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tv   Nightline  ABC  April 11, 2012 11:35pm-12:00am EDT

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tonight on "nightline," online scammers, from weight loss to sleep to sex. millions of americans turn to online pharmacies for help. now a scam with thousands of victims the, receiving calls from fake dea agents demanding cash in exchange for jail time. george zimmerman is officially charged with murder in the shooting death of 17-year-old trayvon martin. we bring you details about what happened that fateful night. and drop dead healthy frch from juices to workouts this man spent two years working out. what works and what didn't?
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good evening. i'm juju chang. the next time you see spam e-mail ads for cheap vying a vig ra discount aman, you maybe scammed. it's a scam that ripped off thousands of americans and it starts with one menacing call. here is dan harris with tonight's "nightline" investigation. >> reporter: it is a multibillion dollar industry. america is a pill nation. for many of our most personal needs from sleep to sex. >> why let erectile disfunction
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get into the way? >> from weight loss, many of us turn to precipitation drugs. for many of us two embarrassed to ask our doctor, there are scores of websites, and there is no subscription required. a few clicks to lead to a phone call like that. >> this is special agent david brown. we are going to bring you in in custy with charges from buying drugs overseas. >> i don't know what games you are playing. if you don't call me back, you are going to jail. >> he was very calm, cool, and very intim baiting. >> reporter: all of these people received the calls and thought they were going to jail. >> it's scary. >> he knew things about me.
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he had legitimate information on me. >> i was interested call my wife and kids and say, i'm gone for a while. >> reporter: most of whom have ordered diet bills on the web, the fake agents offer a lifeline. >> can solve the problem, they can clear your name. telling me had i three counts of felony charges against me. >> you have five minutes to call me back f not, you go to court. >> he offers you the money, that is a no-brainer. >> reporter: it is a lifeline that caroline from texas accepted after she received the call. we spoke to her husband, dan. >> there was a message saying, caroline, you need to contact me about your drug charges. >> he sounded legit? >> he sounded legit. >> reporter: she went to walmart
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and wired the money. >> looks to me that is $1800. >> was that money that was difficult to come by? >> it depleted our savings account, let's put it that way. >> reporter: we went to d.c. where the scam has produced shock waves. it's a direct attack on your reputation. >> on the agency as a whole, if someone is trying to elicit money from them, they not someone that works for the drug enforcement organization. >> reporter: the dea says the scam is run out of the dominican republic. they operate the very website that sells the drugs. after they have the user's information they turn around and blackmail them. thousands of victims and called the dea hot line, many of whom have paid the scrammers. >> we feel that several people
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have paid significant amounts of money to the scams. >> reporter: thousands of dollars? >> thousands of dollars. >> reporter: so they are successfully extorted here. >> that is correct. >> reporter: caroline was so scared, she took an extreme measure. she committed season. >> just laying on her back, with a bullet hole in her chest. >> reporter: you didn't see it coming? >> nope. >> reporter: do you blame these people who were calling her? >> yeah. it killed her. >> reporter: hounded her. they hounded her until she did this to herself. that is what you believe? >> yes. >> reporter: the deas had indicted 11 dominicans but no one has been arrested.
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weeks guy this man got this call. >> what i'm going do is send out a search warrant for your wife, your property and yourself. >> reporter: hours later, fake agents actually came to his home in suburban dallas. >> they pulled up in a black suv right there at the driveway, two white males stood beside the truck. >> reporter: he didn't fall for it but admits he came close. in the back of your mind, you are thinking, my wife did order the drugs. soit could be real. >> exactly. >> reporter: the 11 men indicted face 20 years in prison. dan, who lost his wife, thinks they should get the death penalty. you know, our relationship is something that coming around once in a lifetime. and i hope they move fast and get these people so somebody else gets hurt. >> reporter: for "nightline" this is dan harris in joshua,
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national backlash. tonight, george zimmerman, the self-appointed neighborhood watchman who shot and killed 17-year-old trayvon martin, facing an official murder charge. it comes weeks of a public outcry.
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and abc's matt gutman tell the justice tonight. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time in 45 days a brief glimpse of george zimmerman being driven in jail in florida, the same town where he shot and killed trayvon martin the chilly february night. >> it is the search for justice for trayvon that was brought us to this moment. >> reporter: the crystallization of six weeks of protest and speculation sparked a firestorm of controversy. >> he was shot by a neighborhood man on a crime watch. >> reporter: tonight this is the mug shot of the man. he could face up to life in prison if convicted. >> today, we charged george zimmerman of murderer in the second dedegree.
