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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  January 18, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EST

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a look at damage after powerful storms pass trued a number of midwestern states -- passed through a number of midwestern states. that's what's coming up. good morning i am charley crowson. we want to thank you for starting are day with us. >> good morning. yes, that same system out midwest moved across our area last night. but the only thing that is dropping with us is tumbling temperatures. cold and windy and milder temperatures are not far away. so if you like the mild weather, stick around and check out here, we have a wintery mix to abe by -- rain by the weekend. we are looking at the fact this is the big story especially for this morning. the wind gusts out there. the winds howling carney around 41-mile-an-hour wind gusts. 37 in dundalk. 40 in arnold and laurel. 27 in chestertown and churchville at 36 and one in gaither burg -- gaith yours burg around 37 -- gaithersburg around 37. we are looking at maryland's most powerful radar.
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not a whole lot to pick up on around the area. we have the cold front pushing through the area. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine going throughout the day. and if your travels take you up to pennsylvania, you could get in on some of the slippery stuff. so make sure to take it easy. this is what it looks like going throughout the day. hour by hour, windy and breezy and chilly with the temperature coming in right around 37 degrees. by 4 p.m., ample sunshine in the forecast. let's go over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning. out on the roads, the wind will be a factor as you head out for the wednesday morning drive. we are getting reports of debris across the roadway. and we have been dealing with the tree that's fallen down in myersville this morning still blocking southbound lanes of wolf steel road at meeting house road. taking the drive on i-95 this morning, though, just a bit shaky. no reported troubles. no debris reported on 95. but of course volume increasing for you there. if you are trailing on the west side of 69 -- traveling on west side of 695, plenty of company
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joining your beltway drive from pikesville to catonsville and checking the drive times as it's getting busy, we are okay as far as drive times. especially on the west side outer loop. 695 from 795 to i-70 about 7 minutes there and again checking on the harrisburg expressway you're good to go southbound 83 from shawan road to the beltway about 5 minutes there. charley over to you. the governor scheduled to release the spending plan for fiscal year 2013 and there's a lot of talk about what's in the proposal and some of it may be raising eyebrows. for a breakdown let's go to sherrie johnson and if you fall in what's qualified as the high earning category you have big changes. >> reporter: that's right. no one wants new taxes, so no one wants to fork out extra money. so today marylanders will pay close attention as the governor releases the budget plan. here's what we know. people who earn more than 100,000 dollars and couples that make more than 150,000 dollars would be limited to
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smaller personal exemption for themselves and families and face caps on personal deductions, lawmakers say the proposed income tax changes and collecting sales tax on some internet purchases would raise more than 300 million dollars for the state. the governor plans to shift teacher pension costs to maryland counties. maryland is one of the few states in the nation that actually picks up the entire teacher pension costs. it's expected to be about 900 million dollars in the next fiscal year. governor wants a 50-50 split with counties and that would take the state about 225 million dollars. this would cover about a third of the state's one billion dollar shortfall. democratic leaders support the governor's budget. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. so if you've had the problem. you've meeting with the child's school at 3 but you don't get off work until 5. so you have to go to the boss and say you need to leave early and then you know how the rest of that goes. well a new group wants to change all that. maryland wants to get lawmakers in annapolis to come up with
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legislation allowing parents to meet with teachers without penalty from employers. they say they have two other goals. >> funding for prekindergarten for every four-year-old in maryland who wants it. and full day pre-k. >> also they have three goals to be clear. the third is overhaul the charter school law and they want to make sure all parents have the tools necessary to give the kid the best possible education. new this morning there is a split over transgender rights in baltimore county. people in support of the bill protecting transgender people in work and when they use the rest room showed up in purple at a council meeting in support of that measure. opponents worry about women who say they could be potential assault victims if they are the ones using the rest room. >> it doesn't help someone who is confused to continue that confusion. people who are mentally ill and do not understand are more
