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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  April 12, 2012 2:35am-3:59am EDT

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that cost tre was ultimately lead to a ultimately lead to a a p sleep expting a online.ten. george zimmerman arrived at of that veryriate action. passengers on the memorial shou some say the items just teach u tensionshrerday partnering with national rifle fear a fearing for thei on the wealthy. under the microsco s wa >> reporter: p sanrum is new yorky.attoey spoke about fl ro big i money rees abc's matt gutman s karen. >> if we find evidence of a ia attorney spoke about florida's amendment. he claimed to be worth $400 doing al t this is an alarminore. online payment ser f storm warnn magnitude mahmakernts on opl guaranteed. million. >>ep but the u.s. bie welcome in the upp er i'm not gog them. who followed each and every bit when i scratch his nec 7%.ur by and health over ne dierk in hunger. you're not going to be, you really ailart you're not going to , 5'11", , . thanks to abc's y to soutin at as6:00 p.m. can no longer get around ed names. >> theaben. >> he would not retu2 pounds.t violation of his leg just -- a.m.o throughoha >> and the head-ng b >> reporter: we'll be rhtvon that has br stody, the wheels starting to chilly february night. >> it iis then sanford, the weight, which -- developing diabetes. changing just one thing in thei9 gamers heading towthe next day. it's no surprise con they brought bacd ga expect widespread mstheyould beg if you want to help them choose ♪ you're adorable more reliable. l this stopping and poune-ed at hours of sleep a night, they >> caffeine topowechair. hi, i'm tousore. ne ouble sleepi caow for your free dvd and information kit. ne ouble sleepi othe r mers heading towood flow >>ms everybody laugh. >>jos.iend was lme. othe. l this stopping and pounar j that hot onem word onnters haveal place to f in ." >> don't you wisur 91% clean of plaque increases the brain's bl oh, there we go. they brought bacd ga game othe. game creatorsa sharp, improving mobility and or don't rob sso about a them.. life's annoyances and waiting a fed-up dangerous man. >> erdapartnering with some he esidential race, we turn to the dramatic end of insurance plans, they are getting t? >> i souvenirs from the sh perfect mc mame prefilled. and at every step, the >> r te sprouting salo chicago says beer.we get t? avo's il survivors. smarter, obema tell your health care provider about all medicines you take he's accused of misuf florida, but thekn. sugar, salt a p ers his de apparently he's a rhythmic lea markesing all.nee tt romne florida, and it's the law that's nerk stand your ground law and how it spikmahmaker." of an when you hear thelionof sprouting himeporter: he was thespot tom. salomation are supposed to the world is watching as be story. througho >> could have been. now to the rend ao after 45 how many of their own peopletsa. nroll. >> could have been. now to the rend ao after 45 how many of their own peopletsa. tness this launch. except a womann atpersonally. grou ndo do more, see among other things. erything. plus you'll get this free guide. [ female annou ]spon ] so it's. ornow!?hat ifit comes out wrong? man whouth. man whouth. >> a g toorth korea experts in south koreaanent ce'n easy. let's get some dimensional col rn our all competitively priced. we know the technology used to and we want this hair color perfect matc ou are to/tomato. oh,edes so basically, they are takind an an aarp... big mome zombies. s wi this tote bag george zimmerman beiri voca big deal? details comingp 0 p.m. eastern tla we know paula wh ford late had. an $47li seevoll,ion not r magazine, onlo >> and as a joseph calls t'willa if you can put a whe the porch and in 45 days, a brief gle ow in, his attorneyo zimrman will e korea, but cna "america eastern on thursdahold rain heavy and pbl-year-old his allen church. tou of malpractic nd ev late rocket very soon. foed just less than two months ag ot ing games f harmful rays followanket northern texas alond at cooper arad on top n policy. >> repore te ter been fogege zi south korea said is from 7:00 everingh's charng >> a if you can't do thau ur how often do you have trhold for trayvon that has brought us tor s ther said is like you used to? a special prosecutor in florida >>ch were woken up afju pronounced dead and quickly "world news w, a coffin, pl hossie d uphe coffin and hoveround employees build your chair, deliver your come on. in the 40s. some oil palm plantas. th hey say britney's had her share of i j. lo can't is torture.? i'm terrible aat >>shiko tanaerkas the game over a free information kit. oooh, what's her secret?oart and stresses and that shesold. the suit claims there was a $100,000. nsal with his car which ld be a >> let's not touch that subject. to understanding medicare. >> yes.." battle.the >> a a ns conference in folks. >> right now, it's the law opei. florida, and it's the law that's in o veryi tover feel sy artifacts from the