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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  April 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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stabbed her infant in the neck and head. it happened during a visit this morning at the department of social services here on the east side. there is no way to avoid what is most likely the visseral reaction to those first two lines as there was no way for passers by to avoid the spec that kel. >> when i walked by i heard an employee saying an 8-month-old baby got stabbed by his mother and the police were calling with the sirens. they were running. that's when all the employees came out. they were crying and stuff. >> reporter: the baby was transported to johns hopkins and is expected to sphie. police kept the mother behind. she too suffered minor injuries but was immediately put into police custody where they tried to gain some insight into why she would attempt to murder her own infant. >> at some point during the visitation or encounter she became irate. at this point she remains irate.
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detectives hope to get through why this happened. at this point we have the suspect. we have the mother. >> reporter: police say charges are pending but the first order of business is what they call an emergency mental evaluation of the mother searching for answers to the unthipsable. >> that's crazy. it's craze disirks i don't know. why would someone hurt a child. >> reporter: now baltimore police say they are waiting on the mental evaluation of the mother before they formally charge her. brian kuebler, abc2 news. fire officials believe victims from a fire died from carbon monoxide poisoning. the three addition hall victims were found by firefighters. they say the level of carbon monoxide found in the home was
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extraordinarily high. a 27-year-old woman is dead tonight. the woman had trauma to her body and died later it the hospital. officers were called to northeast baltimore in the 5400 block of hill born avenue yesterday afternoon. her death is being investigated as a homicide. attorneys for two brothers accused of beating an african-american teenager may withdraw a motion to move the trial. eli and avi werdesheim were patrolling an orthodox jewish neighborhood in baltimore when the alleged attack occurred in 2010. they submit the motion because of the national attention in the trayvon martin case. at a hearing this morning they told the judge they may opt for bench trial instead. prosecutors are argue the brothers pulled up next to the 15-year-old boy, got out, approached him and threw him to the ground. one brother is also accused of hitting him in the head with a
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radio. >> all right, on the weather front it has been a nice day of improved weather. we can see a couple of showers beginning to pop up, primarily north of harford county just over the pennsylvania line. for most of us it's a cool and pleasant night. there are freeze warnings in garrett county west where they had snow because temperatures are expected to hit that freezing mark but most of us will see temperatures going from 60 to the 40s and staying safely above freezing around the baltimore area and the eastern shore. this evening 50s, variably cloudy. we'll talk about how things will change. it's straight ahead. >> well, the justice department says criminal charges have been filed for the first time in connection with the deep water horizon oil spill in 2010. a former bp engineer is charged with intentionally destroying evidence relating to the
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disaster. the defense department said he deleted a string of 200 text messages. the deepwater horizon oil rig sent 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. less than 24 hours after george zimmerman was released on bail, police cleave bill lee offered his resignation. he had been on leave after trayvon martin was shot and killed. lee's resignation proposal was rejected by the commission. >> the city commission said they want to have more information. particular, they want to have the results of an independent investigation that would determine what took place and how the sanford police department acted. >> the vote not to accept lee's resignation came down to 3-2.
