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tv   ABC2 News Sunday  ABC  December 11, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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those of you who played basketball through second grade and kept it up through high school, you know his name. he is an influential figure in basketball. tonight he is charged with being a pedophile. a $10,000 wager on stage at the republican convention turned it into interest. tomorrow is green monday. we'll tell you what this means to your life. first things first. first's psu. now it is aau. another sex scandal in our sports world. this involves one of the
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country's biggest youth organizations. two men accuse the president of the athletic union of sexually molesting them. >> reporter: for any parent with a kid playing youth sports this scandal is hitting like a gut punch. in 1983 ralph west played on a basketball team run by amateur athletic union. at the time he was 15. he says a team trip to florida he was sexually assaulted by his coach bobby dodd. >> i was devastated. i don't remember anything but waking up and he is trying to put his hand in my boxer shorts. >> reporter: dodd went on to become the ceo and president of aau. west kept quiet for de-- kids -- decades. the allegations rocked the all-american reputation. it is one of the most powerful youth sports organizations in
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the world. >> this should be a wake-up call to end a wake-up call. if you can not trust your boy or girl to play sports in this country within an aau program what can you trust? dodd has chancer and left the organization. he hasn't spoken. aau which does not require background checks says it is reviewing policies and trying to find out if there are anymore victims . >> we are urging anyone in the aau community who has information of inappropriate behavior or abuse to contact law enforcement and aau. >> reporter: the organization that tries to use sports to teach kids to be good citizen finds they may have a lot to learn. three year search for britney has ended. remains of the 21-year-old were found over the maryland line in delaware. doctors identified her by using dental records. two hunters in a wooded area made the discovery. she was last seen by her
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mother in 2008. it is bad enough to rob a good goodwill store. it is worse when you find out who was charged the 29-year-old is charged with robbing two goodwill stores three times in about a week's time. right now he is locked up in the baltimore county detention center. for 25 years he was you are a voice of a vatican christmas midnight mass. cardinal foley died. due to declining health the pope put baltimore arch bishop o'brien to succeed cardinal foley. he was born in darby, pennsylvania. he was a man to explain what a pope would do visiting america and why.
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yes, it was chilly out there this afternoon. it was a gorgeous day. hopefully you enjoyed it. maryland's radar not showing any rain. we are not going to get any rain in here any time soon. we are looking at the temperatures. it is definitely getting colder. temperature in baltimore coming in at 35 degrees. easton 34. 33 hagerstown. 28 frederick. york 25. through the rest of the evening around here the temperatures will be in the 30s. clear skies. cold air remains in place. it is going to be warming up. i'll tell you how warm it will get. there is showers in the forecast. that's all coming up. >> thank you very much. democracy 2012. fall out from the abc republican presidential debate continues this hour. new gop front runner newt gingrich definitely the main target as the candidates debated in iowa. he was prepared to defend himself and he did. he also went on the attack.
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right from the start abc 2 news chuck silver stein has more. >> reporter: another republican debate with no surprises. the new front runner newt gingrich goes after mitt romney. >> the only reason you didn't become a career politician is because you lost to ted kennedy in 1994. >> reporter: the old front runner made the biggest misstep in his campaign. governor perry was asking him for his role of bringing healthcare to mass when he was governor. >> under for individual mandates my friend. >> reporter: perry seemed to misquote romney. romney gave a reply that may come to haunt him. >> $10,000 bet? >> i'm not into betting business. >> reporter: internet exploded with thousands of tweets. $10,000 is three month's pay for the d-íçaverage american.
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michelle bachmann got the best laugh line of the night linking romney and gingrich tuesday. >> if you look at newt romney they were for obama care. if you look at newt romney they were for the illegal immigration problem. >> reporter: if the front runner gets derailed it will be >> if you cheat on your spouse then why would you not cheat on your business partner? gingrich was the charge of a new democratic video. significant? it was the first time democrats made a video about someone other than romney. dominating performance by the ravens. this game was never in doubt. after a three and out ravens went down the field. joe flacco finding torre smith.
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221-yards passing. first time he's beaten indy. ray rice had over 100 on the ground. this is his afc meeting tenth rushing touchdown. three sacks. three forced fumbles. ravens with franchise record. nine state home game. ravens move on to 10-3. we'll have more reaction from the stars tonight at 11:00. we have purple friday. black friday. blue tuesday. now the week starts with a green monday. we'll explain what tomorrow means for you. first twitter went out five years ago. now if you retweet tonight, it is now time to redesign. as a kid didn't you love to get the spoon and load it up with leftover cookie dough? why that's not such a good idea. >> we started out below average
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this morning. we didn't warm up to average this afternoon. temperature 43 degrees. there is warmer air in the forecast. it will come with a cost. that's coming up after the break.