seexplai. their law. authors, historians. in ff-daievemir flexpen. . ugar with diabetes. d now our mayor here in new situation and e awfully good s if it holds -- if itarmerat law saloods el time. >> yo eoue it. event tod mo new york city. and really took aim stand yo gilbe that >> oh, yes with details on this.ur chair, r ng cam imagine,enr od morning, paula.mostveryone, manyue i will say that comtoans endors. goin hrob. and everybody isng saying that thin might play in the perfect matc he ced would you evere ot of us sleep >> reporter: a rut 7%. actualleady... / itl 0 are not related, thd to be a >> reporter: he was thempan one, was thell so you can find one that fits r your needs and budget. rocket very soon.ure perfect, uf >> reporter: i a which we know the technology used to and i don't need a referral o see a specialist. hours before hesting with gege zimmerman who claims n in n on it personally. luhe tre. we know the technology used to isorwa. we say it's a rocket. plhat revampteuran plans... charges at all. >> abc's what north korea really wants i. shifts. >> and ahe soting.n,e e yter w many that hot onemay.note. a that hot onemay.note. a includinnd for naturally beautn details comingp e ll be valued f >> yeah, this is not a good martinea of him.sete zimmerman!rock who a u.n. securbacoing hard rld ght ? refrigerated room, and fabian e among other things. ot of us sleep in cuhe pointeft turns usnt shifts. a.m.o rocket very soon. theyim ghosthas en kansas. l regional airlines are s he- tn for trayi ow you were trying toa least a big step f srde time has ting. of him. where he shot unarmed to this moment. >> it is the >> reporter:nk y. we'll be rhtvon that has br tor s ther said is stppers. >> just to know that like you used to? r de iant zoo's attoday,ut look. were woken up afju, they were me mews, kyo. idolmaneuvable to get you ne ouble >> here's a story ne it easier than any other >> ng "world news w,on. britney spears. that makmy mouth is now. there's paullay them a lot. gam. of thousands of pou peck rea himsel ebooks suitable politifact're in the peak of t conspiracy to raise it. the government claimth great war. drivingt consumers m showroom window, hevernnt claim a rare tornado touchedowping gh >> sandwich day. b f nce. goin hrebout the past philippiny conducting rimartin'silruar strong words asill be held sure of that very should have paid m. florida is pre dr. tchgive people a as well. women over 30. law which obviously has been t >> two, re week, but it'smpai fundst, ther eis termed a hateanent ce'n eas. good morning, paula.and fat wer i 30 years. florida is pre take plateau, she couldin folk enough money to o an internet sure, he may not e kids. ceo voca saloods time. follow up. the key word there, er and thenn tht ofour own pocket. this thursday. upcoming nationwidpersonally. p.m. eastern tla onn it all.y to mahmakervish lifesty. whether it was a raciall because she took issue with court for fibook uestion of the d >> but the guy now it is stay with us.h some healthieera. megamillioe ght >> announcer: "world news now" grou ndo >> a g toorth korea experts mid-febr assq america's western edge and e. multimillionaire could bdollars. th accordin nlin levels had fallen. >> oh, yeah. come and take a look >> h does charges at all. ♪py which $5 >> as yoca'll in south koreathey will never, . details comingp 0 we know paula wh ford late shifts. be tng cam undeniably. the pastn on itx-party talks, at shifts. development info what does that exactly mean fo development info she looks fantastic, what happened.ed rder.ta away all the ramificave. this is an alarming little come and take a look he can't colay. chairor as longs en 17-year-old trayvon martin t stody, the wheels starting to e be turned himselfgi george zimm that makesht ♪the by was kept i. we're now by clear cutting to make way fo. tornadoes.ntue after this website.heays he's made pl o attention - you own your chair. >> thank you. arcads are a boomi b on e. torture.. and the pleasant spot will be ue longer get around drch stay up o ho they've had massi all the judges have been fired. and theyou [ male announcer ] even after a ctoleaninw ba. increases the brain's bl gamers heading towards company has tried to get amazon money. >> thous oeal. pass. b charges. >> i don't touche a the president held that was a rop io > better on thetory around >> it's going to be an official can i confess, i was a the- toi themselves. expting a appa relyesidential race, sugar, salt peince this he mical expenses... ah, and erybody is playing by the a bars. afternoon. fore hisough athat this is an alarming little jobs keemi2 winterpersonally. shifts andturn w always in his >> reporter: ptionhe maybe, or in northern california. onn it all.y to magnitude matchmakern foowed byon earth.d. him two of young boys seeme weather brought to you by compa laughiit just ou are to/tomato. >>'m now what's interesting is china, tensions surrounding the case, we know the technology used to becomes a missile. matter how many carrots or be, case, just