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tv   News  ABC  February 6, 2012 6:30am-7:00am EST

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>> yeah. i am kidding. thanks so much for joining us. hope awed grade weekend. it's -- hope you had a great weekend it's monday morning. >> let's check the forecast with lynette charles. what is in store today? fog out there right now. >> yes. we have foggy conditions and patchy fog around area that will burn out off. we will end up with sunshine just like friday. mayor most powerful radar is try. we are not looking at anything but we have some clouds at the ground and you know that translates into fog. temperatures very cold so the fog and temperatures this morning the big story. temperatures around 31 degrees in westminster. heading into dundalk temperatures around 30 degrees so the scenario how to dress and you need to bundle up because as we go into the afternoon temperatures will start to warm up nicely out there. i start you out lunchtime the temperatures around 45 degrees. and then by 4 p.m., nice and
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mild around 50 and putting it in perspective we should be at 43 for this time of the year. so we will be unseasonably mild this afternoon. now traffic with and l.a. how are the roads looking. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning. the roads are looking pretty good despite the foggy conditions. we are following two incidents first the good news reopen the southbound lanes of 295 the bw parkway. as you approach maryland 175, still got bonecking reported from arundel mills to maryland 175. also a quick update on the city accident reisterstown at glen falls parkway. here's the beltway and 295. the bw parkway. no trouble on the southeast side of 695. if you are traveling on the west side, 695 at liberty road, a lot of outer loop volume here at liberty road and continuing to baltimore national pike and a quick update for mta commuters buses subway and mark
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trains on time. now over to you. >> a deadly house explosion in washington state kills a man and his two songs. investigators believe that man deliberately set the house on fire. and linda so is here with details. >> reporter: we have learned the man josh powell was at the center of a investigation into the des appearance of had his wife who has -- disappearance of his wife who had been missing for two years. minutes before igniting the explosion he sent a e-mail that read i am sorry good-bye. the fiery blast leveled the house and investigators say a fost aer care worker brought powell's two young sons to the home for a supervised visit as the kids got close to the door, powell dragged them inside and locked the caseworker out. moments later, the house exploded. it happened days after powell was denied custody of his two boys who a judge ruled should stay with their grandparents and that's because powell's father we have learned has been wanted by authorities for possession of child porn and voyeurism his father is in jail on those charges. linda so, abc2 news.
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>> today senator cardin will make an announcement to create more jobs in the state. he is proposing a bill to make it easier to restore historic properties. he is going to make the announcement at clifton mansion be a that's the headquarters for ameri-corps's program civic works and will undergo a 7 million dollar renovation creating 150 jobs. he will make the announcement at 2 this afternoon. new this morning, govern oar male defended the president over -- o-- governor o'malley defended the president over the economy ep says if you look at record jobs are being -- economy. he said if you look at the record, jobs are being created. >> the best two indicators of whether or not the economy is becoming better after the bush recession or whether it's getting worse is the job creation numbers 23 months in a row now are positive job creation. we have not done that since 2005. >> governor o'malley went back and forth with the jirnlg
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governor and he -- virginia governor who says mitt romney will be the nominee o'malley says he thinks people are shopping around for a candidate. classs are canceled at an elementary school where two teachers face allegations of lewd acts involving students. a los angeles superintendent of schools is planning to meet with the troubled parents tonight. classs are canceled tuesday and wednesday and the closure is related to the arrest of teachers. this is a man charged with committing lewd acts against 23 students some as young as 6. four days later another teacher martin springer was arrested on suspicion of fondling two girls in his classroom. we have to wonder how this happened, an out of control car ends upside down in the san francisco apartment building. no one was seriously hurt but police say the car was airborne crushed through the building and caught on fire. the driver ran off but then was later caught by authorities. he's known for high end fashions and sometimes costing thousands of dollars. >> coming up where jason is wu
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now "good morning maryland." planning an international trip? the price of the pass pore has gone up. -- pass pore has gone up. the -- passport has gone up. the surcharge doubled going from 20 to 40 bucks and those frequent travelers the department now charges 82 dollars up from zero to add new paimtion to a u.s. past -- pages to the u.s. partport. they rayed the -- passport.
