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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 6, 2012 4:30pm-5:00pm EDT

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hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. it's friday and that means it's time for the top-ten countdown, "right this minute." a truck becomes a sitting duck for a tanker. >> oh! >> now hear why. >> this story gets een more se. deadly serious. >> the anti banana legion means
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business. >> wait. what? >> are they, like, from a smaller banana company and they're mad at like the chick eata banana company. >> from fred's ba man as or something? >> you'll find out. we have new twister vids ma make you agrade to look up, a jump that makes you afraid to look down and what happens when two firefighters aren't looking. meet the guys who will never live it down. >> i started laughing, and i said they're going to have that on camera. we begin our countdown today with our number ten video, and nick has it. >> i've got a video that's a little bit like a now you see it, now you don't. this guy pulls his pickup truck into the front of a tim hortons, and a tim horton is sort of like a restaurant, coffee shop in alberta, canada. gets out of his truck, goes in, leaves his truck sitting there. but next time he comes out, his
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truck isn't going to be in the same spot he left it. >> oh! oh, oh. >> it went through the wall. did it go through a brick and mortar wall? >> it went through a brick wall. it was hit by a stolen oil field vacuum truck being driven by 29-year-old jake kron. that guy is in trouble. so this story gets even more bizarre, because jake, the driver of the oil field truck, owns the pickup truck that he smashed into the restaurant. he smashed into his own pickup truck that his brother, heinrich, had just parked. >> oh! >> talk about bizarre. >> who steals an oil vacuum truck? >> well, 29-year-old jake kron is suspected of stealing the truck. jake has been charged with stolen property and impaired driving mischief and obstruction of a police officer. because not only did he damage the restaurant, the pickup
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struck, the stolen truck, he also damaged a police car, too. no one was injured in this incident. there were very few people in the restaurant at the time of the accident. police are still investigating this video. they agree, too, this is just bizarre. and they have no idea why jake rammed into his own pickup truck. at number nine today on the rtm top-ten countdown, a look at ann an incredible video from the storms this week in dallas. >> i showed you guys several videos of the tornadoes that hit texas early they are week. here's another one you have to see. this one was taken in lancaster, texas by a man who says this tornado is about half a mile away, he estimates. he zooms in a little bit. you can hear the noise. but as the tornado continues to move, this cloud of debris around it just grows and grows. >> it's scary, because when you see that debris, you know that the tornado is tearing up property. not just over land. when you see it jump like that,
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you know people are losing stuff. >> those could be entire doors in parts of buildings. >> you're used to seeing the mess it leaves behind after it's done, but just to see it all in the air, i mean, it's just so widespread. >> and all of a sudden, where this man is standing, sirens right where he's at start sounding. [ sirens ] >> seems a little late. if i'm already seeing the tornado and it's already tearing things up, then i see the siren? >> ooh, he's at a school. >> hopefully it's going to miss the high school. >> i want this guy to take cover. i'm getting nervous for him as the tornado creeps closer and closer and closer. i mean, it looks now like it's the football field away. >> at one point, the tornado looks like it's going to dissipate. but instead of doing that, it seems to just turn into a very well-defined funnel. >> takes like another deep breath and reforms. okay. they got us on this one. when is a bicycle not a bicycle?
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when it's number eight. a couple days ago, i brought you guys this video. dash cam, a cop chasing down a bicyclist. >> yeah. >> the ultimate bicycle cop chase. >> well, i have an update for you on this story. the whole thing was a hoax. >> oh! >> not another one. i can't handle this. >> we got -- duped on that one? >> didn't even suspect that it was a possibility. but now there's a brand-new video online from the guys who created this dash cam footage, showing how they did it. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> it's all in text, and we can't understand everything that's going on. we think they just wanted to come clean. >> stop making the fake videos. because you're -- littering the internet. >> but you have to admit, it was a really entertaining video and got us talking about the idea of drafting, which is real. bikers and cyclists can really do that. you see their entire team planning this stunt out.
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you see where they put the camera inside the car. see it hanging there off the ceiling of the car? what they're doing is shooting a guy on a stationary bike in front of a green screen. this is my favorite part of this entire video, where they've got the cyclist frozen on the screen and they're just moving him around. where should we put him? wait, behind the black van. >> i was totally entertained by that original video. i'm not upset. >> i'm with you. >> even seeing how they did t i'm highly entertained by that. >> how are we going to know now that all the videos we're showing on the show aren't fake? >> we're going to keep digging and doing our research the way we do when everybody else on the planet thinks they're real, "right this minute" is going to dig and find out if they're fake. >> that's right, girl! yeah! bringing it around the horn. >> that one just got weird. okay. before we go any further in the countdown, a warning to all of you banana lovers at number seven.
