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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 3, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and that means more oystermen. it's like he's out here with us. he's my friend, ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin, and i approved this message. good morning, america. breaking overnight, fiery riots. thousands of students storm the streets, opening fire. one person shot. police officers so outnumbered, they had to step back from the mob. all this after a historymaking victory for the kentucky wildcats. campus chaos. new details about that christian campus under siege, as a gunman opens fire on students, killing seven. exclusive information about the shooter. why he was carrying a .45 and looking for vengeance. the incredible escape caught on tape. the nightmare scene that is so hard to believe, as not one, but two trucks, fall into the abyss.
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this morning, the tow truck driver speaks out about the split-second jump that saved his life. and, whoa, it's getting hot in here. ♪ a dazzling night on "dancing with the stars," from sherri's emotional rumba about her son, to one hot, sexy salsa that had the ballroom on its feet. katie has asked for william levy to come in tomorrow. >> woo. way to start the morning. i'm okay. >> robin on vacation this week. hope she's enjoying it. so glad you came back. >> i had so much fun yesterday. i decided to come back. it's great to be here with you. >> and these guys took you around times square. >> the gang showed me the
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neighborhood, around times square. >> did a little bowling. >> i was so disappointing you weren't with us, george. >> i have another job going on. i'm glad you had a good time. >> had so much fun. >> the bowling champion. >> really? >> i'm kidding. then, oh, look. that was josh's idea. >> who is that? >> we went by madame tussaud's. josh wanted to say hello to one of my oldest friends. friends of long standing, that is. and we had such a good time, we were arrested for disorderly conduct. this is kind of a motley crew to hang out with, i discovered, george. you're the smart one in all this. speaking of disorderly conduct. that story in kentucky is pretty disturbing. >> it certainly is. going all night long. the riots in lexington. students poured into the streets to celebrate the big kentucky win. but that party turned into a riot that brought out the police. our newest member of the abc news team, alex perez, has the latest from lexington. good morning, alex.
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>> reporter: george, good morning to you. this is what many people in lexington are waking up to this morning. a complete mess outside of their homes. several people have been hospitalized. and police are searching for a gunman. what began as a chaotic celebration -- turned to mayhem overnight, as an estimated crowd of 15,000 revelers rioted in the streets, setting fires and trashing homes. someone even opening fire on a crowded street, shooting one person, as the campus celebrated the wildcats' ncaa championship win. the gunman, who reportedly ran into the crowd, remains on the loose. >> at this point, the investigation, we don't have any leads on who the people were. >> reporter: 300 riot gear-equipped officers were sent in to deal with that crowd. so outnumbered at one point, officers could do nothing but watch. >> they flipped over cars. set them on fire. >> reporter: crews put out 40 fires, including a car, and
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couches that were ignited. dozens of rowdy rioters were arrested and at least 20 people were hospitalized. as this city, now copes with a morning hangover of cleanup and repairs, many hope the soapering daylight doesn't take away from the team's historic win. >> it's uncalled for. trashing your yard. people's homes, cars, windows being busted. i mean, who would want that? >> reporter: and lexington police say they are reviewing surveillance video in hopes of charging some of those people that may have been involved in the rioting. meanwhile, lawrence, kansas, home of the losing jayhawks. no reports of riots there. but there are reports of a kentucky street sign being damaged. george? >> thanks very much. and welcome aboard. a horrible story out of oakland today, too. >> that's right. we have the latest in that horrific school shooting in california. police have arrested a suspect for killing seven people at a
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christian university. witnesses say the gunman opened fire at his fellow students at point-blank range. abc's neal karlinsky joins us live, now, from oakland, with the very latest. neal, good morning. >> reporter: katie, good morning. the crime scene here is still active. you can see the tape and the police car in front of the school. police are still trying to make sense of this. but they believe the gunman was here because he was upset about being expelled. and he was targeting a school administrator. but she wasn't here at the time. this morning, police say this is the shooter, 43-year-old one goh, a nursing student, who pulled out a handgun just after 10:30 monday morning. >> she had blood on her arms. >> reporter: within moments, the school that caters to the korean community, looked like a battlefield. >> there's like an active shooting going on. >> can we get another ambulance down here? >> reporter: police could be seen carrying out the dead and
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wounded. inside, they say goh was shooting students inside a nursing class. >> i stood up in class. decided to shoot us. >> reporter: this woman was hit while trying to help a friend. >> i picked her up from the ground. she fell on the ground. and i got shot in the arm. >> reporter: during a tense and massive classroom-to-classroom search, s.w.a.t. teams found students barricaded inside classrooms for safety. >> someone has a gun. >> we were so scared. we had no idea what to do. >> we had to force our way into a number of rooms because they were locked behind doors. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, goh came to school with a .45 caliber handgun, looking for vengeance, though, it's not clear why. >> three or four months, he showed up today. >> reporter: an hour after the shooting and roughly five miles away, police say goh walked up to a grocery store clerk at a shopping center and said, i just shot some people. he was quickly arrested and will be charged with shooting ten,
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killing seven of them. the suspect had no criminal record leading up to this shooting. there are reports he recently lost two relatives, his mother and a brother who was very close to him. police are looking at that along with his recent expulsion, as possible motivation for this. katie? joining us live from oakland, is police chief, howard jordan, with more on the shooting and the suspect. chief jordan, good morning. >> good morning, katie. >> do you have any idea what the motive in this shooting might have been? >> we have learned that the suspect was upset with the administration at the school. he was also upset that students were, in the past when he attended the school, mistreated him, disrespected him and things of that nature. >> we understand he was deeply in debt, as well, and had suffered two personal losses over the last year. both his mother and his brother passed away. is that true? >> we're not aware of that. but that's possible, as well. he was having, we believe, some
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behavioral problems at the school and was asked to leave several months ago. >> and when do you suspect the suspect will be charged? >> we expect the case tomorrow to the d.a.'s office. and the d.a. will have an opportunity to look at the case and decide what charges she will file against him. >> and i know that he's been in custody. has he revealed anything about himself? or the shooting, while he's been in custody? >> yes. he has been -- he provided statements to our investigators that helped us piece this together. as you know, this is a very long and exhaustive process. we're less than 24 hours into this incident. and they're still putting the pieces together. but the suspect has been cooperative with our investigators. >> and have the police learned anything from witnesses on the scene? >> yes. we've learned that this was a very chaotic, calculated and determined gentleman, that tame
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there with a specific intent to kill people. >> and in fact, the suspect was at the safeway and really virtually turned himself in, right? >> yes. he stole a car from one of the victims. drove to neighboring alameda, which is about five miles away from here, and surrendered there by calling his parents, his dad. and his dad eventually called alameda p.d. and we were summoned to the scene to take him into custody. >> what can you tell us about the seven victims? >> the seven victims, six of them are women. there was one male victim. they were from korea, nigeria, and nepal. they're all adults. the youngest one being 21 years old. and the oldest one being 40. and they were all students there, studying various topics at the university. >> oakland police chief, howard jordan. chief jordan, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. turning to politics. and what could be a decisive day
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for the white house. primaries in maryland, wisconsin, and d.c. will that lock up the republican nomination once and for all? that's the question in today's "your voice, your vote," with abc's john berman. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, george. overnight, abc news learned the romney campaign will begin raising money for the general election and alongside the republican party. proof that the party will completely, without a doubt, mark the conclusive, final last end of this campaign. probably. mitt romney's body is in wisconsin. but his mind, very much on washington. >> we understand something, i think this president and vice president don't. and that is that their policies have not succeeded. >> reporter: he so badly wants these primaries to be done, finished, over. and as he wracks up endorsement after endorsement, after endorsement, it seems much of
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the establishment does, too. they can't rid themselves of that nagging sensation, known as rick santorum. santorum is not going quietly. rolling out 150 bowling balls and a new negative ad. >> what if i tell you the man i'm talking about isn't him. it's him. >> reporter: and romney continues to face unexpected curve balls. a tense exchange about his mormon faith. >> do you think it's a sin for a white man to procreate with a black woman? >> no. >> reporter: and then "madmen." >> tell jim, he's not going to michigan because romney's a clown and i don't want him standing next to him. >> reporter: romney's son, tagg, tweeted, seriously? liberal media mocking my dead grandpa? then, comments from ann romney, in a radio interview that begged to be taken out of context.