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likely to be victimized. >> there's always somebody afraid of new civil rights legislation and moving things forward in the community. >> the bill comes about a year after the beating of a transgender woman at a rosedale mcdonald's. the seven council members are expected to pass the bill. and today, the man accused of plotting to bomb a military recruiting senter will appear in court. antonio martinez will enterer's guilty plea and rearraigned today. he was charged with attempted murder of federal officers and attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction. martinez pleaded innocent to the charges originally. continuing coverage this morning of and an malhoarding case out of howard county. linda so is here with the latest on the investigation as we are looking for the people who lived in the town house. linda, this is bizarre. >> reporter: in the last hour we spoke with howard county police. they say they are looking for the people who lived there. neighbors say they haven't seen the woman who rented the town home for week. she lived there with her
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husband, boyfriend and a child. home is is in the glenshire town complex in the 9600 block of lambth court a property manager smelled something and called 911. inside police found 40 dead animals, 21 all around the home, and bird, rabbits and goney pig and hermit crab and in the freezer 19 more birds, cats and rabbits and a snake. the only survivors were two cats, a lizard and a gerbil. >> i only seen them with a couple dogs and that's it. i thought that was it. and it's a huge surprise to find out they had 40 different animals in there. >> reporter: the surviving animals are cared for by howard county animal control. if you know where the people who live there might be, call howard county police. linda so, abc2 news. baltimore city police need your help as crooks didn't just grab a few items when they left sinai hospital but used a budget rental truck and stole more than 30,000 dollars in medical equipment. look at the pictures because
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they say these three men drove up in the rental truck at the loading dock on january 6th and got out and loaded a large piece of medical equipment and simply drove off. if you have any information about this, give place call. there's growing support for a harford county toon accused of murdering his father. while robert richardson was in court, a group of moms were outside demonstrate being. mothers of the -- demonstrateoring. mothersest -- demonstrating. mothers of the teen's classmates are demonstrating and hundreds like the page. >> the kid even though he was a nice kid and everything, there had to be more than just yelling that went on in that house for him to do what he had to do. he snapped. >> on 16 separate occasions sheriff officials responded to richardson's household acord together police report, none of the reports had to do with -- the police report,
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nonof the reports had to do with neglect or violence. $200 has been collected so far. investigators are trying to determine what caused a fire that damaged three homes. it happened around 5:00 last night near the 3400 block of east baltimore street. firefighters say no one was hurt but the house is gutted and the homes on both side sustained damage as well. and we find out today what caused a house to explode in ellicott city. it happened yesterday morning in the 900 block of middle meadow road. one home was gutted and another had roof damage but both house has been deemed uninhabitable. neighbors say they were awake nd by a loud noise followed by several more that took place in the middle of the night. >> i wept out to the side window and noticed that the house-- went out to the side window and noticed the house was engulfed in flame. apparently something ignited. and it just took off. >> unreal. as you can imagine, the fire was intense and by the time firefighters arrived, the heat from the flames started to melt
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the siding on a home that was more than 20 feet away. well the search for missing passengers on the cruise ship in italy takes a twist. we will tell you where the italian coast guard says the ship's captain was hiding out as the cruise liner toppled over. the death toll continues rising. and a hodgepodge of severe weather to tell you all about. we will head to missouri, kentucky and other states for one massive lightning display. also snow making a mess of the northwest. one messy commute there. things here may be more manageable. >> you got that right. we have gusty winds this morning. but we have sunshine moving in and also some colder air. i will tell you when they will get here coming up. >> reporter: on the roads we are getting several reports of debris across the roadways and wind warnings on another area bridge. we will update you on that coming up. row are watching what's new, now and next at 6:09 on this -- you are watching what's new, now and next at 6:00 on
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this wednesday morns. -- morning. >> reporter: good morning. topping america's money down beat forecast. world bank warns there could be a slump in global economic growth this year. it blames europe's financial woes and slower growth in developing condition tries. europe's financial crisis also affecting bank earnings in the u.s. citigroup reports an 11% drop in fourth quarter net income and wells fargo says the profit rose 20%. citi has major investments in europe and fargo doesn't. the obama administration wants the overall average gas to be more than 50 miles per gallon and start -- and starting money the tim horton coffee shop change is offering a 24 ounce size. and bigger than starbucks venti. that's america's money and i am rob nelson.
