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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 25, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and breaking news. a stunning announcement from british police just two hours ago. madeleine mccann could still be alive, as investigators reopen the case, and a massive new search. also releasing this incredible, new photo of what maddie could possibly look like today. also breaking overnight. orders canceled for american beef, after the sudden discovery after mad cow disease in a u.s. dairy cow. the government now scrambling to say there's no threat to our food supply. but what does it mean for the meat on your table? family feud. football star, deion sanders, and his wife, both in trouble with law overnight. he's been charged with assault after she spent the night in jail. inside the real-life "war of the roses." perfect beauty. who is the most gorgeous girl in the world? we'll show you the face being called the most stunning natural beauty ever. what makes her so special? you be the judge.
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nice, bright sky to start our day here. good morning, everyone. we have breaking news as we come on the air. british detectives announcing this morning that madeleine mccann, the 4-year-old who vanished on a family vacation in 2007, may still be alive. police releasing a photo right there of what she would look like now almost 9 years old. >> they won't say why they think she's alive right now. and john edwards' former aide andrew young, back on the stand today. he will be cross-examined by edwards' attorneys today. >> what he has said has raised eyebrows. and get ready to laugh because we're reuniting the cast of "in living color." the comedy gave us jim carrey,
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fly girl, jennifer lopez, and ali wentworth. a big blowout reunion this morning. let's get to the breaking news on madeleine mccann. look at the computer-generated picture british police released hours ago, saying this is what maddie would look like now, just before her 9th birthday. jeffrey kofman has the latest. >> reporter: good morning, george. next week, madeleine mccann will have been missing for five years. if she were alive today, she would be almost 9 years old. and in a stunning twist, police here in london now say she may well be alive. if madeleine mccann is really alive, this is what police think she might look like today. british investigators have launched a massive review of the case, after portugal failed to solve it. madeleine was days from her 4th birthday, when she vanished during a family vacation in portugal in 2007. >> please, if you have madeleine, let her come home to her mummy, daddy, brother and
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sister. >> reporter: her parents, gerry and kate mccann, quickly became suspects but were exonerated. now, a team of 35 british police investigators is reviewing more than 40,000 pieces of information to try to solve the case that has gone cold. >> we are here, in terms of seeking to bring closure to this case. >> solving it? >> solving it, of course. >> reporter: that's a huge relief to madeleine's parents, who pushed the british government to get involved. >> knowing the police are actually doing things is a huge step for us. >> reporter: british police called on portugal to reopen the case, saying they have close to 200 leads that could find the missing girl alive. but in portugal, there is much less support for reopening the investigation. the mccanns' own portuguese lawyer says, it is hard to find people who sympathize with the couple. >> everyone believes they -- a father and the mother, that
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killed the daughter and left the corporation. >> reporter: british police say there are moments when madeleine could have been snatched, which is why they are looking at the possibility she is still alive. the portuguese couldn't solve this case. now, it's up to the investigators of scotland yard to see if they can. >> jeffrey, thank you. we're going to bring in our legal analyst, dan abrams, who joins us from los angeles. you heard in jeffrey's report, they're going over 40,000 pieces of information. can you shed a little more light into that for us? >> i think they're doing two things here. number one, i think they're trying to put this case back in the public eye. number one, they want to see if they can get anymore leads because new leads are what's going to be important. number two, they're putting enormous pressure on the portuguese authorities to reopen the investigation. meaning, they need the help of the portuguese here. but i think they also want to
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make sure people are thinking about this. so that they can get as much new information as possible. >> you say they need the help of the portuguese. but you heard in jeffrey's report, they're a little skeptical here. other countries have been involved. there's been private investigators involved. what do you think is going to be different about this latest review? >> well, look. it is tough for the british to do a full-blown investigation of a case that occurred in portugal. so, they really do want and need the help of the portuguese authorities. but number one, i think they want to put together all the pieces here, make sure they didn't miss anything. make sure there's not something where they can say, aha. this is an area we really ought to pursue. but i think that they also want anything new. meaning, when i saw new, i don't just mean recollections of what happened back in the day. i mean, people who may have information today. truly new witnesses who may be able to come forward and say
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they know or heard something that could be relevant. >> so, not so much what happened almost five years ago. but if she is, indeed, still alive, that there would be people who have fresh information for investigators. >> absolutely both. and i think this new picture is very important. people ask, how accurate can it be? a recreation of what she might look like at this age? these things are strikingly accurate. there's been children who have found themselves on these kinds of sites because they said, oh, my goodness. i didn't know i was abducted and they see a picture. >> that's so true. all right, dan. thank you. we'll have you back for the other cases that are brewing. we're going to turn to josh elliott for the other stories that are developing right now. good morning, josh. >> good morning, all of you. we're going to begin with the first case of mad cow disease in the united states in six years, found in a california dairy cow. some supermarkets in asia, specifically those in south korea, have stopped selling american beef.
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abc's jim avila has the latest for this us morning. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, josh. the discovery was random, pure luck. the dairy cow was dead on arrival and exhibited no signs of mad cow. this is the plant where the latest mad cow was discovered in hanford, california. it's only the fourth case in u.s. history. and no american has ever contracted the disease on native soil. 175 people died horrible deaths in the 1990s' english outbreak. >> our food is safe. >> reporter: the usda inspectors took a brain sample of the infected dairy cow, at the rendering plant that turns fat into cooking oil and bio fuel. 1 of only 40,000 cows tested for mad cow disease each year. less than 1% of the tens of millions of cattle slaughtered. >> the government needs to be taking stronger action in both surveillance and in terms of the feeding practices. >> reporter: the u.s. has banned
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feeding cattle beef remnants, which is the only way to spread the disease. but the fda is now investigating if someone broke the feed ban. because mad cow is not infectious through the air, making this a literal case of mystery meat. the meat industry moved quickly to say american beef is safe. but critics want more tests before they sound the all-clear. josh? >> jim avila, thank you for that this morning. now, to a breaking story overnight. a young boy waiting for a heart transplant was abducted from a st. louis hospital. but we did just get word this morning that 5-year-old porter stone, seen there, has now been found safe near chicago. and his father, who had been fighting for custody of porter, is now under arrest. and three more employees are being forced out of the secret service in the wake of that prostitution scandal. and the man at the center of the scandal, who refused to pay a prostitute, reportedly resigned last week. president obama blames the scandal on, quote, a couple of
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knuckleheads, end quote. and the first criminal charges have been filed in the gulf oil spill disaster. a former bp engineer has been charged with obstructing justice, for deleting text messages that allegedly shows bp was lying about how much oil was spilling. he could face up to 20 years in prison. and, oh, boy. talk about embarrassing. take a look. a student at the university of colorado, so excited about seeing president obama on campus, that she spilled her frozen yogurt all over the poor man's pants. someone handed him a towel to wipe it off. of course, you can see surrounded by that crowd, horrified. take a listen. >> oh, you got me. you got me. >> i'm so sorry. i'm very sorry. i'm very embarrassed. i'm very sorry. i'm so glad you accept my apologies. >> no problem. >> now, for security reasons,
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we're keeping her identity actually a secret. that's not true. gave the president a great story to tell. >> she has a great story to tell. >> they both do. it happened in colorado, but on pennsylvania avenue there in colorado. >> how about that? good advance work, josh. >> as news warrants i'll have it for you. >> thank you, josh. now, to the latest on the high-profile trial of john edwards. they plan to cross-examine andrew young. the prosecution's star witness. it follows explosive testimony tuesday. young's detailed account of how far edwards went and how much he paid to hide his affair with rielle hunter. abc's bob woodruff covered this case for years. and he's outside the courthouse in greenville, north carolina. good morning, bob. >> reporter: this is a make-or-break time for the prosecution. this could not be pretty.