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they raised the fees tining -- after fining the u.s. government was not covering the fees for the servicer. the target's latest plans --the average female user on facebook updates her status 21 times a month. yes or no sh. >> no i don't. >> guys do it 6 times a month and i have to say no. facebook use verse 7 new friends per month. target is the latest plans to wu shoppers and it appears to be working because designer jason wu is in store shops that opened yesterday. and some customers lined up early to get their hands on the clothes. his fashions sell elsewhere for as much as 5,000 dollars, his target items are all under $60. but you might be out of luck because we tried to find it and all the exclusive online items sold out. we looked for certain items in
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stores, and many are not available either. but just wait it will happen. >> all right. you watch the bill game but as important to some people were those who watch the commercials. >> absolutely. people love the ads and advertisers went all out to try to get your attention. and for 3 1/2 million for a 30 second spot you have to get creative don't you. >> what recession? >> okay this is the one we are talking about with a lot of people talking about ferris bueller takes the day off from work. this is from honda using math rue broderick to recreate scenes from the popular movie. ♪ look at that body >> okay. does he strip? >> yes absolutely. >> you love chocolate. >> this caught pool's attention a m&m ad introduced with a tan shell had other m&m's talking
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about take off their shells. >> and volkswagen used a determined dog in one of the spots. the pup wants to lose a few pounds and you see him work out and -- working out. and we want to know what you think? did you have favorite commercials or think they were good. what did you like and what companiesoused their money's worth -- companies used their money's worth. give us your reviews. we are interested in what you think. 6:41. an unlikely drink may help older adults stay alert and active. >> how a chemical in green tea with ward off cell damage. >> don't drink stink bugs. >> can they be a thing of the past? let's hope so but is mother nature the one to say thank you to. we will find out more in a bit. also honoring inner city youth. a former baseball player is giving back. >> reporter: well, goikdz -- well, it's going to be dry with plenty of sunshine. but how long will it last? i will talk about a wentry mix poised to move in. details coming up.
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and on the roads we have got foggy conditions and following a couple accidents we have reopened lanes on the bw parkway. delays in the southbound direction. we will update the latest conditions around the roadways coming up next. ♪
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or your money back.
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this is your abc2 news to go thanks for joining us i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's kick it off with the forecast with meteorologist lynette charles. >> as you step out this morning we are dealing with patchy fog. baltimore now look pretty good out there. but frederick still only has about 7 mile visibility in the eastern shore right around easton a about 5 mile visibility and 6 to york. so have the low beams on heading out and about. so you can see more of the roads less of the fog out there. we are very cold but seasonably cold. temperatures into clarksville around 29 degrees this morning. bundle the kids up as they head out the door. i suggest that you layer them because as we go into the afternoon temperatures will
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jump up. 29 in churchville. satellite and radar not picking up on anything across the area. clouds are down to the south as of now. and we will see changes as we go through time. i will talk about the changes coming up but right now let's check the traffic with and l.a. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. and good morning. getting ready to head out monday morning. a bit foggy and dealing with a couple of incidents including a city accident if you are traveling on northern parkway slow traffic approaching park heights with the incident. let's get a live view of the traffic flow out there for those of you making the drive on u.s. 29 southbound is where we are seeing a lot of busy traffic there. in the clarksville region 95 southbound this is in the rosedale region north of maryland 43. and heavy traffic heading down towards the beltway. and those foggy conditions on u.s. 50 here at maryland 8 just east of the bay bridge. megan and charley over to you. on again off again
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boyfriend of yeardley love will be in court. today will be the first day of the trial and he's been charged with killing her almost two years ago. linda so is here with continuing coverage of what is he speced in the courtroom today. >> reporter: in a few hours jury selection will begin at 9:30 andn a courtroom. george huguely will stand trial for murdering the 22 lacrosse standout. defense lawyers says huguely will plead not guilty. they are sphoaxd argue he side -- she died accidentally from a irregular heartbeat. the state medical examiner's office says she died from head injuries. her mother and sister will be among the first to testify at the trial. it's a trial sure to stir emotion on the uva campus where love and huguely were student athletes. >> we do not know for example the full testimony of any defense expert testimony about the cause of death from their point of view. >> reporter: the e-mails are
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messages exchanged between love and huguely in the days leading up to the death. if you go to abc # you can -- abc2 you can find more information on story. the trial is expected to last two days but it could last longer. today a man charged with election fraud will go on trial. julius henson is ause cuesed of -- accused making robo calls designed to suppress the black vote. calls told people governor o'malley won the election and they didn't need to vote. jurors are expected to resume deliberations in the death penalty trial of a pries gnar accused of stabbing to death a corrections -- of a prisoner accused of stabbing to death a corrections officer. if stevens is sentenced to death, it would be the first since maryland's law changed. now there must be a videotaped confession or biological evidence linking the defendant to the crime.
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freedom plaza in washington is clear of tents following an eviction of occupy protesters. crews in hazmat suits were at it sunday morning cleaning up the mess left behind. u.s. park police showed up to make sure the protesters were complying with the no camping laws. 11 people arrested over the weekend. officials say the protests can continue but camping is not allowed. chicago college now offering classes on the occupy movement. 32 undergraduates students are enrolled at roosevelt university occupy everywhere class. it's course looking at movement that started last summer near new york at wall street and spreading nationwide. the report students assignments including reading movement's newspaper, and attending the occupy chicago's general assembly meetings near rows have the's downtown campus. now it's onto colorado, minnesota and main. with victories fueling him mitt romney is looking forward to the next states to hold the gop nominating contests.
