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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  November 17, 2011 6:00am-6:30am EST

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slipping to 49 degrees. still holding at 52 in annapolis and low 50s the eastern shore but strong winds out of the northwest are building in and taking things down quite a few notch oz your thermometers. temperatures are also in response to this band of rain. the rain itself really getting enhanced just east of i-95. so if you're watching us in anne arundel county, you've got moderate rain there just to the north of annapolis and probably through about pasadena and heading up towards aberdeen and northeast. looks like probably down towards rock hall moderate rain on your doorstep and rain on through central virginia mixing in with snow. you see the blue in the mountains? just the thrill of the chill. you've got to love it. winds out of the north at 13 miles per hour in baltimore. we'll have gusts 30 miles per hour or higher this afternoon. in addition to that, yes, there could be a couple of snow flakes m.c.i.d in with some rain -- flakes mixed in with some rain showers. we're looking for temperatures that already dropped in the 40s to continue to stay there.
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we'll get much colder overnight. we'll talk about that and an improved weekend outlook coming up. here's traffic with tanya. >> he's got the thrill of the chill. i've got the fear of the crash. we have an 83 southbound accident at mount carmel road in parkton so be careful as you pass. this is 29 at 108. no issues to report southbound it ellicott city and columbia. taking a look at the jfx at northern parkway. we're starting to get a few cars going southbound but no major incidents to report as you make your way down towards cold spring lane. all of our drive times are normal. traveling 83 southbound still will take you about five minutes. top side of the beltway on the outer loop between bel air and providence will take you six minutes as well. while you were sleeping cities across the country began cracking down on the occupy demonstrators. in dallas police in riot gear moved in and cleared out the protesters at a park next to city hall. they've been there for about a month and a half. officers woke up the campers and ordered them to grab their tents and leave. in all police have arrested 18
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people. in a live shot this morning from new york city where you're going to be hearing a lot about what's going on in the big apple today. they're marking the two-month anniversary of the movement with mass rallies across the country. in new york they're going to take on wall street physically. that's according to the demonstrators. closer to home let's check in with abc2 news linda so live with the very latest on what protesters here are planning. >> reporter: they have a rally planned later this afternoon at 4:30 but first things here are still pretty peaceful. they always have been here in baltimore. they haven't gotten as violent as some other cities. you see the three cops over there. we were able to speak to some officer. they say it's their routinely to patrol the area action walk through and make sure no one is getting -- area, walk through and make sure no one is getting hurt. no plan to kick out protesters here in baltimore. to tell us more of what they have planned today is lisa. you'll be matching on the
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bridge later today? >> our plan is not to take over the bridge but to walk on the sidewalks and to follow the rules, to draw attention to the fact that the bridges are -- especially howard street bridge was deemed unsafe and yet it is still being used and the city has done nothing about it. it's a part of a worldwide action -- sorry, a country wide action as far as the occupiers are concerned to take over the bridges as far as what's going on in washington and new york. >> reporter: they plan to march on the key bridge in georgetown. they're expecting that to cause delays for the afternoon commute. but the one here is at 4:30 and it's to coincide with what's going on across the country today, the two-month anniversary? >> yes. >> reporter: have you had any inkling from the city as to any plans as far as making you guys leave here or bringing the tents down? >> they have not said one way or the other.
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i'm not sure if they really know what they're planning on doing. they haven't -- obviously haven't made any moves, haven't given us a deadline, haven't, you know -- haven't enforced any of the rules that they've laid out for us yet. that remains to be seen. >> reporter: thanks for joining us this morning. again the plan is for the protesters here in baltimore, they say they're going to stay here for the long haul. again today at 4:30 they plan to march on the howard street bridge. we're live in downtown baltimore, linda so, abc2 news. >> stay with abc2 news and for continuing updates about the occupy wall street protests both in new york and here in charm city. new for you this morning crews are looking into the cause after fire in abington. this is a picture from the volunteer fire department. investigators say flames raced through the second floor of this home not far from route 24 yesterday. no one was hurt in this house fire. some tired passengers this morning, this after a new picture taken from a plane
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leaving late last night from west palm beach to bwi. a suspicious sus stan was found on -- substance was found on a southwest plane forcing a six- hour delay. the white powder was discovered just before the plane was set to take off. hazmat was called in and it was determined that powder posed no threat. news time now 6:05. an undercover operation churns up a porn arrest. robert hudson was charged with two counts of distributing child pornography. state police say a trooper set up a sting that was supposed to be to meet with hudson in a library in crofton to exchange child porn. when it got there, police arrested him. if convicted hudson could face up to 20 years in prison. the search is on for four suspects who say -- who police say kidnapped and sexually assaulted a teenage girl. this time in baltimore county. the more troubling part it happened nearly two weeks ago.