knowing that he's of for us in seoul. turn in our favor. story. allen's >> caffeine toweeks, andarr mak how many of their own people die he can't c>> nolth korea defiant circumstances surrtoinhe semgivu triggerman in trayvon martin's and that's when the baby let o ik same tal here. yoodta away all the ramificave r bookuestion of the dheasia.ed from our abc she mon had been s they had nailed the baby inside we'll beht stop along the gulf coast with highs is e of the best inhielf. to us. a new sleep study on interrupted >> announce er: em with big names but can't we know paula abdul, considered middlag grav of my that cost consume>> ior going tp for parole because the inmate pr sold.he that cos some peoplst >>or artifacts from the seabed will f in and there f in and there are thousands of we crime. rat be souvenirs from the sh perfect mc battle.the he fa cs swallowed a going. to kill youe esidential race, presumpti ie awayif you experience just hours ago s ns murder stand yo g stomach. has been et is pover t is crushing faceplican ostly su >> reporteheworr >> reporteheworr d about indonesia. economy wher. fi today. under the tightest security, york city, michael bloomberg,t ves approprward.lobby, pounds. hours of sdiences heno whe's ap. compan sy thatrmy >> i was i dr. >> lche this.avo's il a the. the mansion, " 80% of your part b expenses. prarno claim forms to fill out. weeks of mounting on top of that, a i a another democratic operative had the mansion, a could have been a lotaftershock. bl women a special os man who one transans afte m online payment ser f may ink rob and a, womenlaim to be wort don't go in there! expect widespread msane last on world, inclugoing to trial. the who followed each and every bit luhe tre. results. tampa. matter how many carrots or ust. now." know l regional airlines are have heart disease. in, his attorneyo n in >> reporte tbritney spears' car women over 30. she looks $47li know just aen sticks, no matho models over spot tomorrow, but for e of the best in late just buy some larger clothd liv of harmful rays m. in hunger.into egg you on triggerman in trayvon mart the t shooting. charge.the by was kept in a pot six weeks.ju like axl go to to sre loss. reveround for and the pleasant spot will be along the gulf coast with highs in the 70s and 80s. sing.cades,. guess who c on this shift, ths sun protection on a beach day.s disrupted sleep up for a year, tho doreou call? always funny. he can't control ms and disrupted sleep. listen to anderson laug cks to give some star power. retirement, scenes like this to underha attrieto get amazon 00plus you'll get this free guie to underha attrieto get amazon expect lots of rain a esold. pr sold. this ie real with his car which ca >> >> williams had already b speed >> we willon >> he sounded legit? >> arounnnstf. f items just teach uenor and f do here ever.>> wjust and really took aim injection s. believe me it was hard rk author a.j.w fox,er that rocket the department of justice is th th women. george zimmerman arrived at the but i baing hard our, the thing thatr soany y my vocas. i a buy love.lionof with himeryby. doing al t and best of all, these plans e. to ossie i expect a whole lot oke in h company.ckily that didn't pan o. and best of all, these plans e.t ofour own . now. telling au ime ter today on ime ter today on d nobeing ableo s and dimensioe groue ndopill for us.prosecutort online payment ser f >> reporter: it oh,wnoctor. bely 24 a look k of st to know thathe steelings you can be thin but if you are exclusively endorsed by aarp. say one nit e modelea >> this mt the past a e modelere'eaa lot say one eastnit n time on our ws shifts. can be, raising your risk of we don't have mh se bicies are just a monthhi shooting. in other newis that shoondo? ev but the population is threaten nsllintrayvon martin as hewsor f murder in the second degree. were actua same tal here. ow it's no surprise con pronounced dead and quickly taken away. >> as yoca in 7e lks we've both been there,aceder in >> better to see that than the arcads are b d nobeing ableo call hoveround now, to see if you qualify for nto a sleep lab for over makes >> ng that's big money.t si. created we know paula abdul, h, that hot onem >> that's the ne f that's big money. the thing that bothers mesa.bint waoting games ise.r game on as co life. would pose an unreasonable risk very least you coulday that cost tre wasattached. mo elevations and up to three feet >>nd >> reporter: the real dea says on the wealthy. gettingd. taxpayer would be more lel'rjuse as a consequence, it's fmalaugh mostly >> reporter: many obrv themselves. the backdrop of this fiwho. >> as somebody who works and - >> as somebody who works andpr . but foe christmas trees either. n the law will guide enterten three.s anlarming litt both caused only slight reality tv isn't that a free information kit. orthan 200 we're talkingnd a new could have been a lot worse. wrote whil >> reporter: he was therevoluti. million. >>ep of people who have alr and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan. >> this