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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  April 12, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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. now, abc 2news. >> what's going on down here. that story coming up. >> and a massive upgrade for baltimore's john hopkins hospital. the changes you may see the next time you go to the doctor. >> very shocked. i was also veining. >> shocked and angry when the price she saw in the ad didn't match the bill. we are working for you with ways to fight back. the cooler out there but a warm up on the way. will we see much needed rain? the answer as we start. we start with something that could cause a huge headache tomorrow. a slow morning rush hour on the jfx starting tomorrow night and it's about to get worse. a live look right now up under
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the jfx to show us why. >> reporter: the reason why is under the elevator expressway, crushed drain pipe, officials say it's an example of crumbling infrastructure and could lead to a massive failure of the highway unless something is done right away the jfx handles 6,000 cars an hour during peak times, southbound in the morning, northbound in the evening. >> i will probably have to take another route. >> reporter: she is right. tomorrow night the highway will loose one lane each way. >> big deal is that the expressway won't be able to handle the capacity of people who want to drive it with the lanes closed. >> reporter: the left lane will be closed starting at seven. from here it looks fine but underneath the damage alarmed transportation officials, drain pipes crushed overtime so dirt and water has started to wash
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away the concrete, voids where its been lost have already been seen. >> if they are left they can turn into sink holes and we don't want the road to collapse and that's why we are closing the lanes to keep traffic off. >> reporter: that means thousand of people will be looking for another way to and from work. >> i live in pikesville. it takes 20 minutes. that's going to put me off. ly have to come through the city to get to work. rconstruction is planned for the jpx on 28th street but the closure could extend well north of that to cold spring lane and more lanes could be closed during off peak hours. >> a few back routes that are secret. i won't tell you what they are. >> reporter: officials say that the highway, that lanes will close tomorrow night at seven. they are saying to us the repairs will take six to eight weeks but they don't know for sure. they won't know how bad it is until they drill down and find
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out what's going on. it could belonger than eight weeks. we will find out soon enough. we have the alternate routes on the website. live in north baltimore. >> the latest now onto church fire we have been following since tuesday night. arson investigate ears say the people who set it may be responsible for another church fire. this week's fire started in the shed behind the church. a fire a few weeks ago destroyed two buses, both churches are trying to move forward. >> the brushing -- we just keep going on. you just can't give into things like this. there is to much hatred as it is and the fact they would do something like this and to another church shows the lack of respect people have. >> the church is moving while the repairs happen. they will worship at shiloh. you see the address on the.
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screen. its been a month since this video was posted online. it happened in front of the mitchell courthouse. the victim was beat especially to the ground, stripped and robbed. police need your help finding the three people involved here. they are looking for two men and a woman. those people right there. if you have information please call the police. and the governor said if lawmakers agree to it he will call them back for a special session. neither house passed a budget at close of business on monday. that means the dooms day budget with $512 million in cuts will start in july. that is the only way to change what is -- for the governor to call lawmakers back to annapolis. he said he will do that but only and only if there is a agreement on how to make up the money. >> after a relatively sunny situation for much of the day the clouds came in the afternoon. hung out this evening.
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we are seeing partly cloudy skies now. expect clearing overnight though and as a result temperatures which are now in the the 50s and 40s we expect them to go down to 30s and in fact 9 frost will be likely over night. northern maryland. as far south as howard. keep that in mind. bring in -- cover up the tender plants. mere it is for you tomorrow. we warm up quickly after a cold start. 67, a mildler day and that's just the beginning. see how warm it gets by the end of the weekend. >> after years of planning, fundraising, the building of the new towers, they are just about open. the priests was more than a billion dollars. they say its money well spent. today we got a look inside. >> >> reporter: today it got even better. >> 3, 2, 1.