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>> good morning. >> reporter: edwards' defense team is ready to pounce. they have portrayed andrew young as opportunistic and greedy, seeking to profit from the cover-up of edwards' affair. >> they're going to do everything they can, going step-by-step, if they have to, to show the jury this person is not believable, creating reasonable doubt along the way. >> reporter: and the prime target for their assault, the expensive home on a hill top, overlooking chapel hill. the defense says is the poison fruit of young's deceit. follow the money, edwards told the jurors this week. where did it go? it went into their bank account and into their $1.5 million home. the government's case leans heavily on young, who after two days of questioning from prosecutors, portrayed his boss as a calculating candidate, consumed with his own ambition. even as hunter's pregnancy,
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threatened to torpedo the campaign. but young testified hush money flooded into his and hunter's accounts. and she knew how to spend it. she was given a bmw, took shopping sprees at neiman marcus, traveled on private planes and demanded upgrades to luxury suites if the spiritual energy was bad. and young said edwards pulled out all the stops to convince him to falsely claim paternity of hunter's child, arguing the story would go away, if only he would agree. they don't give an expletive about you, edwards is quoted as saying. they want me. now, the government has been concerned about andrew young for quite some time. this four-year investigation began. they said his hands had not been clean. and today, the defense will have its first chance to take a shot at him. robin? >> they're going to have tough questions for him. bob, thank you. now, to the growing drama
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for deion sanders and his wife, pilar. the football start was charged overnight, after a fight that ended with her behind bars. ryan owens has much more on this escalating family feud. >> reporter: good morning, robin. these two will not be living together anytime soon. for the next 60 days, she cannot go near her husband and cannot go back to that house, which is big enough to be a hotel. some people just can't live under the same roof. even when that roof covers 29,000 square feet. this ten-bedroom megamansion north of dallas, is where police say pilar sanders and her estranged husband, sports superstar deion sanders, got into a fight that left both in trouble with the law. overnight, police charged him with simple assault. on monday, they arrested her on a domestic violence charge.
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deion's attorneys did not have comment. but pilar tearfully maintains her innocence. >> i understand that i have very little chance at beating a hall of fame two-sport man that everyone seems to love and adore. >> reporter: the charges are just the latest chapter in this real-life "war of the roses." deion filed for divorce in december. but they still live together with their three children. their 13-year marriage was once featured on a reality show on the oxygen network. >> deion? never mind. >> reporter: now, their nasty divorce is getting even more air time. deion, who is nicknamed primetime for a reason, has never shunned the spotlight. here's what he told dallas station kxas. >> if somebody's going to die it will be me before the courts do something to get this woman out of my house, it's absurd. >> reporter: which is the word
7:15 am
that some would say deion did before his arrest. he posted this picture of his sons. he tweeted, i'm sad my boys witnessed this mess. but i warned the police department here, she was going to try to harm me and my boys. this is on my momma. >> i'm a full-time mom. 100% for my children. and i just haven't been given a fair shake. >> reporter: these charges are just the latest battle in this "war of the roses." earlier this year, she sued deion, not once but twice. one of those lawsuits, worth $200 million. safe to say, this war is still raging. >> what a hot mess. ryan, thanks very much. now, to a disturbing scene caught on tape at a new jersey classroom. a father worried about his young autistic son, sent the boy to wire.
7:16 am
but the boy brought home, a tape full of shocking abuse by his teachers. you wonder, how is this possible? >> reporter: the boy's father says he thought he was sending him to school. but, in fact, he was sending him to prison. he was bullied, not by the other children. but by the very people that were supposed to be there to protect him. a 10-year-old boy with autism. according to his father, stuart, shortly after he started attending this school in cherry hill, new jersey, last fall, the teachers began sending home notes, saying he was being violent in class. >> i didn't understand it because he is such a gentle person. and it was only happening at school. >> reporter: he said he had repeated meetings with the school, but couldn't get to the bottom of his son's apparent behavior problem. so, he took an extreme measure. he wired his son up with this recording device. >> when i heard what they had done to him, my life just shattered. >> reporter: on the tape, you
7:17 am
can hear one staffer speaking openly about her heavy drinking the night before. >> you know what i was doing this morning? >> heaving? >> oh, my god. so bad. >> reporter: and then, he says, the women turn on his son, berating him for talking to himself. >> who are you talking to? nobody? >> knock it off. >> reporter: and when he i keys. >> go ahead an scream because guess what? >> reporter: and then, after more crying, there is this moment. >> oh, akian, you are a bastard. >> called my son a bastard. what kind of sick, twisted person does that? >> reporter: he made this youtube video, demanding an apology from the grown-ups on the tape. >> you owe it to him. you have failed in every way in your responsibilities. >> reporter: the school district has issued a statement saying, they undertook a thorough and rigorous investigation, responded swiftly and appropriately. and that the individuals who are
7:18 am
heard on the recording, raising their voices and inappropriately addressing children, no longer work in the district. >> i took my case to the public to make a stand for my son and for all children who are bullied. >> reporter: now, according to kians' dad, one has been fired. but the other, the actual teacher, was moved to another school. we reached out to the district, but they won't confirm that. the father's youtube video, has 700,000 hits. >> they say the teacher's in another district? >> they're unclear, to say the least. let's get the weather from sam champion, down at seaworld in orlando. hey, sam. >> good morning, george, robin. it's a little chilly to start the morning in central florida. but let's check everywhere. we have a line of strong to severe storms that will run through a good part of the country. hail and wind out of these storms. davenport, iowa. some is starting early this morning.