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an attorney representing trayvon martin's family has criticized that decision. jennifer hudson was back in court after the trial of the man murdering three have her family members. prosecutors say she hung her head down and shed her eyes as the sorlgt described finding her mother's body. private first class bradley manning was in court trying to get the charges against him dropped. he is accused of leaking documents. manning is charged with aiding the enemy and transmitting national defense information and he faces life in prison if
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convicted. the judge will rule tomorrow. well, in democracy 2012 tonight it is a big day for mitt romney. people in connecticut, delaware, new york, rhode island and pennsylvania headed to the polls for their state's primaries. there are about 240 delegates at state and romney mass 645. romney's remaining competitors, newt gingrich and ron paul are both far behind in the delegate count. it is day two in the trial against ged yesterday in north carolina -- against john edwards in north carolina. the case hinges on whether ped wards violated finance laws boy taking more than a million dollars in donations and using it to cover up his affair. >> this could be big. john edwards' one close friend andrew young was on the stand as
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a star witness for the prosecution. andrew young took the stand again today. the former campaign aide spoke will what he knew about the affair with rielle hunter. young had said that night they were in the same hotel together and they slept together that first night. young was involved. he funneled money to her and at one point falsely claimed the baby was his to protect his boss. tara malloy, senior counselor said the difficulty here is going to be compiling the type of evidence that's necessary to proof that this type of -- prove that this type of payment was for campaign crazy. they argue friends gave it to the former senator who wanted to keep the secret from his wife,
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not voters. >> that it was both personal and professional and that's what makes it so tough. >> reporter: prosecutors plan to play voice mails that edwards left on young's phone has the scandal was unfolding during the heat of the campaign iamb lea going to leave you this message just in case that i ask for you what's going on. the roan we're calling is elizabeth is standing there. so just be aware. >> the trial is expected to last six weeks. if convicted, edwards could face up to 30 years in prison. neighbors complained and they got their wish. how they got the video store to close down the viewing booth. she gave the gift of life to her boss. why one woman is suing the company that they both worked for. and they took on motown music last night but tonight one couple will leave the stage for
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good. we'll have all the highlights of "dancing with the stars" when abc 2 news at 5 comes right back.
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she is calling it the ultimate betrayle. a woman no donated -- donated the kidney to her boss but got fired. >> reporter: it's the ultimate tale of no good deed going unpun nshed. usually when someone is given the gift of life, they're filled with gratitude. >> reporter: stevens who used to work at the atlantic auto group says about a year and a half ago she decided to give one of her kidneys to her ailing boss, but
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he was less than grateful claiming after she gave him the kidney, he gave her the pink slip. >> the crazy thing is i actually feel ashamed. >> reporter: it started going downhill after brusha had a problem finding a don't north. she wasn't a match but she left someone give her the kidney on her own behalf. after it stevens had complications, called in sick and when she made it to work -- >> pretty bad. >> reporter: stevens said when she complained management moved her to another dealership 50 miles away. ultimately she lost her job. she has a lawyer and is suing for an unspecified amount. >> she broke your heart?
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>> she did. >> reporter: atlantic auto group said stevens was treated fairly and accused her of making up a claim that at an tick calls groundless. all right. nice to see the sunshine back today as most of us did. right now a little panoramic look around the inner harbor, a mix of sun and clouds. clouds rolling in after 2:00. now we're seeing a mix out there. 60 degrees. winds are west southwest at nine miles an hour, so not too bad temperature wise. a little bit of snow on the ground. you can see it at the sky valley lodge. to the extent they were able to get early morning cross-country skiing, it didn't take long. bel air today, there this is,
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bright blue skies. our view downtown, a great view down main street. annapolis a mix of sun and clouds. new we're seeing a couple of showers migrate out of pennsylvania but very, very light rain to the extent we're seeing precipitation. it's north toward philly. 63 in easton. winds from the west at 10 to 15 mur our. breezy but dry air. as a couple showers try to make their way in, rain will evaporate on the way down. so bottom line relatively quiet. our big storm system still pinwheeling over the north eastern part of can darks really outside -- canada, really outside of new england. the wraparound flow bringing showers and mixed showers to the state of pennsylvania are in the