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he won big in nevada on the caucuses on saturday. colorado and minnesota are next. and caucus scheduled for tuesday, maine follows on saturday. leading senator from pg county will introduce new legislation to allow casinos to be built in the county. it would allow table games and increase proceeds that operators may keep. health news this morning. a new japanese study clams adults who regularly drink green tea are more likely to stay agile and independent than peers over time. it contains anti-oxidantmembers chemicals -- os daunt chemicals. the study -- anti-oxidant chemicals. the stinky pest expercent say -- experts say could be gone. researchers say wet fall
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weather across the mid atlantic may be responsible for the drop in number of spirchg bugs. >> no -- stink bugs. >> i no way. >> expert say it killed off the bugs but researchers say that the parasites could also be responsible. certain parasites out there. lawmakers from rural states are balking at legislation that would close thousands of u.s. post offices. the senate will meet today attempting to overhaul the bill and possibly privatize the postal service. peta taking animal rights to federal court. they are arguing sea world is holding 5 orca whales against their will in violation of the 13th amendment banning slavery. that's the u.s. constitutionch the hearing is in u.s. district court in san diego. anthony brown says more needs to be done to assure maryland children receive proper dental care as part of a national children's dental health month. they will remember a 12-year- old a pg county boy to died
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five years ago from dental complicationer. governor researchers say more than a 5th of high school and middle schoolers ride in cars with others smoking. according to the cdk, -- cdc, the exposure has been linked to breathing problems and allergy symptoms. today mark the 6 0th anniversary of queen elizabeth's reign. she took over the thrown in 1952 after her father died. she was on tour in kenya at the time. she will celebrate her 86th birthday on april 26th. this weekend a special event taking place in owings mills to help area youth. darryl smith a retired major league baseball player who devotes his time to helping inner center youth. and sherrie johnson has more from owings mills on the upcoming event. >> reporter: we are here at the gordan center for performs arts where the place is alive with music and it will be alive with music on sunday february 12th. it is all part of the dreams of tomorrow event that takes place. we are here with darryl smith who is a local guy from
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northeast baltimore. las retired local pro base -- also a local retired baseballplayer. tell me what about dreams of tomorrow how is it and who do you support. >> dreams of tomorrow is about showcasing the youth of baltimore, also emphasizes that -- emphasizing that dreams do exist and adults teach the kids and the kids learn from the adults. it's a carma think i feel giving back is so much needed. i been through so much that i feel like it's my calling to give back to the community. and i give back to the community by showcasing my talents of writing ref lent to life stories. so there's four kids books coming out. two of them are done bully books and one is a mentoring book ants other is a coloring book. so evan dotson is a illustrator for two and garing guest is a ies straightor for two others. >> reporter: who is this on the
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saxophone? you will have jazz, poe and an art, poe this sunday. >> yes. to soothe the soul we are going to have 11 performers. isaac parham is doing it right now. he is such an inspiration to music. so i wanted him to share this event with us. >> reporter: all right. what do you want the kids to take back from the event? >> that your dreams will come true if you stay with it. >> reporter: all right. thanks so much for joining us. and, of course, that event kicks off on sunday, runs from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. right here at the gordon center. all right there, but we have the cold temperatures. so it feels like winter this morning. those temperatures are in the 20s if you plan to jog this morning. we do have patchy fog out there that will burn off as we go through the rest of the morning. and into the afternoon. and it will be cold with those winds out of the west at 5 to a 10 miles an hour. make sure to dress accordingly. satellite and radar not picking up on a lot. lots of clear skies out there
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right now. you have to go to the south to really get cloud cover but also what i want to show you, look at the moisture off the coast of florida and also back into the gulf of mexico. and some of that, well, could get in here as we go into your wednesday. we will have a cold front that that's going to work et cetera way in here. we will have that -- work its way in here. so we will have the moisture from the south and cold air from the north and maybe it can get together and we will have snow. but definitely i will monitor the situation. in the meantime, high pressure is in control of the weather this morning. and, we will be seeing sunshine in the afternoon as future trend picks up on that. what i want you to watch is the wet weather i was talking about that moisture moving up here. so, again, we are a few days out. the models have to come together like on friday and it took to the last-minute to really see that we got some snow on your saturday. so, again, we could be dealing with that as we go into tomorrow. we will see what happens with that but in the meantime, temperatures today coming in right around 50 degrees. sunny skies and mild.
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by tonight the temperatures will be right around 34 degrees and increasing clouds and tomorrow's temperature right around 54 degrees and here's the 7-day forecast for you. there's the wintery mix and we dry out nicely and get colder into the weekend. time for a check of the traffic with angela. >> reporter: good morning. got a quite a few -- got quite a few fender benders including reisterstown road and not block lanes with any of the other accidents but we are starting to see delays as we look at 95 here. this is north of the beltway. still seeing a little bit of fog out there as lynette mentioned. patchy fog in the regions. traveling on the beltway going to see slow traffic through pikesville and woodlawn. here's liberty road also a bit slow on the top side from harford road to perring parkway. thanks so much for joining us on this monday morning. hope you've great workweek ahead. >> as we go this morning, was there a commercial you liked? >> the dog with the dorito's.
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>> angela says no way she didn't like that one. >> go to facebook and let us know. now to new york for "good morning america."
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