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>> do you beg my husband isn't stiff? >> i guess we better unzip him. >> reporter: as katie would say, woo, it's getting hot in here. it's not his zipper that the campaign is thinking about. it's his pockets. by raising money alongside the republican party, it means the romney team can bring in $50,000 per person toward the general election. >> i'll bet ann romney is doing a homer simpson. d'oh. and she wishes she could take it back. you don't think so? >> it's a risk they're willing to take. she's their best weapon right now. people don't know him. they don't feel an emotional connection to him anything, that can humanize him. >> she's supposed to be a great campaigner. >> she's great. we'll see a lot more of her. >> how is the republican party -- two great political minds sitting next to me. how is it going to be unified after a contentious primary season? does it happen naturally? >> i think so.
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>> or are the factions going to be infighting? >> you see them saying, it's over. what they're banking on, is once it's a clear fight against president obama, president obama will have the line that unifies the republican party. >> and the strike yesterday. >> first time he named him. let's bring in josh for the news. >> as john said, probably, george. we're going to begin in central florida. a small plane crashing through the roof of a supermarket with dozens of shoppers inside. abc's matt gutman is at the scene right now for us. matt, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, josh. that plane punched right through that publix supermarket behind me, with a giant fireball through the aisles, sending all of the shoppers and employees running for the exits. within seconds, the flames, fueled from the experimental single-engine plane, engulfed the publix supermarket.
7:14 am
randy phoenix was inside, just a few aisles away. >> sounded like thunder. there was a slight vibration in the store. when we turned our heads to see what it was, we see it start to cave in. >> reporter: the pilot and passenger aboard are alive but in critical condition. three shoppers were also burned, carried out to safety by people in the store. eyewitnesses say the plane sputtered just after taking off from deland airport. >> one of the engines had some flames pop out. and watched like he was trying to turn around. and he dropped straight out of the sky. >> reporter: as the plane slipped to the supermarket roof, eyewitnesses describing a huge fireball. scenes of horror unfolded around the 100 or so shoppers and employees in the store. >> he just laid on the floor. his legs were flailing. he kept on screaming over and over again. it was pure pandemonium in there. people were just trying to get out. >> reporter: now, miraculously, josh, nobody was killed in that
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crash. two of the people that were injured have been released from the hospital. and the ntsb is already investigating this crash. josh? >> matt gutman in florida. thank you. a spending scandal in washington this morning at the very agency that's supposed to help the government save money. martha johnson, the head of the social services administration, has resigned, after her agency spent $835,000 on one conference at a las vegas hotel. $3,200 was spent for a mind-reader at the conference. $6,300 spent on a commemorative coin set. $7,500 paid for a team-building exercise to build a bike. and the supreme court has ruled that police have the right to strip-search anyone booked into jail, even people who commit minor offenses. opponents argued the strip searches would violate privacy. an alarming headline regarding the nation's obesity
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epidemic. 60% would be obese if the government more accurately measured obesity and relied on body fat percentage, instead of height to weight ratio. and new details of dramatic video from norway. a truck being towed off a mountain road, sliding off the edge and down a 200-foot enbankment. taking the tow truck, as you see there, with it. you see the tow truck driver jump out just in time. but the trucker was in the truck and took the plunge. however, stunningly, he survived, with only a few broken bones. the driver says he never imagined anyone could have lived through that fall. but it turns out the trucker was found under the road of fish, may have cushioned the certainly did save his life. >> amazing. >> that was such a steep drop. wow. sam, what do you got today? >> good morning, everybody.
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george, katie, josh. we're going to start with march may have been the month for big-time heat. but april seems to be the month that starts cold and gets to better temperatures by afternoon. seven states below freezing. but a lot of the places will get to 50s and 60s by the time we get to afternoon temperatures. here's the places that won't. 84 degrees in sunday, in the denver area. picking up snow during the day today. in some cases, more than eight inches of solid snow. and you're back to 70s a few days from now. denver thing, if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. is true this time. st. louis, louisville, cincinnati, all in for big-time storms today. keep an eye on that.
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we have a frosty start. we have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00. a freeze warning until 9:00. we are warming up nicely. sunshine mixing with clouds, temperature 67 degrees, a chance for spotty showers as we go in to wednesday. ample sunshine run for thursday and friday, opening day is stellar. >> all of america's weather coming up in the next half hour. katie? george? josh? >> sam? sam, sam, thank you very much. and now, to the latest on former model lauren scruggs.
7:19 am
new photos emerging, showing her life now four months after her accident with a spinning plane propeller. abc's paula faris has the story. >> reporter: she is smiling and exuberant in the texas sun. over the weekend, lauren scruggs spotted leaving this dallas area sporting goods store. no longer shielding her wounds from public view. for the first time, since the former model walked into and airplane propeller during a sightseeing tour in december, we see what remains of her left arm, as well as her new prosthetic eye. both revealing how much she lost. and how far she's come. >> people like lauren, redefining themselves. this is who i am. i am still who i used to be on the inside. and these things are just small aspects of who i am. >> reporter: her parents, cheryl and jeff scruggs, seen alongside their daughter, also smiling. and with her, every step of the
7:20 am
way, in her battle back to her vibrant life as a fashion blogger. now, another step towards closure after her horrific accident. the 23-year-old reportedly just reached a legal settlement with the pilot's insurance company and the plane's owner. scruggs says representatives from the insurance company verbally offers to pay her $200,000, which is the most they can pay out to a passenger involved in an incident. but scruggs filed court papers challenging that, saying she was not a passenger of the aircraft at the time of the accident. and therefore, isn't limited in her claim amount. the exact amount of that settlement remains undisclosed. but speculation has it as high as $1 million. for "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. >> she has had an amazing recovery. coming up on "gma," a shocker in the nfl cheerleader scandal. she pleads not guilty to sex with a former student. the boy's family, backing her up. dan and nancy here to weigh in. also, whitney houston's mom, breaking her silence.