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stay with me. we have all heard of black friday and cyber monday. do you know tomorrow is green monday? that's the new nickname for the second monday of december. retail experts predict online sales will hit one billion. it is not only a great time to buy a line but it is a great day to find free shipping. that means a lot of work for package delivery companies. tj winnick has the story. >> reporter: greatest race this time of year isn't about bargain shopping and getting presents, hundreds of millions of them, where they need to go
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for the holidays. you think santa and his elves have it tough, welcome to federal express. it has been nonstop, 24/7 push to get the presents to the chime any or front door. >> christmas comes once a year. i'm here every day. we make sure we deliver on time. >> reporter: look at these numbers. busiest day of 2005 december 12 busiest day of 2008, december 15th, 12 million shipments. three years later on monday december 12th, 17 million shipments expected all over the globe. >> online shopping is the biggest reason we are seeing packages. people like to ship packages if they are traveling for the
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holidays. >> reporter: national retail federation expects half of us to shop online. that's compared to 43.9% a year- ago. fed-ex get extra help this time of year. they hire 20,000 additional workers. holidays are the happiest time to make deliveries. >> a lot of people are happy to see you coming. >> good morning. >> thank you. we are watching sunshine today. 35 degrees. winds south 3 miles per hour. visibility is good. we are not dealing with fog.
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as we went through the day, definitely look at the blue sky into baltimore. definitely had wall to wall sunshine. it was a great day to be out and about. you might say it will be cold again this evening. maryland's radar not picking up on anything. we are nice and dry. now what we are looking at is the fact that the highs today made it up to 44 degrees at inner harbor. 41 annapolis. cambridge 41. york, pennsylvania 39. as we look at the satellite and radar not much to see. step out of the way and you have to go to the atlantic to deal with cloud cover. temperatures will drop off as we go through the evening.
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the culprit is high pressure in control of our weather. when you have high pressure it sinks. it can't rise. once the air can't rise you are not going to be forming clouds. that's why we'll be dealing with clear skies. when you don't have clouds at nighttime it gets chilly. that's what we'll deal with through the evening. right now you can see what's going on. look at the cold air extending back into detroit around 32 degrees. 48 atlanta. 52 montgomery. they are dealing with stormy weather. that will move out our way later into the week. in the meantime let's not talk about the rain. let's talk about the beautiful weather and sunshine. future trend will show you as you follow the timeline not a lot to see. as we go into monday still plenty sunshine. even into tuesday. wednesday we might get a few more clouds in here. we'll stay dry until thursday.
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overnight tonight 26 degrees. it will be clear and cold. we'll get radiational cooling. you basically get the heating of the day that's capes into the atmosphere. that's why temperatures will get cold tonight. tomorrow 45 degrees. mostly sunny. chilly. 45 is where we should be for this time of year. we can take that. 29 degrees. a few clouds through tomorrow night. seasonably cold. here's the upcoming forecast. next weekend is looking good. before that we look good going into tuesday. 51 degrees. plenty sunshine. it will be dry on wednesday. there could be a chance of showers late. that will continue into thursday. check out the warm up. by the weekend we are sitting pretty with sunshine in the forecast. >> thank you very much. in tonight's health alert,
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we are learning about the use of steroids in pregnant women at risk for premature birth. there is a new study that found steroids may boost a child's chance of survival. right now guidelines suggest giving them between 24th and 34th week of pregnancy. giving steroids as early as 23 weeks can save lives. we have a warning for anyone baking holiday cookies this weekend. centers of disease control and prevention says don't think about eating raw cookie dough. researchers believe raw flour, not the eggs will make you sick. companies should think about formulating ready-to-bake cookie dough to be safer. we need to be better educated about the risk. social website twitter is
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getting a facelift. coming up next, how twitter's new look will make it faster and simpler for you. find out why hundreds of saints invaded new york city. @
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it has been five years since the first tweet went out. twitter's popularity has been growing. now it is a newer, revamped look for users. phylicia taylor is going to tell us what's difference about the new design. >> reporter: over the next few weeks twitter's 100 million users will find a new appearance. the sights hashtag # is meant to ease confusion tweeters may have. one of the criticisms is potential users interested in joining the site is deterred because it is overwhelming and fairly hard to navigate.
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among new changes key buttons like home and connect will be larger and appear at the top of the page. users will tweet on the left side of the page in a small box. visitors will be able to view trending topics and follow suggestions below that. rest of the page is allowed to follower in realtime. the site increased use of video and photos. it will be visible in tweets. you can get upgrades now if you download twitter. it will take another few weeks for the interface to be become accessible on the web. more than half of twitter's users access the site by a mobile phone. phylicia taylor cnn new york. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] ziploc presents ziplogic.
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santa there. santa there. santa clause is everywhere this weekend. it is part of a celebration of people dressed up as santa visiting bars and restaurants. sants used twitter and facebook to find locations. each was judged in five categories and handed out a trophy for the most creative. we are getting closer to the holidays. there is time for you to help kids for the 13th annual kinder drive. whether you finished your holiday shopping or haven't started you have until december 22nd to donate your unwrapped toys. drop them off at 15 local
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walmart stores. learning centers, staple, or fire stations in baltimore. the toy drive is joining up with the kid's program. you can drop this off with the toys you are donating. >> do you like the weather so far? >> it was cold today but i'll take the sun. >> tomorrow more sun. i'm delivering it to you. tomorrow we'll start off cold again. as we go through the day it is going to be seasonably chilly at 45 degrees. we'll see plenty of sunshine in the forecast. here's a check of the seven-day forecast. tuesday the sunshine will be out there. temperature will be 51. we'll warm up nicely. then the showers move in as we go into later in the week. next weekend still another stellar looking weekend for us. >> one forecast fits all. we'll see you tonight at 11:00.
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have a great rest of your sunday.
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