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[ inaudible ] >> the anti banana legion means business. >> we are serious. deadly serious. and we will not tolerate any diplomatic relations. >> oh, gosh. >> they're holding bananas hostage. and look what they do to them. [ inaudible ] >> the world without bananas. and it's starting now. [ inaudible ] >> they're going to make fried bananas. that's delicious. >> this is a crime against -- especially our "right this minute" team. we like bananas here. ♪ >> what exactly do these terrorists want? >>re they from a a they're mad at the chiquita banana company
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for taking their profits? >> it looks like they don't like any bananas. it's a war against all bananas. >> they don't like bananas, you're exactly right. >> the anti banana revolution. >> what's really going on here? what is this, really? >> this is a video of people killing bananas. >> it is weird. i'm scared of them. [ inaudible ] >> i wouldn't want to be a banana. did you see that thing go behind the moon? >> what are they saying it is? >> see what's up with the ufo and the moon. >> warning. a peer jump. >> oh! that was like a chicken. >> see what we're almost too chicken to watch.
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welcome back to the rtm
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countdown, everybody. at number six, it is too late to yell, hey, don't jump! >> i think this is a noble idea, that just went really bad. >> you can do it. >> oh! >> that's not the worst. >> oh! >> god, see? >> oh, that was like a chicken! what is that? is that his bones? >> that is his ankle completely twisted and broken. >> oh, my god. it's like club footed. >> where is the blood? why is there not any blood? his whole ankle is there just hanging there -- >> fractured it. >> this is a warning on what not to do or seriously pay attention. >> his leg is --
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>> yeah, it wasn't a compound fracture, luckily. but that is going to leave a mark. >> you know, you can see how far at the end of the pier is from them. if you're going to jump off the pier don't do it right when you walk on to the pier. >> what kind of friends are these that they're just like that's hilarious? that is horrible. what's a countdown without, you know, one of those alien things, like this one, at number five. >> i want to though what you guys think of this video. this was captured in march of this year with the help of an electronic telescope. you see that object fly behind the moon? >> yes. >> what are they saying it is? >> keep watching. >> is that one of our international space stations? >> no one knows what this is. it is at this point a ufo.
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this video appeared on the ufo case book, which is a website that has all kinds of stuff. the creator, bj booth, says he only knows what is said approximate the about the video. if it's real or fake, he doesn't know. >> so you're saying this is uploaded by somebody to a forum that hosts a lot of different ufo videos. i'm going to call fake. something like this would be very easy. i could make something like this on our editing software. >> i've gone through youtube after finding the video on ufo case book and i found the video on a music channel called join our band of beliefs. and there are tons of people posting underneath the video saying things like this has got to be fake, because that ship would have to be the size of a continent in order for you to see it. we want to know what you think. send us a message on our facebook page, up next on the rtm
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countdown, flying with a little help at number four. wing suit flying is awesome. and i've got a new way to launch yourself in your wing suit. >> launch? >> launch. >> instead of jumping off the top of a mountain, that's so like yesterday. >> that's so 20 11. >> all you have to do, get your wing suit on, strap yourself to the top of a car -- get the car going good and fast. maybe 88 miles per hour. and just kind of let yourself out like a kite. your buddy who is driving the car, all you have to do now is just jam on the brakes, and just kind of fling you off the cliff. >> oh, he was like wind surfing behind the car. and then the guy slams on the brakes and -- >> yeah. reou g guyse ral buyi is >> i'm. >> get out of here. >> it's fake. this is an ad for mini cooper, the mini john cooper works countryman.
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the mini cooper countryman can go all different places, sort of -- this is fake. come on. >> i didn't buy the tie it to the line and fly behind the car. but i don't think it's such a bad idea. >> i know. it looks plausible. it looks like parasailing. >> i think it's awesome. >> i don't think they necessarily need the cord and need to do the kite thing. just lie on top of the car and have somebody slam on the brakes and fly off of it. >> have the car race to the cliff, to the very edge, and right before the end of the road, just slam on the brakes, and right before the car goes down -- >> the point is, it's about as real as the man attempting to fly a couple weeks ago that went viral. fake. ♪ we're going to a place where they call the water jaws. >> where these waves -- >> wow. >> huge. >> and out there riding, a young master and a new web show. and firefighters to the
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rescue. not. >> and to add insult to injury, they leave him. >> see when firefighters leave one of their own on the countdown.