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police have now released photos of two of the suspects and they're hoping that can trigger some leads. we're live with more. >> reporter: this sexual assault incident happened more than two weeks ago but police say they've exhausted nearly every lead in this case. now they are asking for the public's help. take a look at your screen. these two photos that police released. you can see these are two composite photos of the sus spents. the description was given by the victim. they want you to take a good look at them and see if you recognize them. police also release add description of the car -- released a description of the car. here's what we know so far about this case. this all happened around 3:00 in the afternoon on november 1, just about two weeks ago. as students were leaving woodlawn high school four men drove up in a car. one of them got out. threatened the 15-year-old girl with a gun and forced her into the front seat of the car and
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covered her eyes. the suspects then drove the girl to an unknown location. that's where one of the men assaulted the victim. the suspects later took the victim back to woodlawn drive and released here near woodlawn memorial park where she then walked to a nearby police station to get help. >> any kind of an incident like this is extremely frightening and we are very interested in finding these four suspects. >> i hope they find the guys and i will keep her in my prayers. >> reporter: you can take another look at those photos on our website at also if you have any information on this case or recognize those suspects, you're asked to call metro crime stoppers. that number is 1-866-7-lockup. reporting live in towson, abc2 news. a decision by federal officials could make roads safer for you. a trucking company based in hanover has now been ordered to get off the road. investigators discovered the
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company allowed its truckers to exceed the 11-hour driving limit and trucks were in horrible condition. during the past year begun they are's -- gunther's had seven accidents. you better watch your speed in howard county. they now have speed cameras up near schools. the goal is to change driver behavior when kids are just trying to get to school. >> reporter: if speed cameras were enforced about a month ago, howard county would have made about $26,000. police officers passed out about 30 warning ticket as day during the trial period. and officers say this shows how much the speed cameras are needed to slow drivers down in areas where there are children. the little white vans are ready for anyone who goes 38 miles an hour or faster in a 25 mile per hour zone. howard county says they're not trying to surprise anyone with this. they have signs on the road talking about the speed cameras. howard county authorities say years of traffic surveys found that people were speeding in
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many school zones and despite critics' complaints that this is an attempt by the county to make money, thorpts say the money -- authorities say the money raised does not go to the county. officers say it's about changing driver behavior in zones where children walk. >> we don't expect driver behavior to change overnight but it's certainly something we hope over time people will start to think to themselves there are cameras in those school zones in howard county, we better slow down. >> reporter: we got more information on the speed camera -- for more information on the speed cameras you can head to our website we have a link to the story and on this link you can see where some of the cameras are posted. so for the week of november 14, that's this week during this week they have the cameras posted at centennial lane, melon brook road. they even tell the block number, 4400 block of montgomery road. and if you go to this web site, you can see each week we also have the week of november 28. so they tell you where the speed cameras are located.