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all right it's 6:13 this wednesday morning. look at this. the national weather service is saying a tornado caused this damage in kentucky. that twister uproosted -- rooted trees and tipped over 18- wheelers leaving thousands without power near louisville. strong wind destroyed a number of homes. the national weather service will check out damage in southwest illinois as well determining if this was the result of a tornado as well. that is not that's just a powerful lightning. the school officials in belleville say the winds to tossed bleachers 50 feet into the air. storm flattened a building on the campus. no one was hurt. and in missouri they don't need severe weather but this is a spectacular show of mother
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nature. meteorologists say the storm system produced quarter sized hail and gusts at -- wind gusts at 60 miles an hour. they were cringing as it moved through the midwest. wentry weather is on the pacific northwest from mount hood, oregon. 45 minutes outside portland roadways are covered with ice and snow make it virtually impossible to get around. the storm knocked down trees and power lines. all of this weather going on around us because we have got snow up to the north, and wind and rain to the south. also out to the west snow out there we seem to be in a pocket right now. >> yeah. that's the same system that moved through. so we have a cold front that moved through overnight. behind it, we are dealing with windy conditions. we are in the wind but we are not dealing with the precipitation. >> blustery i believe is the word. >> that's the word for this morning. and things will die down a little bit. i will call it breezy. so let me show you what's going on with the temperatures around the nation here because you can see that basically across the northwest this is pacific northwest, we are cold enough for snowfall across the area.
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but as you go into the middle of the nation, you are dealing with cold air. kansas city is at 11 right now. and then the further to the east you go, baltimore right around 43, but, temperatures will begin to fall as we go throughout the day. so, be expecting very cold weather. very blustery weather and being see the wind right now sustained. these are the sustained wind at 15 to 20 miles an hour. you can see over in easton 22 out of the northwest. and northwest wind is a chilly wind and that's what we are getting prepared for as we go through the remainder of today. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. clearing across our area as high pressure will begin to build in. if you like the snow you don't have to go too far because we are dealing with snow in pennsylvania and a couple flories in west virginia as well. high -- flurries in west virginia as well. windy conditions behind the front and cold as well. and then we are talking about much nicer conditions as we go through today and also into tomorrow. so future trend goes into motion and you can see we will dry things out nicely.
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going into friday, things are not looking too bad. but for today, the temperature will be right around 40 degrees and mostly sunny and the temperatures will be dropping and then by tonight, temperatures coming in 24 and that's where we should be now for this time of the year. it will be less windy. so i will call it breezy for this evening. moving into tomorrow, temperatures there coming in right around 42 withcloud mix. seasonably chilly and the 7-day forecast, well, it's not too bad. but i know your eyes are set on the game and well, 46 on your sunday, and by saturday, though there is a chance for a within theory mix but things look better going into game time. let's go over to angela with your traffic. good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you. as you gear up for the wednesday morning drive, the wind is the big story. on 50 wind warnings and east side of 695 on key bridge and add the hatem bridge for traveling on 40 in havre de grace. so it may be shaky out there for you as traffic -- shaky out
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there as traffic patterns build. 29 on yours wednesday morning drive, heavy in the southbound lanes especially around clarksville park and maryland 32. also starting to see off and on slow spots on the harrisburg expressway especially through sparks glencoe. southbound through cockeysville, 83, at warren road and our traffic is moving pretty good as far as drive times are concerned. no reported troubles as you make your way on the top side of 695 looking pretty good. about 6 minutes there for you. charley. a little health news this morning a new swiss study suggest gasting are by-pass surgery may be a -- gastric by- pass surgery may be a better option for losing weight than gastric banding. et this they had a better bmi six years after the surgery than those who received the band. researchers found the by-pass patients had a higher rate of complicationer. obesity rates are high in the u.s. and latest numbers
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from the centers for disease controlfind in one in every three adults and one in every six children and teens are classified as obese. >> if you look at the rates of obesity and overwaited in children and adolescence, this is -- adolescent it's clearly a health problem that will continue for the next several decades. >> they analyzed data from 2009 and 2010 from the national health and nutrition examination survey in are you trying to get your kid to eat healthier in it can be hard. and encouraging them to eat fruits and vegetables. i think every parent deals with this. the registered decision has an idea that could help. >> not a food reward but money reward system. so what i am telling parents to do is making and print it on the computer, healthy buck dollars and you can establish healthy goals for your children and if they complete the goals, they get one healthy buck dollar. >> she says each weekly goal meets they can trade the bucks
