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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  April 9, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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new details about what may have been the mote motive behind a deadly shooting rampage in tulsa, oklahoma. lawmakers have to pass a budget. why it could cost you more money if they can't reach a compromise. dry conditions mean extra work for firefighters trying to keep brush fires under control. a live look, down at the inner harbor on this monday,
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april 9th. a red flag warning in effect from 11:00, until 9:00. thank you for joining us. i'm megan pringle. >> i'm charley crowson. let's get to the forecast with lynette charles. things could be changing in the days ahead. we have the wind today, cooler temperatures in the days ahead. >> it's like another roller coaster ride we are going on. the story for today is that red flag warning, we do have a wind advisory, looking at the map. the red flag warning isn't just for us. it goes in all the way up in to new york, we are looking at it there, as far south as virginia, we could see it in to del aware as well. we are dealing with the wind advisory for the areas shaded in the pinkish color. looking across the eastern shore and that one goes in effect at 8:00 today until 6:00 p.m., be prepared not to do open burning across the area. temperatures now, we are not
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cold, 49 degrees now in columbia. 48 catonsville. westminster 48 degrees. humidity percentage, 36 across the area. we are dealing with dry times ahead. i will talk about next chance for showers in the forecast. now over to angela with a check of traffic. good morning, we have an update on the situation traveling in catonsville on the inner loop, northbound 695, you will run in to slow traffic. here is what we have. an overturned tanker, leaking asphalt material, asphalt crews arrived on the scene. one left lane is getting by. wither are seeing slow traffic on the inner loop approaching i- 70, it's not a huge back up, a bit sluggish as you make the drive on the inner loop. if you have to take the route, one left lane is getting by. we should be out there quite sometime with clean up from this accident. in the meantime, if you are traveling elsewhere, looking good, decent commute on the
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major roads, here is a live look at 95, 152, bel air, along at posted speed in the southbound direction. it's congestion free to 695 and continuing through the fort mc henry tunnel. lawmakers will hash out issues on the final day of the legislative session , the biggest at hand is the budget. >> linda so is standing by to tell us the latest. what is going on? >> reporter: in a few hours, lawmakers will tray to come to an agreement on the budget. they have until midnight before the session comes to a close. there is a lot of differences to work out. at issue is how to balance the state's on going budget deficit. the house and senate have yet to come to a compromise on a measure to raise income taxes. if lawmakers can't come to an agreement they may have to extends the session costing taxpayers more money. there are other bills hang in the balance. offshore wind power, flush tax
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and allowing table games in maryland. a lot to get done before the session adjourn at midnight. we will bring you the latest on air and on line. today a prayer individual lil be held for trayvon martin, it's happening in columbia. senator ben carden will discuss the tragedy and how it underscores the need to pass the end to racial profiling act which he introduced last year. the vigil is tonight at 7:00, at st. john baptist church. tomorrow grand jury is set to meet to decide whether or not to charge the admitted gunman in the trayvon martin shooting death. a special prosecutor could decide to bring charges prior to the meeting. neighborhood watch volunteer, zimmerman, claims he shot and killed martin in self defense. he has not been arrested. authorities say one of the suspects in the 48 hour shooting am rage in tulsa, oklahoma, last week, may have been trying toy a venge his
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late father's shooting two years ago. >> heading in to the holiday weekend the city turned in to a shooting gallery. five people hit, three killed. all african american. >> i think that somebody that committed the crimes were very upset with black people. >> reporter: relief didn't arrive until sunday morning when tulsa police announced they arrested england and watts. an anonymous tip helped them find the shatters outside of -- shooters outside of city limits. >> it sickens me and angers me, this is not what tulsa is about. >> reporter: investigators might find clues on his facebook page. england allegedly wrote today is two years by dad has been gone, shot by an expletive-n-
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word. >> i consider it a war zone. >> reporter: the shootings happened within an hour of each other, a white man was shooting randomly from a pickup truck. the fbi joined the investigation and said though something might hook obvious on the surface, it's too elly to call this -- early to call this a hate crime. >> it's premature to talk about hate crimes, we have yet to analyze all the information. >> england and watts will be chagd with three counts of first degree murderer and two counts of attempted murder. the victims who survive ready out of the hospital. the dry conditions keeping firefighters very busy, several wild fires popped up this weekend and crews have been keeping an eye on the joppa town area. they worked sunday afternoon and evening trying to control the brush fire. the area off of dunby town road