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speaking out about her daughter's life and death and what really went wrong. also, "dancing with the stars." did you watch last night? >> oh, yeah. waterworks. lots of crying. >> who fizzles and who sizzled on "dancing with the stars." a dog, well, a dog is family. and when it comes to your family's health, you want the best. now you can have it without paying the most. petarmor flea and tick protection. it has the same active ingredient as frontline top spot, and it's just as safe and effective against fleas and ticks, but costs about half as much. sure our dogs may be called pets, but we all know they're family. petarmor. same protection as frontline top spot at about half the cost. available at walmart. and got this one free. wow! [ tires screech ] buy one 6" sub? [ tires screech ] ...and get another one free? before 9am. all april long. [ male announcer ] subway, eat fresh. you know who you are.
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good morning, happy tuesday. we do have a frost advisory in effect until 9:00. also a freeze advisory, if frost is for the blue the
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lighter blue, the purple looking color for frederick and carroll county, a freeze warning until 9:00. we are dealing with cold temperatures this morning as you step out and about, you need the heavy coat. 35 in ellicott city. westminster 36. 34 millersville. check out the sunshine we will see this morning, that will continue in to the afternoon. a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. good morning. hing out the door for the tuesday morning drive, it has not been a bad drive out there. earlier collision on the harrisburg expressway, southbound, mown caramel road. residual slowing down behind that. traveling on the topside of 695 a little bit of a delay as you make your way to pairing parkway. it is primary day in maryland. four republican presidential candidates are vying for 37
7:28 am
delegates and competing for delegates in washington. polls are open from now until 8:00 tonight. stay tuned with abc2 news and for everything related to the primary we will have the latest results tonight at 11:00 and live coverage from around the area, also see a list of winners at we know the name of the victim in the deadly car crash in carroll county. right tadied when she lost control on pull road. more on the story coming up in the next update. thanks and have a great day. ♪
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you're looking at sara jones. she's the cincinnati bengals cheerleader, in court monday, where she entered a not guilty plea to the charges she slept with a former student when she was a high school teacher. her mother in the same district is accused of covering up the alleged relationship. good morning, america. robin on vacation. good to have katie couric here. >> that's a made-for-tv movie. coming up, whitney's mom, sissy, speaking out for the first time since her daughter passed away. how she is coping right now. >> a lot of anger at the media
7:31 am
for how they handled this. and why is camille grammer really walking away from xwt the real housewives of beverly hills"? she's going to tell katie all about it. and the gang, minus george, i'm sorry to say, took me on a tour of their favorite spots. we got into a little trouble along the way. we're looking forward to showing you all of the fun things we did. >> if you got into trouble, i'm sort of glad i missed it. >> we went to madame tussaud's. i haven't been there for so long. >> there he is. >> shtick is us. let's get to the surprising twist in the case against the former co-captain of the cincinnati bengals cheerleaders. sara jones pleaded not guilty to having sex with a former student when she was a high school teacher. and some of his family members are showing their support. abc's linsey davis joins us with the latest. linsey? >> reporter: good morning, katie. this case, as you can imagine,
7:32 am
has made some serious waves throughout this school district. the victim is still underage and has not been identified, which is why it's interesting that his family was among the dozen or so people who showed up in court to support the 26-year-old and her mom. they stood in the courtroom united, not only as mother and daughter, but by matching pleas of not guilty. sara jones, the captain of the cincinnati bengals cheerleading squat, and former teacher, is charged with having sex with a minor, and using e-mails or the exto fuel the three-month-long affair with the student. alongside jones at her arraignment, cheryl jones, a middle school principal, in the same district as her daughter, who now faces up to five years in prison, charged with tampering of evidence to cover up her daughter's sexual relationship. and also in the courtroom, a surprising show of support for the two women of the family of the victim jones allegedly had
7:33 am
sex with. at the time, he was a 16-year-old student, at the school where the cheerleader taught. >> my passion is teaching kids. i look forward to going to work. >> reporter: at least she used to. last november, jones resigned from her job as a ninth grade teacher, citing personal reasons. after rumors swirled around on a gossip website, that she slept with bengals players, which is against team policies. >> i hit rock-bottom when i had a student say that she would never learn from a slut like me again. she has told abc's "20/20," none of the comments were true. >> i could not face my students, the faculty members, the board. it's devastating. >> reporter: jones sued to restore her name. now, she's fighting again. this time, to stay out of jail, for what could be the next ten years. the judge has reduced bail for both women and also mandated they no longer have contact with the victim, the victim's family.
7:34 am
and get this, they disable their phones' ability to send text messages. the trial is scheduled for late june. >> thanks very much. let's bring in nancy grace and joining me here in new york, "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. nice to see you both again. >> nice to see you, katie. >> nancy, let me start with you. this story is pretty unseemly. this young woman could face serious prison time, if in fact she is convicted. >> you know, katie, i prefer not to think of it as unseemly. but as an alleged felony, a sex crime on a child. and when you look at the time that she is facing, five years on each count, i'm actually a little surprised that it's only ten years because i red the statute very carefully. and in no place does this statute allege actual intercourse with the child. it's something less than that,
7:35 am
including electronic perveyance of sex images. if sex, which is child rape, she would be looking at a life sentence. in my mind, she's getting off easy. she has more to worry about than alleged affairs of bengal players. this is a child. and as far as not knowing who the child is, you can go over to the high school. any of the freshman can tell you who he is. >> nancy as a victim's right advocate, should care about how the victim feels in this case, and his mother. if you have a case in this case, when you're talking about a 16-year-old -- >> first of all. >> let dan finish. >> a 16-year-old and his mother, both saying they don't want to move forward. that doesn't mean the prosecutor shouldn't because they should, in a case like this. they have to. but it means that, "a," they're going to have a tough case. even if they have a lot of evidence, even if they have text evidence. i think one of the reasons they
7:36 am
probably charged the mother in this case for tampering with evidence -- and we don't know the specifics yet -- is to try to get the daughter to cut a deal because they're in a tough spot. >> nancy, shouldn't the feelings of the alleged victim and his family be considered in this case or not? >> they should absolutely be considered but not when they impede justice. and number one, dan abrams. i am a crime victim. so, don't you, sitting up on park avenue, tell me, a crime victim, about what a victims' advocate should or should not do. >> are you no longer a victims' advocate, nancy? i thought you positioned yourself as a victims' advocate. >> as i was saying -- as i was saying, what victims typically want is justice. and as you know, with your law degree, lady justice is blind.