7:19 am
late in the afternoon, chicago and peoria involved in this. 164 record high temperatures yesterday. death valley, 113 degrees, the warmest in april ever. and that heat continues around the country today. good morning, maryland, i am meteorologist lynette charles and we do have a frost
7:20 am
advisory in effect. it would be a nice day to eat that lunch out doors, a few clouds this afternoon but showers are possible into thursday, maybe a rumble of thunder, getting warmer, 73 with more showers for the weekend, cooling down. >> and in what will likely be my favorite day ever. i'm hanging out with jack hanna, tea turtles and manatees. coming up, the latest on the search for little isabel, who vanished from her bedroom. police poring through footage and clues. dan and nancy join us live to weigh in. and that is the most beautiful woman in the world? we'll reveal the one behind the perfect face. you be the judge. ♪
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good morning, everyone. it is wednesday, we are in the middle of the week and we have a frost advisory out there this morning until 9:00 for the areas shaded in blew, northern baltimore county and carroll county and points northward and towards the south and west. further into the west that is where you are dealing with a freeze warning into effect until 9:00 this morning as well. temperatures right now in
7:27 am
churchville 46, columbia 43, 44 in centerville. the winds on the light side and are variable and will pick up throughout the day. on the breezy side. right now baltimore a beautiful sunrise, get out there and enjoy it. let's get a check of the traffic with angela. good morning. >> -- expressway, also on green mount avenue, we are closed there. a live look at the top side of the beltway, delays there, and slow on the west side and slow on 95. charley back over to you. >> there are concerns after an eight-year-old is stabbed by
7:28 am
her mother. they said they brought concerns about lax security to management in the past. the baby is expected to be okay. opening statements began today in the case of two brothers accused of beating an african american teen in a neighborhood back in 2010. they asked that be heard by the judge and not the jury. now back to good morning america.
7:29 am
♪ beautiful, beautiful girl
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you can't see everything. no plastic surgery. not a scrap of makeup. she's the woman who beat out thousands to be the most beautiful. what makes her so special? we're going to reveal that this morning. i haven't seen the reveal. >> she is not a hot mess. george saying hot mess. twitter has gone crazy with you saying hot mess. >> i think they used it incorrectly. >> it was perfect, actually. >> you broke the twitter, george. >> the way you delivered. that was a hot mess. the startling pictures from inside octomom's home, triggering a police and child services investigation right now. what will happen to her 14 kids? >> unbelievable. plus, gladys and tristan, we had to say good-bye to them last night. and that duel at the end is really something. >> it is. and i think it was len saying, if you could vote with your
7:31 am
heart, she would be the winner. and our big tv reunion blowout. we're reuniting the cast of "in living color," with jim carrey and the wayan brothers. we're going to begin with the search for the 6-year-old in tucson, arizona. the fbi is stepping up its involvement. nancy grace is standing by with dan abrams to weigh in. and abc's neal karlinsky starts us off from tucson, this morning. good morning, neal. >> reporter: george, good morning. the police presence is much smaller this morning. police seem to have hit a wall in this case. the family, now, is allowed to return to their home, which is just over the wall over there. but they remain out of sight. they grabbed a few things overnight. they've decided to move on and stay elsewhere. police are now souring hours of surveillance camera footage, including footage taken from this camera, that points towards the family home from 75 yards
7:32 am
away. and video from other nearby stores for any sign of 6-year-old isabel celis. emily collins say isabel's brother walked into the store where she walks alone, and searching. >> he came in and he asked, did you hear anything? we were all sleeping. and you know, we didn't hear anything. i said, no, she's gone. >> reporter: with the search winding down, investigators are focusing on witnesses. abc news obtained this police questionnaire detectives are using to interview neighbors. asking them if they have surveillance cameras, too. whether they heard dogs barking. also, who is isabel normally with? and what was she normally doing? at least one neighbor told us the little girl's father was very protective of her. >> when i see isabel, it's usually on dad's shoulders, walking to grandma's house. >> reporter: sources say isabel was sharing a bed with siblings. but on the night in question,
7:33 am
she was alone in her room. her mother reportedly didn't know anything was wrong when she arrived for her shift as a nurse at this tucson hospital. >> the morning her daughter had gone missing, she was here early that morning. >> reporter: the community has not given up. from handing out thousands of fliers to a second overnight vigil. but police now admit, the case is not going the way they hoped. >> obviously, i'm disappointed that we haven't found her at this point. but that doesn't mean we're giving up hope. >> reporter: police are looking to behavioral science experts from the fbi to reinterview witnesses and hopefully nudge this case forward. that, along with chasing down tips is really where all the police emphasis is right now. george? >> neal, thanks. let's bring in dan and nancy right now. dan abrams in los angeles. nancy grace in atlanta. she's the host of "nancy grace" on hln. nancy, let me begin with you. you hear the police say they are disappointed right now. and they're moving from the search phase to the investigation phase.
7:34 am
what exactly does that mean? >> well, it means that with every hour that passes, the likelihood that the child is dead rises. so, it's extremely that the child has not been found already. but the reality is, that they have searched extensively within a three-mile radius of her home. in fact, cops are there in the neighborhood, even right now, even though they are scaling back. there was a giant search of the landfill about seven miles from the home, as well. it rendered nothing. they went back to fact-finding analysis. >> does the fact that the fbi bringing in behavior analysts, does that mean they're focusing more suspicion on the parents? >> well, look. it means that they're doing everything that they can to try to solve this case. they don't know exactly what happened now. they know where this all
7:35 am
started, meaning the home. and they have to then work away from there. they have to rule out as many possible suspects as they can. so, they want as much help as they can get. and now, they're getting it. >> and, nancy, they're also going to do another search of the house, even though they had one, including using fbi dogs earlier. >> well, it's very interesting, george, because they got the initial search warrant. although, i believe the family allowed them to come in, which is permission to come in. they got a search warrant. then, while they're still in the home, they get a second search warrant, which suggests to me that there's something beyond an initial search they wanted to do. now, they've gotten a third search warrant. but that is not unusual. they have left the home. then, they wanted the fbi behavioral analyst to come into the home. and i've got to tell you something, george. every time i had a major specifically murder cases or kidnapping cases, i myself would go to the scene and walk through
7:36 am
the home. and sometimes it took another warrant. just because you have an initial warrant, doesn't mean you have a revolving door. you have to get another warrant even though you've already gotten one. i don't want to read anything into the fact that they've gotten multiple warrants. crime scene tape, back up around the home. i would walk through the scene just to get a feel for it. just to look at the proximity. for instance, between the parents' room, the child's room, the back door, that window. so, i could figure out whether their story jives with the facts and what an intruder may have been looking at. >> and one piece of evidence -- go ahead? >> i was going to say, they really want to understand this family and understand this community because that's going to help them here. they need to figure out what were the family's regular habits? what did they ordinarily do or not do? these all become very crucial, potential pieces of evidence when you're looking for
7:37 am
anything, something, that may help. and again, we talked earlier, or we heard earlier, about the surveillance cameras. those can be absolutely crucial in the context of this case. >> i have another piece of very important evidence, in the last minutes, actually. i've been trying to get to her tucson academy school to find out if she was in school on friday. can i identify the last time someone else saw her outside the family. we got even better confirmation on that time line. she was at one of those little league games friday night, with her family, watching her brother play. so, we know all was well friday night. and i think that aleves -- relieves a lot of concerns about had she been missing earlier. i think that's a good thing for the parents. and a lot of people have been slamming the parents because they have not made a public plea for her return. but we don't know their emotional state. i would do it. but that doesn't mean they would do it. >> we've got to go, guys. >> and they have issued a statement. >> dan, nancy, thanks very much.