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is affected. the pratt library commemorating the centennial of the titanic disaster. one film is shown at 6:30. tomorrow at 6:30s it will be a night to remember, and on wednesday, titanic starring leonardo dicaprio and kate winslet. big event is happening at the white house it's happening today. the 134th annual easter egg roll. the theme is let's go, let's play, let's move. all of the activities on the south lawn will promote healthy and active living as part of the fist lady's campaign against childhood obesity. hula hooping, dancing and yoga are on the menu and egg diving
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and other crafts. -- egg dyeing and other crafts. locally, kids of all ages can take pat in the easter egg hunt, in baltimore, the festivities run from noon until 2:00 in the afternoon. children can enjoy arts and crafts, animal petting. this is an animal farm and easter egg hunt. it's happened at the conservatory in the botanical gardens as well. domino sugar refinery plant. we will tell you about an event happening today. they will receive the largest single raw sugar shipment to be delivered to the poor east of the mississippi. nay will receive 95 million pounds of raw sugar, six weeks short of the factory's 90th anniversary. the ship delivering the sugar is more than 600 feet long and 100 feat wide. it should be a sight this morning. that's happening today in the
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port of baltimore. we are following breaking news this morning ouof philadelphia. we are going to get a picture this morning, crews now are on the scene battling a huge fire at a warehouse. firefighters arrived on the scene after 3:30 this morning, they found heavy smoke and fire from a 4-alarm fire from the warehouse where they have been working four floors up. officials evacuated residents. we have not heard of injuries being reported. from season to season is here, for girls nothing like finding the perfect prom dress. prom and parents, listen up, tips you need to know before buying that dress on line. it's perfect, but is it the best way to get it? health news, a drug helping fight diabetes may have another important use. details on that, just ahead. three inchessnow fell in anchorage alaska.
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what's in your spread ? news time, 6:13, breaking news, on this monday, pictures from brush fire this is in tabernacle, new jersey. no word of injuries, look at this, these are massive flames this is a live look on the
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fire. tabernacle, ing inn, there is a warn -- new jersey, there is a warning today. warn about brush fires in our area. we will have more on this as it becomes available. 14 minutes after 6:00. it's the super bowl for teenage girls, prom night. it's the highlight for many high school careers and getting the right dress is certainly very important. if you are not careful with the shopping, well, it could end up being trouble. joce sterman explains in the scam alert. >> beads, bright colors and bold designs, the perfect prom dress might have all of that and something else, a big price tag. >> young girls are spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the prom dresses, that are usually a one night experience. rinse is kids are spending your money, many are going on line to save mom and dad a few
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bucks. the better business bureau says beware. >> you are going to get what you expect. this is a time of high expectations. especially because many of the discount dresses on line come from overseas and made in china. you got to do home work before you buy. the prom date is a certain date. what happens if the dress isn't going to be delivered or isn't received in time for the prom? what's the refunds policy? >> reporter: important question dos consider. the dress may not look like it did on line or may not fit. that is if you get a dress. the bbb warns some retailers on line maybe a sham. >> if you are buying a $500 dress for $25, discrepancy, ask why, why is that dress cheaper and is that too good to be true? >> you may find out too late, putting a damper on the dance you've been waiting for. joce sterman, abc2 news.
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>> if you shop on line for a dress, through a website or e bay, use your credit card to dispute the charges and comparison shop with the brick and mortar shops and know before you buy on line so you know if you are getting a good deal. finds more on this story and other scam alerts, find it on our website,, head there, click on the money tab at the top of the home page and then the scam alert section. clean up efforts continue in lancaster, texas, following the tornado outbreak, hundreds of families trying to salvage anything they can. the scope of the devastation remains overwhelming. >> i cry, because i'm dealing with the pressure. i'm going to lose everything. >> the road ahead will be long and difficult for families. rain expected this week.