mt ursday to monday.sult >>ep we know the technology used to and we want this hair color perfect matc >> we like quot al seemed names for these adorables, tosse when you hear the tossing. year. don't end th hav e pounds.t this free informatio. now we're seeing more eviden whether it was a raciallthtensi even oprah is i changing just one thing america's western edge ahind l past six u.n. securbacoing hard rld ght ? for us in seoul. let's reiterate agai abc's matt gutman has the very gooes >> and the head-banging hard rlo r:oday's charges >> reportes whtahad been for weo attorney als prison i past six weeks, andar hours earlier. >> it's more than ju f changing just one thing in their always funny. i know you were trying to get a >>ms everybody laugh. listen to anderson laug charge.ion full of video keepur teeth britney can'inngpopulation is us i enj hotheike jos.c's shar of the brain's bl american seniors who are at the i am at the those guys to faceooks adding $ someone broke into on easterba. tranorow u >> nope.illiams >> he had legitimat custody night where he will be held stf. >> he sounded legit. and now our mayor her artifacts from the se and we g ling doith gun at all stranot. >> reporter: good morning, enorr thishas been tensionshr stay at home, that's the hardest a lotr:oday's charges seminole county jail wednesday eg warmmern with from flea marke >> reporter: many obrv all. exp ederal tionthor a.j. nowow to. thas t surprg to boulder tossing.d eventually al , orida t rocket t againo youst. these th uran plans... to ssedow. it's your surprise party ere. lk pict factas en things about turning 65, joee cho is joee cho is stody, the wheels starting to ,? a.m.oursday to monday. tou of m. stody, the wheels starting to . sleep. website. caheniveity of pittsb s me us healthy and come on.riard besser g>> a if y refrigerated rossim e couplef en the experimwa waof the best inily 91% clean of plaqu casino pdo have gray hair? that's harder than ath chrysler has sold more than orc thke week.tifor up to 42 days. seminole county jail wednesday >> what's on yours? >> reporter: carolyn had reason this scam is being run out of >>ep tomand follow the lates campaign baing hard rld ght now? yesterd d th rigs groups tit's rule, calling for higher taxes i rhythmic to a respite. themselves. expting a ns murder plain and simple, i matter how many carrots or day, for president back in 2008. job in the a newt, there's afoia. martin. follow wted to fair shot. night where hedo with gun murder in the second acted to t amendment. plain and simple, i >> i was i enterten three.s anlarming litt good looks.thing. blowing. jacobs d ed nowow to. thas t surprg follow up. off the coast of oregon in orianent ce'n eas. >> reporter: he was the bik in >> could have been. >> this mt ursday to monday.sult >> announcer: >> here our favor. ursday to monday. x-faytng, it'. shifts. months. thrl as a nuclear power. shifts. abc's matt gutman has the very thanks to abc's any light. the world is watching as gooes the world is watching as get those hours of sleep ian hospital morgue for 12 hours. go to the point defiant zoo's besides being dead tired, eron couplef >> ho. here. e motion involved to raise the o an internet >> on easter? come on, dude. audits t tsing warrant get these peopllse ua>>eportern 're not talking abou have six a themselves. owne case, but second-degreews wen c? on the wealthy. follow the latesmaryharge in manslaughter charge in this no perfect maspontc ] so it's n. but seriously, it's were endorsed by aarp... now to the rend ao after 45 it will be back on alert 6:0 and we want this hair color to be party ready. this thursday. the next at 4:00 in the mornin o ♪ upcoming nationwid what north korea really wants is be t the baby is the coupfole fed jus >> we know the technology used to announced the es where he shot unarmed >> here's a story ne you own your chair. that r. threth is britney's had her e 89-year-old yo or before you gof company that away. he says off.nati. asell. >> it's going to b to be scared. e thmic as a consequence, it's fmalaugh follow the lates campaign anything that comes from theforr causing. martin. case, but second-degree murder of the countf." >> ann not just the people in romney knows women could be the australia have expressed don't end th leftn here a look at you supp. esy says his ves rward. with hime'd been a ma artist >> reporter: but instead of what does that exactly mean fo ag oearth, let's share oin lift it off is sim.diffent kind they are sayin o ns stody, the wheels starting to website. i'm not going to egg you on theisl the thing that i a little giggle likve firings. [ male announcer ] even to grow back.leanincks authors, historians.s. now a grey. motorized batteringt consumers y >> do you b tgive people a get these peopl the and nowcase emergeexception, al e the backdrop of this whol an hour to get in >> as somebody who works and -- b edrds now faces ue p heerchlth had been in hyding ir0 heerchlt now to the re d now our mayor her a p shoohar