7:38 am
let's get to sam right now down at seaworld in orlando. sam, what are you wearing? i think you have the wetsuit on right now. i can't see it. there it is. >> the wetsuit's on with jack hanna. good morning. this morning we're at turtle trek here at seaworld. we're going to show us -- >> these are the manatees. beautiful animals. seaworld rehabilitates these animals back to the wild, more than anybody else. a gentle giant. and here, we have the beautiful sea turtles we're going to go down with. >> we're going to go for an underwater tour. nice, jack. lets get to the boards. that storm system will move into the country later today. today, there is not an inch of dry inch on the west coast today. a look at the big board. it's cool here in south florida, central
7:39 am
>> all of that weather was brought to you by mary kay. jack, into the water for the next half hour, right? >> right. we're going to have fun. >> guys, we'll be right back. >> robin has to jump in the water. >> jack and sam in a wetsuit. gives me the vapors. a lot of people will be getting the vapors in a little bit. she is not a movie star. she's not a model. but she has been voted the most naturally beautiful woman in the world. we'll show you what she looks like in a minute. twinkle twinkle hope appears.
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♪ beautiful, beautiful girl now, to the search for the most naturally beautiful face. no makeup, no surgery. thousands competed. so, who is she? and why was she judged to be perfect? well, who better to send than our nick watt to investigate, face-to-face. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning, robin. well, imagine a world without lip gloss, eye liner, brow lifts, all that stuff. well, they have imagined here. a tv model search has unearthed a girl who they are claiming, she is being hailed as, the embodiment of female beauty. angelina, scarlet, naomi and liz, stand aside.
7:44 am
this, they say is real beauty. florence colgate, an 18-year-old student who works part time in a fish and chips shop. she just beat out others for britain's most beautiful face. >> my family and friends told me to enter because i don't wear a lot of makeup. >> reporter: she doesn't need to. why? because her face is almost perfectly symmetrical. >> i think everyone has beauty in a different way. beauty's in the eye of the beholder. >> reporter: not true. the ancient greeks devised a formula that goes like this. eyes to mouth should be one-third of the face. on florence, 32.8%. and between the eyes, that's half total width. >> it's amazing people can work out your scientific measurements. >> reporter: still, billions of dollars and ounces of pain. cindy jackson has had more plastic surgery than anyone on the planet, in search for the
7:45 am
symmetry that florence was born with. her mother's a bit of a looker. can florence share beauty tips. >> fresh vegetables and fruit. and water. drinking water. >> reporter: i don't think she understands her bardot-esque superpowers yet. and she attends an all-girls school. >> my family said you're beautiful. because they're biased, i think. i didn't expect i'd be on "good morning america." let's put it that way. >> reporter: there's no arrogance or conceit. and that, in itself, is also a beautiful quality. now, in this model search, there was also an over-40s category. and the winner, 49-year-old jill muer. that's beauty that lasts. >> just to hear you say it like that, nick, is so worth it. thanks for bringing it to us. >> very rough assignment, for
7:46 am
nick watt. a very special "play of the day." isn't it lara's turn? and teens turning to hand sanitizer to get high. and teens turning to hand sanitizer to get high. what every parent needs to know. ? because the new avengers movie is coming out. and what does that have to do with us? we're the superheroes of insurance. [ makes whooshing sound ] whoa! how did you-- shh. [ all gasping ] [ announcer ] we are insurance. ♪ we are farmers bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ [ metal clanging ] you're probably muddling through allergies.
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7:50 am
here's "the play of the day." >> all right. really, it's day three of my vacation while at work. it's the anchors' choice challenge. already in the clubhouse, george with the ping-pong celebration gong horribly awry. and robin, with lion kinging, that kind of went horribly awry. >> i have to admit, i'm nervous. >> what do you got? >> at global news, in toronto. the weather man brought his dog to work. you see storm, storming the set. stealing the thunder.
7:51 am
and one more time. just -- >> aw. >> that's good. >> the thing is, we come back live, i just want to say, look. the deal is sometimes things happen in live news. and you never really know -- i'm supposed to have a prop here. sometimes, you know -- >> little scottie. >> are you listening? >> you missed your cue. "in living color," reuniting >> you missed your cue. "in living color," reuniting the cast, next. e bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like natural grains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes that are an excellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch.
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7:56 am
good morning, everyone, and happy wednesday to you, reisterstown 52, and 50s in rock hall, and those other areas, upper 40s there. we have the satellite and radar to look at but not dealing with a whole lot of precipitation and that is the name of the game the rest of the day as high pressure builds in briefly so enjoy it because it is going to be a nice day on tap for us. future trend picking up on more of the same as we will begin to get wet weather working its way in here as we go into tomorrow morning there is a chance for showers so your commute could be on the wet side. we will dry back out as we go
7:57 am
into friday briefly once again. so friday evening we do have a chance for more showers. that will linger even as we go through the weekend. for today that temperature coming in right around 68 degrees. this is exactly where we should be now for this time of the year. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela, good morning. >> good morning. on the roads right now in the height of rush hour and a lot of slow traffic south bound on the parkway. also traveling eastbound i-70 through west friendship it is stop and go. along the beltway the top side moving slowly on the outer loop, 12 minutes now, same on the west side from 795 to 40 and also slow going now on 95 southbound. it is off to the side but delays are in place. we are backing 30 minutes with another update but for now let's send it back to new york and more good morning america.
7:58 am
7:59 am
♪ [ male announcer ] at southwest airlines, we're always looking for new ways to make you happy. and we know what really makes you happy are new places to fly. now you can fly southwest airlines' new nonstop service from bwi airport to atlanta. book all of our destinations only at ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:00 am
at least one anniversary couple out there. happy anniversary, from pittsburgh. big crowd out in times square this morning. check it out. from "in living color." there they are, the fly girls. they were the hottest dancers on tv. including newcomer, jennifer lopez. j. lo got her start on "in living color." and our friends at broadway center, doing their version of the fly girls dance outside. tv's reunion blowout is bringing back the cast. there we go. yeah. get it. uh-huh. >> i'm choreographer now. >> add it to your list. we're going to see jim carrey. we're going to see the wayans
8:01 am
brothers. and ali, back on "in living color," in the day. >> she wasn't a fly girl. but she had fun. >> they all love her. said she was genius. >> they had good times. speaking of dancing, fly girls, "dancing with the stars," so sad to see gladys go. gladys and tristan, booted from the ballroom. lucky enough, they're with us to talk live. and gladys looking gorgeous. >> the things she said last night. and, robin, you got the vapors a little earlier. we're going to revive you. chicken and waffles. emeril will be here for that. >> fried chicken and waffles? >> yeah. with a very special syrup. >> in the morning, i'm making waffles. >> fried kickin' and waffles. ever been to orosco's.
