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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  December 9, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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today. counselors at landsdown friday working with students who needed to talk about it. talk about a peer here yesterday, gone today. >> a lot of people are talking about it. a lot of people are sad. many aren't saying anything today. >> it's a somber environment in there today? >> it's a lot of grief going on today. >> reporter: even if some students didn't know bridgeet, or didn't run in the same crowd, what happened thursday evening on annapolis road is a lesson in reality outside of these school's walls. the junior was crossing the road at dusk, hit by a car and died at shock trauma. every day routine turned deadly, no crime, no fleeing driver, no erratic driving. >> crash investigators are investigating this incident. however it does not appear there are criminal citations at
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this time. this is a situation where pedestrian error is the cause of the accident. the case will be reviewed. >> it's an un fortunate accident? >> it's an un fortunate accident. >> reporter: her peers, her friends, left to struggle answering a very adult question. >> i was really sad, her and me started getting really close. i didn't know what to say. >> harl's friends say they are planning a memorial at landsdowne senior high school on monday. brian kuebler, abc2 news. thru's with a push in queen -- there was a push in queens ann to build a intersection at be 01-304 interchange. ems crews responded to crashes at intersections 56 times. funding is only available for the initial planning process.
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parents and students have gathered more than 5500 signatures demanding a change. >> maybe an engineer's opinion, but if you drive the turn, you find it's not safe. >> in the last six years, there have been 5 deadly accidents at the intersection, neighbors plan to meet with state comptroller, peter next week to discuss funding for the project. in a little over 2 weeks, new tougher teen driving rules go in to effect in pennsylvania, coming days after a crash that took the lives of five high school students and some wondering did the state wait too long. state rep catherine watson is hearing a lot of what ifs. a teen driver can have one passenger under 18 who isn't a family member. the law is aimed at reducing the number of distractions for a young driver by limiting the number of passengers there. less than five years after
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the mass shooting tragedy on virginia tech, the community was on high alert when a gunman shot and killed a police officer putting the school on lockdown. roosevelt leftwich is here with the latest. >> the gunman's body was found a half mile away from the scene of first shooting. authorities in blacksburg are trying to figure out why the shooting happened at all. the nightmare of gunfire at virginia tech came scream back yesterday in the middle of the day when someone ambushed an officer making a traffic stop. >> during the course of the stop, the officer was approached by a unknown male and shot. >> derrick was a friend to many in our department, derrick was a husband, derrick was a father, derrick was a son. >> he joined the police department a few months after the 2007 shootings that killed 33 people. police say the shooter was not involved in the traffic stop or connected to the university but not releasing his identity.
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he fled then late er a deputy found his body a half mile away killed by a bullet fired from the same gun. police say he changed clothes, they found a backpack holding the outfit. >> all you could see his face, he was covered in blood. >> reporter: the knife well and students came nooght grief gathering at the memorial honoring victims of the 2007 massacre. >> yesterday's shooting was the first real test for virginia tech's emergency alert system since 2007. during the tragedy it took two hours for the first alerts to go out. this time it took six minutes to receive a warning. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. the wife of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is speaking out in support of her husband denying the charges against
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him. dotty spoke for the first time yesterday hours after jerry was released on bail. sandusky was taken in to police custody wednesday after new charges were filed against him based on two new accuser whose say he sexually abused him. one said he screamedded for help hoping dotty would help. that has some wondering for she could be in trouble. >> i think the attorney general's office would be hard pressed trying to pursue criminal action against dotty in the absence of direct proof that assuming which we deny, but assuming the allegations are true, that she úwc.ñknew anything about the allegations. >> sandusky will be in court next week for a hearing but legal experts believe whatever happens at the criminal trial the couple will likely face civil lawsuits that could bankrupt them. while his name has been ab cents from headlines this week, the results of a poll are out.
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half of those asked support the firing of former penn state football coach joe paterno. 75% agreed with the firing the president, spannier. they were let go after reports of allegations of sexual abuse broke about their former colleague. boy, was it a fabulous friday. lots of sunshine out. there temperatures in the 50s. have you which he could out maryland's most powerful radar? we are not going to find rain or snow. that's the scenario as we go through the next few days here. upper 40s dc. easton, 39. as we go through the rest of the overnight or evening time frame, we will dip down in to the 40s with patchy clouds out there.