7:37 am
she seeks justice. now, i don't know why the victim's family, the alleged victim's family does not want prosecution. it could be a number of things, including not trying to embarrass the young man. >> but you just said everyone at the school knows who he is. now, you're saying -- the bottom line, it's out there. isn't it possible that -- >> no. that is not inconsistent. that is not inconsistent. >> tell me why. >> the fact that the people at the middle school may know who he is, doesn't mean the mother and father doesn't want him embarrassed. >> shouldn't it matter? >> i'm saying -- no. as a matter of fact, it should not matter when seeking justice. you do the right thing. and one day -- >> yeah? >> this child will be glad, i believe, that someone stood up for him because if the roles were reversed, and this were a male predator, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> yes, we would. >> you're all hung up that she's
7:38 am
a hot bengal cheerleader. get past that, dan abrams. >> do you think society has a double-standard when it comes to alleged predators, when it's a female and a younger person is a male? >> absolutely. when i talk to people about this case, the men respond saying, he must have loved it. i do think that prosecutors don't. i think you're seeing -- think about all of the high-profile cases we've seen, we've covered. of female teachers having sex with male students. it's being taken seriously in this country. my concern is, we don't go overboard. in a case like this, where you have -- not only do you have the victim and his parent -- >> overboard? >> that's right. the point is we can deal with these issues. and i'm not suggesting that she shouldn't be prosecuted. >> deal with these issues. >> that's right. hey, nancy, what about the mother -- >> a minor boy? >> you think the mother should be prosecuted here? >> how do you want to deal with it. >> the mother being prosecuted in this case, you're not going to deny that the reason they're
7:39 am
prosecuting the mother is to try to get the daughter to cut a deal? >> final thought on that, nancy. >> i think what they're probably trying to do is prosecute her for getting rid of, deleting an e-mail, or getting rid of an device. if she did that, it's tampering with evidence, whether you like it or not, dan abrams. >> i got my name in that segment, which was great. dan abrams. >> nancy, thanks for your time this morning. dan, thank you. dan abrams, thank you. now, it's time for the weather and sam champion. >> katie, we're going to throw some cold water up there. we'll show you what's going on in idaho. in bonner county, there's a lot of -- they got twice the amount of cold rain. it did a lot of road damage in that direction. when we watch these showers, system after system, move into the northwest, this will be a wet time period. it goes all the way from the kind of oregon/washington border, well into idaho. again, we have more heavy rain,
7:40 am
from eureka, to portland, looking at one to two inches of solid rain. cincinnati is 80 degrees. houston, 84. >> and all of that weather was brought to you by bayer aspirin. katie, you got your exercise there. >> i had to run over here. coming up, whitney houston's mother speaking out for the first time. what she says everyone got wrong about whitneyohhh my head, [ speaking in japanese ] yeah, do you have anything for a headache... like excedrin, ohhh, bayer aspirin... ohh, no no no. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my head.
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
hellmann's, whitney houston's mother is speaking out, now, for the first time about her daughter's tragic death. and in a candid new interview, cissy houston has some harsh words for the media and how they handled her only daughter. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> i did the best i could for everything. >> reporter: for the first time since whitney houston died two months ago, her grieving mother, cissy houston, is speaking out. sitting down with linda blackmun to set the record straight. >> the media is awful.
7:45 am
people come here from and there, not knowing what they talked about. they really chopped on her. chopped on her. >> reporter: she is a gospel-singing music legend in her own right. and she insists her superstar daughter, contrary to published reports, did not die broke. >> she is not broke. >> reporter: in the end, the l.a. coroner decided to houston died in a bathtub, after doing cocaine. heart disease also contributed to her death. >> she is my only daughter. and a good one. ♪ why >> was my life not enough of a cautionary tale for you? >> reporter: this morning, we're hearing these haunting words from houston. part of the trailer for the soon-to-be released "sparkle, the film she was working on before her death. houston plays a former singer, whose daughters make it big. >> it makes me feel i've done something right. don't lose it.
7:46 am
>> reporter: it is a sentiment, shared by her mother. >> i'm very proud of my daughter. she's accomplished a great deal in the short time that she's had here. i'm proud of her for a lot of things. she was a very wonderful person. >> cissy houston, everybody. >> reporter: and the movie, "sparkle," is expected to be released in august. this was supposed to be part of whitney's big comeback. the trailer was good. >> see you. thanks very much. coming up, josh has "the play of the day." and camille grammer speaks out. and it hasn't been going exactly as planned. [ director ] cut. cut! [ monica ] i thought we'd be on location for 3 days -- it's been 3 weeks. so i had to pick up some more things. good thing i've got the citi simplicity card. i don't get hit with a fee if i'm late with a payment... which is good because on this job, no! bigger! [ monica ] i may not be home for a while. [ male announcer ] the citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate.
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here's "the play of the day." >> times awasting. take a look. here we go. the cat, he's a prosperous fellow. he's thinking, how am i going to get all of this through there? >> he is not. >> no, he is.
7:51 am
so, after a while -- >> no. >> there's some struggle. the problem is, biff's got to get back in. >> no. >> that's when we run into problems. >> oh, no. >> a little help here. >> i like them both. meanwhile, the owner's just taking this video, while the cat is stuck. >> oh. >> yeah. >> yay, biff. yay. crisis averted. >> that's "the play of the day"? coming up -- >> oh. >> it finally happened. allergy, fact or fiction? brought to you by allegra. you're showing symptoms of an allergy attack. so, now is the best time to take medication, right? go, now, to on yahoo! to find out if it's fact or fiction.
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coffee-mate natural bliss. from nestle.
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it's tuesday, it's a cold tuesday out there. temperatures in baltimore, 34 degrees, 32 frederick and york coming in at 28. 36 degrees in easton, along the eastern shore, with the cold temperatures we have a freeze warning in effect for frederick and carroll county, we have frost advisory in effect until 9:00 for the rest of the areas here in the light blue color. all extending in to
7:57 am
pennsylvania as well. new jersey and del aware. satellite and radar picking up on sunshine right now and this is going to continue throughout the day. few clouds mixing in. a nice day, temperatures will begin to warm up, as we have area of warm temperatures trying to push in to the area, i'm forecasting around 67 degrees, what we will be watching is a cold front to traverse for tomorrow. a chance for showers in the forecast. good morning to you. on the roads right now, a couple of slow spots on the east side of 695, dundalk, a disabled vehicle at eastern avenue. a little bit slowing there. traveling northbound 95, disabled, approaching 695 on the southwest side. you will ride the brakes if you are traveling on the knot side of the beltway. passing bel air, this delay, extends through parkville, heading in to towson, you will
7:58 am
be on the brakes. not a bad drive for u.s. 50, crossing the bay bridge just a few westbound delays to i-97, looks good northbound to the bellway.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] in front of a great crowd in times square this morning. a little chilly. but it's not fall. that was the last time we saw the patch, in our backyard. it certainly does. >> irrepressible. >> hello, everyone. robin's off on great vacation this week. it's fantastic to have katie couric here with us, for a big dancing day. >> that's right. that's jennifer lopez's "on the floor" playing. and last night, it's all what was happening on the ballroom floor.
