head back to new york for more of "good morning america" one more check of the forecast coming up in 25 minutes. we will see you then.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ check it out check it out check it out check it out ♪ are you ready for "the hunger games "? that was a worldwide best seller. it is now the movie everyone cannot wait to see. our exclusive sneak peek. >> everybody here is excited. >> is that josh hutcherson? one of the stars? he's going to join us. he's right over there. he touched his hand. you want to -- yes, he did. josh touched this hand. yes, he did. >> okay. okay. >> he's huge. i'm telling you. everyone love this is book. >> it's incredible.
8:31 am
>> and now the movie. >> i feel like it's beatles. >> similar. also, guys, give bill maher a little bit of a scream, too. he's got love here in times square. he's going to take on everyone from kim kardashian to the presidential candidates. and a "gma" exclusive of sorts. kenny chesney, tim mcgraw. this morning, an announcement that every fan hear. it's straight ahead. >> tell us, tell us, come on. >> pretty please. >> it's the most fun to hang out with them. anything that happens with them involved -- >> good stuff? >> it is. but first, "the hunger games." it's time. possibly the most anticipated movie of 2012. it's based on a best selling young adult novel, the trilogy. over 16 million copies in print. you can hear why. the movie, expected to be as big
8:32 am
as "twilight," "harry potter." we have the exclusive debut of the trailer. >> we could do it, you know. take off, live this the woods. >> they would catch us. >> maybe not. >> we wouldn't make it five miles. >> welcome, welcome. the time has come to select one courageous young man and woman for the honor of representing district 12 in the 74th annual hunger games. >> your first year. they're not going to pick you. >> primrose everdeen.
8:33 am
>> prim! i volunteer. i volunteer at tribute. >> our tributes, peeta mellark and katniss everdeen. >> there's 24 of us. only one comes out. your here to make me look pretty? >> i'm here to help you make an impression. >> and so it was decreed that each yooer, the 12 districts shall offer up in tribute one young man and woman, between the ages of 12 and 18. to be trained in the art of survival. and to be prepared to fight to the death. >> this is the time to show them everything. make sure they remember you. >> i just keep wishing i could
8:34 am
think of a way to show them they don't own me. if i am going to die, i want to still be me. >> i just can't afford to think like that. >> ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. >> and you hear the crowd. we're joined by the star of "the hunger games" josh hutcherson. he plays peeta, one of the kids for forced to compete in the hunger games. can you hear me? >> barely. >> what do you make of all of this? >> it's amazing. such a great book.
8:35 am
i love you. now to be made into a movie. have great support from the fans is the best thing in the world. >> what do you think is the thing about the books? we both read them. why this hunger for the book? >> the characters are so interesting. it drives you to want to know what is happening to katniss. >> they're saying this is the big one for 2012. >> hopefully. >> you're 19. you've been at it for about ten years. when you got this break, did you -- did it resonate how big a break it was? >> it did. it was one of those things where i still don't believe it. if they makes sense. it's so big. you can't wrap your head around it. walking on set, being in district 12. it's very surreal. >> are you ready for it? robert pattinson's being through
8:36 am
-- been through it. you're ready to go to a different level, based on what i'm seeing. >> it's amazing. to have worked at it for so long, to have such a great movie coming out. to have people heef supporting you. it's an honor to be a part of that. it's amazing. >> life will probably change for you. in terms of going out and doing normal things. >> so i've been told. so i've been told. >> do you stop and say hi to your fans? >> of course i do. if i didn't have the fans, i would haven't a job. >> you play peeta. do you feel great about the character? >> i have never read a book. everybody loves -- i love them. i have never read a character and a story before that i felt like i connected to like this. it was an easy transition. >> i love your energy. i think these guys do, too. everybody, the movie, and more,
8:37 am
"the hunger games." at on yahoo!. the film opens on march 23, 2012. thank you for being here. let's go to our other superstar. >> he's a kentucky boy. just south of cincinnati. he'll be fine. good morning, gang. how are you? one or two things going on. let's start with the twitter and facebook pictures. you have been loading us up with great shots. amarillo and crater lake. send us your fall into winter twitter pictures. here's where the thunderstorms are rolling. all along a stationary cold front. right in the middle, through arkansas, some of the heavier rain will be.