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but basically the bottom line is slow down in howard county in those school zones. reporting live, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. proper fits from the new alcohol tax are being put to tax. the maryland board of public works owe caked a -- okayed a million dollars for cecil county. the school board says the moneys will be used to replace the track at the northeast high school and a new roof for the school's fieldhouse. in harford county they'll get dowell the amount. they'll use the owe on double the amount. they'll use the money to update air conditioners for two schools. a consumer alert for you. johnson&johnson has laid out a time line for removing dangerous chemicals from its baby products. news surfaced that its trademark no more tears shampoo contained two potentially cancer causing chemicals. two weeks ago the company announced it removed the chemicals from products now they say they'll do it in the
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u.s. they say the process will be completed during the next two years. the investigation into penn state university scandal is growing this morning. more on the story about the assistant coach mike mcqueary and what he said to a friend involving former penn state coach jerry sandusky. how it's now changed from the initial report. also, powerful storms prove deadly for a man who was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. [ inaudible ] good morning. topping america's money, good news from the auto industry. dealers will have extra reason to give thanks next week. november is normally a slow month but the friday is on track for its strongest month of the year. and chrysler is adding 1100 jobs at its tol, ohio assembly plant, part of a $1.7 billion investment in a new jeep suv. chrysler's c.e.o. says jeep is a star in europe
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around it's now looking to expand into russia and china. for many people the dream of retiring at 65 is dead. a survey finds that a quarter of middle class americans fear they'll have to work until at least 80. many said they want to keep working but more than half say they'll have to work. and a man is already outside a best buy start in st. petersburg, florida and he's been there since monday. he wants to make sure he's the first for the black friday deals. and that's america's money. traditions are not for keeping.
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they're for keeping us together. ♪ [ boy ] to dad, love sam. [ mom ] say "merry christmas." [ boy ] merry christmas. [ female announcer ] hallmark recordable storybooks. [ boy ] charlie brown spotted a small, scraggly pine tree. ♪ welcome back to good morning maryland on this thursday, november 17 n. is a new live shot just coming in about what we're seeing in new
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york. as we told you in just about 45 minutes, there's a protest scheduled on wall street. they're physically going to try to impede people from going to work today on the new york stock exchange. by they, i mean the occupy wall street demonstrators. this was live yesterday. we showed you zuccotti park. now we're showing you this, what they're going to be doing for the two-month anniversary. that's not the only thing being planned. they're also going to be taking over the subways, taking on the five boroughs and later today their intent is to are take folly square. they're calling this a celebration the 1% will not soon forget. we'll have updates on these stories as they develop. major cleanup ahead today in several southern states after severe weather ripped through that region n. is video from thomasville, north carolina about 25 miles southwest of greensboro a. suspected tornado blew through there. you can see from the damage it looks like the winds were very strong. there are reports of homes destroyed, ripped right from their foundations. at least one person is reported
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dead and nearly a dozen others injured. at least three people have died in south carolina. strong winds left mounds of wreckage. all of this was yesterday. police reported flipped cars, down trees and debris scattered across that area. the national weather service is working to determine if a tornado is the result of the cars of the damage you see there. powerful storms rolling through georgia. these pictures from just outside the atlanta area. a man was killed when a free fell on his car. -- when a tree fell on his car. >> the tree was big enough you could just see the back of the vehicle but you couldn't actually see the side even. >> authorities say that victim died at the scene of that collapse. time for a check of the weather forecast. justin, you promised things would be cooling off but going back to that video this is that line of storms we showed yesterday morning. >> we were watching that. you were the one talking about that live shot in new orleans. we saw the flash of lightning there. oftentimes there is severe weather that breaks out when
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cold air ushers in. open' going to -- i'm going to school today at an elementary school talking about the strong winds and what they may be doing for us. >> whether we came on the air it was 52 degrees and you said for viewers to test you because by the time we go off the year you were calling in the 40s. >> let's do it. you see it up on the screen. let's show you the number in baltimore. we promised you 40s. there we go. we started the morning and if you started with us at 4:30, we were at 52. that's still the number in easton, pacs river and -- owe pax river and ocean city. in baltimore 43. 30 in oakland. hint hint. there's precip around. yes, there's some strong winds already gusting 10 to 20 miles per hour and even higher expected for today. we still got this surge of rain. this is all rain right now in central maryland. looks like just south of baltimore, anne arundel county you're getting in on the action n. a few minutes we'll show you maryland's most powerful dop regard radar, where exact -- doppler radar, where exactly