change >>d to be a oneds and budget. ete his ." now , brney spears?sel, real. r. difference in this election. samost of l regional airlines are i looked like a snar but the u.s. believes it's years he managed to lose 17 e t option to rightfully be rn our y. to be acknowledged by the world but basically, thee lism, theirs retiring, joseph now has a sticks, no matho models over a e modelere'eaa lot of people. turn in our favor.onnterrupted months. >> announcement brought a brief wu it's estimated if they kept chilly february night. prosecutorel today, but look. fleece blankets,ar that makesrerse entertainment and company, and to raise the apparently he's ae nati rjust taken fi associationf rival. their law.orgeilton says it alln is the customary charge in soate. case, just knowing that o fing es upcoming nationwid soft, smoods ♪ >> tomato/tomato. call the numbe medire t insurance plan. as a nuclear power. >> reporof o tn >> reporof o tn shifts andprivtuion this thursday. >> he would not reaian extra 1 >> thank you. memoryr forms of exerc millionux >>ey hire these pe tbinames butt britney can'ng hd introducing crest pro-health ur gamemakers are cashing in.e em wracked upcautforniaen the gulf coast where r, nobody has been arrestenor ar and we g and rs rights or the s the time for l murder in tavehe en their law.e buffett rule next >> this president hire a murder in the second degree.orl mi iter.ay. iall began in esy says his ves rward. >> tomato/tomato. south koresa years he managed to lose 17 e t wistanding medicare.ved to three ho to this tholdmi of him. we'll be right back, everybody. $1,000. the gome this will be the now . look of his terrorized los >>s he made his ttle thanks. temperatures will hit very ua- national rifleea of all of it.weike mostly florida. when a fight was involved and a south over the philippinesil m online payment ser f upcoming nationwidpersonally. >>'m >>t al seemed pict>> le this.going to trial. matchmaker >> attention - americaner, now." world, inclugoing to trial. in 7 ♪ rson, big neshinglse. past six york.lves soaring second career. doctors,se afte mursday to monday. troubles. sing.cowell's newn for presidt threats. yest >> i was i gun was used. tes a mandatory difference in this election. >> this president in, his attorneyo some dimensional col let's get thbaby shutters. they are telling the u.s. l be sentenced in au far t 1600ren'enough >> we are no york.lves >> we are no charged with second-degree tu. >> you can fight seven signs of the world is watching as zombies.o le decision t news, josh, aance ps and waitin offer great deal about get these peopllse ua>>eportern for presidt texas, got the calls, s kmaid be of that veryriate action. and at every step, the sleep they've had to cuttryi to kill their law.e buffett rule next national rifleea of tsvoat clairol. you. important lionof and everybody is ngworse. america's women.d mieapolis, i mean,lel hours in the daysurae company, sed th with carrying it right here. to afte mursday to monday. do more, seewith new proof of .. you look good. that cost consumers more t some call thebeheite to space b was felt me >> south kge states tolionof roand paula, back satellite into space but the pitt's a campu l theyim the investigation into tra agint intte turned himself in north korea prepares to launch bucks to give som >> this isus the gome this will be the now . that cost consumers more t scooter store. and stresses and some people can jobs were lost before theting a edwards. he's accused of misusing edrds now faces up to 30 years >> i was i america's women.d mieapolis, temperaturesth arraignment perfa an u.s. believes it's a men prefer romney by a modest don't end th mor about rbitmeage to the world. author a.j. jacobs decided to the investigation into tra ue qckly starts >> announcer: "world news now" u.s. belvempaign funds inthenolw economy.he off. audited.forward.lions of ely 24 exporting these ofnucleb follow the latesra what are the fears t, are competitive. theyim ong other things. 24 turned hif to grow back. massage chairs ce n athe end of. handle it. delirs la.ew george zi stormni appear in ve . rights crime, we battle over t>>o, we're look l, margin. oklahoma a now what's interesting is china author a.j. jacobs decided to follow the latesra about getting healthy. all of it. could deliver warheads to ic their sleep. about 25 of themn ily routine. s with a generation full of video florida, and it's the law that's some people just say, today is pregnant mistress during his one ingloc s owners. artisate supplement plans... >> reporter: i important but among women, president obama priced. reportor those of you up right e >> or before you go into makxt. goin h expected to head the day. i'm playing bumper cars in the vote on thgen there nerksel, satellite into space but the women wi b thy.niveity of be turned himself e'd been a mah big nesnote. >> it's not juste vi ko games. >> that's inlot of this is base and we g and rs rights or the s ingloc s owners. lily >> i'm not try u.s. believes it's a never a bi >> okay. so the moral to thi u.s. believes it's a battle over t>>o, we're look l, i have twowomen lovet. is crushing his republican pittsb srder.cot. all of it. they play them a lot.ulling the. >>illiams showroom. investigation.ouvenirs and h aad l sift as asmostveryone, p no claim forms to fill out. gege zimmerman who claims ans e. matter how many carrots or eve rbitmeage to the world. hours before he ves it's in, his attorneyo form senator and former hionab risk g this stand your . he ng s. we all have a breaking point. dominican republic. but at least t and us forward.. ple to store our bikes here insl rival. in connecticut, romney could deliver warheads to georgeme be turned himself georgeme idol for weeks, turned oere. powe that i they will never, e ♪aughiit cld be paying herood fw are part of therapy here >> thanks for throwing me >> ror they are tryingter d been ting f >> i don't ow >> reporteikhey he t>>o, we're really at that he had to say the"ridiculist." >> we've all been there. jobs were lost before the>> wju. crystal r. ed butter and surrounded himself with women mi that was an expensive therapy >> it's just crazy. under the tightest security, th d. , siness owners. >> announcer: ight sess to you.amy and lawyers washingtre urge states toe termed a hate mostly it's a be. ed to the civil war museum. rainy sn2 mostly it's a >> you didn't see it thismale a] anything wrong. a be get surrounded himself with women , siness owners. awayn two,t the number one sellg > also later this half h >> announcer: ight scherzinger.l.vernights orns >> pounds. sugar, salt and fat were myver that shealert.lionof st the moral winterwill vote on th thanote, i think you say it's a missile. burstin sess to you.amy and lawyers that shealert.lionof theepublican that she "titanic" necklace. his bodyssoction to you.p. the . thgroups. britney can'ng >> it's really so stupid. shooharus. considered middlagal of .shar they are sayin o conditions from northexsystem on women wted to idol laughing fits that he putal r. whether it was a racialldollars. the day., >> know paulame. million to beudge on "the x sleep aids, no prescription wori to rob >> youe o deny parole was ill t sentence of 25 years behind tw, >> abc's joee cho is berman in required. for us in seoul. but it cou just coming? troubles. of people who have alr not going to happen toot in any it was likehi florida. when a figas >> do you b >> this license enough money to buy love. electronic books adding $2 to5 >> i don't strong words as or at least compete for it. they killed her. should b >> we like quoy my t drawing from a vial. snatures and for of at w her r.
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and pay dirt for himl --th and pay dirt for himl --th the world is watching as ar sun prot o erything. forged just less than two months ag >> bookuestion of the d if not e thanks to abc's miles in oranc, . police arritingor abc news. sierra sold on kdl pretty easy yours h.
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getaway. tornadoes. >> temperatures mostly 5 apple and r >> disoo l.
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>> reporter: dan just don't bring your wallet. just leave it martineazimmerman had been aden >>nce the mail order drugs are2 >> yeah, this is not a insideweeks, andloarng s an alarmin zimrman will be i photed customers are the it's not hiding. ghost to rht after threats. , brisney spears? whether it was a raciallan cnt t stepter: here on board, measure jumbalaya. we're going to file this in the most intelligent burglars. ths t lower it- snow in he now s etn anti-aging cream undeniably. north ineads and budget.
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there's paulal place to find abc's akiko fujita explains. >> reporter: they used to be prime hangouts for teenage. >>.ld soon become the new norm go. arcades in japan look more s the county jail. matt gutman, abc n s stop come on. >> we thinkbring your thankfully, nobody was injured. we're in the peak of tornado onandsf dollars. the department of justice is onn into fresnwh rain turned to hail,id not dopp it came down hard some oil palm plantas.. in washington, trayvon martin's parentttr:oday's charges followthreats. in 45 days, a brief gle
2:40 am
that she took an extreme >> reporter: carolyn had reason b she committed don't in come on, dude. that someone was joseph williams who lives just a few blocks from minimum case25 years behind et g fa this stand your groun it' u.s. belve going to rob someone just don't bring your wallet.usr
2:41 am
winter deny it'se back foronalifle early should be ashameof sleep online. b thoroughly terrified their com scooter store.story. >>lame these people who were calling her shooting in februy.the irs has been than. >> reporter: the perfect areeinsurance company, re. beer goggles, not s to thi sinctoryor around of that very and people a
2:42 am
souvenirs from the sh indicted 11 the backdrop of this .whole artisatryite to kill me f.ed. a dealers in
2:43 am
a dealers in lapillor sleeping pills thatatt.
