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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 13, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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preliminary hearing. baltimore county police said 16 people were treated after being exposed to pepper spraiment an office are trying to break up a fight between two students used per spray. one statute -- student was arrested. here's wyatt. we've had another day of decent weather. yes, a few high thin clouds. temperatures have remained comfortable. take a look at some of the numbers. we have fallen from the low 50s to the 40s. sunset was at 4:44. 46 in salisbury. 48 in washington, d.c. the rest of this evening through the 40s we go, partly cloudy and temps running on the cool side. hour by hour you can see it climb back to the low 50s. we'll talk about when we could
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see rain around here. it's coming up. the nags p-national transportation safety board wants a ban on cell phones behind the wheel. >> you need full focus, i think to operate a car, to navigate. >> reporter: now the national transportation safety board is questioning the safety of operating a vehicle while using just about any electronic device, including those that are hands free. >> it's about not being engaged in the task at hand. >> reporter: the ntsb is recommending a 50-state ban. pda's, tablet computers and ipods. there was an investigation no a multivehicle accident in
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missouri of 2010. by the time the last car crashed two school busses were on top of each other. two were dead. 38 were injured. the board believes texting and driving caused the accident. according to an institute study, if they're emailing on the phone, on the net or texting while on the road, the chances for causing an incident goes up 163 times. an accident in 2008, an jar ran a signal after texting. reporting for abc2 news. >> stay with us.
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want to show you this freeway out of california, a crash involving at least eight big rigs. a few people had minor injuries. police are trying to determine what caused it. it was a nightmare for a little girl in oklahoma. a truck smashed into her home, inches from where she was sound aslee. amazingly the noise did not wake her up. check out this video. you can see a man dangling outside a building six stories up. this is in new york city, grammar si park. the man was window washing on a scaffolding when the scaffolding slipped and he fell. the only thing that saved him
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was the safety harness. all right. the holiday season is upon us. you're probably spending time with friends and family. tonight, a look at the politicians who made headlines for their less than professional behavior. the surprising results of a brand-new study. what would you do if you caught your boss braining company rules. we'll be right back.
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is that thing getting closer? look how high that thing's going. look out there, look at the debris. all right, give me the camera. no, just drive. i've got it.
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zoom in! zoom in! i can't believe this is happening. look at the size of that thing. it's everywhere. are you getting this? yeah, i've got it. what was that? it's the national guard. how'd they get here so fast? i don't know. pull over! pull over! do you have what it takes to head into the heart of the storm? check out
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although we're dealing with drigd temperatures -- frigid temperatures, at least we didn't have to dig out of snow. they had a winter storm warning until noon and drivers were listening, choosing to stay off the roads. look at this, right down the road in mt. laguna.
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back to the weather with a look at what we can expect tonight and for the rest of the week let's go to wyatt everhart in the storm center. let's take a look at our tower cam. things are quiet. 43. winds are west at six miles an hour. want to show you a look at some of the winter through the day and across the harbor. you can see not much weather. things were quiet. things were peaceful by early december standards. annapolis and the state capital a similar scenario here. sunset comes off early these days. ellicott city city finding a nice sunset. we'll look for increasing clouds, but still, another dry day. temperatures across the state low 40s to upper 30s to the west right now, so it is a chilly
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scenario with really no wind to speak of. very calm scenario wind wise. humidity levels are running very, very dry. it's the kind of scenario that i call chap stick weather. you've got a dry heat system, maybe have to get humid fire -- humidifier going. 50 in cambridge. we find 50 for reisterstown. 52 for arbutus. glenned with about 53. howard county, laurel, pushing mid-50s tomorrow late in the afternoon. a couple of showers in central ohio. could see a patch or two. the air at the surface is
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extremely dry. we have a more significant rain maker pushing through the midwest. again, this whole batch of rain tracking north and northwest of us wrapping around the big high pressure dome that's controlling our weather and keeping things generally sunny, generally dry and, yes, on the cool side. check out temps. we've got 30s and 40s from baltimore north. much warmer air in place, that area of rain you see tomorrow continues to track to our north. that will begin to change as we push into thursday as that whole boundary begins to line up and cross the country from west to east. we could see showers as early has 4:00, 5:00. overnight down to 30,en crease clouds. through the day tomorrow your two-degree guarantee, variably
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cloudy skies. could reach into the mid to low 50s. tomorrow down to 36, mostly cloudy on a south breeze. the seven-day forecast showing, basically, a decent warmup. then friday mostly cloudy and breezy a bit cooler. a colder shot of air arrives it. will keep things sunny. i expect temperatures to get out of the low 40s saturday and sunday. as we approach the end of the year, we're taking a look back from secting scandal -- sextinge scandals. we have more on politicians behaving badly. >> reporter: herman cain's life played out in the immediate ya. so did his unfortunate fall. >> as of today, with a lot of prayer and soul searching, i am suspending my presidential campaign. >> reporter: some critics
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thought this announcement was long overview, accusations coming from every ainge ge. the whoas recent one comes from atlanta business woman ginger white. at least four other women accuse cain of abusing them in the '90s. >> he reached over, put his hands under my skirt and reached for my genitals. >> reporter: cain denied the allegations. >> i have never acted inreportly with -- inappropriately with anyone, period. >> reporter: it left many wondering what happened. >> we both love each other very much. >> reporter: shortly after former california governor arnold schwarzenegger announced he and his wife separated, the bomb shell hit. he admitted to fathering a son
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with their former housekeeper. who could forget wiener gate. a media frenzy erupted. first, he thought this was a prank. later weiner confessed to having inappropriate conversations with women. >> i'm diseeply sor -- deeply sorry. >> reporter: and former presidential candidate john edwards, still feeling the impact from a scan dmal 2008. 2012 will begin with his trial that he violated campaign laws. there's nothing new about political scandals. only the means seem to change.
