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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  April 12, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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pleasant zion baptist church. there was a fire at another church and investigators are looking into the possibility whether the same fire bug may be responsible here. >> reporter: congregation members are salvaging what they can from the heavily damaged church mindful that the arsonist responsible for the fire remains at large. >> they told me it's all in this area. whoever is doing it, they're continuing until they catch it. i don't know whether it as a group of them or what it is, but i know it's out there. >> reporter: investigators believe someone set the fires intention alley and one of the flames carried up to the roof line and throughout the rest of the church. it's early similar to a fire less than a month ago at yet another dundalk church, cal vary
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bap -- cal vary baptist. >> anytime you have two fires in a month you wonder are we being targeted. >> reporter: the busses were too old for enshorn's to cover them but -- insurance to cover them. >> i feel like they're wanting something they haven't gotten. >> reporter: it's a point fuel bid another act, this one a vandalism. someone targeted the word god which appears on this sign appearing to be animal blood. >> i know if one thing if they don't catch him, the man up there will catch him and what he
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will do is worse than what we do. >> because of the fire at pleasant zion, the congregation will be more offing to shiloh baptist. it's at 2499 sycamore avenue. the service gets underway promptly at 11 a.m. now the latest from baltimore city police. police need your help finding those responsible for the assault and bob remember ri caught -- robbery and caught on tape. the victim was punched and robbed. police are looking for these three people. take a good look -- two men and a woman. if you have information call baltimore city police. anne arundel police are investigating how a police case ended with two officers in the hospital. the chase ended on route three in crofton. it started as a robbery in glen
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burnie. officers followed the car. that's when they say the suspect rammed his vehicle into a police car. the police are investigating to see if the suspect is involved in any other robberies in the area. starting tomorrow if you travel in and out of baltimore city on the jfx, plan ahead. the city will close down the left lane in bhoapght direction. the closures became necessary when an inspection found damage in the infrastructure. the expressway carries about 6,000 cars an hour. drop down a lane and it's 4,000 or less. that difference, 2,000 cars an hour will have top find another way to come in. >> the lane closure will last six to eight weeks.
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that could change once engineers determine how much damage has to be repaired. also, make the first place to check for traffic conditions. just log on to for a live look at cameras around the area and a list of tips to help you plan your trip to work. you are looking live at the beltway at liberty road, i-695 where traffic is moving smoothly. it's been a nice day. a little windy but changes are on the way. meteorologist wyatt everhart joins us with the first forecast. one thing we've noticed is another cool day and breezy. it sets the stage for a freeze and frost concern. a frost from 2ham to -- 2 a.m.
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to 9 a.m. take a look. a couple of showers earlier today mainly north and east of the city, very, very light stuff but we will take any rain we can get and temperature wise floating around 60, 61 in the harbor. cambridge at 59. we'll cool off over the next few hours. tomorrow 62 at noon. 67 by 4:00. so, yes, a chilly night with a frost. then we warm up. much warmer for the weekend. details straight ahead. today baltimore county executive cameron cam a dan held his address it present his budget plan. it includes no increase to income or property taxes, the 24th year property taxes have not been increased. he said folks need to -- focus needs to be on education and
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infrastructure. it includes $150 million in capital for new school renovation. he calls the budget a level one. >> the state of baltimore county is strong and we're working hard to watch the bottom line and deliver those basic services that we think our county taxpayers need and deserve. >> part of the budget includes $20 million for this year and next for road resurfacing around baltimore county. governor martin o'malley said he's willing to call lawmakers back to annapolis to deal with the budget but only if there's some sort of a consensus. when the general assembly closed on monday, neither the house or the senate was able to pass a budget. the budget for the next fiscal year starts in july. speaking today on a washington, d.c. tv station, o'mally said
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he's willing to call back lawmakers to solve the problem but only if there's a consensus on how this make up the money. anne arundel is getting help to find those homeless find a way to live. the county is getting grant funding to find and maintain permanent housing for the homeless in the county. about 120 permanent households, 162 traditional households and support services will be paid for through that grant. tonight a special screening will take place for the controversial movie "bully." it shine as light on bullying in the country. governor martin o'malley and first late di katie -- lady katie o'malley will hold the screening. the film now has a pg-13 rating and more children will be able to see it. it's at the landmark harbor east
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cinema. today the doors finally opened to a brand-new world for those at johns hopkins and hopkins children center. abc2's christian schaffer has more. how are they celebrating? looks like a lot of people down there. >> reporter: we heard from moke cal bloomberg, one of the major ben factor -- benefactors and the united arab emirates. $1.2billion. the folks say they have the best doctors and nurses in the world. they now feel like they have the best facility unless the world to match. that mayor bloomberg, the billionaire mayor, johns hopkins
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graduate. he contributed to the hospital, naming it after his mother. and then sheikh zayed with long ties to the community often sending members of the family over here for treatment. it will bare the sheikh's name and works of art inside. during the ceremony, mayor bloomberg talked about it with our mayor mayor stephanie rawlings-blake. >> she was nice enough to receive me this afternoon. all mayors have the same problem. everybody wants something and nobody wants to pay for it. i'm sure that's not how it is in the united arab emirates, but here -- >> reporter: maybe it is different over there. that is a live look at the main entrance to the johns hopkins
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hospital on orleans street in east baltimore. you're used to seeing the traditional building on broadway. a lot of the buildings are outdated, but this one is not. it has been designed to accept new advances that they haven't even thought of yet. a lot went into it. they are cutting the ribbon today and will officially open later this month. christian schaffer reporting. >> thank you. there is still no official cause for the fear that burned down the popular tavern next year. it is scheduled to open before the end of the year. this is a sketch of the new one. it will have the traditional front and the back garden section will remain open. it will be bigger. there will be other changes as well. the tavern burned to the ground five months ago. since then fire officials said the fire was accidental in
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origin. electrical work will start soon. the plan is to have it open by late fall. good luck sure' not going to believe your eyes when you see the skies. it will be the last chance to see a space shuttle in flight. where you can seat unique -- see the the unique piggy back ride. >> at least four to six hours a day. it's constant. >> it's becoming far too constant. what it could be doing to ruin your eyes. >> not good. i stare at these computers all day. 64 your normal. we have a weather winner. kristen, you get an abc2 storm umbrella. a warmer forecast when this storm system moves offshore.