8:02 am
>> and we have it here. first, news. >> we're going to begin with the shocking announcement in a cold case that's made headlines around the world. for nearly five years, just this morning, british authorities say they believe little maddie mccann may still be alive. overnight, they released that photo on the right, showing what she would look like today. she would turn 9 next month. now, maddie disappeared during a family vacation in portugal. a flawed investigation there failed to find her. but today, british police called on portugal to reopen the case. saying, they have nearly 200 leads they need to follow. meanwhile, the first u.s. case of mad cow disease in six years has sparked swift reaction overseas. two major supermarkets in south korea have already started selling american beef. the deadly infection found in a dairy cow in california. but agriculture officials are calling it an isolated incident. they say the sick cow never entered the food supply. and the supreme court takes up another explosive case today.
8:03 am
the justices will hear arguments about arizona's controversial law cracking down on illegal immigrants. it gives local police more power to question and arrest people they suspect are here illegally. the white house says, that's the federal government's job. and now, a warning to parents. there is a disturbing, new trend among teens. they're using hand sanitizer to get drunk. doctors are so worried, they called an emergency news conference in los angeles. abc's paula faris has the details. >> reporter: this is supposed to clean up our lives. but it's becoming a dirty and dangerous little household secret. and it's sending teens to the hospital. kids, getting hammered offhand sanitizers. they're separating the alcohol through a distillation process. and creating a potent punch, that's like slamming a shot of the hardest liquor. >> they're taking table salt, mixing it with the hand jells. and putting that in a filter.
8:04 am
the liquid that's produced is a very high content alcohol. >> reporter: just yesterday, an emergency press conference at l.a.'s children's hospital was called, after nearly a dozen teens showed up in e.r.s with alcohol poisoning. >> we have teens coming to the emergency department, with slurred speech, loss of balance, change in their mental state. >> kids don't realize how concentrated it is. kids can die from this. >> reporter: parents, be cautious when not using the jell. make sure you place it out of reach. or consider using a foam sanitizer because it's much harder to distill. you can also use -- you can use alcohol-free sanitizers. no deaths. but this could become a deadly trend, josh. >> thank you, paula. octomom nadia sulejman is under investigation again. photos obtained by tmz show what
8:05 am
is described as squalid conditions in her home. two of her children using outdoor toilets. this picture appears to show a chair propped against the door. sulejman's hairdresser called the police. here's diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." diane? >> good morning to you, josh. as we know, millions of undocumented immigrants call america home. we wondered, what would the country look like if they all left? tonight, your jobs, your taxes, your family. we'll have a report tonight on "world news." >> and we will all be watching, diane. >> okay. time for "pop news." >> indeed, it is. good morning to you all. our favorite group, lmfao, turning lemons into lemonade. the recent story that the two were fired have turned that into an opportunity to -- in a new video, posted on the website,
8:06 am
they changed the word from every day i'm shuffling, to every day i'm hustling. to spoof a recent story in "the new york post" that they were in jeopardy. if the boys need a break, we know two guys who can fill in. >> who? >> just in case they were to take some time to work on their relationship. there he is. >> most gratuitous video of all-time. >> finally. you guys aren't feuding, right? >> you'll have to ask sam champion, who hasn't been to work in a few days. i'm just saying. >> all right. a new survey has pinpointed the best seat on a typical airline flight. after interviewing more than 1,000 passengers, it's been determined that 6a is the ideal spot on a flight, in terms of reduced engine noise, better selection of food and ease in getting off the plane. i can think of a couple other seats that might be bert.
8:07 am
but i think 6a is the place to be. conversely, seat 31e, considered the worst seat on a flight. not surprisingly, middle seat, towards the back of the plane, nearest to the -- >> restroom. >> so, you are window seat person or an aisle? >> i'm a window. always window. >> aisle. >> that's at a premium. >> i need these things. >> do you draw them out in the aisle? >> i do until they run them over. >> i can imagine, josh is like kissing his knees. >> it's terrible. brutal. pizza purists, avert your eyes. if you think pineapple was a topping that had gone too far, you're not going to like this. the folks in pizza hut middle east, has created the crown crust pizza. it's chicken nuggets or burgers, shoved into the crust.
8:08 am
the last version they made had cream cheese balls stuffed into it. >> cheeseburger. beats the pineapple. >> you never cease to amaze me. and finally, in the event you have a pet duck and in the event you like to dress up that pet duck -- >> here's something entirely different. >> who knew, there are fabulous options out there that are anything but foul. ding, ding. at the duck fashion show in australia, these ducks core couture pieces, with wings cut out and stuffed hats. there was a bridal gown and tuxedo. is that the bride? here's the duck bride. that's "pop news." >> you never fail to surprise us. sam, it's your turn. and you're going to surprise us this morning, too, right?
8:09 am
>> i'm underwater. i'm the one in the blue, by the way. this is me, in case you can't see. that's jack, right there. how many turtles -- types of turtles are in the tank? >> right now, we have the green turtle, very dangerous species. a great job of rehabilitating them in the wild. >> we're going to show you around. jack's been walking me through. let's get to the boards. we're going to show you a little weather. it is likely today you'll get some storms in the midwest. and with those storms, you'll get colder air coming in behind it. and that's the temperature drop. expect it to be nice and warm today in minneapolis and chicago. but the numbers go down. and that cold air will go all the way to the eastern seaboard before we're done with the next few days. quick look at the big board. anytime i ever get to do weather underwater, i am the happiest guy on the planet. with jack hanna this morning. we'll do it again -- oh, wait. there's one right there. can you see him?
8:10 am
>> oh, wow. >> we'll show you more of this >> we are live inside turtle trek at seaworld, orlando. we'll be here the entire broadcast. >> the one in the blue. >> sam wins today. >> that was amazing. >> sam just won. >> he doesn't have to do it tomorrow. >> no. >> is that a turtle giving him a
8:11 am
high-five. >> don't make me laugh because if i laugh, i won't have air. >> oh, well done. i don't know how to top that. we will certainly try. coming up on "good morning america," here's the "morning menu." gladys knight and her partner, tristan. they'll join us live, underwater. and get ready to laugh. the hilarious cast of "in living color" reunited. josh and i got to sit down with them. and james van der beek. he's live to fill us in on life after dawson's and his hot, new series. coming up on "gma." [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there. but one is so clever that your skin looks better even after you take it off. neutrogena® healthy skin liquid makeup. 98% saw improved skin. does your makeup do that?