2:44 am
2:45 am
mierned-br company, an viceor e >> a mug fandsf dollars. >> repr: the
2:46 am
saying t tohat th you.n hyng just when you thr t since shortly after the shooting y. feb reacted to the news thatar conditions from northex >> reporter: many er mrv own heart. of march and r the sd murder u maunwo re hede now takes they did some kind of might play in the thanks. de ann romney is going ttt r: t shooting of theod >> reporter: dan harris, abc news, joshua, texas. >> me of the items sell for tens and the auctioneerstruise ship . ge hre. th the sear and northern calirn him a . >> i know word but i should bef trayvonway. transformation are supposed to illinois in ss beer strong words as windsunny.
2:47 am
chargingrg sre. evlionof evlionof people in washingt we' am wanted aer m own >> we willon with another rorter: that was michae. rlife she got on trayvon >> bramerica's women.and ise five . bars. hanks. event tomo they devised this board game id better on the it's the log carrying,straon. mostly not thatin
2:48 am
florida is pre influential i oba this has nothing to w >> we will on inational plain and simple, i is br passengers othsost ay thmpaign. florida, and it's the law that's goin hd to be a this tnolemiounty jail wednesda politifact qstioning whether iac same set are obama eporter: the sene adminiti thanote, i thinkardest job in the bik in his smarter. hung it on a great war.. >> i know of that very sanrum is history. it's memorabiliad throughout time.nee tt romney il plain and simple, g sh i. idol, two, three. his time in tial eres here in sitting on >> reporter: this guy throwing idol, two, three. >> reporter: this guy throwing what does that exactly mean fo this tiny middle class main three foode philippines slashinn
2:49 am
the rs prarno claim forms to fill out. if you want to help them choose "tic 're not talking abou have six a "tic >> and a lot t we repeal otory around o were stone cold it's how many of their own people>>o. martin'silnying we >> you'd like to go, wouldn't memorabilia museum. >> and a lot rig ts groups tryi and the auctioneers deny it's strange to want to own them.
2:50 am
>> people ec blue lagoon in theg rights crime, wegap could court for fi women wi b measure. ate martin.the nra up to half et case emerged.antyorge zimmermand >> you didn't see"titanic" memo memorabilia. un out of pracce shot. the uacknow" >> do you blame these people who were calling her? delivers qstioning whether i >> yes.tifor up to 42 days. weather brought to youy're talk.
2:51 am
>> r thanote, i think bik in his
2:52 am
expting a ns holiday.t medical advicerch . l25 years behind the irs has b mafact -- women.thmic mnha would normally perform these is
2:53 am
likely you t audited. an i don't owd. jobs were lost befornegeorge zil urge states to a stood a concurrent national rifle trayvon saying that th important adminitirs rights or the sd shog the country this morning ffthiss just ht w involved and gun was usedtheeath of rede campaign fverydy
2:54 am
2:55 am
plateau, she could be in tensions surrounding the case, causing.orea, japan, they devised this board game in which 40 men -- that's right, jack. i'm loving this. afternoon. >> we filed an information- noht >> rte prote the buffe t is w likely you are to be audited. ignores the fact mils company, f unarmed teenager hasre likelyr n >> we fianhe female te anything wrong. a'80o much. i have two little he will be he. but at least the beer.very stepe the law will guide >> rmpan but at least the beer.very stepe the law will guide honey, it's inclea that >> but the guyime over the lastx
2:56 am
pass. igres the fact mils and n arre. supplement plans as with all medicare age to the world. y on a pretty coole. >> fled a tifact. farmer found it tea tobama's . laughter charge in this case, but second-degreeecon president minimum gct, ck vice peince this in brine. barbs over the vot b then it endedinng bloomberg, f. matchmaker before his230,000 thanks. thisstudy. civilht not just thege states t. >> r week, but it's a>> iia going tof >> some sense of howtoodtion fe hours before he turned himself nerves across indonesia. fears of another tsunami like the one that killed 230,000 seminole county jail wednesday e people eight years ago have finance violation trof ow strong words asmmerman's newing lily bars. >> t.j., thisd law which obviously
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
ceofared.rds. .wo surrounded himseit don't know. her response to t w good morning, formrr your nees campaigne thats hewards. malysts believe she c mouroscum caths of to hide his -- i moegvated killing, and whether for president back in hts eithe. we game begins today in the sign me up. o tonroll. >> we like quo presumpti i on b
3:00 am
heerchlth had been in hyding since shortly after the shooting in february. just hours ago stood for this mug shot. hi ts timeay to answer for the death of trayvon facts aside, it's rdoith gun owners rights or the s d sprouting two-wheelers. ikalg the gulf coast. nother tsunami l sentence of 92.3% of all
3:01 am
a concurrent thursday l from grace for edw.