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we'll talk about it coming up.
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in health knew, the fda is asking livestock producers to faze out antibiotics they use to promote groasmght they're asking for voluntary limits on treating controlling and prevening specific diseases. it has asked drug makers to make changes so antibiotics can only be prescribed by veterinarian. they will have three years to phase in the guidelines. seems like we constantly have our face in front of a
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screen, whether the computer, video games or tv. it can place a strain on your eyes. linda so tells us how to know if you're suffering from computer vision syndrome. >> reporter: adam constantly has his face in front of the computer. he works in it. >> at least four to six hours a day of constantly looking at the screen. >> reporter: it started to affect his vision. >> i would go home and watch tv with my family and i would notice, looking at the screen was very hard. vision was a little bit blurry. >> reporter: turns out adam had computer vision syndrome. the doctor said people hop spend three or more hours a day on a computer are prone to get it. >> symptoms include eye fatigue, headaches, dryness, redness in the eyes, discomfort of the
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eyes. there's all types of symptoms that make us want to pull away from the computer. >> reporter: there's a simple rule to follow. >> with computer use there's a 20/0/20 rule. for of ri 20 minutes at at computer look 20 feet away for 20 seconds to keep that row laxed. >> reporter: it helps to get specialized glasses with the yellow tint to cut down on the glairmt make sure you're not sitting below a vent. the air can dry out your eyes. position yourself so you're sitting about 25 inches away from the screen. >> when i leave work at end of the day, i can go home and watch tv. there's no problem at all. >> reporter: linda so, abc2 news. >> if you want the latest health news you can like linda so's
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facebook fan page. interesting day of changing weather across maryland. we had the sunshine earlier today. had a few showers east of baltimore now. although mixed with clouds. 58 at bwi. humidity is still dry and winds still from the northwest bringing that chilly air. it will be quite chilly tonight in spots, a frost expected. i'll show you where. first, show you some of the beautiful weather. i had a chance to be in bel air visiting some good friends of mine. we'll have or in a second. the sunshine giving way to thick clouds and bright blue skies later in the afternoon. take a look at baltimore through the day. breezy, absolutely breezy in
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charm city and cooler than average but with the sunshine out, tough to complain, beautiful shot down the severn river. there has been some precipitation basically from bell hair eastward up too cecil. areas south of queen anne's county, centerville through denton getting a light shower. any rain we can get we'll take because the ground is so dry. we're trying to avoid getting back into the red flag conditions. 58 in baltimore. 54 in hagerstown. pretty uniform temperatures. the winds will keep it feeling chilly. humidity staying dry. so still an enhanced wildfire risk just not red flag conditions because we have added a little bit of moisture. freeze and frost concerns, here
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they are, cecil, harford and then also south into howard and montgomery. it is a freeze warning but most of central maryland mr. stay with a light frost in baltimore south prob le not getting below freezing. to the north and east weave a -- we've been tracking this system. you can see the circulation. there it is, circulating several miles off the coast but close muff to impact our weather by drawing in the cold canadian winds. it will eventually clear the sky and warm us up. for now it's bringing in the north winds. the trend a sunnier day tomorrow. it looks crystal clear the disturbance will be offshore. that means more sun less wind and much warmer saturday. one disturbance looks like it will pass to our north.
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the big player is the upper north to let the cool air fizzle out. overnight 38, mostly clear. tomorrow your two-degree guarantee 67, sunshine a good look day. tomorrow night 40 and clear. here we go. temperatures will trend warm for the weekend, no question about that. in fact, i think 80 degrees a good bet sunday and monday. in terms of rain will probably hold off until the weekend tuesday and wednesday. you want to see something? there's your buddies. i was out there at prospect mill elementary in bel air just answering some good questions from more than 100 fifth graders. >> fifth graders know a lot more than you think. >> they knee lot. asked me what we talk about on commercials and things like that and they also ask about what was it like to go on cam rat first
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time and deal with it. it was fun. if you want to see something unique, hopefully the skies will cooperate. make plans to be in the washington, d.c. area tuesday morning when discover flies over. it will be back on a 747 and is expected to fly low of d.c. and mrks as it makes its way to the smithsonian. discovery will fly between 10:00 and 11 a.m. some of the best viewing spots will be around the national mall, gravelly point and the long bridge park. you can also see discovery from the national harbor. you're looking at the sun going down. lots of clouds. it will be cold. wyatt will have a quick look at the forecast coming up.
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a last quick look at the forecast. >> northern maryland, watch out for a fro. protect your plants. bring in the dogs. we will start to warm up tomorrow. >> good enough. >> that's it for us at abc2 news at 6. when we're not here, go to our
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