8:01 am
katherine jenkins waltzed away with the night's top score. but who -- i'm asking who, will get voted off tonight. >> we'll get nancy grace's answer later. >> i'm still a little pitted out from that exchange. they make me so nervous. >> i was upstairs. that was heated. do you have your whistle, just in case? >> no. i forgot it. >> very fancy coffee there. >> i'm very flattered that the folks here brought me coffee. i don't know if you can see it without spilling. but i have a lot of foam action on my coffee. >> the last time we saw a latte on -- >> maria. >> ever have a -- >> yeah. >> george, ever? >> not a latte of those for us. >> i'm raising the standards for you. meanwhile, back at the ranch, what is the real reason that camille grammer is leaving "the real housewives of beverly hills"? she is with us, live, to set the record straight. talking to her friend, katie,
8:02 am
about the latest chapter in her relationship with her ex, kelsey grammer. and so much more. >> there's a little tease in that wave there. and emeril is here. he almost always cooks breakfast for us. but this morning, we're going to turn the tables. we're going to cook for him. breakfast sandwich smackdown champion. >> i'm so excited about this. i'm a little competitive. i've been thinking long and hard about my breakfast sandwich. it's a little sad, isn't it? >> we're not competitive. and by the way, i like a little eye candy when i cook. so, i brought george this apron. what do you think, george? does that work for you? >> oh, my. >> well, that's -- >> it's incredibly life-like. >> yeah. you can bet i'm going to keep this on. absolutely. nice try. >> okay. >> that's so great. anyway, also -- it's me.
8:03 am
the gang was kind enough to give me a real tour of their times square. ♪ ♪ new york >> is it fun working in this neighborhood? >> it's alive. it's the center of new york. ♪ new york >> there's bette midler. ♪ new york, new york >> hi, al. what's the weather like in your neck of the woods? >> everybody say good morning, america. >> good morning, america. >> sam, will you buy me a lollipop? >> yes because you've been very good today. ♪ when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie ♪ ♪ that's amore >> welcome to heaven.
8:04 am
>> that's amore. >> are you good at bowling? you better be. >> i actually won the 16 and under competition. >> of course you did. >> and when i was living in virginia. >> right after she won the national spelling bee. launched a rocket into space for her science project. ♪ and it goes like this tell me about a ♪ >> gutter ball. ♪ i'll show you i've got the moves like jagger ♪ ♪ i've got the moves like jagger ♪ >> i like that. >> that was good. >> anyway, we had a great time, didn't we? thank you very much. >> you got some form there. >> yeah. tuesday night bowling league. george, you're invited. >> wow. >> really? are you like fred flintstone? do you have your own ball and everything? >> yes, actually. our own balls. our own shoes. brooklyn bowl. now, we have to get some
8:05 am
news. >> we're learning much more this morning about the man charged in that shooting rampage at a small christian university in oakland, california, yesterday, that left several people dead. one goh was reportedly deeply in debt. police say he was angry at administration at oikos university. college students celebrating the kentucky wildcats' big win on campus, turned violent. one man was shot. more than 40 fires were set. dozens of people were arrested. an estimated 15,000 fans poured out on the streets in relative celebration. and out of new mexico, the search is on for three people, including these two soldiers from ft. bliss, missing after they failed to return from a kaayking trip. high winds are preventing crews from sending a search plane. a mysterious burglary in los
8:06 am
angeles thieves broke into a home and used a rug to drag away a safe with jewels and cash. they pulled off the heist, even though that stash was hidden in the closet, protected by an alarm system and two dogs. it looks like a transsexual beauty queen disqualified from a beauty pageant in canada, will get a shot after all. jenna talackova was initially kicked out of the competition, because she was born a male. but the pageant, owned by donald trump, says the 24-year-old can compete if she meets all the legal requirements. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning, josh. tonight, a superhero, think batman. a superhero, pulled over by police. tonight, we reveal the man behind the mask and his surprising mission. that's coming up tonight on "world news." finally, look at a bit of march madness from the men, thanks to high school seniors in iowa.
8:07 am
the team in white is going to win the opening tip. and they appear to be unclear on the concept of the sport in question. they start running a football play. and you think, are you serious? you're high school seniors? take a look at what happens next. turns out, crazy like foxes. >> wow. >> take another look. and you know, i wanted to pull this video specifically because it just reminds me, i don't know about you guys, of a young sam champion. >> a teen model. but also something of a high school basketball star. >> that should have been the "play of the day." >> neither one. >> sam could be "the play of the day." >> so, we're clear. get the -- raise the bar on "play of the day," katie. duly noted. >> and latte for everyone. >> yes. pop news now. >> great. no pressure here. good morning, everybody. movies used to trump tv as the powerhouse in hollywood. but now, television may be taking over, at least at "vanity fair" magazine. the ladies of primetime, gracing the cover of the new issue,
8:08 am
which surmises that we're living in tv's golden age. sofia vergara, of "modern family," on the cover. and how about this? red-hot, betty white, managing to fa nagel the only shot. do you have it? it's betty with all of the male stars. she's the only one -- >> there you go. >> they're feeding her grapes. >> yes. >> deservedly so. >> you have it. i'm off to a terrific start. folks who made the '90s movie, "dumb and dumber" must have been smart on some level, since they're back for round two. our executive producer is cheering. he loves this film. the fairly brothers have announced plans to shoot "dumb
8:09 am
and dumber 2" this fall. and jim carrey and jeff daniels are onboard. >> there was a lot left of that story to tell. >> they have many new adventures. >> i'm two for two. fantastic. okay, then. finally, a beer shaken or stirred, for that matter, not a good idea. james bond better come up with a new line pretty quickly. heineken and the bond franchise have made a product placement deal for the superstar to chug some beers. i love the image of bond just chugging and burping. that will never happen. he has to have one beer in one scene. you will see him grabbing a beer in the film coming out this december. that was their motto, not mine. or somebody just something we came up with. and that's "pop news." >> really? i like him undercover. he's a martini man. >> little-known fact. bond throughout the years, has had mojitos, champagne.
8:10 am
we better get to sam. >> hello, gang. lovingly in this little produce zone that we call the patch at broadway farms. in that tour we gave katie, only two of us made strikes bowling. josh and me. i'm just saying. >> that's true. very true. >> mine was a little unconventional. >> i got a spare. >> that's also true. >> let's get to the boards. here's one or two things going on we want to talk about. there's a pretty large storm system building in america's heartland. this is going to kick off wild weather. strong to severe storms. and with this, there's likely to be wind damage and hail. keep up with your local abc stations. that pushes milder air into new york city and boston, who deserve it after a chilly start this morning.
8:11 am
>> we are live in the patch. and now, it's back to -- >> "gma." >> and lara. >> oh, and lara. >> that's good. >> thank you, team. here's a look at what we have coming up on the "gma morning menu." camille grammer is here live, revealing why she's really leaving "the real housewives of beverly hills." and who could win the ballroom battle? and who could get the boot? hello. he's already won. or we have, actually. all the dish on last night's "dancing with the stars," coming up.
8:12 am
and how to visit a dump? how to help me turn one room into a bedroom of this couple's dreams. we'll explain, coming up on "gma." ♪ ♪ ♪ grande caramel macchiato. iced grande caramel macchiato. make that iced. actually, hot, please. [ male announcer ] come into starbucks for the espresso drink you love, hot or iced.