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mahmakervish lifesty. >> reporter: team obama's fiame romney i memorial they've had to cutorge zimmerma. the rocket ises i right, ith u. i'm loving this.ldenag has havep
3:08 am
>> one." with exports if you pay the s nt [ gigi ] nice 'n easy getse
3:09 am
okay. andre oma ndcot. wrote whil ndcot. we like mostly suy. >> one court for fi becomes a missile. two, otitles except a womann the rs >> one women over 30. paymeincovers r reportor those of you up right now, wng weapons.
3:10 am
prosple to store our bikes heren new york city. anti-agiare father
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situation and e e day. australia have expressed were endorsed by aarp... s and dimensional sheohime ovex net worth to be about on
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every diet, online payment service for net coy. even oprah is i same t turn in our favor.forged papers same t turn in our favor.forged papers >> i'm a ceof who followed eacan no about getting al
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sed th with strays over land.movated killin even the boulder l regional airlines are even the boulder when you call now, you'll ge onlyne thing to say... esy. say >> as ves carward. they are sayin o woodruff, wereitou are rocket very soon. lute, fact, a tre. their metabo really a it't a er a clear at er a clear at threats.ere. three food> also later this hal just when you tht succeed -- youth. caow for your free
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ngheir normal sleep north korea prepares to launch . theyimo doou call? give up exporting these nuclea richard simmons. on them. u.s k anwatch policy. officials, of care. ability to burn off calories daily health rituals. he says there just aren't enough hours in the day to be that healthy. >> being too obsessed with strays over land. oris a
3:21 am
3:22 am
just for her carecyes. the next at 4:00 in the mornin o just for her carecyes. us from making one, but maybe, c supplement plans, e you can keep your own doctor and hospital that accepts # medicare, contract the point defiance zoo in ready to shoot it dow appreciate leep a night, they sn you're not going to be, you imen thinof i bo ie a new x-party talks, and no mat how many of their own people ble vocas. to be acknowedth know the tech
3:23 am
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they would ghn big namesut tt lu $47li insided as model in her six weeks. now at a clear atnile, careeror the hospital is in ig>> he would not retums throughohay to cu pro >> reporter: for the first time >> announcer: it a revolution. >> it's a matter of >> not getting enough sleep inox that it can affect your just for her icaren sanford, t. >> as yoca family is going to sue for a or
3:26 am
>> yeah, this is not a good the >> wow.n the r rseep. instl cod tries say they are ready to shoot it dow >> i couter st 5 1/2 ooin the
3:27 am
george zimmerman hound ao after er. >> as ca world, including abc's bob wiyvoned to .
3:28 am
3:29 am
an cnt on one hand touncer: abc not going to happen tod britney's had her e
3:30 am
>> south korea, japan, philippines, russia and australia have expressed sad thschool is offering a th your hoveround delivery. >> it is the search for justice
3:31 am
veround for demanded since tho whether my mouth is now.s, n cle demanded since tho give up exporting these nuclea new york. >>thorities at the urs george z. insomniacs for two decades >> i cou >> just to know that the street a -
3:32 am
3:33 am
their blooga spik we're ise. the oundg the about 25 of them in all bega >> it's more than ju fce night with many other people i months. >> the county jail. matt gutman, abc n si ow you wet i don't know when thosfo >> announcer: "world news now" j. lo can't sing. isnto a sleep lab for morgue sprung into action. >> he would not return our calls, and we couldn't get ahold of him. >> prosecute zimmerman! >> announc: ba inside
3:34 am
fi she saw a little hand and then a face.r ther said is ue longer get around
3:35 am
littlech> a ir of endangered cld the baby was kept in a refrigerated room, and fabian volunt i refrigerated room, and fabian volunt i big money ind oft.
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e em with
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britney can't sing >> this isus abdul, froco -h yo
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factor." britney's had her e sing.
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the key is to combinthise.ion f
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an cnt on one hand touncer: abc not going to happen tod tokyo arcade
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