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the most powerful cells are. some snow mixing in across the mountains. yes, there's some cold air to be found. snow across the great lakes. just rain to the deep south. you see this one last surge in atlanta, georgia and asheville, north carolina that pushes along that frontal boundary that has slowed things down. the reason we expect to have one more surge of precip this morning, that's why things could be damp for the morning commute. the cold air ushers in behind it. we will be watching that cold air slide right along the back side of the boundary. maybe catching up to the precip while we could mix in some snow flakes. there could be some snow flakes mixed in but nothing will stick until about midday. temperatures slide to the 40s. we've already had our high temperature in the 50s at midnight. then we just keep going down from there. 20s overnight. clearing skies. high of 46 tomorrow. 53 with sun on saturday. tan yarks at least we're back
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to -- tanya, at least we're back to 60 by sunday. rain looks like it moves in for the big travel day on wednesday. we'll talk more about that as we get closer. just want to plan accordingly. 6:18. let's see what's happening on the roads with tanya. >> way for 60 on sunday. we have an accident 83 southbound in parkton right before mount carmel ride. that's over on the left shoulder. callers are telling us they're driving through route 1 and it's blocked. taking a look out there at the beltway. things are starting to slow down. this is 695 at old court road just south of 795. outer loop traffic is now stop and go as you make your way through pikesville. give yourself some extra time. 95 at 395 is moving much better. this is southbound traffic moving away from the camera. our drive times are going to be affected on the west side now. if you are traveling that outer loop between 795 to 70, instead of 7 minutes it could take you touch 10 minutes. pneumonia is the most
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common infection for people -- [indiscernible] a doctor at the university of pennsylvania medical center says most infections happen two weeks after surgery, a week later than most experts thought. we all know that breaking up is hard to do but it's also unhealthy, at least for women. what does it say about guys? according to doctors at the university of arkansas, women are seven to nine times more likely to suffer from broken heart syndrome. the symptoms are similar to a heart attack and even heart failure. according to the study broken heart syndrome is the only heart condition that effects women more than it affects -- affects women more than it affects men. the threat of death inspired 588-pound adam slack to improve his life. he made a trip to a hospital in atlanta city. a doctor asked him a startling question. listen. >> hello, what would you like in your obituary?
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>> hello, mr. slack, what would you like in your obituary. the manual's blood pressure was through the roof and he had type ii diabetes. he wore a size 68 pants. it took the doctor's blunt bedside manner to let the happily married father of four know it's time to live. he slimmed down to a size 34 and 209 pounds by cutting calories and working out. news time now 6:21. an angry bird takes the flight of a lifetime. how it's now landed that bird in an unusual place. we'll show you. as the stork land -- has the stork landed at buckingham palace? that's what everyone seems to want to know. more live pictures from new york city. protests scheduled throughout the day. this is a story you'll be hearing throughout your day. stay with as we continue telling you what the occupy protesters have in store. back in a bit.
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an angry bird takes flight in an unusual place. here you can see the stuffed toy floating on the soyuz spacecraft as it was entering orbit. it took off from disaz stan sunday -- caz stack stan sunday. three astronauts who had been on board the iss since june will return to earth next week. can it be? rumors are swirling a stork may be making a stop at buckingham palace. several media outlets are reporting will and kate will soon be joined by a royal heir. baby fever has been building for weeks and palace watchers went wild when kate refused to taste some peanut paste while visiting an after aid organization and went on to decline sham pain.
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-- >> champagne. >> we've run a story about the number of times she touched her tummy, 12 times no less in two hours she was seen cradling her tummy, gently patting it. >> i'll ask you again, tom, tummy touching counter, do you want that job? >> no. >> the palace issued a statement saying this is more endless speculation of a private matter and we won't confirm or deny that speculation. what do you think? >> no. >> any other words today? >> no. how would you like to put these on your car. the first colored tire. they're made by adding dyes to the bleached rubber. the color tires developed by double star group are now designed for cars, heavy duty trucks and military vehicles. take a look at this. satellite images show circular and grid like patterns in china. it was captured by google maps. no concise answer for what they are but could it have something
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to do with china's growing space program or possibly alien markings? they say it's simply some kind of military target practice range. well, there's not just occupy protests going on in california. now students there are outraged. they're putting their rage on display. we'll tell you why. here's a different kind of police chase. how a dog gave authorities a run around on arizona highways. [ male announcer ] want to achieve more with your money?
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