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of us. breezy mapped cool conditions -- and cool conditions. winds will diminish. high pressure will settle in for 24 hours. a big dome of fair weather will hold through the dray tomorrow for your wednesday. as we go into wednesday night into thursday a new disturbance on the way. talk temperatures for a sefnlgtd again today unseasonably cool, late april. we should be in the upper 60s. today we hit 60. much warmer air south of us, 70s, 80s toward des moines. the warm air will filter in out of the south and west and should allow to us rise in the upper 60s and the possibility above 70 on thursday, even as we get the chance for showers on thursday. let's give you the timing with a look at our future trend a few clouds tonight, sunshine through the day tomorrow. looks like a very, very nice wednesday. get outside and enjoy that as we go into your thursday, here's the next disturbance. it looks like this may bring
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showers overnight and especially into the thursday morning time frame. so your morning commute through 10:00 looks leak showers, brief disturbance, probably whoapt get much rain but hit and mills showers. even with the big storm we had over the weekend into monday, guess what? we're four inches behind our term hall annual rain. 40 overnight, partly cloudy and cool. two-degree guarantee, 6345 tomorrow. some spots in the upper 60s. webs -- wednesday night clouds on the increase. seven-day forecast, lock ahead. we find temperatures rebounding, mid to upper 60s tomorrow, low 70s on thursday whether the chance for showers two times this early and saturday night into sunday. i know that's not always the best for your weekend plans. looks like two chances of rain. it's rain we could use, kelly. we made a big dent sun dislai
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into monday but we're still not where we should be for spring. >> that's not bad. >> let's spread it out a little. well, last night this was motown night on "dancing with the stars" and the dance marathon shook things up a little bit but a familiar pair is still on top. abc's george pennachio has the highlights and who is in danger of going home tonight. >> reporter: all eight teams took to the dance floor at the same time, cha chaing for extra points. katherine jenkins and mark ballas won it. combined with their individual scores, they're number one again and one point again from that elusive perfect score. is it just itching at you to get those triple 10's? i'm more than happy with triple
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nines. jaleel white and gym johnson were in the bottom two last week. now they're the top two. >> last week brought us so much closer together. >> william levy and cheryl burke danced to a third place followed by donald driver and peta murgatroyd. and then what happened? >> i stunk roshon fegan and chelsea -- chelsie hightower are next. >> this is the best night, the very best night of any night we've had here. >> the dance duo returns with
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the bottom two and the judges deciding who goes home, all that plus the music of boys 2 men. >> you can catch every step live at 9:00. first, check out lamps man standing at 8, cougartown at 8:30. after "dancing with the stars," private practice at 10:00 and abc2 at 11. we have an important warning for parties of teenagers. we'll tell you about the dangerous trend that involves hand sanitizers that could land your teenager in the hospital. plus, why do some folks pay a lot more for the same surgery? we'll take a look at the huge gap medical costs. ♪
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they're in hospitals, schools and many people keep them on the kitchen counters. we're talking about hand sanitizers. half a dozen teenagers in california had to be treated for alcohol poisoning in the past few months after drinking the hand sanitizer. they're worried this may become a new dangerous trend. parents should buy foam hand sanitizer because it's hard tore disstill the alcohol. a new study finds disparates in with we pay for the same medical procedure. the stud di in california looked at hospitals and what they pay for the same uncomplicated a directy. they found charges range from $1500 to a staggering high over
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$182,000. they say medicare patients and the uninsured were charged more, especially at the for profit hospitals. if you receive a text message as a reminder to get your child's flu shot, would it help you remember? researchers conducted a trial involving 9,000 children ages six months to 18 yearlies old. one group received a text message encouraging the flu vaccinations and others received telephone reminders. for those who got the text message, they were more likely to get their child the shots. researchers said linking the text messaging with electronic health records can help doctors provide better care. hears a very natural way to treat that -- here's a very natural way to treat that dry
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skin, olive oil. health officials say olive oil has hasn't oxidants. a new study shows the oil can actually improve acne and help with healing brittle nails. >> check out our website. it's the place for all the interesting health studies, log on, check out the page. you'll find the important headlines from today. well, coming up, the neighbors got sick of them and they wanted them out. >> i would be happy if it just burned down, truthfully. >> they're in the using matches but opponents of a movie theater used the courts to try to put it out of business. and what president obama is asking congress to do to help
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out struggling college students and their families. plus, the suspect in this deadly drunken accident was back in court today.
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baltimore police say the mother of an 8-month-old baby girl pulled out a kitchen knife and stabbed her several times this morning. it happened during a visit at the city department of social services. they're waiting for results of a mental evaluation before she is charged with anything. five people were found dead in prince george's county most. carbon monoxideso


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