8:38 am
the red zones, a possible tornado. things are so much better on the west coast today. nice as you get into the southwest. even the southeast is beautiful. in new york, a little bid milder than normal. >> that weather was brought to you by kindle. coming up next, bill maher is in our studio. get ready to laugh what am i thankful for? being the star of this feast. who else is so, fruity, sweet and colorful. who's this turkey? edible arrangements bouquets beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious. visit, call, or go to
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8:41 am
there is nothing safe about hbo's bill maher. the comedian takes on all comers all the time. an equal opportunity hitman. taking on everything from politics to public marriage proposals. his new book, "the new new rules." we're so happy he woucould be h. >> so dangerous, they couldn't read the whole title. everybody but me has their head
8:42 am
up their -- >> what's good? >> i'm not irritated. i'm a comedian. i'm living high on the hog on this presidential campaign. >> i saw you're either very, very rich, or very very certain of your opinions. because on what, friday night, you aftered -- offered a million to one bet, herman cain will not be president. >> yes, that was before the sex scandal. wouldn't you take that bet? he'll not be the candidate. >> i agree with your bottom line. i just don't put like putting $1 million up to one. >> i don't have that money, too. this is a guy wearing a pimp hat through a scandal. he has a tax plan that we found out was written pretty much by his branch manager at wells fargo. you know. >> in cleveland.
8:43 am
>> he went into cash some checks and the material said, can i do anything else for you. and he said, yeah, could you rewrite the tax code. >> he's still leading the field. >> they hate mitt romney. that's why. you have to feel bad for mitt romney. he's been led by trump, then bachmann. then perry. then cain. >> he hangs in there. he's everyone's second choice. >> i'm rooting for him. in a country where there are two parties, they have an opportunity to win. >> newt gingrich, with what a comeback for him. >> surging. newt is surging. it's never good for mrs. gingrich. >> it's always good for her. she gets to go back to
8:44 am
tiffany's. >> the intellectual. >> you've been tough on president obama, too. >> that's my job, to hold their feet to the fire no matter what party and who is in charge. i'm an enthusiastic supporter of barack obama after watching the republican debates. >> they're almost filling the purpose of the primaries. >> i know. i'm off until mid january. i just hope that perry and cain and bachmann don't say anything stupid while i'm gone. what are the chances of that? >> what do you make of -- last week, we're riveted, horrified by what's going on at penn state. it is kind of stunning this could go on for so long. >> well, yes, it's horrible. you don't think of it happening
8:45 am
at place like that. i was displayed and wondered what it said about the culture in the country that the kids at the school, first of all, they had a riot. sort of in favor of child molestation, you don't see that often. they wouldn't say that. but it was for their coach. you know -- >> it was shocking. >> they're tipping over a van, it should be against that. and then they have the game. i said on my show friday night, why don't you not have the game. instead of deciding what colors you're wearing to the game and the nonsense. make a statement that football is not as important as the other stuff going on. >> at least the players did the right thing. they all came together for the victims before it took off. i feel for the players a little bit. they had nothing -- >> the other point i wanted to make. any institution where there are no women -- football -- the church, the middle east, fraternities.
8:46 am
it always -- >> bad news, right? >> it always goes bad. you really do need women around as a moderating influence. >> every in my house would agree. >> you have all women. right? >> quickly. kim kardashian. someone in her inner circle said the whole marriage was shocked. >> don't do that to me. i'm shocked. a new rule. if you're going to fly across the country as they make the guests do mangd them stay in a bed and breakfast and take them get in a lime green dress you have to stay together for a year. >> 72 days does not cut it. bill maher, thank you. the book is called [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
8:47 am
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8:49 am
last week in nashville, for the cmas, you were hanging out with two of my favors. >> to have both of them in nashville at one time. we sat down. they have -- this is going to -- >> tell them who they is. who they is. >> kenny chesney and tim mcgraw. they have a big announcement. just watch. ♪ they're country music's most sizzling stars. three-time grammy winner tim mcgraw, and long-time pal, kenny chesney. a four time entertainer of the year. and they have an announcement that will rock the country d. tim mcgraw and kenny chesney, with you in the middle of nashville. announce it. tell everybody what's going on. >> well, very excited to say, my buddy and i, making music together for a long time. next summer will be a special summer.