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8:16 am
it's my right.... to breathe right! camille grammer grabbed headlines from her first appearance on "real housewives of beverly hills." now, after just two seasons, she is leaving the hit reality show and speaking out for the first time in a "gma" exclusive.
8:17 am
we'll hear her side of the story in just a minute. but first, a look back at some of camille's most unforgettable moments on the show. >> camille? camille? >> reporter: camille grammer was a red carpet fixture on the arm of husband, kelsey grammer. the two seemed to have it all. in 2010, her own star would begin to rise, as a cast member on "the real housewives of beverly hills." >> it's time for me to come out of my husband's shadow and shine. >> reporter: but she got off to a rocky start with the other women. >> you're such a [ bleep ] liar, camille. >> reporter: and was portrayed as the mean girl of the group. as the first season progressed, her famous marriage began to crumble. >> 13 years of marriage. there you go. >> reporter: and would soon come to an end. >> somebody's in the apartment as mrs. grammer. it's just not me. >> reporter: after enduring a public divorce and custody battle play out in the tabloids -- >> does she not know she's destroying a family. >> reporter: she came back in
8:18 am
season two as a new woman. the painful experience, seemed to endear her to the fans. being a voice of reason for taylor armstrong, in a decisive season. >> we don't say that he broke your jaw. or he beat you up. and he hit you. we don't say that. but now, we said it. >> reporter: with word that she will not return to the "housewives" franchise, viewers are left wondering why. camille grammer. good to see you, camille. >> great to see you, katie. >> i heard you were devastated about leaving the show. what are the circumstances surrounding your decision? or was it your decision? or their decision? >> there's a process to this. i'll explain the process so you understand. you meet with the producers. and you go over what your life -- what's going on in your life. and there's -- i gave them the list of things i didn't want to shoot. my children and my relationship with my boyfriend. and -- 'cause i think, i believe that certain things should be --
8:19 am
remain private and sacred. and from that, you know, they came back with an offer. but it was one -- not one that i was comfortable with, after being on the show for two years, as a main housewive. >> did they try to convince you that they wanted behind the scenes of your kids' lives and what was going on in your new relationship? >> well, they just couldn't have it. i don't think my ex would have signed off on it. and i didn't feel comfortable with my kids. and being in a new relationship is exciting and difficult. there's some things you really want to remain sacred. >> you don't want everything to play out on television. what was that like for you? there's your new boyfriend, dmitri. hi, dmitri. you can say his last name. i cannot pronounce it. but go ahead. is it strange being on a show like this? and where you do -- i mean, i don't know how you did it. >> well, the first season was horrible because it was -- they were filming me during the worst
8:20 am
year of my whole life. you know? my whole life was falling apart. my husband left me. he was having an affair with another woman in new york city, while i'm filming a reality show. it doesn't get worse than that. >> he said the marriage was over before you even signed on. what is your reaction when you hear that? >> i don't believe that. i don't. maybe for him but i didn't know about that. >> meanwhile, how are your two kids doing? you have two kids, jude and mason, who are 7 and 10. >> that's right. >> how are they? and how are they dealing with -- i don't know. i think it must be hard for children. do they even know that you're involved in this show? >> yes, they know that i'm involved in the show. mason, at first, wanted me to do it. she was really excited. but when she met with the producers recently. they were there at my house. i said what do you think about mommy doing the show again? oh, i don't care. >> i don't think you should get advice from a 10-year-old anyway, camille.
8:21 am
>> i think my daughter wants more time with me. the show tends to take me away from them a bit because they're not on air with me. they want more mommy time. i want to spend time with them. >> that's nice. do you have regrets about doing this in the first place? >> well, since my accident was a gift, yes. thank you, kelsey, for the gift of humiliation for the first season. at the end, i can say, you know, i have a good relationship with the girls. i have a great relationship with the producers. i enjoy my experience with the franchise. you know, we're still talking. i still talk to everybody. >> do you think that there might be another reality show in your future? >> you know, all things are possible. possibly. you know? >> well, i'm glad you're happy. your boyfriend's awfully cute over there. >> thank you. he's a really good guy. he's a sweetheart. >> i'm glad your kids are diastoldoing well. >> thank you, katie. >> nice to see you. here's george. time for "dancing with the
8:22 am
stars." all the celebrities dug deep last night. moving the crowd, the judges and each other, with stories and songs from the most memorable years of their lives. it was one of the most emotional dancing episodes. and we saw the first 10 of the season, for katherine jenkins and mark ballas. they danced a waltz. and sherri shepherd, as she danced with val. and william levy, there he is heating up the dance floor with cheryl burke, in a passionate salsa. i can't get this out when i saw his shirt come off. we saw his six-pack. let's bring nancy grace in for that. nancy, i'm glad you -- i guess you were watching, too, nancy. len declared the whole evening awesome. what did you think? >> you know, i thought the evening was fantastic. and in honor of today, i brought these out for you, my dancing shoes. >> thank you, nancy. >> but you know, after looking
8:23 am
at all of it, it was really an evening of highs, a lot of emotional highs. and the judges were in an incredibly good mood. i've never seen len so happy in my life. and if you noticed, all the contestants kind of walk up to the judges fearfully. but they were all in such great moods. it's interesting that there was a five-way tie for the bottom of the show. >> yeah. you mentioned -- >> i'll tell you, i -- i really think that the one to beat are going to be the opera star, katherine jenkins. she was absolutely fantastic and beautiful. and her story about losing her father, really, was a heartbreaker. william levy, the cuban brad pitt. fantastic, great-looking, great dancer. but i liked gavin degraw, who was at the bottom of the barrel.