8:12 am
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8:16 am
accept nothing less. ♪ she's leaving leaving ♪ ♪ on that midnight train to georgia ♪ ♪ leaving on the midnight train ♪ i want to let it play and play. gladys knight, "midnight train to georgia." she is a singing sensation. the sounds and a smile to go along with it. gladys knight and her partner, tristan macmanus, are the latest to leave the ballroom. and they join us live, now, from los angeles. and i am one of many sorry to see both of you exit the dance floor. congratulations, both of you, for making it as far as you did. and you said, gladys, you found the fountain of youth. like you need that. what did you mean about that
8:17 am
with your experience with "dancing with the stars"? >> hi, robin. >> hi. >> everybody was so young at heart here. just the whole family feeling. you know, it just makes you feel young. it makes you feel alive. >> and you look that way on the dance floor. especially with that young man next to you. tristan, you can't fake it. you guys truly, truly enjoyed one another. and you said that she is quite an inspiration. tell us more about your experience with miss gladys. >> for sure. yeah. it's great. i mean, i got to go on tour with her an awful lot. which was unreal. yeah. i mean, i think this whole experience was -- i taught her the steps. and she taught me the rest. >> that's fair. you teach her steps. she teaches you how to sing. and your brother, bubba, he -- didn't he teach you both a little thing or two? he must be so proud of you,
8:18 am
gladys. >> he did. >> he did. and he is -- it was so fun having him in that day. he's just all over the place, you know? and he loves this business and music and us so very much. that was just -- tristan said, we should call bubba. we did. and he came. it was so fun. >> he's a proud brother. he tried to help out both of us. >> yeah, he did. >> it looks like he was having fun with both of you. >> he did. yeah. >> how much fun was it for you, though, gladys? you know, usually you have the pips. they were doing the moves behind you and getting the credit for the dance moves. this was your time to shine on the dance floor. >> well, i just had a great time. i've always loved to dance. it just wasn't in my thing, you know, to do that. and that was fine with me. but when i got an opportunity to do this, it was more than the dance. it was taking a chance to put another memory, another something into my life, which is what i like to try to do.
8:19 am
go outside of my little comfort zone. and i'm so glad i made that decision because i got way more than i expected by coming here. you know? yes. all the discipline you have to have to be on this show. woo. my goodness. >> well, you brought it each and every night. and you had people that were really rooting for you. and, tristan, carrie ann, she voted for you in the danceoff. >> she did, didn't she? >> she did. it's difficult, tristan, it must be when it comes down to that, to be dancing for your lives, so to speak. >> yeah. i guess we're really doing that every week anyway. you know what i mean? didn't get too freaked out with the fact we had to deal with that. it was another opportunity to dance for everyone. and you're not thinking about the person decide you, anyway. you know? it was fun. and like i said, it was great to be able to do the first dance on motown week. and then, to be able to do the last dance on motown week was
8:20 am
great, as well. >> that was good. >> perfect bookends. >> it was good. >> miss gladys knight, thank you for the wonderful memories. i can't wait to see you out on tour. i know you're bouncing around the country. and it's just wonderful to have you here with tristan this morning. continued blessings in all you do. >> thank you, robin. >> i'll see you down the road. you know that. >> i'll see you soon. >> yes, you will. got that right. woo woo. and "dancing with the stars" returns monday, 8:00, 7:00 central, here on abc. getting down to the nitty-gritty. >> she will be missed. moving on. we do want to check out the fly girls. they're outside. these are our fly girls, to get us ready for a sunny tv reunion. look at those girls go outside. remember them, on the show? it transformed hip-hop in the '90s. "in living color" also launched megastars like jim carrey, jennifer lopez, who was one of the famous fly girls during the sketch comedy show.
8:21 am
and happened to feature a very funny wife of someone we all know and love. alley wentworth, george's wife. we caught up with all of them at the tvland awards. take a look. >> don't worry, ma'am. i am -- >> explosive. >> i don't think so. >> outrageous. >> homey don't play that. >> provocative. >> if i'm not, why am i sleeping with his wife? >> reporter: take two steps back to the '90s. >> ole. >> reporter: we're reuniting with the cast that changed sketch comedy. the wayans. even a familiar fly girl. "dancing with the stars" judge carrie ann inaba, as they
8:22 am
reminisce about their hit. what did you want to do with "in living color"? >> everybody had something to bring to the table that was different. >> there was a really joyful energy in the show. ♪ oh, oh >> love and kisses. >> you knew when any sketch started, there could be some really crazy things. >> here's some film we shot in a recent trip to a formerly all-white club near atlanta. >> turn that dang thing down. ♪ >> who is your favorite character? >> characters are like children. you can't have a favorite. >> won't you please give it up for my main man, pope john paul. >> we blew each other's minds like kelly did the comedian.
8:23 am
sam kinnison. >> you'll see me from hell. >> how did you get so much past the censors at that time? >> they didn't know what we were saying. >> they were like, what? >> is that a dirty term? >> i didn't know that anybody didn't know the censors by the first name. >> i thought he was in the cast. he was just around all the time. and he looked so nervous. >> we're going to get in trouble if we don't ask about fire marshal bill. >> let's say it's after dinner. you have a fork in your hand. somebody says, hey. i've got one of these. where? >> you want to do these characters as movies. but honest to god, it would take five years. we'd have to shoot a minute at a time. then, stop and massage my face. >> reporter: not every great idea made it to the screen. like four chick wood. >> it never made it to the air.
8:24 am
but it was probably the best thing -- >> jim just said, it was a very creative -- >> jim is very creative. >> he played a puppet. >> they were trying to figure out what he was. >> come on. come on. ♪ >> reporter: they were a seminole part of the show. >> fly girl, it was a free term for the hot -- >> hot chicks. >> yeah. hot chicks. >> i brought that term. >> reporter: the fly girls. >> girls that look at your fly. >> so -- ♪ >> what do you guys think of carrie ann's amazing career? >> that was hot. okay. >> she was always yelling. always. and if you watch her dance, that's part of the signature of her style.
8:25 am
>> what about jennifer lopez? >> she brought that east coast -- >> jenny from the block. >> jenny from the block. she was rough and she was raw. >> kick in your face. >> reporter: the wife of one of our colleague's, the great ali wentworth. >> hi. i'm cher, singer, actress, mother, model, slut. >> that was george's wife, ali, who was a cast member. >> i saw her do a character called superbimbo. >> how could you? i'm a bimbo. >> it was a superhero that was a bimbo. >> see anything you like, big boy? >> don't look, man. she's hypnotizing you. >> i can be sleazier. >> reporter: even though "in living color" will be remembered for its singular comedy. >> look in my eyes and say that. look me in my eyes. in this eye.
8:26 am
>> where? >> right here. right here. >> i'm with you now. >> reporter: it's also earned a place in tv history. did you have a chance to think about the importance of the show? >> we were just having fun. we knew -- you know, it was being bad. but we didn't realize how in-your-face it was. it was always funny. and if we happen to be able to say something, that was good. >> i mean -- it makes you want to watch every episode all over again. >> i was watching it last night. >> really? >> really. >> tvland awards sunday, on tvland. coming up, "people" magazine most beautiful woman.