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democracy 2012, the big news today, donald trump said he will no longer be moderating a republican debate scheduled for later this month but that tonight mean he's stepping out of the limelight. what is the donald saying tonight? >> reporter: donald trump basically left the door open for possibly running as an independent. hey released a statement that says, in parkts unless i can conclusively agree to not run as an independent, they will not be part of the debate skewedded for december 27th. he listed a conflict of interest. but only two candidates said yes in the first place, newt gingrich and rick santorum and donald trump praised them for having the courage to do this. he said this would have been the most watched debate so far.
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newt gingrich is urging his supporters to stay positive. >> reporter: newt gingrich over the past three days, you may have noticed it has gotten ugly between those two. >> let's be candid. the only reason you didn't become a career politicians is you lost in 1994. i'll bet you $10, not $10,000 that help won't take the offer. >> reporter: he urges for a positive campaign. he said he won't have negative ad attacks. gingrich is saying whoever wins the republican nomination has to come out of this unbloodied. >> one of gingrich's former opponents herman cain said even though he's out of the race, his impact is still being felt, shart. >> reporter: herman cain is back in the news. he said his influence was
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especially felt during this debate in iowa. >> newt gingrich and michele bachmann made the statement we need to throw out the tax code. who said that first? i did. i'm glad they have finally gotten to that point. >> reporter: we've also heard that herman cain is set to endorse a candidate. he said it's taking longer that he expected. >> so the donald debate is over. we have 85 debates left. that's great. coming up tonight at 6:00, when this comes to holiday parties, be very careful. some simple things to keep in mind to make sure you're safe. several students were congratulated for their very hard work. here's a preview of what's
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ahead on burled -- world news at 6:30. >> the new modern family right here in america, something we didn't know so many men are doing at home. hear about it tonight on world news.
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don't you hate it when your lettuce turns brown and your tomatoes turn soft. there's a product called fridge balls. we put it to the test. we were wondering if these
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balances really work. here's kelly swoope. >> the eggies. i lost eggies, and the bottle hoppers. if you've seen it on tv it's likely this carroll county mom has tried it. debbie didn't think twice about testing the fresh fridge balances. they are supposed to keep your produce fresh. if you buy a lot of fruits and vegetables like debbie, you know it doesn't last long. >> lettuce will be the big task because lettuce is the worst. >> we left them with deb bit. she said she has noticed a common team. >> the biggest drawback with any of the products, they do not come with detailed instructions. >> what does this say to do? >> put in your produce drawer.
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>> four days later we check back in with debbie. >> i left everything in the sell low feign because i wasn't sure because there weren't directions. it's still brown. >> no rave reviews here. the lettuce was i'my and browfnlt debbie wasn't impressed. >> a lot of lettuce that i would not serve my family. >> debbie did a comparison. >> the head of lettuce in the drawer with the ball is more brown than the one without. i would have been very disappointed if i spent $4 or $5. >> that's the going rate. >> i would have to say f because the other one looks better without the help. >> even a failing grade on the fridge ball wouldn't stop her from trying other products. >> if something else come along, i would try it. >> all right. we tried to contact the company
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but didn't have much success. up next, we'd like to test a dryer ball that promises soft wrinkle free clothes. if you'd like to volunteer to use mr. steamy, email us at it works for you at sure' giving up a lot of cash to keep your tv, your air conditioner and kitchen appliances running. households paid an average of $1400 bucks for electricity last year, the fifth year above the inflation rate. while many products are more energy e fisht these days, people with birling houses and using more electronics. if you have complaints about your kindle, you can fire amazon a note.
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updates are coming within the next couple of weeks. amazon said the updates will include screen and touch controls. the company announced some of the stores will stay open 83 hours straight. the fun starts december the 21th -- 21st no managers, beware. your employees will rat you out for bad behavior for the right place. they will report them as long as they can remain anonymous and if money was available. more than a third polled said they already knew whether shady practices in their work places. a fight at a baltimore county high school resulted in many students being sprayed with
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per spray. who decided to use it and how those who used it were involved. after 10 weeks of protesting, occupy baltimore has been evicted. what the mayor had to say about this morning's early eviction. first, we have new developments in baltimore county. you get a call from your teenager that their school is being evacuated. turns out it's not a fire but a school clearing brawl that sends more than a dozen kids to the hospital because of the effects of pepper spray. >> reporter: 16 teens why take tonight hospital for minor injuries after pepper stray was sprayed in the hall. it was a fight that happened at the wrong time in the wrong place in this crowded school. parents went to the school to
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get their kids out of what they felt was a bad situation. the building was evacuated. students outside for about 45 minutes. many parents feared the worse. >> you had to find out from people riding by that there was something going on. >> reporter: what was going on was not about education, but fighting. it came to a head in the main hallway in front of the school. a resource officer tried to break up a fight. >> he used pepper spray if an effort to break it up. the fire department and the ems crews were called to treat injuries resulting from the pepper spray. these were minor injuries. >> reporter: 16 students in all were take ton hospitals for minor injuries caused by the


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