8:24 am
and maria menounos, who cleaned as janitors cleaned nightclubs and helped them. and the clip of her doing lady wrestling, the night before in miami. >> i couldn't believe she did that. >> she is working two shifts at work. >> hi, nancy. it's katie. >> hey. >> hey, nancy. i thought she was great. that was a steamy dance. if she's not dating derek hough, she should be. i can i say that now. i mean -- not to be weird. but there was a lot of sensuality. >> even len said they went from the ballroom to the bedroom. but the big controversy last night, did they kiss or not? >> oh, i know. i was on the edge of my seat about that, george. that was the big controversy. >> nancy, weigh in on that. you never pull your punches. was it a kiss? >> it was close, george. >> it was totally a kiss. i'm an eyewitness. but i tell you, it was often stated, "dancing with the stars," that derek is one of the
8:25 am
best, if not the best choreographer in the whole bunch. >> three-time champ. >> i think he proved that last night. >> here's the problem, when you have half-pint dancing around with no pants on, neither she nor maks were shy last night. >> half-pint? >> are you talking about melissa? >> she looked great. >> she did look great. >> she looked great. >> what did you call her? >> half-pint. >> half-pint. you watched "little house on the prairie," right? >> that's right. i'm sorry. that was a while ago. like decades. >> katie, she was fantastic. and maks was just steering her all around the courtroom. the courtroom. the ballroom. and i saw -- i know. and i saw him doing the same thing that he did with hope solo. he's a very strong leader. and it makes your job a lot easier on the dance floor. >> she has improved a lot, i have to say. i think from the beginning, she
8:26 am
really came into -- she came into her own last night. >> she did. nancy, you have to tell us. who is going to go tonight? >> well, look. i didn't see martina navratilova coming. i didn't think they were going to throw her off. i'm sure that outfit she has, it's going to be in the front window of every dress barn in this country. i want that. did you see how great she looked? i thought she would stay in just by looking great alone. i thought they were all great. and with a five-way tie at the bottom, it's going to be hard to call. >> i think you're exactly right. we'll all be watching tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central on abc. thank you very much. out to military island, with lara and josh. >> giant mess up here on the island. and a serious competition, right? >> a serious competition. we're coming for you. lara, we're making your bedroom
8:27 am
over. good morning, happenty tuesday. the frost advisory and freeze warning expired. temperatures are close to 50 degrees now in easton, frederick around 43, jessup 45. the winds, on the light side of the northwest for today. not dealing with real gusts like yesterday. good news for you as we take you outside, lots of sunshine, a beautiful sunrise in annapolis for today. let's get a check of the traffic with angela, good morning. good morning, we are looking at a couple of delays, if you are making the drive northbound, i-95, past kayton,
8:28 am
accident blocking the left lane. on 695, bel air a back up, this extends to harford, opens up as you make your way in to towson. if you are driving in the citying city, little bit of slow traffic. controversy over the winer of the mega millions jackpot in maryland. a baltimore woman says the winning ticket is hers. her co-workers say par of the winnings belong to them, too. maryland wilson bought tickets with coworker at the mcdonald's on liberty road but says another co-worker bought her a separate tickets that's the winning one. officials say tho one has come forward to claim the prize yet. student at towson are holding a candlelight vigil for two classmates who died over the weekend. timothy corrier was found dead in his apartment. he had a heart attack. 12 hours earlier, ryan bailey was killed in a hit and run on
8:29 am
washington and i don't care road. police are searching for the driver. another update of weather and traffic in 30 minutes, have a great day, everyone.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] great crowd out here in times square this morning, out here in the patch. as you all know, robin is on her spring break right now. we're glad to have katie couric here. >> hi. nice to see you guys. i'm very excited to be here with emeril this morning. emeril? >> there you go. i'm ready for you guys. >> so nice to see emeril. >> he has challenged us all to a breakfast sandwich smackdown. we're all a little competitive. and i've been planning this for hours. >> you practiced last night. >> i was going to.
8:31 am
but oh, please. >> we heard it all. >> we're going to compete for the breast -- whoa. the best breakfast. that was easy to say. the best breakfast sandwich. >> why did you think to say it again? >> i'm sorry. i wanted to say it right. so, speaking -- >> are you going to try? >> i'm like a child. speaking of food, how do you get your kids to eat what is good for them? we wonder if french parents might have the secret. we'll explain that coming up. >> how one mother's move to france transferred her kids into healthy, happy eaters. it's a brisk day at the patch. i blame you. >> it will warm up later. >> thank you, sam. yesterday, i revealed my secret life as a decorator and dumpster-diver. read my book, "i break for yard sales." and you gave me a challenge, to do a head-to-toe makeover for
8:32 am
one of our "gma" viewers, using only my eagle eye, to spot diamonds in the rough, and elbow grease. and my mantra, recycle and reinvent. ian and becca, are like many couples. busy being working parents. trying to make ends meet. but before their baby came along four months ago, becca suffered a late-term miscarriage. and decorating the house was not in the cards. >> we were going to make it really nice. and it threw us for a loop. >> reporter: not to mention, the baby has yet to sleep in her own bedroom. ian's about to change that, by surprising his wife with a brand-new bedroom they can call their own. and that's where i come in. >> lara, this is our bedroom. i want to make it special for my wife. we have baby stuff. >> reporter: you don't have night stands. it's a great space.
8:33 am
this feels a little small. we have a dresser. if they'll let me, i'd love to paint this. this is a window nook. they can read the papers in the morning. how nice would that be? this will be fun. my mission, to declutter the space and turn this room from drab to fab. i'll do it by turning to the places i know and love best. yard sales, flea markets, thrift shops and, yes, even the dump. i love the color. the color is exactly right. and you're selling it for $20? i'll take the $10 lamps. do you know if this is a king-sized head board. i love the pop of red. i'm going to keep on going. look at this. it's an old door. you see trash. i see artwork. all right. this is it. the moment of truth. now, ian has told becca i'm coming to the house for a "gma" design project. but she has no idea i'm completely redoing the master bedroom. we have two hours to get it
8:34 am
done. all the baby gear left this corner of the room cluttered, to say the least. there's a classic club chair. and i saw this at goodwill. and the red. how nice is this? it picks up the red. let there be light. add some window panels using discounted remnants and the room has a seating area and feels infinitely bigger. remember this dresser? becca and ian wanted to keep it. i took it home to my workshop, otherwise known as my driveway. when i paint furniture, i start by using extra fine steel wool. sand it down. and get rid of the dust and use primer. then, used glossy paint. and used one of my tricks. >> doorknobs. cheap and easy. and now, a space where becca can
8:35 am
dress for success. and remember the night stands? i found the perfect at a tag sale. we updated them. black, glossy. $10 a table. how great is that headboard? did you see what that looked like when we bought it? amazing what a little fabric can do. we have to get the hartwork up. add some new bedding and you have an inspiring bedroom suite. now, we're done. where is becca? where is ian? your room's ready. and two hours after our makeover began, it's finally time. i hope you like it. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> this looks like a completely different, like, room. it doesn't look like it's in our house. and we have bedside tables. >> reporter: you have bedside tables. >> i love there's different areas of the room. it's like two rooms in one. it's amazing.
8:36 am
now, i'm inspired to do my other rooms, too. >> for the tips that really do work, group pictures. none of the pictures were big. i'm crying, i know. thank you. also, symmetry. symmetry creates common room. two tables, two lamps. if you want a sense of peace in the bedroom, that's a simple thing to do. >> to my best friend, josh. meanwhile, i'll do this if you go to for more tips. sam, will you give us the weather? dear, josh. >> turns out, it's cold. >> it's so cold, lara's tearing up. by the way, excellent job. i thought that furniture looked old. i would have passed it by. but when you made the changes, it looked great. >> thank you, sam. >> let's get to the boards. here's something we want to show you. how about, i think every day we should feature a lovely picture from key west, florida. why not? that's a gorgeous piece of sunshine there. and how about dime-sized hail in houston, texas.
8:37 am
then, we have snow in the denver area, all the way down to pueblo. santa fe, you're involved in this. remember when it was in the 80s? it will be back in the 70s by the middle of th >> all that weather was brought to you by breathe right advanced. lara? >> yes, sam. we're getting ready -- >> we. we're talking about french parents. i was paying too much with cable.