8:27 am
good morning, temperatures are starting to rise, 50 degrees in annapolis, more of the same in baltimore, 45 in walkersville and the winds are light. check out what we have this morning. we did have clouds earlier. then they moved out of here. more of the same in urbanna, there is frederick this morning and also dealing with that in baltimore through the morning hours. a nice day to head to the harbor. we are also dealing with the fact that while we are dry on maryland's most powerful radar as of now that will continue this afternoon so make it an outdoor day, temperatures right around close to 70 s. let's check the traffic with angela. >> good morning. on the roads a lot of slow traffic, especially for those of you on the parkway, towards the capitol beltway. also around the baltimore beltway a crawl on the north side, on bellaire road in that
8:28 am
delay over to providence road. also southbound on the jfx crawling right along to the work zone, those delays saturday at ruxton road past 28th street into downtown, meghan after to you. >> good morning to you, no one was hurt when a vacant warehouse caught on fire last night. take a look at the pictures from a member of the baltimore firefighter's union this happened in the 2100 block. fire officials say it is frequented by homeless and this fire could have been set accidently. today an unsightly sign coming down. it doesn't meet the code so it is being taken down. it is located right there in front of the church. hehas got to come down. we will send you back for more
8:29 am
good morning america. we will have another update in 30 minutes. ♪
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] how about our own "gma" fly girls, right here on "good morning america" this morning. great job. >> you want a danceoff? you want a danceoff? you want a danceoff? you want it? >> whoa. >> the first time anybody ever made you -- they sure did. there you go. >> you guys, you had great fun. that was a wonderful piece. >> they had to pull that "in living color" cast out of there. and they had the nicest things to say about ali. >> she had such a great time. boy, is today going to be
8:31 am
great in the stephanopoulos household. >> oh, yeah. also here this morning, james van der beek is in a hot, new series. he's going to be here with a sneak peek. he actually plays himself in the series. historical. he is hysterical in this. >> and not too shabby. and speaking of hysterical. we're going to go back to sam and jack hanna at seaworld orlando. if you missed his last weather hit, hit rewind on the dvr. and then, the amazing turtle trek. some of the world's oldest creatures, as they get up close and personal, with the turtles. >> sam doing a great job down there. we want him back, though. just two weeks left for you to enter your favorite mom in emeril's breakfast extravaganza. and emeril is here to kick off
8:32 am
your day with some chicken and waffles. >> look at the fly girls going. go, fly girls. uh-huh. i can keep going with that one. >> that one, i can handle. and so much more tv reunion blowout fun this week. tomorrow, it's "laverne & shirley." >> we have a big appearancement. we're going to bring in michelle, the senior editor of "people" magazine. and she's about to reveal "people's" most beautiful woman from this year. she's up on the jumbotron. give us one more hint. >> i'll give you two hints. she went through a major milestone early in january. and she just joined twitter. with her first tweet, she got more than 3 million followers. >> big announcement in january. 3 million followers on twitter. any guesses? boy, if josh doesn't know.
8:33 am
tell us. bring it up on the jumbotron. there we go. and she is gorgeous, right there. >> she is. beyonce is "people" magazine's world's most beautiful woman. and she's gorgeous. but not only is she beautiful, she's a strong role model. she has a magnetic personality. 3 million twitter followers. and so many people love her and love her music. >> and humble, too. she thought she didn't deserve it. >> she was overwhelmed. she has never felt more beautiful. and she is feeling confident. >> and she is -- we saw a little of it before. a great fitness regimen, getting into shape for the tour this fall. >> that's right. she wasted no time getting her body back after having her baby. now, she's working out three times a week, 90-minute sessions. running, dancing. doing a lot of things to get her body back. >> tell us about other that made the list. >> we have a lot of great
8:34 am
a-listers. gwyneth paltrow. michelle obama made the list. she loves it when -- he loves it when she's at home, relaxing in her lazy weekend gear, just hanging out with her daughters. >> michelle, great. we look forward to it. it's out on stands -- >> out on stands on friday. >> thanks so much. let's get back down to sam in seaworld with the weather. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. george, i'm lucky enough this morning to be spending time with a man who single-handedly in 30 years on "gma," has taught more americans about wildlife, than anybody on the planet. jack hanna. >> thank you. >> it's great to be here with you. >> especially with josh. >> he's teaching me how to stay afloat. seaworld made a big change that i think everybody needs to hear about. >> it's amazing. they're going from plastic to paper. all seaworld parks, which will save 4 million plastic bags a year. when i travel the world and see the sea turtles, plastic bags are in their guts.
8:35 am
choking them. balloons, all those sorts of things. people would just avoid that. it looks like a jellyfish in the ocean. it does. they have a 3d thing of a sea turtle eating a plastic bag. >> no more plastic at seaworld. we'd like you to think no more plastic ever for reasons like that. jack's going to take us below the water again. let's look at weather this morning. delay your departure a little bit. here's where all the heat is going on in the nation today. 101 in midland. 96 in amarillo again. that blazing heat will be in the west. it's still a little cool in the east coast this morning. you're waking up to cooler temperatures. but the temperatures go mild. and even here in
8:36 am
>> the morning is full of surprises. jack brings turtles in. >> you know how beautiful that? >> that's incredible. all that weather is brought to you by frontline plus. >> thank you so much. right now, james van der beek is starring in the new abc sitcom. it's called "don't trust the b in apartment 23." he plays himself with a twist in this show. he makes fun of his teen heartthrob image from "dawson's creek." and he's here to talk about being able to laugh at yourself. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me how this role came about. >> i did skits on "funny or die." and they were casting this show. they gave me a call. they said this is who is involved.
8:37 am
it's my comedy dream team. >> yeah. >> the only catch, they want you to play yourself like you did in the video. are you up for it? >> i met with them and read the script. it was a no-brainer. >> i want to show everybody a clip to get a handle on james' character. everybody, just take a look at this. >> my agent called and said you want to hang out and study me. >> yes. it's for -- i just figured, i should get inside your head. you know, see where you're coming from. get my tween on. >> don't say that. >> no? >> i heard it a lot in the kids' choice awards. i got slimed in '04. >> that's so long ago. >> so, what's more fun? playing yourself or playing somebody else? >> i'm having more fun doing this than i have anything else. >> how far will you push yourself? how -- not that you're not likable. but kind of a jerk, with all due respect. >> yeah. >> in the funniest way possible.
8:38 am
>> we created this weird frankenstein monster. he's talented. but completely self-involved. he's sweet but so many blind spots. it's -- we love to see just how far we can go. right there, i'm studying how to be an 11-year-old girl. >> it's ridiculous. robin and i were saying inside, the show is really so funny. and you really are tremendous on it. all of you from "dawson's creek" have gone on to do tremendous things. what is it about that cast? really magical. michelle williams. >> something in the water, i think. we were isolated in a small town. maybe had something to do with it. >> on twitter, they want to know, do you all keep in touch? >> yeah. it's like anybody you went to high school with. you see them here and there. >> all right. just allow us to think that you do. >> sure. every day. >> on the set of "don't trust the b in apartment 23."