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like i said, we have cold air moving in. i will tell you how cold it's going to get coming up. a the 2-year-old morgan state yiewfer p student was shot last night. brandon hudson was found shot in the head at north calvert street. police are looking for the shooter. a glen burnie man is charged with sexually abusing a child. a witness walked in on curt melvin singleton performing a sex act on a boy they both knew. police arrested and charged singleton on wednesday, he is held at the arundel county detention center on $500,000 bonds. police are asking anyone with information to call 410-222- 3484. governor martin o'malley will not back the takeover of constellation energy by chicago based ex-lone corporation. in a letter to the paper, he
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says ex-lone has yet to show how the $8 billion deal will benefit customers and the public. maryland stands to lose 600 jobs following the merger, constellation executives will make millions. ford recalling 128,000 ford fusion and mercury ma lone sedans because the wheels can fall off. recall affects the 2010 and, 2011 model years with 20-inch years. bolts can break causing vibrations and if you ignore the issue, the wheels can separate from the car. dealers will replace the lug nuts. the recalls should begin january 24th. chances are you are waiting for packages by now. scammers know that, too. that's likely why the better business burreau says they are seeing an up tick in fishing emails tied to package
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shipments. they tell you our order has been shipped. if you click the links you could end up with a virus or a website that steals your information. the bbb says you should hold on to shipping information about anything you order on line and then use that to verify emails or texts about our order. we are getting closer and closer to the holidays, there is plenty of time to help kids with the st 13th annual toy drive. whether you finished your shopping or haven't started yet, consider picking up a gift or two for a kid in need. you have until december 22nd to donate unwrapped toys. drop them off at 15 local wal- mart stores. fine them listed on, also take them to the learning center or fire stations in baltimore and arundel counties. it's partnering with the kids program, if you have
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instruments, drop those off with the toys you are donating. a local group of students is letting the world know bullying is not okay. jeff hager shows us how they are getting rewarded for getting the word out. every brick and board is in place. we head to more della springs where the extreme makeover home edition crew made dreams come true. more on mindy mc createty, why she has fled with her son. she talks to 2020 about how she is turning things around. @ @
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we got it all. toys, beautiful little gifts for you and great gift wrapping for the gifts you are going to buy here. this is the place to be. tonight here on abc2 news, you will see the new home they built for the johnson family.
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that small town has a big history. abc2 news don harrison spent a day to learn more. we drive through it on the way to ocean city. mar della resides on barron creek, winds through the county to the nan coke river. that water access to what more del la springs to providence, settled by the english in 1664, tobacco farms, sawmills and gris mills prevalent in the area. ryan works on a farm that was first tilled back in the 1700s, it's now owned by the wright family, relatives to the wright brothers. >> this part was built on, when my grand father took over. >> her grandfather and his father bought this mill and transformed it.
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>> they made it in to a commercial operation and operated 24/7. they bought trucks, meal and various forms. >> reporter: in the early 1800, they discovered springs and mineral water here. >> >> people from all over came here, for its exotic spring water. >> the farmer would come to bring his greens to be ground and the whole family came along, if it was nice weather the kids were playing, probably swimming. the wife went in the grocery store anddid her dealing and swapped gossip and told the news. >> reporter: when the railroads came here in the late 1800s, someone had the idea to ship the mar della springs mineral water and it became sought after up and down the east coast. >> our great grand father,
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quinton. >> a county next to mar della springs, his family goes back a couple of centuries here. it became the community of freed blacks. it got it's name from the first successful revolt in the slavess, it happened in the 1790s in haiti. all the kids needed to be -- >> he went to this school, built in 1919. >> people who were proud of landownership, homesteads, and the idea of being self sufficient. those fundamentals were taught through our generations. >> reporter: it's a proud and rich tradition that carries on through today. i'm don harrison for abc2 news.