8:38 am
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8:41 am
we've been hearing a lot, lately, about the way the french raise their kids. and this morning, we're going to reveal their secrets for getting their children to eat well. if your kids say no to veggies or turn up their noses to anything new, this book, "french kids eat everything," may have the recipe for a family meal. take a look. >> okay, girls. bon appetit. >> reporter: attention parents of picky eaters, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. >> who would want a little broccoli? >> reporter: you're watching these adorable little girls, eating broccoli, beats and tomatoes. >> would you like soup? >> yes. >> reporter: karen le billon learned the secret when her family was living in france. there's much debate whether the
8:42 am
french approach to parenting is better. but when it comes to meal time, do the french have it in the baguette? french children eat the same food as their parents. >> just try it. >> reporter: you don't have to like it. but you have to taste it. >> i definitely don't want anymore. thanks. and karen le billon is the author of "french kids eat everything: how our family moved to france cured picky eating and created ten simple rules for healthy eating." that's a long title. bonjour. how are you? first, there was the french parenting book. and now this. why are we a nation of francophiles, suddenly? >> they can learn from us about creativity and kindness and keaching kids a can-the attitude. but we can learn about food. their kids eat so well. >> and obesity isn't a big
8:43 am
problem in france, is it? >> our kids are three-times as likely to be obese as french kids. and it has a lot to do with what they eat and how well they eat. >> what was the hardest rule to implement? i know you followed several rules. and i think they're all equally important. but for your kids, what was the toughest? >> the toughest rule, apart from the rule there's no such thing as kids' food, is no snacking. kids have one snack a day, after school. >> around 4:00, right? >> it is a nice treat. it's not like they don't have nice things. they might have a square of dark chocolate. but it's only once a day. no snacks. no cup holders on strollers in france. >> that's interesting. it is fascinating how american kids are just eating nonstop throughout the day. they go to a soccer game. and you break for snack, you know? and i don't remember doing that when i was a little kid. sort of this constant eating. my mom would say, don't eat between meals. >> that's right. that's how it was until about
8:44 am
the 1970s, when most kids snacked once a day. but today, american kids snack three times a day. and one in ten kids snack five times a day. >> do the french start with kids eating vegetables from an early age? it would seem they have to get the pallet used to those kinds of foods, right? >> that's right. the first thing a french parent would give their baby is leak soup. not bland rice cereal. but they will blend the colors and textures. they will do a yellow puree. they are varying things. >> and i like the idea of no special foods for kids. you can't say, i'm just going to have chicken fingers. by the way, when did kids start dictating what they get fed? >> the parents are in charge in france. that was not a bad thing, after my kids became picky eaters. i realized i had to do
8:45 am
something. >> i almost forgot about jeremy gaston, our handsome waiter, who is coming to show us what a four-course meal would be. merci beaucoup, jeremy. >> thank you. >> merci. >> the first course is endive and pilaf salad. >> they always start with the vegetables, right? >> and the main course. this is five-minute fish. you wrap it in parrment. it steams itself. >> this is papiot, right? >> this is how they eat at school lunch, by the way. >> really? >> yes. and a cheese course. they don't drink milk at meals. just water. >> and this is a dessert here, as well. >> eating is about moderation, not deprivation. they get fresh fruit most of the
8:46 am
time. and they get sweet treats. and this is a cherry souffle, made with raspberries and blackberries, from the book. >> they take time to prepare the meal, as well. >> not as much as we do. they spend 18 minutes more a day than we do. 18 minutes? i could do it. i could do 18 minutes. they have great strategies for making sure really nice meals that don't take a lot of time get to the table. >> all right. karen le billon, thank you. it's really great advice for american families. >> thank you. >> you can go to on yahoo! to find the french recipes that karens' kids love. and try them in your kitchen, as well. coming up, let the games begin. who will be crowned the champion of
8:47 am
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it's time to put together our favorite breakfast sandwich. emeril, you're going to judge. we're cooking for you. >> that's right. i've done this for years for you guys. now, the table's turned. >> this is all working up to breakfast in bed. >> exactly. >> two more to get in nominations. >> you can use a thomas english muffin. you have two minutes. who is going to start? lara has opened things. underneath, you have eggs and sugar. you also have some milk if you want to do crazy batter or whatever. two minutes. >> two minutes. >> you guys ready? >> i need a whisk. >> ready? begin. here we go. here we go. [ cheers and applause ] come on. [ cheers and applause ] josh, what are you doing? uh-oh. josh has maple syrup.
8:50 am
he has maple syrup in the skillet. oh, baby. josh, baby. okay, go. all right. what have we got over here? lara's got some bacon. sam has got butter. oh, baby. here we go. >> oh, no. it's a mess. >> here we go. >> i got a mess going on. >> woo. you all right? >> i see you got the protein hot. katie's got -- yeah. that's your eggs right there. perfect. >> they're scrambling. >> that's looking so good. george, how are you doing over there, buddy? >> i'm not doing so well. >> all right. i'm going to need the name. oh.
8:51 am
there's a plate right here, baby. george, it's looking good over there, george. looking good. >> 20 seconds. >> almost done over here. here we go. >> okay. hold on. here we go. here we go. ten. nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right, george. what's your -- this is a bagel sandwich. what's it called? >> i asked people what i should call it. you have scrambled egg, american cheese, basic sausage, and a little tobasco.
8:52 am
let's go with the egg hop. >> i made french toast english muffins. and then, i put scrambled eggs, bacon and some -- i wanted to do whipped butter with syrup. but i couldn't find whipped butter. what do you think? >> very good. >> i do a little maple reduction for the bacon. >> maple -- >> my california roots, fresh-cut avocado. >> reduction. >> all right. >> i did a fricese. i sauteed in some of the maple syrup, the bacon. then, i added the eggs and some cheese and some salt. and i know you love it. i know you love it. >> i do. >> i did the something's cooking
8:53 am
in the kitchen pile. it is everything spicy. everything pepper jack. hammy and the whole thing. >> so, emeril -- >> all right. all right. >> what's the verdict? >> so, the breakfast sandwich champion is -- katie couric. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's because i'm the guest. >> so mean. >> thank you. >> all the recipes on our website. see you in a minute.
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] breakfast smackdown champion. have a good day.
8:57 am
good morning, everyone, happy tuesday to you. looking at temperatures that are above freezing, basically everywhere right now. 8 in baltimore. york, above freezing, in around 33 degrees, we don't have freeze warnings out there or frost advisorys in effect. satellite and radar, lots of sunshine to be had, that's going to continue in to the afternoon, clouds streaming in across the area ahead of a warm front working as we go through the of evening. temperatures won't drop off as cold as this morning. tomorrow, we will have rain showers from the clouds, spotty showers in spots. thursdays friday, things dry outs plenty of sunshine in the forecast again. for today, the temperature coming in around 67 degrees, we will be above average. your seven-day forecast looks good as well. nice and dry as we go in to opening day.
8:58 am
a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. good morning to you on the roads, no delays around the beltway, looking good on the west side as well as the topside. we have delays i-95, accident past kayton approaching washington boulevard. blocking a left lane, northbound on the left side of the screen. we are moving slow as you make the approach to the accident scene. delays on the southbound side of 95, probably onlooker delays. 95 at 395 merge. get updates all day on line at and have a terrific tuesday, thank you for joining us. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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