8:39 am
james is terrific in it. everybody check it out. it airs tonight, at 9:30, 8:30 central, right here on abc. stick around. coming up, jack hanna and our sam champion swimming with turtles on "good morni
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ under the sea we're back in seaworld, at
8:42 am
orlando. this is the exhibit, turtle trek. and jack hanna is taking us on a tour. one of the turtles that was swimming around here, what was that that was here? >> a green sea turtle, the big one? the green sea turtle. what happens, sam, out in nature, a lot of things happen to turtles. plastic bags, it could be large fish nets. a lot of our quests here at seaworld. look at this animal here. >> that's amazing. >> isn't this something? it will get up to your hand. and watch the sea turtles that are rehabbed and rehabilitated. 1,200 sea turtles will be released back into the wild by seaworld. >> the one where the shell is snapped, are hunted for their shells. that's why there's not a lot of them here. >> it used to be, 15, 10 years
8:43 am
ago, sea turtle shells were used for bones, decoration, jewelry, that type of thing. now, that thing is done illegally. but they're trying to stop that. the sea turtles, go down on the beach at nighttime. and a lot of them get eaten by birds. and they have the ocean to deal with, as well. of the sea turtles that go into the ocean, maybe 15 or 20 make it. >> it's important to have an exhibit like this. people ask me all the time, why do we need to have these things? >> well, what it is, sam, you must remember that, unless people learn to love something and are educated about it, they're not going to save it. that's what sea world does, and columbus zoo, everything. we try to teach people about the animal world. what happens to the animal world, sam, happens to the people world. >> i stand here and watch the interesting thing about this. sea turtles from below water,
8:44 am
you can stand right up here and see them, the sea turtles from above. right up there. so, understanding the entire environment that sea turtles -- >> you can see from the manatee next door, to the sea turtles, these are animals, sam, that aren't predatory. they're beautiful creatures that don't hurt you or me or anyone else. yet, they have to suffer unnecessary things in nature. >> they are so beautiful, each one of them. i've never spent any time with sea turtles until you took me in here this morning. and they are so gentle. >> aren't they? >> so sweet. and you can't believe that anybody would want to hunt them or try to harm them. >> and not just harm them for the jewelry and that kind of thing. it's also, sea turtle meat was something that many people around the world, when the sea turtle existed, that they consumed sea turtle. we have to educate people, like we do at parks and seaworld, why not to do that. >> before we got in the tank,
8:45 am
jack told me, actually, it was a shark tank. sam, i'm going to take you into the shark tank. jack's humor. every time i get bitten or something. i've gotten away with it this time. when we come back, there's more of "good morning america." by the way, i want to remind you, in a special episode of "sea rescue" that airs on saturday morning, we'll look at a manatee, by the way. we'll have two manatees that are trapped. you can watch that story on "sea rescue." stay with us. >> i love the new show. >> thank you, man. that's so nice. [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more... and more... and more? stop paying so much for second best. upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone for just $99.99 a month, guaranteed for two years with no annual contract required. unlike cable, fios is a 100% fiber-optic network that delivers america's fastest, most consistent,
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[ cheers and applause ] just two weeks left, until emeril's breakfast in bed extravaganza. one deserving mom, will have breakfast cooked by the one and only emeril relasslagasse. >> i did a survey. and the survey says that robin roberts loves fried chicken. so, in honor of your ten years, i'm making you chicken and waffles. >> perfect moment. hold this. how do you make your chicken? >> here's the secret. first, we take a few cloves of garlic, inside a bowl. and what you want to do, with a spoon, get all of the oils out of that garlic like that. smash that garlic up. then, buttermilk. only in the south, do we use buttermilk for a lot of things
8:49 am
besides cornbread. hot sauce, don't be afraid. then, a tiny bit of sugar. we're going to balance it with salt and cayenne pepper. that's going to get the heat. >> shall i whisk it? >> you can whisk it in for me. now, it gets better. >> it gets better? >> now, we're going to take the marinade. put it over our chicken. what you want to do from there is you want to take it and put it inside of a zip bag like this, overnight. preferably, overnight. >> he's already -- >> i got plans for you later. >> this looks delicious. >> now, we want to do this. the next day, we take it and dredge it in seasoned flour. and it goes in vegetable oil. but, robin, the key to this is 350 degrees. people think that frying is bad. fry right or don't fry at all. it's all about the temperature.
8:50 am
so, 350. no more than 360. >> and vegetable oil. >> and vegetable oil. look at this. we're going to turn this one over. >> that looks so good. >> okay? look at this. all right. now, while we're doing that, we're going to make the waffle batter. we've got flour, sugar -- >> this makes it breakfast. >> corn meal, a little baking powder and salt. and the key is vanilla bean. or real vanilla. so, going to take a little of that real vanilla. inside of that. all right? and then, to that, we're going to add more -- >> more buttermilk? >> more buttermilk. >> more buttermilk. >> okay. a couple of eggs. there's more of that vanilla. and melted butter. why don't you whisk that? >> okay. all right. >> why do you -- >> don't fight. >> now, we get a waffle iron. okay? >> yeah. >> we're going to take that
8:51 am
batter. and we're going to add that right there. now, here's the key. here's the waffle right here. now, watch this. here's the thing. >> wait, there's more. >> there's more because we take butter with vanilla bean to make a vanilla bean butter. you set it up like this. all right? we get the chicken. and then, we just do a little of the vanilla bean butter like this. then, we take syrup. and we fuse it with black pepper. happy ten years, baby. now, wait. i got another dish. while she's doing that, it's breakfast time. breakfast in bed. thank you, george. we're taking english muffins and
8:52 am
made a breakfast casserole with spinach. cut them up, soak them. and we made it into a breakfast casserole. you can put in whatever you want. we used spinach and cheddar cheese today. vermont cheddar cheese. you take the syrup, really -- and you use it inside of that. you taste that a little bit? >> i love that. >> and it adds a little spiciness to it. >> emeril, you've outdone yourself. >> have you tried the chicken? >> i'm done. >> and robin is enjoying herself. [ cheers and applause ] [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
8:53 am
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8:55 am
that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ say hi. >> let's wave good-bye to sam down in orlando before we go. >> bye, sam. >> robin's got it all. tomorrow, "laverne & shirley" reunion. and katherine jenkins is going
8:56 am
to sing here live on "gma." and robin is going to enjoy that chicken. the fly girls before we go. have a good day. >> thanks for watching. good morning, everyone, it is wednesday and we are dealing with temperatures in the low to upper 40 has. we are at 42 in york, 49
8:57 am
baltimore, easton and frederick and winchester. we did start out the day with clouds but as we put this in motion those clouds start to move across the area there. plenty of sunshine will be the name of the game in the afternoon mixing with clouds but we will get that sunshine just like yesterday. the rain will stay away from us as high pressure builds in then we have our next storm system from the west later into this evening into tomorrow morning early your commute to work could be on the wet side with maybe a rumble of thunder by the afternoon. we dry things back out briefly once again on friday. for today that temperature coming in right around 68 degrees. make sure you get out there and enjoy it. also maybe head to the game. that game day forecast, 64 degrees, that first pitch 7:05. let's get a check now of the traffic with angela. good morning. >> good morning. on the roadways we are still dealing with delays, especially for folks on the bw parkway, a tough drive for them all
8:58 am
morning, especially southbound, especially on i-95. an earlier accident southbound at white marsh boulevard off to the side but still crawling along there as well. here is 695 and green spring avenue, the inner loop on the right side, slow going up to the jfx. for those of you traveling on the jfx right now not too bad in terms of volume delays. this is a live look at cold spring lane. thanks for joining us and remember we are always on at make 8 great day.
8:59 am
>> white lies can turn dark when it comes to your health. >> you see what appears to be


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