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topped headline as week ago, mindy mccready ran off with her 5-year-old son from florida to arkansas. marshals found her and took her son away. in a 2020 interview, she relives the terrifying scene and shares her side of the story. >> what i did was to protect my child. there is not a person in the world that's going to tell me that is wrong. >> see the interview at 10:00 here on abc 2. that comes after extreme makeover home edition which starts at 8:00. stick around after 2020 for abc2 news at 11:00, and nightline at 11:30 and jimmy kimmel live at midnight. sunshine galore and check out what we have now, this evening over baltimore, a
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fabulous sunset is what we are looking at with the temperature coming in 48 degrees. the humidity is at 51%. the winds are calm. that barometer is 30.22, holding steady, visibility is looking goods this evening as well. as we take you back in time in to baltimore, look at the blue skies we had out there . we saw a few of the whispy clouds across the area. plenty of blue sunshine to be had out there. blue skies as well. as we check out what is is going on in terms of wet weather, are we going to get it? not through the evening and through the weekend. i think you are going to like the forecast. good timing i must say. as we look at maryland's most powerful radar, we will stay dry there. the winds not a factor for this evening. what i want you to look at, big goose eggs on the winds, but this is going to be changing as we go in to tomorrow, we will get breezy with the north westerly flow. highs 54 at the inner harbor.
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annapolis 54. cambridge 52. 49 degrees in to york pennsylvania. 40s hagerstown. not picking up on a lot on the radar. west, ohio, you are dealing with snow. through tomorrow, not going to rule out the chance of flurries, showers in the mountains. not going to see snow throughout the weekend. as we zoom out the view, nothing to be had. a plume of moisture moving in here from the south. as we go through the evening, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. this is the cold front that we are waiting to push through, through the evening. behind it cold air, a dry cold front. not rain with it or snow with that. the future trend picking up on what i'm talking about here, follow the time lien, 6:00, still, we will see a few clouds, as we go in to saturday, plenty of sunshine again, that will continue on sunday, we know what sunday, yes the ravens are playing.
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they are going to win and beat the colt. we are dealing with football weather out there. as we go through the overnight, the temperature will be around 33 degrees. it will be cold once again through the evening. partly cloudy skies and even colder as we go through time. before we really dip down, check out for tomorrow, today 51 at the airport. tomorrow, see we will be well below that, if today was on the cooler side for you tomorrow you know you will have to bundle up. a few clouds moving in. don't get confused. lots of sunshine across the area for tomorrow. it is going to be a little bit chilly and little bit breezy as well. by tomorrow night, look, the bottom falls out, 23 degrees, clear and colder conditions out there as you lack at the seven- day forecast here, we start to see improving conditions if you hike the warmer temperatures we get a rebound effect, but the ravens game, that's what comes
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to mind as we will be cold. this is what we should be. this is football weather and we are dealing with dry conditions as we go through time. the next time we get rain we will be at the end of next week. >> we could be talking blizzards and all that stuff. in time for the holidays. speaking of the holidays from the shopping and company and family , the holidays cause a ton of stress. despite that, experts say we are merrier around the holidays. why some say that's a bad thing. a group of nurses have advice to keep you and your family healthy during the holidays.
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in tonight's health alert, a survey says most americans feel merrier around the holidays but that's not necessarily good news. according to the american psychological association study, nearly 85% of people feel happier, but that can lead to overspending and overeating. one way to avoid the pitfalls of holiday joy is just to concentrate on being happy with what you have. the emergency nurses association wants you to have healthy happy holidays, offering a few tips to keep you and your family safe. if you are hitting the road, don't text and drive and pack a first aid cook. wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. prevent food poisoning by using separate cutting boards, plates and utensils for raw and cooked meat and use nonflammable decorations. women who work a rotating night shift could be increasing
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diabetes risk. a woman pes risk of developing type two increases steadily with the years of shift work she puts in. more research is needed to confirm the results. has all the health news you need. check out our page and check out the headlines and categories to help you find the information you and your family need. they've seen how hurtful words can be. a group of local students is spreading the word about bullying to stop it. we will tell you what they are doing and how efforts are paying off. where you live could impact your future health. the report focusing on baltimore city neighborhoods and health of people who live there. those stories ahead at 5:30.
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local students were challenged to make a statement against bullying. what they came up with and why it won them an award. gift cards are one of the easiest gifts to give, sometimes it isn't easy to use them. how to avoid the gift card catches. there are only a couple of debates before the primary elections get started. why is a guy not in the running stealing the thunder from the republican presidential candidates. first tonight, what does your address say about the future of your house? that's the basis for a new report released by baltimore city's health department today. it looked at neighborhoods in the city and how they affect a person's health. roosevelt leftwich has more on the results. >> the results of the report drilled down to the exact thing that most people want to know, what their neighborhood says about how long they will live. they came up with a breakdown


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