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>> reporter: he they charged george zimmerman with shorting trayvon martin. the confrontation caught on 911 calls that played like a painful national sound track the last couple weeks. >> this guy looks like he is up to no good or on drugs or something. >> reporter: in washington tonight, trayvon martin's parents getting what they wanted since the shooting. >> just to know the circumstances surrounding the case, just knowing that he is off the streets that he is in custody, the wheels are starting to turn in our favor. and aplauns from the ame church. zimmerman, near lir 24 hours before he turned himself in, his attorneys that had been with him weeks turned on him. >> he could were not able to get ahold of him. >> reporter: it follows weeks of
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controversy whether it was a racially motivated killing or whether zimmerman should face charges at all. he called a dispatcher about someone suspicious in the neighborhood. >> he looks like he is on drug, up to something. he is walking around, about. >> is he white, black, hispanic? >> he looks black. >> reporter: this exchange. >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> okay, we don't need to you do that. >> reporter: at the same time, trayvon martin's 16-year-old girlfriend was on the phone with him. lating telling abc news -- >> he is a white dude, look like he was following him. >> reporter: and zimmerman continues to pursue. i said, run. but he didn't. and there are no eyewitnesses, no video. and an hour later, zimmerman takingen into custly. and until he turned himself in,
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his where abouts where a mystery. and at the heart of the legal debate, it would be florida's stand your ground laws, which offers someone like zimmer noon use deadly force if he feels that he is threatened. >> it will be the stand your ground law. it will be evaluated and debated throughout this case. >> reporter: his brother told piers morgan tonight. >> obviously, as a family w redevastated. obviously wrk restrong family. >> reporter: he still has the support of his friend frank taffy. >> he is a model citizen and a neighborho neighbor. he will follow the law. >> reporter: he is unfazed by tonight's charge. >> i'm saddened by it. but i'm not shocked.
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we have to wait for all the evidence to come out. >> the krushl pieces of evidence in the case are going to be audiotapes, the 911 call. others calling 911. what did george zimmerman say? what was heard in the background. >> reporter: zimmerman will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon. but whatever happens to him in court, his name and face will be eternally linked to the 17-year-old he shot and killed that night. >> thanks to matt gutman for following all the twists in the case. just ahead, going primal to going vie gegavegan. this guy tried everything to get healthy and we will tell what you he discovered. what's with you?
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well, it's the ultimate body rehab project, taking every single piece of advice that doctors give about daying healthy and actually doing them, literally, all of them at the same time. one health nut spent two years living this week and john berman met up with him for heavy lifting, caveman style. >> reporter: this guy throwing rocks with me, he may be the single healthy person on earth.
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he maybe may not look like much. it's not just the boulder tossing, the log carrying, finger stretching, bathroom stretching. ear petting, and dingerdoo blowing, he followed doctors advice to get healthy. all of it. >> i had a huge stomach. i looked like a snake that swallowed a goat. sugar, salt and fat were my main food groups and i needed a recamp. >> reporter: that lasted two years, every diet, every workout and trick and technique under the sun. ♪ happy birthday to you >> you have to meditate, pet
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dog, it lowers your blood pressure. he wrote this book while walkingen had his treadmill. >> i did it while on her. sitting is bad for you. it's really, really bad. >> reporter: spend a day with him and you learn he is a milwaukee v walking encyclopedia full of health. skin care. >> a shot glass full of sun screen. >> reporter: to plant care to water care. >> holding a cold bottle will keep your core temperature lower. the study just came out. it was from stanford. >> reporter: you are a machine. >> he would like to look over my sher when i was eating, you
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know, white bread. and say, you know, enjoy your empty calories. >> reporter: but for the most part, they got with the program. no shortage of fruits and vegetables at this table. he developed opinions on what works. he likes the boulder tossing and sprinting of the cave man workouts. why we doing this? >> the cave men didn't dot a lot of leisurely jogging. they ran array from the tigers. >> reporter: he likes eating healthy, vegetables, fish and eggs. and not what he eats but how. >> twunt eat slowly. there is a very passionate movement on the internet called chewdaism and they believe
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should you have chew as much as 50 times. and that is a pain, not as much as some things. >> well, i tried colonics and juice fastics and i was not a fan of either one. and luckily, the sign was not there. >> reporter: the end of two years, he managed to lose 17 pounds. he says he is now bursting with energy and he feels fine. he has backed off some of the dodsens and dozens of health rituals. he says there a not enough hours of the day to be that healthy. so everything in moderation, even the boulder tossing. i'm john berman for "nightline" in new york. >> john berman looks health yes already. thanks for watching abc news. we hope you check i


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