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we're back with this week's rtm top ten countdown. we are down to number three and no ordinary teenager. there's a brand-new web series that just premiered on
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youtube channel called positively kye and listen to what this kid does. 19 years old, surfer, kite boarder, long distance paddler, canoe surfer, skim boarder and stand-up paddle surfer. look at this video. the whole point of this first episode is called riding jaws, because they went to jaws. have you heard of this, it's in maui and it's this giant reef where these waves just -- >> wow. >> huge. >> yeah. >> first time i rode was 16 years old. and i'm 19 now. the first time going out there, you're scared, but you're not as scared as you become later on, because now -- i'm probably more nervous and scared about going out to jaws, because i know what the wave is capable. >> that thing is massive. >> i mean, it looks like a mountain. >> now, watch all of these other professional surfers just take on this wave. you see them come over like the
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peak of the wave and drop into it. i think it would be terrifying. >> once you're riding down that face, you've got all that crashing surf behind you. it's like being in a nightmare, being chased by a big monster. >> this is the premier episode. it just premiered this past wednesday. and you can watch all of the view episode every other wednesday. all right. it's time for our runner-up video. it's firefighters to the rescue. at number two. >> we know that firefighters are known for playing pranks on each other. well, we have a video here where it appears accidental. so the fire department in long island is responding to a confirmed fire. you see the fire truck is ready to go. right here you see a firefighter, bruce. >> oh!
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>> oops. >> just ran into each other. >> look at that again. >> oh! >> man, it's like three stooges. >> and to add insult to injury, they leave him. >> oh! >> but you have to listen to the other guys replaying and watching this video of what happened. >> here comes bruce. up, up. and out and out. [ laughter ] >> it's funny every time. >> here he is. leave it to someone to come up with an animateded account of their conversation afterward. >> i didn't bleep ] rodi tt corner. and you left me behind. >> who is the brick wall that bruce ran into? >> that's another one of the firefighters, rocky. to tell us more about it, we have four guys, bruce, rocky, joe and tony, via skype "right
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this minute" from long island to tell us what happened. >> we were -- when this happens, we step up, take it up to a notch. and accidentally, i ran into this big fellow, one of the biggest guys in the firehouse, and the video says it all after that. >> what happened when that impact happened? you really didn't see each other coming. >> i said, rocky, they're going to have that on camera, you know that. >> is this a volunteer department, or is this a paid department? >> it's volunteer. >> you guys don't sit around in the station all day, right, so when you get a call, you have to run to the station and hurry up. >> yeah, we respond from home. >> so why leave poor bruce behind after he went through all that effort? >> they didn't need him on the call anyway. you're not that good. >> they actually had a full crew inside the truck, so that's the whole reason why they left him behind. not because he was knocked on his [ bleep ]. >> now, as you guys are watching the video, you guys are cracking up. how many times -- >> we watched it probably 20 times before we even recorded it
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on the phone camera. that's video gold. >> it's funny every time. the wait is over. number one. is. next.
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i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. right this minute is a crystal clear day. for the orioles opener, great weather. it's mild now. we know what's coming tonight. another freeze warning extending further south. this will include howard county -- montgomery county, rather as we move toward day braifnlgt for the time being temperatures around 60 making for fantastic weather at orioles park at camden yards. we'll be back with more at 5:00. we'll see you then. and then they'll hang up on you and say you're crazy, girl. all right, everyone, we finalliily made it.
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time for our number one video of the day. and gayle has it for us. this is 20-year-old magnus. and basically, he's shooting video of their friend going up this mountain. it looks beautiful. nothing is going on. notice the weather. everything is nice. except he triggered an avalanche. this is when magnus gets on his snowmobile and takes off. you see it starting. the camera is shaking. but he and another friend were able to dig themselves out. >> thank goodness. what about their friend that went up the hill? >> they were able to get him out too. they called for rescue, but a third person was able to dig him out. >> i cannot believe how fast that thing -- you saw it coming up behind him. >> it was like a motion wave that was just swallowing
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everything in its path. >> i don't know if those were the guys that made the tracks. their friend went up there, and they said the guy that was at the top of the hill sparked the avalanche. >> and magnus said yes, i knew there was a warning. that's why i want to release this video, so people could see how quickly and how fast things could change. he says it was beautiful and then bang. that's it for our countdown, everybody. thanks so much for joining us. have an awesome weekend and we'll see you on monday. -- captions by vitac --
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it's the 20th anniversary at camden yards. we'll have the page jen trip and highlights coming up. a navy jet crashes into a complex. the late e-on the devastation. and the same-sex marriage law won't go into effect until january, but two other women or married are fighting for divorce. first, tonight gorgeous weather. the perfect place top spend a few hours before today's big game. you can't ask for better weather but will we get to keep it as we move toward easter s


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