8:50 am
tim and i will be on the road together in 2012, calling it the he's my brother in the sun. always has been. we're calling it the brothers in the sun tour. ♪ if i lived and breathed before you loved me ♪ >> reporter: for the first time in ten years, they're making music again together. the hottest ticket of the summer. ♪ ♪ i'm sure of what i've got >> there's a genuine excitement. >> reporter: i can tell. >> it finally fell in a place that was perfect for both of us. it will be the biggest year of our careers, i think. as far as having fun. ♪ listen to my musing just a little too loud ♪ >> reporter: there's is a long-time friendship. they met two decades ago. >> the next thing you know,
8:51 am
we're -- we're singing at a hot dog stand. >> hound dogs hot douggs. >> on the corner of music row. for tips. >> and got fired. >> we did. we got fired from it. >> reporter: they last toured together in 2001. since then, their careers have skyrocketed. ♪ it's the cares making noise with the southern boys ♪ >> reporter: and kenny with nearly two dozen hits like "you and tequila." ♪ you're like poison in my blood ♪ >> reporter: what will they sing on this tour? they could just swap out songs. >> i like it, i love it, i want some more of it.
8:52 am
that's our life out there. >> i'll let you sing that song. >> oh, that's right. that might be one we do together. ♪ i went sky-diving >> reporter: we're going to get good music. we'll get more antics on the stage. >> probably. >> probably. when i see tim, you don't know what is going to be said or will happen. that's the spontaneity we'll bring to the stage. >> and maybe you'll come to "good morning america" for a summer concert? >> i hope so. >> i just had to plant the seed a little bit. just to see how it works out. june 2nd, the first date in tampa. i got the list here of the dates. you're going to have to see this more than once. because they have so many. june 24th in charlotte. >> a group up here in new jersey. >> how about foxboro, mass, you
8:53 am
got to get on the swing. maybe we can get you to be part of the act. did you ever see -- >> it's maiamazing to be up fro that perspective. >> you could be part of a tour every weekend and bring them here. >> brothers of the sun tour, june 2012.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
a kickoff on monday. a great one. tomorrow, regis philbin will be here live. you shoot hoops with shaq. >> eric stonestreet will be here wednesday. and the muppets take over. >> have a good one. >> have a great day, everybody. now maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most
8:57 am
accurate by weatherate. good morning. minutes before 9 once again we get to show off the bel air camera on route 22 after a sunrise. look at traffic still going by there. we know aid bessy spot and it's a great location for us to show you now what it locks like in the heart of hartford county. bel air and across the region 50s. 53 at bel air elementary. 56 nearby fallston havre de grace at 58 degrees. and around the area, all in the mid to upper 50s with one 60 spot in northeast up another one in gold burkeboro. a nice mild day but we have cloud trying to disburse a little bit. and i think we will break some of the clouds up midday and the afternoon and additional sunshine could help to boost temperatures even higher than the warm stuff we are expecting. showers staying to the north but the slow push of this frontal boundary will bring in a slight chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. a better chance as we head into tomorrow night and wednesday. a wave of low prbure will ride along the boundary and slow the
8:58 am
passage through maryland and increase the chance of moderate to heavy rainfall throughout the day on wednesday. and you will notice the winds that appear to shift and set ildel down. that's the front passing us tomorrow morning. it appears to drop to the south and will head back up as the wave of low pressure brings in the moisture today. a mix of clouds and i think we will see and squeeze out a little sun midday in the afternoon. 67 the two degree guarantee by additional sun could get us closer to 70 and gusty winds 10 to 20 miles per hour out of the south and southwest. tonight back down to 53. small chance of a shower to the west. and a slight chance of showers building near baltimore north and west tomorrow afternoon. really it's going to be wednesday when we have the wet day. temperatures flying back to 60. 51 thursday and 49 and winds the cool stuff at the end of the week. have a great day. [ female announcer ] did you know that the sources of bad breath
8:59 am
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