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in for rewards. parents can pick up small prizes and trade them out for bigger treasure chests as the kids achieve more. you can give your kid the option to pick. she says headlighty buck dollars are not limited to eating healthy foods but you can reward exercise as well. no doubt you've heard the saying laughter can serve as the best medicine n some way that is may be true a maryland doctor talks about the benefits from having a good chuckle. >> some studies suggest lower blood pressure, there have been other investigators that have shown that there may be an effect on immune response. so perhaps a better response to someone who has the common cold or infections when they laugh. into laughs loosens you up but opens your blood vessels ander is -- and serves as great stress deterrent. how you need to protect yourself and your family if you are in the market for a new
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ipad. and 40 million users in the dark today. why wikipedia decided to fade the website to black. details coming up when "good morning maryland" continues on this wednesday, january 18th. that's a live look as we go to breakdown south. atlanta georgia waking up with us. hope you are too. everyday, an average of 5,000 people
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now "good morning maryland." and welcome back on this wednesday morning. you know we have gotten used to doing wikipedia searches and told you about this now for days. check this out. we pulled up the wikipedia site and the english site if you go there this morning for quick facts, this is what you get. imagine a world without free knowledge and then a reason why wikipedia is protesting this. and a zip code information so contact your representative -- contact your representative. for more let's check in with tommy andreous. >> reporter: for the rest of the day wikipedia will look like this. the online enpsych low peeda wept black to protest
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antipiracy legislation up for debate in congress. two bills known as soapa and pipa target overseas sight that allow useers to share illegal down loads of movies music and other digital content. >> the websites are hurting american jobs stealing american jobs. they are harming american consumers and they have no business on the internet. >> reporter: they try to cut off access to the overseas site but receering englisherch-- search engines. >> in the worst version wikipedia wouldn't be able to link to something like the pirate bay even in our description of what pirate bay is i think that's a problem. that raises serious first amendment issues. >> reporter: other websites are joining wikipedia in protests including blog bong, bong google put a black bar over the logo in solidarity of the cause. >> inform you think of facebook and twitter and google and
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ebayets, people -- et ceteraers put themes on company sites and companies can't control that. they could by censureship and that's what we wand to avoid. >> reporter: the white house admits online piracy is a problem but come out against the bills saying they limit freedom of expression. abc2 news. protesting the antipie piracy bill but the search engine is up and running. the black censor bar across the google site you click on it and it will give information about that legislation clicking on the black bar as a reminder google is still working today. a scam. some people buying ipads are walking away with boxes filled with modeling clay. this is going on in vancouver, canada. and mark thought he was buying an ipad 2 for his wife but they were in for a nasty surprise at a family gift opening christmas eve. >> i look at him and i am in shock and i said okay is this a
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joke? you know? >> you can't joke with her. no. the investigation revealed as many as 10 ipads had the clay removal. tees were stores in metro vancouver. they believe scam artist bought them with cash and replaced them with bags of clay and returned them and put back on the shelf. they were sold to other unsuspecting customers. a fun filled he can hibt opens march 16th in the smithsonian museum focusing on the art and evolution of some of the best video he games. dozens of games -- video games. dozens of games will be chosen with the help of online voter support. it will go national after closing in washington and will close in september at the smith sownium. l.l. bean is celebrating a milestone reaching 100 years of business. the unusual tour they are take for the occasion use one of the most unique vehicles. yes. that's a rolling boot. you are watching good morning maryland, we are back in a second.
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you are watching the station that works for you "good morning maryland." passengers sound off about the captain that deserted the cruise ship. all new information we have learned on that. you can't say that. the action by one group trying to stop abc from airing tonight's episode of "modern fat ly


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