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>> reporter: calling it a redefinition of the essence of the hospital experience, the new towers at hopkins represent what they are calling a new vision in health care. it's also a $1.1 billion investment in the city featuring 560 private patient rooms and 33 operating rooms the hospital says it represents cutting edge health care. >> keeping with the history these towers will foster new finds, new ways of thinking and new advances that will shape and define medicine for the next century and beyond. >> reporter: the children's center is named after the mother of the new york city may o a hopkins graduate. it's complete with a trauma center u new adult trauma seven center and burn center. it's named after . >> finally this tower represents the goodwill of the people of the united arab
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emerite. at home and overseas. >> reporter: the new build features state-of-the-art medical equipment but art work and a open design of natural light and nature to help promote healing wellness. it's a gift to the baltimore community and the world. >> i can't tell you the satisfaction our hopes and dreams have been filled, more than we could ever hope for and we couldn't be more proud. >> reporter: the hospital said they hope to have everything up and running in the new building by may first. new tonight a special showing of a movie was held in downtown baltimore. it's called bully. the governor and first lady teamed up with the department of education and bullying expert for a town hall on the effects of bullying in maryland communities. maryland is the 7th state to sign an anti bullying bill into law. these days coupons are huge draw for consumers, getting a
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good deal draws people in but customers of a cleaning company say they paid way more than the discount. we have more on the big deal that was for many a lot of hot air. >> reporter: go daddy. >> reporter: alyssa breathes easy outside but inside her house her mom said she is struggling. >> she was having a lot of nose bleeds and her asthma was really bad. >> reporter: suspecting dust in the air ducts am any called a company she saw in the penny safer, the ad said $49 for unlimited vents and returns. when they showed up the cost skyrocketed. >> 529. >> reporter: more than ten times what the ad said once other fees were added in. amy was upset but okayed the work and paid the price out of concern for her daughter. a month later she got another
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surprise. finding out always and forever charged the credit she used $1,500. 1,000 more than she was told. >> i was surprised, i was shocked. i was angry. >> reporter: she said she contacted the owner of the company who said he would take care of it but two months passed still no refund. she kept calling until she got a check post dated for the end of march three weeks later. >> that's not a good business practice. >> reporter: and angie with the bbb said that's not the only practice that concerns her. the bbb has ratted them with a f saying they haven't answered or resolved 17 of their 21 complaints. >> that leads us to have a worst rating or review for them. >> reporter: they said the company which isn't a bbb member isn't addressing a pattern of complaints about shoddy, incomplete work and problems the customers say they
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are having getting action to fix it. the biggest problem may involve the ads. the trade commission said you can't ties a service at one price when you plan to sell customers something else for more money. some say that is what they are doing. >> he wanted to charge us $1,100 for all the work. i said no. you know, your ad says $49 for all returns, all vents. >> reporter: there is another problem with those ads. in the penny saver they boost free estimates for renovation but the state said they aren't licensed for that. the home improvement commission has told them to stop that part of the ad. we contacted the company to ask why they are offering the service in the first place. the owner wouldn't tell us his last name but said that the part of the ad refers to a friend who does that kind of work. as for the unanswered bbb complaints before hanging up on us he said he is taking care of them. >> we still have a lot of
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ducts, a lot of dust. >> reporter: amy is still waiting. she wants a refund because she said the cleaning was so bad it wasn't worth the money. >> i feel we have to call another company and have them come do it. >> reporter: abc 2news. >> we gave the owner of always and forever, the opportunity to respond to the customer complaints but he said no. the home improvement association commission and the attorney general are also investigating complaints made about the company. experts say if you need a cleaning service like this, read online reviews before you settle on a company and if the price changes when they show up don't make a snap decision, take a few days to get estimates other companies and decide on the best price for you. >> any mom will say they work at home they just don't get paid and the work of the mom is now getting a spotlight in the race for the president.
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we want to know what you think. and a company that provides your morning eggs is being accused of being cruel to animals but is this video real? and a prank that would make you think what was in these balloons? that story when we return. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right?
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daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ . new tonight a texas mom said a senior prank turned in to a dangerous bio hazard. 12th graders were pelting others with water balloons, her son was hit with one filled with urine. he has a disease and has to be careful about what he is exposed to. >> on throughout the day and as it dries it just starting smelling. he report s it to the teacher because everybody was smelling it. >> reporter: she said the school has not investigated. the superintendent does say that they are trying to collect
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all the evidence. students denied putting anything but water into the balloons. do you see this car? it looks like a bad crash request and it is but the excuse the drive driver gave is worse. the man said he made a wrong turn no a light pole because his gps said to. he said he was just following directions, fortunately here nobody was hurt. in tonight's consumer alert gas prices are already over four dollars a gallon in some areas so it's only natural someone would have a way to make some of the money back. a business started by an arizona man where you put an ad on the top of your car. the only catch, you have to drive an average of 150 miles a day to keep the sign clean and use a gps, maybe not the one from the guy in texas, so you know where you will go.
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maybe it's their new line of energy drinks but starbucks must be doing something right. shares in the giant are trading at more than $60. the company -- compares to less than ten dollars in 2009 and in fact the starbucks corporation is doing so well they are expected to report earnings -- growth of 22% at the end of the fiscal year. new and disturbing video racing questions about the conditions of -- that some companies use to send eggs to the table. the farm is a huge facility in pennsylvania that they keep millions of chickens. the humane society says undercover video shows filthy conditions. >> the feed into the chicken and from the consider -- into the skiing then in to the human and you get sick. >> reporter: the farm is question figure the film was made at their facility.