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if you are in anchorage alaska, several inches of snow fell during the weekend making the 2011 winter season the snowiest ever at 133.6 inches. how many feet is that? >> around 11. >> there you go, math right there. broke the record previously of 132.6 inches set in 1964. >> i saw the snow. that's when one of the negatives of what we didn't get. we are four inches below for the year. if we would have had snow, we wouldn't deal with the dry conditions. this time of the year, which is spring, this is a wet season. we have red flag warnings all over the place. let's talk about the snow, alaska and snow in to maine, see the counter clock wise spin
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that is an area of low pressure and we will get a trough digging in as we go through tomorrow, wednesday, and thursday. we will be on the unsettled side. satellite and radar, not showing a lot. showers back in to ohio. that's not going to be getting in here. we have dry air in place and we are looking at temperatures right now, not cold, perry hall, around 50 degrees, 49 cockeysville, good morning to you. manchester 46. eastern shore, 50 degrees in chestertown and rock hall 51 degrees. the winds right now are light. they will be picking up as we go through the day. with the windy conditions, with that relative human on the dry side, perry hall, 34%, and looking at 32 in laurel, that's dry air on tap for us, we have the red flag warnings for the state of maryland, if your travels are taking you in to pennsylvania ring del aware and virginia and new york this morning, this afternoon, you
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are going to deal with the red flag warning in effect. the future trend not picking up on a lot of rain. that's what we need, a soaking rain, a chance for scattered showers later this evening in to tonight. again, i don't think that will be much of anything, it won't amount to much. clouds across the area, next chance for rain will come in here on wednesday, for today, 67 degrees, it's going be on the mild side, dry and windy, there is the red flag warning, by tonight the temperature around 43 degrees, few showers possible and the forecast for tomorrow, much cooler, partly cloudy and still windy. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. good morning, wii been following this accident all morning. it's getting worse as the time goes on. volume is building out there, we have video in to us, of what you can expect traveling on the inner loop, catonsville. an overturned tanker truck, leaking material. this is on the approach to i-
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70, we are blocking two lanes, one left lane is getting by. hazmat crews arrived on the scene, this video was take and knew minutes ago of the delays. overturned tanker truck, leaking asphalt on the inner loop of 695, as you approach i- 70 expect delays in the area on the inner loop and the outer loop. traveling on 29, right now, through columbia, southbound lanes are filling up with the drive from i-70 to maryland 32. get instant traffic updates, follow us on twitter at maryland traffic. back over to you. health news, there is a growing evidence that the most common drug use to treat diabetes could help in the fight against cancer. it's called metaphormon. it's used to help diabetic patients control blood sugar. it appears to be helping patients fight cancer. >> one of the most compelling
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study was in breast cancer, women undergoing chemotherapy before surgery. look at the women who were diabetic, they had a better clinical response to the chemotherapy. the drug has been around for 50 years. testing is underway at this time. other health news, this is important for expectant moms. a study finds if you are obese, diabetic and pregnant, you could have an increased risk of having a baby with autism or other developmental disorders. the risk is general. the biggest risk, some problems with expressive language development. how the kids will develop the language and use it as speech. >> university of california research -- found obese mothers had a higher chance of having a child with autism and more than
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u.s. sending pex tortes pakistan to help in experts to find people buried in an avalanche. troops and civilians are having a difficult time to get through snow, mud and boulders. 1300 passengers are setting sail from england on moil
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cruise marking the 100th anniversary of titanic. one person on board is philip little john whose grand father was a first class steward on titanic. parts of japan k rabbits don't become obsolete with the end of the easter holiday. there are cafes where you can have a cup of coffee and play with a real bunny. if you eat your lunch and watch the rabbits munch on bears, some say it helps release stress. after the earth and tsunami, more bunny cafes have opened up
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