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they supply eggs to shop right stores. the chain launched an investigation. tonight the political world is learning an important lesson. you never mess with the mother. a democratic strategist said that the gop candidate romney's wife never worked a day in her life . >> i introduce to you the heavy weight champion of my life -- i don't mean weight. that didn't come out right. . >> reporter: he calls her a fighter but she is the campaign firefighter, always there to put out the flames. it happened in ohio, he botches the introduction and he saved the day. >> to be able to stand by me and say my job was more important than his, that raising the boys would bring forever happiness, but now i think his job will be more important. >> reporter: when someone went
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after him. >> she has never worked. >> reporter: the strategist unleashed what's considered the romney campaign best asset and for months as she told cnn she has had a job. >> it's my job, it's a great job i have of making sure people see the other side of him. >> reporter: 9 power was direct in the tweets in her defense. it wasn't long after the first lady tweeted that a statement went off apologizes. the backlash had hardly come as a surprise. >> a fist bump, a pound, a terrorist fist jack. >> reporter: she took her share of hits in 2008. romney press secretary said there should be limits when it comes to a candidate's spouse. >> are the spouses off limits now if they are out campaigning? >> of course -- of course -- she is a surrogate for the
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governor. she is out campaigning, of course people will look at her. as far as taking a cheap shot at her to make some sort of political, point that -- political point, i just don't understand, what the point of that is. >> reporter: that was jim reporting. along with raising a family and romney has battled serious health issues including m s and breast cancer. what do you think? should ann romney be criticized for being a stay at home home mom? >> now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> look outside. partly cloudy sky, temperatures continuing to cool off. on the way to the 40s and the -- some parts of maryland could see a frost overnight but was
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not the case today. i was out in belaire and -- just a nice looking day. sunny but cool. with that breeze and we did finish the day with just a couple of stray showers, see the weather develop. the view from the bay bridge marina looking over the chesapeake. look at the clouds, a postcard shot. we are in the midwest, the light northwesterly breezes tonight. clearing skies should allow for a rapid cool off as we move toward daybreak. here is the bottom line, from two to nine a freeze and frost advisory up in the national weather service. the darker counties north of the state line and west of hagerstown, most spots looking for a light frost north of
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baltimore this won't include the eastern shore. neighborhood to neighborhood, upper 60's from glenn burnen. more sun than clouds tomorrow. a little brighter of a day than we had today and as we look out there tonight weather starting to quiet down. the upper level low that has been churning, it's bringing a couple of those much needed rain showers but more than anything cloudy and breezy, chilly conditions, that's moving off shore. the center of it over the atlantic move away from cape cod. as a result we he will get the chilly breeze in here tonight. after that dry and sunny conditions, and we will start to warm up. air in the south and west of us begins to move in. it's a much warmer air mass that replaces the cool air that's on top of us. here is the trend. the upper level low continues to move away. cool breeze -- that lets things moderate. we should be in the upper 60s. it'll let things move in to the
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70s on saturday. one disturbance on the map looks to track north of us in a way that's to bad because we could use the rain. it'll keep us dry and relatively sunny through the weekend. it's courtesy of the upper level low moving out and away from the east coast. down to 38 overnight. mostly clear, chilly. in to the day tomorrow a chilly start in the morning but to be able to peel off the layers by lunchtime, 67, mostly sunny, tomorrow night down to 40. all right here is the outlook. fur like the warm weather and are like where did it go? it's coming back. back by saturday and sunday. just in time for the weekend. we look for low to upper 70s and took the chance for rain out and looks like we will get much needed rain tuesday into wednesday. >> you are busy today. not just the weather but you were out early this afternoon. >> we like to stay busy. this is hartford of course and -- had a great time up there.
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prospect mill elementary. more than 100, 5th graders. they were really smart. they had great questions today. thank you for the invite. >> let us know in you -- if you want to visit. >> and the kid suicide kids should be in bed. >> here is a look at night line. >> coming up, inside a homicidal love triangle. and the swim suit super model who is now a super mogul. that's coming up right after the news at 11. ñ[=
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. >> you just have a spare $80 million around, you can take home a piece of art history. one of the four paintings known as the scream. it went on public exhibition today. next month it'll go to auction in new york and will fetch a really pretty penny. and a blind 5-year-old in kansas has her friend home where she belongs. the pit bull therapy dog was stolen from the front yard a few weeks ago and monday morning showed back up on their front porch. >> she woke up and came out to the living room and said there her is, it's my milly.
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>> she has scrapes on her face and body so the taylors think she may have been used for dog fighting but she seems to be okay. police are investigating. let's get a last look at the forecast. >> you know it on those clouded if they clear out. we get a frost in northern maryland. if they don't you probably won't get a frost. still plenty of cloud cover. we expect that to clear. all of northern maryland. tomorrow 62, by lunchtime. not bad. a chilly start in the morning but warming up in to the afternoon. so enjoy that and remember this weekend we are back in the 70s. >> all right. we will be back after this it.
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. >> that's all for us. you can get the latest online. when we aren't here you go there including the latest weather. >> always, always. the seven day, the radar, check it out. abc we will see you later.
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